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SCENE: Offworld, an Ori vessel lies just outside a city, Inside the village people listen to the Prior.

PRIOR: Mark this day, for the darkness of your world has been lifted so the light of Origin may shine upon it. *the crowd cheers, Camera pans down showing SG-1 and Vala dressed like the villagers listening* You have cast aside the shackles of the past to welcome a brighter future. Now, hear the words of the Orici. *He steps aside as a Young woman walks out*

VALA: *To Jackson* That's Adria.

ADRIA: The unbelievers amongst you sought to hinder our message. They took up arms in an attempt to suppress the truth…but they failed and were vanquished…a reminder to all that Origin cannot be extinguished. It will flourish throughout this world and countless others. *crowd cheers again* The believers amongst you have been richly rewarded…with truth…with Origin. *Adria stops, seeming to sense something coming…* It is now up to you to help others see as you have seen…to spread the message by joining the armies of the Ori. *she whispers to the Prior and then leaves, as the crowd cheers*

SCENE: In orbit of the planet, on board the Odyssey.

MARKS: Sir, I'm picking up an energy reading coming from the surface of the planet.

EMERSON: What is it?

MARKS: It's a wave of radiation, sir, emanating from the gate, spreading fast.

EMERSON: Get them out of there.

SCENE: A high pitch sound can be heard and the crowd turns to see what it is. SG-1 is beamed out just as a bright wave moves over the city.

SCENE: SG-1 appear on the bridge of the Odyssey.

MITCHELL: What happened?

EMERSON: That's what we're trying to figure out.

MARKS: Sir, I'm not picking up any life signs on the planet.

CARTER: That's impossible.

EMERSON: Is it a sensor malfunction?

MARKS: *Carter walks over* All systems are operating normally.

JACKSON: There are thousands of people on that planet.

CARTER: He's right. We're not picking up anything.

SCENE: on the surface of the planet, the people are all gone, leaving behind everything including their clothes.

SCENE: Vala walks down one of the corridors on the odyssey, Daniel jogging behind to catch up.

JACKSON: Vala…wait. *sighs* Look, we…we still don't know what happened down there.

VALA: They're all dead, Daniel. That's what happened.

JACKSON: I'm sorry.

VALA: *glances at him* What for?

JACKSON: Well, believe it or not, I know how you feel. Adria was your daughter, and even though she was—*they stop.*

VALA: relief. That's what I feel. Relief. *Jackson frowns* What…you don't think I'd want to be responsible for the enslavement of an entire galaxy, do you?

JACKSON: It was hardly your fault.

VALA: I knew she was the will of the Ori even before she was born. I could have done something about it, but I didn't.

JACKSON: She was your child…

VALA: Maternal instinct can only excuse so much. Of course I did tell myself That my relationship with her might prove to be an advantage, that at some point…at some critical moment, I might be able to reach her in a way that no one else could.

JACKSON: …and You might have been right.

VALA: I'm just relieved I'll never have to find out for sure. *Walks off, Jackson watching silently*

SCENE: Back at the SGC the Gate activates as Landry makes his way to the control room.

WALTER: Unscheduled off-world activation.

LANDRY: Chief?

WALTER: Receiving Bra'tac's IDC, sir.

LANDRY: Open the iris.

The Iris opens and Bra'tac steps through as Landry walks into the Gate room.

LANDRY: Bra'tac, what brings you by?

BRA'TAC: A matter that threatens millions of lives.

SCENE: Offworld, sounds of Geiger counters clicking as a team in Haz mat scans the city over the items left behind.

EMERSON: *On radio* Lieutenant Evans, report.

EVANS: There's no sign of residual radiation, sir.

SCENE: On the bridge of the Odyssey.

EVANS: *on radio* No chemical or biological agents in the atmosphere. The place is clean…The weird thing is whatever it was, it only seems to have targeted Living tissue because everything else…was left behind.

CARTER: You said the wave emanated From the Stargate.

MARKS: That's right. From there it spread over the entire surface of the planet before dissipating.

EMERSON: *Carter looks at Teal'c, who looks up in realization* What?

TEAL'C: We know of only one device that would operate in such a manner.

