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Script vo du 1002

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SCENE: Carter and Vala enter the Gateroom, Mitchell already waiting at the bottom of the ramp of the active Gate. Teal'c comes through making his way down to them.

TEAL'C: Six more worlds have fallen to the Ori. *Gate deactivates* Two were Jaffa strongholds, they attempted to resist but were overwhelmed in a matter of hours. *steps in front of Vala* according to those who witnessed the battle, the enemy is led by a young woman of extraordinary powers *All three look at Vala, who glances down*

SCENE: Teal'c, Mitchell and Carter walk down the corridor from the Gateroom, Vala following behind.

MITCHELL: six planets in eight days, they don't even have their full team in the field yet

CARTER: Why haven't they made a move against Earth

TEAL'C: in all probability, the ancient device in Antarctica is giving them pause.

MITCHELL: at least until the rest of their battle fleet gets here.

JACKSON: I got it! *rushes round the corner as all the others turn back to see what he wants* Got it! *slows* I made the connection. Circle wain de gowcamay doluca and allowyn, Vagonbray…

CARTER: *looks at Mitchell* and you say I'm hard to understand.

JACKSON: Oh…oh…oh…I…it's uh… Vagonbray. One of the planets Arthur and his knights went to in their quest for the holy grail. I got the gate address.


SCENE: Briefing room, Jackson walk round the table where Landry, Vala and the rest of SG-1 are sat.

JACKSON: well on PX-167 we got the names of 3 planets. Castianna, Sahal and Vagonbray…three possible destinations for Arthur and his knights in the Quest for the holy grail, What we know to be Merlin's weapon. *sits down between Mitchell and Vala* Unfortunately what we didn't get were any corresponding gate addresses, and the process of going through that library page by page, looking for clues could have potentially taken years. I knew we were going to have to narrow the search parameters a little. That's when it hit me. Sir Gawain. *Vala passes him one of the books before her, open to the necessary page*

MITCHELL: wasn't he one of the knights who say's nee.

JACKSON: he was a knight of the round table and one of his earliest incarnations an old welsh tale, *passes the book forward to Landry* he went on a quest to help rescue a lost love, the legend says that Sir Gawain, AKA gowcamay visited several lands over the course of his adventure, including a place called "Glad gong bweny on gueer" which is welsh for "the land of royal Truth" translate that into ancient and you get "mirrus gen bry" *Grins* Vagonbray…

CARTER: so how does that get us a gate address?

JACKSON: uh…it doesn't *Vala opens the next book to the necessary page* but it did give me something very specific to look for in Merlin's library namely references to Gawain. *takes book from Vala* now based on this information I started scanning through the titles and I found this…*passes the book before Landry* now the entire volume is dedicated to Gawain's adventures, includes several very interesting illustrations including a depiction of a sword he once carried, note the symbols engraved on the blade.

LANDRY: *looking at the text, with the image of the sword, the symbols down the side* A gate address.

MITCHELL: Vagonbray…

JACKSON: well we won't know til we check it out.

LANDRY: well done doctor. Colonel Carter, what's the status of the Ori supergate?

CARTER: any attempts we've made to dial out to the Ori galaxy have failed. It looks like they're blocking us from their end.

TEAL'C: there is a mothership in that area that will alert us to the arrival of any other ships.

LANDRY: more ships? *stands, the other following suit* we can hardly deal with the ones that are already here. You have a go, find that weapon.

CARTER: Yes sir.

VALA: will do

LANDRY: I was talking to SG-1. You're not going anywhere. *leaves, Vala looking defeated.*

SCENE: Landry's office, Landry picks up the first of many mission reports to review, when there's a knock at his door and Jackson enters, closing the door behind him.

JACKSON: …General I'm hoping you might reconsider your decision and allow Vala to come with us.

LANDRY: Given everything she's put you through you're the last person I would have expected to ask me that.

JACKSON: yes sir and…I'm hoping that impresses on you just how strongly I feel about this. *sighs* look…I…I know she's no angel she's-she's lied…she's stolen, she's cheated, she's misrepresented herself…she's…lied. But she…also risked her life to warn us that the Ori were on their way and almost sacrificed herself to shut down the very first Ori supergate.

LANDRY: I understand the contributions she's made, the truth is the pentagon isn't willing to roll the dice on her.

