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Memento Mori

SCENE: Opens on a Diner, Sol's Diner, inside Vala serves a man, his wife and two kids who are immersed in their computer games.

VALA: I'm Val. I'll be your waitress today. Have you had a chance to look over the menu? Might I suggest the meatball sandwich? It's the owner's personal favorite. *waves at Sal, the chef/owner*

MUM: Sounds good. VALA: Sir?

DAD: Uh, two junior meals for the kids, and I'll have the club sandwich.

VALA: Ok. *grins, writing it down*

DAD: Oh, can I get some extra pickles on that?

VALA: *outside two rough looking guys watch, before deciding to go in* No problem.

DAD: Thank you.

VALA: Waters all around?

DAD: Sure.

MUM: Sure.

VALA: *Walks over to counter* Okay.

MUM: Okay, once the food comes, that's it for the games.

KIDS: okay

BILL: All right! *walks in with his mate, pulling out a gun* Wallets and purses on the tables in front of you! Now! *opens a plastic bag, holding it out to Vala* Valuables in here. Hey! You listening to me?

After a moment Vala grabs his hand, twisting it round with the sounds of breaking bones, she turns elbowing him in the ribs, as his friend rushes over to help, Vala knees him in the groin, and sends his crashing into the table. She picks up a tissue dispenser and knocks Bill out. A plate spins on the floor the entire diner staring at her, Sal comes out ready to kick some butt to find Vala already having dealt with it.

SAL: What did you do?

VALA: I don't know.


SCENE: 3 Weeks earlier, Jackson and Vala enter a very fancy restaurant, the hostess helping them get seated.

VALA: Thank you.

HOSTESS: Your menu. *Gives a menu to Vala then Jackson* And for you, sir.

VALA: Fancy.

JACKSON: Well, I know you don't get off the base much, except for official business, *pulls his napkin out of the wine glass, Vala watching and copying* so I thought I'd take you somewhere nice.

VALA: Well, I don't mind telling you I've been looking forward to this little date all week *grins*.

JACKSON: uh…I wouldn't exactly call it a date. It's...

VALA: oh, I've watched enough of your television to know what a date is, Daniel. It's…a romantic event typified by dinner, movie, and/or karaoke, and…usually culminating in a night of...

JACKSON: Oh-o-okay, this is…this is definitely not a date. It's…It's two friends and co-workers out for dinner.

VALA: Oh, well, I—

WAITER: *walks over* hi.


WAITER: Can I start you off with a drink?

VALA: Absolutely.

WAITER: Well, tonight's feature martinis are the chocolate, passion fruit, and shochu plum.

VALA: They all sound wonderful. So…one of each, then?

JACKSON: Yeah, I think We're going to pace ourselves. She'll do the…*Looks at her* passion fruit. *Vala grins and purrs* And I'm going to have the bottled water.

WAITER: Sure. *Leaves*

VALA: so—

JACKSON: Listen--

VALA: oh.

JACKSON: Uh…Let me start.

VALA: Okay.

JACKSON: Um, look, I know it hasn't been easy for you, adjusting to your new life here, learning to trust other people, and, most importantly, refusing the temptation to fall back on your old ways. But you have worked hard…to make a place for yourself with us and... and dinner tonight is my way of saying thank you. Thank you for proving me right when I said we could take a chance on you.

VALA: I don't know what to say.

JACKSON: *smiles, shakes his head, looking down a little embarrassed* Just say what you were going to say before I interrupted.

VALA: Okay. I need to use the bathroom.

JACKSON: *stares, shifts* Yeah. It's... *nods his head in the direction of the bathroom*

VALA: okay. *Gets up with a little giggle, poking Jackson in the neck as she passes…*

SCENE: Vala makes her way to the bathroom, passing by the payphones, where a man, Devon, hangs up following her, he wraps his arm round her, taking her by surprise and injects her with a syringe in the neck knocking her out.

DEVON: *passing the waiter who is bringing Jackson and Vala's drinks.* She, uh, needs some fresh air.

SCENE: The Waiter walks over to Jackson placing the drinks on the table.

WAITER: Your friend has taken ill.

JACKSON: *looks up* What? Where is she?

