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SCENE: The Ori ships move forward on their approach, on board one of the ships, Vala has gone into labor, Tomin there with her.

ORI NURSE: Almost now…keep pushing

VALA: *Crying out* I am pushing!! You—Oh!*pushes, the baby cries* is it alright?

ORI NURSE: She's beautiful

VALA: She? *smiles* she. *Tomin goes to look at the child, the nurse looks to Vala and then heads to the door the baby cradled in her arms.* Wait…where are you going I want to see...

The Nurse looks back, regretfully as the doors open revealing a prior, The nurse and Tomin bow their heads

PRIOR: Callum ferderi escent, etourarous ascidiri toleri fontous

VALA: *The nurse leaves* No…I…Can I…Can I hold her…she's my baby…I mean after all I've just been through I want to hold her…

PRIOR: She belongs to all who follow the path, ex munu des trinoo ominous *Tomin bows his head*

VALA: What is it Tomin?

TOMIN: The one…all will learn…*drops to his knees slowly* she is Orisi

PRIOR: such is her purpose. In this vast expanse that is sheltered by evil and led astray she will be the beacon of light in the darkness to the warriors of the Ori, and to all *Vala shakes her head* who follow the true path to salvation with the wisdom of the ages she will lead us to glorious victory over any and all unbelievers…*Tomin smiles at Vala*

The Ori ships jump into hyperspace.


Scene: Back by the supergate, debris moves slowly, with no signs of life but Sam Carter Floating in a space suit by the supergate.

CARTER: *On radio* This is Lt Col Carter, come in please. *she stares out* can anyone hear me? Please respond. If anyone can hear me this is Lt Col Carter please respond.

SCENE: On board an X-302, Mitchell starts to come too, blood marking his forehead

CARTER: *on radio* This is Lt Col Carter. I am in a space suit drifting free approximately 2000 feet off the front right position on the supergate

MITCHELL: Sam? …*kick starts the X-302, the lights coming on* Sam it's me Mitchell can you hear me?

CARTER: *relieved* I can't tell you how good it is to hear your voice.

MITCHELL: Yeah…you too…

CARTER: I saw the Korelev explode.

FLASHBACK SCENE: Mitchell runs towards the X-302, as the Korelev is hit fires start around them, he jumps into the 302 closing the hatch and belts in, as he speeds off the Korelev explodes and the shock wave throws him forward.

MITCHELL: I must have lost consciousness…

CARTER: Daniel?

MITCHELL: …Still on board…I think. *Sam shuts her eyes defeated* What happened to the Ori ships?

CARTER: They left here approximately 4 and a half hours ago…

EMERSON: *on radio* This is colonel Emerson aboard the Odyssey. Colonel Mitchell is that you?

MITCHELL: Yes sir.

CARTER: Thank god…This is Carter…are you in range to beam me back aboard?

EMERSON: I'm afraid that we haven't got beaming capability at this time…Kvasir is working on it…

CARTER: Where were you?

EMERSON: I'm sorry we were out of touch there for a while, we lost all communications in the battle *The Odyssey makes its way towards the supergate…* we got our sub light back online and tracked the Ori safely from a distance using our long-range sensors…till they jumped into hyperspace `bout an hour ago…we're still just getting back our basic operating systems

CARTER: Look uh…hate to be self-centered here…especially given what's just happened but uh…I've only got a couple of hours of life support left here…

EMERSON: I'm aware of your situation Colonel I'll keep you appraised.

MITCHELL: Request permission to come on board sir.

EMERSON: Permission granted.

MARKS: *fiddles with console* Left docking bay is out of commission colonel.


SCENE: On the bridge of the odyssey.

MARKS: Receiving hail.

EMERSON: On screen *walks over to viewer, revealing Teal'c*

TEAL'C: Colonel Emerson.

EMERSON: Teal'c…it's good to see you're ok.

TEAL'C: you as well. This vessel has sustained substantial damage, it has taken sometime to get primary systems back online.

EMERSON: We've been receiving several distress beacons from damaged ships, we've been able to ring aboard a few survivors but our life supports already overtaxed any chance you can take on a few people?

There is a sudden blast of light beside Teal'c, the sound of a Zat, he fires back and the transmission dies.

EMERSON: I'll take that as a no. *to Marks* how are the shields and hyperdrive coming?

MARKS: We have 20% power to shields, Kvasir's concentrating on the Asgard beaming technology, hyper drive is still offline.

EMERSON: How about some good news? Anything?

