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Script vo du 1011

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10*11 - THE QUEST (2)

SCENE: Sg-1, Ba'al and Adria stand before the dragon as it hovers above them, it breathes fire at them and everyone but Adria ducks down covering themselves. The fire is deflected by a force field.

MITCHELL: *looks up* what just happened?

ADRIA: I extended my protective shield. *she looks at Jackson* you're lucky I still need you.

The dragon cries and turns to whack them with its tail.

MITCHELL: Whoa, heads up! *They all duck, the Dragon's tail breaking a hole in the wall behind them* Move out!

They run through, stopping at the nearest cover, looking back down the corridor VALA: *breathing deeply* Ah! Ah! He's too big to fit through the opening, so I think we're safe.

Mitchell stares as the Dragon breathes fire down the corridor, it flies towards them and they make a run for the next turning.


They get out of the way in time, Teal'c points forward.

TEAL'C: There appears to be an exit this way.

SCENE: They all run out from the opening, slowing when they feel they are far enough.

MITCHELL: Ok… what the hell just happened back there?

JACKSON: It was a hologram, The Sangraal wasn't real.

CARTER: What? Are you saying we came all this way for nothing?

ADRIA: We have to go back inside.

BA'AL: You must be joking.

ADRIA: The dragon is the final test.

BA'AL: It would be madness to challenge that thing.

They hear the sounds of rocks breaking and look up towards the top of the mountain, as the Dragon breaks out and makes towards them.

MITCHELL: I don't think we're gonna have a choice…


SCENE: Sg-1 spread out into a line, aiming there P-90s into the air and firing, as Ba'al and Adria back behind them. The bullets hit, but have no effect.

MITCHELL: Tree line!!

They all head towards the Trees, Carter and Mitchell covering their backs.

VALA: So…now what?

BA'AL: It can't see us as long as we stay in the trees. We should be able to make it back to the village.

JACKSON: We're not going anywhere. Adria's right… it's the final test. We've come too far to give up now.

BA'AL: it's just that kind of noble sentiment that's gonna get us all killed.

JACKSON: Aren't you uh…*turns to Ba'al* the one that claimed to know the dragon's secret name? Time to earn your keep.

BA'AL: Ah yes…I may have exaggerated about that slightly. Anyway, you didn't think that just by calling out its name, you'd suddenly be able to control it.

JACKSON: I don't know. Name magic is common in most mythologies. To know something's secret name is to steal its power.

MITCHELL: So what are we supposed to do, just start guessing?

VALA: Daryl…the dragon.

MITCHELL: How about Smokey? *Jackson drops his head*

TEAL'C: Perhaps......Puff.

JACKSON: *annoyed, puts hand to head* would you just give me a minute!

MITCHELL: *The dragon cries over head* While we're waiting, options?

CARTER: Well, we know the P-90 fire just bounced off its armor.

MITCHELL: Which means… it's not a hologram. If it was a hologram, the bullets would have gone straight through.

BA'AL: So it's not that your weapons aren't ineffective, it's that they're ineffective in a different way.

MITCHELL: What I am saying is that if bullets bounce *opens his pocket* maybe we should try something that packs a little more punch. *Holds up some C4, Carter and Jackson throw him theirs.* right…here is what we're gonna do. We're gonna lure Daryl *Vala grins at him* down to the ground. *Mitchell tapes the C4 together* and… We're gonna take this thing and we're gonna toss it underneath and… detonate it near the exposed underbelly. That's where dragons are most vulnerable. *Jackson shrugs, frowning at Carter* Carter *Mitchell throws her the detonator* you detonate from the tree line and I…*stands, Teal'c walking over to him* will do the running. *Teal'c grabs his arm* Nah it's alright Teal'c, I got this one. *Teal'c is unmoving as Mitchell struggles to loosen his grip* Alright, off you go.

Teal'c takes the C4, looking to Carter who nods, and he runs off into the clearing, firing into the air to get the Dragons attention. The dragons swoops down over him, Teal'c drops to the ground as the Dragon sets itself before him. Teal'c throws the C4 at it and the dragon swallows it. Carter detonates the C4 and after a few seconds it blows, but all we see if smoke/fire.

