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#917 : Le châtiment

Ecrit par : Joseph Mallozzi et Paul Mullie

Réalisé par : Ken Girotti

La visite d’une base de recherche située une autre planète organisée pour un groupe de diplomates étrangers tourne mal lorsqu’une espèce d’insectes insidieux se retrouve hors de contrôle.


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Extrait VO: SG1 et Landry
Extrait VO: SG1 et Landry


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917 : Le châtiment


Titre en vo : The Scourge. 

1ère diffusion États-Unis : 17/02/2006.

1ère diffusion en France : 24/06/2006

Ecrit par : Joseph Mallozzi et Paul Mullie.

Réalisé par : Ken Girotti.

Synopsis : Pendant la visite du Site Gamma par un groupe de délégués étrangers, une vague d'insectes aliens ultra dangereux liés aux Oris met en péril la vie de toute l'équipe...

Apparitions :

Robert Picardo (Richard Woolsey)

Le Châtiment


SCENE: SG-1 walk down corridor geared up and ready for their mission.

MITCHELL: I'm just a glass half full kinda guy. We found the cure to the Priors plague and we got it out to the planets that needed it.

TEAL'C: …and it has been sometime since the last reported outbreak.

MITCHELL: That's right. So I'm chalking that one up to the win column.

JACKSON: Look…all I'm saying is lets not get carried away…yes we stopped them this time *they enter the Gate room, sound of gate dialing* but you can be damn sure they're already thinking up some other means of spreading fear and destruction through this galaxy…*They take their weapons from the awaiting airman, Mitchell Big gun, with the rest with P-90s*

MITCHELL: Yeah. That's why we call them the bad guys.

JACKSON: and by the looks of things the next thing is gonna be something big. Priors are already starting to step up the preterit with all this talk of dooms day when all shall witness the final battle between the light and darkness…

MITCHELL: That's what they said about Tyson and Hollifield…There's always a rematch *gates opens, kawhoosh* Alright let's move out *makes way up ramp* those ruins aren't gonna explore themselves.

LANDRY: *on intercom* Hold up SG-1 *to Harriman* shut her down. Your mission has been scrubbed *gate shuts down*


LANDRY: because you're needed elsewhere *leaves*


SCENE: SG-1 head up to briefing room to meet Landry.

JACKSON: General, What's going on?

LANDRY: A team of representatives from the international oversight advisory are going on a tour of the Gamma site. Pentagon wants SG-1 to accompany them as their official escort.

TEAL'C: That is a most unusual request.

LANDRY: It'll be IOA's first time off-world the president wants to make sure it goes off without a hitch…he figures who better to ensure that…than our top team.

MITCHELL: Sir I don't mean to Gripe.

LANDRY: Permission to Gripe granted

MITCHELL: We're being put on babysitting duty?

LANDRY: Don't underestimate the importance of this mission. This is the IOA…these people carry a lot of influence for the Stargate Program…how it's run…how it's funded. You should feel honored. *Mitchell gives him unconvinced look* Just uh…don't keep them up past 10. And remember to read them a bedtime story before tucking them in for the night…*grins leaving…Carter smile.*



SCENE: SG-1 take their weapons once again from the awaiting airman as Landry enters with IOA group in tow. 2 men, Chapman and LaPierre and a Chinese Woman Shen.

CHAPMAN: …It's uh…its much bigger than I imagined.

LANDRY: we get that a lot.

WOOLSEY: *enters* Chapman…Mr. LaPierre, Miss Shen. I would like you to meet our escort to the Gamma site. SG-1. Lt Colonel Cameron Mitchell *as he introduces them each nod* Lt Colonel Samantha Carter, Teal'c…

SHEN: and Dr Daniel Jackson… PHD in Archeology, Anthropology and philology. The man who solved the riddle of the Stargate…

JACKSON: Shen Xiaoyi *steps forward* graduate of Beijing foreign studies university and the London<yay> school of economics and political science, former attaché to the Chinese mission in the united states. *they nod at each other*

SHEN: [Chinese] Your Chinese is supposed to be quite good.

JACKSON: [Chinese] Not as good as your English.

SHEN: [Chinese] of course. What about him? *looks at Mitchell, who looks back*

JACKSON: *glances at Mitchell* [Chinese] We are still teaching him. *both laugh*

MITCHELL: *Teal'c and Carter look confused* Yeah…that's very funny. *looks at Jackson* [Chinese] Go to hell *whose grin quickly fades to shock*

HARRIMAN: Chevron 7 locked. *they all turn as the gate activates, jumping back*

CARTER: *steps forward walks up ramp* The Gamma site is 24 thousand light-years from here… but once we step through the event Horizon it will take us less that one second to get there.