MARKS: Colonel Mitchell has landed safely.

EMERSON: Thank you. Keep a channel open to that mothership…try and reach Teal'c. *heads off*

SCENE: On board the Lucien alliance Mothership, guards enter weapons poised on Teal'c, as he lays wounded on the ground.

NETAN: Take him to a cell. *two guard pick Teal'c up and drag him off*

SCENE: On board the Odyssey, Mitchell and Emerson walk the corridors.

EMERSON: Why would the first wave just leave us behind? They had to know there were survivors.

MITCHELL: They need witnesses. Their goal is not to kill us all, it's to convert us. They wish us to go forth and tell everybody about how they kicked our asses.

EMERSON: That they did.

MITCHELL: how's Kvasir coming with that Asgard beam?

EMERSON: *radio* Kvasir this is Emerson…please report

KVASIR: *at his console* due to the damage I am rewriting the control code from the beginning and it will be going much faster were I not constantly interrupted

EMERSON: He's working as fast as he can.

MITCHELL: Any of the Korelev crew beam over before the ship was lost.

EMERSON: A half dozen… not Dr Jackson. We located the data recorder, we're working on retrieving it.

MITCHELL: word from Teal'c?

EMERSON: uh…briefly but then we lost the signal. He seems to be in a scuffle over control of the ship.

MARKS: *over intercom* Colonel Emerson to the Bridge.

EMERSON: What is it major?

MARKS: We've re-established contact with the Lucien alliance Mothership sir. They're asking to speak with you.

EMERSON: I'm on my way.

MITCHELL: is earth aware of our situation?

EMERSON: our only long range array that wasn't fried was sensors. Subspace communication is beyond repair *they stop*…still they've got to know something's wrong. We've missed two scheduled check-ins.

MITCHELL: so there's no help.

EMERSON: no…unfortunately there's nothing they can do. Korelev and the odyssey are our only two ships in the galaxy.

MITCHELL: how long can we go on, on current life support?

EMERSON: a day… maybe less… and that's only if we don't take on more survivors.

MITCHELL: *nods* great *they head off again*

EMERSON: yeah.

SCENE: Emerson and Mitchell walk onto the Bridge of the Odyssey

MARKS: Channel is open sir.

EMERSON: *walks over to viewer, Netan on screen*This is colonel Emerson of the Earth ship Odyssey.

NETAN: I am Netan, leader of the Lucian alliance. You will surrender your ship to our control immediately.

MITCHELL: *shifts* you want me to take this one sir?

EMERSON: go ahead.

MITCHELL: *steps forward* hey there… Lt Col Cameron Mitchell. Look we were all in this fight together, weren't we? This is not how allies are suppose to treat each other. Granted we got our butts kicked but we still need each other if we're gonna survive.

NETAN: Our sensors detect your shields at minimum. If you do not capitulate immediately we will open fire.

EMERSON: you'd be destroying the only other ship out here with life support capabilities.

NETAN: You dragged us into this battle knowing it would deplete our forces. I suspect intentionally.

MITCHELL: that's not true. We all lost. Badly. Why don't you tell us your situation maybe we can work something out.

NETAN: The situation is that you will surrender or be destroyed.

MITCHELL: *turns to Emerson quietly* what sort of ordinance do we have on board?

EMERSON: not much…and he's right about our shields. We're sitting ducks.

SCENE: Vala looks out her window as she pulls the covers closer to herself, the door opens.

TOMIN: *enters walking over to Vala* how are you feeling?

VALA: *sits up* Look they can't keep her

TOMIN: she's-

VALA: from me no matter who or what she is…I'm her mother.


VALA: She needs to be fed and cared for…doesn't she?

TOMIN: She's being well cared for…

VALA: I should be allowed to see her.

TOMIN: I spoke with the Prior…

VALA: And?

TOMIN: They've agreed to let you see her.

The door opens again and Tomin immediately drops to his knees, The nurse enters holding the hand of a little girl, around 5 years old.

ADRIA: Hello Mother. *Vala Stares*

SCENE: Back at the superGate, The odyssey and the Mothership sit waiting.

CARTER: Odyssey this is Carter…I don't know what you can see from your vantage point or what your sensors are picking up but from out here that mothership looks pretty badly damaged

SCENE: on the Bridge of the Odyssey.

CARTER: *on radio* I'd be surprised if they were weapons capable.

EMERSON: Thanks Sam.

MITCHELL: They haven't fired yet.

EMERSON: Take us out of weapons range. Lets see what they do.

