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#919 : La grande croisade

Ecrit par : Robert C.Cooper

Réalisé par : Robert C.Cooper

Vala Mal Doran prend contact avec le SGC depuis la galaxie mère des Oris et raconte l’histoire de sa vie clandestine dans un village de fidèles responsables de la construction de la flotte d’invasion Ori.


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919 : La grande croisade


Titre en vo : Crusade. 

1ère diffusion États-Unis : 03/03/2006.

1ère diffusion en France : 08/07/2006.

Ecrit par : Robert C. Cooper.

Réalisé par : Robert C. Cooper.

Synopsis : Utilisant un appareil de communication des Anciens, Vala, qui se trouve dans la galaxie des Oris, entre en contact avec le SGC à travers le corps de Daniel pour informer les humains de ce qui s'est depuis qu'elle est arrivé là-bas…

Apparitions :

Claudia Black (Vala Mal Doran)

Gary Chalk (Colonel Chekov)

Daniella Evangelista (Denya)

La Grande Croisade


SCENE: SGC, Elevator doors open, revealing someone’s legs, they walk out and as the camera pans up we see a very pregnant Vala.

SILER: *walks past* Morning.

VALA: Have you seen Colonel Mitchell?

SILER: *turns* Men’s locker. *she nods, and heads for the men’s locker room*

SCENE: Men’s locker room, Vala walks in, lots of airmen, dressing, undressing, coming out from shower…no one says anything to her.


Vala smiles, bites lip, licks lips grinning, Slows as she reaches Mitchell, who’s standing in a towel shaving…Vala whistles.

MITCHELL: *wipes the mirror, revealing…Jackson whose head in looking sideways at him, turns frowning, we see Vala* Jackson…is there something I should know?

In the mirror behind Mitchell we see Jackson grinning…


SCENE: Carter, frowns looking up, confused…Mitchell and Jackson stand before her, Jackson standing hands on hips, hip out…

MITCHELL: How is this possible?

CARTER: *through mouth of jello* Oh my god…*grins* It worked *gets up* I mean…you know…it’s working…

SCENE: Carter runs into her lab, followed by Vala and Mitchell.

CARTER: We didn’t think we were ever going to make this work …

MITCHELL: make what work?

CARTER: well since you disintegrated the Alterran communication stones and the base terminal in the Kawoosh, we’ve be-

MITCHELL: I’m sorry the what?

CARTER: The unstable vortex of a forming wormhole…Kawoosh

MITCHELL: *frowns* don’t think I’ve ever heard you call it that before…

CARTER: really…*Vala not to happy about them getting sidetracked*

MITCHELL: don’t get me wrong it’s good.

CARTER: No- I mean I’m sure I’v-

VALA: Hello… hi. Uhm…My name is Vala but I am in Daniel Jackson right now…*waves*

CARTER: anyway…we’ve been working on a way of artificially emulating the Alterran technology…Dr Lee was able to collect quite a bit of data from the time that you were unconscious and communicating with the people from the Ori galaxy.

VALA: umhmmm

CARTER: so using that and this Tok’ra subspace communicator we’ve been trying to mimic the frequency sent and received by the stones…we just didn’t think we were having any luck.

VALA: I’m really glad you are. I-I-I was desperately hoping that you wer-

MITCHELL: so you’re in the Ori Galaxy?

VALA: yes…

CARTER: are you able to communicate with Daniel?

VALA: no. Just see and hear you.

CARTER: -see we’ve been using the data collected from the stone that Daniel activated on this end. Which is why you’re connected to... his body…

VALA: *grins, looking off dreamily…* it’s funny isn’t it… Daniel always wanted to get into my pants and now I’m in his.

MITCHELL: *looking disturbed* Oh that’s not funny.

VALA: *looks at him* hmmm?

MITCHELL: He can’t defend himself…

CARTER: Okay…You. Vala. Were the only other person on this end to touch a stone so…

VALA: oh…I get it… I get it… I can’t exactly connect to myself if I’m not here so the thing is-

MITCHELL: you know last time we couldn’t break the connection…

CARTER: well that should be easy this time, we just shut down the computer…

VALA: No! Uh…I mean…not yet… I didn’t just drop in to say hello…I have something very important to tell you. *looks at them both, neither looking very believing *

SCENE: SG-1 and Landry sit in a room, listening to Vala who is seated at a table with a glass of water and a camera recording her. As she speaks on the TV screen that the camera is connected to we see Jackson, acting and speaking as her and we see that this is what everyone else sees.

