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Script vo du 1015

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SCENE: Mitchell rings into a Cargo Hold, he does a sweep round.

MITCHELL: *grabs radio* I'm in! *walks over and opens a crate finding bags of Casa*Intel looks good. We've got ourselves a space train full of evil orbanrabadaka.

CARTER: Roger that.

SCENE: Outside we see that this is a Lucien Alkesh towing 4 cargo holds, Mitchell in the first with Carter ringing into the second. A green scanning device activates as she begins setting up some C4.

CARTER: *grabs Radio* They're scanning us.

MITCHELL: *on Radio* Let's make this quick.

SCENE: Jackson's in the third hold, setting his own C4.

JACKSON: I'm done.

SCENE: Teal'c sets his last C4.

TEAL'C: As am I.

SCENE: Mitchell activates his C4, starting the count from 1 minute. When the rings activate revealing three Lucien alliance Soldiers.


He immediately fire on them, killing one, the others take cover.

SCENE: On the bridge of their own Hatak, Vala in the driver's seat. Jackson and Carter stand beside her as Teal'c rings aboard.

CARTER: *grabs radio* Cam, everyone else is on board. Time to get outta there.

MITCHELL: *on radio* Yeah, I'd love to, but I got a bit of company! *sounds of gunfire*

TEAL'C: I will render assistance.

MITCHELL: *on radio* Negative! There's not enough time.

CARTER: *checks Watch* He's right. Cam, if you can get to the platform, we can ring you out from here.

SCENE: The countdown is at 38 seconds. Mitchell fires killing another, Another, he looks at the counter and dives for the ring Platform.

Mitchell continues to fire at the intruders and is trapped behind a crate.

MITCHELL: Ah, screw it! Now Sam! Now! *rings activate*

SCENE: Mitchell arrives on board the Hatak.


CARTER: We got him, let's go!

SCENE: The One of the men looks at the timer. It reaches zero and the ship and its cargo blow up.

SCENE: On board a mothership, Vashin walks into a room where Netan and his Lts are reviewing strategies.

VASHIN: Netan. *Netan walks over to him, he whispers* Another transport has been hit near Roland. We've lost four containers full of casa, plus the Alkesh escorting them.


VASHIN: It's the third transport they've hit. Our supply of casa is getting dangerously low.

NETAN: This isn't about casa, this is about them trying to make me look weak. I can't allow them to interfere with our operations any longer. Put the word out. As of this moment, I'm placing a bounty on their heads.


SCENE: Mitchell hurries down a corridor, when he turns the corner he is spotted by Vala who bounces with excitement and he quickly turns the other way but she follows.

VALA: Ooh! Another mission successfully completed.

MITCHELL: Yeah, it was.

VALA: Goodness knows, we've all earned *he does a 180 walking the other way, she follows bouncing* a nice break from routine!

MITCHELL: The answer's no.

VALA: You don't know what I'm gonna ask you.

MITCHELL: Oh yes I do.

VALA: Alrighty then. I have a better idea of what you're facing, than what you think. I've done research. *she circles him and he stops*

MITCHELL: *putting hand to his head* Oh God!

VALA: Traditionally, these events entail the bringing together of large groups of people all… with a common bond in the past, but nothing really in common in the present. Everybody evaluates each others lot in life, generally by virtue of a combination of material worth and the attractiveness of ones date, spouse…life-partner. Let me go as your date?


VALA: Please!


VALA: It'll be fun, I promise!

MITCHELL: It is a High School reunion, not some swank party. Besides, you will be bored out of your mind!

VALA: Don't you dare talk to me about boredom! Everybody else here has a life! Sam…off at a conference. Daniel…in a museum somewhere, doing research. Teal'c offworld… MITCHELL: With the Jaffa!

VALA: …With the Jaffa, yes! Me? I have absolutely nothing to do.


VALA: Mmmm.

MITCHELL: It is in Kansas.

VALA: Don't make me beg you.

SCENE: At Applied Technologies conference, Carter stands talking with Lee as a waitress passes with some champagne.

LEE: Doesn't it bother you, to come to these…*grabs a glass* Oh, thank you… to Come to these conferences to present new technology and actually adding flaws and pretending we know less than we really do?

CARTER: Well, you know the drill. We have to act like there's a process of development.

LEE: Oh sure, easy for you! You're presenting Cimera. It's practically a fully functioning Asgard hologram system. I get stuck with a plasma canon that's supposedly shorts out at the drop of a hat. *glance back, seeing two young women giggling and waving at him, small laugh* On the positive side, these events have a dynamite single scene. It's a huge window of opportunity. I think I'll mingle. You should too. *he waves and walks over to the girls* Ladies! Good evening!