WAITER: um…She was escorted outside by another gentleman.

Jackson gets up heading for the exit. Vala is shoved into a car, which speeds off just as Jackson runs out, looking around feverishly, he finds the flower which had fallen from Vala's hair.

SCENE: Vala wakes tied to a gurney, feeling drowsy, she looks down at her left arm, which has been bandaged.

ATHENA: I apologize for that. The surgery was performed in a moving car. They were more concerned about removing the subcutaneous transmitter than being gentle about it.

VALA: Do I know you?

ATHENA: You did, a long time ago. Qetesh, the goa'uld that once occupied your body, was a rival of mine. She was a very intelligent adversary, which is why I eventually decided to partner with her. In retrospect, it's also the reason I should have been more careful about trusting her.

VALA: As the host to her goa'uld, I was an unwilling participant in many of qetesh's thoughtless actions. So if this is a revenge thing, your anger is, well, misplaced.

ATHENA: This isn't a revenge thing.


ATHENA: *nods to the men behind her * This is a search for answers. *one of the men, Weaver, walks over to Vala placing a memory recall device at her temple.* My position in the trust has afforded me considerable resources.

VALA: Ow. Ow!

ATHENA: Ever since I heard that you joined stargate command, I've been watching and waiting for an opportunity, which finally presented itself tonight.

VALA: What exactly do you want from me?

ATHENA: The code to an ancient tablet that I helped qetesh locate long ago…a treasure map of sorts. She was supposed to share it with me, but instead decided to keep it for herself. From what I understand, she was never able to decipher it. I'd like that opportunity.

VALA: To be honest, it doesn't ring a bell, so…

ATHENA: That's because you've suppressed many of the details from your time as qetesh. The full genetic memory of the goa'uld would drive your inferior human mind insane. Luckily, we have this device to help us find what we're looking for. *Vala looks over to see the Zat'arc detector*

GUY: This'll take a while.

ATHENA: I'll leave you to it, then.

SCENE: Jackson and Landry walk the corridors of the SGC.

LANDRY: We've got the local authorities searching the area and conducting interviews with every possible witness. So far, they've come up empty.

JACKSON: General, there's no question the trust is behind her disappearance. I mean… They're the only ones with the resources capable of pulling something like this off.

LANDRY: Agreed. I've already put a call through to agent Barrett. He's got his people working on it. We'll find her.

SCENE: Vala contorts on the gurney in pain.

GUY: We're starting to get images from her suppressed memory.

WEAVER: Dial it down. *he walks over, Vala crying out in pain* How are you feeling?

VALA: A little dizzy.

WEAVER: Mm-hmm.

VALA: A little tired. And very, very angry.

WEAVER: That's because the flashbacks you're experiencing are drudging up some long-buried emotions that may be coloring your conscious mind.

VALA: I'm going to kill both of you in the most painful way possible.

WEAVER: Things will go a lot faster if you just relax. Whenever you're ready. *Guy powers up the machine again*

SCENE: Jackson's lab, Jackson falls asleep with his head in his hand, just as Mitchell walks in waking him.

MITCHELL: Jackson, rise and shine.

JACKSON: What is it? What's going on?

MITCHELL: Barrett--he came through for us. He just sent over a list of suspected trust safe houses. Hopefully our girl's in one of them. *leaves Jackson following*

SCENE: Brief shot of Vala still in pain as the men continue to move through he memories. Outside a warehouse SG-1 move into position.

LANDRY: *over the radio* Team one, what's your status?

MITCHELL: *after Carter gives him a thumbs up* Team one is in position.

LANDRY: Team two?

SG-15 LEADER{at another location}: Team two in position.

LANDRY: Team three?

TEAM LEADER: Team three is in position.

SCENE: The machine is powered down again, Vala breathing heavily, trying to recover.

WEAVER: You know what I think the problem is?

VALA: That I can't strangle you?

WEAVER: *laughs* You're fighting the process. In the end, all you're really doing is delaying the inevitable. Why don't we try and keep an open mind, hmm? *nods to his friend as he powers up the machine again*

SCENE: Mitchell and Jackson move in behind Carter and Teal'c.