SCENE: Vala stares at the child.

VALA: Well…I heard that children grow up quickly but this is ridiculous. *laughs, but is cut off by a shooting pain in her stomach.* ah…

Adria walks over placing her hand over Vala's stomach, healing her.

VALA: well, that feels much better…thank you.

ADRIA: You do not believe.

VALA: I don't know what you mean.

ADRIA: You cannot hide your feelings from me. It's alright…I will help you find the path.

VALA: uh?

ADRIA: Hallowed are the Ori

TOMIN: Hallowed are the Ori.

SCENE: Back at Stargate command, Landry stands at the base of the ramp to the active gate.

LANDRY: Bra'tac. What do you know?

BRA'TAC: The Battle did not go well…

LANDRY: We've lost all contact with both Earth ships…

BRA'TAC: we would be lucky if either survived. Word is four Ori ships came through the Chappa'co

LANDRY: Supergate

BRA'TAC: they lay waste to all that stood in their path and then moved on.

LANDRY: we need to get at least one ship out to the scene of that battle. Find out exactly what happened and if there's anybody left who needs help.

BRA'TAC: agreed.

LANDRY: *Looks up to control room* Walter. Dial it up.

SCENE: On the Odyssey, Emerson enters the control room, Mitchell already there waiting to see Kvasir's progress.

EMERSON: How's it going?

MITCHELL: we're just about to test this… *he stares at a stool, as Kvasir activates his control panel, a beam appears on the chair leaving behind…a puddle of Goop*

EMERSON: hmmm…what is that?

MITCHELL: It was suppose to be a sandwich. *looks at Kvasir, hits radio* Sam I'm sorry we're not quite ready yet.

CARTER: Hate to rush you.

MITCHELL: *turns back to Kvasir* can you fix it in time?

KVASIR: I am unsure of where the instability is occurring.

MITCHELL: Simple answer.

KVASIR: I will have to go through the program code again. Line by line.

MITCHELL: That's a no. It's time for plan B. *leaves with Emerson*

CARTER: uh…if you're thinking what I think you're thinking…it won't work…

SCENE: on the bridge of the odyssey.

MITCHELL: Marks do you mind? *Marks gives him the controls* Hang on Sam…we're coming to get you. *he starts up sub light engines.*

CARTER: Aww…boy.

SCENE: Back on the Mothership, the cell door to Teal'c's prison opens, Netan entering with a torture weapon in hand.

NETAN: This is your fault.

TEAL'C: I have already told you all I know about the Ori. Our only hope of defeating their followers is to unite our forces and work together. You have nothing to gain by torturing me.

NETAN: That is where you are wrong… I am very, very angry right now. And causing you a great deal of pain will make me feel better. *Teal'c screams out in pain*

SCENE: Between the bridge of the Odyssey and Carter in space. The odyssey moves towards Carter.

CARTER: Look…the sub light engines don't have that much control if you hit me…even at minimum velocity…

MITCHELL: I am not going to hit you. Not on purpose.

We see a shot of the odyssey passing by Carter,

CARTER: even if you get me passed the shields, the artificial gravity will kick in…a fall from even 30 feet in this suit-

MITCHELL: Sam stop worrying Kvasir is riding the controls manually.

KVASIR: You're going to fast.

MITCHELL: This tub doesn't go any slower. Initializing 5% reverse thrust. *Carter passes through the shields in the docking bay.* Got her, initializing 20% reverse thrust. Kvasir take her down lightly.

Carter is slowly brought down to the ground with a thump, a med unit rushes in.

AIRMAN: *on radio* we have her sir. she's ok

EMERSON: Nice flying

MITCHELL: Yeah some days you get lucky.

SCENE: Sickbay, Mitchell enters with Marks, Sam sitting up in bed.

CARTER: Thank you.

MITCHELL: *They shake hands* you're welcome. Yeah I was going to say no sweat but there was definitely sweat involved. A serious case…I think it was perspiration

CARTER: *small smile* any news on Teal'c?

MITCHELL: No…but we have something else. *points at Marks*

MARKS: We downloaded the black box data from the Korelev *hands her laptop*

MITCHELL: We know that six people got off using beaming technology before it went up. none of them was Jackson. However…*points*

CARTER: The rings were activated.

MITCHELL: You bet'cha.