MITCHELL: Oh son of a bitch.

CARTER: Oh, not good.

MITCHELL: Teal'c! Run!!

Teal'c runs back towards them as the Dragon chases after him.

VALA: Hey Daniel! Now would be a really good time.

JACKSON: Ok…the first line of virtue said the Sangraal belonged to he who speaks the Guardian's name. The Guardian's…name.

VALA: The Guardian is a dragon.

JACKSON: No…The Guardian is not the dragon. The Guardian is the person who set this whole thing up. The Guardian is Morgan Le Fey.

VALA: Right! *jumps up and runs towards the Dragon*

JACKSON: Wait! No!

MITCHELL: What the hell?!

JACKSON: *Jackson runs out after her, just as Teal'c makes it back* Wait!

VALA: *stops before the dragon, out of breath* Hey! Morgan! Le Fay! *The dragon stop, growls and flaps his wings angrily*…Daryl?

JACKSON: *runs up behind Vala as the Dragon rises into the air* Ganos Lal! *In a flash of light the Dragon disappears*


JACKSON: It's uh…*to Vala, out of breath* Morgan's name in…Ancient.

VALA: Yeah… I know.

MITCHELL: *Glances at Adria and Ba'al* Thanks for the assist.

BA'AL: Well to be honest, I wouldn't have been much use to you …my strength lie in strategy and command whereas yours lie in armed combat and dealing with...uh…

CARTER: *looks at him* Dragons?

BA'AL: Clearly. *They head off*

SCENE: Back in the room with the Sangraal, they all stand round the pedestal with the red gem on it.

MITCHELL: It's real this time, right?

JACKSON: I don't see why not. *he attempts to pick it up but once again his hand goes straight through*

CARTER: Oh…come on!

Suddenly there is a flash of light and all but Adria disappear.

SCENE: SG-1 and Ba'al appear in an ancient room, which lights immediately on their arrival.

VALA: Ok…what just happened?

CARTER: I think we were transported into another chamber.

JACKSON: *looks round* Where's Adria?

CARTER: I guess she didn't make it. *walks round*

JACKSON: It must be some sort of a security measure.

MITCHELL: I don't know…*points his torch at Ba'al, They all begin to look round the room* it let HIM in.

JACKSON: I don't think Morgan was too concerned about the Goa'uld. It was the Ori she was worried about.

MITCHELL: You know…I'm not seeing anything around here that looks like a Sangraal. *Carter slows as something light before her bathed in green light* which begets the question, what was she protecting.

CARTER: I think I know.

They all walk over staring at what lays before them…Merlin, stands before them in an ancient stasis chamber.

JACKSON: *reading* Here lies Merdin, Arch-mage of the round.

MITCHELL: Alright…that's not a hologram. He's the real Mcoy, right?

JACKSON: I think so. *walks forward*

MITCHELL: How long has he…been in there?

JACKSON: Well over a thousand years.

TEAL'C: We have encountered Ancient stasis technology such as this before. General O'Neill was kept in a similar pod in Antarctica.

MITCHELL: *Walks over to Jackson* So, how do we get him out?

JACKSON: I have no idea.

VALA: Hey guys! *walks over to a device in the wall much like the ones that Jack has looked into on two occasions* Look at this.

JACKSON: Vala, be careful!! *The device shoots out, Vala quickly ducking out of the way*

VALA: I…*turns to look at them*

MITCHELL: *the stasis pod opens, Merlin waking* Hey, Jackson! *grabs Merlin's arm* Jackson? *They both bring him over to rest on the table* Oh good God.

JACKSON: Throw it off!! *Teal'c clears the table*

MITCHELL: oh he's heavier than he looks. *They lay him down, Merlin wakes glances round before passing back out*

VALA: No…he did not just...

JACKSON: *checks* No… he's still alive. It may take him a while to revive completely.

CARTER: Alright. in the meantime we should see if there's a way out of here. *She and Mitchell move off, Teal'c about to follow*

BA'AL: Let us know what you find. *Teal'c stops, grabs Ba'al's collar and drags him along* Or I could come too.