FAN 1: I can't believe that you're here FAN 2: *holding flyer* do you think you could sign this *Carter stares*

SCENE: A car drives down a road passed a sign welcoming them to town.

VALA: I can't wait to meet your parents!

MITCHELL: Yeah, just don't embarrass me.

VALA: I would never embarrass you.

SCENE: Mitchell, Vala and his parents are sitting in the garden of their home, eating pie.

VALA: Incredible.

MITCHELL: Better than the junk they put on at the cafeteria, huh?


MUM: You'd think she'd never eaten pie before.

VALA: I had no idea it could taste like this.

DAD: I forgot to tell you, Cam. Daryl called. Something about you helping to set up tomorrow? I left the number on the counter.

MITCHELL: Oh, I'd better give him a call. I'll be right back. *he gets up heading inside*

DAD: So… Vala.

VALA: Mmm Hmm?

DAD: Cam says you work in payroll on the base.

VALA: Yes, I'm very good with money.

DAD: That's an important skill. Somebody's gotta take care of the bills.

VALA: Yes and Cameron's so terrible with finances, so… MUM: Well then, I take it that…you two are…quite um… DAD: Serious?

VALA: Oh. *looks between them unsure, nods smiles* Absolutely! *Mum smiles* Well…I mean, at first, it was just sex, sex, sex, in all rooms of the house at all times of the day! But um…well, once we got a chance to get to know each other, we formed a deeper connection. A spiritual bond, you might say.

MUM: *small laugh* Well, I suppose it's nice he found someone.

Mitchell comes back sitting down only to find his dad staring at him, his mother a little speechless.


MUM: More pie? *Vala claps her hands together*

SCENE: In some Museum, Jackson sits among books and artifacts…He stands walking over to one of the shelves, he pulls down a book revealing a woman standing on the other side of the shelf.

WOMAN: Doing some research?

JACKSON: Yes… *looks up* Hi! *she smiles* I'm looking for any Aramaic translations of pre-Judao Pagan Hymns, hopefully in lithograph form. Am I in the right section? *she smiles* You don't work here, do you?

WOMAN: It's ok. Maybe if we looked together.

JACKSON: No, it's ok. I'll ask at the enquiry desk. They probably have it locked up in the rare items archive.

WOMAN: hmm *smiles*

JACKSON: Uh…thank you. *he heads back to his table as she watches him*

SCENE: A hatak approaches Earth, two Alien bounty hunters aboard ALIEN1: Activate the scanners.

ALIEN2: I'm only picking up three signals. One of them must be offworld.

ALIEN1: We'll find that one later. *sparks fly as their ship is attacked*

ALIEN1: We're under attack!

ALIEN2: Shields at zero!

ALIEN1: Initiating hyper drive!

Another Hatak continues to fire at them and they are destroyed, on board the Hatak is a human looking bounty hunter, Odai Ventrell.

VENTRELL: Sorry boys. don't like competition.

SCENE: Back at the Mitchell's. Mitchell's Mum walks out into the corridor handing Vala some tables.

MUM: Here's some extra towels. The spare bedroom's all made up.

MITCHELL: Right…yeah, great. Where do you want me to sleep?

MUM: Well, I thought that you two would…you know. *Vala looks at Mitchell, he shakes his head small laugh*

MITCHELL: Oh no…no, Mum, that's ok.

MUM: It's alright dear, I'm not as old fashioned as you think.


MUM: You know, I think Cam sometimes finds it convenient to forget that I grew up in the sixties. I could tell you some stories.

MITCHELL: No, Mum! No, Mother, please! No! We don't wanna hear your stories.

VALA: I do.


MUM: We'll talk later. *smiles heading off*

VALA: Ok. *grins, to Mitchell* I like your Mother.

MITCHELL: *grabs a towel* uh… I'll be on the couch.

VALA: Your loss. *heads upstairs*

SCENE: Offworld, Teal'c and Cha'ra are walking through a forest, towards the Gate.

CHA'RA: I can only hope you'll reconsider and accept the seat the council's offering.

TEAL'C: You have been speaking to Bra'tac.

CHA'RA: He only asked that I voice the opinion of any clear minded Jaffa. The reformation of our government cannot occur without the help… *They stop at the DHD, Teal'c holds up his hand, looking round*

TEAL'C: Down!

They are IMMEDIATELY fired upon by staff weapon blasts as then dive the DHD. When the firing stops they stand and fire on the area behind the bushes.

TEAL'C: Are you injured?

CHA'RA: No. *turns, looking* But you are.

Teal'c looks down, finding himself bleeding from his side.

SCENE: inside a tent, a Jaffa tends to Teal'c's wound as Cha'ra enters.