SCENE: Landry and Bra'tac walk up to the briefing room, over to the windows to over look the Stargate

BRA'TAC: The council is convinced our only hope for survival against the armies of the Ori is to attack them…using the ancient device on Dakara.

LANDRY: same device we used to wipe out the replicators.

BRA'TAC: Except that now it strikes with new purpose…to unmake living beings. Hours ago, the first target was struck, a planet—

LANDRY: …we already know about it. SG-1 was there… doing recon. They were beamed out before your weapon could hit them. The villagers weren't so lucky.

BRA'TAC: That is tragic.

LANDRY: It's mass murder. Why the hell didn't you do something about it?

BRA'TAC: Our new leader, Se'tak, has convinced the council that this is our only hope for survival. The more I spoke out against it, the more isolated I became.

LANDRY: I need to contact the odyssey, let them know what's happening, and then I need to meet this man myself. *heads to his office*

SCENE: Teal'c stares out the window as Mitchell and Carter walk over.

TEAL'C: I am ashamed that my brothers have utilized these methods.

MITCHELL: They're desperate.

TEAL'C: There is no honor. Freedom without honor is meaningless.

MITCHELL: What's done is done...and there's still an opportunity here.

CARTER: We've got an Ori ship sitting on the ground, unmanned and unguarded. We must act quickly.

TEAL'C: we must act quickly *heads off*

SCENE: SG-1 are beamed on to the Ori ship, weapons raised.

MITCHELL: You know your way around this tub?

VALA: All the corridors look the same. I haven't got my bearings yet.

CARTER: There has to be some sort of control room. I'm guessing it'll be in one of the forward sections.

MITCHELL: We've got a lot of ground to cover. Time to split up. *Teal'c follows Mitchell, Jackson following Vala as Carter heads off to find the control room*

SCENE: Jackson and Vala walk down the corridor, checking rooms as they pass.

VALA: Can I ask you a question?

JACKSON: Just the fact you have to ask me to ask me makes me think I should say no.

VALA: Back on the odyssey, you said you knew how I felt. What did you mean?


VALA: well…with Adria. You said, "believe it or not, I know how you feel." What did you mean?

JACKSON: uh…*sighs* Yeah…um…10 years ago, my wife was taken as host by a Goa'uld. *walks on*

VALA: *looks after him* The framed picture… *follows quickly* on the wall in your office--is that her?

JACKSON: Yeah. Her name was sha're. We were married for just over a year when she was…taken. I swore I would get her back.

VALA: What happened?

JACKSON: *stops*…uh…I joined SG-1 and…searched for her for over two years, but in the end, I couldn't save her. For a long time, I felt guilty that I'd failed her.

VALA: And now?

JACKSON: Now I can at least draw comfort from the fact that she's no longer suffering at the hands of the Goa'uld. I guess, in a small way, I feel relieved as well. *small smile, heads off*

SCENE: Mitchell and Teal'c move down the corridor to a door, Mitchell opens it.

MITCHELL: Wow. Check this out. *Teal'c walks over and the Camera pans to show us a large room, with a path leading to a large power source* I'm no expert, but…this looks important.

TEAL'C: It appears to be a power generation chamber.

MITCHELL: Exactly, which has me thinking…it could be a good place to drop a little c-4.

TEAL'C: It would be our best opportunity to disable the vessel should it be necessary.

MITCHELL: Just in case we can't get this thing flying before the Ori come back, we win one for the home team while we're hauling ass for the gate.

TEAL'C: mmm…A great Jaffa once said, "exalted is the warrior who achieves victory without battle."

MITCHELL: Winning shows strength. Winning without fighting shows true skill.

TEAL'C: you are a student of ancient strategies.

MITCHELL: No, Landry said it to me. I think he was quoting Sun Tzu. Or it could have been dr. Phil.

SCENE: Back at Stargate Command, Landry is dressed for an offworld mission, with no weapons. Walter walks him to the Gate room.

LANDRY: I've already advised the pentagon that I'm heading off-world. I may be a while.

WALTER: With all due respect, sir…uh…you think You might consider taking along a few marines?

LANDRY: This is a diplomatic mission, chief. The last time I checked, the Jaffa were our allies. I can't go disrespecting them in their own house.

