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#914 : Prise de contrôle

Ecrit par : Alan Mccullough

Réalisé par : Peter DeLuise

Ba’al manipule des membres du Haut Conseil Jaffa pour faire échec à leur volonté de démocratie tandis que Cameron Mitchell fait face à une décision difficile quand il apprend qu’un de ses vieux amis est sur le point de mourir.


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combat contre les jaffas en musique
combat contre les jaffas en musique


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914 : Prise de contrôle


Titre en vo : Stronghold.

1ère diffusion États-Unis : 27/01/2006.

1ère diffusion en France : 13/05/2006

Ecrit par : Damian Kindler.

Réalisé par : Peter DeLuise.

Synopsis : Ba'al kidnappe des membres du Haut Conseil Jaffa et leur fait subir un lavage de cerveau pour manipuler les décisions politiques et concentrer le pouvoir sur le Haut Conseil, Teal'c fait bientôt partie des victimes. Pendant ce temps, Mitchell rend visite à un de ces amis mourant...

Apparitions :

Tony Amendola (Bra'tac)

Cliff Simon (Baal)

Simone Bailly (Ka'lel)

Gardiner Millar (Yat Yir)

Prise de Contrôle


SCENE: Dakara, the high council Chamber, a Jaffa, Maz’rai stands in the centre, while the council listens.

MAZ’RAI: Democracy is the future of our Great Nation, we must proceed with the dissolution of this council…which we have seen…can be influenced and corrupted. *Bra’tac and Teal’c smile at each other* I hereby formally propose we hold a public referendum of the subject…so that all Jaffa can participate in the decision before us…*some members a little wary they whisper, Democrat stands down*

BRA’TAC: *stands* Thank you Brother Maz’rai. your wisdom is always greatly appreciated by the council…now I call Sister Ka’lel as the last speaker before rebuttal will be heard.

KA’LEL: *Stands* Brother Bra’tac…I’m afraid I must begin rebuttal against dissolution of the council…*Bra’tac, Teal’c and Maz’rai are shocked and surprised* Our people are not yet ready for this burden Bra’tac…  

BRA’TAC: You underestimate them sister…  

KA’LEL: My position on this council was secured by the might of the Hak’til…but it is well known that many regions do not yet recognize “any” right for females…let alone the right to vote on their destiny…  

BRA’TAC: I agree…there must be change.

KA’LEL: Such change must occur prior to a general Vote so that its results can be viewed as fair…and representative…  

SCENE: The Council meeting ends, Ka’lel leaving with the Jaffa who were in opposition of the proposal, Teal’c runs out after her.

TEAL’C: Ka’lel! Ka’lel! *she ignores him, leaving, Bra’tac and Maz’rai stop behind him* Did she not just speak of her support of our proposal just this morning?

BRA’TAC: Privately yes. I would not have called on her otherwise…  

TEAL’C: Then why would she betray us in session?

MAZ’RAI: Someone has influenced her.

TEAL’C: mmm…still I have always believed Ka’lel to be honorable…  

BRA’TAC: is there no end to this duplicity we must face.

MAZ’RAI: Sometimes I fear I have gotten too old for this brother.

BRA’TAC: Indeed. And yet this is what results when we leave such decision to the Rash of youth…  

MAZ’RAI: *sighs* I will speak with her.

SCENE: Ka’lel’s Quarters, Ka’lel pours herself a drink, Maz’rai enters…  

MAZ’RAI: Ka’lel…please…forgive the intrusion…  

KA’LEL: Not at all…I’m glad you are here…we must speak.

MAZ’RAI: *moves into room* May I ask why you did not support our proposal?

KA’LEL: now is not the time.

MAZ’RAI: we have no choice Ka’lel.

KA’LEL: *bends down* I am afraid…as far as you are concerned *stands* that is true *reveals a Zat, his eyes widen, as she fires.*

  CREDITS SCENE: Air force hospital, Mitchell walks down corridor bag in hand, stops at a nurse.

MITCHELL: Hi…I’m Lt. Col. Mitchell…I’m here to see Bryce Ferguson…  

KELLY: *Standing behind, turns* Colonel Mitchell.

MITCHELL: Yes Ma’am.

KELLY: Hello…*shakes his hand* I’m Dr Kelly.

MITCHELL: Nice to meet you.

KELLY: I’ve had a chance to see your friend  

MITCHELL: Great. Dr Lam says you’re the best.

KELLY: Well…*smiles* that’s very nice for her to say…I’m not aware of any official ranking system…  

MITCHELL: Well I’m sure you’ll be a little better that fergy’s HMO guy back in Iowa  

KELLY: Well I’ll do what I can…I’ve ordered some tests…it should give us a better idea what we’re looking at…*flicks through chart*

MITCHELL: Yeah…he’s had that shrapnel for a while…they just found the aneurism a few weeks ago…  

KELLY: he probably had it the whole time and didn’t know it.