CHA'RA: The men guarding the gate report no activity. It is possible, whoever attacked us, left by cloaked cargo ship.

TEAL'C: Or perhaps they are still here waiting for the opportunity to finish the job. Put out word that I indeed survived the attack, but that I am gravely injured. *Cha'ra bows and leaves*

SCENE: In the Gym hall of Mitchell's old high school, Mitchell and his friend Daryl sit as a table. Vala leaning over listening to the story, she is dressed in very short shorts and a shirt.

MITCHELL: So…*laughing* s-so Mr Armstrong…he walks into the classroom DARYL* *laughing * yeah MITCHELL: and he sees his car *both laughing again* the whole car…sitting in the middle of the room. It's got a fresh coat of wax, it's looking all brand new… DARYL: We all thought he was gonna drop dead from heart failure, right there on the floor. *both laughing, Vala smiling looking between them*

VALA: And then what happened?

DARYL: *stops laughing* Well, that's it! I mean, we had to take the car back out and put it together again, but… VALA: But… if I understand you correctly, you had to completely disassemble and then reassemble this automobile, not once but twice.

DARYL: Yeah, I guess. Yeah. *they both laugh*

VALA: You know what? It does remind me of an incident from my own youth. Mmmhmm…a Trader came through my village with a crate *Mitchell puts his hand on her back and she suddenly cries out in pain*…Ow!

MITCHELL: Hey, you know, you hear one high school story, you've heard them all.

DARYL: *catches sight of a woman across the room* Ok…*clears throat*… five 'o'clock, five 'o'clock. Hmmm Hmmm! *Mitchell glances back at the blonde behind them, then down*


VALA: what?

DARYL: That is… MITCHELL: I know who it is.

DARYL: *the blonde starts to walk over to them* She's coming over here.

VALA: Why are you whispering like that? What's going on?

DARYL: Shhh.

BLONDE: Cameron Mitchell, right? Amy…*Mitchell starts to stand but stumbles, kicking the chair back, he's able to right himself* oh my god… MITCHELL: God…*picks the chair up fixing* I'm sorry.

AMY: *holds out hand* Amy….

MITCHELL: *takes her hand, Daryl standing* Vanderburg, yes! Yes, the name definitely rings a bell.

AMY: I just saw you over here and I thought I'd say hi. Been a long time.

MITCHELL: Yeah, it has. *Daryl sends him a meaningful look* Oh, you remember Daryl, right?

DARYL: Hey…Uh…*shakes her hand* Homeroom, tenth grade?

AMY: Right!

DARYL: How you doing?

AMY: Good!

DARYL: Good to see you.

AMY: Good. *They both turn back to Mitchell, Vala swaying beside him waiting*

VALA: And Vala Mal Doran. I'm Cameron's date. *holds out hand*

AMY: *shakes her hand* Right, of course. I should have realized. *to Mitchell* Well it was really nice seeing you. Meeting you. Again. *Mitchell nods* Ok, I'm gonna go help now. see you tonight.

MITCHELL: Yeah…uh, I'll be here. *She leaves, glancing back at them* Daryl?

DARYL: She looked back and she looks good.

VALA: *the two sit back down Vala walking round them, smacking Mitchell upside the head* Well, well, well…*she sits down on the table next to Daryl* Someone likes you.

MITCHELL: No, she's just nice… and she's probably on the welcoming committee or something.

VALA: MmmmHmmm. *Daryl trying to ignore Vala's butt* Daryl?


VALA: What do people do around here for fun?

DARYL: For fun?

SCENE: Back in the museum, Jackson is still sat at the Table taking notes, when the woman appears again sitting on the table.

WOMAN: Hello again.

JACKSON: *glances up* Hello.

WOMAN: I've been watching you. You really enjoy this kind of work, don't you.

JACKSON: You've been watching me?

WOMAN: Well, I…guess it's kind of hard not to. You're very attractive.

JACKSON: *glances around, unsure* What's uh…what's going on?

WOMAN: I was thinking we could get out of here, go somewhere? Together. Alone.

JACKSON: Wow, uh… You know, I'm not really the most impulsive person. Flattering as your offer is, I'm gonna have to say no.*Small smile*

WOMAN: Have it your way.

She pulls out a weapon, {much like the one used by Grahame in divide and conquer}, Jackson quickly holds a book up blocking her fire. He makes a run for it and she fires again. He makes it outside, but she teleports behind him, aiming her weapon at a nearby mother with her baby.

WOMAN: Stop or I start killing people. *he stops, turning, raises his hands* Good. *she walks towards him* You should have taken my first offer, Doctor Jackson. It would have been far less painful- *A bus comes along killing her, Jackson staring*.

SCENE: In the control room of the SGC, Landry is on the phone to Carter, who is at the conference, backstage, while Lee gives his demonstration.