MITCHELL: *turns to Shen* after you. *the three officials head up ramp, followed by the rest of SG-1, Woolsey trails behind*

WOOLSEY: *stops by Carter* just to clarify…I'm going to be disassembled at the molecular level…then reassembled on the other side…

CARTER: *nods* That's right.

WOOLSEY: …and the chances of my being reassembled incorrectly…?

CARTER: Highly unlikely…*motions him forward…nods at Landry, follows Woolsey*

WOOLSEY: *slows* but not impossible?

CARTER: That's a word I stopped using 9 years ago when I joined the Stargate program…*he nods, and steps through, Carter following.*


SCENE: Shot of the Gamma site

CARTER: This planet was chosen for several reasons including its unique radioactive ionic sphere which makes it difficult to lock on to surface targets from Orbit.

CHAPMAN: So no one can steal the Stargate…

CARTER: You can't be to careful these days.

PEARSON: We have over 30 scientists engaged in ongoing projects here *they stop at a lab* at any given time. This is Dr Myers are lead entomologist.  *they walk in* Dr. Would you mind telling us a little about your research. *

MYERS: yes…I'm studying an asexual fast reproducing insect responsible for the devastation of off world…crops.

LAPIERRE: a space bug?

MYERS: …*not happy* riiight… space bugs. However for the purposes of my research I refer to them as R-75 now the fact that these insects have only manifested themselves on planets recently visited by Priors makes their analysis a top priority.

WOOLSEY: is there anything to indicate that this is more that mere coincidence?

MYERS: no…not yet. Now our initial research proved incredibly challenging due to the short life spans of the R-75 specimens *LaPierre walks over to the containment box behind Myers, looking in at some kind of slug looking bugs, he taps on the glass with his pen* until we succeeded in dramatically increasing their life cycles by depriving them of sustenance *LaPierre keeps tapping* They feed and they die…within a matter of hours *Chapman walks over to look in* they starve and they live…so far its been three days and counting. Would you stop that please?!

CHAPMAN: bit lethargic aren't they?

Myers clears his throat and his assistant, Pullman, goes and turns of the lights. Immediately the bugs start to move faster.

SHEN: they're nocturnal.

MYERS: no…*they all turn to look at the bugs* they function during the day light but they just prefer the Darkness…they spend most of their time burrowing under ground consuming crops from the roots up. Now… R75 also displays a rather interesting defense mechanism…which we're still in the process of studying…observe. *he sticks his hands in the big black gloves and immediately the bug rush away from them, each time he moves, they try to rush far away.*

CARTER: echo location …

MYERS: exactly…I theorize they use it to detect their enemy…such as Birds… for instance

PEARSON: Alright. Thank you Dr Myers…lets move on…

MYERS: *turns* well…I…I…I'm not done yet.

PEARSON: we get the idea. Thank you. Our next stop is Dr Charmar… our lead botanist. *they follow Pearson*


SCENE: Mitchell, Jackson and Teal'c walk down corridor having abandoned the tour.

MITCHELL: seriously… what are we doing here?

JACKSON: honest answer? PR for the Stargate program.

MITCHELL: I'm telling you…today its escorting foreign delegates on off world tours…tomorrow its comic book conventions and supermarket openings <LOL>

JACKSON: I know how you feel but if we can somehow reassure the IOA of the job Stargate Command is doing the-

MITCHELL: Daniel Jackson. The problem is not the IOA.

JACKSON: Ok… if we can somehow reassure the Chinese Government.

MITCHELL: Oh… I think they're looking for more than reassurances

JACKSON: well can you blame them? I mean…3 years ago we promised to share all off-world technology.

MITCHELL: of a non military nature.

JACKSON: That wasn't in the original wording of the agreement.

MITCHELL: Hey look…I don't want to argue about this. I'm right. We'll leave it at that.

JACKSON: Compelling argument. Teal'c what do you think?

TEAL'C: I think I should of remained with the tour <Love Teal'c>


SCENE: Myers lab, Pullman enters carrying some files. Myers working at computer lunch sitting on his right.

PULLMAN: Science Fairs over. Looked like Dr Toshiaci's magnetic residence field study was the crowd favorite…

MYERS: How wonderful for him. *eats*

PULLMAN: what's for lunch?

MYERS: Meatloaf Monday.

PULLMAN: do you mind if I go grab something?

MYERS: Take your time. I'm gonna run some tests.

Pullman nods and leaves. Myers, sighs grabs box of plants and leaves, turns off light and walks over to the containment box.

MYERS: Come and get it…*He drops a leaf into the box, but the bugs ignore it.* Not hungry? *He walks back over to computer, sitting down he types, picks up fork and stops, staring at the meat loaf, he looks over at the bugs…walks over, putting in the meat*… You can't possibly have a taste…*The bugs quickly pounce on the meat, fighting to eat* for meatloaf?


