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Script vo du 1013

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SCENE: Carter works in one of the observation rooms, with Merlin's Device and a Naquadah Generator. The blast door opens and MITCHELL appears, and just as he's about to walk in Carter attempts to stop him.


CARTER: Wait!- MITCHELL: CARTER how a-*he walks straight in to a force field, grabbing him face* Ah!!!

CARTER: Oh…*starts tapping at her laptop* sorry MITCHELL: What the hell was that?! *The force shield comes down and Carter turns towards him*

CARTER: Force shield. Didn't you see my sign?

MITCHELL: No! *He walks in, slowing as he moves closer to her desk*....Yes! *He grabs the piece of Paper on her desk, holds it up to her* you mean this sign? *SIGN: DO NOT ENTER FORCE SHIELD ACTIVE*

CARTER: *trying not to laugh, points* that was supposed to be out...- MITCHELL: *drops the paper* Yeah, I got that. Is there any particular reason why you turned this place into Fort Knox?

CARTER: I'm attempting to rewrite the safety protocols on Merlin's device, so we can take even larger areas out of phase. I set up a two way force shield to restrict the range of the device and to ensure that nobody entered the field *chuckles* accidentally.

MITCHELL: Yeah. *rubbing his eyebrow* Very effective.

CARTER: Mmmm. Any news on Daniel?

MITCHELL: No, the latest sighting by the Jaffa, turned out to be a false alarm, but Teal'c just got back, so we are going to go grab some lunch and go over the report. *grabs her arm, heading for the door*

CARTER: *pulls her arm back* Just let me run one more test.


CARTER: It'll only take a minute, I promise! *points to the observation balcony* You can watch from up there.

MITCHELL: I'm going to be timing you. *he grabs the sigh*

CARTER: mmmm huh.

Mitchell leaves putting the sign up outside, Carter restores the force shield, looking up as Mitchell enters the Balcony. He points at his watch and she gives him a little wave. Carter activates the device and she and everything in the room disappear. While out of phase Carter runs her test but she hears a loud noise, looking around a bright red light appears before her and she is sucked in. Mitchell waits for her to reappear.

MITCHELL: *he activates the intercom* Sam, I know you can hear me. Times up! *after a few minutes* Sam!

SCENE: Carter lies on the floor of the room, alarms blaring. She stands looking a round, everything looks in tact but the floor shows signs of an explosion. Carter looks up to the Observation balcony to find it empty. She hears voices outside and deactivates the shield just as Dr Lee enters.

LEE: Major, uh, are you ok? We heard an explosion.

CARTER: Yeah, I'm fine. I-*stares* Did you just call me Major?

LORNE: *runs in* Sam, thank God you're ok. Where's Doctor Bennett?

CARTER: Major Lorne, what are you doing here?

LORNE: What do you mean?

CARTER: You're supposed to be on Atlantis.

LORNE: Sam, what are you talking about?

CARTER: You're on assignment in the Pegasus Galaxy.

LORNE: Uh… are you sure you're ok, because I work here, remember? *Carter looks to Lee, frowning* As leader of SG1. *She quickly turns staring at him*

CREDITS SCENE: Lorne runs into the control room and walks up to General Hammond.

LORNE: General…we have a problem.

HAMMOND: What is it, Major?

LORNE: I'm not exactly sure how to explain this, sir…but there's been an accident. It's Sam.

SCENE: Lorne and Hammond walk through a corridor.

LORNE: She claims she's not the Major Carter we know.

HAMMOND: What's that supposed to mean?

LORNE: She says she's from a parallel universe. And given the nature of the experiment that's-… HAMMOND: Let's not jump to conclusions just yet. You said there was an explosion. Was she injured?

LORNE: uh…not a scratch, sir, but she does seem different.

HAMMOND: Different how?

LORNE: Well for one thing, she claims she's a Lt Colonel…and she does have this device with her I've never seen before. We have no idea where that came from.

HAMMOND: Alright, assuming for the moment she's telling the truth, where's our Major Carter?

LORNE: We don't know.

HAMMOND: Find out!

LORNE: Yes sir. *They both head off in different directions*

SCENE: In an interrogation room, Carter and Lorne sit at the table, Sam resting her head in her hand.

LORNE: So, why are you here?

CARTER: I didn't do it on purpose…believe me.

LORNE: What about that machine you brought with you.

CARTER: It de-molecularises matter and transports it to another dimension.

LORNE: *holds up his hands* Well there you go.

CARTER: No…no…this is different. Look. According to M Theory, there are a fixed number of alternate dimensions existing in parallel with our known universe. *Lorne looks like he's already getting a headache* The multi-verse theory, on the other hand, posits the existence of an infinite number of alternate universes. Each evolving concurrently with our own.

LORNE: Well is there a universe out there somewhere …where you are giving me a straight answer?

CARTER: *sighs* Look, there must be some reason why I was brought here of all places! I need to know what was happening in that lab.

LORNE: I'm not authorized to give you that information.

CARTER: *exasperated* Ok, maybe I can talk to Daniel. Is he here?

LORNE: *takes a deep breath* Doctor Jackson was captured by the forces of the Ori, several weeks ago.