LANDRY: She was Human, but not from Earth. Weapons were based on Goa'uld design. We need to figure out how she got here.

CARTER: Well my guess would be a cloaked cargo ship.

LANDRY: So, we've got an invisible hunk of alien technology, sitting out in a field somewhere.

CARTER: Well… cloaked ships aren't entirely undetectable, sir. They do give off anomalous energy readings. If it's stationary and we know approximately where to look, we might be able to find it.

LANDRY: I've already sent a team to assist Doctor Jackson with his investigation.

CARTER: Well if you need my help, sir, I can certainly come back.

LANDRY: Negative, Colonel, we can handle it. I just wanted to make sure you were alright. Besides, I have a feeling you'll be of more value where you are. Landry out.

LEE: *On stage, Carter walk round the side to watch* …early dreams of science fiction into scientific reality…this one in particular has remained elusive…until now. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the future! *he points the weapon to a target, activating it, sparks fly out of it* Whoa…Jesus… Sorry, sorry. I…I can fix this. Just um, just give me a moment here…uhm…

SCENE: Landry now phones Mitchell, who is out in a field with Vala and Daryl shooting Cans.

MITCHELL: Say that again, sir!

LANDRY: It's not urgent. I just wanted to fill you in, Colonel.

MITCHELL: *bad line, voice breaking up* No. I jus… -an't hear …you're saying. *Landry motions to WALTER*

WALTER: Sorry sir, his cell is barely coming through. *Landry hears gun shots*

MITCHELL: Hang on a second. *turns to Daryl* Daryl! You got a cellphone that works? DARYL: ah…no-one does. Two cell repeaters went down after last month's twister. The phone company hasn't put up new ones yet. *He shoots missing* Damn!

MITCHELL: Great. *back to Landry* Everything's good here, sir! *Voice breaking up to Landry* However, if there is......we can come back right away.

LANDRY: Not necessary, son. Sounds like you two are having a hell of a time.

MITCHELL: Oh yeah, me and Daisy, we're living large! *line goes dead, looking at the cell* signal.*Vala shoots hitting a can*

DARYL: Woo…hoo hoo VALA: Tell me about this girl back at the school.

DARYL: Who, Amy?

VALA: *looks at Mitchell* Yeah.

DARYL: Oh, Cam always had a thing for her.

VALA: Really?

DARYL: Guy could have had any girl he wanted in the whole school, but every time she walked by he'd start stammering like an idiot.

VALA: No. *still watching Mitchell*

DARYL: Yeah… VALA: Did they ever...?

DARYL: Nah…never had the courage to ask her out. She ended up marrying some corporate dude and moving to Texas *fires missing again* Damn!*Vala shoots hitting another can* What department d'you say you work in, again?

VALA: Accounts. Receivable.

SCENE: Back at the conference, a man stands on stage introducing Carter.

SPOKESMAN: A nine year veteran of the Air Forces deep space telemetry program as well as senior consultant for applied technologies and a two time winner *up in the balcony a man place his case on the ground* of the prestigious Binder prize for advancements in theoretical physics. Please welcome to the stage *he pulls out a gun * Lt Col Samantha Carter. *the crown clap as she walks out*

CARTER: Thank you. As most of you will recall, three years ago I went on network television in order to dispel the erroneous *on screen shows the footage from the news* charge that the air force was covering up the existence of alien life in our galaxy. Today I'll be following up on that same technology I introduced then, by showing you several new features which dramatically enhance its effectiveness. I am of course speaking about the Cimera optics projection system. *the man takes aim* As you'll soon see, further research and development has provided longer range, better verisimilitude and more control over image projection, since Cimera's introduction as a prototype three years ago. *The man fires, but the blast goes right through Carter and she disappears, the crowd gasping*

LEE: *Backstage with Carter, he turns off the cimera device* What the hell was that?

CARTER: Someone just took a shot at me.

The man tries to find her through his lens. Carter looks out from where she and Lee are spotting him.

CARTER: There!

LEE: Holy crap!

CARTER: We need to get the X-699 working now!

LEE: Try bypassing the main power coupling. You might get one shot off before it short circuits.

Carter activates the device heads out on stage and fires on the man on the balcony. The crowd is amazed, as they stand and cheer LEE: Nice demo.

SCENE: Offworld in the Jaffa camp, Teal'c is in a tent alone lying on a bed. A Jaffa with a hood enters, walking over to Teal'c he pulls out a knife but Teal'c zats him. Cha'ra and two Jaffa run in.

CHA'RA: He is Jaffa!

TEAL'C: I do not believe so. *leans down wiping the markings from his forehead.*

SCENE: Back in the hall of Mitchell's High school, the School reunion has started, music playing the lights out.