JACKSON: but you could convince them otherwise. *Landry gives him a look* see…10 years ago General Hammond sat in that very chair and he was faced with uh…similar decision…as former first prime to Apophis Teal'c had committed some terrible crimes.

LANDRY: …as the former first prime to Apophis, Teal'c provided valuable insight to the enemies resources and tactics…

JACKSON: …and as the mother to the leader of the Ori army, Vala may hold the key to stopping them.

LANDRY: if I push this issue…and the pentagon agrees to let her join you on offworld missions then I'd be the one, ultimately held accountable for her actions.

JACKSON: yes sir. *bites lip, nods* I understand sir. *heads for the door*

LANDRY: so I'd be counting on you to keep her in line.

JACKSON: *looks back* yes sir. *leaves, Landry looks up, small grin*

SCENE: Jackson walks downstairs, kitted out for the mission, Vala waiting for him

VALA: *bounces* So… can I go on the mission?

JACKSON: No…*Vala stops bouncing, walking with him* you're not cleared for offworld travel yet…you still have to go through uh… psych evaluation.

VALA: *holds up hands* what's that?

JACKSON: a…sort of an interview given to all perspective SGC personnel designed to assess a person's psychological state…uh…get a sense of their mental wellbeing…

VALA: oh…*sound of gate dialing* to find out if I'm…*waves hands, lowing a raspberry with her mouth* wonko?

JACKSON: Right. So they're going to sit you down in a little room get you talking about yourself and…ask you a few questions…

VALA: so…it's a test.

JACKSON: sort of.

VALA: and all I have to do is pass? *Jackson stops, turning to her* how hard can that be?

JACKSON: uhhh…

VALA: well I'll have to do some research, I'm going to use your computer while you're away on this mission. *starts to head off, Mitchell walking towards them*

JACKSON: You know…I'd prefer if you didn't…there's a lot of sensitive material in ther-

VALA: Great! Uh…I'll be careful.

JACKSON: uhh…!

MITCHELL: time to go…

JACKSON: uhh…look I said no. and you can't access it without my password.

VALA: already got it. *jumps* thanks *runs round the corner*

JACKSON: I-! *Mitchell grabs him from his collar dragging him to the gate* ashub-

SCENE: Wormhole, On the planet, the village looks dark and abandoned.

MITCHELL: This place is deader than a Texas Salad bar

JACKSON: Hello?! *Teal'c tugs lightly on the back of a bench, which falls* Hello?!

TEAL'C: It is obvious this village has long since been abandoned.

SCENE: In Jackson's lab, Landry knocks, walking in as Vala looks up from the computer.

VALA: General, what brings you by? *turns back to computer*

LANDRY: *walks over* I thought I'd see how you were getting along.

VALA: hmmm…

LANDRY: what are you doing?

VALA: *waves* Just a little research for my upcoming mental appraisal…

LANDRY: *chuckles* well you can't cram for a psychiatric evaluation…

VALA: *makes notes* that's what they want you to think…it's a battle of wits…my mind against theirs…they'll try and confuse me with their trick questions…but I already have the correct answers.

LANDRY: there are no correct answers.

VALA: for instance when they ask me *reads notes* "what do you consider your biggest flaw?"

LANDRY: no…they won't ask that question…

VALA: my answer will be…that I feel I am too much of a perfectionist… *looks at him grinning* you see…I…I…uh…put a positive spin on a negative.

LANDRY: Yes…that was very transparent.

VALA: *looks back at notes* Question 2… you are in the desert…you see a tortoise lying on his back, in the hot sun…*Landry leaves* you recognize his plight but do nothing to help…why? …hmmm…why… *realizing* because…*makes notes* you are also a tortoise.

SCENE: SG-1 enter one of the very old, abandoned houses, Jackson moving into the other room, pops his head back out.

JACKSON: Guy's…you should…uh… take a look at this.

They all enter a bedroom and on the bed lies to decomposing bodies.

MITCHELL: ooh…I though I liked to sleep in.

SCENE: Mitchell and Carter walk through the town to greet the med team as they arrive.

CARTER: Dr Reimer.

REIMER: Colonel Carter… colonel Mitchell…I understand you've got a bit of a medical mystery on your hands.

MITCHELL: what we have here is a village full of skeletons.