SCENE: Commissary, Mitchell, Carter, Woolsey, Chapman and LaPierre, sit at a table eating…Teal'c is still selecting various foods, Jackson looks over at Shen at her own table. He walks over

JACKSON: Don't feel like joining us at the other table?

SHEN: I'm just in the middle of--

JACKSON: Ok! Don't mind if I do…*sits, smiles* sorry…you were…just in the middle of something.

SHEN: *smiles* uh…taking notes on my visit here… while the details are still fresh on my mind. This tour has provided me some wonderful insight into tedious off-world research and…the lunch menu here on your Gamma site.

JACKSON: *chewing* well… believe it or not the uh…

SHEN: is this where you tell me the SGC has no choice but to maintain it air of secrecy surrounding its operations? That as an outsider I could never understand or appreciate the work you all do…saving our planet time and time again.

JACKSON: well actually I was gonna say… believe it or not…the Meatloaf's pretty good…

SHEN: in the three years since our nations signed the Gate alliance treaty your government has made great strides in the field of military technology…but left us out in the cold…

JACKSON: well…I hate to say it…but so long as the US military's running the show…that's just the way its going to be…

SHEN: perhaps its time that changed…

JACKSON: …there's no way the American military will ever give up control of the Stargate program…

SHEN: maybe it won't have a choice in the matter. *and they stare each other off*


SCENE: walking down a corridor, Pullman jogs up to Myers

PULLMAN: so what did the tests say?

MYERS: I don't know… I was called to help Santiago with his millworm situation…You know Pullman if I wasn't such a *Pullman stares* patient man I swear-…

PULLMAN: Oh my god.

shot of the containment box and it is packed with these bugs, Pullman and Myers step closer, and the doors of the box break open under the strain and the Bugs pile out of the box. Pullmans and Myers run out of room, hitting the red alarm button. The doors to the lab shut and bio- hazard disposal chutes open, sucking the bugs in. The alarm shuts down; Pullman pulls out his key card

PULLMAN: All clear.

MYERS: *moves to take card the jumps* argh…*slaps hand down on bug, knocking it off his arm, steps on it* Damn thing bit me. *takes card swiping.*

Doors open, the room empty of any bugs, the two enter slowly looking round.


  SCENE: Pearson, Woolsey and the Three delegates walk down corridor.

CHAPMAN: I must say colonel the Scope of this facility has surpassed my expectations…

LAPIERRE: yes…quite remarkable…

SHEN: for my part…I am some what disappointed…I was hoping the tour would be a little more…thorough…

PEARSON: The Gamma site is a US military facility Miss Shen…access to some of the more sensitive areas is restricted…*they came across Myers, who looks ill, stumbling forward* Dr Myers? Are you ok…*Myers grips on to him, in pain, and drops…*


  SCENE: Gamma site Gate room, Pullman explains what happened to Pearson, Carter and Mitchell.

PULLMAN: R-75 breached containment and we had to exercise a disposal protocol. Dr Myers was bitten but he went to the infirmary to get checked out and…they didn't find anything wrong with him.

PEARSON: How the hell did the bugs breach containment?

PULLMAN: well Dr Myers thinks he may have triggered some sort of massive reproduction cycle after feeding them a piece of meatloaf…

CARTER: wait a minute…R-75 is omnivorous?

PULLMAN: Carnivorous actually…they seem to have lost their taste for plants…

WOOLSEY: *walks in* the representatives are getting a little anxious…I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist that we be permitted to return to Earth…as scheduled.

PEARSON: I'm sorry Mr. Woolsey… no ones going anywhere, this base is under lockdown until we can establish *Myers is wheeled in, in a US Air Force containment/rescue pod* the source of Dr Myers condition

WOOLSEY: Where's he going?

PEARSON: back to Earth. Where he'll be quarantined.

WOOLSEY: He gets to go back?! <LOVED THAT BIT:p>

PEARSON: *Carter, grinning at Woolsey's reaction* we don't have the medical facilities for this…if we don't send him back he could die.

WOOLSEY: I'm sorry. This is totally unacceptable *Three airman lift the pod * The pentagon will be hearing from the IOA about this…and you can be certain your name will be mentioned colonel! *starts to leave*

In the pod, Myers starts to shake his eyes open, and suddenly bugs start pouring out of his mouth, The airman jump, dropping the pod, everyone pulls out their weapons, Woolsey staring.

MITCHELL: Woah…Carnivorous. Come on! Move now!! *everyone runs out*


SCENE: The delegates, Teal'c and Jackson walk down corridor headed for gate room.