BILL: *to DJ* Do you have any Journey? Awesome!

Many people are dancing, some sitting at the tables, other standing talking. Vala and Mitchell enter, looking for their name tags, Vala sticking hers on. A woman spots them.

JACKIE: Cameron?! Hey, welcome back!

MITCHELL: Jackie, hey!

JACKIE: *turns to Vala* And…Veyla?

VALA: Vala.

Jackie: Vala. Now, I can't remember, did you go to GW?

VALA: Oh, I didn't attend school. As much as I was sold as a domestic servant to a weapons smuggler named Foranes. After I killed him and won my freedom, I considered my education more or less complete.

Jackie: *stares* Well, it was sure nice to meet you *Mitchell nods, Jackie leaves clearly thinking Vala is crazy*.

MITCHELL: Maybe *drags Vala over to the school Mascot, where someone's taking pictures* we should keep chat like that to a minimum. Smile.

SCENE: Out in the Car Park, a man leaves his car heading for the entrance, he takes out some spray for his breath when he is suddenly shot by jup, an Alien bounty hunter.

MAN: Oh God! Oh god…*holds up hands* Please don't hurt me! Please don't hurt me! *The Alien shoots him, killing him, he then scans the Man and takes his form.*

SCENE: Mitchell is sat at a table, watching the dancing and looking bored, while Vala talks to a man called Gary about policies.

GARY: So you've got like,…eleven different policies you can buy. You got your basic four of course. House, fire, boat, car… VALA: Right, let me get this straight, he buys one of your policies and names…*thinking* me as his beneficiary. I would collect all of the money in the event of his untimely death.

GARY: You got it! *She passes Mitchell her cup*

VALA: Tell me more.

GARY: Well, let me tell you, Vala… *Mitchell leaves with her cup in hand.*

SCENE: Jup enters the hall, A woman placing a sticker named Paul on his chest.

SCENE: Back in the car park, another man walks towards the entrance when Ventrell walks up to him.

VENTRELL: Hello there.

MAN: Can I help you?

VENTRELL: As a matter of fact, you can. Your suit looks like it's about my size.

MAN: So? *Ventrell punches him, knocking him out*

SCENE: Mitchell pours some punch and alcohol when Amy walks over to him.

AMY: Nice suit.

MITCHELL: *turns, looking her over* Wow! Look at you!

AMY: *holds up sticker, with her name on it* Don't quite know where to put this.

MITCHELL: Oh that, oh. That's cause you don't need that. *takes it, throwing it away.*

AMY: So, where's your date?

MITCHELL: Date? Oh, Vala. Vala…Vala is over there plotting my death with Gary Willesco.

AMY: *small laugh* Well, she seems nice. You two make a good couple.

MITCHELL: Oh, no we don't. She um…well, she's just a friend.

AMY: Oh.

MITCHELL: So, where is…your other half?

AMY: In Maui with his girlfriend, most likely. Ted and I got divorced about a year and a half ago. I moved back Topeka, last year.

MITCHELL: sorry to hear that.

AMY: Oh, don't be. I'm not.

MITCHELL: You look exactly the same.

AMY: I'm surprised you even remember what I looked like back then.

MITCHELL: Are you kidding?

AMY: No.

MITCHELL: You know I had a major league crush on you, right?

AMY: No! *shoves him*

MITCHELL: Yes! Yes! I…Look, I-I had your entire schedule memorized, so that I would be in the right place when I got outta class and that sounds creepy now that I say it out loud. *Jup spots him*

AMY: How come you never said anything?

MITCHELL: I was sixteen. I was sixteen and…and you were always hooked up with some other guy! And, let's be honest about it, you were way, way outta my league. God! I can't believe I just told you that.

AMY: Ok, now it's my turn. I saw every football game you ever played in. I can name every class we shared together. I even broke up with Bobby Haversom, hoping that you would ask me out to the senior prom. But you never did! I guess you could say I haven't quite forgiven you for that. *he steps towards her, but his phone rings*

AMY: *He doesn't answer* I think your phone is ringing MITCHELL: Yeah, it is. Sorry. *answers* Mitchell! Hello!

LANDRY: *The line is very bad* This is General Landry.


LANDRY: Mitchell!

MITCHELL: *looks at the screen* Oh… I'm sorry. I have to take this. Uh, I'll be right back. *starts to walk off* You! You do not move from this spot!

AMY: *salutes* Sir!

Mitchell walks out of the hall passing by jup, but as Jup turns to follow Gary runs up to him.

GARY: Phil?! Hey, I haven't seen you since…the last one of these shindigs! *smacks his shoulders* You look great. You been working out? Huh? So how's Nancy?