WALTER: If you say so, sir.

LANDRY: Sometimes you make the right decision. Sometimes you make the decision right.

WALTER: Patton?

LANDRY: That one's dr. Phil. Now, if you'll excuse me, Bra'tac is waiting.

SCENE: Carter walks into a room, with a chair on a raised platform in the center of the room, beside it lies a small pile of the priors clothes and his staff.

CARTER: *grabs radio* Guys, I think I've found something.

JACKSON: *on radio* What you got?

CARTER: I think it might be the bridge. And it looks like the main command interface is a chair, similar to the weapons platform in Antarctica.

JACKSON: *moves slowly with Vala* It would make sense that the technology would be similar to the ancients'.

CARTER: Vala, you said most of the people on board the ship were simple villagers, right?

VALA: *grabs own radio* Yes. Why?

CARTER: well…I think it's likely the priors who are flying the ships. Unfortunately, that probably means the chair s keyed to their unique brain physiology.

MITCHELL: *walking with Teal'c listening* Don't sweat it. plan B is in place.

CARTER: Okay, let's not jump the gun just yet. at the very least, I'd like to try to get some information out of this database before we start blowing things up.

MITCHELL: I hear you, Sam, but it won't be long before the Ori come back for this ship, and we're not going to let them

Teal'c raises his arm, stopping. The sounds of footsteps can be heard, and then the charging off Staff weapons as Teal'c and Mitchell raise their P-90'S and come face to face with a group of Jaffa.

CARTER: *on radio* Cam? Cam, what's happing?

MITCHELL: Not much…but we've got ourselves some company.

BO'REL: I am boreal of the free Jaffa, and we have come to lay claim to this vessel.

MITCHELL: Slow down, brother. We were here first.

CARTER: *on radio* Cam, report.

MITCHELL: It's all right, Sam. Just a little misunderstanding with some of our Jaffa friends. Go back to work.

BO'REL: There is no misunderstanding. We achieved this victory, therefore we claim the spoils.

TEAL'C: What you have done is sacrificed the lives of thousands of innocents.

BO'REL: No one is innocent who joins with my enemy.

MITCHELL: They were invaded by an army with massively superior firepower.

BO'REL: They should have resisted.

MITCHELL: So, die at the hands of the Ori or die at the hands of the Jaffa. Some choice.

SCENE: Carter moves her hand over some crystals, and the power in the ship fluctuates all over the ship.

JACKSON: What was that?

SCENE: Back with the Jaffa and Mitchell and Teal'c.

BO'REL: Enough of this. The ship is ours. Now lower your weapons.

MITCHELL: That's not gonna happen.

TEAL'C: *glancing to the side* Colonel Mitchell…*

Mitchell moves quickly round Teal'c to fire on the Jaffa trying to sneak up behind them, but he is zatted and falls. Teal'c continues to fire on the Jaffa

SCENE: Vala and Jackson hear the weapons fire and run off in the direction its coming from.

JACKSON: Sam, we've got trouble.

SCENE: Teal'c picks up Mitchell's P-90 and fires at the ground as he switches sides to get a better aim.

SCENE: on board the Odyssey.

CARTER: *on radio* Odyssey, this is Carter, requesting immediate extraction.

EMERSON: Do it. *Marks taps at his keys* Major?

MARKS: Something's wrong. I can't get a lock on them.

SCENE: Teal'c continues to fire, but is taken by surprise when a Jaffa appears behind him with a zat.

SCENE: Carter looks over the control room, waiting, grabs radio.

CARTER: Odyssey, what's happening?

EMERSON: *on Radio* We're getting too much signal degradation for successful beam-out. As far as I can tell, the malfunction's aren't coming from this end.

CARTER: *grabs radio* Guys, we've got a problem. The odyssey can't beam us out.

JACKSON: Why not?

CARTER: Well, I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I think I may have activated the shields.

VALA: Why would you do that?

CARTER: It wasn't intentional.


JACKSON: Can you reverse it? *opens up on of the compartments below the console*

CARTER: I'll give it a try.

SCENE: Three Hataks drop out of Hyperspace, Carter pull out her laptop hooking it up.