LANDRY: *on radio* All five teams are in position. You have a go. *Teal'c activates the C4 blowing the door open.*

SCENE: Vala continues to writhe in pain…

WEAVER: *hearing something* What was that? *looks round* Turn it down.

SCENE: Mitchell jumps through the door only to find an empty warehouse.

MITCHELL: Damn. Maybe they'll have better luck at the other locations.

SCENE: Team 2 enter the warehouse, immediately taking fire, they duck behind crates and barrels firing back.

WEAVER: Cover the door. *starts to undo Vala's restraints.*

GUY: right

SG-15 Leader zats Guy, as he enters the room, Weaver runs over to the computer, but not before he is zatted and in the process so is the computer and Zatarc device. The memory recall device sparks and Vala Recoils in pain.

SG-15 LEADER: *runs over undoing the rest of the restraints* It's all right. We're here to help. *he is suddenly shot by Weaver, who the collapses*

Outside the sound of rapid gunfire and zats continues as Vala attempts to run away, crashing through an outside window. Two members of the rescue team spot her, as she runs across the street but before they can get to her the Warehouse explodes killing them.

SCENE: SG-1 sit at the briefing table with Landry…

CARTER: four out of the five safe houses we hit were empty. Only one, it turned out, was still in play, and that was SG-15'S. We lost them and three members of the local team. One trust operative survived the explosion with minor injuries. He confirmed that the place was rigged to blow in the event it was stormed. He also confirmed that *looks to Jackson* Vala was being held at that location.

JACKSON: So it's possible they moved her before the place was raided?

CARTER: Unlikely. They wouldn't have had time. Besides, the guy we caught claims he saw Vala making a run for it…

JACKSON: then she could've gotten out on her own.

TEAL'C: if that were the case, why has she not yet attempted to contact us? *Jackson take a deep breath, sighs*

SCENE: Vala walks the streets disoriented, seeing a local café she realizes how hungry she is and heads inside.

SCENE: In an interrogation room Jackson sits across from Weaver, Teal'c standing behind him. Carter and Mitchell watch from the observation room.

JACKSON: So what did you want with her? I mean, what exactly was going on in that warehouse?

WEAVER: Look, I already told you. I can't say. It's not that I don't want to help you, but right now, I'm more concerned for my well-being.

JACKSON: We can protect you.

WEAVER: No, you can't.

JACKSON: Okay. *gets up, turns to Teal'c* He's all yours. *slaps him on the shoulder, Carter and Mitchell also standing and leaving the observation room*

WEAVER: Where are you going?

JACKSON: I'll be at the end of the hall. Just yell loudly if you need me.

WEAVER: *Teal'c steps forward* Don't bother. Your Jaffa interrogation tactics won't work. *Teal'c walks round to his side* Believe me… I've seen some pretty horrible things in my life. You can't break me. *Teal'c leans down whispering in his ear, Weaver's face falling…cringing*

SCENE: Mitchell and Carter walk down to meet Jackson.

CARTER: A member of this facility gets kidnapped unchallenged. It's no wonder he doesn't think we can protect him.

JACKSON: But we can protect him.

CARTER: Yeah, by locking him away for the rest of his life.

MITCHELL: What can you say? There's a downside to working for super villains. *Jackson sighs…* You know, this is probably going to take a while. What do you say we grab a bite to eat? *The blast door open, and Teal'c walks out*

CARTER: *surprised* You're done?

TEAL'C: He was surprisingly forthcoming.

SCENE: Vala finishes up eating as the waitress walks over handing her the bill.

WAITRESS: Whenever you're ready, honey. *smiles, walking away,*

Vala glances down at the bill, then round the diner, a man turns to get his wallet, revealing a PD Badge. Vala shifts, unsure, slowly she stands and turns to be met by Sal.

SAL: How are you doing?

VALA: How are you doing?

SAL: Terrific. I'm Sal, the owner.

VALA: Sal, the owner…of sol's diner?

SAL: Yeah, sol was the original owner. I bought the place from him.


SAL: So, how was lunch?

VALA: Delicious. SAL: Delicious enough to pay for it?