MITCHELL: He says his doctors back home had thrown in the Towel on this one...

KELLY: I won’t lie to you…it’s in a tricky spot. But as you know…we have access to certain technology not available to everyone else just yet…*smiles*

MITCHELL: yes ma’am…thanks.

KELLY: I was told he’s not privy to classified material.

MITCHELL: No…*shakes head*

KELLY: So you got him in here but you couldn’t get him clearance?

MITCHELL: That is…a whole other ball of wax…the irony is…he probably would have had my spot in the 302 program if he hadn’t been injured… he’s a better pilot that I ever was…better than most actually.

KELLY: well…this must be important to you…I imagine you had to pull some very big strings to make this happen…  

MITCHELL: Ferguson got that chunk of metal in his head saving my sorry ass four years ago…  

KELLY: I’ll do what I can…  

MITCHELL: Thanks…*heads off*

  SCENE: Dakara. Back in the council chamber, Maz’rai stands in the centre once again.

MAZ’RAI: And…so…upon further reflection…I have come to agree with Ka’lel *Teal’c and Bra’tac look quite angry*…more debate over the proposed state of government is required… we must take our time…in such grave matters. For now…we must maintain the present high council…and not bow to the pressure of Brother’s Bra’tac and Teal’c…*The opposing Jaffa nod and grin*

SCENE: Council ends, Bra’tac and Teal’c walk over to Maz’rai who is speaking with Ka’lel.

BRA’TAC: Maz’rai.

MAZ’RAI: *nods at Ka’lel who leaves, turns to Bra’tac* I am entitled to be swayed by reason Bra’tac  

BRA’TAC: You were the one who tabled this proposal for referent…you have always believed democracy was essential for the future of our nation.

MAZ’RAI: indeed…that is still the case. I have merely been convinced that we should not act in such haste.

TEAL’C: Brother… it was you who feared that Gerak’s followers were gathering strength… that there was a danger that if we did not dissolve this council, they could still vote to support the unilateral submission to the religion of the Ori…  

BRA’TAC: All our dreams for a free Jaffa nation would be lost…forever  

MAZ’RAI: All I am saying is that I believe there is yet more time for healthy debate. *leaves*

BRA’TAC: we cannot let this proposal die.

TEAL’C: There are still council members who remain uncommitted…Brother Yucan was not in session today…I will visit with him later this evening…after I confer with our allies on Chulak…  

BRA’TAC: and I will see what I can learn here…if Maz’rai’s vote was influenced I shall expose it.

They nod, and Teal’c sets off.

  SCENE: Air force hospital, Room 708. Ferguson throws a baseball up into the air and catches it as Mitchell enters.

MITCHELL: Ferguson.

FERGUSON: It’s about time…son of a bitch drags me out here to get poked and prodded, turned upside down…he can’t spare a minute from his big important job to visit his dying friend…?

MITCHELL: ah…it’s good to see your bad attitude hasn’t changed much…  

FERGUSON: What do you expect I’m dying for god sakes *Stands up*

MITCHELL: Don’t get up you idiot.

FERGUSON: *limps, hugs him* come on Cameron I’m not gonna break.*heads back to bed*

MITCHELL: hey you look like you’re feeling good…  

FERGUSON: yeah doing pretty good… *sits* for a guy with a ticking time bomb in his head.

MITCHELL: well why don’t we see what the doctors have to say about that. *sits*

FERGUSON: oh I’m just doing what the flyer says *pulls it out, handing it to him* it was in the waiting room of the shrinks office you sent me too… couple months back. “So…you’re going to bite the big one…now what?” first thing on the list is accept it. Learn to talk openly about it…so that’s what I’m doing… *looks really serious* did I mention I’m going to die?

MITCHELL: *shifts* yeah…I think you did.

FERGUSON: good…*smiles* how about you? How the big top secret job?

MITCHELL: still top secret.

FERGUSON: oh come on man…you can tell me…I’m not gonna tell anyone…*Mitchell looks up, Ferguson looking serious* I’m gonna die you know…*Mitchell shakes head* No flowers?

MITCHELL: No…Nah hell *grabs bag* I thought about it…but decided on this instead…*shows him bag*

FERGUSON: *looks in* oh yes…me likey alotey…  

SCENE: Briefing room, Carter and Jackson enter, Landry turning, Bra’tac stares out the window to the Gateroom.

LANDRY: Colonel. Dr Jackson. Bra’tac has information concerning a situation on Dakara.

