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#911 : Le 4e cavalier de l'Apocalypse

Ecrit par : Joseph Mallozzi et Paul Mullie

Réalisé par : Andy Mikita

Alors que les forces de Gerak s´élèvent contre eux, SG-1 doit trouver un antidote au fléau que les Oris ont répandu sur Terre.


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Extrait VO: Daniel et Mitchell
Extrait VO: Daniel et Mitchell


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911 : Le 4ème cavalier de l'Apocalypse (2/2)


Titre en vo : The Fourth Horseman Part 2.

1ère diffusion États-Unis : 06/01/2006.

1ère diffusion en France : 22/04/2006

Ecrit par : Joseph Mallozzi et Paul Mullie.

Réalisé par : Andy Mikita.

Synopsis : Pendant que le SGC travaille toujours à trouver une solution pour enrayer l’épidémie qui devient de plus en plus catastrophique, Mitchell et Jackson partent rencontrer les Sodans pour les convaincre de les aider à capturer le prieur Ori. Pendant ce temps, Orlin subit une dégénérescence de ses capacités intellectuelles à cause de sa renaissance. Le tension monte entre Teal’c et Gerak…

Apparitions :

Cameron Bright (Orlin)

Tony Todd (Lord Haikon)

William B. Davis (Prior)

Louis Gossett, Jr. (Gerak)

Simone Bailly (Kal'el)

Lexa Doig (Dr. Carolyn Lam)

Le 4eme Cavalier de l'Apocalypse 2/2


Previously on Stargate SG-1

Mitchell battles some Jaffa.

LAM: About 3 hours ago he came in complaining of fatigue. it's a prior plague.

PRIOR: let origin show you the way.

GERAK: I vow to spread the word of the Ori to all Jaffa.

CARTER: Who are you?

ORLIN: It's me…Orlin.

LAM: as far as I can tell he's a normal human adolescent…

LANDRY: who claims he's an ancient who descended and taken human form…

CARTER: Orlin seems to have hit a dead end with his work on a cure…

MITCHELL: What he needs is a blood Sample from the prior who infected Lt Fisher.

JACKSON: Orlin's attempt to find a cure might not be the only reason to do this

LANDRY: *chuckles* you want to try and turn this Prior…

CARTER: we believe we may be close to developing…a technology that can inhibit a priors special abilities…

PRIOR: the Ori do not require blind obedience…they will show you their power.

SCENE: opens on Dakara, High council Chamber Gerak stands in the center

GERAK: like you…my judgment was clouded by suspicion and distrust. But the Ori, sensed my misgivings, forgave me my weaknesses and showed me their power. *holds up hands* I stand before you today as proof of their divine might.

TEAL'C: They have poisoned your mind. The Ori's promises are hollow. We have learned from the ancients that they are not ascending their followers.

GERAK: do you expect us to take your word for this?

TEAL'C: one of the ancients returned to human form to warn us…that the Ori gain strength by sapping the power from their followers. That is why they seek out support. The Ori are not some benevolent gods…offering the path of enlightenment…they are but manipulative beings who will use you…and discard you…once you have served their purpose.

GERAK: *shaking head* Enough

TEAL'C: They are no better that the Goa'uld!!!

GERAK: Enough! The Goa'uld are imposters *raises hands* but the Ori…the Ori…are the real gods. Behold the gift…the Ori have bestowed upon me…

All the books of Origin rise of the table, Bra'tac stands, after a moment Gerak waves his hands off and the books fall back down.

SCENE: Cheyenne Mountain, Lam and Landry walk down corridor.

LAM: We've had three fatalities this morning…we have another 12 base personnel who are in critical condition and probably won't make it past the next 24hrs.

LANDRY: that's it?

LAM: they've been given sedatives and are resting comfortably. There's nothing you or anyone can do for them right now.

LANDRY: I can go see them.

LAM: No you can't! *turns, stopping in front of him* You're exhausted, and you've already got a lot on your plate.

LANDRY: those people are serving under my command. *moves past her*

HARRIMAN: *jogs up behind them* Sir.

LANDRY: what is it Walter?

HARRIMAN: as of 0800 this morning, the CDC reports confirmed cases of the virus in both Mexico and Canada.

LAM: We could be looking at a global pandemic


SCENE: The Sodan home world, in a cell.

MITCHELL: *eating, turns when the door opens as Jolan enters* Jolan! Hey! It's good to see a familiar face

JOLAN: Lord Haikon wishes to see you.