CARTER: we found a few lying on the ground but most seem to have died in their beds… I think we can rule out violence.

REIMER: anything left besides bones?

MITCHELL: sorry doc… what ever happened here, happened a long time ago.

REIMER: Let's go take a look.

SCENE: Jackson has discovered a library, and is pawing through the texts making notes.

TEAL'C: did the village records give an indication to what befell these people?

JACKSON: no… but it does make mention of some ancient lord type in the area…*reading* see according to legend a cave overlooking the village was once home to Morgan le Faye, *looks at Teal'c grinning, Teal'c has no idea what he's talking about* uh…in Arthurian myth Morgan was a powerful sorceress, King Arthur's half sister, and an adversary of Merlin.

TEAL'C: That would suggest she may have had a hand in the disappearance of the weapon we seek.

JACKSON: now, Morgan, like Merlin, was a potent magic user, so it makes sense that again like Merlin she was once ascended…

TEAL'C: the one who foresaw the dangers of presented to her and her kind by a weapon capable of destroying ascended beings.

JACKSON: so she took the weapon from Merlin and went into hiding?

TEAL'C: on three possible worlds…this being one.

JACKSON: we've got to find that cave.

SCENE: SG-1 plus a member of the med team, Ackerman, make their way through the forest, towards the caves.

ACKERMAN: Why did I have to tag along on this little hike?

MITCHELL: got somewhere else you need to be?

ACKERMAN: Yeah, home in bed. Got pulled off inoculation duty on 865 to come here and pull a double shift. I've been up 18 hours straight. *Teal'c stops the other slowing too*

JACKSON: what is it?

TEAL'C: Birds.

CARTER: what birds?

TEAL'C: my point exactly…I first noticed in the here in the forest as well…an unusual stillness…there are no birds…or any other animal for that matter

MITCHELL: right…so what happened to them? *takes point.*

SCENE: Vala enters a room, where a man stands drinking coffee

HUTCHENSON: uummm…Vala. I'm Dr. Hutchinson. *Vala moves forward, shaking his hand* oh…have a seat. *they sit* so…how are you feeling?

VALA: very well…very well…well…you know all things considered…I mean… you'd assume I'd be a prime candidate for an acculturation difficulty enduring feelings of…displacement and alienation. Perhaps even a little paranoid-ideation. Hmm? But the truth is I was able to adopt an abstract attitude which allowed me to…release some of my repressed feelings ultimately providing me with a cathartic actual relaxation. *he nods, watching her* how are you feeling?


SCENE: In the cave, Ackerman has fallen asleep to the side while the others look around.

MITCHELL: There's nothing here.

JACKSON: maybe it's the wrong cavern…we should continue searching the area.

CARTER: uh…it's getting dark out there…we should start heading back to the village.

MITCHELL: *walks over to Ackerman* Ackerman. *nudges him with his foot* Yo Ackerman. Wake up

ACKERMAN: *wakes* what happened?

MITCHELL: we're done. Sorry Jackson. *They leave, Jackson giving one last look back*

SCENE: Hutchinson pulls out a pack of boards from his briefcase.

HUTCHENSON: are you familiar with ink blot tests? *Vala shakes her head* ok…I'm going to show you a series of images…and I just want you to say the first thing that comes to your mind. *Vala nods*

VALA: *first blot* courage…*Hutchinson, looks at the blot, makes a note, and picks up the next* respect.

HUTCHENSON: *looks at blot* you look at this ink blot and the first thing that pops into your head is respect?

VALA: yes. Respect.

HUTCHENSON: *puts down blot* ok…Vala…this is called a projective test…it's designed to allow me a little insight into your emotional state. No I just *Vala nodding*…wanna get to know you better, not pass judgment on you…I wanna help but to do that…I'm gonna need you to be completely honest and spontaneous with your answers…do you understand?

VALA: of course. I'm sorry. *he smiles, picking up the next blot* kindness.

HUTCHENSON: no. *packs up the blots, not happy, grabs coffee leaning back*

SCENE: Mitchell enters the library, where Jackson is still looking over the books

MITCHELL: Med Team's wrapping it up…figured we'd do the same.

JACKSON: this can't be a dead end…there has to be something here.

MITCHELL: take it up with Landry… you can come back tomorrow and knock yourself out… strain your eyes all you want.