SCENE: The four make their way through the corridors.

MITCHELL: Hey! There's daylight over here.*They walk outside to find themselves of a sand planet, before them stands the gate with a large pillar in front and the DHD* You know, I can't put my finger on it… but something is different.

CARTER: We weren't just transported to another chamber; we were transported to another planet BA'AL: The gate must have been activated remotely, then the obelisk beamed us through the wormhole.

MITCHELL: Well, as far as I'm concerned, the more distance between us and Adria, the better.

CARTER: Except that she has the knowledge of the Ori. She knows as much about the gates and the DHD's as the people who built them. If anyone can track us, it's her.

MITCHELL: Yeah, except that.

SCENE: Back inside, Vala fiddles about with some things she finds. Jackson stares at the stasis pod.

JACKSON: It's amazing how similar this is to the myth.

VALA: Hmmm?

JACKSON: Supposedly, Morgan trapped Merlin in a cave and left him frozen there for all eternity. Only in reality, I think she was trying to protect him.

VALA: How do you mean?

JACKSON: *walks over to Merlin* Well, I'm starting to think that…maybe, Morgan did destroy the Sangraal, after all. I mean, she probably figured she had no choice. That… if she didn't do it, the other Ancients would have just sent someone else.

VALA: So instead… she did the next best thing.

JACKSON: She preserved the one man capable of building it again.

MITCHELL: *returns with Ba'al and Carter in tow* Well…it's official, we are stuck here. Wherever here is. good news is, we found a gate. Teal'c's watching it. Bad news is...

CARTER: We can't dial out. Somebody tampered with the DHD.

BA'AL: I can fix it. Reprogramming dialing devices is my specialty. Merlin opens his eyes and sits up, Vala helping him.

VALA: Woops! Guess who's coming around…*Jackson moves to help*

MERLIN: Where am I?

CARTER: Good question.

MERLIN: *looks at Carter* You look familiar. *walks over to her* Guinevere. Oh my dear *hugs her* it's been too long.

CARTER: Uh, it's good to see you, too.

MERLIN: *points at Mitchell* Percivale. *walks over to Daniel* And Galahad! Oh brave knights. Fortune indeed does smile upon me to see your faces again.

BA'AL: *shifts* Looks like Merlin's drawbridge no longer goes all the way across the moat anymore, if you catch my meaning.

MERLIN: What's that? *turns to Ba'al* Mordred. I might have known it.

BA'AL: We're wasting our time with this old fool. We need to get back to the gate so that I can start reprogramming…

MERLIN: Be silent! *waves his hand, Ba'al tries to speak, grabbing his throat*

MITCHELL: Well how do you like that? The old boy still has some tricks up his sleeve.

JACKSON: Merlin? *walks over to him, where he stands at the small round table* Merdin! We need you to remember. About the Sangraal…about Morgan and about how you got here.

MERLIN: Morgan.

JACKSON: You also knew her as Ganos Lal.

MERLIN: I haven't heard that name spoken in a very long time.

JACKSON: We're not knights of the round table.

MITCHELL: Though we are flattered by the comparison.

JACKSON: A thousand years have passed. We know who you really are. We know about Atlantis and we've encountered the Ori.

MERLIN: Tell me more.

JACKSON: *sighs* I don't know where to begin. *turns to the others* This is gonna take a while.

MITCHELL: Alright, we'll get started checking out the cave. *shines Torch in Ba'al's face* Unless YOU have any objections. No? Great, move out. *leaves with Ba'al and Carter*

SCENE: Adria and her men walk through the Village, towards the Prior, soldiers pushing the Villagers out of the way.

OFFICER: Make way for the Orisi!!

ADRIA: *stops before the Prior* What happened?

PRIOR: The gate activated on its own and only seconds later it closed again.

ADRIA: I don't suppose anyone saw the address.

PRIOR: No, Orisi.

ADRIA: I'll need to examine the dialing device. *turns to the Officer* Ready your men. As soon as I determine where they went, we're leaving.

