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Episode 15

Episode 15 : The Fifth Race

Daniel and the rest of the SG-1 team travel to an ancient room that houses alien inscriptions in an attempt to decode alien languages discovered by a probe. When O'Neill peers through a viewer in the ancien room, he is caught momentarily in its grasp and shortly after alien words begin appearing in his speech. Before long, his entire brain is taken up with a superior knowledge virtuallly indecipherable to the rest of the team. Daniel is certain that O'Neill now possesses the knowledge of the Ancients, the alien race who invented the Stargates, but he realizes the knowledge is too complex for human minds and will likely cause O'Neill to lose his mind. In an attempt to save himself, O'Neill must access his subconscious mind to discover ones with a greater knowledge than his own, ones who may also have important knowledge about the destiny of mankind.

Episode 16

Episode 16 : A Matter of Time

While attempting to save the members of SG-10 from a black hole on planet P3X-451, the SG-1 team activates the Stargate and exposes themselves to the hole's gravitational pull. Trying to break free, the team shuts down the gate's power and in the ensuing explosions, Teal'c and Daniel are badly injured. Even without power, the black hole's gravity continues to draw the SGC closer to the swirling wormhole. With the intense gravity field warping the space/time continuum, the SGC loses contact with the outside world and the Pentagon sends O'Neill's former mate Col. Cromwell to investigate. Cromwell is tormented with guilt for deserting O'Neill during a Soviet mission and volunteers to partner him in the attempt to save the SGC. Time slows to a near stand-still inside the SGC, where only O'Neill and Cromwell are left. Carter scrambles for a solution before the SCG and then the Earth are torn apart by the black hole's gravitational tides.