VALA: Yes. If I had the money, I would have certainly have paid for that meal…and given the lovely waitress a sizable gratuity. The service was impeccable.

SAL: Look, lady, everybody's got problems. I've got rent on this place, a mortgage, a wife, three kids, and a shih tzu with a recurring gastrointestinal condition that requires a very specialized diet, all right?

VALA: Okay. I'm sorry for trying to cheat you.

SAL: Oh…Okay. All right, look. If I let you leave, can I trust you to come back with the money you owe me?


SAL: No? What do you mean, no? What, you're telling me you can't be trusted?

VALA: Truthfully? *sits on table* I don't know. I... I don't remember. I have no idea who I am, much less what I'm capable of. All I know for certain is that about an hour ago, I was lost, hungry, and drawn to the delightful aroma of the blue plate special.

SAL: *chuckles* Is this a joke?

VALA: I have absolutely no memory of my life prior to wandering in here.

SAL: *he places his hand on her arm* If that's true, we need to get you to a hospital. *Her mind flashes with the memory of her hands and legs being bound*

VALA: No hospitals!

SAL: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on.

RYAN: Hey…everything okay here, Sal?

SAL: Yeah. Everything's fine. Don't worry about it.

VALA: *quietly* Let me go.

SAL: Go where?

VALA: Please.

SAL: What, you got a home, you got a family?

VALA: I don't know. I would pay you back, I would. Just-- right now, I just don't have the means.

SAL: Maybe I can do something to help you.

SCENE: Jackson's lab. Jackson works away at the many texts surrounding him as Mitchell walks in

MITCHELL: Jackson…how's it going?

JACKSON: Well…from what we learned from the trust operative and the information provided to us from the Jaffa and the Tok'ra, this is what I've been able to piece together so far. *shows him an image of Athena* Um…Athena, the Greek goddess of war, A.K.A. Charlotte Mayfield, A.K.A. The goa'uld responsible for kidnapping Vala. Now, according to what I've learned, she was a minor player who rose to mid-tier status by pursuing alliances with more powerful rivals…cronos, camulus, svarog, and even Anubis when he was first on the outs with the system lords.

MITCHELL: So her partnering up with Ba'al is just her latest power play?

JACKSON: No, it's more than that. You see, we know Athena was once allied with qetesh, the goa'uld that formerly inhabited Vala. See, apparently, qetesh double-crossed her when they partnered up to search for the clava thessara infinitas…the key to infinite treasure. Now, according to legend, it will allow he who possesses it entry to a vast storehouse of riches hidden away by the ancients prior to their ascension.

MITCHELL: Wow, that's big.

JACKSON: Yeah, and by all indications, nothing but an elaborate hoax.

MITCHELL: So they didn't found it?

JACKSON: No, but for some reason, qetesh wanted Athena to think she had. Athena believed her, which is why she went after Vala. And she used Ba'al's resources here on earth to get her…*trails off,* which reminds me-- *heads over to the phone* I'm supposed to check in with major Harper. He's got… people querying hospitals in the area where Vala disappeared. it's possible she may have been injured and has been unable to contact us.

MITCHELL: Hey, listen, I…um spoke with the medical examiner's office. They're doing DNA testing on the remains recovered at the blast site *Jackson looks down…shifting* but it's going to take while.

JACKSON: *stares off for a few seconds* You know, when Vala first disappeared when the Ori gate was destroyed, I refused to write her off. Although the odds were against it, I…I believed somehow she'd found a way to survive. *small sad smile* And it turned out I was right. I want to be right again.

MITCHELL: Sure. I just figured you should know.

JACKSON: Yeah. Thank you. *dials number* Major Harper, please.

SCENE: Large building, Athena paces her office, talking to a client on the phone.

ATHENA: I don't care what the so-called experts have to say. I want you to free up the capital and move it into a company called beringer Consolidated. I have it on good authority that they'll be announcing a major breakthrough before week's end. *Devon walks in* All right. *hangs up*

DEVON: The DNA results are in. They were able to I.D. victims, none of them our girl. My guess is there wasn't enough of her left to run tests on.

ATHENA: Or there wasn't anything left because she didn't die in that explosion.