VALA: I remember staggering into the rings…there were bolts of energy everywhere…

CARTER: we suspected that the matter stream was sucked into the black hole…

LANDRY: we all appreciate the part you played in destroying the enemy beachhead…

VALA: don’t mention it. By part…I assume you mean lead role. *grins drinks*

LANDRY: *laughs* we’re happy to hear that you’re ok…

VALA: actually for the record I never said I was ok…

LANDRY: actually the timing of this is a little awkward.

CARTER: Sir… if we disconnect now there’s no guarantee that we can re-establish the link.

LANDRY: Dr Jackson was suppose to join me to meet with the Russian and Chinese representatives of the IOA *looks at watch*… in about half an hour… they requested that he be there. Said it was a matter of great importance…

VALA: Not as important as what I have to tell you believe me. I’ll try and be as quick as I can and then you can have Daniel back I promise…*Landry nods* Uh… so the next thing I remember is waking up in a bed…*Carter throws Mitchell a look* in a village like Veraga…that’s the one that Harold and Salis lived in…they’re the people that Daniel and I inhabited for a while…

Scene fades to reveal a village much like the one in [Avalon part2.]

VALA: Anyway…it turns out this village was called Veriska…*sounds of slurping, Scene moves back to Vala drinking* you know…this water…is lovely…but I think Daniel skipped breakfast and I suddenly have a craving for pancakes and Ice cream…double chocolate fudge brownie if memory serves… *grins, Landry not looking pleased* Oh…I’ll continue…while you rustle that up…*smiles* thanks…so where was I?


VALA: Ah…yes in bed…a man named Tomin had…

SCENE: In Tomin's Home, Vala lies in his bed…

VALA: (voiceover) apparently found me lying unconscious in the rings…and had thought the Gods had sent me to him…*Tomin enters limping, with a tray in his hands* which I let him continue to believe…


TOMIN: *sits by her* you feel strong enough to get up and go for a walk today?

VALA: *nods* maybe…

TOMIN: *brushes the hair out of her face* I’ll be back after prostration…*walks to the door*

VALA: Have fun.

TOMIN: *smiles* thank you *he glances back at her*

VALA: (voiceover) it was obvious he was smiting…

SCENE: Back to The interview, Vala has been given her pancakes and ice cream.

VALA: Who could blame him right? *she picks up the plate and licks it, getting a dab of chocolate on the end of her nose.* mmm thanks. *Carter tries to motion to her to wipe the top of her nose* what? *Vala wipes her nose* oh…*grins, licks her hand, Carter nodding closing her eyes with a shake of her head* thanks…I do realize he was a devote Ori follower and probably would have been on the front line cheering while they burnt me to death if he knew the truth about me but…

SCENE: Returns to Tomin watching Vala

VALA: (voiceover) he was very sweet in his own way …and not bad looking actually…*Tomin leaves, Vala watching after him, Vala moves to the window to watch him go* I think Tomin had been on his own before I came along…mostly due to a limp that had left him crippled since childhood…he didn’t like to talk about it much…but I could see that the other villagers looked down on him because of it…in their minds the Ori must him deemed him unfit for normalcy so that’s how they chose to see him.

SCENE: Back in the interview room

VALA: I did my best to blend in…at first according to Tomin and therefore as far as the villagers were concerned I was the woman who fell from the sky *smiles* which made me feel kind of special… I later learned that they always suspected I’d escaped from another village as a result of some scandal and then I started to feel much more like I’m used to…*nods, Teal’c raises an eyebrow*

SCENE: Flashback to the Village, the villagers and Vala are prostrating, a prior walking around them.

VALA:  (Voiceover) what worried me most were the Ori…while no one had actually seen me or Daniel in person that didn’t mean that ascended beings couldn’t recognize me… *The Prior walks past Vala and Tomin, Vala looks up at the prior worried* After a while I started to think and hope things were going to be ok…

SCENE: Interview room.

VALA: Ultimately my goal was to find a way back here… or at the very least try and communicate with you…

SCENE: Flashback to the Village tavern, Vala sits to the side watching.