JACKSON: you're right…I could probably get a fresh start in the morning. *they leave*

SCENE: Outside, they all meet in the village square.

MITCHELL: alright. Lets go home

GRIMSBY: Hang on a minute…where's Ackerman?

REIMER: Ackerman! Come on! Bernie! *Mitchell heads off to find him*

SCENE: Mitchell enters a room, where Ackerman is seated fast asleep.

MITCHELL: Ackerman. Lets go. *starts to head off, notices Ackerman not following, walks over* Yo Ackerman, *pats his shoulder* wake up come on…*Ackerman drops to the ground, still fast asleep.*

SCENE: Teal'c looks around outside, before heading in, Ackerman lies on a bed, with Carter and Mitchell standing about him

MITCHELL: he's asleep? What the hell kind of diagnosis is that?

CARTER: Dr Reimer says he won't know more til he's completed all the blood work.

MITCHELL: There's got to be something more to it…like a coma.

REIMER: *walks in* no…I'm afraid not. Coma patients don't respond to outside stimuli. Pain. Sound. Touch. Ackerman responds to all three, he flinches…reacts in his sleep state.

JACKSON: why can't we wake him up?

REIMER: I don't know…I need to do more tests before I can say anything for sure… and we have to contact Stargate command and have them send out the necessary equipment…

MITCHELL: I'm sorry…is that not something you'd be better off doing back at the base?

REIMER: ideally yes… but unfortunately and just like Ackerman here… all of our blood work shows an elevated white cell count and a marked increase in serotonin levels…whatever it is…we've all been infected.

CARTER: you think this is the same thing that killed the villagers?

REIMER: lets just say for the time being I recommend we all try staying awake for as long as possible…if we fall asleep, we may never wake up.

SCENE: Gateroom, Landry speaks with Mitchell over the radio

LANDRY: we're sending the medical supplies through now colonel.

MITCHELL: *on radio* roger that sir.

LANDRY: sure you don't want a little more help? I could send another team in hazmat?

MITCHELL: *on radio* til we know what we're dealing with sir, that would just be risking more lives. We can handle it.

LANDRY: Understood

SCENE: Carter, Reimer and Grimsby, all work silently at their computers, Teal'c circling them, ensuring they stay awake, Grimsby rests his head on his hand closing his eyes, Teal'c smacks him upside the head.

GRIMSBY: I'm awake. *they all look at him* awake…

MITCHELL: *enters, with a box of pills* Compliments of Dr Lam, we have…dextroantheta-something, moto-whatchamacallit…uh…caffeine pills and good old fashioned coffee…*Grimsby rushes past him, grabbing the caffeine pills* go easy there Grimsby.

GRIMSBY: how long have you been awake for?

MITCHELL: *yawns* I dunno…what…24 hours?

GRIMSBY: Yeah…talk to me when you get to 40…*walks away*

CARTER: *to Mitchell* you've pulled all nighters before right?

MITCHELL: yeah…loads of them

CARTER: this feels worse doesn't it?

MITCHELL: I thought it was only me…

TEAL'C: I too am more fatigued that I would have expected…

CARTER: it has to be the infection…it doesn't just keep you from waking up, it makes you wanna sleep in the first place.

MITCHELL: well…in that case…*holds out pills* Teal'c?

TEAL'C: I prefer to rely on my tretonin…

MITCHELL: *gives pills to carter* cheers. *sits* Reimer. What'cha go?

REIMER: well…since weee… started monitoring him, Ackerman has been in stage four level…what they call delta sleep or…slow wave sleep…

CARTER: we also noticed that his brain is producing a surprising amount of melatonin…it's a hormone synthesized from serotonin…sleep inducing agent…that's what's keeping him asleep…

MITCHELL: so all you got to do is figure out why his brain is producing the melatonin…

CARTER: we're working on it. *Jackson enters, book in hand*

MITCHELL: Jackson…what'd you find in the town records?

JACKSON: uh…hand written entry from the village doctor in which he mentions a sleeping sickness which effected the town…now he doesn't go into any great detail but it does make mention of a possible source for what was happening…Morgan le Faye…see it seems to villagers believed she cursed them for revealing her whereabouts when king Arthur and his knights came looking for her.

MITCHELL: so did Arthur find her here?

