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#10.20 : Le Temps D'une Vie

Les membres de SG1 se trouvant dans l'Odissey échappe à l'attaque d'un vaisseau Ori. Lorsque le vaisseau est prisonnier d'une dilatation temporelle...


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extrait Daniel et Vala




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extrait: ils s'en sortent


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extrait: la mort de Hank Landry


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1020 : Le Temps D'une Vie


Titre en vo : Unending

1ère diffusion États-Unis : 13/03/2007

1ère diffusion en France : 13/11/2007

Ecrit par : Robert C. Cooper

Réalisé par : Robert C. Cooper

Synopsis : SG-1 se dirige vers la planète des Asgards à bord de l'Odyssee, et découvre en arrivant à destination que Thor a décidé de donner aux humains toute les connaissances de sa race. Mais l'intervention brutale des Oris provoque la destruction des derniers Asgards. L'Odyssee, désormais équipé des technologies asgardes les plus récentes, est maintenant en mesure d'affronter les vaisseaux Oris. Alors que la situation semble désespéré pour SG-1, Carter crée une bulle temporelle autour du vaisseau. Alors que plusieurs dizaines d'années passent à l'intérieur de la bulle, il ne se passe que quelques instants à l'extérieur...

SCENE: On board the Odyssey, Mitchell and Teal'c are in the gym sparring with stick with padded ends, Mitchell giving just as much as he's getting but still getting his butt kicked, he manages to push Teal'c back but a blow brings him to his knees taking a swing at Teal'c's feet but misses as Teal'c jumps into the air. Teal'c blocks another of Mitchell's attack stops.

TEAL'C: This Vessel does not have a pool.

MITCHELL: I was talking about the gambling variety. *makes a swing for Teal'c's head, another few swings and blocks, and Teal'c hits Cameron square in the back*

TEAL'C: I do not wish to speculate.

MITCHELL: Well, he said it was something important. You're not the least bit curious?

TEAL'C: Indeed. But I would not risk a wager. *swings missing as Mitchell ducks*

SCENE: Jackson walks down a corridor of the vessel, flicking through a book, as he enters the commissary, he finds it covered in balloons and ribbons, Vala standing on a nearby chair, numerous personnel throwing balloons and blowing birthday whistles.

EVERYONE: Surprise!! Woohoo!

JACKSON: It's not my birthday. *everyone goes quiet and a balloon deflates, Jackson turns away walking in the other direction*

VALA: ah…ha ha…*follows* Hey! We made a weird cat-piñata-thingy.

JACKSON: *stops, turns* I told you to bring something to amuse yourself. I didn't mean me…or the crew.

VALA: *sighs* they believe that it's my birthday……Again.

JACKSON: Not my problem. *heads off*

VALA: being stuck on this ship is worse than being stuck at the SGC. I-I-I tell you…the last time I was this bored I took hostages.

JACKSON: *Disappearing round a corner* I was there.

SCENE: Landry, followed by Carter, enters the bridge of the Odyssey taking his place in the captain's chair.

LANDRY: Major.

MARKS: We're approaching the co-ordinates sir.

LANDRY: Drop us out.

The odyssey drops out of hyperspace, moving just into orbit of a nearby planet.

MARKS: We're being hailed. The Asgard are requesting *the rest of SG-1 enter* permission to beam aboard sir.

LANDRY: Granted. Thor appears before them in a flash of light.

THOR: Greetings. And welcome to Orilla.

CARTER: Thor. *walks forward*

THOR: Hello Colonel Carter. It's good to see you.

VALA: *quietly to Jackson* out of curiosity how can you tell the difference?

JACKSON: the voice.

CARTER: It's good to see you too Thor. This is General Landry, Colonel Mitchell and Vala.

THOR: Greetings *Vala waves*

JACKSON: So Thor how ya been? Haven't heard from you in a while.

THOR: I am sorry. I have been otherwise occupied. As mentioned in our communication the high council wishes to meet with you to explain in greater detail, but there is not much time. General with your permission a number of Asgard are prepared to beam aboard immediately to begin installing various technological upgrades to this ship.

MITCHELL: *to Teal'c* I hope its ray guns. I got ray guns in the pool.

LANDRY: What is it you're planning on giving us?

THOR: Everything we have and know.

VALA: By that you mean…?

THOR: Everything. *They all stare at each other* All our most current technology…all our knowledge.

JACKSON: Sorry. We're just a little stunned…I mean…why are you doing this? You've always resisted in the past…you always said we weren't ready.

THOR: Indeed. Many Asgard still believe that.

MITCHELL: So…what's changed?

THOR: as a race we are dying. Very soon. We will all be gone.

THE LAST CREDITS OF THE SERIES SCENE: On board the Odyssey, Many Asgard and the crew work together to complete the upgrades, in the control room Thor explains things to Carter.