OFFICER: Yes, Orisi. *heads off*

PRIOR: And what of the village?

ADRIA: Have they agreed to accept the teachings of Origin?


ADRIA: Then burn it. *She leaves*

SCENE: Back in the Ancient Room, Merlin sits on a chair while Jackson and Vala sit on the table explaining things to him,

JACKSON: And it was Morgan who finally led us to you. Of course…she couldn't come right out and tell us. She had to be annoyingly cryptic about the whole thing.

MERLIN: You have an unusual understanding of the way of ascended beings.

JACKSON: Yes…that's partly because I used to be one myself.

MERLIN: The Human race cannot have progressed that far in only a thousand years.

JACKSON: No, I had a little help. Her name was Oma Dessala.

MERLIN: Of course… And what happened?

JACKSON: Well I… I guess I didn't see eye to eye with the others.

MERLIN: Ah, yes. I found myself in a similar position.

JACKSON: Yeah, I wasn't too good at the whole non interference thing. I guess there were a few arguments. At least that's the impression I got.

MERLIN: You don't remember?

JACKSON: No. In order to protect me, Oma erased it all from my mind and sent me back.

MERLIN: Oh! *stands* I'm surprised she still hasn't learned her lesson.

VALA: She's not the only one who broke some of the rules. *Jackson smiles at her*

MERLIN: The Ori gained their power from the lower plains. So much so, that one day they shall be strong enough to wipe the others out. In the face of such a threat, the strict policy of non interference is absurd!

JACKSON: I'm sure Oma would agree with you.

MERLIN: Oma concerns herself with the individual. She may have the best intentions, but then, so did the Ori when they first began… Still… she must have seen something in you…to believe you to be worthy. *He closes his eyes*

MITCHELL: *returns with Carter and Ba'al* This cave is a bust. There's nothing else here. Ah, how's it going?

JACKSON: I'm not exactly sure.

MERLIN: *opens his eyes* Before I agree to join with you, I need to know that you are willing to do whatever must be done to see it through.

VALA: Surely *stands* you have some idea of what we've been through to get here.

MERLIN: What you have experienced so far, is as nothing compared to what is to come. *Looks at Mitchell*

MITCHELL: Don't worry about us. We're on board.

MERLIN: In that case, there's much work to be done.

Merlin walks over to the Ancient device in the wall, and immediately two sorts of handles pop out below it, he places his hands over it and puts his head into it. The small round table lights up, and over it appear holograms of molecules.

SCENE: Merlin is still using the device, Vala, glancing at her watch, walks round over to Jackson and Carter who are staring at the holograms.

VALA: He's been at it for hours, Daniel. Wanna take a guess at what he's doing?

JACKSON: Well from the looks of it, I'd say he's virtually piecing something together from base molecules.

CARTER: Another Sangraal?

Jackson shrugs, Merlin stop using the device stumbling back against the table, Jackson and Carter run over to help him

MERLIN: I'm fine. Just need a little rest. *There is another flash of light signaling a transport*

MITCHELL: What was that?

TEAL'C: *on radio* Colonels Mitchell and Carter. Come quickly. You will want to see this.

MITCHELL: *taps Ba'al* Let's go! *he, Carter and Ba'al head off*

SCENE: Mitchell, Carter and Ba'al walks out to Teal'c to find themselves on a planet covered in snow, with more falling.

TEAL'C: The gate activated on its own. The crystal on the obelisk began to glow and everything changed.

CARTER: I'll say.

MITCHELL: We've been transported to another planet.

CARTER: Well if Daniel's right and Morgan wanted to keep Merlin hidden, this would be a great way to do it. My guess is, we're traveling through a circuit of planets, cut off from the rest of the gate system by a deliberate alteration of the DHD program.

TEAL'C: Then you believe we will be unable to dial out from this gate as well.

CARTER: Well, we can give it a shot…but yeah, I doubt it will work. Until we find the automatic dialing program in the DHD processor and shut it down.

MITCHELL: You can do that, right?