JACKSON: probably not… if the villagers believed she cursed them then it's more than likely she escaped…in any case we have to go back to that cave.

SCENE: Vala enters Landry's office.

VALA: General. Just wondering if they've reached a decision on my mental wellbeing yet?

LANDRY: Dr Hutchinson isn't finished with you yet, you're to meet with him again later today…

VALA: *sighs, shuts door, walks over sitting on the edge of his desk* aye…if I may speak candidly general…I have a feeling that Dr Hutchinson is somewhat troubled…in fact I think he may be suffering from Klinefelter syndrome, though you didn't hear it from me…

LANDRY: the only thing Dr Hutchinson is suffering from is the headache you gave him. I suggest you stop playing games and start taking this evaluation very seriously.

VALA: I thought I was.

LANDRY: oh…lets call that delusional memory. *Vala groans and leaves*

SCENE: At the cave, Mitchell, carter and Teal'c enter, looking round

MITCHELL: you know it was Jackson's idea to come back here and check this cave out again, I can't help noticing he's the only one that didn't make the trip…

TEAL'C: Dr Jackson made it clear that his time would be better spent continuing his research of the town records…

CARTER: here…*passes Mitchell Case* Dr Reimer wanted us to take some soil samples


CARTER: just in case this is where Ackerman picked up the infection…

SCENE: Vala's Quarters. She starts brushing her hair in the mirror, when there is a knock on the door.

VALA: hello?

WOOLSEY: *enters* hello…may I have a moment of your time?

VALA: oh I'm sorry…I'm just on my way out…I've got a meeting.

WOOLSEY: with Dr Hutchinson I know…that's why I'm here. I promise to be quick…*Vala walks over to him* My name is Richard Woolsey I work for the International Oversight Advisory, a civilian run organization made up of representatives from the various nations involved in the Stargate Program.

VALA: and what can I do for you Mr. Woolsey?

WOOLSEY: why don't I tell you what we can do for you? *sits* we can see to it that you pass your psychiatric evaluation with flying colors. Effectively putting any doubts Stargate command might have about you to rest…

VALA: and what…would you want in return?

WOOLSEY: just a little insight into the weekly goings on here at Stargate command. You see…despite the fact that all signatories to the Gate alliance treaty are de facto partners in the Stargate program. My employers are often left out of the loop when it comes to the more sensitive developments here on the base…we would just like you to keep us…updated is all…

VALA: so…you want me…*sits* to be a spy…

WOOLSEY: *chuckles, stands*…I've read your file miss mal doran. I don't think what we're asking is that unusual for someone with such a colorful history…*leaves*

SCENE: Back at the caves, Carters gadget makes a small beeping sound.

CARTER: Cam! Teal'c! I think I've found something

MITCHELL: *heads over* what'cha got?

CARTER: well it's a faint energy spike…I almost went passed without noticing it. *she presses against the rock, revealing a passageway.*

MITCHELL: Shazam *steps in*

CARTER: looks like Daniel was right after all.

MITCHELL: yes he was. We should check this out

TEAL'C: would it not be prudent for one of us to return these samples to Dr Reimer as quickly as possible.

MITCHELL: no he's right…we're on the clock and we have no idea how deep this hole is…

CARTER: *looks between them* alright…I'll go back…stay in radio contact…at least as long as you can…*the boys head off*

SCENE: Hutchinson connects a lie detector to Vala…

VALA: do you really think these will hold me?

HUTCHENSON: oh those aren't restraints…we're hooking you up to a polygraph…it's also known as a lie detector…it uses certain variables like blood pressure and heart rate to determine whether you are being truthful or not…

VALA: oh…I see…

HUTCHENSON: well…lets get started then shall we? *they turn on the detector* and…what's your name?

VALA: Vala Mal doran…

HUTCHENSON: where did you spend the lest week on earth?

VALA: here. At Stargate command…

HUTCHENSON: have you ever stolen anything?