THOR: The Asgard computer core is equipped with its own power source that will not infringe on your ships ZPM…However…when the upgrades are complete the core will be fully integrated in to all the ships systems.

CARTER: There must be something more you can do…

THOR: I assure you. We are providing you with all the latest Asgard technology as well as the knowledge base including our entire history.

CARTER: That's not what I was talking about.

THOR: Everything that can be done has been done. The final attempt to solve are physiological degeneration has left each of us with a rapid progressing disease.

SCENE: Briefing room on board the Odyssey. Landry sits with SG-1 {minus Carter}

JACKSON: …It really wasn't an option for them. They made the choice to extend their lives through science…generations ago. It took any natural physiological revolution necessary for ascension out of the equation.

LANDRY: They're planning on ending their lives before the degeneration they're suffering from goes to far.

MITCHELL: Mass suicide.

JACKSON: They don't want any of their knowledge or technology falling into the wrong hands.

LANDRY: And they wanted us to witness the event.

TEAL'C: So everything they've installed on this ship…

JACKSON: Is going to be their legacy.

SCENE: Thor powers up the Asgard computer.

THOR: *turns to Carter* If you'd like you'll be able to interface with the core using a holographic representation of me or any Asgard on record in the knowledge base.

CARTER: I'm sorry but that just won't be the same.

THOR: I have been working on this for the better part of a year Colonel Carter.

CARTER: and we appreciate it…really… THOR: Many on the council did not believe we should be imparting such advancements.

CARTER: Well I promise we'll do our very best not to let you down.

THOR: You are the fifth race. You're role is clear. If there is any hope in preserving the future…It lies with you…and your people.

CARTER: No pressure huh?

THOR: You have earned my respect…and my friendship.

CARTER: *nods, eyes watering* well the feelings mutual.

THOR: Please do not be sad. The end of my people has been a long time coming. We have made too many irreversible mistakes in our development hopefully you can learn something from it. My only regret is that our physical weakness has left us incapable of helping you further. *Carter leans forward hugging him gently*

SCENE: Landry enters the bridge, proximity alarms blaring.

MARKS: Sir…three Ori ships just dropped out of hyper-space and are approaching the planet.

SCENE: Back in the control room, ship shakes as it takes a hit, Landry speaks over the radio.

LANDRY: Colonel this is the bridge, we have three contacts… *Carter walks over to a computer*Ori mother ships bearing down.

CARTER: Sir the hyper drive is still offline…diverting power to the shields.

THOR: You must go. *as she turns back Thor beams out* Sir the Asgard just disembarked. It will take a few minutes to get the hyper drive back online.

SCENE: on the bridge.

LANDRY: *turns to Marks* Full sub light. Get us clear of the planet.

MARKS: Full sub light.

The odyssey moves away from the planet, two of the Ori vessels, move to the planet, while the other pursues to the Odyssey firing. Mitchell and Teal'c enter the bridge.

MARKS: Shields are down to 83%.

MITCHELL: How the hell did they find us? *another hit* some reason we're not jumping into hyperspace.

LANDRY: Carter's working on it.

MARKS: Sir…sensors are detecting a massive build up of energy coming from the planet.

LANDRY: Everyone hold on tight.

The odyssey moves ahead, the Ori vessel following as the Asgard planet blows to pieces.

MARKS: Shields are down the 50% LANDRY: Colonel.

CARTER: {on radio} sir the hyper drive is now online but we have to get clear of the radiation caused by the explosion before we can make the jump safely.

LANDRY: How about the Asgard energy weapons?

CARTER: They haven't been tested yet sir… *more hits*

MARKS: Shields are down to 28%. At Maximum sub light we're 47seconds to get clear.

MITCHELL: We're not gonna make it.

LANDRY: Let's see what these new Asgard upgrades are made of. Come about.

The odyssey does a 180 above the Ori vessel, now finding itself behind them.

LANDRY: Power the energy weapons.

MARKS: Energy weapons are powered.


Blue beams of light fire at the Ori vessel.

MARKS: Sensors indicate enemy shields are fluctuating.

LANDRY: Keep firing.

The shots start to make it though the shields and the Ori vessel blows up before them.

LANDRY: I'll be damned.

MITCHELL: We've got them.

LANDRY: Get us into hyperspace.

MARKS: Yes sir.

SCENE: Carter exits the elevator with an airman/scientist.

CARTER: Run another diagnostic.

LANDRY: Colonel. *Carter falls into step with him* How's that report coming? I wanna be able to brief the president as soon as we get back, he's gonna want to know how quickly we can duplicate this new Asgard weaponry.

CARTER: I'm working on it sir. But something else has come up.

LANDRY: *stops, turns to her* mmm?

CARTER: The hyper drive diagnostic is spitting out some data that's concerning me.

LANDRY: We took some damage that's causing a problem?

CARTER: I think we need to drop out and run a few tests just to be sure.