LAPIERRE: This is outrageous. Mr. Woolsey assured me that we would be leaving on schedule.

The Alarms go off, Gun fire can be heard, as Mitchell and co make their way towards the delegates

MITCHELL: Back to the elevator. We're going upstairs.

SHEN: What's going on?

MITCHELL: We have a bit of a bug problem. *to LaPierre* You don't wanna be last. *LaPierre runs forward*

WOOLSEY: *to Shen* I'll explain everything.


  SCENE: In the Gamma sites VIP/briefing room. Woolsey speaks with Carter quietly

WOOLSEY: I don't understand. What happened to him?

CARTER: well I can't say for sure…but my guess is the bug must have laid it's eggs in him. They incubated and when they hatched…well…we know they ate meat.

WOOLSEY: I'm sorry I asked. *walks away*

JACKSON: well…I think we're past the point of coincidence…there's no question these Bugs are the priors follow up to the virus.

TEAL'C: hmmm…and it appears they were designed to circumvent any attempt to forestall their destructive nature…

CARTER: *nods* Deny them crops and their physiology adapts to an alternate food source.

JACKSON: Yeah…us.

MITCHELL: *grabs radio* Colonel Pearson. *no answer, tries again* Colonel do you read? *the lights start to flicker*

WOOLSEY: It's alright…I imagine its just a little power fluctuation. Nothing to worry about. *the lights go out completely* Oh damn it.

MITCHELL: *emergency lighting comes on*…I've had enough of this. *heads for door, Pearson walks through* Colonel. What's the situation?

PEARSON: not good. There are thousands of those things in the pod. They killed one of my men before we retreated.

JACKSON: we lost the gate room?

PEARSON: we need to take it back.

MITCHELL: sounds like a plan.

PEARSON: Mr. Woolsey. My men will escort you and your people to the surface, take you to a safe location. Get you as far away from here as possible until this situation is contained. *turns to go*

WOOLSEY: I don't think so.

PEARSON: *turns back* Excuse me?

WOOLSEY: SG-1 will escort us out. They're here to ensure the safety of this delegation.

MITCHELL: You understand that no one gets off this planet until the gate is retaken.

WOOLSEY: and I'm sure Colonel Pearson and his people will do everything in their power to make sure that happens. In the mean time…you will take us to the surface. You will protect us, as per your orders from the pentagon.

PEARSON: Alright…Get them out of here *leaves*

They all head out with two airmen in tow, Mitchell not happy.

  SCENE: On the surface, Carter and Airman Walker lead the way, Woolsey pushes his way passed everyone to the front

WOOLSEY: Excuse me…Surely we could have taken a jeep.

WALKER: we're headed to an unmanned research station. Its located approximately 10 clicks from here through dense forest. *Passes Carter a map?*

WOOLSEY: Then I have to ask if this is really necessary…I mean couldn't we just wait here until Colonel Pearson gives us the all clear?

MITCHELL: Orders were to take you to the research station…that's where we're going.

JACKSON: *Teal'c starts to slow down, listening, He and Jackson stop* Teal'c? *everyone slows…sounds of crumbling*

WALKER: what is that?

CARTER: It's the bugs…

AIRMAN: *stares at the ground below him* What's happening *bugs come out beneath him, crawling up his body, he screams, falling, as they cover his entire body. They al stare and as the bugs start to move off, the body has disappeared.*

MITCHELL: *runs* We have to move!! Now!! *they all follow*


  SCENE: They run into a clearing.

MITCHELL: Hold on! Hold on… *they all stop*

CHAPMAN: *out of breath* I think we can assume the bugs got off the base…

CARTER: They must be using their echo location as a mean to hunt their prey.

JACKSON: us. She means us.

LAPIERRE: where can we go? …they move underground.

MITCHELL: *quietly to carter* we need rocky terrain…somewhere difficult for them to move.

LIPTCHIT: we could try the caves. This way…*leads off*


  SCENE: They come to the caves, let the delegates in first…

CARTER: *to Walker* Get them inside… *SG-1 stand at the entrance, listening, the crumbling starts again*

MITCHELL: They're coming…

CARTER: They're highly sensitive to sound. The concussive force  of our weapons should be enough to drive them back.

MITCHELL: Are you serious? …*She nods* fine. Where do we shoot?

CARTER: Just fire at the Ground.

They all start shooting, the bugs screeching and leave. Its quiet.

MITCHELL: Very nice…*moves into caves* Alright folks, Listen up…we're surrounded by rock here so there's no way the bugs are digging in…we've got the entrance covered…everything's gonna be fine. *walks back over to SG-1*

JACKSON: Until we run out of bullets…*They nod at each other* bullets.