BRA’TAC: *turns, walking towards them* it is Teal’c… he left last night to consult with one of our allies. He was due back this morning but did not return…  

JACKSON: are you sure he’s not just late?

BRA’TAC: he missed an important council session…there have been unusual going-ons as of late…I am here because I no longer know who I can trust on Dakara…and I am certain something is gravely wrong.

SCENE: On a Mothership, Teal’c is strapped down and chained unconscious…as he comes to he struggles, and sees a Jaffa before him who picks up various items, he walks forward, placing a memory device to Teal’c's temple.

TEAL’C: I will divulge nothing.

TIL’VAK: That is not my intention… My purpose…is to teach you…*lights up the device in his hand, Teal’c cries out in pain*

SCENE: Briefing room.

BRA’TAC: Obviously this motion to dissolve the council in favor of elected officials has spawned strong opposition… many who have reaped benefits under the current regime…would lose their status upon passage of the vote…  

LANDRY: anyone in particular you think would resort to kidnapping and blackmail to influence the situation…?

BRA’TAC: I used to believe in the honor of many who have disappointed me of late…  

JACKSON: well…we should probably start at Teal’c’s last known whereabouts…  

LANDRY: *to Carter* let me know if you need additional personnel…Colonel Mitchell has taken some personal time  

CARTER: thank you sir…  

SCENE: Ferguson and Mitchell, sit in hospital room, playing a video game.

MITCHELL: Come on…come on…no you don’t want none of me…no you don’t…oh oh now don’t look now…you better back down…*Ferguson, closes his eyes, as if in pain, Mitchell kills his player* die  yeah! That’s what I’m talking- *looks at Ferguson, who looks up and quickly looks at game, nodding* what the hell was that? Were you even trying…?

FERGUSON: you know what…I’m just…I’m kind of tired…but this…this…this was great…really this was just like old times…  

MITCHELL: tell you what…I’ll play…left handed…with one eye…*attempts it*

FERGUSON: yeah…I’m done…  

MITCHELL: alright…fine…I reserve the right for a rematch…  

FERGUSON: fair enough. Look I…I appreciate you taking some time but…  

MITCHELL: what’cha talking about?

FERGUSON: I’m just saying…you did your duty…you can go now…  

MITCHELL: I’ve got no where else to be. *Ferguson gives him a look* really.

FERGUSON: seriously… Cam…its fine…you don’t have to stick around.

MITCHELL: yes…*turns looking out window* I do.

  SCENE: Bra’tac and Jackson are in a tent talking to Yukan.

YUKAN: I wish I could be more help Bra’tac but Teal’c left last night…barely an hour after arriving…  

JACKSON: did he say where he was going?

YUKAN: he said he was needed back on Dakara…  

JACKSON: was anybody with him?

YUKAN: he traveled alone. Please let me know as soon as you have learned what has happened. *Jackson Looks at Bra’tac who steps forward* what is the matter brother?

BRA’TAC: *grins* you call yourself a friend…yet you speak lies to my face! *grabs him roughly*

JACKSON: Whoa Bra’tac!

BRA’TAC: he is deceiving us. Where is Teal’c?!

YUKAN: Bra’tac…what has come over you…I’ve told you what I know…*Bra’tac grabs him by the throat*

BRA’TAC: I will not ask again!

YUKAN: he was taken from here…I do not know where…*Bra’tac squeezes tighter* please!

Bra’tac freezes…lets him go.

  SCENE: Jackson and Bra’tac walk towards gate.

JACKSON: what was that all about?

BRA’TAC: I believe he speaks the truth… he does not know where Teal’c is.

JACKSON: but he helped arrange for Teal’c’s kidnapping.

BRA’TAC: and he shall be dealt with accordingly…unfortunately for us this situation is much worse than I imagined…  

JACKSON: *stops him* how?

BRA’TAC: Yukan has always been one of the strongest supporters of our cause…a Jaffa whose honor I never would have doubted… there is but one possible explanation for his actions… I saw it…in his eyes.

JACKSON: *realizing* He’s been brainwashed

SCENE: Hospital room 708, Ferguson lying on bed, Mitchell fiddling with Glove and Ball  

FERGUSON: You know… I never did buy that you went down in a…test flight  

MITCHELL: why? That’s what happened *lies on other bed…*

FERGUSON: ok…so you were testing a plane…in a dog fight…over Antarctica?

MITCHELL: *plays innocent* dog fight?

FERGUSON: I did some checking…I still have friends in intelligence.

MITCHELL: right… you think you’re getting your hands on classified information huh?