EMERSON: SG-1 this is odyssey. Three hatak vessels are moving into positions around the planet.

CARTER: Don't chance it, odyssey. We can't risk losing another ship.

EMERSON: All right. Be advised that we're leaving range to avoid detection. *to Marks* Get us out of here.

SCENE: On Dakara, Se'tak and four other Jaffa stand in a room round a table, with Maps and Books.

SE'TAK: The Ori…it turns out, are not invincible. This first strike against them must be considered nothing less than a complete success.

BRA'TAC: *entering with Landry* But at what cost?

SE'TAK: Leave us. *The four Jaffa leave* Unable to gather support from your fellow Jaffa…you dishonor yourself by seeking it elsewhere.

LANDRY: I'm honored. General hank Landry.

SE'TAK: The Tau'ri, your people-

LANDRY: -are pissed. Your use of this ancient device violates our prior agreement.

SE'TAK: An agreement made with the former leadership that I no longer feel bound to.

LANDRY: So you're going to have your people go back on their word?

SE'TAK: Much has changed since my predecessors consented to that agreement. We now face an enemy powerful enough to have rendered our conventional weapons useless. Your forces have proven equally ineffective. This device is our only means of striking back at them.

LANDRY: Which includes slaughtering innocent people.

SE'TAK: If future attacks against armies of the Ori allow us to recover enough of their ships, we will then have a powerful fleet with which to strike back against them. But until then, this device is our only option.

LANDRY: Incidental genocide is not an option.

SE'TAK: Granted, the cost of victory is great, but the cost of defeat would be even greater.

SCENE: Jackson and Vala run down the corridor, Jackson slows, stopping Vala as he hears the footsteps of on coming Jaffa, the two quickly duck into a near-by room. They hade behind a type of altar as the Jaffa pass.

SCENE: In another room on the Ship, Mitchell lies out cold on the ground, Teal'c seated in a seat further back, theirs hands bound. A Jaffa prods Mitchell with his staff weapon

MITCHELL: *wakes* All right, all right. *pulls him self up to his knees*

BO'REL: Where is the rest of your team, Colonel Mitchell?

MITCHELL: I don't know what you're talking about.

BO'REL: *hold up radio* You were speaking with a female.

MITCHELL: oh…Um…right. Um… she's back at the village, probably gone through the gate by now.

BO'REL: You are lying. *grabs radio* This is a message *Jackson, Carter and Vala listen* to all Tau'ri on board this vessel. My name is Bo'rel…My brothers and I have taken this ship in the name of all free Jaffa. We have Teal'c and Colonel Mitchell in custody. Surrender now and no harm will come to them. If you do not identify yourselves immediately, we will have no choice but to assume your intentions are hostile, in which case we will deal with the prisoners harshly. *the three sit silently…* So be it. *a Jaffa charges his staff aiming it at Mitchell, Carter shift uneasily…as she moves to grab her Radio Jackson beats her to it*

JACKSON: Bo'rel, this is Daniel Jackson of Stargate command. Listen, there's no reason we should be fighting each other. We should be working together.

BO'REL: I'm afraid that would not be possible.

JACKSON: Look, we're dealing with some very advanced technology, and we have some experience that might be useful.

BO'REL: You doubt our ability to fly this ship?

JACKSON: *Vala reaches for the Radio, Jackson pulls it out of her reach* I'm just saying there's not a lot of time, and it would be in everyone's best interests if we pool our resources.

BO'REL: My orders are to take this ship and all on board. You will reveal your location to me now.

SCENE: The sound of Staff weapons charging can be heard behind Vala and Jackson the two stand and Come face-to-face with a group of Jaffa

JACKSON: That won't be necessary.

SCENE: Carter listens, waiting…

JAFFA: *on radio* Bo'rel, we have them.

BO'REL: *on radio* Well done. Hold them until our patrols find the control room. *Carter continues typing*

SCENE: Jackson and Vala walk out, putting their hands behind their heads.

JACKSON: You're making a big mistake. More Ori ships will be here soon.

JAFFA: Then they will suffer the same fate.