VALA: (Voiceover)…to let you know what was going on…so I figured my best bet was to root out any of Fanis’ gang, the anti-Ori underground…see if they had any technology or any information about an Ori Stargate *Tomin brings Vala some food and drink* I might possibly gain access to…but I had to be very careful…The village was run by this complete bear of a man named Seevis…*Seevis watching a man grab the arm of Denya* who was both barkeep and administrator which seemed the oddest contradiction… he claimed to be the most pious man in the village…if anyone strayed from the path of righteousness…it was Seevis who made sure you were severely punished for it…but seems to be a lot more leeway for sin in the religion of Origin than one would presume from all the preaching…

SCENE: Interview

MITCHELL: So…it’s just like my grandma used to say. No point going to confession if you ain’t got nothing to confess…

VALA: *points* Exactly

SCENE: Down a side alley, Seevis is intimidating the young man who touched Denya.

SEEVIS: By the Gods… I don’t know what the Ori blessed you with because it was not brains…*grabs the young man by the neck* and it was not looks…what makes you think that something like her would have…*looks him down* anything to do with a rodent like you…without reason? Hmm?

MAN: *afraid* I’ll pay I swear…

SEEVIS: *pulls him up* Oh I know you will…or I’ll make you wish you were being burned alive…by the fires of Celestis huh? *he nods and Seevis lets him go, he runs by Vala whose been watching* I have picked things more precious from between my toes. *he leaves*

VALA: (Voiceover) I soon realized it wasn’t a contradiction at all.

SCENE: Back to the interview

VALA: Seevis was doing the work of the gods by making sure this village had every reason in the world to prostrate…making him a very rich…and very powerful man in the process…

LANDRY: Believe me I usually applaud the colorful details of a good story…especially when told with such interesting intergalactic body snatching means…but Daniel and I are late…to meet with the Russian and Chinese representatives…

TEAL’C: You stated that you had information of great importance…

VALA: I do. I do…and I’m getting to it…

MITCHELL: We got the back story…Tomin is a nice guy…Seevis is a butthead…how ‘bout you skip ahead a little…

VALA: *Sighs* fine.

SCENE: Image changes to The entire village surrounding Tomin and Vala who are dressed in white, grinning.

VALA: (Voice over) Tomin and I got married-

SCENE: back to the interview

CARTER: Woow—married?

VALA: Stay with me…I had no choice…I told you he was very devote and there was no way he would have slept with me out of wedlock…*they all frown…confused*

MITCHELL: Ok…maybe we skipped ahead a little too far…

VALA: Well I tried to lay it out in order…oooh…that’s a bad choice of words.

CARTER: *closes eyes* ok…why exactly did you have no choice?

VALA: you know what these people do to you when you do something wrong…they burn you alive!

MITCHELL: And why would they burn you alive this time?

VALA: *waves hands* For getting pregnant out of wedlock.

MITCHELL: *they all look at her surprised* you’re pregnant?

VALA: *obviously* yes! *realizing* I keep forgetting you can’t actually see me…when I realized why I was feeling sick all the time, I figured I had to do something…I decided my only choice was to marry Tomin as quickly as possible and pray that the timing was close enough so he could be convinced the baby was his…

MITCHELL: Alright…hold the phone…and I ask this…not 100% sure that I want to know the answer…whose baby is it?

VALA: *small smile* that’s the thing…I don’t know…

CARTER: *wary* as in?

VALA: I swear…I did…none of the necessary bits…*they all look a little unconvinced* Between my arrival in the Ori Galaxy and my wedding night…which was definitely after I knew for sure. There is no way humanly possible…that I know of…that I could have gotten pregnant…*surprised, unconvinced looks*

After a little time.

VALA: Someone going to say something? *sighs* anybody? *more silence*

TEAL’C: you have been impregnated without copulation?

VALA: Yes. And I’m absolutely terrified have any of you ever heard of anything like it…

MITCHELL: *shares a look with Carter* well… there’s one…

TEAL’C:  Darthvader. <ROFL> *Mitchell whips his head round frowning at Teal’c*

VALA: Really??

TEAL’C: hmmm.

VALA: How did that turn out?

MITCHELL: *Before Teal’c can tell her* actually I was thinking of King Arthur…

CARTER: *does a double take, surprised* you were?! <all know what she was thinking>

MITCHELL: Yeah…I’ve been reading everything I can find on our ancient friend Merlin …*Landry starting to get a little annoyed* according to some of the legends *Landry checks watch* he enchanted the Queen who bore Arthur

LANDRY: I have to go…*heads for door*

VALA: Wait…I haven’t even got to the bit you have to hear yet…me carrying this child right now…is a problem…a big problem…for me… but believe me there is one that is much, much bigger…

SCENE: Flash back to Tomin’s Kitchen, Vala is beating the dough with two wooden spoons…she looks up and sees Tomin she stops.