CARTER: *Hesitates* I hope so. *walks over to the DHD*

SCENE: Merlin sits with Jackson and Vala

MERLIN: I have lived many lifetimes. First…in Atlantis. Then…on Earth, before the dawn of your civilization. Then I joined the ranks of the ascended. And finally… I returned to mortal form, to live out my remaining days among the noblemen of Arthur's court. Or so I thought. And through all these eons, only one thing has stayed the same. There is never enough time.

JACKSON: Well, we're safe for the moment. You can…take all the time you need.

MERLIN: I slept too long. My body betrays me.

VALA: *shakes her head* We're not about to let you give up now.

JACKSON: You realize what's at stake. If you don't help us, the Ori will take this galaxy.

MERLIN: *sighs* One last task, then. Before I rest. *They help him up onto his feet and he walks back over to the device, he clasps his hands, and then turns to Jackson* Good luck… Dr Jackson. *he places his head in the device, after a few seconds the light grows brighter and brighter, until Merlin is blasted back with Jackson and dies.*

VALA: What just happened?

JACKSON: He's dead.

SCENE: Merlin is laid on the table, arms crossed over his chest, Carter walks round the room.

CARTER: He said, good luck.

VALA: It's very strange. It's almost as if he knew it was going to happen.

MITCHELL: Which leaves us with no Sangraal and for the moment, no way off this planet.

BA'AL: I told you I can fix the dialing device. *grins* Merlin's little trick with my vocal cords expired at the same moment that he did.

TEAL'C: Yet another reason to mourn his passing. {ROFL}

BA'AL: Joke all you want, Teal'c… but I am the only one who can get us out of here.

CARTER: *looks up, takes a deep breath* He is good with dialing programs. Maybe if we work together.

SCENE: Carter and Ba'al work at the DHD, freezing, while Teal'c and Mitchell look around

CARTER: I'm having trouble finding the relocating program. It must be buried in one of the correlative sub-routines.

BA'AL: We'll never find it using those search protocols. I'm gonna have to make some adjustments to your program.

MITCHELL: How much longer is this gonna take?

BA'AL: It's impossible to say. All I know for sure is it would have been a lot easier on that nice warm desert planet. *Pulls the handheld off Carter*

SCENE: Daniel looks from Merlin to the Device

JACKSON: He said he had one more thing he could do before he could rest.

VALA: Huh! *walks over, sits down* I thought he meant, build us another weapon.

JACKSON: No, you were right before. He knew he didn't have enough time. *walks over to the device* Now this is obviously some sort of…virtual interface. Like a computer assisted design program. Only, in the past we've seen it used to download information into someone's mind.

VALA: What sort of information?

JACKSON: All the knowledge of the Ancients.

VALA: That's a lot.

JACKSON: Yes. As a matter of fact, it's too much for a brain to handle, it's fatal. But what if you could control it. Use it to store and load something more specific.

VALA: Like?

JACKSON: I'm not sure. *He looks at Merlin, Vala following his line of sight, and then he rushes over to the device sticking his head in*

VALA: Hey! *The device activates, Vala shaking her head*

SCENE: Carter and Ba'al work on the DHD, Mitchell watching over them, all looking very cold.

VALA: *on Radio* Vala here. I'm gonna need-

MITCHELL: What is it?

VALA: *on Radio* It's Daniel.

MITCHELL: *to Carter* Keep working!


MITCHELL: I do not trust him to finish on his own, Sam!

SCENE: Mitchell runs into the room, to find Vala cradling Jackson in her arms running her fingers through his hair.

MITCHELL: Jackson! *shakes him* Jackson! What did he do?

SCENE: On the Sand Planet, Adria stands before the DHD her Guards around her, the Prior walks over.

PRIOR: The planet is lifeless. There is no-one here.

ADRIA: They were here, I'm certain of it.

PRIOR: What would you have us do?

ADRIA: Lead the men in prostration. I will inform you when I have the next address.

PRIOR: Yes, Orisi.

Adria moves forward placing her hand over the DHD as random symbols begin to light up all at once.

SCENE: Carter hugs herself tightly while Teal'c looks round, Ba'al stands up rubbing his hands together.

BA'AL: Try it now!