FLASHBACK SCENE: Back at the scene of the battle, the ships firing on each other. ON board the Korelev, they are taking heavy fire, sparks flying from everywhere

OFFICER: Sir! Sensors are indicating inside energy fluctuations in their shields coinciding with their own weapons fire

CHEKOV: Beam a nuke on board. *Another shot outside The Ori ships sustaining no damage.*

OFFICER: Odyssey is reporting no success with the beam weapons aboard enemy ships.

JACKSON: What about rings…? I know they use it…the matter stream might get through…

CHEKOV: How can we lock on?

JACKSON: Just set our rings to go to wherever the nearest set is. It's worth a shot.


JACKSON: Move closer, I'm on it.

CHEKOV: I want that war head transported to the ring room now. Take us closer to the nearest enemy ship.

Outside a Mothership is destroyed.

FLASHBACK SCENE: Ring room, Jackson fiddles with the crystals while two Russians set the war head

JACKSON: Set it to go off 5 seconds after activation

Another shot from the Ori ship is fatal, venting atmosphere, the war head moves out of place the two airman knocked out, Jackson hits the buttons and jumps into the center of the rings as the Korelev is destroyed.

SCENE: On board an Ori ship, a troop of men march down the corridor, as they pass, we see Jackson peeking out from the corner.

SCENE: Back at Stargate command, Woolsey sits in Landry's office as Landry walks round him

WOOLSEY: You don't know where the enemy ships are or what they're capable of?

LANDRY: All we know is they cut through two of our 304's, an Asgard ship and a fleet of Goa'uld motherships.

WOOLSEY: They could be on their way here as we speak.

LANDRY: We sent the best we had to stop them…

WOOLSEY: The IOA is considering bringing the Atlantis ZPM to Earth for use in the Antarctic Earth defense system.

LANDRY: Even if we had a ship it would take a minimum of 3 weeks for the ZPM to get here. And there's no guarantee the ancients weapon platform in Antarctica would be anymore effective against the Ori ships than what we've already thrown at them. As usual the IOA is wasting their breath. You know…if I had the salaries they pay those idiot blow hard politicians to put into my budget…*sits* I'm sorry did I say that out loud?

SCENE: Vala walks down the corridor to Aria's Quarters, two guards stand at the door letting her in.

ADRIA: Hello mother…you need not be afraid. *The camera pans to reveal a 8 year old child*

VALA: Are you actually going to stop growing at some point because…well…at this rate you're going to have a very short life.

ADRIA: *nods to her lady's in waiting and they leave* I'm glad you worry for me. Are you feeling better?

VALA: I am. Thank you.

ADRIA: I am very hungry. *walks over to table* Would you like something to eat?

VALA: ok *walks over to sit across from her*

ADRIA: *eats* you have Questions…

VALA: Do you have a name?

ADRIA: They call me Orisi.

VALA: Yeah…it's not much of a name is it?

ADRIA: What would you like to call me?

VALA: Well…I always thought if I had a daughter that I'd name her after my mother…she was a very…strong woman. Her name was Adria. *smiles*

ADRIA: I like that. Adria. *Vala grins, Adria frowns, angry* you think that by naming me you will humanize me. *Vala's smile fade* make me more like you. More sympathetic to your point of view.

VALA: How do you know what you know?

ADRIA: The Ori wove their knowledge into my genetic makeup…at least…as much as my human brain could hold…all their knowledge is far too much for us to possibly comprehend…the understanding of an infinite universe is obviously without boundaries.

VALA: then…you're not actually one of them…

ADRIA: I'm the closest I can be…in the form of flesh and blood…

VALA: isn't their a part of you that's from me?

ADRIA: of course…you are my mother.

VALA: Exactly. *stands, pacing* and as you're mother you will listen to me young lady. There will be no leading of these ships and armies of a mass murdering crusade or else. *Adria watches her, Vala bends to her level* ah…it was worth a try

ADRIA: I know why you believe what you do…but the ancients are the ones who have lied to you…they are the ones who long ago tried to destroy the Ori for their beliefs…not the other way round. Only the Ori share all they learn…the ancients have kept the basic truth of you're existence from you. *Vala walks away* They have hoarded their knowledge and been dishonest about everything. Contrary to what they've told you the Ori most certainly do ascend their followers…and the ancients are the ones sapping energy from humans in this galaxy to empower themselves, that is why they created you. To give them the strength to destroy the Ori, once and for all. That is why all those who cannot be made to see the true path must be destroyed or all will be lost to evil.

VALA: Are you saying this is all preemptive strike…self defense?

ADRIA: it matters not what you call it…the cause is just. And the truth will see us through to victory…

VALA: do you really believe that? Or are you just hoping I will?