TOMIN: It’s a miracle…Look at me *grins, he walks to her with no limp, Vala drops the spoons in shock* The prior blessed me…I can walk…I can run…*Vala smiles* I can fight now.

VALA: *smile fades* You can what?

TOMIN: *Hugs her* I’ve been conscripted…

VALA: (voiceover) They are building ships and armies…by the tens of thousands.

SCENE: Interview.

VALA: The village I am living in is one of many, on a world among dozens like it.

SCENE: Tomin tries on his armor, Vala watching from the doorway, hand lying protectively over her swollen abdomen.

VALA: (Voiceover) As we feared since the day Daniel met the Ori… they have been preparing their followers for a crusade…

VALA: You sure this is what you want?

TOMIN: Are you serious? I never dreamed I would one day be fit to serve the Ori in this way *Vala walks over to him*

VALA: By killing… people…you know nothing about.

TOMIN: All I need to know is that they are an enemy of the Ori…that they reject the teachings of Ori and would have us stray from the path…

VALA: These…so-called unbelievers…they’re so far away how can they affect us? Why do we have to go all the way over there to w-

TOMIN: *Shouting over her* Evil must not be allowed to fester anywhere…*Vala sighs* our journey towards enlightenment may take us to many unexpected places…*smiles at her in the mirror, she turns him round*

VALA: I…can not imagine you killing anyone.

TOMIN: I’m not afraid to heed the will of the Gods…

VALA: Nothing I say will change your mind will it?

TOMIN: Fear not…once we warriors of Ori have vanquished the wicked…I shall return…*kisses her cheek, turning back to look at himself in the mirror*

VALA: You’ll not be the same.

TOMIN: No… *Vala watches worried and upset*

VALA: (voiceover) He is one of the gentlest, most honest souls… I have ever known…*Vala shakes her head leaving the room*


VALA: *with tears in her eyes, and a crack in her voice* He has been raised since birth to believe in the Ori *Teal’c listens in sadness* to follow Origin…This isn’t a fight anyone can win…not without a tragic amount of bloodshed…

HARRIMAN: (over intercom) General Landry to the Briefing room. General Landry please report to the Briefing room. *Vala wipes her eyes*

LANDRY: I better get down there. Go Ahead *leaves*

CARTER: Since you’ve been gone we’ve learned a few things about the Ori that their followers might be interested to know…

VALA: It doesn’t matter what the truth is about the Ori the people won’t hear it no matter what you say…

MITCHELL: Obviously some of them are suspicious enough…to form a resistance.

VALA: You’re talking about a handful of people compared to millions who wouldn’t know the truth if it was standing right in front of them…its all lies and propaganda as far as they’re concerned…*Teal’c stands* we’re wrong. They’re right. They’re good. We’re bad. We must worship the Ori or die. And they will fight until we are dead or they are. Period.

SCENE: Landry enters the briefing room, where Chekov and Shen are waiting.

LANDRY: I’m very sorry to keep you waiting.

SHEN: where is Dr Jackson?

LANDRY: He’s uh…otherwise occupied at the moment. We’re gonna have to proceed without him.

CHEKOV: There is no matter. I only asked he be here as a courtesy…seeing as he negotiated the original treaty between our two countries resulting in Russia loaning you our Stargate

LANDRY: Yes…Loaning…in return for full participation in this program and considerable sums of money. *Shen smiles*

CHEKOV: I am aware of that…as I said I only ask for this meeting out of courtesy to you and Dr Jackson. You have been admirable comrades in our co-operative efforts…however…official notification has been given to your president as we speak…

LANDRY: Of what?

CHEKOV: Well as you know…the treaty renewal comes up in 2 weeks. Russia will no longer be participating under the current structure…

LANDRY: What are you saying?

CHEKOV: I am saying… we are taking our Stargate back.

SCENE: Flashback to Vala and Denya sitting in the bar chatting happily.

VALA: (voiceover) So…this girl in the bar… her name was Denya and we struck up a bit of a friendship.

SCENE: Interview

VALA: By the looks on your faces I can see you’re not surprised I had more in common with the village Harlot than I did with any of the ladies from the local knitting circle…*tongue in cheek, raised eyebrow*

MITCHELL: Don’t know what you’re talking about.