Jup places his hand on Gary's shoulder, and his head begins to shake his head very fast…then he drops into a nearby chair. Jup hurries after Mitchell.

SCENE: Mitchell walks down a corridor, attempting to get a better signal.

MITCHELL: I'm sorry, sir, say that again. Carter and Teal'c what?

LANDRY: -Were attacked. *Landry shouts down the phone, but he also is only getting static* Your life may be in danger. We need you to get back here as soon as possible.

MITCHELL: Sir, this is impossible. I'm gonna try to find a hard line. *he hangs up*

SCENE: Daryl grabs his sticker from the Table.

DARYL: Yeah, I'll put it on myself. Thank you sweetie.*he looks round, spotting Vala on her own, looking at old class photos. He head over passing Gary on the way, patting him on the shoulder* Hey Gary, how you going, buddy?

SCENE: Mitchell walks down another corridor, Jup following him closely, he pulls out his gun, takes aim but its grabbed by Ventrell, who smacks his head into the wall. Mitchell turns hearing something but sees nothing. Ventrell drags Jup into a store room, shooting him, as he leaves we see Jup back in his original form.

SCENE: Daryl walks over to Vala.

DARYL: Well if it isn't the prettiest girl at the party!


VALA: Have you seen Mitchell? I can't find him anywhere.

DARYL: Mitchell, wow! You two are on a last name basis, huh? I think I saw him talking to Amy Vandenburg.

VALA: Oh, the… DARYL: Yeah… VALA: one from… DARYL: Yeah, I think they slunk off together.

VALA: Perfect.

DARYL: Yeah, um…would you uh… *pulls out a flask* like a little refreshment? *she waves her empty cup at him*

DARYL: Moonshine! *she doesn't get it* It's flammable. *she throws her cup, grabs his tie and drags him after her*

SCENE: Mitchell finds a payphone.

MITCHELL: This is Lt Col Mitchell for General Landry. Thank you.

VENTRELL: *walks up to Mitchell, gun aimed* Just the man I've been looking for.

MITCHELL: *turns* We didn't go to school together, did we?

VENTRELL: Name's Ventrell. I'm here to collect the price on your head.

MITCHELL: Big bad bounty hunter after little old me? I'm honored.

VENTRELL: Actually, you're just the bait.

LANDRY: *on the phone* This is General Landry. Mitchell! Mitchell, can you read me?! Mitchell? *Ventrell takes the phone*

VENTRELL: *presses something on his neck, his voice changing to sound like Mitchell's* This is Mitchell requesting assistance. Repeat, requesting assistance. *puts down the phone*

MITCHELL: My voice is way deeper than that.

VENTRELL: Funny. See, I'm after the big prize.


VENTRELL: Who do you think they'll send after they hear that?

MITCHELL: Why don't you just take me. Teal'c's not even on the planet.

VENTRELL: Oh, they'll be here. In the meantime, all you have to do is keep quiet and no-one gets hurt. Now… shall we get back to the party?

MITCHELL: Yeah, lets dance.

SCENE: Landry and the remaining members of SG-1, geared up, walk down the corridor.

LANDRY: Unfortunately, the Odyssey is not available for transport, but we've got a couple of 302's waiting. They should get you there pretty quick.

TEAL'C: Do we know how the assassins have been able to target us so precisely?

CARTER: I think so. During our last mission we were hit by what we thought was a scanning beam. Turns out it was a little more sophisticated than that. We were tagged. We're all emitting low levels of a particularly exotic form of radiation. That's what they're tracking. Now, the good news is, it has a limited half-life, so it should wear off in a couple of days.

LANDRY: I think it's pretty clear Colonel Mitchell doesn't have a couple of days.

JACKSON: We'll get him, sir. *The three get into the elevator*

SCENE: In a lecture hall, Daryl and Vala sit in the firs row, her legs up on his drinking from the flask.

DARYL: Whoa! Do you know what? I think Mitchell is crazy for ditching you. I mean, come on, God! Look at you, you're…you're a beautiful woman. You have a keen mind and you shoot like a special forces sniper.

VALA: True, all true.

DARYL: But, you can be a little scary though. *she pulls off her sticker* I mean, to the kind of guy that would be intimidated by a woman who is…successful and brilliant like you are.

VALA: hmmm DARYL: D'you know what?

VALA: What?

DARYL: I'm not one of those guys. *he leans forward, closing his eyes and puckering for a kiss, but she places two fingers over his lips*

VALA: Daryl?

DARYL: MmmmmHmmm?

VALA: There's something I think I'm supposed to tell you now.

DARYL: What?

VALA: I'm married.

DARYL: Oh, you're kidding!

VALA: no… DARYL: Ah!