ADRIA: *takes a step back* why don't you believe me mother?

VALA: I don't know.

ADRIA: you choose to take the word of an ancient over your daughter, what have the ancients done to earn your trust…

VALA: about as much as you…

ADRIA: in the end… only you can decide the fate of your own soul.

SCENE: Back at the battle site, two motherships appear behind the mothership of the Lucien Alliance

MARKS: Two mother ships just dropped out of hyperspace…

EMERSON: Come about…let's face them head on…

MARKS: The Lucien Alliance ship is hailing us again.

NETAN: Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded or you will be destroyed. I assure you captain…I am quite capable of following through this time.

MARKS: *Emerson looks at him* Shields at 30%, they won't stand up to much.

MITCHELL: *Grabs his radio* Sam we've got company how's that hyperdrive coming?

SCENE: Carter looks over the crystals, glances at Kvasir

CARTER: not well…Kvasir is still working on the beaming technology…

SCENE: Bridge of Odyssey

MARKS: Sensors indicate that motherships are powering weapons.

SCENE: Vala enters her quarters, slowing as if sensing something's off, a figure moves from the shadows, weapon trained on her, he removes his hood as she turns. It's Jackson, he holds a finger to his lips

JACKSON: Long story.

VALA: are you alone?

JACKSON: yes…*looks her over* what happened to you?

VALA: *looking at his pistol* what do you mean? *he glances down at her stomach she looks down before realizing* Oh…I had a baby. You know…*hits his shoulder* I never thought I'd agree with my father but Now I'm starting to remember how he use to go on about how you nurture them, and then you raise them…and you tech them the best that you can and all they do is break your hearts. I always assumed that his experience was just tainted by me…

JACKSON: *nods* what are you talking about?

VALA: well she started off all sweet and innocent to begin with and now she's hell bent on domination of the galaxy…

JACKSON: what? How old she is?

VALA: a few hours. * Jackson raises an eyebrow* the Ori used me to sneak one of their own over the border. This child is their way of cheating the ascended rule book. Well they couldn't exactly encroach on our galaxy themselves without getting in a confrontation with the ancients right? So they created their own human representative with their knowledge to lead their armies

JACKSON: sort of an uber prior like Vadossi?

VALA: Oh but she's much worse than that…the priors are just pawns, she knows the score she's complicit with the Ori. You should have heard the propaganda that she just tried to feed me…

JACKSON: wait, wait, wait, wait…we're talking about a baby here right?

VALA: oh…she's been genetically altered she'll be a fully grown figure head in a day or so. *turns* if she takes after her mother she'll have a pretty good figure too…

JACKSON: this is bad.

VALA: you're telling me…origins about to become a lot more appealing to the males of this galaxy

JACKSON: do you have any idea where we're going?

VALA: no…*turns back* that she wouldn't tell me…she knows I'm not on her side… she's still hoping I'll see the light. Part of her can't help but feel tied to me, she wanted me to give her a name.


VALA: Adria…told her it was my mothers…


VALA: step-mother witch of a woman

JACKSON: and the more I'm getting to know you the more I'm starting to understand.

VALA: huh?

JACKSON: nothing.

VALA: do you know what's strange Daniel?


VALA: she has the knowledge of ascended beings, twisted though it may be…but I sense that there is a part of her that is just like any other kid that wants her mothers approval. So I'm hoping I can use that somehow…I mean why else would she care what I think

JACKSON: yeah I know…I'm a little more concerned about getting off this ship. I mean there's only so long I can hide

VALA: Hide!


VALA: hide!*coughs, a figure appears in the window of the door, Jackson make a mad rush to behind the bed, as Tomin enters* hi…

TOMIN: What?

VALA: Hi…long day?

TOMIN: Ah I'm exhausted. I see you're up and around, *as he moves towards the bed she turns him and pushes him back down on the bed, moving beside him*

VALA: Much better…mmmm…*kisses him*

SCENE: Behind the odyssey 3 mother ships drop out of hyperspace.

MARKS: Three more ships just emerged from Hyper space.

MITCHELL: They're flanking us.

MARKS: Receiving hail.

EMERSON: On screen.

BRA'TAC: *Appears on screen* greetings.

MITCHELL: Bra'tac. Greeting back at'cha. Heads up the Lucien alliance is just about to open fire on us.

BRA'TAC: I have already demanded that they stand down. Or face us in battle.

MARKS: *alarms bleeping* They're firing weapons.