CARTER: *taps away at her computer* I'm still not reading any anomalies.

BA'AL: This is ridiculous! I can't…I can't be expected to work like this! I can barely see, my fingers are numb! I say…we go back inside, we warm up, we take our chances on the next planet.

TEAL'C: How do you know it will not be worse? *suddenly the Gate starts to dial itself up*

CARTER: We're about to find out.

SCENE: Back inside, Jackson's awake, sitting up hugging his head, Vala looking after him, Mitchell touches her shoulder as he passed. Another flash of light.

VALA: Ooh! *looks round* Merlin's gone.

MITCHELL: *walks over to the table, which is empty* Well that's just....weird. *grabs his radio* Sam, what just happened?

SCENE: Outside, they find themselves in a foggy wood.

CARTER: The obelisk transported us to another planet. I think it's scheduled to go off every couple of hours.

MITCHELL: *on radio* How are things out there?

CARTER: Well, it's a little spooky, but at least it's warm. How's Daniel?

SCENE: Back inside.

MITCHELL: He's…sitting up. I'll get back to you on the rest.

VALA: *Jackson lifts his head* Hey!

MITCHELL: *leans down in front of Jackson* How you doing, sunshine?

JACKSON: *looks at him* He was right. *smiles* You do look like Percivale.

MITCHELL: Excuse me?

JACKSON: *looks at Vala who grins at him* We've spent a lot of time in this room.

VALA: Who did?

JACKSON: We did. *closes eyes* He did. Merlin. *chuckles* Sorry, it's a little confusing having two sets of memories in your head. He wasn't kidding about living many lifetimes. *jumps up*

VALA: You have Merlin's memories?

JACKSON: Some of them. Earth, Atlantis…and the different mediaeval societies he set up throughout the galaxy…And the work he did in this lab. *looks round*

MITCHELL: Hey ho, hey, hey, hang on a second. Are you telling me you can build the Sangraal?

JACKSON: He knew he didn't have the strength to finish it. His body had…*walks over to the device in the wall* deteriorated too much during the stasis. So he gave me the knowledge. *places his head and hands back on the device before Mitchell can stop him*


JACKSON: *Over the table the hologram starts back up* I can see it now. I can do this.

MITCHELL: *turns away, Vala looking at him* Twice. A device like that nearly killed General O'Neill…both times…It took the Asgard to save him.

VALA: Daniel thought that this device might be different. Somehow the information could be limited.

MITCHELL: I hope he's right.

SCENE: On the planet covered in snow, Adria and her men have arrived, an officer exits the cave.

OFFICER: We found the body of an old man! Dead. Apart from that, there's nothing here.

ADRIA: This is beginning to try my patience.

PRIOR: Is there no other way we can track them?

ADRIA: No. But each time, I am able to determine their destination more quickly than the last. Sooner or later we will catch up to them. *The Prior nod and moves to stand by her side, as she raise her hand above the DHD once more.*

SCENE: Back on the other planet, Ba'al continues to work at the DHD, While Carter stares at the Obelisk.

CARTER: Maybe we're barking up the wrong tree here. Maybe the re-location program isn't in the DHD processor at all.

BA'AL: What? the obelisk? *laughs* You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

CARTER: *turns* Says the brainiac who spent three days trapped in that force field.

BA'AL: That technology is strictly used for localized transport.

CARTER: Yeah, I know. I mean it's obviously what's beaming us through the gate every time there's an open wormhole. But what if it also contains a remote dialer?

BA'AL: It's one thing to send someone here and there on the surface of the planet. It's quite another to send them half way across the galaxy. It's like…uh… comparing a laptop to a super computer.

CARTER: Well, it wouldn't have to contain the entire navigational system, now would it? *pulls out a handheld, walks over to the obelisk* Just a command code sufficient to override normal dialing protocols.

BA'AL: Yes. but To borrow a rather quaint Human phrase. Why hide a needle in a small haystack, when you can use an enormous one. It wouldn't be much of a security measure, if it could be discovered by the first Tau'ri female who comes along…Would it now?