VALA: *smiles* no…*the detector spikes* that depends on how you define…stolen…

HUTCHENSON: these are control questions designed to gauge your reaction by eliciting both truthful and deceptive answers from you… you're doing fine…just…try to relax *she takes a deep breath* you're looking very nice today…*waves at the hair*

VALA: oh…*grins* thank you…you're looking rather dashing yourself…

HUTCHENSON: oh thanks…*the detector spikes again*

VALA: I mean…nice…*it continues to spike…* I…I…I…I…I mean not objectionable…*Vala stares at the machine as it spikes again*

SCENE: Carter grabs some more pills, as Reimer works at his computer

REIMER: Colonel…come take a look at this… *Carter walks over* this was in that soil sample you brought back from the caves…

CARTER: *on screen shows a type of bug* what is it?

REIMER: I believe it's a parasite…

CARTER: is it dead?

REIMER: no…it's dormant…Ackerman may have some how…awakened one?

CARTER: well…how? it doesn't seem to respond to movement.

REIMER: excuse me…*pricks his finger* lets see what happens…when they come in contact…with live tissue *drops some blood on the slide with the soil sample*

CARTER: *on screen the bug starts to move* whoa.

REIMER: I'll lay odds that's your culprit right there…

CARTER: these people had no understanding of micro biology…they probably came up with the story of Morgan's curse cause they couldn't comprehend what was happening to them…*Jackson enters, with a load of books, exhausted* hey…*looks behind him* where's Grimsby?

JACKSON: He said he was on his way back…he isn't here? *carter shakes her head* oh no…*Carter and Jackson head out.*

SCENE: Teal'c and Mitchell continue down the corridor, until Mitchell stops…

TEAL'C: perhaps we should rest…

MITCHELL: *bends, then stands* no…that's a bad idea…and I'm starting to regret staying up to watch doo's bigalow European jigalow last night…check that…I regretted it almost immediately. *sounds of movement, Teal'c frowns…* am I imagining things or…

TEAL'C: I heard as well…*they follow the sounds*

SCENE: Jackson and Carter search the Village…

JACKSON: Grimsby?! Sam! *walks over to a hay stack where Grimsby lays fast asleep*

SCENE: Reimer stands looking over Ackerman, when Jackson and Carter enter

JACKSON: well…we found Grimsby…he's asleep and we can't wake him…

CARTER: Dr Reimer? What's wrong? Has his condition changed?

REIMER: well you can say that…*turns to them* he's dead.

SCENE: Reimer and Carter autopsy Ackerman's body

REIMER: I see evidence of a ruptured aneurism near the pineal gland

CARTER: there's something else in here…*pulls out a large dead bug.*

REIMER: what the hell?

CARTER: morphology is exactly identical to the parasite we found in the soil sample.

REIMER: only it's grown a thousand times bigger.

SCENE: Vala enters her room, angrily throwing herself on her bed, Woolsey flipping through a book from her bookshelf.

WOOLSEY: I'm assuming things didn't go well…

VALA: *turns, hesitates…* I fail to see the point of that ridiculous exercise…unless it's purpose was to thoroughly humiliate me…those questions weren't intended to shed light on my character or delve deeply into my sub-conscious. They were merely little reminders to exactly who I…I don't belong here.

WOOLSEY: then I take it you've carefully considered our offer and come to a decision…?

VALA: I have.

SCENE: Mitchell and Teal'c walk slowly down corridor, spotting a lizard of sorts….

MITCHELL: whoa… *sits* ok…question…if what took out the village is what killed all the wild life around here…how come that little sucker is alive and kicking?

TEAL'C: it may possess a natural immunity to this affliction

MITCHELL: yes exactly my point so…all we got to do…is catch Joe-bob there…take him back up to Carter and Remer…Reimer…whatever, they reverse engineer an antidote…and…bob's your uncle we sleep til Tuesday…

TEAL'C: indeed…

MITCHELL: *sighs, grabs radio* Carter, it's Mitchell *gets dead air*

TEAL'C: we have progressed to far within the caves system….

MITCHELL: yes we have…alright *stands* well we'll nab junior first… then we'll call carter when we get back up to the surface…*they head on*

SCENE: Reimer looks ready to drop off to sleep any minute, carter rubs her eyes, as Jackson enters

JACKSON: progress?? *Reimer takes some more pills*

CARTER: we've been theorizing that when the parasite enters the blood stream, it triggers the bodies immune response and the production of serotonin and it makes it's way to the patients brain… where it lodges and feeds.

JACKSON: feeds? *sits* on what?

REIMER: melatonin…our analysis shows that the parasite we removed from Ackerman, gorged itself on the stuff.