CARTER: Ok, what about Colonel Mitchell? *Lorne frowns* Cameron Mitchell?

LORNE: The 302 Pilot? Went down over Antarctica?

CARTER: That's right. Is he here?

LORNE: I don't know where he is. The last I heard he quit the military.

CARTER: Teal'c? Vala?

LORNE: Teal'c went back to the Jaffa several years ago and if you're talking about Vala Mal Doran… I hate to break it to you, but she is currently occupying a cell at Area 51. Care to take a stab at anyone else?

CARTER: At least let me see the surveillance footage from the lab. There may be a clue. *Lorne glances at the camera, Carter turns then to speak to the Camera herself* Look! I know you want your Carter back as much as I wanna go home, but we stand a much better chance of figuring this out…

SCENE: Hammond watches the exchange from the control room.

CARTER: *on the TV* if we work together.

HAMMOND: *turns to Lee* Show her the footage.

SCENE: Carter watches the footage, of her counterpart and a Dr Bennett working on some odd looking equipment.

BENNETT: We're getting a power spike.

AUCARTER: The capacitors are overloading. Shut it down. *The device sparks, several times*

BENNETT: Override's not responding!

AUCARTER: Bennett!! Get out of here! *Bennett attempts to get out, but the video cuts out*

LEE: That's all we got. Sensors indicate there was a massive explosion in the room, but when we opened the door, instead of finding charred remains, we found you.

CARTER: What were the capacitors for?

LEE: *Looks at Lorne, who nods* Major Carter was developing a process by which we could extract energy from parallel universes.

CARTER: *looks at Lorne* And you knew about this?

LORNE: Knowing and…understanding. Two totally different things.

LEE: Ordinarily, this type of energy retrieval is extremely dangerous, leading to the creation of exotic particles in one or both universes CARTER: *nods* I know, we've tried it.

LEE: Oh… Well, our Major Carter found her way around that. She designed the machine so the bridge would only open for a micro second. The idea was to steal small amounts of energy from thousands of different universes, thereby, minimizing the fallout in any single one.

LORNE: Anyway, it doesn't entirely explain why you got here.

LEE: That's true. The device was never designed to bring ordinary matter through the bridge.

CARTER: Well, I was conducting an experiment of my own. At the precise moment that your Carter tapped into my reality, the entire contents of my lab were out of phase and they were being protected by a force shield.

LEE: *releases a deep breath* Oh my God! Well, there's no telling what effect that would have on the inter-universal bridge. CARTER: Well presumably it pulled me through and caused the capacitors on this side to overload. LORNE: If it brought you here, is it possible that it sent our Carter to your universe? CARTER: *Lee glances at Carter, already knowing the answer, she shakes her head* I'm sorry, it doesn't work that way.

SCENE: Hammond walks down the corridors, where pictures hang from the walls, leading to his office. The Presidents Aide, Charlie, stands outside.

CHARLIE: General.

HAMMOND: I need to see the President.

CHARLIE: He's on a call. Can it wait?


SCENE: Hammond enters the interrogation room with Lorne, Carter stands immediately.


HAMMOND: Colonel.

CARTER: You're in command here?

HAMMOND: That's right.

CARTER: I'm sorry sir, it's just a little strange. The General Hammond I know is retired from active service.

HAMMOND: Well…Then he's a lucky man. *waves* Please. *They both sit down, Lorne leaning on the desk* I know this must be difficult for you, Colonel. It's difficult for us as well. In fact, the timing couldn't be worse.

CARTER: What do you mean?

LORNE: Three weeks ago, the Ori attempted an attack on Earth.

CARTER: *shocked* You survived an Ori attack?

HAMMOND: One ship. We fought them off with the Ancient Chair. The ZPM was nearly depleted in the process.

LORNE: That's why our Major Carter was running that experiment. She was trying to bolster our power reserves with captured energy from other universes.

CARTER: And of course, you only have the one ZPM, because you've never received new ones from Atlantis.

LORNE: Atlantis? You mentioned that before. What is that?

CARTER: It's a city of the Ancients in the Pegasus Galaxy. I-In my reality we have an international contingent there.

HAMMOND: I don't know about in your reality, Colonel, but in this world there isn't much in the way of international cooperation. Three years ago…the Goa'uld system lord, Anubis, launched an attack on Earth. We had…no choice but to reveal the existence of the Stargate Program to the world.

LORNE: People panicked. There was rioting in the streets. The President had to declare martial law.

HAMMOND: The diplomatic fallout was even worse. You can imagine how the world's governments reacted, when they realized the kind of technology being employed by the United States military.

LORNE: Mmm Hmm. We barely got the chair out of Antarctica, before the Russians moved in.

HAMMOND: Now it's at Area 51. But it isn't going to do us much good, unless we can find a way to power it…and That's where you come in.

CARTER: You want me to complete your Carter's research.

HAMMOND: Major Lorne tells me you've been conducting similar research in your own universe.

CARTER: Well, yes sir…but with all due respect, we're facing a very real threat in my universe. I need to start thinking about how to get back there.

HAMMOND: Let's say we agree to help you get back and gave you full access to the resources of this base…how long would it take?

CARTER: I don't know. I don't even have a working theory yet.