SCENE: Landry walks out of his office to the Briefing room, where Harriman is working at the computer.

LANDRY: What do you have for me chief?

HARRIMAN: Sir… we were unable to require video feed from the surveillance cameras in the Gamma site gate room…but I've managed to pick up motion sensor telemetry…

The screen shows a darkened image of the gate room, with orange swarms, indicating the bugs.


  SCENE: Landry walks in to Dr Lee's lab.

LANDRY: What have you found out?

LEE: oh… I learned that bugs still creep me out. It all started when I was a kid and my parents took me on this picnic… and this bug…*moves his hand up his chest* crawled up on me…*looks at Landry* maybe you'd prefer to hear this story another time.

LANDRY: I doubt it. *walks round to him*

LEE:  Oh well…*starts to tell story again before realizing what Landry meant* Oh…oh…uh…after careful analysis of the telemetry we got back from the Gamma site Gate room. I have determines that this is our culprit *pulls up image of bug* R-75.

LANDRY: The Prior Bugs.

LEE: Yeah… well that connection has yet to be determined…but you know we were originally investigating this pesky little crop killer as a possible weapon against the addictive casa harvest being produced and distributed by the Lucien alliance. And the various specimens we got from different off world locations were incredibly veracious…so veracious that they would literally eat themselves to death. But… when deprived of nourishment these insect under went some sort of trans-

LANDRY: Fascinating. How do we kill them?

LEE: …well…uh…given the updated data I should be able to whip something up.

LANDRY: Very well…as per protocol CR91 We'll be sending the odyssey to deliver the pay load from planetary orbit *heads for door*

LEE: CR91? Sir… the toxin will be lethal to humans as well… I mean…we'll have to be sure that… the Gamma site is evacuated before we deploy it.

LANDRY: That's assuming there's anyone left to evacuate. *leaves*


SCENE: Night on the Planet, Walker is on watch, Teal'c hands out some rations, Jackson taking two for him and Shen, He sits down next to her.

SHEN: *hugging herself* On the bright side…I was worried that my report would make for a boring read.

JACKSON: So…um…I'm uh *hands her the food*…guessing we're gonna lose points for this little incident…?

SHEN: *they smile* to be honest with you my report is a mere formality…ultimately it will have no bearing on my Governments plan of action in regard to the Stargate Program…

JACKSON: *looks at her* what exactly should we be expecting down the line?

SHEN: Dr Jackson…-

JACKSON: Daniel…

SHEN: *smiles* Daniel… Maybe now is not the right time to be having this conversation…

JACKSON: When would be a good time?

SHEN: perhaps…when we're all back on Earth…and not having to worry about being eaten alive by alien insects

JACKSON: Look I understand your Government has issues with Stargate command. But you cannot deny the accomplishments nor the…significanc-

SHEN: that has nothing to do with it. Daniel… let me ask you something. If…9 years ago it had been my country and not the United states military that had given you the opportunity to travel to the Stars …would it have made a difference to you? Would you have turned us down?

JACKSON: No. of course not. So long as the priority remained off-world exploration that could benefit Earth…I would have gladly accepted the offer

SHEN: I may hold you to that someday.


SCENE: Mitchell walks out to the front of the caves, Walker stands to attention

MITCHELL: At Ease. * walks out, grabs radio* Colonel Pearson…come in. *no reply* Pearson come in…Gamma site do you read? Damn it

WALKER: They would have contacted us by now…

MITCHELL: Yeah I know…*walks back in* You ok?

WALKER: Yes sir. I'm fine. I'm just a little bit rattled is all.

Mitchell, gives him a pat, and heads back into the Cave. Walker turn his attention back outside and scratches his neck, we see his skin move, like a bug is inside.


SCENE: Next day, Carter, Teal'c and Mitchell, chat in a circle, the delegates trying to listen.

TEAL'C: We have heard nothing from the Gamma site since we left. I fear we must assume the worst and plan accordingly.

MITCHELL: Yeah I was thinking the same thing.

TEAL'C: we cannot remain here…indefinitely. Eventually this position will be overrun…

MITCHELL: Yeah we need to get away as far as possible…

CARTER: well given the rate these bugs are multiplying its doubtful we could out pace them on foot.

TEAL'C: mmm…we must return for the F-302's

JACKSON: *runs in* He's gone! Airman Walker's missing.

CHAPMAN: What do you mean missing?

JACKSON: I just went to the front to check on him… he's not there anymore…

CHAPMAN: Perhaps he's just stepped out to relieve himself. *Jackson gives him a disbelieving look*

MITCHELL: We'll be back. *Carter remains to take care of the delegates, while the rest of SG-1 head off*


SCENE: Mitchell, Teal'c and Jackson walk through tree line

MITCHELL: *hits radio, quietly* Walker?  *motions from them to stop, Teal'c go right, Jackson go left, they split*

They all search their patches for Walker…listening…trying to keep quiet.