ADRIA: I think not. *The Jaffa's weapons fly away from them, as they begin to choke, their bodies rising off the ground, and then are dropped, Adria enters the room*

VALA: Adria.

ADRIA: Hello, mother.

Jackson drops to his knees grabbing a zat gun he aims it at Adria, she looks at him as he drops the zat, a staff weapon rise up aiming at him, as he places his hands to his neck, choking.

VALA: Okay! We all know, darling, that you have telekinetic powers. You can stop showing off now.

ADRIA: *the staff drops, and Jackson gasps, watching, as Adria walks over to Vala* I've missed you, mother. They said I should forget about you, that you'd abandoned me because you didn't care.


ADRIA: I knew you'd come back for me.

VALA: How is it that you're even alive? Everyone else on the planet was killed.

ADRIA: I was saved by this. It holds a piece of the holy city of celestis. It protects me, keeps me safe.


ADRIA: Soon, the other ships will come for us, and once we're back with the fleet, I promise you, mother, we'll never be separated again. *Adria hugs Vala*

SCENE: Bo'rel looks over the equipment, picking up a zat he fiddles with it.

BO'REL: *walks over to Mitchell* There are some who hold the Tau'ri in great esteem for the assistance they provided us against the Goa'uld.

MITCHELL: I'm guessing you're not one of them?

BO'REL: While I recognize the contributions made, I question the motive. I suspect it had more to do with self-preservation than generosity. We had a common enemy and…as much as the Tau'ri would have us believe that we could not have defeated the Goa'uld without them, I know better. *picks up the device that activates the C-4* What is this device?

MITCHELL: Haven't got a clue.

BO'REL: *turns it on, we see the C4 light, beeping* I will not ask you again.

MITCHELL: Nope. Still nothing.

SCENE: Carter taps furiously at the computer, when suddenly the power goes down.


SCENE: As the lights go out, Bo'rel puts down the device

BO'REL: Find out what's happening.

Carter, grabs the weapons she needs as she walks toward the door, she walks back picking up the priors staff, she leaves.

SCENE: Vala takes Adria hands in her own.

VALA: Listen, we're not rejoining the fleet. You're coming with me.

ADRIA: No, I can't abandon my army.

VALA: It's not your army.

ADRIA: Of course it is.

VALA: Well, as your mother, I'm putting my foot down. You're too young to have your own army.

ADRIA: They look to me for guidance, for protection… *looks at Jackson* and for answers. Tell me what happened to my people here on this planet.

VALA: No. Don't. *Jackson stares concentrating hard on not allowing Adria to read his thoughts* He doesn't know anything. Adria! *Adria's concentration broken, Jackson drops gasping…*

ADRIA: You have a strong mind. *Vala drops down to Jackson, as Adria walks over to one of the dead Jaffa* Wake up, Jaffa. *He suddenly comes to life, as he is once again lifted into the air* Welcome back. Now, tell me, what happened to the believers who Came to spread Origin to this world? Yours is a backward people, too primitive to have created such an effective weapon. So tell me, how did it come into your hands? Where is it?

VALA: Stop.

ADRIA: *throws her back into Jackson's arms* Don't interfere, mother. Where…Jaffa?

SCENE: Mitchell and Teal'c wait with the Jaffa, one of them hears something and as he goes to check it out he is met with the top end of the prior staff knocking him out. Carter zats Bo'rel as Mitchell grabs his zat to knock out the next.

MITCHELL: I didn't know you knew how to use one of those things.

CARTER: Well…piece of cake.

SCENE: Adria continues to attempt to get information from the Jaffa.

ADRIA: Where is the weapon?

JAFFA: Da...da...kara. *She snaps his neck, and drops to the ground, Vala gripping Jackson's arm at the sight*

ADRIA: Dakara.

SCENE: Back on Dakara, Se'tak, Landry and Bra'tac continue to argue.

LANDRY: If you continue to use this weapon in violation of our previous agreement, our alliance is in jeopardy.

SE'TAK: And what does this alliance do to benefit the Jaffa?

BRA'TAC: If it were not for the Tau'ri, we would still be slaves to the Goa'uld.

SE'TAK: That was in the past. Now we face a much more dangerous enemy, and every day, while we lose ground to the Ori, the Tau'ri homeworld remains curiously untouched. We are the ones fighting this battle. We are the ones dying by the thousands.