FERGUSON: not exactly… I pieced some things together…Come on…we were both up for that big important classified position…I just wanted to know what I missed out on…that almost got you killed…  

MITCHELL: I wish I could tell ya… I really do.

FERGUSON: *laughs* no you don’t. you probably feel guilty as hell you’re doing what you’re doing while I’m waiting to die. *Mitchell gives him a look* read the flyer man. It’s called survivors guilt. Now it also says you need to be honest with yourself and those around you *smiles*

  SCENE: On another planet, Jaffa platoon marching by gate, Mothership in the distance. On board, Teal’c’s Til’Vak enters bridge, stopping before… Ba’al!

BA’AL: *in Goa’uld voice* speak!

TIL’VAK: it does not seem to be working…  

BA’AL: as I feared… ha. His will is strong…  

TIL’VAK: I will break him… whatever it takes…  

BA’AL: *grins* no no…I’ll deal with this…  

SCENE: Ba’al enters the room Teal’c is in. walks over to him.

BA’AL: Hello Teal’c…  

TEAL’C: You.

BA’AL: It seems…its time we had a little… Chat.

  SCENE: Landry hurries upstairs from control room to Jackson and Bra’tac.

LANDRY: I’ve recalled Colonel Carter and SG-3 from Chulak…do we have any idea how widespread this brain washing might be?

BRA’TAC: it is impossible to tell…but it explains how many alliances have shifted so dramatically over the course of the last three weeks  

JACKSON: for all we know half the council may have been compromised.

LANDRY: you believe Goa’uld technology is behind this?

JACKSON: Teal’c once fell prey to it at the hands of Apophis…  

BRA’TAC: but he was able to break its hold…by enduring the right of Mal Sharon…  

JACKSON: anyone including the Jaffa could have their hands on that technology now…  

BRA’TAC: still the fact that Teal’c overcame such manipulation in the past… should make him more able to resists its affects again…  

LANDRY: which may actually put his life at greater risk…?

JACKSON: Bra’tac…you said…uh…uh…close friend of yours Maz’rai had a…had a similar change of opinion…virtually overnight…  

BRA’TAC: yes… it is likely he too…is brainwashed…  

JACKSON: right…uh…I guess what I’m getting at is…is it possible you can get him to defeat the brainwashing the same way Teal’c did?

BRA’TAC: and if so…at the very least…he might be able to give us an idea as to who is behind this…  

SCENE: Back to Ba’al and Teal’c   BA’AL: I admit we’ve certainly had our differences in the past…*walks round Teal’c* but you need to hear what I have to say.

TEAL’C: I will not hear the words of a false God.

BA’AL: *laughs, speaking in human* ah yes…*rubs hands together.* the whole God issue. Maybe we did take it a little too far but…can you blame us? We gave you strength…vitality…long life… I know you don’t quite see it that way…but no matter, its all in the past now… *walks closer*come now Teal’c…we’re smart enough to know we’re not actually gods. Well…some of us are anyway…there are those of us who’ll begin to believe their own propaganda…I suppose…all you need is enough people to worship you and then…what’s the difference, you’re pretty much a god by definition are you not? So is the case with the Ori…granted they do seem to have some very interesting power to back up their claims. I’ve seen what happens to those that resist. They are a formidable enemy.

TEAL’C: how does this concern you and I?

BA’AL: we work together to defeat the replicators.

TEAL’C: this is working together? Taking me against my will? Brainwashing the council to do your bidding?

BA’AL: The Jaffa numbers in the millions, spread across the vastness of the galaxy… your backgrounds are diverse and rich…in history of warfare…with each other.

TEAL’C: *angrily* because of the Goa’uld!

BA’AL: as a united nation you are young and inexperienced…too weak to face an adversary as powerful as the Ori…Gerak proved that…what you need right now is a strong leader…one with the mind…and experience to wage war on such a foe.

TEAL’C: *looks at Ba’al like he’s crazy* you?

BA’AL: *smirks* I’m not asking you to worship me… I do not plan to undermine your freedom…I care nothing for your rights or traditions… or what you choose to do with your daily lives… what I do not want to see happen is the utter subjecation of this entire galaxy at the hands of the Ori, that would be an utter shame for all of us. Don’t make this personal Teal’c, your people are in need…and I can help them…I can help all of us defend ourselves against the Ori…  

SCENE: Dakara, In Maz’rai’s Quarters, Jackson and Bra’tac are confronting him.

MAZ’RAI: That is an absurd accusation…You know me Bra’tac…I choose my opinions Carefully…  

JACKSON: That’s True…*steps forward with sheets of paper* no really it is… we uh…checked these out of the hall of records before coming here…six months ago you co-authored policy measures designed to prevent voting of uses by Gerak’s coalition *passes him sheet moving to next…* uh… four months ago you voted in favor of increasing the size of council to give unrepresented Jaffa a voice…*passes that* and…just three weeks ago you introduced a motion to set limits of the councils legislative power…*passes all sheets* are we seeing a pattern here?