JACKSON:  *hits radio* I think I got something

MITCHELL: *radio* coming to you

JACKSON: *Jackson walks over to a body on the ground, as Mitchell and Teal'c head over* we're too late.

MITCHELL: *Walker's leg starts to move* Walker. Hey…just take it east

He starts to shake…the bugs eating through his body rush out.

MITCHELL: *holds out hand* wait. Don't move…*they all stand as the bug burrow through the ground oblivious to them* Jackson…I want you to go back to the cave. Tell Carter Teal'c and I are going for the 302s

JACKSON: where are you planning on landing them?

MITCHELL: we'll do an aerial surveillance… we'll find some place…then we'll come back and we'll get everybody and ferry them to a safe location.

JACKSON: ok…where would that be?

MITCHELL: far away from here.

JACKSON: right…ok…well…good luck…*heads off quietly*


  SCENE: Teal'c and Mitchell, walk through the trees, speaking quietly.

MITCHELL: Let me ask you a question…in all those years you were fighting the Goa'uld…did you ever just step back and say…sooner or later our lucks gonna run out…we're gonna get our asses kicked.

TEAL'C: never.

MITCHELL: never? Not once? Even though you were massively outnumbered fighting an opponent with superior technology and firepower…

TEAL'C: they may have had the superior forces and resources but we possessed something far greater.

MITCHELL: which was?

TEAL'C: a just cause. I had no doubt the Goa'uld would be defeated…perhaps not in my lifetime…but I knew eventually they would fall…and I have no doubt the same fate awaits the Ori…

MITCHELL: yeah…that's what I like about you…you're always positive…hell…you're probably already past this bug situation… thinking about what movie you wanna watch tomorrow night.

TEAL'C: I was considering Old School.

MITCHELL: My boy blue. *There a huge exploding sound.*


  SCENE: The Sound is heard in the cave, the delegates jump up.

WOOLSEY: What was that?!

CARTER: wait here. *Heads to entrance, stops by Jackson, grabs radio.* Teal'c. Cameron. What's your status?

Teal'c and Mitchell, rush forward to a ledge, looking out to where the Gamma site base should be.

MITCHELL: we're ok Carter.

JACKSON: *on radio* what happened?

MITCHELL: Looks like the base self destruct triggered. *Shot of the rumbled ruins of the base.* Gamma sites gone.


  SCENE: Jackson takes watch, while Carter informs the delegates

CHAPMAN: How could the self destruct have been triggered?

CARTER: The bugs must have gotten into the system.

LAPIERRE: *shouting angry* What difference does it make now?! The base has been destroyed!!

WOOLSEY: Please calm down.

LAPIERRE: *shouting louder* Don't tell me to calm down! If we'd been allowed to leave on schedule!!

CARTER: *steps forward, quietly* please…keep your voice down…

LAPIERRE: I am sick of being told what to do…*louder* Why should I listen to you?! Why should any of us listen to you?!

CARTER: *quietly* Because you are alerting the bugs…to our presence *that shuts him up, he walks off, sitting*

WOOLSEY: Colonel a word. *walks to other side of Cave Carter following.* I understand you're doing everything in your power to help us and I appreciate that but I think you're being a bit insensitive to our needs right now. *Carter all but rolls her eyes* all I'm asking is for a little reassurance…a few words to let them know that everything is going to be ok…I don't think it's too much to ask all things considered.

CARTER: Mr. Woolsey…if I could go back in time…which admittedly…is an opportunity I am occasionally presented with…I would have made sure that we left the base as scheduled…but the reality is that for the time being we are stuck here…trapped in this cave…surrounded by predatory insects with no way of getting to the Stargate. Now I'm sorry…but I'm going to have a hard time mustering up a convincing pep talk…all things considered.

WOOLSEY: I see. In that case…I would just like to point out that this routine off world excursion has turned into a disaster…and the ramifications for Stargate command will be enormous. Saving our lives would go a long way towards minimizing the damage.

CARTER: I'll keep that in mind <lol>

WOOLSEY: *walks back to the delegates* don't worry…she said everything is going to be ok…


  SCENE: Teal'c and Mitchell walk through trees, headed back to the Caves

MITCHELL: I'm telling ya its time you got your own place.

TEAL'C: I endeavored to establish a life of base last year. I even went so far to acquire my own apartment…unfortunately it did not work out…

MITCHELL: Yeah…like ya got framed for murder, but you can't let one bad experience put you off…hell…first time I moved out…I lived next to a guy who practiced his drum solos all night long. When we get back…I'm gonna help you find your own place.