CARTER: it stimulates a production of melatonin which floods the body. That's why the urge to sleep is so powerful…and once you give in the parasite just keeps on feeding…until…the engorged parasite effects the surrounding cranial tissue eventually provoking a lethal aneurism. But…we're thinking that it may be possible to starve out the parasite so to that end we have isolated a specimen that *Reimer seems to be in pain* we awakened from a dormant state *Reimer grabs his left arm, crying out in pain* Dr Reimer? *he drops to the ground gasping* Dr Reimer! *she rushes over checking for a pulse* it's his heart

Jackson bring over the defibrillator, charging she shocks him, no change, she recharges and shocks again, Jackson checking for a pulse.

JACKSON: Sam…*shocks again* He's dead…

SCENE: Vala walks down the corridor to the elevator, nearly walking into a passing airman.

VALA: I'm sorry.


VALA: *looks back* Oh not you again…

HUTCHENSON: uh…you know you have another scheduled appointment…

VALA: what would be the point of that, you people have already made up your minds about me…

HUTCHENSON: is that what you think?

VALA: well it's not like I haven't encounter this sort of thing before…you know…I saw it everyday in the eyes of the people who couldn't separate me from the Goa'uld who enslaved them…so you know in stead of becoming a victim of their arrogance and stupidity I chose to take advantage of it, so I lied, I cheated and I stole. I'm not going to apologize for it and…to be perfectly honest with you…I can't guarantee that I won't do it again…*small sad laugh, walks over to elevator* of course…*calls elevator, turning back* I have recently found myself risking my life for something other than my own personal benefit…*doors open* maybe it's just a phase…hold it please…*Airman, holds the doors* or maybe it's because for the first time *steps in* I've actually met someone who in some small way actually believes in me. But I'm sure you're right…I'm sure it will pass. *looks at the airman as the doors shut* what?!

SCENE: Jackson closes his eyes, starting to droop off when Carter walks over.

CARTER: Daniel…you can't fall asleep, d'you hear me?

JACKSON: yeah…*stretches, grabs one of the bottles of pills…*

CARTER: uh *takes the bottle off him* you can't take anymore of these either…with our serotonin and melatonin levels spiking it's too dangerous. We're gonna have to rely on each other alright?


SCENE: The lizard moves along, as Mitchell follows getting ready to pounce on it…

MITCHELL: Easy there…Eassyyy…don't worry…I'm not going to hurt you… *He dives and misses, it scurries off right into Teal'c's path, who catches it*

TEAL'C: I've got it Colonel Mitchell. *Mitchell gives him a thumbs up, then drops his head on the ground in exhaustion* on your feet colonel Mitchell, there is much ground to cover if we are to reach the surface.

MITCHELL: no…you…you go ahead without me…I'm just gonna… I'm just gonna stay here…I'm cooked

TEAL'C: then I will carry you if I must.

MITCHELL: Forget it…*rolls over* no…uh…determined or not…it's going to catch up with you at some point…the important thing for you is to take Kermit back to carter and…What's his name…get them started on the cure

TEAL'C: indeed. I will return for you colonel Mitchell

MITCHELL: yeah…I'll be right here…waiting on you…

SCENE: Jackson working on one of the texts, Carter seeming to try and stay awake by walking around, she suddenly drops to her knees

JACKSON: Sam…*he goes to help her* Sam…

CARTER: I can't do it anymore…

JACKSON: you have to… you got to hang in there…just a little while longer…*They both sit back, eyes closing, fighting to keep them open*

MANINHAZMAT: *door opens* in here! Dr Jackson! Colonel Carter! Where's the rest of your team?

JACKSON: Reimer and Ackerman are dead…Teal'c and Mitchell went to the caves…*he and carter both starting to fall asleep*

MANINHAZMAT: What caves? *to his men* Get them in the Isolation pods…

CARTER: *they pick her up* No…wait…wait…wait…*too weak…they place her in the pod* no…wait…we can't go to sleep…

MANINHAZMAT: It's ok…we'll take care of you.

CARTER: no you don't understand…the parasite…it feeds on…*they close the pod*

SCENE: Teal'c stumbles around the corridors, looking for the exit while keeping a tight hold on the creature.

SCENE: The Haz mat team carried Carter and Jackson in the pods back towards the gate.