SCENE: The odyssey drops out of Hyperspace MARKS: Sir two contacts just appeared on sensors. Motherships. Ori. Closing fast.

Landry takes a deep breath staring out before him, next shot shows the two Ori ships moving towards the Odyssey.

LANDRY: Colonel given we've already taken damage I'd rather not take on two more ships. *The Ori fire, hitting, Carter immediately jumps to the control computer, turning on the hyper drive*

CARTER: {on radio} sir the hyper drive is back online.

LANDRY: Get us back into hyperspace.

MARKS: Yes sir. *Odyssey jumps into hyperspace.*

SCENE: Briefing room MITCHELL: It's a hell of a coincidence. Don't ya think?

CARTER: *sits*…well…unless they were tracking us and just waiting for us to drop out. *Vala spins round on her chair*

LANDRY: I thought they couldn't track us in hyperspace?

VALA: *still swinging* unless it was the Ori's themselves tipping off the Priors.

JACKSON: We've already passed back into the Milky Way as far as we know the Ancients should have a problem with the Ori using their ascended powers right under their noses.

CARTER: As far as we know.

MITCHELL: At least we now have weapons we know will destroy an Ori Ship.

CARTER: Well that's not going to do us any good if they can track us where ever we go…I mean eventually the Odyssey's gonna come up against more that she can handle.

TEAL'C: Is it possible the Priors can detect the new technology given to us by the Asgard without the help of the Ori?

CARTER: I suppose the new power source could be giving off some sort of unique energy signature that's detectable from subspace. However without further experimentation the only way to find out is to shut it off and see if that stops the Ori from following us…

LANDRY: Do it.

CARTER: The problem with that sir…is that the new Asgard core is currently tied into every system on this ship. We would have to drop out of hyperspace and isolate the core from the hyper drive controls and that could take some time. *Landry sighs, looking down*

SCENE: The odyssey drops out of hyperspace, Landry and the boys of SG-1 enter the bridge.

MARKS: Sir two contacts just appeared on sensors.

LANDRY: Son of a bitch.

They immediately start to take fire.

MARKS: Shields are down to 53%. Reports of damage front and rear…levels 2, 6 and 10.

LANDRY: Evasive manoeuvres. Fire at will.

MITCHELL: We already took out one ship…what's another two right? *more hits, the ship shaking, knocking crew members to their feet* Colonel.

SCENE: Vala and Carter work quickly in the control room.

LANDRY: {on radio} I need the hyper drive now.

CARTER: *moves one of the Asgard egg shaped things* go ahead sir.

SCENE: Back on the bridge.

CARTER: {on radio} the hyper drive is now online. *They jump back into hyperspace*

SCENE: Landry followed by the boys, walks into the control room, Carter standing to begin her briefing.

CARTER: We're gonna need at least half an hour to get the hyper drive systems separated from the core.

TEAL'C: We must assume that the Ori ships will continue to engage us when ever we stop.

LANDRY: Is there a planet with a Stargate nearby?

CARTER: *move over to the Computer checking* yes sir. P3X-474. It's uninhabited we should get there in just under an hour. We might make it before the hyper drive fails.

JACKSON: And what?

MITCHELL: Beam to the surface and gate home… CARTER: We can't let this ship fall into enemy hands… LANDRY: That's what the self destruct is for.

JACKSON: Who-whoa- wait a minute sir…I-if you're talking about destroying the ship…uh…*stares* we can't sacrifice the knowledge base of the Asgard. They-they trusted us with their legacy.

LANDRY: Doctor Jackson…this is not something I'm considering lightly. I'm assuming we can't take any of it with us.

CARTER: No sir…the core is too big to fit through the gate.

JACKSON: Well I for one am willing to stay and put up a fight. I think it's worth it.

LANDRY: Get us to 474. We'll beam the crew down to the surface, hopefully they'll be enough time for them to gate home before the Ori attack.

MITCHELL: and then what? I've said it before I am for fight to the death, but we need a plan…preferably one that avoids the too the death part…

LANDRY: We have an hour to come up with one…

CARTER: *turns from the computer* I think I may have a way of buying us a little more time…

SCENE: The odyssey drops out of hyperspace in orbit on the planet, groups of the Crew beam out leaving behind Landry and SG-1. Two Ori vessels drop out of hyper space. All the boys are on the bridge, Landry in the Captains seat, Mitchell on his left, Jackson on his right, with Teal'c in the back. Carter and Vala are back in the control room.

JACKSON: Here they come…

LANDRY: Shields at maximum. Evasive manoeuvres. Concentrate fire on only one target…one at a time. *They begin to take fire, sparks flying round them*

MITCHELL: Ok…that was not good… JACKSON: Shields are down to 23%.

MITCHELL: We're hitting them with everything we've got… The odyssey flies towards on of the Ori vessels firing on it, while the second one pursues from behind firing. The shots finally make it though the first Ori vessels shields, destroying it. The odyssey takes a direct hit, everyone being thrown round, smoke appearing in the control room, and fire on the bridge. Teal'c grabs an extinguisher.