VALA: *grins* least she was honest.

SCENE: Back in the bar

DENYA: I was pregnant once…

VALA: Really?

DENYA: *sadly* It didn’t last long…

VALA: Oh I’m sorry…hey…I heard something really weird…

DENYA: oh I promise you…I’ve heard it all.

VALA: well…have you ever heard of someone getting pregnant without doing the deed?

DENYA: *suspicious* how could that happen?

VALA: *shrugs* I don’t know…*smiles*

DENYA: maybe you fell asleep you know… that’s happened to me before…I’ve been drunk and not remembered whole days.

VALA: *laughs* I wasn’t talking about me…

DENYA: oh?

VALA: no …I was just wondering have you ever heard of the Ori giving someone a baby magically. They perform miracles all the time…right?

DENYA: if you say so…

VALA: (voice over) she’s smart too…she was testing me…

SCENE: Interview.

CARTER: Are you saying she was part of the Anti-Ori underground?

VALA: *smiles* took a long time to get her to admit it…she said she was afraid of Seevis…and that he’d kill her if he found out.

SCENE: Vala opens the door to Seevis and his men.

VALA: What do you want?

Seevis bashes open the door, and grabs Vala by the back of the head dragging her out. She is then locked in chains on the Altar much like the one that she was burned on at the beginning of the season.

VALA: Take your hands off me. So what did I do?

SEEVIS: She is unholy. She conspires with those who would lead us from the path of origin…

VALA: I don’t know who you’ve been talking to but it’s a lie.

SEEVIS: She is an unbeliever and she must be punished…for her sins. *behind him Denya watches fear in her eyes*

SCENE: Landry marches into his office, followed by Chekov.

LANDRY: *Presses button on phone* Get me Richard Woolsey now.

CHEKOV: General!

LANDRY: Where are the rest of the international committee representatives? Why aren’t they here?

CHEKOV: This is nothing to do with them.

LANDRY: I think it does.

CHEKOV: The Stargate belongs to Russia. Now in the past my government has been unwilling to establish and support a Stargate program of its own but that has changed. *walks away*

LANDRY: *follows* because China is backing you. Do the rest of the committee members know this?

CHEKOV: they will be invited to participate in the program, the same as they have in yours. As will your country.

LANDRY: you really think my Government will give up the gate?

CHEKOV: I do not see what choice they will have. *walks back to briefing room*

SCENE: Seevis grabs Vala by the hair pulling her head back for her to look up at him.

SEEVIS: Who else in the village has been corrupted?

VALA: apart from you? I have no idea what you’re talking about…

SEEVIS: *lets her go* no one shall look upon…speak to…or aid such evil…You will tell me who you’ve conspired with and the unbelievers will be found out and punished…for their sins. Hallowed are the Ori.

CROWD: Hallowed are the Ori…

Seevis walks away and as the crowd parts, Tomin stands staring at Vala’s back, as if sensing him she turns. Before she can speak he walks away, back home.

VALA: (voice over) I don’t know why I expected him to come rushing over and unchain me…just the mother of his unborn child… or so he was suppose to think.

Time passes, Vala tiring from being seated as long as she has, people pass glancing at her. Night comes and she is still left in chains on the Altar, Tomin sits on the ground by his bed, staring off. The next day the sun is high, Vala watches as many drink, as evening draws nearer, she starts to get dizzy and falls. In a vision she sees herself lying in Tomin’s bed. A fire starts above her with the demonic face of the Ori. She awakes to the next day, still chained, pulling herself up to watch Tomin leave for work. She continues to struggle Denya watching from the window. Denya walks over to Seevis who is drinking a lot.

DENYA: She’s dying out there.

SEEVIS: I know.

DENYA: Don’t you think if she was going to say anything she would have told you already! *he leaves*

Outside someone is undoing Vala’s chains, we see that is Tomin, he brushes the hair from her face and kissed her forehead. Pulling her up into his arms he looks back once at Seevis before taking her home.

VALA: (voice over) I didn’t know why he eventually did it…or why Seevis let us go…

SCENE: Interview.

VALA: I was left out there…without food or water…three days.

CARTER: Can’t believe the baby survived that.

VALA: *looks down* part of me was hoping it didn’t…

MITCHELL: Its kind of surprising a part of you was hoping it did…*she looks up hurt* I mean…given how it was conceived…

VALA: Its hard to explain…

SCENE: Late at night, Vala and Tomin lie in bed, his hand resting on her stomach her hand over his.