MITCHELL: *turns his cap round the right way, standing* lets rock and roll *leaves with Jolan*

Jackson stands by window a girl looking in, he brushes his cup against the bars. Jolan and Mitchell walk through town centre.

JOLAN: It was foolish of you to come…the others are distrustful of you.

MITCHELL: yeah… I kind of got that…is there anything else I need to know?

JOLAN: Haikon will have your answers.

SCENE: Jolan and Mitchell enter Haikon's home, he turns…

HAIKON: Welcome Mitchell.

MITCHELL: Thank you Haikon

HAIKON: Please…*waves hand* sit *Mitchell and Jolan sit before him* I apologize for making you wait but we just came back from a mission of *pours drinks* great importance.

JOLAN: we were informed of a world of non-believers, who were conspiring against the Ori. The prior dispatched us to…deal with them

MITCHELL: You mean kill them.

HAIKON: well we were told they posed a considerable threat. *Mitchell drinks* leave not the smallest pebble to allow any hindrance that will slow your peoples progress…so said the prior.

MITCHELL: yeah the priors say a lot of things…look…I'm the last person to criticize someone for what they believe but-

HAIKON: if your intention is to convince me to withdraw support from the Ori you need not bother…

MITCHELL: You're making a big mist-

HAIKON: I have already decided as much.

MITCHELL: *turns to Jolan* what?

JOLAN: we went to the planet as the Prior instructed 200 strong to eliminate any threat. We were expecting an army…what we found were simple farmers to naïve to understand the consequences they faced by defying the Ori.

HAIKON: the Sodan are proud warriors…we do not kill innocent people.

MITCHELL: so you didn't follow through.

JOLAN: we left them unharmed. But before returning here we had to put all doubts to rest…so we traveled to another world…one rumored to have refused the Ori……the entire civilization was decimated by a mysterious plague. There was no one left.

MITCHELL: yeah…that's what they do…in fact…they're doing it on earth…right now…as we speak. And it will probably happen hear when the prior gets back and finds you didn't obey his orders.

HAIKON: how can we resist so powerful an enemy.

MITCHELL: well…I can tell ya…but you're probably not going to like it

SCENE: In a lab, deep in Cheyenne Mountain, Orlin works exhausted on a laptop, many books and notes surround him. He makes a note, and then drops his head in his hands with a sigh

CARTER: *enters in greens* Orlin?

ORLIN: Sam. Are you alright?

CARTER: I'm fine…it's you I'm worried about…*walks over* we just got your test results back…they show significant and progressive changes in different areas of your brain.

ORLIN: what kind of changes?

CARTER: a degenerative process that has already started to impair your cognitive functions.

ORLIN: I knew that when I took on human form, the memories I brought with me would eventually fade…

CARTER: that's only part of it…I mean…it's not so much a result of you losing the memories but more a consequence of you trying to hold on to them. Orlin by not letting go of the ancient knowledge…you're damaging your brain.

ORLIN: yes. My human mind is failing under the weight of so much information

CARTER: you knew this would happen didn't you? *shakes head, walks round* as an ancient how could you not have known.

ORLIN: of course I knew Sam. But I had no choice.

CARTER: but you have a choice now…you're brain is fighting a losing battle. Stripping away whatever it can in attempt to salvage the memories related to the cure. Give them up and you could stop this from progressing any further

ORLIN: *turns back to work* I can't do that there's too much at stake.

CARTER: *grabs his arm* you have the memories. Write them down. Give me the instructions. I'll complete the vaccine.

ORLIN: it's too complex…you won't fully understand the process…

CARTER: Try me. Orlin you don't have to sacrifice yourself. Let go before it's too late.

ORLIN: I can't risk entrusting this job to anyone but myself *Carter closes her eyes in defeat* I have to see this through Sam. I'm sorry...

He goes back to work, Sam stands and walks out.

SCENE: Mitchell buries the device in the centre of the town where Jaffa practice their battling.

MITCHELL: we're good.

JACKSON: *turns to the Jaffa and SG-22 who are gathered there* ooh Kay…this device will emit a high ultra sonic frequency targeting a specific portion of the priors brain temporarily blocking his ability to use his powers…Now. The good news is it won't have any effect on us…the bad news is it may not have any effect on the prior either.