JACKSON: Shields are offline!

MITCHELL: One more hit will take us out.

LANDRY: Colonel Carter!

Carter pulls herself up from the floor, moving the Asgard pieces on the console, the Ori vessel fires at the Odyssey, it moves directly towards it before stopping short and staying completely still. Mitchell stands walking over to look out the window.

SCENE: Briefing room.

CARTER: Thanks to Asgard technology we are in a time dilation bubble. While time may appear to be passing at a normal rate for us, in fact years will pass inside the bubble while mere fractions of a second pass outside the field.

LANDRY: You won't need that much time though?

CARTER: Hopefully not. My plan is to try and make the necessary modifications to the Odyssey so we can take it out of phase, then when we shut down the time dilation field the blast won't hit us.

JACKSON: That would be good.

CARTER: Probably wondering why I didn't just do that in the first place…*small grin*

MITCHELL: *Hands together, head leaning against them* I'm still back on the time thing… CARTER: The Asgard core has time dilation built right into it…it was a quick and easy option…I'm actually going to have to recreate some of Merlin's out of phase technology from scratch *Mitchell is not very happy* with what we have on board. And it could take a while… JACKSON: Just to be sure…how long is a while…in our time?

CARTER: I'm not exactly sure…but we have enough food…and water…for three months…*They all stare at her*

VALA: Three months?

LANDRY: We can ration supplies

VALA: *leans close to Jackson whispering in his ear* I'm going to go crazy…and I'm taking you with me…

CARTER: Of course…if it takes a little longer…

MITCHELL: Woah…woah…longer than three months?

LANDRY: *stands* Bottom line is none of you are gonna have any excuse for being behind on your paperwork. *leaves, Vala forces a laugh, Carter smiling slightly*

SCENES: A long empty corridor, Mitchell dressed in sweats jogs along. Carter works away in the control room with a holographic image of Thor.

THOR: That function is not possible.

Mitchell runs down another corridor.

Landry stands on the bridge staring out at the stars.

Mitchell's turns another corner, while Jackson enters a lard empty room with a small Asgard console in the centre, he activates it a wide circle of holographic information appearing around him.

Mitchell runs down another very long corridor.

Teal'c and Vala are in the store room checking supplies.

VALA: Do you think the Ori warriors could have found a way to get through the time dilation field and over here onto the ship?

TEAL'C: *packing the shelves* No.

VALA: Cause I'm hearing things all the time…are you hearing things…

TEAL'C: I am trying not to…

VALA: Maybe they found a way to ring over but they can't figure out how to secretly shut off the time dilation field so their trying to drive us crazy and make us shut it down ourselves.

TEAL'C: *getting annoyed* No.

VALA: That wasn't a question…

TEAL'C: *Glances at her* No

SCENE: In the control room, Carter briefs the others.

CARTER: Before I tried to build Merlin's out of phase technology I decided to run a simulation. *presses a button, image appears on screen of the odyssey blowing up*

MTICHELL: Are you saying it took two weeks to figure out this idea wouldn't work?

CARTER: *Landry gives Mitchell a look* I'm sorry I've been trying to adjust the parameters now the problem is according to Thor I can't seem to take this ship out of phase before I shut down the field…and once we deactivate the time dilation field we have point 8 6 seconds before the blast hits us and that just isn't enough time to take the ship out of phase.

MITCHELL: Ok…time for plan B.

CARTER: Actually…I ran that simulation too…*moves Asgard crystal* if we beam ourselves into the buffer ready to transport down to the planet and set the time dilation field to deactivate on a timer *another move, another shot of the ship blowing up* the matter stream still doesn't have enough time to fully exit the buffer and get clear of the explosion…

MITCHELL: Fine…plan C we go to the 302's that's how I got off the Korelov…

CARTER: *head hung low, nods* Ran that too…based on the way the Odyssey's gonna be hit compared to the Korelov…it won't work.

MITCHELL: The computers wrong. *Carter rolls her eyes*

JACKSON: Most of the last two scenarios don't preserve the ship or the Asgard knowledge.

CARTER: *looks down* I know…

LANDRY: Ok…it's only been a couple of weeks…

VALA: I'm having a problem with the word only…

CARTER: The good news is…the Asgard have provided us with some truly amazing technology *nobody seems too impressed*

MITCHELL: Just nothing to get us out of this mess.

CARTER: *annoyed* I don't know that yet. However…with only a slight modification to the beaming technology we have a matter converter that will literally allow us to manufacture food…water…oxygen…and pretty much anything we need.

MITCHELL: Except a way of this ship.