LANDRY: And yet you choose to test your new toy on a human world, not on one of a dozen Jaffa planets that have fallen to the Ori. Why is that, exactly?

SE'TAK: This discussion is over.

SCENE: Carter, Mitchell and Teal'c move slowly down the corridor

CARTER: The odyssey tried to beam us out of here, but somehow the shields had been activated. At first…I thought it was something I'd done, but after checking the controls, I realized it wasn't me.

MITCHELL: There's someone else on board.

CARTER: Three motherships are in orbit over the planet. The odyssey had to retreat in order to avoid being detected.

TEAL'C: Then the Stargate is our only means of escape.

MTICHELL: *grabs radio* Jackson. Vala. Come in.

SCENE: Jackson and Vala stand watching Adria, listening to Mitchell on the Radio.

MITCHELL: If you can hear me, we're getting the hell out of dodge.

ADRIA: Too late.

SCENE: The Ori ship powers up, all the lights coming on.


CARTER: I don't know.

The Ori ship rise up from the planet.

SCENE: Landry and Bra'tac walk back towards the Gate.

LANDRY: I need you to rally your supporters, find out who's onside and who you can trust. In the meantime, I'm— *They are halted by an armed Jaffa*

BRA'TAC: what is the meaning of this?

SE'TAK: *walks up behind them* We just received word. The Ori ship has taken flight.

SCENE: Carter, Mitchell and Teal'c try to find their way back to the control room

CARTER: I might be able to override primary systems from the control room.

SCENE: The Ori ship fires upon the three Hatak vessels, taking no damage, it then jumps into hyperspace.

SCENE: The Odyssey moves into orbit of the planet.

MARKS: Scans are detecting no transmitter signals on the surface of the planet. Is it possible SG-1 escaped through the gate?

EMERSON: Well, if they had, Stargate command would have given us the heads-up by now. No, it's more likely they're still on that ship.

MARKS: Sir, if that's the case, and it's on its way to rendezvous with the rest of the Ori fleet, we've lost them.

EMEROSN: Maybe not. We still may have a shot at rescuing SG-1 provided that ship is headed where I think it is. Major, set a course for Dakara.

SCENE: Back on Dakara, Se'tak questions Landry and Bra'tac.

SE'TAK: The Ori ship destroyed three hatak vessels before jumping into hyperspace.

LANDRY: I'm sorry to hear that.

SE'TAK: The Jaffa on the planet reported no gate activity, no other ships in the vicinity, nor were there any survivors after the initial attack. Not a single soldier of the Ori was left alive.

LANDRY: What's your point?

SE'TAK: The only other people on board that ship are from Stargate command.

BRA'TAC: You cannot possibly think the Tau'ri are responsible for this.

SE'TAK: What other explanation is there?

LANDRY: We're not in the habit of conducting sneak attacks on our allies, however much we may disagree with their tactics.

SE'TAK: You were jealous of the power we command through the ancient device. You sought to redress that balance by taking the Ori ship. When the hatak stood in your way, they were swept aside.

BRA'TAC: Se'tak, this is madness.

SE'TAC: We shall see. Guard them. *leaves, the two Jaffa holding up their staffs, ready to stop Landry and Bra'tac from leaving*

SCENE: Back on the Ori ship, Mitchell, Carter and Teal'c enter the control room, finding it empty, just as Carter left it.

MITCHELL: Here's a question. Who's flying this boat?

SCENE: Adria smiles at Vala

ADRIA: I know Tomin will be happy to see you again.

VALA: *Surprised, Jackson frowns at her* Tomin's alive? He wasn't on the planet with you?

ADRIA: No. I've been traveling with various ships. As the leader of this great enlightenment, it's important that I make my presence known, especially now, when the first inroads are being made. Once the rest of the fleet arrives, I'll have a much harder time of it.

JACKSON: How many other ships are coming?

ADRIA: Many, many more. By my estimation, the galaxy Will be converted within the year.