MITCHELL: in order for this thing to work the way we want it to, it has to be broadcasting on the correct frequency *once sure its well covered stands* unfortunately we don't know…what that frequency is so we'll use a trial and error approach. *pulls remote out of pocket.* this remote allows us to adjust the signal…and sooner or later we'll get the right one. Any questions thus far?

JOLAN: how will we know it is working…

MITCHELL: oh we'll know when the prior's no longer able to use its powers.

HAIKON: and how will we know he'll no longer be able to use his powers

MITCHELL: well…someone…is just gonna have to…test it and find out. *camera pans over them all…Jackson looks at Mitchell* Don't worry fellas that someone is me. *Jackson Nods enthusiastically grinning* so…it's simple we disable the prior, we take a sample of his blood…we send it back to the SGC, they finish the cure…we turn the prior against the Ori and call it a day. Jackson you're driving *hands him the remote.*

JACKSON: oooh…Yay *takes it*

MITCHELL: SG-22 I want you in defensive positions around the perimeter *points* there, there, there and there. There's um…one other *walks over to Haikon* small problem…we're not exactly sure what the range of that device is…so Haikon…I need you to get the prior as close as possible…is that a problem?

HAIKON: no…no it is not. *waves at his Jaffa*

JOLAN: You are confident that this will work?

MITCHELL: *looks at Jackson then back* Well if it doesn't work…we're out of options.

SCENE: Dakara, the doors open and Teal'c and Bra'tac walk out in discussion

BRA'TAC: I fear we have lost them.

TEAL'C: this battle is far from over.

BRA'TAC: but clearly, the council were swayed.

TEAL'C: the task before us is daunting but not impossible. The Jaffa nation has no apatite for war…particularly one that threatens to divide us.

BRA'TAC: indeed that much is certain.

TEAL'C: hmmm…the Ori on the other hand will not abide opposition they have already ordered Gerak to quell the dissention within our ranks.

BRA'TAC: then we must retreat into the shadows and evade their attempts to find us.

TEAL'C: *stops walking, grabbing Bra'tacs arm* No. we must make a stand. On Chulak. Faced with the prospect of in sighting a civil war that would kill millions the council will be left with an impossible choice but ultimately they must decide between the Ori and their fellow Jaffa

BRA'TAC: it is only by forcing their hand that they will see reason…

TEAL'C: so I believe.

BRA'TAC: an enterprise this bold will require much support

TEAL'C: then let us gather a fleet to defend Chulak. *they head off.*

SCENE: Orlin sits in the lab writing, peels of the paper screws it up and throws it, resting his head on his hand. Sam (in blues) turns the corner slowing in the doorway.

ORLIN: It's like catching a glimpse of someone from the corner of your eye then turning around…and they're gone. You begin to doubt whether you really saw them in the first place. *turns to look at her* tell me Sam…how can you regret losing a memory you can't even remember?

CARTER: *closes her eyes, shakes her head, walks in over to him* what are you working on…

ORLIN: the instruction for assembling the cure…in the event that I am too incapacitated to complete it myself. …it's uh…a precaution we have to take. The most frustrating part in all this is I am unable to control what I can hold on to…even for a little while. Crucial information I need to finish the cure is slipping through my fingers…while insignificant minutia of my experiences as an ancient are still fresh and clear in my mind. In time I shall lose it all…but for now…it just doesn't seem fair.

CARTER: is there anything I can do to help?

ORLIN: no…at this point…its best if I work alone.

Sam nods, squeezing his shoulder she leaves turning to watch him for a moment.

SCENE: Base of operations. Many airmen are working while listening to the news of the spread of the virus.

NEWSREADER: Despite the best efforts of all those involved the virus continues to spread at an alarming rate…the CDC advises anyone who suspects they may have the virus or may have come in contact with someone who did *Harriman enters the room, walking over to Landry* to quarantine themselves and immediately contact their loca---

HARRIMAN: Sir. Just received word that china, Great Britain and Russia have grounded all air travel and have closed off their ports to foreign ships.

LANDRY: this is out of control and it's only going to get worse.

HARRIMAN: and according to General Hammond's office our allies have expressed concern about the cover story…specifically how long we can continue to maintain it… they've requested a meeting with you.

SCENE: Briefing room, several officials sit round the table.

CHEKOV: so…it is your estimation that general…that the decision to send SG-6 to that particular planet was the right one.

LANDRY: as evidence by this plague we have no viable defense against the Ori, the purpose of the mission to `656 was to gather intelligence that may help us in that respect

SWEDISH?: but admittedly the mission was a failure in the worst possible way…and as a result millions…perhaps billions will lose their lives.