TEAL'C: That would be unnecessary.

MITCHELL: Dude what are friends for?

TEAL'C: For listening when they are told That would be unnecessary

The sounds of the bugs get louder, the two stop, the ground rumbling beneath their feet. The sound stops. The two stay still.


  SCENE: Jackson getting bored waiting, Carter walks out to him.

JACKSON: What the hell is taking them?


SCENE: Mitchell, takes one step, the leaves cracking beneath his feet.

JACKSON: *on radio* Where are you guys?

The ground starts to rumble again and the sounds of the bugs returns.

MITCHELL: *grabs radio, quietly* requesting radio silence *They stand still waiting as the bugs pass once again…Mitchell take a step again* I think we're good to go…

TEAL'C: *grabs his arm* perhaps we should keep any unnecessary conversation to a minimum.

MITCHELL: Ok…*they move off, quietly*


  SCENE: Landry stares off through the star chart, as Harriman knocks on the door.

HARRIMAN: Sir. Just received a subspace transmission from the odyssey. Its ETA is 5 hours. And the pentagon's on line 2.

LANDRY: *sighs,* thank you chief. *walks over to desk, takes a deep breath, picks up phone* Landry here…


SCENE: Back in the caves. Woolsey is consoling LaPierre, as Mitchell, Jackson and Teal'c enter.

MITCHELL: Alright… scratch plan B.

CHAPMAN: what do we do now? If the gate is buried they won't be able to send a rescue team…

MITCHELL: which means they'll send the Odyssey…in fact its probably already on its way here…so all you got to do is sit back and relax…everything's going to be fine…

CARTER: theoretically.

MITCHELL: *raises eyebrows* theoretically?

CARTER: Theoretically…yes. The odyssey could come and beam us off the planets surface…


CARTER: *sighs, stands* Look I'm sorry…but there's no point in sugar coating this…if Stargate Command is operating under the assumption that the base has been lost they will enact protocol CR91. *Mitchell, raises hand to his forehead*

SHEN: What's that?

CARTER: Once in orbit the Odyssey will launch a pay load…probably a neuron toxin that will wipe out R-75. That will allow Stargate Command to launch a salvage operation of the Gamma site.

JACKSON: but they'll beam us out of here first…?

CARTER: our transmitters won't work…because of the interference in the atmosphere…

JACKSON: what about our life signs?

CARTER: because the bugs are multiplying at an alarming rate…and because of the fact that we are completely surrounded…the odyssey will not be able to pick up our individual readings inside a sea of life signs…

LAPIERRE: Oh my god…

SHEN: what you're saying is that…they're coming out all this way…but instead of rescuing us…they're going to kill us with poison gas…?

CARTER: because they have no way of knowing that we're still here…

LAPIERRE: then we're going to die on this planet…25 thousand light years from earth?

MITCHELL: Hey relax… for starters its only 24 thousand light years. *quietly to Carter* what's your ETA for Odyssey?

CARTER: I have no way of knowing exactly when it was sent…but given the approximate time that Stargate command lost contact with the Gamma site…and allowing for the production of the Toxin…I'd say…inside of a few hours…

TEAL'C: we must find a way to contact the odyssey to let their crew know that we are alive.

MITCHELL: except our only way of communicating with that ship went up with the Gamma base.

JACKSON: Maybe not. The research station…it must have some sort of communication array that allows it to transmit data back to the Gamma site…

TEAL'C: but is it capable of reaching a ship in planetary orbit…

CARTER: it could if I had some time to work on it…

WOOLSEY: Then all we have to do is get to the research station…

MITCHELL: right. And the only thing between us and it is five miles of forest and a whole lot of bugs…piece of cake.



SCENE: The group walks in a straight like through a field, LaPierre stops, bending down gripping his knees.

MITCHELL: *passing him* Keep moving…

LAPIERRE: I cannot.

CARTER: *walks back to him* we're almost there…*they all stop*

LAPIERRE: that is what you said almost half an hour ago…

CARTER: *takes a deep breath* the transmission we'll be sending we'll enable the odyssey to triangulate our position and pick up our individual but we all have to be within the target area…

LAPIERRE: we've been walking for hours *sits*

MITCHELL: Hey…we don't have time to sit around…

LAPIERRE: we are in violent agreement!

MITCHELL: you know what *takes out his 9mil, handing it to him* sit here. You cover our six. But stay alert…you'll hear the bug coming…the tree ferrets will give ya the warning…*moves forward*

LAPIERRE: tree ferrets?

