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Episode 1

Episode 1 : Flesh and Blood

Following their defeat by the Ori motherships that came through the supergate, SG-1 struggles to overcome massive setbacks. Without the use of the now-damaged Odyssey's beaming technology, Mitchell (Ben Browder), must find a way to rescue Carter (Amanda Tapping), who is stranded in space and quickly running out of life support. Vala (Claudia Black), on board one of the Ori motherships, has given birth to the Orici - a genetically superior human with the knowledge of the Ori, who will lead the Ori armies into battle against all unbelievers. Vala names her daughter Adria, and watches in astonishment as she rapid-grows into a teenager within a few hours of her birth. Daniel (Michael Shanks), who had managed to ring onto Adria's mothership, reunites with Vala. Together they attempt to capture Adria, whom they believe to be their best chance against the Ori. Meanwhile SG-1 must find a way to rescue Teal'c (Christopher Judge), who is captured and being tortured by the Lucian Alliance. When the Ori motherships resurface near Chulak, SG-1 joins Bratac (Tony Amendola) in attempting to defend the Jaffa planet and also to rescue Daniel, whom they hope is still alive.