The two Mother ships Fire on Netan's ship. On board the Odyssey they all stand watching in disbelief.

EMERSON: What the hell are they doing?

MITCHELL: Carter now or never.

KVASIR: I have a lock. *The mother ship is destroyed. Teal'c is beamed aboard the Odyssey*

CARTER: *grabs radio* Bridge we have Teal'c…you ok?

TEAL'C: I have been better…

CARTER: *On radio* medical team to auxiliary control room 2.

The two motherships jump into hyperspace.

EMERSON: I guess we've all had enough fighting for one day,

MITCHELL: They just didn't want us to be able to salvage the ship when they turned tale and ran.

SCENE: Tomin and Vala relax on the bed together, Jackson still hiding down the side.

TOMIN: After everything you've been through, after everything you've seen how can you still not believe in the Ori?

VALA: you think I don't?

TOMIN: the Orisi is a truth seer

VALA: she is a child….little girls always have issues with their mothers…

TOMIN: are you saying you do believe in the Ori? *Jackson grips his pistol, listening*

VALA: why are you hear with me, of you doubt my devotion.

TOMIN: because I love you. Because I am still hoping I can save your soul. *They kiss. There is a bright light as the ship drops out of hyperspace a sound rings out, Tomin looks up, moving her he gets up*

VALA: what? Where are you going?

TOMIN: I'm called to duty.

Tomin leaves, Vala sighs as Jackson pulls himself up.

VALA: And here I was hoping I could save him.

SCENE: Sickbay on the Odyssey, Bra'tac enters with Mitchell, Carter and Teal'c already there.

BRA'TAC: I'm glad to see you alive.

TEAL'C: *they grip each others arm in greeting* It is good to be alive old friend.

MITCHELL: We just got some bad news.

BRA'TAC: The Ori ships have been located, moments ago they emerged from hyperspace over Chula.

SCENE: The Ori ships destroy the motherships in orbit over Chulak as they move towards the planet, several of its fighters fly our from the ships to engage the death gliders and hatak's near the surface.

SCENE: Emerson, Bra'tac and the remaining members of SG-1 move down the corridor.

EMERSON: Why Chulak?

BRA'TAC: Perhaps because it is where the Jaffa rebellion against the Goa'uld began. No matter. We must not abandon them.

EMERSON: Well as soon as we get a hyperdrive back, we have to head to earth for repairs… someone's got to stick around keep an eye on that supergate.

CARTER: We may not be able to stop the Ori ships from coming through but we should at least know if they do.

BRA'TAC: We will leave a small contingency in a cloaked scout ship behind.

MITCHELL: Can you expect back up?

BRA'TAC: It is unlikely…the remaining Jaffa fleet defends Dakara…

MITCHELL: You've only got three motherships…we had a lot more than that here and we couldn't stop'em.

BRA'TAC: WE can not merely stand by while our brother and sisters fall.

MITCHELL: Sam I'm going with them.

CARTER: um…me too…*Bra'tac goes to activate the rings*

EMERSON: It's suicide

CARTER: well for Teal'c and Bra'tac that's not really an argument against going.

EMERSON: But what about you?

CARTER: However remote there is still a chance that Daniel is alive on board one of those Ori ships… he may need our help.

EMERSON: You really believe that?

CARTER: You don't know them like we do…

EMERSON: Good luck. *sound of the rings activating*

SCENE: One of the Ori ships lands on Chulak. Vala watches as a troop passes her door, before shutting it.

VALA: Looks like a ground incursion is about to begin.

JACKSON: *staring out the window* we're on Chulak…with most of the warriors out there fighting Jaffa, we might be able to get off this ship undetected…

VALA: We have an opportunity here.

JACKSON: yes I was thinking that but we don't know what powers that child might have.

VALA: she is the key to the whole invasion…if we could somehow capture her, take her with us, turn her against the Ori…then she would become the most powerful weapon we could have against them.

JACKSON: that's a big if.

VALA: what have you got?

JACKSON: nothing.

VALA: worth a try then?

JACKSON: uhh…*shrugs*

VALA: you're gonna need a better disguise. *they head for the door* I know where the armory is… *they both head out into the corridor* they have stun weapons like zat guns, I'll distract her while you sneak up and stun-*they disappear round the corner, Tomin appears following them*

SCENE: On board Bra'tac's mothership, on the bridge.