LANDRY: the newly appointed liaison between Stargate Command and the International committee was informed of and signed off on the mission. *points* you're representative agreed it was the right call.

SWEDISH: there is some concern that Mr. Woolsey may not have been fully apprised of all the possible ramifications, now to his credit he still supports your decision.

LANDRY: the Ori were going to strike at us sooner or later, and rather than sit back and wait for it we were out there looking for a way to stop them…to stop this from happening…and to start pointing fingers -

GERMAN: General!

LANDRY: -at such a crucial -

GERMAN: General Landry! The purpose of this meeting is not to assign bLame…but to arrive at a better understanding at how this happened and conversely to avoid something like this ever happening again.

LANDRY: that's provided we get a second chance, presently we have no way of stopping this virus. People are dying. And there's not a damn thing we can do about it.

SCENE: Dakara, two Jaffa walk down corridor, camera panning to Teal'c, Bra'tac and another Jaffa ( can't remember if we seen him, but I'm calling him Jeff). They all speak in whispers

JEFF: what you propose is madness.

TEAL'C: so it may seem but if the council believes that we are mad and cannot be dissuaded from sacrificing our lives then all the better. We must stake everything on the belief that in the end the council will value the lives of their brothers over the empty promises of the Ori. *They stop as another Jaffa passes.* Time is short brother. We must gather our forces…for the bigger our army the more lives Gerak must choose to take. We must make this decision as difficult as we can for him.

JEFF: Gerak is no longer one of us. He is a prior now

TEAL'C: Gerak may be a prior but I have no doubt that part of him remains Jaffa and that is the part we must seek out.

JEFF: I still believe this plan to be madness…but then…I once considered the very notion of defeating the Goa'uld a fantasy. Prove me wrong yet again Teal'c. *shakes his hand*…you have my support

BRA'TAC: *Shakes his hand* Thank you Brother.

SCENE: Sodan home world. Mitchell, watches as the prior enters the town.

MITCHELL: *on radio* he's on his way. Jackson?

JACKSON: *behind a hut, grabs radio* ready.

MITCHELL: *on radio* alright now everybody sit tight…wait for my signal, remember we need this guy alive… *slips out of trees, putting on the invisible thingy*

SCENE: Prior enters town center walking towards Haikon and Jolan

PRIOR: You went to the planet as I asked of you?

HAIKON: we did.

PRIOR: and yet the nonbelievers still live.

HAIKON: they do

PRIOR: why have you disobeyed the will of the Ori?

HAIKON: because. *steps forward* we take orders from no one.

PRIOR: the Ori offer you enlightenment…immortality.

JOLAN: *steps forward too* even if that were true their price is too high, what they ask of us goes against the very spirit of the Sodan

PRIOR: you doubt the power of the Ori?

HAIKON: it is not their power that we doubt…it is their worthiness as Gods.

The Prior stops, hearing a rustle, he waves his hand throwing back, Haikon and Jolan. Jackson changes the setting again.

JACKSON: That's not it.

The prior waves his hand again, throwing Mitchell back and bringing him back into visibility. Mitchell tries to fire his zat, but the prior throws him back again

JACKSON: that's not it either.

The prior pulls his hand forward, as Mitchell is dragged across the sand, he tries to take another shot with zat but is lifted and spun in the air, dropping zat.

PRIOR: *suspending Mitchell in the air* Andreaz chose to hunt the lion and was eaten by his prey.

JACKSON: come on *changes settings*

PRIOR: it was unwise of you to challenge me

MITCHELL: yeah well…I wouldn't mind another crack at it.

PRIOR: what did you hope to achieve by attacking me… did you honestly believe it was possible to capture me.

MITCHELL: well that was the plan *more changes in settings*

PRIOR: and what purpose would that have served?

Mitchell shrugs, the Prior makes a fist as Mitchell starts to Choke, Jackson frantically changes settings, suddenly Mitchell falls to the ground, he slowly picks himself up, the Prior gasps, staring in shock as Mitchell Zats him.

SCENE: Landry enters his office finding someone already there.

LANDRY: George.

HAMMOND: Frank how was the grilling?

LANDRY: medium rare. *walks to his seat* I just got off the phone with the CDC…a flight left salt lake city, three days after the contagion was identified. Made a stop over at O'Hara before continuing on to its final destination Charles d'gaul airport.