VALA: Seevis?

TOMIN: He won’t bother us again. I promise you.

VALA: You don’t think I’m evil?

TOMIN: I’m sorry I left you out there for so long… please forgive me.

SCENE: Next morning, Tomin packs his armor ready to go to work. Vala rolls over to look at him, he walks over to her.

TOMIN: I will see you this evening. Fear not. *he kisses her and leaves*

Vala moves to the window, watching Tomin meet with his friends heading off to work.

VALA: (voiceover) Despite Tomin’s reassurance, the idea of spending the day in the village with Seevis just a stone throw away made me nervous. Besides it was high time I did some more extensive recon.

SCENE: Vala walks through a forest, the sounds of footsteps makes her stop and take cover behind a tree as a small patrol of armored men walk by led by a prior. Vala heads to the edge of a cliff overlooking the work the men have been heading off to do.

VALA: (voiceover) I knew what was happening…I knew where they were going everyday… what they were doing…*we get a shot of Many ships resting below her, still in the making* but seeing it was something else entirely.

SEEVIS: Impressive isn’t it? *walks up behind her, small grin*

SCENE: In the Gateroom, Landry stands looking at the Gate when Chekov enters.

CHEKOV: General. You wish to see me.

LANDRY: from the sounds of it the Ori are planning an invasion of massive proportions in the very near future…looks like it may be a very bad time to be arguing over who gets to use the Stargate Colonel. But I assume you were counting on that.

CHEKOV: no sane individual country wants to face war at anytime.

LANDRY: telling me about your Governments intentions was more than mere courtesy…doing it with a Chinese representative of the oversight committee present was meant to point out china’s involvement…that wasn’t in the official notification to terminate the treaty given to the president

CHEKOV: obviously it couldn’t be…

LANDRY: they offered you a deal…to back your own SGC program…in truth you don’t really know if you like that scenario any better than the one currently in practice…you did however see an opportunity to use it as leverage…*Chekov stays quiet* but you couldn’t very well present a wish list along with an official notification without it looking like blackmail or have it on record that you were merely using the Chinese so you left it to me to figure out and ask you the Question…what is it you really want?

SCENE: In fear Vala pulls out a small knife.

VALA: Stay back…*Denya comes out from the tree line* I promise you don’t want to come any closer.

SEEVIS: You can put that down.

DENYA: It’s ok…*nods, Vala looks confused*

SEEVIS: We had to put you through that…

DENYA: To be sure that we could trust you…*after a few minutes, Vala drops the knife*


MITCHELL: He was part of the underground…?

VALA: Seevis is the leader. *grins* the religious pompon circumstance  is just a cover…the rest is for money, power and influence…the things you need when you’re wanting to mount a rebellion.

TEAL’C: Do they not fear of being discovered by the Ori?

VALA: Of course but the only other choice is to do nothing…

SCENE: Seevis, Vala and Denya watch over the ship yard.

VALA: (voice over) What they were planning was quite the opposite of nothing…

SEEVIS: We have the plans and we have many people down there on the inside.

VALA: You really this it can work?

SEEVIS: *Grins* it has to…

SCENE: Interview

VALA: The ships had to be activated by the priors…but Seevis said he had found a way to rig enough of them to start of a massive chain reaction… from what I could tell it looked like it might work.

SCENE: The three head back to the village.

DENYA: three days from now…in a grand celebration…each prior will activate a ship in a show of the Ori’s power…

VALA: Everyone will be there.

SEEVIS: All those who built the ships as well as those who will soon board them…and go off and fight in the name of the Ori. Tens of thousands…

VALA: You’re going to kill all of them?

SEEVIS: Gods cannot be Gods without those who stand beneath them gazing upwards.

SCENE: Back at the Interview, The remaining members of SG-1 listen, seated at the edge of their seats.

VALA: They were going to try and undermine the Ori's power by eliminating as many of their followers as they could in one full swoop…something I’m not sure we would have done in their position.

SCENE: Vala, Denya and Seevis enter the bar.

SEEVIS: Shut the windows…

VALA: (Voice over) They trusted me.

SCENE: Another close up on Vala as she tells the tale

VALA: Granted they nearly killed me so I could earn their trust but at this point I felt I had to take a chance.

SCENE: Back at bar all the blinds are pulling on the windows, the door shut. Seevis and Denya pry the top of the centre table off.