MITCHELL: yeah…nasty buggers…swoop down and separate a man's head from his torso before he can blink. *Carter bites her lip to stop from laughing…Woolsey moves forward*

LAPIERRE: You-you're lying…*they head off* Wait *gets up following*

CARTER: we're almost there

LAPIERRE: Stop saying that. *carter laughs*


SCENE: Shot of the Odyssey moving through orbit, Mitchell looks through his binoculars at the research centre.

MITCHELL: There is it…Lets pick up the pace.

They all move faster, stumbling down the rocky ridge…once Shen makes her way down, she trips and falls.

SHEN: *gripping her ankle* [Chinese] What bad luck? *Mitchell, holds hand up motioning for her to be quiet, the sounds of the bugs can be heard again*

MITCHELL:  *to carter* go…*they all head off, Jackson helping Shen*


SCENE: They get to the research post, Carter heading inside first, with the delegates, as soon as Jackson and Shen are clear, Mitchell and Teal'c firing at the ground.  Carter starts flicking at buttons…

JACKSON: *helping Shen in* Look out! look out! *sits her down*

LAPIERRE: Can you do it? *walks over, Carter still turning knobs* Colonel…is it working?

CHAPMAN: It's too late…we're too late.

SHEN: They're right outside.

LAPIERRE: Is it going to work? Do you think you can make it work?!

WOOLSEY: *walks over to him* Shut up! shut up! shut up! Let her do her work!

CARTER: Thank you Mr. Woolsey.

WOOLSEY: You're welcome.

MITCHELL: *The boys reload their weapons, Mitchell running back inside* How's it going?

CARTER: I need to significantly boost the power in order to penetrate the radioactivity in the ionosphere

MITCHELL: alright Boost it already. *he leaves*

CARTER: Yeah…I think I'm good *radio makes loud screeching noise.*

More bugs coming, Mitchell, Teal'c and Jackson fire at the ground…Mitchell runs back into the centre…Carter turns off the radio.

CARTER: The vibrations being generated by the communication arrays must be attracting the bugs…you think you could hold them of?

MITCHELL: Is this a bad time to tell you we're almost out of Ammo?

He rushes off, Carter looking up fear in her eyes…looks after him. The bug sound disappears, the guys wait.

MITCHELL: …its time to improvise

The boys pull our C4s burying them around the outpost.

JACKSON: *clicks radio* ok go… *carter turns back on the machine*

CHAPMAN: How long before they receive the transmission?

CARTER: they should pick it up as soon as they enter orbit…but like I said we have no way of knowing what that's going to be… *heads for door*

LAPIERRE: How long can they hold off the bugs? *holds hands to mouth, Carter looks at him, then leaves.*

Outside, Carter moves to take point, they all wait, listening, the bugs can be heard.

TEAL'C: They are approaching from the right. *a C4 on the right goes off*

MITCHELL: well the motion sensors work. *Mitchell and Carter fire their guns to the right, the sounds stop, they stop firing* That pushed them back a little.

JACKSON: *sounds of the bugs comes back but from behind* Over here!

C4 goes off, Teal'c and Jackson fire, then Another C4 goes over, Carter and Mitchell heading over to fire near that one. Inside the delegates duck there heads, covering their ears. Another C4 goes of in front…They all fire.

MITCHELL: That's the last charge!

Bugs still coming, they all pull out their 9mils firing, and moving back toward the outpost, Jackson's empties first, then the others…they stare, The delegates are beamed out and as the bugs move in from all directions SG-1 are beamed out. The bugs cover the outpost.


  SCENE: Briefing room

WOOLSEY: Miss Shen suffered a broken Ankle and has taken an indefinite leave. Mr. Lapierre and Mr. Chapman meanwhile…have gone back to work…none the worse for wear…

LANDRY: What kind of fall out should we be expecting from all this?

WOOLSEY: Surprisingly minimal… you may face an official reprimand but the IOA recognizes the fact that these were circumstances beyond your control… it may seem like they do an inordinate amount of complaining but off the record the IOA has nothing but praise for the job you're doing here…just don't let it go to your heads. *stands* well…I'm heading back to Washington…Thank you again for the Off-world tour…*looks at Carter* it was… an eye-opening experience…*Carter nods, he leaves*

LANDRY: …While you were gone we received reports that two more planets have been hit by these bugs…RnD are working on solutions  to target these insects without harming other plant and Animal life…*stands* I thought I'd lost you there…*Carter and Mitchell stand*  nice to have you back…*he leaves*

JACKSON: So…*stands* we uh…still doing movie night?

CARTER: Yeah…why not.

MITCHELL: Good. Already picked something out…*they all head for exit*

TEAL'C: old school?

MITCHELL: Starship Troopers <Me and my Sis love that movie! >

TEAL'C: Is it humorous?

MITCHELL: Is it ever.


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