HAMMOND: you're telling me the virus has already reached Paris. *sits*

LANDRY: *sits* three people on that flight have already tested positive for the virus. French authorities are doing all that they can to track down the passengers, flight crew, any ground crew or airport personnel that may have come into contact with them.

HAMMOND: and…anyone who came into contact with them… and…anyone who came into contact with those people. You know at the rate this thing is traveling in three days it will hit the middle-east. Six days it will be in china.

LANDRY: Stock market has already taken a dive and people are panicking… if this thing spreads far enough and does enough damage. It could start destabilizing governments. We're going to have to be prepared for any and all possibilities.

SCENE: Sodan home world, the device has been taken out and is at the side. The Prior lies unconscious in the center, a blood sample has been taken. The prior wakes , he turns looking at his arm

JACKSON: Yeah… we took the liberty of borrowing a sample of your blood. Hope you don't mind.

MITCHELL: *holding the priors staff passes it from hand to hand* you looking for this? *the prior holds out his hand for the staff, Mitchell grips it falling forward as if the staff was being dragged from him* Whoa! *grins at Jackson, stands* no… its not gonna work

JACKSON: that warm fuzzy feeling you're experiencing may be the effects of a device that's inhibiting your ability to concentrate and focus your powers

MITCHELL: symptoms may include…dizziness, irritability…

JACKSON: nausea

MITCHELL: mild nausea, and a condition known as Hotdog fingers.

PRIOR: it makes no difference what you do to me but know this…the Ori are all seeing, *Jackson and Mitchell look up* they are already aware of this, *Haikon looks round himself* a front to their eminence and will strike down those who dare to defy them.

MITCHELL: nothing yet. You?

JACKSON: drawing a blank…little thirsty.

MITCHELL: that doesn't count.

JACKSON: No it doesn't.

PRIOR: they're movements are not so easily defined, their ways unseen and veiled in mystery.

JACKSON: right. Right…they have a plan *Mitchell does bunny ears* I don't suppose you want to tell us what that is. Why'd they send you to this galaxy in the first place?

PRIOR: we are beacons on the road to enlightenment

MITCHELL: no you're dark side, intergalactic encyclopedia salesmen unfortunately the home office hasn't quite been up front with you.

JACKSON: nice work on the metaphor.

MITCHELL: Thank you.

JACKSON: For starters… did you know that the Ori need people to worship them because that's how they gain their power? *prior looks away*

MITCHELL: He didn't know that

JACKSON: no he didn't know. No it's true. We're not exactly sure how it works but from what I've heard they actually drain power from their followers. That's why they need worshippers.

MITCHELL: you should talk to them about it…next time your home.

JACKSON: might do a better job of explaining the process to you.

PRIOR: ours is not to question but to rejoice in their service for they are perfection.

JACKSON: no…not really. Because a perfect being wouldn't need to lie to ensure the loyalty of their followers. They wouldn't need to promise you ascension if they had no intention of delivering it.

PRIOR: *stunned, unsure* those who follow the path of righteousness shall be raised up high…

MITCHELL: no…they won't. because the Ori do not share power. They're using you.

PRIOR: pity not the blind man. For he is hindered not by the visions of this world but rather pity yourselves

MITCHELL: yeah…*turns* blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

PRIOR: for he shall see the light before you.

MITCHELL: *leaves* I'm gonna get something to eat.

SCENE: In the lab, with all the samples, everyone in Hazmats, Orlin checking a sample as Sam watches him. As he turns he accidentally knocks over the sample he was looking at.

CARTER: Orlin! *grabs his shoulders*

COLONEL: *runs over* Damn it! *pulls the alarm.*

CARTER: are you ok?

ORLIN: I'm fine…

COLONEL: no no…he is not fine. He has not been fine in two days! He has demonstrated lapses in judgment that have put everyone in this room at risk

CARTER: colonel.

COLONEL: He hasn't been fine in two days! He has demonstrated lapses in judgment that have put everyone in this room at risk

CARTER: colonel. That is enough. *Colonel leaves*

ORLIN: no…he's right Sam…I can't help you anymore…I'm just in the way here. *leaves*

SCENE: Several motherships sit in the orbit of Chulak, on board one of them Bra'tac, Teal'c and Aron wait.

TEAL'C: *walks in* reflecting on your ill spent youth old man?

BRA'TAC: *grins* in truth I was thinking of you. *Teal'c raises eyebrow* if this gamble succeeds…you will have once again proven yourself a great leader…perhaps the only one capable of uniting this fractured Jaffa nation.