MITCHELL: There's kind of a skeleton crew on board. How many more Jaffa do you have on the other ships

BRA'TAC: Not many…Getting the council to relinquish three hatak was difficult enough. The crew I had to assemble personally…

MITCHELL: So we're out matched in man power, fire power and technology. Do we have any sort of battle strategy or are we planning on dropping out of hyper space and getting our asses kicked. *they all look at him* hey I'm all about noble death, pointless noble death on the other hand

CARTER: The Korelev log indicated that they were attempting to use the rings to get a nuke through a fluctuation in the Ori ships shields that was coinciding with the firing of their main weapons.

MITCHELL: Great so we'll use the other two ships to draw their fire while we sneak around their backside and jam a big old nuke up their tailpipe.

CARTER: But we don't have any nukes.

MITCHELL: Do you have any fancy Jaffa bombs?

TEAL'C: We have explosives that should be effective.

CARTER: Alright…as soon as we drop out of hyperspace, I'll start broadcasting on all radio channels, if Daniel's still alive hopefully he'll get the message that we're here and he can ring aboard.

MITCHELL: *moves forward* there you go…*slaps Bra'tac on the back, leaving a tacking beacon.* now we got a plan.

SCENE: Jackson and Vala walk down the corridor towards Adria's quarters, Jackson suited out in the armor of the warriors of the Ori.

JACKSON: You know if she's anything like the priors she may have powers like them.

VALA: that's why I'll go in first try and get her back turned to the door so she doesn't see you coming. Now you've learned that the priors need to be focused in order for their powers to work… so when you hear the catch phrase come in firing, and anyone else in the room shouldn't be a problem

JACKSON: *They stop, he opens up the weapon on his arm* are you sure this thing just stuns?

VALA: the staff thing kills…that's less potent but if you shoot that at someone several times it will probably kill. *they both nod, he moves to stand guard as Vala enters the room.*

SCENE: In Adrias room.

VALA: Adria…it's me.

ADRIA: Come in mother.

VALA: *moves in towards the bedroom, where a 12 year old Adria sits.* Are you alright? Why are you sitting here alone in the dark? *two candles bust into flame*

ADRIA: The knowledge in my mind is growing as I am…It's a lot to take in…makes my head ache.

VALA: I can imagine. *Adria looks at her* uh…actually no I can't…but I'm sure it's rough.

SCENE: The mother ships drop out of hyperspace two immediately firing on the Ori vessels. The other maneuvering round them.

CARTER: It's chasing them

BRA'TAC: moving into flanking position…

Mitchell places a Jaffa explosive in the middle of the rings.

SCENE: In Adria's room, Vala stares out the window.

ADRIA: what are you doing?

VALA: I'm looking out on Chulak…are you interested in the planet you are conquering?

ADRIA: have you been here before?

VALA: once. What do you know of the Jaffa…?

ADRIA: they are proud people…confused about the ways to salvation. They have been misled by parasites posing as gods for many generations…but in their hearts, I believe they know that ascension is the true goal of our existence.

VALA: then why are you slaughtering them?

SCENE: on the bridge of Bra'tac's Mothership and Jackson outside Adrias room.

CARTER: This is Lt Col Samantha carter calling any survivors of the Earth ship Korelev. Repeat This is Lt Col Samantha carter calling any survivors of the Earth ship Korelev please come in

JACKSON: *pulls the radio from his pouch…* Sam it's me Daniel…

CARTER: Daniel…I knew you'd made it.

JACKSON: Yeah it's good to hear for you too… look I'm kinda in the middle of something right now…

CARTER: We're in orbit trying to blow up one of the Ori ships…

JACKSON: Yeah I'm on one of the ships that has landed on the planet…I'm going to have to tell you the rest later… requesting radio silence. *turns off radio.*

SCENE: The Ori destroy one of the Motherships.

BRA'TAC: I am detecting the fluctuation in their shields almost in range…

CARTER: The good news is I just made contact with Daniel. We were right he's alive and on board the Ori ship that landed on the planet.

MITCHELL: Alleluia what's the bad news?

CARTER: We just lost one of our motherships. If our plan doesn't work this will be a very short battle.

BRA'TAC: We are in range.

CARTER: Now they're firing…Send it! *Teal'c hits the buttons, rings activate, they wait but nothing happens* It should have gone off by now.

SCENE: In Adria's room

ADRIA: They must embrace their destiny.

VALA: well then…hallowed are the Ori…

ADRIA: Please mother. It is blasphemous for an unbeliever to speak those words

VALA: no really…you're…you're starting to make sense to me now…I'm really coming around…… Hallowed are the Ori…*looks to the door as it opens, Jackson enters hand raised in surrender, with Tomin behind him*

SCENE: The second mothership is destroyed, as Bra'tac opens fire on the Ori ship.