LANDRY: You've made your point son. I doubt very much Colonel Carter has even scratched the surface of what's possible…just give her some more time. *leaves…*

SCENE: A shot of the Ori beam suspended in space…Numerous empty corridors of the Odyssey…

Vala lies in bed, tossing from one side to the other, pulling pillows from every direction, going as far as placing one over her head.

Next scene shows bulk head doors opening to reveal Vala standing in a pink nightie with a pair of furry pink handcuffs…Jackson looks at her, then after a minute shuts the doors.

Back in the Gym, Teal'c and Mitchell are squaring off each other once again, Mitchell's skill improving, actually managing to hit Teal'c a number of times surprising him. In the control room, Carter uses the Asgard technology to make a Cello. Jackson stands back in the Room filled with the Asgard knowledge, staring at the information, he eventually shuts it off and leaves.

SCENE: Jackson's quarters. Jackson paces in front of Vala who is sitting on the edge of the bed listening intently.

JACKSON: …I mean all they wanted to do was live a little longer. We're no different. Sequence DNA, cure diseases….and one…fatal mistake and they doom they're entire race. I guess no matter what you do, at the end of the day life is too short.

VALA: I agree.

Jackson turns away leaning against some shelves, he takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes. Vala stands, and after a moment's hesitation, removes her top. Jackson turns back looking at her…

JACKSON: What are you doing?

VALA: *steps forward* Something we should have done a long time ago. *she starts undoing his belt buckle*

JACKSON: Don't do that.

VALA: *small smile* Why not? *He grabs her hands pulling them up to his chest, bites his lip, then pushes her back, turning away from her* We've been here three months Daniel…*he redoes his buckle* three months. *Quietly* you do like…girls?


VALA: oh…well *laughs, waving* I don't see many other options around here…do you? *he looks away, folding his arms* unless…you really…don't find me attractive.

JACKSON: Do you want an honest answer to that question?

VALA: *voice breaking slightly* No….*turns to grab her top*

JACKSON: No seriously….you started this *steps closer* Do you want an honest answer to the question?

VALA: *not looking at him, fumbling to find the opening of her top* No. don't worry about it.

JACKSON: Do you believe I could have any kind of serious feelings for you ?!!

VALA: *stops looking up slightly, turns* I wasn't…suggesting…you have…serious…feelings, Daniel-

JACKSON: Oh! Oh! Oh what? So what? We…sleep together once. Then what? *after a minute* we work together! And you know…even saying that part out loud sounds unbelievable. I mean…*small laugh* come on…*walks away from her* I mean I can't *Vala looks away, sitting back on the bed, her back to Jackson* even imagine what uh-relationship with you would be like…I mean…yes. Yes you've proven yourself to be…trustworthy on a professionally level *moves closer* and for that I am very proud of you but…on a-on a personal level… *stares* Vala come on give me a break. *Tear's begin to run quietly down her cheeks, as she closes her eyes against his words* I mean…at best you're a…you're an emotional, unstable wreck *she bites her lip* but hey I'm not saying I'm much better…*moving back* I'm not saying I'm much better. There was a time when I thought I would….I would never get over my wife. I mean the idea of…*sighs, closing his eyes* being hurt that way again…but I finally got to the place. I finally! For the first time in a long time have gotten to the place where I actually feel I could get close to somebody again. But….not in a million years…a million million *closing her eyes against more tears* years! Would I ever possibly consider that person being you. I mean we are so completely opposite and…wrong for each other its not even funny and the worst part!...the worst part about that is….you know that. And this whole flirty *rubs his nipples* sexual thing that you do…that's just you're way of having a laugh at my expense. So I'm so sorry if I'm not more appreciative of that and I'm so sorry that you're bored. But don't you pretend that its anything else!

He stares at the back of her head, she bites her lip nodding slightly, as he turns away with an angry sigh and leans back against the shelving, dropping his head in his arms. Vala tries to wipe the tears away, taking a shuddering breath.

JACKSON: Don't act like you're hurt… Vala opens up her top, He looks away from her guiltily, as she breathes heavily through the tears, he watches her as she pulls the top on, walking over slowly, she turns away from him as he sits down on the bed beside her.

JACKSON: *He reaches out a hand to touch her back* Hey

VALA: *but she pulls away* Just give me a minute *covering her face with her hands*

JACKSON: look at me.

She shakes her head. He pulls her hair back away from her face, she rubs a hand over her face, taking a deep breath, she looks at him, and Jackson is shocked to see the real hurt in her eyes.

She looks away, eyes closed, He bring a hand to her cheek encouraging her to turn back to him, brushing his thumb against her face, he pulls her closer and kisses her. Her own hand coming to rest against his neck.

As they pull back she opens her eyes to see him smiling slightly.

JACKSON: You better not be messing with me. *he kisses her again, as she wraps her arms round his neck and they fall back against the bed.*

SCENE: Vala walks out of Jackson's quarters, pulling her top on, her hair all over the place, waving back at Jackson as Mitchell runs by. He stops, turns….and stares. She smiles and heads off.