VALA: It's something I don't like to talk about much. *she places the sticker over his mouth* He's a religious zealot, bent on total domination of every Human being in this galaxy.

DARYL: *pulls off the sticker* So you're separated?

SCENE: Amy waits in the hall, spotting Mitchell and Ventrell she walks over.

AMY: There you are! I thought you deserted me.


AMY: you ok?

MITCHELL: *looks at Ventrell* Fine!

AMY: Who's your friend?

VENTRELL: Odai Ventrell at your service *kisses her hand*

AMY: Hello.

VENTRELL: I'm a friend of the Colonels.

AMY: You still owe me a dance.

VENTRELL: Don't keep the lady waiting, Colonel. You won't get another chance.

Mitchell takes Amy's hand, a slow song starts to play, he pulls her close watching Ventrell.

AMY: Are you sure your date won't mind us spending time together like this?

MITCHELL: She's the independent type. Maybe, too much so.

AMY: You know what I like? Now that we're older and hopefully wiser, we can say how we really feel. There's none of that awful tension that used to hang in the air when we were young.

MITCHELL: Yeah, I'm glad that's gone.

Vala and Daryl head back to the party, but she stops in the doorway when she spots Ventrell, she quickly hides pulling Daryl with her, shoving him up against a wall.

DARYL: wow! Vala, I like this! Woo hoo VALA: huh? Oh shut up! That's Odai Ventrell in there.

DARYL: Who? *he tries to look but she pulls him back*

VALA: No! Bounty hunter. He's obviously here looking for me!

DARYL: Ok, no more liquor for you tonight, alright?

VALA: What? Oh, don't be ridiculous. That stuff barely affects me. *she starts to pat him down, searching*

VALA: Have you got any weapons on you?


VALA: Then we'll have to improvise.

AMY: *Mitchell keeps looking around, stiffly dancing with Amy, she pulls away* if you don't wanna do this… MITCHELL: No, it's not that. It's just…It's complicated.

AMY: You don't have to say anything else. I get the message. Vala, right?

MITCHELL: *glances at Ventrell, he pulls Amy closer, whispering* It's not what you think. Right now, I need you to slap me and get out of here.

DARYL: *Walks over to Ventrell shouting* Dave 'the man' Nelson. It's Daryl! How you doing, man? *hugs him*

VENTRELL: You're confusing me with someone else.

DARYL: What?

MITCHELL: Daryl! Get the hell out of here!

DARYL: Oh what, like I'm going to listen to you? Ha? Making time with another girl. Leaving your date high and dry. Well thank God I stepped up, huh Dave? *puts a hand on his shoulder* Thank God! *Ventrell grabs his arm twisting it behind his back* Touch me again and I'll kill you.

DARYL: Dave, you've changed, dude! *Ventrell lets go, touching a device under his sleeve* Oh! Ah!

Vala stand behind Ventrell and throws something heavy at his but it bounces off a force shield. He turns, she smiles with a small wave. He hits her, knocking her into the nearby table.

DARYL: Holy...!

Mitchell makes a rush for Ventrell but he pulls out his gun and points it at him.

VENTRELL: Get back!

Everyone begins screaming and running for the door, Vala stands flexing her jaw. Ventrell pushes something on his arm and seals the exits. He fires up at the ceiling. Everyone dropping to the floor VENTRELL: Your attention please! Exiting this room is now impossible. Every door has been magnetically sealed shut! *turns to Vala* Vala Mal Doran. This is my lucky day. Netan's offering a bonus for anyone who bags you.

VALA: *moves to stand next to Mitchell* Sorry. That didn't go well.

VENTRELL: Oh, it's worse than you think. Thanks to your little stunt, now I start killing people.

MITCHELL: You don't have to do this!

VENTRELL: First rule of hostage taking. Always back up your threats. So who's it gonna be. *points at Daryl* The trouble maker or *then at Amy* the girlfriend.

AMY: *Mitchell steps back to her, as she takes cover behind him* Cameron!

VENTRELL: Choose Colonel or they both die.

VALA: *walks in front of Mitchell* Oh Ventrell, you always were such a coward!

VENTRELL: *smiles* I guess we'll start with you.

CARTER: *on radio* This is Colonel Carter of SG-1. Once all the hostages have been released, we are willing to beam in.

VENTRELL: Negative. You and SG-1 beam in first, unarmed and then I'll let everyone go! *The three appear in a flash of light* Over there, please! *The three walk over to the centre* Colonel Mitchell, Vala, would you mind joining the others? *Mitchell pushes Amy aside, Ventrell walking over to SG-1* Turn around.

MITCHELL: So what's your endgame Ventrell. You know we're not just gonna let you walk outta here.

VENTRELL: Never planned on it.