DEVON: If she got out, she would've gone straight back to stargate command. They wouldn't still be looking for her.

ATHENA: I don't know, maybe you're right. Maybe she is dead. But until we have confirmation, I want you to keep looking for her too. *Devon nods leaving*

SCENE: Two weeks later, Back at the Diner, Vala has fallen easily into her role as a waitress.

VALA: *walks over to the window to the kitchen, Clears throat, chewing gum* Okay, dead cow on a turban, hold the yellow, extra spuds.

SAL: Ho-ho! Listen to you. You've been practicing. Very nice.

Vala smiles, before grimacing, grabbing on to the counter, flashes of memories from her time as a goa'uld and maybe after come to mind. Jaffa marching, zatting…a transport to a mother ship.

SAL: Val, you okay? *Hurries out* Hey. You all right? Ah… Is it that visions thing again? Look, I told you, you should go get yourself checked out, honey.

VALA: *she shakes her head* No. *Sal sighs* Sal, what am I doing? Working here, sleeping out the back, watching reruns of the x-files in my spare time. I appreciate everything you've done for me, but I've got to tell you I've been thinking about leaving.

SAL: So where you gonna go?

VALA: I don't know, but this isn't my life. It just doesn't feel right.

SAL: Trust me, sweetheart. Running away isn't going to make things better for you. Working tables here may not feel right, but… least you've got a roof over your head and some friends who care about you. It may not feel like your life right now…just give it some time, okay?

VALA: Okay.

SAL: Good. Now, get back to work before I fire your butt.

VALA: Oh. *Vala walks over to a table with a man, his wife and two kids* Hello, and welcome to sol's diner. I'm Val. I'll be your waitress today. Have you had a chance to look over the menu?

SCENE: Inside the kitchen, Sal turns some burgers and then hears the commotion outside.

BILL: All right! Wallets and purses on the tables in front of you! Now!

Sal grab two knives, hearing the groaning and crashing sounds outside, changes his mind and grabs a meat cleaver. He runs out, stopping by Vala.

SAL: What did you do?

VALA: I don't know.

SCENE: Detective Ryan's office, Vala stares out the window.

RYAN: okay. Name?

VALA: You know my name. You're a regular at the deli.

RYAN: So, what, is "Val" short for "Valerie"?

VALA: Okay… Yes. Valerie.

RYAN: Last name?

VALA: *turns, glancing round, she smiles* Toodad. Valerie…*sits* toodad.

RYAN: *frowns, shifts, turning to look at a child's painting on his board with the words "TO DAD"* Look, Val, is there any reason you don't want me to know your real last name?

VALA: No, of course not. I'm just…a very private person. Would you mind if I took a moment to freshen up?

RYAN: *looks into his mug* Sure. I need coffee anyway. *he walks her out pointing* Straight ahead. Second door on your left.*Vala heads down the corridor, glancing back, Ryan motions left, she smiles and walks to the ladies, another woman exiting.*

VALA: Oh, sorry.

Vala heads in locking the door behind, but as she walks over to the window she finds it padlocked shut, she slowly exits the bathroom, glancing down the hall towards Ryan's office, he's no where in sight, she quickly makes a run for the exit, only to find Ryan leaning against the wall, waiting, knowingly drinking his coffee.

VALA: Oh. Hello. I didn't know how long we were going to be, so I was just going out to get us some lunch.

SCENE: Ryan hands one of the PD officers a Paper with Vala's picture asking for information in an attempt to identify her.

RYAN: Run it through the channels. See if anything comes up. *he walks back into the office*

VALA: I don't understand. I didn't do anything illegal. I didn't hurt anyone…well, apart from those two fellows who, from what I understand, I was totally within my rights to hurt.

RYAN: Witnesses say you took them both down without even breaking a sweat. How'd you manage that?

VALA: Instinct?

RYAN: No. I think training. Don't suppose you want to tell me where you learned those moves. *after a moment* That's what I thought.

SCENE: Back at the SGC Walter heads to Landry's office, paper in hand.


LANDRY: What is it, chief?

WALTER: I thought you should see this.

SCENE: Athena's office, once again she's on the phone as Devon enters.