BRA’TAC: You believe in democracy Maz’rai…how else do you explain your actions?

MAZ’RAI: I do not deny my beliefs…my thinking on the proper timing and strategy for implementation is what’s changed  

BRA’TAC: two evenings ago…do you remember clearly what you did?

MAZ’RAI: Bra’tac…I do not remember what I ate yesterday…that is sad…I admit but…proof of nothing other than old age…  

BRA’TAC: age has taken away everything but our wisdom…old friend. Those were your words to me…just before you tabled the referendum for democracy…tell me one thing that happened the night before last and I will let this rest.

MAZ’RAI: *small laugh, opens mouth, to answer, but can’t…thinks*…please leave me…I am weary…*Bra’tac steps forward, rests hand on his shoulder*

SCENE: Bra’tac and Jackson walk outside.

JACKSON: Bra’tac?

BRA’TAC: we have reached him. Trust me. Facing the right of mal sharran is something one must do with clear mind and conviction…we must give him time…  

SCENE: Mitchell lies eyes shut on the bed, Ferguson stares out the window from his bed.

FERGUSON: you know what I think you’re doing…?

MITCHELL: sleeping?

FERGUSON: I think you’re fighting aliens…  

MITCHELL: *blinks*…I think that chunk of metal you’ve got in your cranium has caused a lot of damage  

FERGUSON: *smiles* I know you weren’t test flying a plane down in Antarctica…you were fighting an alien armada… in human built alien hybrid fighters… and we’ve got like…a whole fleet of them…and at least…uh…a couple of interstellar battleships…  

MITCHELL: *stares at ceiling* what ever you say man…  

FERGUSON: the info's out there…now the military… they couldn’t build all that stuff themselves… they’d have to contract it out…I did some consulting for an airnox firm called zefro, when I first went on disability…come on man… I’m seasoned enough to see through all the bogus cover stories they’ve been blowing around the last couple of years…I mean…what really happened to that building in Seattle a couple of months back? And that …that strange new influenza outbreak that swept the globe…didn’t that start in a hospital near here?

MITCHELL: look Ferguson…  

FERGUSON: no I know…I know…you can’t tell me…doesn’t really matter…the point is…I know that whatever you’re into…it’s big, its bigger than we even dreamed of...even back when we were cadets and we swore that blood oath that we’d make it into the space program or die trying…*Mitchell grins* look I’m not some crazy conspiracy nut cam…I know. You got things to do besides sitting here waiting for me to die… go…  

SCENE: Mitchell stands in hospital corridor trying to get a coffee, but the machine doesn’t seem to want his money, Kelly walks up behind him.

KELLY: I find it helps if you hit it.

MITCHELL: no that’s alright…I probably shouldn’t have anymore caffeine…  

KELLY: I got the results back from the cat scan…  

MITCHELL: *turns* And?

KELLY: well…it pretty much confirmed Mr. Ferguson’s own doctors findings…the shrapnel originally lodged itself against an intracranial artery and over the course of the next few years formed the aneurism…given its size and relative position…we risk doing more damage if we attack it surgically, even an intravascular approach would likely cause a major rupture…  

MITCHELL: ok…so what’s the plan?

KELLY: well…I know you were hoping for better news Colonel… I’m sorry…I’m afraid there are no options…its only a matter of time  

MITCHELL: *clenches jaw, elbows the glass of the machine, smashing it, everyone jumps* Sorry Doc…you were wrong…hitting it doesn’t help. *walks away* I’ll pay for that.

  SCENE: Maz’rai’s Quarters, A Jaffa shows Jackson and Bra’tac, Maz’rai’s lifeless body.

BRA’TAC: Thank you… now please leave us *the Jaffa leaves, Bra’tac picks up Maz’rais sybiote from the ground*

JACKSON: you think he did this to himself?

BRA’TAC: he removed his own sybiote…the right of mal sharran…  

JACKSON: I don’t understand…why would he do this on his own? I mean…he had to have know how dangerous it would be.

BRA’TAC: indeed… it requires that you bring yourself to the edge of death…in order to find your own true spirit should you fail  

JACKSON: he was ashamed that he’d been brainwashed…if he failed to overcome it…he didn’t want anyone to be here to save him…  

BRA’TAC: * places hand over Maz’rai’s* I pushed you to this old friend  

JACKSON: *picks up a sheet looking at it* Bra’tac *passes him sheet*

BRA’TAC: *reads* Ka’lel  

SCENE: Mitchell on phone in hospital corridor. Landry sits in his office.