Ventrell hits a few buttons on his arm, and rings burst through the ceiling, Ventrell, Vala and Mitchell are the only ones to disappear, the other three are still standing there, Carter and Teal'c move away disappearing from sight.

SCENE: Ventrell, Vala and Mitchell appear on the Hatak, to find Carter and Teal'c waiting P-90s raised.

CARTER: Hello.

SCENE: Back in the Hall, Jackson turns to the crowd waving.

JACKSON: It's ok! You're all safe now!

DARYL: Yeah, but what happened to Vala?! *On the ship, Jackson turns off the device, disappearing before the crowd*

DARYL: Crap!

JACKIE: I knew there was something wrong with that woman!

SCENE: On board the Hatak VALA: wh…How did you do that? *Mitchell holds up restraints, she takes them* Oh, allow me! *she binds Ventrells hands*

TEAL'C: We located this vessel in a field several miles from here. We were onboard trying to override the command code, when it was remotely activated and flown onto the roof of the school.

JACKSON: That's right! you brought us to you.

CARTER: After that it was a simple matter of activating Cimera. It's an Asgard holographic projection system. It made it look like we'd beamed in.

JACKSON: And you might have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for us meddling kids. *Jackson and Carter smile*

MITCHELL: So much for your big payday.

VENTRELL: Well I may not be able to collect, but it doesn't mean others won't try.

MITCHELL: Unless there's a bigger payday waiting somewhere else.

VENTRELL: What are you talking about?

MITCHELL: Well I've had some experience recently, dealing with the lucian Alliance. I know for a fact that some of Netan's seconds are starting to question his leadership. After this little fiasco, it's only gonna get worse.

TEAL'C: Indeed! With his failure to eliminate us yet again, he will only appear weaker than before.

MITCHELL: No doubt about it. There is blood in the water. The only question is, which enterprising shark will be the first to take advantage of it.

SCENE: On board a Lucian mothership, Netan stands staring out the window when there is the sound of gunfire, his men run to deal with the intruders, but are all killed. A large man enters with a gun aimed at Netan, but is shot in the back by Ventrell.

NETAN: Well done. You saved my life. You will be richly rewarded.

VENTRELL: I know I will. But not for saving you. *He aims his gun at him*

SCENE: At the Mitchell's Vala stands talking with Mitchell's Dad, in the distance we see Mitchell talking with Amy.

VALA: *hugs Dad* Thank you!

MUM: Vala!

VALA: mmmhmmm?

MUM: *runs out with pie* You sure you don't want some pie for the road?

VALA: I couldn't possibly.

MUM: It's your favorite.

VALA: *takes the pie* Thank you. Well, the General will probably blame me if we miss our plane, so we probably should get moving. *looks over at Mitchell* Cameron! We have to get moving!

MITCHELL: Go wait in the car!

VALA: *Mitchell's Dad doesn't look too impressed Vala nods* I exaggerated the spiritual bond thing just a little.

DAD: Yeah. Yeah, we got that.

VALA: Thank you. *kisses Mitchell's mum's cheek* Bye. *shouts to Mitchell* Move it!!

Amy and Mitchell watch her go, Amy picks at the hay.

AMY: To be honest with you, Cam, I don't know what to make of all this. Those Air Force people who made us all sign those papers were pretty scary. I'm not sure I'm allowed to even think about what happened, let alone talk about it.

MITCHELL: ah… It's better this way. People who do talk about it, just end up looking crazy. There's never any proof. And there is always plausible denial.

AMY: So you've done this sort of thing before?

MITCHELL: I'm just saying… AMY: I know! You can't talk about it. You can't even tell me what was really going on the other night. I do know this much. That man was trying to kill you…and your friends. Whatever it is you do, it's obviously dangerous.

MITCHELL: It's a job. It has to be done. Aan…and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

AMY: Well, if anybody has to be out there protecting us, from things we're not allowed to know about, I'm glad it's someone like you. *she leans in kissing him, he pulls back only when he hear the sound of a car horn, Vala sits watching from the car, honking*

MITCHELL: You know, Colorado Springs, its…uh it's not that far away, so maybe…someday soon, you might think about taking a little trip.

AMY: Maybe.

MITCHELL: *gets in* She's a nice girl. I like her!

VALA: Nice! She's a cure for insomnia. *feeds him some pie*

MITCHELL: Well we can't all make the brilliant decisions you made.

VALA: Huh!

MITCHELL: How many times HAVE you been married, anyway?

VALA: *they drive off, the Mitchell's and Amy waving* Legally? Hmmm…well, it's hard to keep track. Let's see. The first one was a part of a band of traveling entertainers. He was a good cook, too. Couldn't make pie though.

MITCHELL: You know, forget it. Forget I asked.



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