ATHENA: Listen to me. This is what you're going to do. You're going to sell all of our remaining stock in beringer consolidated. I have it on good authority that they're about to be rocked by a major accounting scandal that will… *she turns, Devon holding up the Police bulletin…*…Nathan, I'm going to have to call you back. What is it?

SCENE: Ryan sits down, shifting…

VALA: What is it?

RYAN: We got a call. Apparently, some people-…they're looking for you.

VALA: Who?

RYAN: The united states air force. They're sending a colonel Carter to pick you up.


RYAN: What do you mean, no?

VALA: I'd rather stay here. If you need me to commit a crime, I'd be happy to oblige.

RYAN: look, Val, I don't pretend to know what you're all about, but when people start throwing around words like "national security,"…there's not a lot I can do.

VALA: All right, I'll be honest with you. The reason why I can't tell you who I am…it's because I don't know. I don't remember. I don't know where I'm from. I'm not even sure if Val is my real name. My memory only goes as far back as that day, two weeks ago, when I wandered into the deli for a lunch I couldn't pay for. I don't remember any of my life before that, though I do have flashbacks. Occasionally, they're terrifying, like something out of a horror movie, but they don't make much sense. I was hoping that, sooner or later, my memories would just come back, or that…something would help remind me of who I really am, but after what happened today, I'm not sure I want to know anymore.

RYAN: You know, Val, it would be a lot easier if you'd just be honest with me. *Vala drops her head down on the table, as two Air force officers walk in*

WOMAN: *Holds up ID* I'm colonel Carter. I'm here to take custody of the prisoner.

VALA: Prisoner?

RYAN: Would you mind telling me what this is all about?

WOMAN: The government has been looking for ms. Maldoran for a while now. *The other officer, walks over handcuffing Vala*

RYAN: Why? What did she do?

WOMAN: I'm sorry, detective. That's classified.

VALA: Don't let them take me away.

WOMAN: We appreciate your cooperation in this matter, sir.

VALA: No. No, no, please. *They drag her away* Mr. Ryan... Ryan watches from the window, as Vala is put into a black sedan.

SCENE: SG-1 walk over to Ryan, as he stares off drinking his coffee.

CARTER: detective Ryan? *Shows ID* Hi. Lieutenant colonel Samantha Carter, united states air force. We're here for the Jane doe you've been holding.

RYAN: Another colonel Carter just picked her up.


RYAN: About a minute ago. Yeah, there were two of them. You must've passed them on your way in here. Black sedan, government plates. *SG-1 rush off* They were headed for the freeway.

SCENE: As SG-1 run out, they find their car blocked by a police car.

CARTER: We need you to move that car!

MITCHELL: *throws Jackson the car keys, runs over to a guy on his motorcycle, flashing his ID* I'm commandeering your bike! Get off.

Mitchell speeds off on the motorcycle.

SCENE: Mitchell zigzags between the cars on the freeway looking for the black sedan, as he moves further up, he spots it in the distance, as it turns off a right exit.

SCENE: In the Black sedan.

VALA: Why won't you tell me where we're going?

The three ignore her, Vala bashes the guy next to her in the face and wraps her cuffed hands round the neck of the driver, he has no control over the steering wheel and the car overturns. Mitchell slows, getting off the bike, he pulls out his weapon, as Vala gets out of the car.

MITCHELL: You all right? *she raises her hands frightened, he lowers his weapon* Hey, everything's going to be okay. *Suddenly one of the men stand firing, Mitchell shoots back killing him but gets clipped in the arm.* Ahhhh Son of A... mother-*Vala runs over grabbing his gun, as a car pulls up*

KID: *getting out* is anybody hurt?

VALA: *points weapon at him* Throw me the keys. *he gives her the keys* Run away. *runs off as Vala heads to the car*

MITCHELL: Vala, wait! *she stops, walks back over*

VALA: What did you just call me?


VALA: Get up. Get up!

MITCHELL: *they get in the car* Where are we going?

VALA: Just drive.

MITCHELL: You know I'm bleeding here.

VALA: Shut up.

SCENE: In a dingy motel, Mitchell lies in his boxers, cuffed to the head rail of the bed, his wound somewhat cleaned up.