HAMMOND: Well, are we talking…weeks, or maybe even months?

CARTER: Yeah, it's possible. That's why I need to- HAMMOND: Cause we don't have that kind of time. Our intelligence indicates that having consolidated their position in this part of the Galaxy, the Ori are assembling a fleet, for a full scale attack on Earth. We expect them within five days.

SCENE: Hammond and Lorne walk into the Observation balcony, where Dr Lee already stands waiting. Looking down into the room below where Carter works with Merlin's device.

HAMMOND: What's this about, Doctor?

LEE: I'm not entirely sure. She says she wants to show us something.

HAMMOND: *activates intercom* I thought you agreed to help us, Colonel. CARTER: Yes sir, but after talking to Doctor Lee, I realized it was a mistake to pursue your Carter's research. *Lorne and Hammond look at Lee*

LEE: *Shakes his head pointing at him self* I—I- HAMMOND: May I ask why?

CARTER: Well, it would take too long to get me up to speed and to be perfectly honest sir, I'm not totally convinced that I could make it work.

LORNE: Do you have another suggestion?

CARTER: Yes I do. This. *She activates the device and disappears before their eyes*

LORNE: What the hell?

HAMMOND: Doctor? *Carter reappears*

LEE: I- HAMMOND: Colonel, what just happened?

CARTER: I was taken out of phase, sir. Invisible and untouchable…And based on experiments in my reality, one hundred percent Ori proof.

LORNE: No offence Sam, but how does hiding one lab full of equipment help us?

CARTER: Well, the field size can be manipulated. That's what I was working on when I was brought here. Our plan was to hide the entire planet. *Lorne and Hammond look to Lee*

LEE: *nods* Yeah-

SCENE: Carter works away in AUCarter's Lab, as Lorne enters. He stops in the doorway preparing himself then walks in.

LORNE: Hey…how's it coming?

CARTER: Oh, ok I guess. I was just about to run my first simulation.

LORNE: Hmmm. *small smile* Yeah… It's kinda weird seeing you in here.

CARTER: Yeah…It's a little weird, being in here.

LORNE: Yeah.

CARTER: It's the Same but it's different, you know? *watches him* Can I ask you something?

LORNE: Yeah, sure. *leans on the desk*

CARTER: *stands walking over to one of the shelves* I found these pictures and…uh…*grabs the photos* in them *passes him a photo of AUCarter, with Longer hair, her arm around Lorne* she's wearing a wedding ring.

LORNE: *he laughs, grinning* Yeah… That must have been before the divorce.

CARTER: So…*points*

LORNE: *he looks up* Oh no, no, no, *small laugh* God no. No, it was this… millionaire smartass named McKay.

CARTER: *looks up* Not Rodney McKay.

LORNE: Yeah. You have one too, huh? Is he a jerk in your universe?

CARTER: Hhh- Some people think so.

LORNE: mmm *shakes his head* Sam always said there was a side to him that no-one else saw. *Carter looks…afraid/disgusted/worried/panicked*

SCENE: General Hammond enters the elevator, in full dress uniform, Carter jumps in just before the doors shut.

CARTER: General!

HAMMOND: Colonel!

CARTER: I was just coming to see you.

HAMMOND: I know, I already spoke to Doctor Lee this morning.

CARTER: Then you know our power calculations are coming up short. The battle with the Ori ship simply taxed the ZPM too much. I-I'm sorry sir, I think I may have traded one power requirement problem for another.

HAMMOND: Not necessarily.

The doors open. They get out of the elevator and walk through the corridor. Men in suits standing at every corner CARTER: Sir, who are these people?

HAMMOND: Secret service.

CARTER: Uh…since when have you had secret service outside your office?

HAMMOND: It hasn't been my office for three years.

They walk into the briefing room, many people are sitting around the table, and even more are walking around.

LANDRY: Colonel! *walks over* Nice to finally get to meet you. *shaking her hand*

HAMMOND: Colonel Carter, President Landry.

CARTER: President? Of the United States?

LANDRY: That's right. Is there a problem?

CARTER: Uh, no sir, it's just…never mind. *smiles*

LANDRY: I understand you're dealing with a little power shortage. How much do you need?

CARTER: Ah, well, about 700 gigawatts and That's roughly 80% of the power generating capacity of the continental United States.

LANDRY: So it's doable then?

CARTER: I'm sorry, I don't understand.

HAMMOND: We've known about the condition of the ZPM for some time, Colonel. In addition to our Major Carters research, as a back up we've been building an infrastructure to channel energy to the Ancient Chair, directly from the U.S power grid.

LANDRY: Not enough to give us the upper hand in a shooting battle against the whole fleet… but if your plan works, there won't be any battles at all. *turns to Charlie* Charlie, I need a speech explaining to the American people why it's a good thing they'll be without power for an undisclosed period of time.

CHARLIE: Yes sir.

LANDRY: *turns to Carter* Pack your things! You're going to Area 51.

SCENE: In the General/Presidents office, Landry sits at the desk, make-up applied to his forehead as he sits in front of an auto-cue and camera team.

CHARLIE: We're ready, sir.