TEAL'C: my heart is indeed with our people…but as long as the Ori threaten this galaxy my place is with SG-1

BRA'TAC: I understand. Even so there is no doubt we are the poorer for it.

TEAL'C: I disagree…after our great victory this day Gerak's influence over our people shall wane, and then our nation shall rally under the command of a great leader that is if he has the courage to accept the challenge.

BRA'TAC: *turns* me?

TEAL'C: who better? Tell me.

BRA'TAC: no. there are many others.

TEAL'C: there are many others who cover the position but none who possess the strength and wisdom only you can offer.

BRA'TAC: it was not too long ago we faced a similarly impossible task…and yet on that day, despite the odds we finally ended generations of oppression and struggle by securing victory over Ba'als fleet. I remember *walks* standing on the peltak of that mother ship…just as I am doing now waiting for the battle to begin…yet knowing no matter what the outcome…it would be the last time I would have to take the life of a fellow Jaffa.

TEAL'C: no Jaffa blood will be spilled on this day…on that you have my word. *they incline their heads at each other and Teal'c leaves.*

SCENE: Landry gets off elevator, Walter waiting, they walk down the corridor.

HARRIMAN: Sir. We have confirmed cases in Baum, Amsterdam, Rome and Madrid. *reading off sheet* we have suspected cases in London and Athens. The WHO has teams on route, meanwhile there are suspected cases on the Africa continent some of the military leaders in the region have already declared martial law.

LANDRY: Thank you chief *Harriman leaves, Landry spots Carter* Colonel. How are things progressing?

CARTER: they're not sir…*they start walking* as you know the contagions rapidly mutating nature necessitated our requiring a specimen of DNA from the Original virus… we finally managed to get a blood sample from the prior who started the plague but so far it hasn't helped. It looks like we've hit a dead end.

LANDRY: well let's hope "looks like" is the operative sentence here.

CARTER: yes sir.

SCENE: Orlin's Quarters, he's sitting on his bed, tying his laces when General Landry enters.

LANDRY: Orlin. Sorry to disturb you.

ORLIN: *stands* not at all General. Please.

LANDRY: I'd like to thank you for everything you've done.

ORLIN: I wish it could have been… more.

LANDRY: hey you got as along as far as you could…the rest is gonna have to be up to us. Orlin…I realize I have no right to ask this of you, but there is something you might be able to do for us.

SCENE: on mothership in orbit of Chulak, Teal'c and Bra'tac walk in

ARON: numerous vessels dropping out of hyperspace.

A hyperspace window opens revealing many motherships.

SCENE: Gerak is on screen

GERAK: you're out numbered, retreat is no longer an option. I do not want to slaughter you, but I will if you give me no choice…so what say you Teal'c?

TEAL'C: I still have hope this situation can be peacefully resolved Gerak. Let us meet on the planets surface and discuss.

GERAK: very well *transmission end, Teal'c smiles at Bra'tac, heads off*

SCENE: Mitchell walk around the Prior, eating some sort of apple.

MITCHELL: It's a Norwegian cheese I think…spelt with a G or a J…maybe both…Jiggha…Gojuha…something like that…so what you do is you…dice up the cheese you toss it in with the egg whites…and you chop up some avocado… throw it all together whoa daddy…you got yourself a wicked omelet. *eats, as General Landry, Jackson and some of SG22 appear* General *waves* we were just exchanging recipes.

LANDRY: I heard. Has he offered up anything?

MITCHELL: no sir… the man doesn't even have a decent pie crust.

LANDRY: the Ori are not going to ascend you. They lied to you…and anyone else they could take advantage of…

PRIOR: let not the words of deceivers lead you to doubt. Nor the enticements they offer cause you to stray.

LANDRY: exactly. And the sad fact is you gave it all up for nothing. The life you had is gone. The Ori took it away from you…

PRIOR: blessed are the true believers for only they shall walk the path and they shall be welcomed onto the realm of Ori and made as one with them.

LANDRY: what did you leave behind…a wife? Children? *steps closer, jack rest hand on his hand gun just in case.* I have a grown daughter. I wasn't around much when she was growing up and it's something I'll always regret… you ever think about your kids? The time you spent with them…the things you used to do together before you threw it all away? But how…how would I know whether the Ori are…ascending people or not…truth is I don't know for sure…but he does. *points behind the prior, they turn revealing Orlin*

ORLIN: Hello Demeras.