LANDRY: Bra’tac is tailing Ka’lel, he’s hopeful it will lead to Teal’c’s whereabouts… Colonel Carter is putting together a rescue operation that we can implement the moment we get confirmation.

MITCHELL: I’ll be there.

LANDRY: under the circumstances…everyone will understand if you choose to stay back on this one…  

MITCHELL: I’m sorry sir… we’re talking about Teal’c.

LANDRY: I understand. How’s your friend doing?

MITCHELL: not so good…on that front sir…there’s something I need to ask you.

SCENE: Ba’al enters with Til’Vak in tow…  

BA’AL: *Back to talking in Goa’uld tone <which is sad cause he has such a sexy voice, Especially in person…>* so… have you given some though to my proposal? *Teal’c bows his head, weak…* to be honest you’ve looked better Teal’c…don’t tell me your spirit is waving…I know you need tretonin to live. Give in… don’t threaten the future of your people because of personal pride…  

TEAL’C: *laughs* you are frighten…you seek to the Jaffa because you recognize the power of the ori…and you are helpless to do anything about it…on…your…own.

BA’AL: I’ve tried to be nice…I’ve tried to present reason…convince you in the most merciful fashion…but my patience wears thin… now rest assured I will prevail over your precious council and control the Jaffa, ultimately it is for their own good… if you keep resisting me…I’ll have no choice but to let you die.

SCENE: Mitchell sits on a bench outside the hospital reading the leaflet Ferguson gave him…  

CARTER: Cameron. *walks over, with a case, in tow*


CARTER: *sits* Bra’tac got us a gate address…Ka’lel led him to a planet with a Mothership parked on a pyramid…he believes Teal’c’s being held there…  

MITCHELL: That’s good news  

CARTER: we’re briefing in an hour…  

MITCHELL: I’ll be there…  

CARTER: *looks at case* do you need some help with this?

MITCHELL: No I got it…*waves* does this make me a hypocrite?

CARTER: I told my dad.

MITCHELL: He was getting a Tok’ra sybiote.

CARTER: Pete…  

MITCHELL: got shot…by a Goa’uld with a laser blaster… that’s…not really the point…about using that thing…I mean…after what happened to me I was…opposed to anyone…ever having anything to do with that technology…now I’m going out of my way to make use of it…  

CARTER: Is showing your friend the truth going to make him feel any better?

MITCHELL: he wants to know I’m not gonna be burdened with guilt…over the fact that he died because of me…  

CARTER: the truth gonna change that?

MITCHELL: not for me.

SCENE: Mitchell enters the hospital room, with the suitcase.


FERGUSON: hey. So you finally getting the hell out of here?

MITCHELL: *shuts door* actually yes.

FERGUSON: good…I might no be here when you get back though…  

MITCHELL: don’t you quit on me *opens case*

FERGUSON: oh…I just meant that I’m checking out… *at Mitchell’s look* of the hospital. I’m going home there’s nothing more they can do for me here…*puts case on desk* what is that?

MITCHELL: it’s a little something I picked up on another planet…  

FERGUSON: *grins* yes very good…that’s hilarious… you know you never could *Mitchell opens case revealing alien memory device* te---*sits up*

MITCHELL: we’ve made some modifications…since we got our hands on this…but basically here’s how it works…*pulls our wires* some of my memories from the last year  have been downloaded into this device…attach these leads to your head and you get to experience some of the things I’ve gone through…  

FERGUSON: *stares* you’re serious?

MITCHELL: you want to know the truth…I’m gonna show it to you…  

  SCENE: Teal’c is unchained and dropped on the ground, to weak to stand.

BA’AL: you can continue to resist me…and die. Or you can take the tretonin *looks at the capsule in his hand* and save yourself…join me…and you will save many more. *places the capsule on the desk, heads for door* its up to you. *leaves*

  SCENE: the wires are attached to Ferguson’s head, his eyes shuts as he sees what Mitchell has been through. Various voice overs.

MITCHELL: May day May day we are going in…repeat we are going in.

LANDRY: Colonel. You are here to lead SG-1.

JACKSON: Teal’c!

TEAL’C: Daniel Jackson!

MITCHELL: Hey we…we got a little problem in here…  

JACKSON: you’ve done this before?

MITCHELL: Uh…fight a knight in shining armor…nope can’t say that I have…  

TEAL’C: It appears to be a hologram.

MITCHELL: a Hologram!

MITCHELL: And we do not want to get into a God-off.