LANDRY: Alright lets do it. *A man counts him down, and then they're live* My fellow Americans and citizens of all nations. Tonight our world faces a grave threat. The same hostile forces that recently attacked us without warning or provocation, are again massing for another assault. Let me assure you that we intend to meet this aggression as we did previously, with unwavering resolve and fully confident that we will once again emerge victorious.

SCENE: Area 51, Lee and Carter work on connecting Merlin's device to the Ancient chair. Landry's National address plays in the background.

LANDRY: *On TV* In order to achieve this victory, we will need to divert a significant portion of our electrical generating capacity to a government facility in the Nevada Desert…- LEE: Ok, try it now.

CARTER: We're still getting too much variance.

LEE: aww Dammit! Uh, give me a second.

LANDRY: *On TV* Remain calm. Stay in your homes. Listen for instructions on your local civil defense broadcast.

SCENE: Hammond, runs up the stairs to the control room, Lorne already there.

LANDRY: *on TV* and we will see this through. These are difficult times… HAMMOND: What have we got?

LORNE: The Daedalus has just reported that five Ori ships have breached the safe zone.

LANDRY: *on TV, Hammond walks over, listening*…but I believe that out of adversity, greatness is born. And with your help, we will emerge from this stronger and more unified than ever before. Thank you…

SCENE: Back in the Presidents office.

LANDRY: …and God bless us all.

CAMERAMAN: And we're out.

CHARLIE: Well done, sir. *Landry sighs*

SCENE: Lee and Carter still working on powering the device.

LEE: That's it! All systems are in the green.

CARTER: Alright, let's plug it in.

They type away at the laptop, a window appears with a map of the states each with a light on them showing power being drained from each point to Area 51.

SCENE: Across the country power is lost, blacking out, as the Ori vessels move towards the Earth. Back in the Control room LORNE: Sat com reports contact, sir. Multiple targets.

HAMMOND: Get me Colonel Carter.

SCENE: Back at Area 51, the percentage of energy is rising.

HAMMOND: *on Radio* Colonel, you're out of time!

CARTER: We're almost there, sir. Capacitors are loading.

LEE: 75% and climbing.

SCENE: Back in the control room, Lorne continue to listens to the feed from Sat com and the Daedalus.

LORNE: The enemy ships are splitting up. Two of them are taking up position over Area 51.

HAMMOND: It's now or never, Colonel.

CARTER: *on radio* This is an all or nothing proposition, sir.

SCENE: Area 51, Power consumption at 85% LEE: We're at 85%.

SCENE: Control room, Landry and Lorne, watch the screens waiting.

LEE: *on radio* 90.

SCENE: Back at Area 51, Lee begins to panic.

LEE: *to Carter* 92. It's slowing down, we're not gonna make it.

SCENE: Control room.

HAMMOND: Your position is about to be compromised.

SCENE: Area 51 HAMMOND: *on radio* Colonel?

LEE: 93%. That's gotta be close enough.

CARTER: I guess we're about to find out.

Carter activates the device, in a flash of light, Area 51 disappears, the control room and from space the entire planet disappears before the Ori ships.

SCENE: Control room HAMMOND: Major, what is our status?

LORNE: No movement, sir. The ships are just hovering there.

SCENE: The Ori ships begin to open fire but it looks as if they are firing at nothing.

SCENE: Control room.

LORNE: They're opening fire, sir. Looks like they think we're just cloaked.

SCENE: Area 51, Orange energy passes straight from above to the floor, Lee jumps, shaking himself.

LEE: woop! Whoa! What the hell was that?

CARTER: Ori weapons fire… passing right through us.

LEE: Ah! Oh man! *Lee hugs her*

CARTER: Oh Jeez! Ok! *taps his back, the attempts to pull him off her*

LEE: Hupphhh.

SCENE: Landry and Carter walk through the corridors of the SGC.

LANDRY: We owe you a debt of gratitude, Colonel.

CARTER: I'm glad I could help, sir.

LANDRY: I suppose now, you'll wanna start working on a way to get back to your own universe.

CARTER: I already have actually, although I'm not having much luck.

LANDRY: I'm sure you'll figure it out. In the meantime, there's a few people I'd like you to meet.

The doors open and they enter the Gate room, immediately bombarded by several reporters and Cameras calling her name, Carter stares at Landry.

LANDRY: Smile, you're a hero now.

SCENE: The next day, Carter sits in a limousine, wearing a black evening dress, watching herself and Landry in a press conference on the television.

LANDRY: I can't tell you how fortunate I am to have men and women like Major Carter on my team and I'm confident that with their help and your continued support, we will prevail through the difficult times that lie ahead.

DONOVAN: That was the scene yesterday at Stargate Command as President Landry introduced the world to the Air Force Major responsible for the brilliant plan that saved the planet. *phone rings*

CARTER: *turns off the TV, answering* Bill, tell me you have good news.

SCENE: In Carters Lab, Lee looks defeated LEE: The preliminary simulations were a bust. There's just no way we can replicate the conditions that originally brought you here. Not unless we can control the environment on both sides of the bridge.

SCENE: Back in the limousine.

CARTER: Alright, I'll be back tomorrow, we can go over it then. Bye.