MITCHELL: *wakes* oh, boy.

VALA: *walks over* What are you doing?

MITCHELL: Checking to see if I still have both of my kidneys. *she sits, bandaging his arm* Vala, what the hell is going on here?

VALA: You know me?

MITCHELL: Yeah, of course. Why? You don't remember me?

VALA: I don't remember much of anything, least of all who I am or why everyone is after me. That's why I brought you here. You're going to supply me with some much-needed answers.

MITCHELL: Aah! You know, maybe we should call the rest of the team. They're generally better at answers. *After a second* Okay, here goes. Your name is Vala maldoran. You're a member of stargate command, a top-secret facility located beneath cheyenne mountain. It's the command center for a military organization responsible for off-world exploration and reconnaissance by means of a device known as a stargate, a portal *Vala takes his dog tags, reading…* which allows near-instantaneous transport between planets. How am I doing so far?

VALA: Not good.

MITCHELL: I know it sounds crazy, but it's the truth.

VALA: Hmm…Okay. So we're space explorers?

MITCHELL: Well, technically, me and my team are the explorers. You're just along for the ride, because... well, you're not originally from this planet. You're an alien. *Vala gets up, taking his wallet from his pants* Look, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. You know, when you say "alien," people think green skin, four eyes, tentacles, what have you, but the reality is very, very different.

VALA: Mm-hmm. I'm borrowing some more money.

MITCHELL: Take you, for example. You're human. Hell, you're more human than most of my neighbors, especially that guy in 304–

VALA: I'll be back.

MITCHELL: Lo-o…-Look, since you're part of the team, maybe you should think about trusti-...

VALA: *walks out the door* won't be long.

MITCHELL: ...Trusting me!... *to himself…*Or uncuffing me? Or giving me my pants back?

SCENE: Ryan takes a statement from the Kid.

RYAN: Okay, just wait right here. I'll be right back. *he walks out to the rest of SG-1* Well, he's of no help. All he remembers was the gun. Then he was off to the races.

TEAL'C: Presumably you are searching for the missing vehicle.

RYAN: We've got all available units looking. In the meantime, it turns out the deceased in that overturned sedan were all carrying phony I.D. The license plate was also bogus. As for the car itself, it was a company vehicle registered to A…forsythe chemicals. But that's a dead end because, apparently, they reported the car missing this morning.

JACKSON: Of course they did.

CARTER: *cellphone rings* Carter. All right. Thank you. We've got a lock on cam's transmitter. Thank you, detective.

RYAN: Yeah. *Sg-1 leave* Sure. Any time.

SCENE: Back at the motel, Mitchell has pulled the covers further up his body, Vala enters with a bag.

MITCHELL: Okay, I think I've figured out what happened to you, why you don't remember anything.

VALA: Oh, good. Does it involve an alien abduction?

MITCHELL: Well, in as much as that you're an alien who was abducted, yes. You were undergoing a procedure which was designed to dig up some of your suppressed memories. The scientist that we captured told us that, during the procedure, the device was destroyed, which allowed you the opportunity to escape

VALA: *eating*…from the aliens.

MITCHELL: They weren't aliens. They were working for an alien, but that's not really important.

VALA: Vala isn't a particularly alien name.

MITCHELL: So I'm thinking that this device was in the middle of digging up these suppressed memories when bam! It overloads and fries your brain. So instead of helping you remember, it actually made you forget. Everything.

VALA: *reading* Di-so-di-um gua-ny-late. That would make a great alien name, don't you think?

MITCHELL: I can understand Why you might be having difficulty believing what I'm telling you. But there is one thing you cannot deny. There are some very, very bad people after you.

VALA: Mm. And how do I know you're not one of them?

MITCHELL: Because I saved you from them!

VALA: What if they were trying to save me from you? How am I supposed to know?

MITCHELL: Let me take you back to stargate command. We have a device that can help you remember.

VALA: I thought you said the device was destroyed.

MITCHELL: It's a different Device. It's one I brought back from another planet last year.

VALA: Oh, good. Were they having a Sale? *Places a cake in his mouth*

SCENE: Devon gets a call on his mobile.