SCENE: Teal'c drops on the ground, his body no longer able to go on… as he turns he sees the exit of the cave, dragging himself to his feet he moves out. Once outside he falls again, A team in Hazmat are there.

MANINHAZMAT: Take it easy Teal'c. Take it easy.

TEAL'C: *barely audible* Colonel Mitchell

MANINHAZMAT: We've got some sort of animal here.

GUY: we need to take it to the lab.

SCENE: Stargate Command, SG-1 all in Carter's lab.

MITCHELL: yeah I was getting worked up, cussing at Teal'c *pours some coffee* telling him to go on…leave me, *sits* must have been…20 minutes before I realized he had gone and I was sitting there talking to myself.

JACKSON: *to Carter* what about you? Any hallucinations?

CARTER: yeah…when they put me in the pod I imagined I was being put in a coffin. I thought I was being buried alive.

LANDRY: *enters* well…rise and shine. How you feeling?

MITCHELL: rested and ready to go sir?

LANDRY: I assume Dr Lam got you up to speed?

CARTER: Yes sir. Between the sample they collected from Teal'c and the research Dr Reimer and I conducted, they were able to produce a serum that effectively isolated the parasite and starved it out.

MITCHELL: I just hate that that cave was a dead end. I went through all that for nothing.

JACKSON: I wouldn't say that exactly…I did find one reference in that library that might prove to be useful…Atlantis.

CARTER: you think the location of Merlin's weapon is hidden in their database?

JACKSON: I think it's worth checking out.

CARTER: *Phone rings, goes to answer it* Carter. I see… we'll be right there…*hangs up* seems to be a problem in the Gateroom sir… *Carter looks at Jackson, who shuts his eyes*

SCENE: In the Gateroom, Vala stands on top of her cases, at the base of the ramp. Two SF's trying to get her down, as she screams up at the control room.

VALA: I never liked you! And I know you can hear me! Dial the gate now! Dial the gate! Don't make me come in there! *shoves the SF* you stop it

LANDRY: *enters with SG-1* What's going on?

VALA: *hops down off cases* I'm leaving. *grabs backpack* I'm not staying somewhere, where I'm not welcome…and don't even think of making me stay against my will.

LANDRY: wouldn't dream of it. But I'd figured you'd want to stay after going through all the trouble of passing the psychiatric evaluation.

VALA: I passed?

LANDRY: Dr Hutchinson seems to think that you have a lot of potential.

VALA: he does?

LANDRY: he feels you can make a…significant contribution here at Stargate Command. And I agree.

JACKSON: congratulations.

VALA: *bites lip, eyes watering, drops back pack*….I…I'm a little… overwhelmed. *grins* but…as my first official act I'd like to *Woolsey enters the Gateroom behind her* report a rather disagreeable little man.

WOOLSEY: that would be me. *Vala looks at him*

LANDRY: Mr. Woolsey's offer was part of the test. We wanted to make sure we could trust you.

VALA: I knew that. *crosses arms in front of her, turning back to the General* But were his sexual advances part of the test? *Woolsey's face drops*

WOOLSEY: what? That's- *Landry stares, not happy* General…I…I can assure you-

VALA: well…I would have even considered playing along but some of his requests were…-well-…A little…unusual…even for me.

WOOLSEY: *shakes head* General *Landry turns to leave, Woolsey following* I would never- General. General Wait…General I want you to know-

VALA: *bounces in front of Jackson* So…when do I get one of these SG- 1 badges?

MITCHELL: You don't. You're not a member of SG-1. You're a probationary member of Stargate command *steps forward* and will be subject to some very intense scrutiny for the next few months.

VALA: oh.

MITCHELL: don't screw up. *Vala shakes head, nodding, Mitchell turns, receiving a look of Jackson hesitates, then turns back to Vala* and welcome aboard.

VALA: *grins, small laugh* see I still think it's cause for celebration so I say we go out, have lunch and I'll pay.

MITCHELL: pay with what exactly?

VALA: Well…Daniel will cover me until I get my share of the loot.

JACKSON: *shuts his eyes, looking down* Loot. *they start to walk off*

VALA: yeah… from all the treasures we're going to bring back from our offworld travels. What? I have to wait until I'm off probation before I can start collecting?

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