She hangs up as the limousine slows to a stops, she takes a deep breath and steps out.

SCENE: At a party, Many important looking people stand around as waiters pass out glasses of champagne. Carter stands in front of a Senator and his wife.

SENATOR: Major…it's an honor. On behalf of the people of the great state of Idaho, thank you *he bows his head slightly, Carter doing the same, photos being taken*.

CARTER: Well, you're very kind, sir.

SENATOR'S WIFE: Keep up the good work, dear.

CARTER: *smiles* Thank you.

They walk away, Carter looking a little out of place, sending people tight smiles, as Landry walks up to her.

LANDRY: Enjoying the party?

CARTER: Uh… I'm not sure that's exactly the right word, sir.

LANDRY: Have some champagne, relax!

CARTER: I guess I'm just not used to all the attention.

LANDRY: They do things differently where you come from?

CARTER: No, it's not just that. I feel like an imposter, sir. I mean, these people think that I'm Major Samantha Carter.

LANDRY: *laughs* That won't be a problem anymore. We're promoting you.

CARTER: *makes a face, shakes her head* That's not the point, sir.

LANDRY: People here have been through a lot lately. They need something to believe in. Your timing is impeccable.

PROTESTOR: *attempting to push his way through the Guards* No security without freedom! No security without freedom! We will not be silenced!

CHARLIE: *runs over to Landry and Carter* Sir, let's get you out of here.

PROTESTOR: By acts of tyranny! Our voices will be heard! No security without freedom! No security without freedom!

Carter follows the president, then turns and watches as a Goa'uld pain stick is used on the man. Landry and Carter are then teleported out.

SCENE: Carter and Landry, appear in a corridor of the Prometheus.

CARTER: Prometheus.

SHIPCAPTAIN: Welcome to Air Force One, Mr. President. Is there anything you need?

LANDRY: *walks into his office, Carter following* No, not for the moment, Colonel. Thank you. *turns to Carter* Sorry about that. You want a drink?

CARTER: No, thank you. Sir, what the hell just happened?

LANDRY: My security detail can get a little overprotective. Probably just could have gone out the back way. *pours himself a drink*

CARTER: I meant the protester, sir.

LANDRY: Not everyone is happy about some of the compromises we've had to make.

CARTER: Compromises like martial law.

LANDRY: Believe me Colonel, I have no desire to go down in history as the man who destroyed civil liberties in America, but I think you'll agree, that compared to other Presidents, I've… faced some pretty unique challenges. *drinks*

SCENE: Carter standing her lab, watching new reels on the TV, Hammond walks in.

HAMMOND: The President's people are looking for you.

CARTER: I was just on my way out.

HAMMOND: They've been getting a lot of requests from the media for you to do some sit down interviews. Apparently, you've become quite the celebrity.

CARTER: *points* Have you seen this? It was an Irish village. It was just bombed by American F-302's.

HAMMOND: At the request of the Irish Prime Minister. That village as you call it…was in fact a training camp for terrorists bent on overthrowing several European Governments.

CARTER: You know, I've also been going over several mission reports. You abandoned the Alpha site, you cut ties with the Jaffa, you pulled back on almost everything.

HAMMOND: We didn't have a lot of choice. We devoted our full resources to planetary defense.

CARTER: Well that's understandable, but now that the Ori attack has failed, does that mean that you'll be getting back out there?

HAMMOND: That decision hasn't been made yet.

CARTER: Of course not. I mean, why be hasty, especially when those 302's are so handy for putting down your political enemies.

HAMMOND: Now I understand your coming to see certain things about this world that you don't like. To tell the truth, we don't much like it either. But you weren't here for the riots… You didn't see American citizens shooting each other over food, water and gasoline. Hank Landry brought us back from the brink of chaos!

CARTER: That was three years ago!

HAMMOND: The threat is still out there!!

CARTER: That's the problem! It always will be! *she walks out, Hammond looking after her*

SCENE: Carter walks around a large room, fiddling with a few of the ornaments, when McKay walks in wearing glasses.

MCKAY: Well, well, well! If it isn't the toast of Washington!

CARTER: Hi RODNEY. Thank you for seeing me.

MCKAY: oh…why wouldn't I? I mean, we're still friends, aren't we? Saw you on TV. Well, recorded you actually. Not that I-I watched it more than once. I mean I recorded it in order…to watch you once. How can I help you?

CARTER: Well this is gonna come as a bit of a shock, but…I'm not who you think I am.

MCKAY: Oh my God, you're a lesbian. Is that what you're trying to tell me? CARTER: What?! No! McKay!!

MCKAY: Well, no…cause I just…-I-I think I thought, uh… CARTER: Oh! What I'm trying to tell you is that…I am from an alternate universe.

MCKAY: huh… CARTER: Your Samantha Carter was working on experiment when she inadvertently pulled me in.

MCKAY: Is this some kind of a joke? It's very funny. Who put you up to this?

CARTER: This-This is not a joke, McKay! In my reality, your a key member of a team of international scientists and explorers based in the Pegasus Galaxy. Av-Y-You go on dangerous adventures. You deal with high level alien technology.