CARTER: *stops, turning around very pissed* I'm sorry… are you dismissing my idea out of hand because I'm Human…or because I'm a woman.

BA'AL: Huh! *smirks* A little of both, I suppose.

CARTER: *tight smile* You know what, I'll check it myself.

SCENE: Back in the room, two round discs materialize from the hologram and come to rest on the table, Jackson steps away from the device, looking tired, rubs his eyes.

MITCHELL: What is that?

JACKSON: Stage one. *walks over to the table* The first step towards creating Merlin's weapon VALA: It's real?

JACKSON: Yeah. *Vala leans forward touching it, grins* That's exactly what this device does. It allows you to design it and configure something virtually and then materializes it.

MITCHELL: Just like O'Neill did when he created the anti-Replicator weapon.

VALA: *Jackson nods* I thought the Sangraal was a tiny red jewel.

JACKSON: No, that's the…that's the final stage. The key to making the everything work.

MITCHELL: So, how long before you can put the whole thing together?

Jackson leans against the table, holding a hand to his head, Vala holds his arm.

VALA: Daniel?

JACKSON: uh… I'm alright… I'm alright. This machine takes a lot out of you. The…uh…*takes off his flack jacket* level of concentration required is pretty intense.

VALA: Can I get you anything?


VALA: Sure.

Vala walks over to the table where she left the flask and his glasses, but as she reaches for it, the flask moves through the air, straight into Jackson's hand.

JACKSON: Ok, that happened. *opens the bottle* It's interesting. Jack got healing powers, I guess I got telekinesis. *drinks*

VALA: Jack also almost died. Now you said that this device might be different.

JACKSON: I'll be fine!

MITCHELL: That's crap! She's right, you don't get fancy mind powers unless there's been major redecorating going on inside your skull!

JACKSON: Look obviously, creating the weapon requires a higher level of brain function. Now Merlin would have seen that. Trust me, I can handle this.

SCENE: Back outside, Carter has pulled out a panel on the Obelisk.

CARTER: Dammit! *she looks over at Ba'al, tensing her jaw, she walks over, clears her throat*

BA'AL: What do you want?

CARTER: …I need your help. *Teal'c looks up at this* Look, I still think I'm right about the obelisk, but I can't make heads or tails of its programming.

BA'AL: Well *laughs* that's hardly a surprise. I mean… I know where you come from you're considered relatively intelligent *walks round the DHD, to stand in front of her* but by galactic standards that's not really saying much. Wouldn't you agree?

Carter smiles briefly the starts to turn away before punching Ba'al in the face, he falls back holding his nose, a faint smile appears on Teal'c's face.

CARTER: You know, if you're not gonna help, then you're not much use to us…and if you're not much use to us, then there's not much point in keeping you alive any longer. Wouldn't you agree?

BA'AL: *sits up, smiles, glances at Teal'c who smiles at him* I'd uh, be delighted to help. *waves his hand up, asking for help standing*

CARTER: Great to hear it. *places the handheld in his hand and walks away*

SCENE: Jackson is back at the device, Vala sits on the table behind him, Mitchell watches the hologram as another part of the device materializes. Jackson pulls away looks even more exhausted.

MITCHELL: Stage two.

JACKSON: Indeed. I must rest. *He heads for the chair, Vala following* I'm not as young as I used to be.

VALA: Daniel? *kneels in front of him, her hand on his knee* Are you allright?

JACKSON: I know you.

VALA: Well of course you do, silly. It's me! Vala! *she smiles*

JACKSON: *places his hand on her cheek, she putting her hand on his* I had the strangest dream. Everything was covered in ice.

MITCHELL: *Vala looks at him* Jackson! *puts his hand on his shoulder* Daniel.

JACKSON: *looks up* What's going on? *looks round*

VALA: *turns his face to look at her* We're losing you, that's what's going on. Every time you come back from that machine *points* it gets a little worse. *voice breaking slightly* And don't tell me you're fine.

JACKSON: No. No, I just have too many thoughts in my head. I, I...I can't concentrate, I get confused.

VALA: You have to fight it.

JACKSON: No, no, no…that's the thing, I have to let it happen. That's the only way I can build Merlin's weapon.