LANDRY: The priors want to show us they’re gonna play hardball…  

CARTER: The Mark 9 gave them almost-*Mitchell hits stop*

FERGUSON: *opens eyes* what are ya doing? Why’d you stop?

MITCHELL: Teal’c is in trouble. There’s a rescue op about to leave…I have to go…  

FERGUSON: go save him for gods sakes  

MITCHELL: yeah yeah…I just don’t want you to give up…not when they’re so many possibilities out there…  

FERGUSON: *shakes head* just get out of here…  

MITCHELL: look before I go…I have to say something…you may not like it…but I’m gonna have to live with it no matter what you say or do…I’m sorry…I’m doing what I’m doing and you’re not…because…I acted racially…I’m a hot head and you’re suffering because of it.

FERGUSON: no…you’re doing what you’re doing because of who you are…  

MITCHELL: yeah…I’m inpatient…I lose control…I’m not particularly fond of that side of myself  

FERGUSON: I didn’t mean that. When you see an opportunity you take it…the kinds of things that you and me were asked to do…that you’re doing now…you got to be a little angry…you got to be out of control…you think too much its just gonnna freeze up…my god! You are going to other planets through a freaking wormhole! You have to be a little nuts…  

MITCHELL: I just don’t want to screw it up…again.

FERGUSON: well you better not…this Teal’c he seems like a pretty decent guy…or alien whatever he is…  


FERGUSON: Jaffa. Just be yourself cam… just trust me that’s pretty damn good.

MITCHELL: *bites lip* thanks…  

FERGUSON: I would have done it for anyone… you know that…it’s part of the job.

MITCHELL: yeah… it is…  

FERGUSON: …can I use this thing a little more?

MITCHELL: *points* play…stop…  

FERGUSON: rewind? *Mitchell, grins, pressing button* pretty cool…*they shake hands*

MITCHELL: *opens door, turning back* hey…when you get to the part with the flight attendant skip over a little…that’s private…  

FERGUSON: I promise nothing. *Mitchell leaves, Ferguson presses play.*

SCENE: Gateroom, Carter, stands on Ramp briefing the teams gathered in the Gateroom, Landry watching.

CARTER: at which point we should receive radio confirmation from Bra’tac that the gate on P2M-903 is clear. We can expect intense but limited resistance upon approaching the Mothership…it’ll be visible roughly half a mile from the gate…Bra’tac should be able to provide aerial cover *Mitchell enters geared up and ready*

LANDRY: thank you for joining us Colonel.


CARTER: *Mitchell and Carter, nod to each other.* we will secure the gate. Proceed to the pyramid, gain access to the Mothership and locate and retrieve Teal’c.

JACKSON: keep in mind all evidence suggests Teal’c’s been brainwashed…there’s no guarantee he’s even going to co-operate with this rescue…  

LANDRY: Teal’c is family. And I don’t like people screwing with my family.

MITCHELL: we’re with you sir.

LANDRY: let’s bring him home. Heads up to control room…everyone checking there weapons.

SCENE: Teal’c crawls slowly to the desk, grabbing the tretonin he injects himself.

TIL’VAK: *steps forward* shall we try again? …*lights up the device in his hand, Teal’c cries out in pain*

SCENE: Ba’al’s planet, Gate Activate, Jaffa ready waiting…they hear sound of an aircraft above them

JAFFA: Alkesh shat’el! *several of them turn as the alkesh fires on them, we see it is Bra’tac*

BRA’TAC: Colonel Carter the Gate has been cleared.

Shot of Gateroom, Reynolds and his team stand ahead of SG-1, With the rest behind.

CARTER: Alright…lets go…move out. Lets go…Move move move   They rush up ramp, Landry watches from control room, Once on other side, they fire on Jaffa and find cover, Bra’tac circling and firing where he can. Two death gliders follow behind him, Carter and Jackson attempt to fire on them!

CARTER: *grabs Radio* Bra’tac watch your back!

The death gliders get a few hits on the Alkesh, on the ground a Jaffa with a canon is becoming tricky to shoot.

REYNOLDS:  GO! GO! GO! GO! *Mitchell makes a run out, Reynolds covering him, he rushes up the hill*

CARTER: Mitchell!

Bra’tac is taking some heavy fire the last shot, causing him to crash in the distance, Jackson and Carter watch him go down. Mitchell makes it to the top of the hill but as he moves to fire another Wounded, Jaffa comes up behind him, hitting him, there’s a struggle, with the Jaffa getting in a few good shots. Mitchell drops to the ground and pulls out his zat, shooting the Jaffa; he then picks up his gun and shoots the Jaffa with the canon. He then heads for the Mothership.

CARTER: Cam wait for Backup! *Jackson and Carter rush up the hill*

SCENE: Til’Vak removes the memory device from Teal’c’s temple, he stands unbound, Ba’al enters.