DEVON: Understood. *He hangs up and turns to his driver* We intercepted a communication from stargate command. They found him. Turn around.

SCENE: Back at the motel, Jackson, Carter and Teal'c break down the door, zats at the ready, only to find Cameron cuffed to the bed with a lot of junk food, remote in hand and the TV on.

MITCHELL: *waves* This, uh, isn't what it looks like. *They stare, Mitchell pulling the covers further up his body*

SCENE: Vala walks the street, spotting a police car, she turns down a side to a warehouse.

SCENE: Mitchell does up his pants, Carter grinning behind him


CARTER: Nothing. I just think it's funny how you're always losing your pants.

MITCHELL: not "always losing my pants." It's happened twice. Twice is not always.

JACKSON: *on the phone* Okay, thank you. *hangs up* We've got something on Vala.

SCENE: Back at the Warehouse, SG-1 enter weapons ready.

JACKSON: Vala?! *They split up looking round.* Vala, it's me, Daniel. We know you're in here. There's nowhere else you could've gone.


JACKSON: Vala? I know you're scared, but we're not here to hurt you. *Mitchell spots someone hiding behind a crate, making his way forward.* We can help you remember.

TEAL'C: *spots a man on top of a large metal crate, weapon aimed* Colonel Carter! *They duck as he fires*

Devon stands up from behind the crate, leaning on the metal shelf beside him, he fires on Mitchell, who ducks, firing back. Vala pulls out Mitchell's gun. Carter zats one of the guys firing at them…Vala moves out, trying to make her way to the exit. Two more men appear firing on Carter and Teal'c. Vala slowly makes her way to the exit only to be confronted by Jackson

VALA: Get out of my way. Get out of my way, or I will shoot you.

Jackson lowers the zat, holding up his hands. Mitchell fires on to the metal shelf, the zat blast traveling along it and transferring through Devon's arm knocking him out.

JACKSON: *sounds of gun fire and zats continue* You don't remember who you are, but I do. You won't shoot.

Mitchell fires his zat in the direction of the two men, momentarily distracted Teal'c and Carter are able to take them both out.

JACKSON: If I let you go, I know you're going to make yourself disappear. You've been running so long, it's almost second nature to you. You don't remember it, but you made a decision to stop running. It's over. Now it's time to come home. *Vala stares at him, as a memory flashes before her, of SG-1 and Landry all sitting at the briefing table, and then Jackson smiling at her on the elevator*

VALA: *deep breath, quietly* Daniel…*she hands him the gun as he walks over, wrapping his arms round her, she doing the same, closing her eyes, sirens sounding in the distance. Carter, Teal'c and Mitchell walk over watching the two from the distance with a small smile.*

SCENE: Jackson's lab, Mitchell sits with his arm in a sling, Landry watching.

MITCHELL: you know, I don't mind getting shot, but I… pulled a hammy when I took out that last trust operative.

CARTER: At least you didn't lose your pants.

VALA: *knocks entering* You wanted to see me?

JACKSON: Hey, what did dr. Lam say?

VALA: I've been cleared for active duty.

LANDRY: Glad to hear it. *Hands her a small case*

VALA: What's this?

LANDRY: Let's just call it a welcome-back present.

VALA: *she opens the box staring* These are...

LANDRY: team badges. You're now officially a member of sg-1.

CARTER: Congratulations. you earned it. *Vala pulls out one, grinning at it, Jackson smiles biting his lip, Vala shifts and then gives Landry a playful shove.*

TEAL'C: Perhaps a celebration is in order.

MITCHELL: That's a great idea. We can check out that new rib joint near my place. *He hands Teal'c one of the badges, he takes the other, slapping it on her shoulder*

VALA: Excellent. Oh…*Turns to Jackson* Of course, that means we'll have to wait until next week to complete our date.

JACKSON: *They all turn to look at Jackson* It wasn't a date. It was two friends and co-workers out for dinner.

MITCHELL: Uh-huh. *Walks out*

JACKSON: Seriously. *the rest of SG-1 leave with a smile, Landry still staring at Jackson, shrugging* Uh…it wasn't a date.


Source: Stargate Fusion.

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