VALA: *looks to Mitchell as Jackson, stands and walks back over to the machine* Hey You have to tell him that he doesn't have to do this. He'll listen to you.

MITCHELL: Oh…what team have you been on. Besides *bites lip* we need this one.

VALA: What makes you think we'll even be allowed to use it…The Ancients didn't let Merlin get away with it last time!

MITCHELL: Vala, Vala…shhh…shut up…for once! We have to take the risk. *heads for the way out*

VALA: What? *follows him* This is all about noble sacrifice for you, isn't it!

MITCHELL: Oh yeah… *stops turns to her* I'm sorry, what about you?

VALA: What?

MITCHELL: When you flew that cargo ship into the gap of the super gate, you knew damn well that you might not come out the other side alive.

VALA: No *shakes head looking away* that was different.

MITCHELL: Yeah, different because you *pulls her round to look at him* were the one taking the risk. *she tries to pull away, but he holds her* Well now you know that…the hard part about being on this team is not risking your own life. It's watching your friends take chances with theirs. *Vala's eyes water* Congratulations. Now you really are one of us. *he leaves*

SCENE: Back outside, Teal'c circles the area while Carter and Ba'al work at the Obelisk.

CARTER: It's a command override. I can't believe that we actually found it.

TEAL'C: *stops behind them* Clearly you work well together. *the two turn and give him a look*

CARTER: Well, now that we've identified the program, it should be a simple matter to shut it down.

SCENE: Back on the snow planet, Adria works a way at trying to get the address. The gate starts dialing.

ADRIA: Ready your men. It's time!

OFFICER: Yes, Orisi.

SCENE: Vala and Mitchell continue to watch the hologram, Jackson pulls away from the device panicked.

MITCHELL: What is it?

JACKSON: Get to the gate now!


JACKSON: *steps forward* They're coming.

SCENE: Carter, walks over to Ba'al as the gate begins to activate.

CARTER: Incoming wormhole!!

Carter takes cover behind the obelisk, Ba'al hiding behind the DHD. When the gate opens, Teal'c and Carter immediately fire on the Oncoming guards, some of them are killed, but others are able to get by and take cover.

BA'AL: Hold them here, I'll get help. *He makes for the cave, but is shot*

Mitchell and Vala exit the cave, firing and taking cover, the obelisk activates.

SCENE: Inside the room, Adria teleports, Jackson leaning heavily on the table.

ADRIA: Doctor Jackson.

JACKSON: *walks over* You're too late.

ADRIA: You haven't completed the weapon. I'd say I'm just in time.

JACKSON: And I'd say things are different now.

SCENE: Outside the sky clouds up, lightning striking and hitting all of the Ori soldiers, killing them.

SCENE: Jackson falls to the ground, weakened.

ADRIA: Draining isn't it. Instead of helping your friends, you should have saved your energy to deal with me. *kneels down next to him*

JACKSON: Would it have made a difference?

ADRIA: *she turns his face to look at her* Probably not.

SCENE: Outside, SG-1 looks around confused MITCHELL: What was that?

CARTER: I don't know, *runs over to the DHD* but I say we don't stick around to find out. Dial out of here before anyone else can dial in.

VALA: *turns* I'm gonna go check on Daniel. *Jackson come flying out of the cave entrance.*

VALA: *hurries over to him, the Gate activates* Daniel?

Adria walks out slowly, Mitchell fires at her, but the bullets bounce off he shield.

MITCHELL: Why do I bother?

VALA: *stands* Adria? I want you to stop this right now!

ADRIA: I'm sorry it has to be this way, mother.

Adria raises her hand, a ball of red light appears, and just as the light fires towards Vala, Jackson jumps up in front of her pushing her out of the way. He holds up his hands, blocking the attack.

JACKSON: Get to the gate, now!

CARTER: We're not leaving you here!

JACKSON: I'll be right behind you!

Mitchell grabs Vala's jacket dragging her back to the Gate, Carter and Teal'c following. Jackson falls to his knees, still fighting off Adria's attack, as she stops, the Gate shuts down.




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