SCENE: Landry's quarters, Landry sprays one of his plants as Mitchell enters.

MITCHELL: General…we need to take our chance with the F-302's.

LANDRY: What I need is a sun lamp…*Mitchell throws his eyes to heaven* this matter converted oxygen just isn't the same… MITCHELL: oh…why is the grand irony of all this lost of everyone but me?

LANDRY: It not…*moving to another small plant*

MITCHELL: Sir at this point we know it's the damn Asgard upgrade that allows the Ori to track us…so even if we manage to save the ship we won't be able to use the technology cause the Ori will come down on us like a bag of hammers.

LANDRY: for now

MITCHELL: Come on sir…its like a bad joke…*Landry continues to look after his plants* we have stranded ourselves here trying to save something we can't use…

LANDRY: I'm not having this conversation again.

SCENE: Landry stands on the bridge staring out at the Ori beam. Carter sits in the commissary, nursing a mug of coffee, when Vala walks in a bounce in her step, sits.

VALA: I want to help you…*Carter smiles weakly*

SCENE: Teal'c and Mitchell continue to spar in the gym, Jackson goes through the Asgard database. Carter sits in the control watching Vala pace.

VALA: The problem is that there isn't enough time to shut off the time dilation field and start a new process…

CARTER: I know…

VALA: I-I-I'm just thinking out loud here…

CARTER: I know…

VALA: *frowns* what is that thing…

CARTER: *looks back at the Cello* ah…it's a cello…I've always wanted to learn how to play… VALA: *smiles* oh…*back to pacing* is it possible to use the time dilation technology to solve our problem?

CARTER: *frowns* how?

VALA: well…obviously it would *leans back on the console but jumps up quickly when it beeps* sorry…obviously it would be great if we could go back in time…and not get into this situation in the first place.

CARTER: *smiles* well slowing down time within a localised field is-s not even close to the same thing as reversing time all together. Its a good thought.

SCENE: In the commissary, the Team all sit together eating, Mitchell wrapping a napkin round a salt shaker.

In the background can be heard the song "Have you ever seen the rain" by Creedence Clearwater revival

MITCHELL: see…what we need is… we need superman to fly around the ship really, really fast…

CARTER: *smiles* oh if you only knew how ridiculous that was…

MITCHELL: No it only sounds ridiculous til you hear yourself say…"I am trapped on a space ship stuck in a time dilation field."

SCENES: The music gets louder, from the outside of the ship we can see Carter in her room, playing the cello.

Landry has converted a store room into his own Garden, with may large plants.

Mitchell continues to jog through the corridors but is almost knocked over by Vala dancing on her roller skates.

Another scene of them all eating together, Jackson say's something to Vala which sends the entire table, including Teal'c into a fit of giggles.

Mitchell sits in one of the F-302's, staring off.

Carter manufactures some tretonin for Teal'c.

Landry continues to stare off of the Bridge Window.

Christmas time, They've got a tree, with gifts underneath, a reef, paper chains, a turkey wine and Mitchell in a Christmas hat. Vala sits in Jackson's lap, a shiny crown of her head, opening one of her Presents as Mitchell leans over the table with some Mistletoe stealing a kiss off Carter and then Vala.

Carter works at her laptop, looking exhausted. Thor's hologram behind her.

THOR: That function is not possible. *she closes her eyes stretching*

Mitchell and Landry play chess in Landry's room

MITCHELL: I hate this ship.

LANDRY: You're a pilot…you love flying.

MITCHELL: In fighters. This is not flying this literally standing still. This is the love boat without the buffet and the band. Besides I only liked flying so much because I didn't know about the Stargate.

In Jackson's room, sitting on the floor at the bottom of his bed, Jackson cradles Vala in his arms, as she cried her heart out. She tries to pull away from him, but he drags her back, holding her tighter.

Mitchell sits in his room, cradling a football, which he then chucks, knocking over his model plane. He gets up, picking it up he throws it in the bin, but then takes that and chucks it at the wall, knocking over his shelves and turning over his bed screaming out in anger.

In the commissary, everyone sits quietly poking at their food.

Carter works again, Thor behind her.

THOR: That function is not possible.

Annoyed she switches him off.

Landry stands once again on the bridge staring out at the stars.

The Song ends.

SCENES: The beam is shown to have gotten a lot closer the sounds of a cello can be heard.

Landry stands on the bridge staring out, looking a lot older, his hair white and much longer, breathing heavy, coughing.

The cello Bow moves expertly over the strings.

Jackson and Vala also looking older, lay cuddled in bed together, her head on his shoulder, his arms wrapped round her.

JACKSON: 20 years today…

VALA: still think Life is too short?

Carter continues to play.

Mitchell and Landry play more chess, Mitchell looking still fit and healthy. Landry has a coughing fit, he stands Mitchell watching him in concern.