VALA: (voice over) I told them exactly who I was and how I’d gotten there…*inside, lies the communication device that the stones connect to* the communication terminal and the stones had been taken by the prior to Celestis after Daniel and I had been caught using them…

SCENE: Interview

MITCHELL: How did Seevis get his hands on it?

VALA: Apparently he has spies amongst the monks in the city of Celestis… they’re humans in training to become priors. Every now and then artifacts which predate the Ori ascension are found or dug up…deemed heretical and then brought to the city to be burnt in the fires…when the communication terminal came through Seevis’ men recognized its significance and they risked everything to save it and smuggle it out of the city. So it appears that Daniels crazy little speech about communication from another galaxy did not fall entirely of deaf ears.

CARTER: And the Ori didn’t know? They couldn’t…tell what was happening right underneath their noses?

VALA: Can’t be sure… but Seevis didn’t want me to try and contact you until after the sabotage plan had gone through…

MITCHELL: In case the Ori detected it…

VALA: Just to be safe…

SCENE: Tomin returns home, dropping his bag on the ground he shuts the door.

TOMIN: Vala? *he heads to the stair* Vala?

PRIOR: Blessed are those who follow the path in unison *walks in to the house*

TOMIN: *Bows* Prior.

PRIOR: your wife is not at home, Tomin.

TOMIN: she must be at market.

PRIOR: must she?

TOMIN: to what do I owe the honor of such a visit?

PRIOR: word of your courage has spread…

TOMIN: if you refer to my unchaining of Vala…I believe Seevis accused her unjustly…she is not corrupt…surely the Ori would not have allowed her to survive so long without food or water. They sent her to me… she is my wife, the mother of my unborn child…

PRIOR: is she now? The injury that crippled you since childhood… the one I have cure you off to make you a strong proud warrior…*Vala walks quietly down the stairs, remaining hidden, listens*

TOMIN: Trust I will use the strength I have been given to fight all unbelievers in the name of the Ori…

PRIOR: yes. But the same wound that made you lame…also made you unable to father children…

TOMIN: but then…*stares…realizing, turns away, Vala sitting in fear* you’re saying she betrayed me?

PRIOR: the child is the will of the Ori that is all that matters…your courage will be rewarded Tomin…fear not. Hallowed are the children of the Ori

TOMIN: *closes his eyes* Hallowed are the Ori.

SCENE: Late at Night, Tomin lies staring at the wall, on the other side, with her back to Tomin, Vala lies staring at the wall. Each lost in their own thoughts.

SCENE: In the village many ready to go to the great ceremony when the ships will be powered up. Tomin opens the door to leave.

VALA: Don’t go…

TOMIN: *he closes the door, Vala standing on the staircase* Today is the day we’ve been waiting for…10 priors from Celestis come to bless the Star craft we have been building this past many months…*Vala sits down on the stair*

VALA: I know.

TOMIN: Everyone is going. Everyone. Even the women and children…of course I did not expect you…I know you’ve been tired. But it is going to be a great day, if you want to come.

VALA: *holds out her hand to him* please… stay with me today…*she swallows, pulling back her hand* I have a bad feeling…I can’t explain it…don’t you ever just get bad feelings?

TOMIN: of course I do…then I turn to the Ori for guidance…

VALA: Tomin…

TOMIN: The day of reckoning for all those who are raised by evil is upon them…I have spent my whole life waiting for the chance to walk the path as I do now…my only hope is that you would walk it with me…*she nods, he picks up his back, grabs his staff* blessed are those who walk in unison *he leaves, shutting the door behind him*

SCENE: Interview

MITCHELL:  when you say day of reckoning…?

CARTER: Well we’ve heard numerous reports of the Priors in this galaxy warning of an impending dooms day…

TEAL’C: A day when all who have renounced the Ori will feel their Wrath.

VALA: we knew the priors were just the first wave…the real crusade is about to begin. The ships are planning to leave…*They all look up at this*

CARTER: But that would mean…-

VALA: Somewhere out there…the Ori have a working Supergate…

SCENE: Vala, Seevis and Denya, watch over the ship yard from the cliff.

VALA: (voice over) turns out the horrible feeling I had lied to Tomin about was completely justified…but for a different reason. Thousands of men, women and children did not die that day…Seevis’ plan failed.

We see all the ship lighting up with no problems, a cry goes out from the Crowd. Seevis, Denya and Vala look on worried.