PRIOR: *stares* who are you? How did you-

ORLIN: know? You're entire life was an open *walks towards the Prior* book to me the moment you set foot in this galaxy. I was once ascended…but I took this form because it was the only way to warn the Humans about the Ori. Since I made that decision I've paid a heavy price in terms of the effects it's had on my mind. The memories I've…lost.

PRIOR: life and death. Light and darkness. Hope and despair. The rift was created…and on that day the Ori were born.

ORLIN: but every so often…something will stir in me…and if I push myself hard enough I'll remember one more time…before it leaves me forever. Your name Demeras, your wife Adina, your sons…Jaden and Alon.

PRIOR: but the Hatred of those who stray from the true path festered and bloomed in the dark corners of the avarices to which they were cast.

ORLIN: and the fact that the Ori have never ascended any of their…followers.

PRIOR: and consumed by this hatred they poisoned all they touched, bringing death, darkness and despair.

ORLIN: you know that as an ancient I wouldn't lie to you.

PRIOR: and the souls of their victims knew no peace *turns back to Landry* until the Ori came and whispered to them "Sleep for the end draws near" *raises hand, as Landry is dragged towards him, everyone panics*

SG-22 member: he's overcome the device.

PRIOR: *grips Landry's throat* and on that day all will rejoice when the Ori come and lay them lo-*Mitchell shoots him*

JACKSON: *grabs Landry as he falls* General

LANDRY: I'm fine…what was he saying?

ORLIN: he just told you why the Ori are on their way to this Galaxy… their coming to destroy the ancients.

SCENE: in a forest on Chulak, Teal'c waits as Gerak arrives.

GERAK: you have made the right choice. There is no honor in fighting an unwinable battle.

TEAL'C: hmmm…more peace at the hands of a tyrant *walks on, Gerak following*

GERAK: I assure you…the Ori are not the Goa'uld.

TEAL'C: have we truly lived as slaves for so long that we must fear being free.

GERAK: it has nothing to do with freedom. Enlightenment is just within our reach.

TEAL'C: or so the Ori would have us believe. *walks to a grave*

GERAK: *walks over, looking at the grave* why have you led me here?

TEAL'C: I thought it fitting that on this day when we must sacrifice our short lived freedom that we do so here…at the site of the Battle of salsacksor…where you're father gave his life for this very cause…he began to doubt the Goa'uld long before this rebellion took shape Gerak. It was your father's death at their hands that led you to question what god is so deserving of my worship.

GERAK: you were not one who was chosen…you did not witness the wonders I beheld.

TEAL'C: did that erase the dead…heal the sick and wounded? Destroy their enemy with but a wave of their hand.

GERAK: the Goa'uld deceived us…the Ori's powers are pure.

TEAL'C: then what is the measure of a God Gerak… is it the scope of their power or how they choose to wield that power? Would a god who is prepared to lead us on the path of enlightenment so contradict this divine benevolence by destroying all those who refuse to believe in him?

GERAK: Those who refuse to believe… must die

TEAL'C: I understand…how difficult this must be for you Gerak nearing your final years…you so desperately log for the enlightenment we all seek…this is not the way to save yourself…

GERAK: I only wanted to avoid bloodshed.

TEAL'C: stay this course and you will have not choice but to spill the blood of your brothers… *pulls his prior staff down to his chest* and you may start with me for is I have a choice between resistance and the life of slavery then I choose to die free.

SCENE: in a clean room at Cheyenne mountain, Landry sits on bed, being tested by those in Hazmats.

LANDRY: I'm telling you…I'm fine. *Lam enters* Carolin can you tell these people I'm fine.

LAM: you're not fine. *Landry looks at her* you're blood work came back positive. You have the virus.

SCENE: Briefing room, Mitchell nurses a cup of coffee, Jackson eyes his watch and carte stares off as Hammond enters.

HAMMOND: it's always darkest before the dawn *they all stand* my uncle used to say that all the time, he was a wedding planner.

CARTER: General Hammond.

HAMMOND: at ease.

CARTER: *grins* sir when did you arrive?

HAMMOND: oh I've been here a while…colonel. But you were busy and I thought it best not to deserve you. Colonel Mitchell. Congratulations on getting the band back together.

MITCHELL: thank you sir…it wasn't easy

HAMMOND: ah…but worth it. you couldn't ask for three better people watching your back. I'm sorry I won't get a chance to see Teal'c before I go.