Carter's hair has grown much longer and much lighter.

SCENE: Jackson stand in the room filled with Asgard knowledge, his hair grey and long, staring at the writing. Carter leans against the door frame.



CARTER: *walks forward* Why do you do it? Knowing everything you learn is going to die with you?

JACKSON: *smiles, walking over to the console* I know you guys all think I'm crazy but…truth is if I stop…I'll go crazy…besides you haven't given up.

CARTER: yes I have. *He looks at her and sighs*

SCENE: In the infirmary, Landry lies on the bed machines beeping round him, Carter by his side, tears streaming down her face as he struggles to breath.

LANDRY: Stop it.

CARTER: I can't…I'm sorry.

LANDRY: It wasn't your fault. We all would have died long ago if you hadn't done what you did. *he takes her hand* don't give up.

Carter leaves, walking right into Teal'c's arms.

SCENE: in the commissary Mitchell places a hand on Carters shoulder as he sits down. Everyone with their heads bowed low, Vala's head buried in her arms.

SCENE: The beam has moved even closer, Mitchell stares out at it, old and frail, his hair longer and greyer. He walks over to the Table where the others sit. T

eal'c looking older but younger than the others, his hair still black with a white streak, everyone else's completely grey, Jackson's and Carter's just below their shoulders.

MITCHELL: When I said I wanted to get the Team back together, work with you guys…learn from you…*sits* I did not mean every waking moment for the next 50 years.

JACKSON: You said that yesterday…


TEAL'C: And the day before…

VALA: and the day before that…

MITCHELL: Oh… sorry…I'll just shut up now…

JACKSON: No I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything.

CARTER: *Looks antsy, fidgets* I did it…

MITCHELL: *Looks round no one seeming to take any notice of Carter's statement* you did what??

CARTER: I figured out how to reverse time in a localised field.

Vala drops her spoon, Teal'c holds his tea bag in mid-air, while Jackson and Mitchell stare at Carter.

JACKSON: What? *she nods*

VALA: what's the matter?

CARTER: Maintaining the time dilation field for all this time has almost completely depleted the ZPM and the power source in the Asgard core…

MITCHELL: We don't have enough power to make it work…

CARTER: mmm…there's irony for ya huh? *Mitchell stands walking over to the window, Vala stares at Jackson, he stares at his food, Teal'c continues to fiddle with his tea bag* I create the field to buy us more time, I finally figure out how to undo it all and that extra time is what makes it impossible.

JACKSON: are you sure? I mean if you had some more time…could you-

CARTER: *shakes her head*I'm sure…

MITCHELL: Hey Sam…yo-you remember when we were…stuck out of phase.

CARTER: Which time?

MITCHELL: Wh-when you got shot…and you thought you were gonna die and the Ori were gonna destroy that village…

CARTER: Vaguely.

MITCHELL: Yeah…you had me use the power source from an Ori staff weapon to power Merlin's device.

CARTER: *shakes her head* we don't have anything even close to a power source that would be required to keep a reverse time field working for long enough…

MITCHELL: *Looks back out the window* really? *walks over to her* Come with me…*she puts her hand in his, and he walks her over to the window, looking out at the Ori beam, points* what about that?

CARTER: That?...there's no way tha-

SCENE: Control room

CARTER: There's no way to absorb the blast and channel the energy into the Asgard core… MITCHELL: Unless…?

CARTER: unless we re-route the power conduits through out the ship…into the core…and…let the blast hit us…

VALA: The ship will explode…

CARTER yes...but hopefully enough energy from the blast will be channelled into the core to allow it to activate a reverse time field before everything is totally destroyed…

VALA: But we'll be dead…*Jackson places his hand on her arm, squeezing gently, she places a hand over his*

CARTER: if this works we'll only be dead for a few milliseconds and time within the bubble will reverse…and we won't be dead…and the ship won't be destroyed…

MITCHELL; If this works…

CARTER: Yes…I'm not promising anything…

MITCHELL: Its alright…it's a shot...and I say we take it…

VALA: How far back can we go…

CARTER: Only to the point where the time dilation field was created…we can't reverse time for the entire universe…if we go back any further than that we are outside of normal time space again and we create a paradox…that the technology couldn't handle…

JACKSON: Is that gonna be good enough?

CARTER:…I might be able to buy us a little more time…maybe a minute…but…one of us is going to have to stay old…



CARTER: We're talking about reversing time within the field…everything…out age…our memories…*Vala nods* will be undone…

JACKSON: If this works we'll be doomed to repeat history *Vala looks at him*

CARTER: unless we can exclude someone from the field who can steer events in another direction.