CARTER: We just lost another mothership…

MITCHELL: Lets get Jackson on board and get the hell out of here…

BRA'TAC: I am sorry colonel Mitchell that is not the plan… *hits buttons on control panel*

MITCHELL: Bra'tac what are you doing?

TEAL'C: I believe he intends to ram the enemy vessel…

MITCHELL: Yeah I got that. That'll kill us.

CARTER: I think he knows that.

TEAL'C: Indeed.

MITCHELL: Teal'c this is crazy…not the good kind of crazy you know that.

TEAL'C: What would you have me do colonel Mitchell?

MITCHELL: Talk to him. *Teal'c does nothing*

CARTER: Chances are we'll just impact the shield. We won't do any damage to them…

MITCHELL: What you think you're making some kind of a statement? *Bra'tac gives him a look* hey I know this is your ship we didn't have to come along…and maybe it is better to die in battle I don't know…I was never really hoping to find out… but I do know one thing…there's no point in dying if you're going to lose anyway…not when you have a choice.

SCENE: In adria's room, Tomin has his weapon trained on Jackson

TOMIN: They were conspiring against you.

ADRIA: Yes I know. Kill him

VALA: No! *she moves to stand between Jackson and Tomin* wait…we want to talk to you.

TOMIN: Move!

ADRIA: I said kill him. *Tomin moves to fire on Jackson*

VALA: No!! *she moves pushing Jackson out of the way and in the process gets hit herself.*

ADRIA: Mother! *she rushes over, Tomin dropping his weapon and doing the same.*

TOMIN: Vala! *she cries out in pain, Adria starts to heal her, but Jacked stuns her and then Tomin*

VALA: You could have waited until she had finished healing me.

JACKSON: ah…she was distracted, *helps her up*

VALA: leave me…grab her.

JACKSON: oh yeah like that's gonna happen… *suddenly a line of fire appears before the doors as they open revealing a prior.*

SCENE: The Odyssey drops out of hyper space.

EMERSON: Colonel Mitchell. Colonel Carter this is Emerson, come in… what's your status.

MITCHELL: *grabs radio* beam us on board.

MARKS: Enemy ships have detected our presence…moving into range.

MITCHELL: You should have four beacons transmitting. *Bra'tac looks at him* I planted one on you earlier. Just in case…

EMERSON: do it. *They are beamed aboard just as the Mothership impacts the Ori shield, blowing to pieces the Ori ship sustaining no damage.*

SCENE: The prior moves forward, Jackson tries to stun him but the weapon doesn't work…The prior moves through the fire as Jackson pulls his pistol aiming it at Adria.


The Prior takes the weapon from him in a swift motion, a beam of light appears on Jackson he quickly grabs Vala taking her with him. The Odyssey jumps into Hyperspace.

SCENE: Odyssey moves through hyperspace, in the sick bay, Vala lies in bed, SG-1 Surrounding her.

CARTER: You were lucky the ship on the planet had lowered its shields.

VALA: You should have grabbed for Adria not me…

JACKSON: No…I'm thinking I should of shot her when I had the chance

CARTER: Daniel…you couldn't have killed a child.

JACKSON: She's not a child. She's an Ori in the body of a human.

MITCHELL: Isn't that cheating?

CARTER: Well, Orlin broke the rules by taking human form and telling us the truth about the Ori.

MITCHELL: Yes and he paid for that. *Carter nods* no offence but I think this kids going to be a big problem.

VALA: hmm…She'll be fully grown in a matter of days.

MITCHELL: See cheating.

JACKSON: Yeah…I've got to admit the ascended rule book is getting a little hard to understand.

MITCHELL: You know I don't think there really is one.

TEAL'C: There usually never are rules in a war.

MITCHELL: unfortunately right now there is no war. *gets off the bed he was sitting on* in a war you've got two sides fighting. All we have is a lot of winning by the bad guys. They have troops and ships in our territory and a supergate to bring in more any time they need'em.

CARTER: I remember when we first opened the gate…the Goa'uld had total domination over the galaxy…they had massive technological superiority over us. Lot of people didn't think we had a chance. *looks at Mitchell*

MITCHELL: I'm not saying we should give up. I'll fight to my dying breath. I just think we need a new plan. *they all nod in silent agreement* a damn good one.

The End
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