CARTER: you're leaving sir?

HAMMOND: oh I'm off to Peterson…I've been called back to Washington.

JACKSON: well…it's good to see you again sir.

HAMMOND: *grins* it's good to see you too. All of you. Give my best to Teal'c. take care of each other. take care of General Landry too. *leaves, them all looking after him*

SCENE: in the observation room, Lam watches over her father and several other patients in the isolation room. Landry wakes.

LAM: you're awake…how are you feeling?

LANDRY: after that little nap, better than I've felt all day…how's that for Irony? How are Mitchell…and Dr Jackson?

LAM: they're clean.

LANDRY: and Orlin?

LAM: I just run a battery of tests on him…I'm afraid the effort of drawing out all those memories has taken a toll… accelerated the degenerative process…so he's in his quarters resting.

LANDRY: you look tired Carolyn…you should get some sleep.

LAM: I can't… not yet.

LANDRY: I can make that an order.

LAM: *leans forward* the last time you ordered me to bed…I think I was six.

LANDRY: *chuckles* you were just as stubborn back then.

LAM: I spoke to mum recently.

LANDRY: *smile fades slightly* how is she?

LAM: worried. *upset* All those years I was growing up I resented the fact that you never told us anything…about your work…about why you had to leave us for days…sometimes weeks at a time. *Landry's eyes water* but now…I'm beginning to understand how hard it must have been for you. *a single tear runs down the side of his face, as Lams voice breaks* talking to mum the other day I wanted to reassure her… to tell her everything…but I couldn't. it was hard.


SCENE: Carter enters control room.

HARRIMAN: It's Teal'c,

The iris is already open, Teal'c exits followed by Gerak, the armed guards in the control room raise their weapons.

TEAL'C: lower your weapons. *the Gate shuts down*

CARTER: *on radio This is colonel Carter. Stand down

SCENE: Gerak enters the Isolation room ( the one Landry is in), Teal'c and Carter enter the observation room.

LAM: *stands* what's going on?

TEAL'C: Gerak has arrived to assist us. *Mitchell and Jackson enter. Gerak looks up at Teal'c* why do you hesitate Gerak?

GERAK: if I help you…I will die…But I will die free!! *hits the floor with his staff, a glow leaves it encompassing the base, and then he bursts into fLames.*

TEAL'C: Gerak!! *Landry wakes, sitting up*

MITCHELL: what the Hell just happened? *Lam hurries to look at computer for vitals.*

CARTER: I thought the Ori weren't allowed to take action in this Galaxy without in sighting the ancients

JACKSON: they can't. it must have been some sort physiological failsafe they put in place when they made him a prior in the event he ever turned.

LAM: they're normalizing it worked, *hurries down to the room, over to Landry*

NEWSREADER: The final death toll of the pandemic is estimated at a little over 3000 world wide…but health officials are quick to point out that it could have been much worse…as distribution of the vaccine continues many have begun to ask how this could have happened in the first place *fades to screen of newsreader, in briefing room* and more to the point where did this virus Originate.

SCENE: fades to screen of newsreader, in briefing room

NEWSREADER: and more to the point where did this virus Originate.

LANDRY: *turns off TV, Mitchell, Lam, Jackson and Teal'c sit at table* we were lucky…their might not be someone like Gerak to help us next time…

LAM: it wasn't just Gerak…he cured the people in the Base…from then we were able to isolate an antibody and manufacture a vaccine using Orlin's formula. Thanks to Orlin's work…we should be able to prevent the priors from attacking us in this way again.

MITCHELL: oh I reckon they've got a pretty wide repertoire.

TEAL'C: the Ori will undoubtedly view this defeat as nothing more than a miner set back. It will not be enough to dissuade them from continuing their incursion into this galaxy.

JACKSON: certainly not if their end game is to destroy the ancients.

LANDRY: given the fact that their personally threatened do you think the ancients will take measure to defends themselves?

JACKSON: if it comes to that It's possible but I think we're along way from the Ori posing the ancients a serious threat.

MITCHELL: no there just a threat to everyone else in the galaxy. So how's Orlin?

LANDRY: his condition has stabilized but I'm afraid the damage is already been done.

SCENE: Orlin works away at a puzzle, as Carter enters.


ORLIN: Hi who are you?

CARTER: My name is Samantha. Do you need help with this?

ORLIN: sure. *Carter sits down* I finished the outside so you can help me with the inside


The end

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