MITCHELL: You created the time dilation field to prevent us from being hit by that blast in the first place…you had no choice…

CARTER: Right…we have to sever the Asgard core from the hyper drive controls of else the Ori will be able to follow us when we make the jump into hyperspace…a long time ago in the event that I ever did solve the time issue I created a program that would achieve that very quickly. I'll load it on to a crystal…that way it will only take me a few seconds to shut down the core and jump into hyperspace…

MITCHELL: who said it's gonna be you…

CARTER: right…it makes sense that it be me…


TEAL'C: *staring out the window* I will do it. *they all turn to look at him*

JACKSON: Teal'c you've lost as many years as the rest of us…

MITCHELL: What are you 130 now?

VALA: I don't know…he doesn't look a day over 120 to me

TEAL'C: I have many more years to live… I am the only logical choice.

CARTER: Teal'c…

TEAL'C: I have nut one question…if this should not work?

CARTER: Then the shields would fail and you will die along with the rest of us…

TEAL'C: Then it is settled…

SCENE: Vala and Jackson stand together before the window in Jackson's room.

JACKSON: I want you to know…even if you are gonna forget… that…I wasn't with you all these years…just because we were trapped on this…God awful ship…*they both smile* I was with you because-

VALA: I know. *smiles* and I want you to know that I-

JACKSON: I know…*nods* I know…

SCENE: Mitchell stares out one last time from the bridge window.

CARTER: {on radio} I'm ready.

MITCHELL: Do it Sam.

SCENE: Teal'c stands in a cargo hold, crystal in hand, a shield surround him.

Carter, glasses perched on her nose, deactivates the time dilation field. The blast cuts straight through the ship, blowing it to pieces.

Fire blows around Teal'c as the ship is torn apart…then is stops and everything is sucked back in, the ships repairing the Ori beam reappearing.

Everything re-materialising round Teal'c.

SCENE: Cut back to the first blast that knocked everyone off the feet and stared the first of the fires. However this time as the boys glace back, Teal'c is not there to put the fire out.

JACKSON: Shield's are offline.

MITCHELL: One more hit will take us out.

LANDRY: Colonel Carter!

SCENE: Carter pulls herself to her feet, just as she moves to activate the time dilation device, Teal'c grabs her arms stopping her.

CARTER: Teal'c…what are you doing?

The Ori vessel fires, but the Odyssey is able to move out of the way and jump into hyperspace.

SCENE: Back at the SGC, Teal'c blows out all the candles in his room, as Vala plagues his with questions, pacing.

VALA: Oh come on! It's driving me insane…you know…technically there would be no danger of creating a time paradox because we've already changed future events. You would not be altering the future by telling us about something that's not going to happen anymore…

TEAL'C: Then why do you care?

VALA: 50 or 60 years… something interesting must have happened?! Obviously I hooked up with someone…*he says nothing continuing to blow out his candles* was it you muscles? *she smiles…he pauses, then continues out the door* it can't have been Mitchell can it? General Landry? *she follows*

SCENE: Landry walks down to the Control room.

LANDRY: Dial it up Walter.

HARRIMAN: Yes sir. *Gate starts dialling* Chevron one encoded. *SG-1 enter the Gate room geared up ready to go…*

MITCHELL: That is how we are suppose to travel light years across the galaxy to other planets…

HARRIMAN: Chevron 2 encoded…

MITCHELL: *glances at Teal'c…* you know…I like to think I handled myself well, but I imagine I went a bit crazy cooped up on that ship for so long…

HARRIMAN: Chevron 3 encoded…

JACKSON: You know Teal'c did tell me something's I learned from the Asgard knowledge base…

VALA: *Looks annoyed at Teal'c* he did? *turns to Jackson* like what?

JACKSON: Oh boy…what were they?

HARRIMAN: Chevron 4 encoded.

JACKSON: "Beggars can't be choosers"…*Carter smiles at Teal'c* "better late than never", "look before you leap" *Vala rolls her eyes*

MITCHELL: "The best things in life a free" *Jackson grins*

VALA: Let me guess *mocking* "beauty is only skin deep".

JACKSON: "Silence is golden" *shares a look with Vala*

HARRIMAN: Chevron 5 encoded

MITCHELL: "Jack of all trades, Master of none."

CARTER: *staring up at the gate* "Nothing ventured…nothing gained"

VALA: *meaningful* "Life is too short" *the smile fades from Jackson's face, he whips his head round to look at her, she looks to him, Mitchell smiles*

HARRIMAN: Chevron 6 encoded…

TEAL'C: "Good things come to those who wait…"

CARTER: *frowns* you know… as hard as it is for us not knowing…it must be torture for you not to tell us.

TEAL'C: *they all look at him* Indeed.

HARRIMAN: *Last chevron locks* Chevron 7 is…locked. *Gate activates, wormhole, whooshing towards*

LANDRY: Good luck SG-1.

MITCHELL: Just another everyday mission to save the galaxy sir…


LANDRY: Gods speed.

The five head up the ramp, Teal'c, Mitchell and Carter. Followed by Jackson and Vala.



Transcribed by TARA

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