MCKAY: Hmmm, sounds like um…I'm a chump. Nice try Sam, but uh… even if travel between universes was possible, the likelihood of you surviving is…uh… CARTER: I was in a force shield when I was pulled through. *McKay look up* Your Samantha Carter was killed in the same accident that brought me here. *his face drop, staring at her* I'm sorry to be so blunt about it, but I don't have a lot of time… *he looks away, hurt* and I need your help.

SCENE: Briefing Room, on the table in Merlin's device, Dr Lee and a group of scientists sit around it, Landry at the head with Hammond.

LANDRY: This one's ours?

LEE: Yes sir, this one is ours. It was among the artifacts we found in the Cave of Glastonbury, where she said it was, and remarkably it has been in storage ever since, because we did not know what it was.

LANDRY: But now that you do know, you can make it work, right?

LEE: Well… we have to understand, this is an incredibly complicated piece of machinery. Our preliminary investigations have revealed that it is powered by a crystal *pulls out back panel* that sits at the back here. Uh… The keys are labeled in Ancient, which we're in the process of translating. Now, these keys, they appear to operate in the normal way that keys do. *hits a key* Up and down… LANDRY: Doctor! Have you learned anything substantial about the operation of this machine?

LEE: The operation? Uh, not really. No. sir. In fact the only person who truly understands this technology, is Colonel Carter.

LANDRY: Alright! Thank you.

LEE: uh… No, thank you, sir.

Lee and the other Scientists leave the room, Hammond standing.

HAMMOND: What are we going to do?

LANDRY: We're not gonna do anything.

HAMMOND: Mr. President, we told her if she helped us we'd let her go.

LANDRY: I'm sorry George, but for the moment, we can't afford to lose her. She's not going anywhere.

SCENE: Carter sits at McKay's desk, while he paces the room.

MCKAY: Okay, you need to slow down…You're telling me my ex-wife is dead, even though you look Exactly like her. Except for the hair, which is nice, by the way. On top of that your from another universe and you need me to help you get back?

CARTER: In my reality, you successfully designed and built a bridge between parallel universes. With a little help from your sister.

MCKAY: Really?! What, so…she and I get along in your universe?

CARTER: Not exactly.


CARTER: Anyway, I've been trying my best to recreate your calculations, but I keep coming up short. That's why I'm here.

MCKAY: I have not done a lot of theoretical physics lately, ok? I mean, these days I tend to do a little more of the buying and selling of companies!

CARTER: The Rodney McKay I know wouldn't back down from a challenge. He is one of the most…forthright, courageous and selfless men I have ever met.

MCKAY: Hmmm. *smiles, looks at her, smile fades* Ah, you're making that up, aren't ya?

CARTER: Most of it, yeah.

MCKAY: Oh ok, I'll help you. *walks away, Carter looks surprised*

SCENE: Carter returns to the SGC and walks into the Observation room.

CARTER: Good news Bill, we've got somebody to help with the…*she stops* …calculations.

Shot of the room, shows that it is completely empty.

SCENE: She walks into the briefing room, where Landry sits at the top of the table with his staff, Hammond in the middle.

CARTER: Where is my equipment?

LANDRY: Still at Area 51.

CARTER: It was supposed to be returned once the Ori fleet was gone. I need it for the defense of my own world.

LANDRY: I'm sorry, the timing's not good for you to go back just yet. We'll revisit your situation after the Plebiscite.

CARTER: What Plebiscite?

CHARLIE: Last year… Congress was forced to cancel the mid-term elections because of…widespread unrest. It was supposed to be temporary, but when things didn't improve, we voted to suspend elections indefinitely. Now it comes down to a simple yes or no vote to put the President in office.

LANDRY: You're a member of my team. The woman who saved the world. Do you have any idea what kind of political capital that's worth?

CARTER: I won't help you subvert democracy.

LANDRY: This world is dangling by a thread, Colonel and unlike you, the rest of us will never have the luxury of leaving for some place better when things get tough. This is our home and we'll make the best of it.

Landry walks past her headed to his office, Hammond watches from his seat before leaving and following the president into his office.

LANDRY: I don't wanna hear it, George.

HAMMOND: You could cut her a little slack, sir. She's completely out of her element. Trapped here, away from everyone and everything she knows or cares about.

LANDRY: She also happens to be a symbol of hope to the entire planet.

HAMMOND: Because we made her into one.

LANDRY: Because that's what we needed. See…I know what you're thinking. Damn politicians! I still can't stand 'em and I'm one of 'em… The main one.

HAMMOND: You were the right man for the job. You still are. I know it wasn't easy for you, taking us down this road. What's going to be even harder is getting us back.

SCENE: Carter walk down a corridor of the SGC, passing Charlie.

CHARLIE: Going somewhere? Maybe to see your friend, Doctor McKay?

CARTER: You had me followed.

CHARLIE: He is a wealthy high tech industrialist and I'm sure if anyone outside of this base had the resources to help you get back to your universe, he'd be the one. But he also derives a significant portion of his income from defense targets and some would argue he's a likely target for an anti-trust investigation.

CARTER: You'd blackmail him to keep him from helping me.