SCENE: While Carter works at her computer attempting to stop the ship, Mitchell tries his radio again

MITCHELL: Jackson, come in. *static* Jackson, Vala. Can you hear me? We'll have to go out there and look for 'em. Sam…

CARTER: …I'll keep at it. *Teal'c and Mitchell leave*

SCENE: Teal'c and Mitchell walk along the corridors, checking every room as they go, as they turn the next corner they once again find themselves before Bo'rel and two of his Jaffa.

MITCHELL: Well, at least it's not raining.

SCENE: Adria, turns from Vala.

ADRIA: I don't know why you're complaining. You should be delighted. As the mother of the Orici, you will be revered by all the followers of Origin.

VALA: I don't know…*leans against the altar*-While I appreciate the celebrity status, I have to admit it would get very tiresome very quickly, especially if I had to perform for the…for the masses. I'm not very good with crowds.

ADRIA: There will be no demands made on you. All you have to do is accept Origin into your heart.

VALA: That could be a problem.

ADRIA: Perhaps at first, but eventually, you will embrace the truth.

VALA: I don't think so.

ADRIA: *angry* You're my mother. If I'm unable to convince you, how can I be expected to sway the countless worlds in this galaxy? Until I have brought you into the fold, my mission here is a failure.

VALA: I can be very stubborn.

JACKSON: *He and Vala nod to each other* Mm-hmm.

ADRIA: Then I'll be patient…and very determined.

JACKSON: What about all the other people that refuse to bow down to the will of the Ori? Are you going to show them the same courtesy?

ADRIA: There is a limit to my patience.

JACKSON: And there's a difference between devotion and blind submission. You can't expect to win the faith of your followers through fear and intimidation.

ADRIA: What would you have me do?

JACKSON: Give people a choice.

ADRIA: I'm trying to bring an entire galaxy from darkness into light. In order to do that, all doubt must be removed or it will spread like a cancer. It's that simple.

SCENE: Mitchell and Teal'c continue to keep their weapons trained on the three Jaffa.

MITCHELL: This is getting a little old, don't you think?

BO'REL: You will turn this ship back immediately.

MITCHELL: Love to. Unfortunately, we're not the ones flying it.

BO'REL: You lie.

TEAL'C: *drops weapon, steps forward, arms spread open* Would you accuse me of lying as well? We are unaware of who is in control of this vessel but suspect they may be on board with us. We, in fact, share a common enemy.

MITCHELL: Whatever's between us, we can finish that later. Right now, we have to re-take this ship. *The Jaffa lower their weapons* That's more like it.

SCENE: Vala sighs, trying to think of a way to get through to Adria.

VALA: Adria, listen to me-

ADRIA: -I'm sorry, mother. The time for talking is over. We've arrived.

SCENE: Once again checking the rooms, Mitchell walks over to the window as the ship drops out of hyperspace, into orbit of Dakara.

MITCHELL: Is that what I think it is?

TEAL'C: Dakara.

SCENE: Se'tak re-enters the room on Dakara.

SE'TAK: My suspicions have been confirmed.

LANDRY: What are you talking about?

SE'TAK: The Ori ship has arrived. You would try to force us to give up the ancient device rather than have us wield its power.

LANDRY: I'm telling you, my people are not responsible for this.

SE'TAK: We will gather our fleet and lay siege to your world. We will take back the Ori ship and avenge our fallen brothers.

SCENE: Teal'c continues to stare out over Dakara.

MITCHELL: You don't think that whoever is flying this boat…is on a friendly trip, do you? No. Me neither.

TEAL'C: With the engines activated, there may be a significantly greater reaction to the c-4. *Mitchell pulls out the control* The ship may well be destroyed.

MITCHELL: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

TEAL'C: We must not allow this ship to launch an attack.

MITCHELL: Right. *His thumb hovers over the switch*

TEAL'C: Colonel Mitchell…

MITCHELL: just trying to think of some appropriate last words.


MITCHELL: *flicks the switch, closing his eyes, but nothing happens.* What happened?

TEAL'C: Nothing.

MITCHELL: Yeah, I know.*He tries again* Why not?

SCENE: Adria turns to Jackson and Vala.

ADRIA: You should thank me. I just saved your lives.

VALA: What are you talking about?