BA’AL: I see you’re feeling better…you’re friends have come to rescue you…I expected nothing less…unfortunately…its too little too late…*sounds of the engines powering up can be heard.*

SCENE: Carter taps Jackson.

CARTER: the mother ships engines are powering up…  

JACKSON: its taking off…  

The Mothership starts to rise, Mitchell zats the two Jaffa by the rings and hurries over to panel.

  SCENE: Ba’al steps closer  

BA’AL: I’m curious…are you merely feigning allegiance…waiting for the right time to strike at me? *chuckles*

Two Jaffa enter dragging an injured Bra’tac, dropping him before Teal’c.

SCENE: Mitchell continues to push the buttons but it doesn’t seem to work  

MITCHELL: Damn it *Two Jaffa, appear behind him*

JAFFA: Shel Kree *Mitchell puts down Zat turning*

SCENE: Ba’al hands Teal’c a staff weapon…  

BA’AL: Kill him. *Teal’c points staff at Bra’tac*

BRA’TAC: Teal’c…*staff weapon lights*

SCENE: Mitchell stares off the two Jaffa  

JAFFA: Shell nok.

MITCHELL: *points down the Jaffa nods, Mitchell steps forward* took you guys long enough *the two Jaffa look at each other* not your guys. *the two Jaffa drop after being zatted.*

CARTER: the rest of the Jaffa guard are retreating back here  

MITCHELL: can’t get these damn rings to work…  

CARTER: *opens panel* if we all go we could be cut off with no way of getting back of the ship… you do…we’ve got your back…  

MITCHELL: you sure about that?

CARTER: am I gonna be able to stop you?

MITCHELL: I don’t think so…*steps into rings…* I’m in a bad mood today…*zatting oncoming Jaffa, Carter activates rings*

SCENE: Mitchell runs through the ships zatting the Jaffa as he goes. Teal’c still has weapon trained on Bra’tac  

BRA’TAC: Teal’c…you must resist  

TEAL’C: silence old man…your words are meaningless… *glances at Ba’al, suddenly two of the Jaffa are zatted, Teal’c turns shooting Ba’al with the Staff*

MITCHELL: *holds up zat* I take it this means I don’t have to shoot ya.

TEAL’C: you do not.

MITCHELL: good…sounds like someone’s still driving this rust bucket *helps Bra’tac up* we should get out of here before they jump to hyper space….

TEAL’C: indeed. *they leave*

SCENE: Dakara, Jackson and Carter sit outside council Chamber, Jackson bouncing ball off wall <Jack must of given him it:  

CARTER: Would you please stop. <very testy lately> its kinda making me nervous…  

JACKSON: uh…sorry…its just that…the implications of this referendum are tremendous… I mean….we take democracy for granted but these Jaffa they…*sounds of the doors opening, Jackson and Carter stand waiting, as the high council exits.*

BRA’TAC: the referendum passed…for the first time in our history we will have leaders voted upon by free Jaffa…  

JACKSON: congratulations… welcome to the club.

BRA’TAC: two months from now we hold general elections…  

CARTER: well let the campaigning begin.

JACKSON: what about those Jaffa affected by Ba’al’s brainwashing…  

BRA’TAC: it will take much dedication on their part to overcome…but with our help…they shall prevail  

TEAL’C: *to Carter* where’s Colonel Mitchell?...

SCENE: Mitchell sits in the locker room, reading the leaflet…Teal’c enters spotting him, walks over.

TEAL’C: Colonel Mitchell. *Mitchell fiddles with leaflet* You should know that your actions were instrumental in bringing about a successful vote for a democratic Jaffa nation today.

MITCHELL: Yeah…I heard about that… That’s great. Sorry I missed it…  

TEAL’C: I understand. And I am sorry about your friend…  

MITCHELL: …yeeahh…I was…*swallows* hoping to see him again…  

TEAL’C: *steps forward* I am in your debt Colonel Mitchell *Mitchell raises head* not only for saving my life…but for saving the life of Bra’tac as well…  

MITCHELL:  Teal’c, no offence but…I would have done the same for anyone…you don’t owe me a thing. We watch each others backs cause that’s our job right.

TEAL’C: *inclines head* indeed *heads for door*

MITCHELL: Hey! Teal’c. *Teal’c stops, turns, walks back* how did you resist that brainwash? Figure I might be in that situation one day…and I don’t reckon I’m going through the right of mal sharran.

TEAL’C: to resist the influence of others, knowledge of one self is most important.

MITCHELL: right… thanks. *Teal’c leaves* Yeah…I’m working on it.

The end

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