CHARLIE: Just play your part and everything will be fine. *Leaves*

SCENE: Carter walks down a run-down street, towards a very rough looking building. She checks the address, glances round and then heads in side. She finds her self in a very shabby looking apartment, dark and dirty.

MITCHELL: How do you take it?

CARTER: Uh, just black.

He rolls over in a wheelchair, passing her her coffee, his hair is longer, and he looks a lot worse for wear.

MITCHELL: Yeah, I like a little sweetener in mine. *he pours some alcohol into his coffee* I was an F-302 pilot. Got shot down over Antarctica.

CARTER: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.

MITCHELL: Rather a little late in the day for that I mean, I already gave my legs for the freedoms we now enjoy. It's a hell of a deal, in it? *drinks* Course, I recognize you. You're in the press a lot lately. Hey! You wanna see something funny? *he grabs a photo, and moves over to her, passing her it* That's me. That's me when I was you. *Mitchell is standing at a podium in his dress blues, medal round his neck standing next to Landry. Hero of the moment. Poster child for the administration.

CARTER: You were walking.

MITCHELL: Yeah well, I had a little setback in my therapy. *lights a cigarette* After Antarctica…they flew me to Washington. Pinned a medal on my chest. Next thing I knew I was being trotted out to state dinners, political rallies. I think…yeah…I think I even opened a few malls. Mr. President said 'It would be good for moral, son!' Help soften the blow for keeping the Stargate secret for so long. What a…a lot of BS.

CARTER: So what happened?

MITCHELL: I called him on it and they dropped me…like a rock. No more fancy dinners. No more expensive doctors. Anyway, walking is overrated. I've got everything I need right here…*sighs* and I do not have to deal with curfews or military checkpoints or being detained without charge. Life is sweet.

CARTER: *Carter looks disgusted, Horrified and shocked* Look um…I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't have come.

MITCHELL: Oh no! No, no, no, no. You wanted to see for yourself, right? The price of sticking up for your principles? Take a good look.

SCENE: Carter walks over of the building, she looks around and spots the Car that's been watching her. She phones Charlie who answers immediately CHARLIE: Yeah?

CARTER: It's me… CHARLIE: Colonel…where are you?

CARTER: *short laughs* Please, you know exactly where I am. Look… I'll do it. The interviews, the TV appearances. I'll play ball.

CHARLIE: Wise decision.

SCENE: On the set of Inside Access, Carter sits at a table, with Julia Donovan.

DONOVAN: My guest tonight, Major Samantha Carter. A ten year veteran of the Stargate Program and the woman who almost single handedly saved the world from the recent alien attack. Major, welcome.

CARTER: Thank you.

Donovan: Of course, I will be taking calls later in this segment, but first, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?

CARTER: uh… Well, as you said, I've been with the Stargate Program for the last ten years. Most recently, I was appointed as a special advisor to the President.

DONOVAN: Great! In what capacity?

CARTER: My primary role is to consult with the President on matters of planetary defense, *In the briefing room, Charlie watches the Live Interview* but I also intend to push for improved foreign relations and the restoration of civil liberties that were lost since the President took office.

DONOVAN: Really?

CHARLIE: What the hell is she doing?

DONOVAN: Does the President welcome this kind of input from his military advisors?

CARTER: Well, he wouldn't be much of a President if he wasn't at least willing to…listen…to other opinions. I mean, I understand how we got to where we are today CHARLIE: *on the phone* Shut it down!

CARTER: I think it's time to reassess the situation.

CHARLIE: I don't care if you're live. Shut it down now!

CARTER: The people of this country need to understand that they are in control of their government, not the other way around. *turns to the Camera* It's your responsibility as citizens of this country, to demand the freedoms that have been taken away from you. Demand accountability for why they *Donovan reaches over grabbing Carters arm, gently* were withheld in the first… DONOVAN: Major, as much as I admire what you're trying to do…they cut us off.

CARTER: uh…Thanks.

SCENE: McKay's place, Carter works at his Laptop as he paces the room once again.

MCKAY: What were you thinking? You can't say things like that.

CARTER: Well somebody's gotta say something and I'm in a rare position to make people listen.

MCKAY: They are not gonna let you do that, alright? I know these people, they do not mess around. Look What are you looking for, anyway?

CARTER: I wanna see how my little tirade is playing out in the press.

MCKAY: It won't.

CARTER: What are you talking about, the show was live. Millions of people were watching.

MCKAY: It doesn't matter!

CARTER: *looking through the search engine* I don't understand this. There's nothing here. *finds a link* Wait a second. Major Samantha Carter had to cut short an appearance on Inside Access with Julia Donovan yesterday when she suddenly took ill. *glances at McKay* A spokesman said she was suffering from exhaustion due to her busy schedule and would be canceling her upcoming appearances.

MCKAY: That's what I'm telling you Sam. Look, there is no story, it never happened.

CARTER: You're wrong. People heard me.

MCKAY: Which people? *walks away*

SCENE: Carter walks out of the building headed for her Car, when Charlie appears by her side.

CHARLIE: Major Carter! You need to come with us.

One of his men attempt to grab her but she smashes his head into her car, then kicks him in the groin as Another man grabs her from behind, she elbows him, kicks him and then knocks him to the ground. The first man pulls out a Zat and Zats her.