A Jaffa runs down the corridor to the room, but is thrown back, the doors shut as more Jaffa run over.

SCENE: The Odyssey drops out of hyperspace behind the Ori vessel, Carter turns from the control panel as she hears Emerson on radio.

EMERSON: SG-1…this is odyssey. Do you read?

CARTER: Odyssey, this is Colonel Carter.

EMERSON: We're going to try and beam you out of there.

CARTER: It won't work. The shield is still active. I'm trying to shut it down. Please stand ready.

SCENE: Se'tak leads, Landry and Bra'tac into the room where the controlling device to the weapon lies.

SE'TAK: The weapon is capable of firing through a gate, but it is also capable of releasing a wave that will encompass this world and beyond, wiping out all life forms on any ships that happen to be in planetary orbit. We will be perfectly safe here within this shielded chamber. You… will survive to bear witness--the Jaffa have finally taken their rightful place as a true power in this galaxy.

SCENE: The Jaffa fire on the door, attempting to get in.

JACKSON: It won't be that easy.

ADRIA: Why wouldn't it be? I'm about to destroy the only real threat against us.

JACKSON: You're forgetting about someone. What about the ancients?

ADRIA: You know as well as I do they'll never get involved. We have free rein in this galaxy

VALA: Adria, listen to me. I promise to stay with you. I'll hear you out on the whole Origin thing. I'll… even try and keep an open mind. Just let everyone else go.

ADRIA: It's too late for them, but don't worry. I'll be keeping him alive *looks at Jackson* We have plans for you.

SCENE: Back on Dakara, a Jaffa pushes the controls on the device.

JAFFA: We are ready.

LANDRY: My people may be on board that ship.

SE'TAK: Not for much longer. Fire the weapon.

The Jaffa pushes another control, Up above the temple, a tall statue-like structure opens up, a bright blue weapon rises up, an energy vortex shining around it.

SCENE: Carter continues typing, when there is a sudden power fluctuation much like before.

CARTER: *grabs radio* Odyssey, we're good to go.

EMERSON: Get 'em the hell out of there.

On Dakara, a huge energy burst comes out of the weapon. It races across the planet's surface. Jackson and Vala are beamed out in front of Adria, who looks confused. SG-1 appear on the bridge of the Odyssey.


The Odyssey jumps into hyperspace as burst of energy sweeps across the planet and the Ori ship, The Jaffa disappearing, with Adria still surviving. The Ori vessel fires on the temple of Dakara, attempting to destroy the weapon.

SE'TAK: *knock back by the force of the blast* What happened?

JAFFA: The weapon appears to have had no effect.

BRA'TAC: *Another shot hit, Bra'tac grabs Landry's arm* Come! Come! *they head off* The area was evacuated. The gate is unguarded!

SE'TAK: Fire again. Fire the weapon! *the building begins to take heavy damage*

SCENE: Bra'tac and Landry make it to the gate, they both turn and watch as the city take another shot from the Ori ship they step through just as the final shot destroys the city and the device.

SCENE: Teal'c and Carter walk up to the briefing room, where Bra'tac, Landry and the rest of SG-1 wait.

TEAL'C: There is news. A cargo ship dispatched to the area has reported complete and utter devastation. Dakara is no more.

CARTER: Meanwhile, we received word that five more planets have fallen to the Ori, including hebridan and langara. So far, we haven't heard anything from our allies on either world.

MITCHELL: We are getting our asses whooped, and it looks like that Merlin device is the only shot we have at stopping them.

LANDRY: Then find it. Dismissed. *stands and leaves, Carter and Mitchell following*

BRA'TAC: The council is in disarray. The Jaffa nation is fractured…and without Dakara to bring us all together, I fear everything we have fought for all these years will be lost.

TEAL'C: The war is not over, old friend.

BRA'TAC: If only I could have done more to oppose Se'tak.

VALA: There's nothing to be gained by second-guessing yourself. You can't remake the past…so look ahead…*stands glances at Jackson, walks off*or risk being left behind. *Jackson watches after her*

BRA'TAC: She displays the wisdom of a battle-seasoned warrior.

JACKSON: She's a mother…*small smile* close enough.


Source: Stargate Fusion.

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