VALA: (voiceover) it didn’t work, the sabotage had broken down…*Seevis, Vala and Denya run towards the village* whether the Ori had detected it or the priors managed the thwart it on their own we don’t know…all we know is that the ships came to life and nothing happened…except the crowd cheered and began prostrating…praying for a swift victory over all unbelievers.

SCENE: Back at the interview

MITCHELL: Do you have any other Intel we could use? You said this Seevis had access to the specs on the ship…what kind of weaponry do they have?

CARTER: And shields…and anything on the power source they’re using…

JACKSON: No…no I-…*looks up at them, confused, the rest of SG-1 frown at him, still thinking its Vala* guys what’s going on?

MITCHELL: Jackson?

JACKSON: *frowns* how did I get here?

CARTER: The emulators still running…something must have happened on Vala’s end…

SCENE: In the bar, the Communications device has been destroyed by a blast, Seevis, Vala and Denya turn to see Tomin standing there suited up with his weapon. Seevis picks up an Axe, but Tomin shoots him before he has a chance, he drops, Denya attempts to run, but he shoots her, she drops to the ground shaking before dying, Vala stares.

VALA: Tomin!

TOMIN: You said that you did not think I could kill an unbeliever.

VALA: Well I’m so sorry I was wrong…you have to listen to me.

TOMIN: No!!! *turns weapon on her* I am deaf to all but the teachings of Origin…The prior told me…Seevis was corrupt…*Vala puts her hands on her stomach, fear for herself and her baby* that he tried to sabotage the ceremony and would have killed thousands. He sent me here to kill Seevis…and here I found you with him. Conspiring over that device!

VALA: *points* they made me do it. *sits* they told me they’d kill me if I didn’t help them…and after what they did to me out there…wouldn’t you? *waves* they thought this device was for communication…but they were to afraid to use it themselves so they kidnapped me and forced me to do it…*swallows* did the prior tell you I was with them? Did he tell you to kill me?

TOMIN: no…

VALA: well there you go then…*stands*

TOMIN: *tightens grip on weapon* were you able to communicate with the unbelievers far away…?

VALA: yes…and there is much I can tell you about them…if you would just put that weapon down…Tomin you have to believe me please…*bites lip* I overheard your conversation with the prior the other day…I know I’m sorry I should have told you I was there…but I was so afraid… what he said shocked me…that this child…is the will of the Ori…Tomin? I swear I have no betrayed you…I have not been with anyone but you… so if you truly cannot father a child…then this baby is a miracle…it’s our miracle…and this is a great burden which I cannot bear alone…so from this point on we must walk the path together…

TOMIN: *lowers his weapon* I must leave soon for war.

VALA: Then I must come with you.

He walks forward, dropping to his knees, he rests his head against her stomach, she running her fingers through his hair.

SCENE: Jackson and Landry wait for the elevator doors to open.

JACKSON: So what exactly did we have to give up in the end?

LANDRY: 304.

JACKSON: really? *elevator doors open, they get off* surprised the president agreed to that.

LANDRY: Colonel Chekov has had his eye on one for a while. The latest was just about to roll out.

JACKSON: I thought the next Daedalus class ship wasn’t due out of the pipeline for over a year…

LANDRY: mmm…it was a huge concession but we didn’t have much choice…*they enter the briefing room, Carter, Mitchell and Teal’c waiting*

CARTER: Sir. The Tok’ra and the Asgard are scanning for subspace anomalies that would indicate super gate activity…we’re monitoring the existing black holes that we know of…but it’s a big galaxy…

MITCHELL: And as we know the Ori could have built another one…

TEAL’C: The interim council has placed Hatak class vessels in every region on high alert.

LANDRY: This is one needle in a haystack we have to find. Do what ever you have to do…

MITCHELL: If the Ori can send troops and ships here, we’re gonna need every advantage we can find…

CARTER: Merlin was working on a weapon to fight the Ori…

JACKSON: Every ally we have and everyone else on this base has already devoted themselves to finding the supergate…

MITCHELL: Sir…it won’t take us long to search one planet where there may be an advanced weapon designed specifically to fight these guys

LANDRY: This weapon won’t help us against their followers…

JACKSON: I don’t think so no. but it will be a lot easier convincing their followers their gods are false if they’re gods aren’t around anymore.

LANDRY: *nods* Go.

JACKSON: Thank you sir.  *SG-1 head off, Landry glancing down at the gate*


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