CHARLIE: Get her in the car!

SCENE: On board the Prometheus. Carter, gagged, is brought into the Presidents office by two of the crew.

LANDRY: A gag! Charlie, was that really necessary?

CHARLIE: It seemed appropriate, sir.

LANDRY: Get it off and give us the room. *Charlie takes off the Gag and leaves*

LANDRY: What am I going to do with you, Colonel?

CARTER: You could let me go.

LANDRY: I still need you.

CARTER: For what? My knowledge of phase technology or as a prop for public relations.

LANDRY: What if I said both.

CARTER: I won't keep my mouth shut.

LANDRY: But that's exactly what you do on your own world. Stargate's still a secret, right? You talk about freedom and democracy, but you're hiding the greatest secret mankind has ever known, from your own people.

CARTER: Well at least on my world we don't intend to abandon the rest of the galaxy to the Ori.

LANDRY: Well maybe not now, but what do you think will happen if you give them a foolproof way to hide, like you've given us… Don't be surprised if the rest of the galaxy suddenly doesn't feel that important anymore.

CARTER: Now see, I know at least one man who won't feel that way. He's the leader of Stargate Command. His name is General Hank Landry.

LANDRY: *nods* mmmm…*walks away*

SCENE: McKay works away in Carters lab, the Merlin device before him as Carter is escorted into the room by two secret service agent.

MCKAY: Ah, Colonel! How nice to see you again. *he looks at the Agents* Yes well *waves them off* thank you! *they leave*

CARTER: McKay, what are you doing here?

MCKAY: Ah, it's the uh… first day on a new job. Your old job actually. Special advisor to the President. Bit of a pay cut, but…uh…well… lets just say they were uh…persuasive?

CARTER: I'm so sorry.

MCKAY: Yeah, me too. Well, the first order of business is to create an inter-universal bridge. Something that I've done in another reality, apparently.

CARTER: Are you serious?

MCKAY: Mmmm. Yeah, I'm not sure what you said, but…uh… they're letting you go.

CARTER: Wow! I guess they must have realized I'm more trouble than I'm worth.

MCKAY: Hmmm! I remember I said the same thing the day we got divorced.

CARTER: *through gritted teeth* Ha ha MCKAY: Second order of business is to make this thing *points at Merlin's device* work like yours.

CARTER: Well, I'll leave you my notes that should help. But lets say that you succeed. Then what?

MCKAY: Then we're safe.

CARTER: You do know that there is a whole galaxy out there that's under attack, right? Millions are dying, millions more are being subjugated to a false religion.

MCKAY: You just never quit, do you?

CARTER: Deep down, I know that your President's a good man. He wants to do the right thing. Maybe he just needs a persistent voice in his ear *pokes his shoulder* Nudging him in the right direction.

MCKAY: And you think I would be good at that *pokes her back* do you?

CARTER: *smiles* The Rodney I know is a master of subtle persuasion.

MCKAY: Hmmm. *smiles, then sighs* ah, you're lying again, aren't you?

CARTER: Just think about it.

SCENE: Back in out reality, Lee walks round the empty observation room, with headphones and a radiation detector. When Carter and all her equipment appear behind him.


LEE: *he jumps* Ah!! *drops the device, which cause a very high pitched sound to scream into his ears* Ahhhh!!!! *pulls off the headphones* oh…You're back.


SCENE: SG-1 sit in Carter lab, updating her on what she'd missed.

CARTER: So you didn't get any news on Daniel while I was gone?

VALA: Mmmm… Nothing.

MITCHELL: Well, at least we got you back.

CARTER: I am very glad to be back. The whole thing was kinda creepy.

VALA: Hey, what was I like in that reality?!

CARTER: You were in jail.

VALA: Not again!

MITCHELL: *looks at her, with an unsurprised look* Hmmm! *looks at Carter* What about the rest of us?

CARTER: You know, to be honest, I'd really rather not talk about it. What about you guys? What have you been doing this whole time? *they all look at each other, Mitchell looking a Vala puts his face In his hand.*

TEAL'C: When you did not return for several hours, we began to suspect that something might have gone wrong.

VALA: Well, we just assumed that the machine had malfunctioned and you were stuck out of phase.

TEAL'C: We attempted to communicate with you using the Sodan cloaking device and when that failed… CARTER: What?

VALA: We took shifts....trying to keep you company.

CARTER: You mean… MITCHELL: Yeah, we talked to an empty room!

CARTER: For two weeks?

MITCHELL: It did stop eventually, but it did go on for…quite some time.

TEAL'C: Indeed.

CARTER: *grins* Well that must have been quite some conversation. *leans forward eagerly* What did you say?

MITCHELL: You know I got a file to read. *walks off*

TEAL'C: *Carter turns to Teal'c* I have a sparring session with Sgt Siler. *he leaves*

VALA: *carter finally turns to her, she glances down* I'm bidding for a timeshare on eBay.

Vala begins to walk out, but hesitates turning round she runs back into the room and hugs Carter.

CARTER: oh… VALA: Welcome back, Samantha. We really did miss you.

CARTER: Thank you. *Vala leaves* It's good to be home.



Transcribed by TARA


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