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CHRISTOPHER JUDGE VOICEOVER: Previously, On Stargate SG-1 ...

An Asguard ship is shown coming out of Hyperspace, and arriving outside of a blue planet. (Not Earth). A Goa'Uld mothership is in the planet's orbit.

HEIMDALL: First, we must rescue THOR ... he is a prisoner of the Goa'Uld.


THOR: (His voice is being heard coming from mid air, he's not in the room with them, Jack and Teal'C are being held in a room) O'Neill ...


THOR: (His voice is still being projected from thin air, he is shown laying on a bed) I am using the internal communication system to synthesize my voice ... I believe I may be able to rewrite some minor subroutines in the security protocall.

The door to the room opens. Sam, Jack, and Teal'C appear in the room thru the rings with Heimdell. Sam appears to loose her footing, being caught by Teal'C, who was standing next to her. THOR's body appears.

JAFFA: (It's the cutie from Redemption 2 I believe) Lord Anubis, our Asguard prisoner is gone.


THOR: You can not take me with you.

JACK: Why not?

THOR: The link between myself and the Goa'Uld ship has not been severed.

SAM: They managed to remove the device from his brain, but it may have been too late. Apparently, he's lapsed into a coma. A small cargo ship is shown flying thru space. It's DAD! (Along with Jonas, Sam and teal'C)

DAD (JACOB): Looks like your analysis was right, Sam. It's dead in space, but completely intact.

SAM: Has Anubis ever done anything like this before?

DAD: This is a first. It must have been a little crazy around the SGC when it showed up, huh? (Smiles)

SAM: You have NO idea!

DAD: I have a pretty good idea, Sam. (Teal'C cocks his head toward Jake) I used to be an Air Force General, remember?

JACK: (Stretching, 2 men are inback of him) Are we there yet??

SAM: Not yet, Sir. Just close enough to do some scans.

JACK: Scanned anything yet?

SAM: (Jonas is shown grinning like the cat that ate the canary) Nothing ,Sir.

JACK: Nothing?

SAM: It's in a stable planetary orbit. Shields and weapons are down, and it's emmitting no EM of any kind.

JACK: Still just, kind of , sitting there.

SAM: Yes, Sir. (Jack looks bored)

DAD: Well, if they were gonna attack Earth, they would have done it by now.

JACK: (Looks at Jonas, who's shaking his head, smiling in awe) What are you smiling at?

JONAS: Well, it's just that it's my first time ... in space.

JACK: Ah ... (he looks at Sam, and kinda rolls his eyes)

JONAS: I mean, we've only just begun to consiter the posibility of space travel, and to actually be out here is ... (Teal'C cocks his head) It's amazing.

TEAL'C: (Big grin) Indeed.

JACK: Until something goes ... horribly wrong ...

MAJOR DAVIS!!! (Yummy(!) to me!) and some geek walk up.

DAVIS: What's our status?

SAM: Well, the ship should be a few hundred kilometers dead ahead. (A few seconds past) There.

JACK: Ships Ahoy-oy ...

JONAS: (In awe) That's incrediable!

SAM: I'm not 100%, but ... this could be the same ship that Anubis used to kidnap THOR.

DAD: Now we know why they haven't attacked. There's no disernable life signs.

SAM: All the escape pods have been jettisoned.

TEAL'C: This ship does not appear to have been damaged in battle.

DAD: Power and life supports seem to be functioning normally. There's just nobody on board.

JONAS: Why would they abandon a perfectly good ship?

DAD: (Thinking) They wouldn't.


A great outerspace shot of Earth, the mother ship, and the smaller cargo ship.

DAD: Jack, rather than fly into a cargo bay, I recommend we use the transport rings to get us there until we have a better idea of what's going on.

JACK: (To Jacob) Yeah. (To Davis and the scientist) Boys ... (To Teal'C) Radio Hammond. Let him know we'll have something in a couple hours. (To Jonas) Jonas, stay with Teal'C. (Begins to leave)

JONAS: I don't understand.

JACK: (Turns back around) I'm sorry ... (Slowly) Stay here.

JONAS: So I'm not going with you?

JACK: Not this time.

JONAS: Colonel, I've studied every report, every specification, everything you have on Goa'Uld motherships ---

JACK: Because I gave you an order, Jonas. I always have a reason I'm not required to explain. It's a military thing. (Pats his shoulder)

The gang transports to the ship.

DAD: (Whispers) Jack ... (Points down a hall)

Computerized garbling is heard

DAVIS: What is that?

DAD: I can't make it out.

TEAL'C: The crew appears to have abandoned ship, GeneralHammond.

HAMMOND: That's good news! I don't mind telling you, we're all been holding our breath down here.

TEAL'C: (Taking the statement literally) That is most unwise.

HAMMOND: (He and Serg. Davis laughs) Yes, of course, Teal'C.

TEAL'C: Colonel O'Neill is leading a team to determine if the vessel can be salvaged.

HAMMOND: Very well. Keep me apprised. Hammond out. (Jonas smiles at Teal'C.)

DAD: (In the room where THOR was) Well, this is strange. The ship is operational, but before they left, they initiated the self destruct sequence.

SAM: It looks like the countdown's stuck.

DAD: It just doesn't make any sence. The only way to stop a self destruct is with a command override, but that would completely erace the sequence, not suspend it halfway.

SCIENTIST: So, is the ship gonna explode or not?

DAD: Well, until we know why the countdown was suspended, we can't be sure it won't start up again. We need to get to the computer core and do a diagnostic.

JACK: Carter ... you and Davis --- see if you can disable that self destruct altogether.

SAM: Yes, Sir.


DAD: Jack, are you seriously consitering salvaging this ship??

JACK: (Sitting in the big chair) Why, yes, I am, Jacob.

DAD: This ship belonged to Anubis.

JACK: (Doing his The Simpson's Montgomery Burns impression) Excellent!

DAD: What if it's some sort of Trojan Horse?

JACK: Well, then, apparently, they did it wrong.

DAD: Look, Jack. None of this makes any sense, so before you go slapping a US Air Forse sticker on the side of this ship ---

JACK: Will you stop? Obviously we gotta check things out around here, see what happens before we do anything.

DAD: And find out what the hell it's doing in Earth's orbit.

JACK: But our standing orders are to recove technology that can help us defend against the Goa'Uld. I'd say this ship falls under that heading , wouldn't you?

DAD: Okay.

JACK: Thank you.

DAD: You know, sometimes I get a little worried that you're gonna get my favorite planet wiped out.

JACK: Yes. What planet is that?

DAD: (Looks at Jack like 'You know', Jack grins) So listen, if they wanted to scuttle this ship, and the self-destruct didn't work, their next logical option would be to sabatage the hyperdrive.

JACK: Friesen ... let's go. (The geek has a name! ;))

DAD: I'll do a system's check from here.

Computerized garbling is heard again.

JACK: (Leaving the room) Find out what that sound is.

Sam and Davis walk down a corridor until they get to a door. Sam punches in a code on the pad. Nothing happens. A beeping is heard.

DAVIS: What's the problem?

Sam shakes her head, and punches in the exact same code; nothing happens again.

SAM:( In the radio) Dad, this is Sam.

DAD: (Into radio) What's up?

SAM: We're on our way to the computer core, but we can't access this corridor.

DAD: ( Heard thru radio) Alright, hang on ... (Now, he's seen. He looks at the layout of th ship) The whole sections been sealed off, and the life support's been shut down.

SAM: Why would they do that?

DAD: (Heard thru radio) I have no idea. (He's shown now) I'll see if I can open it up, get the venalation going again.

FRIESON: (Walking down the corridor with Jack) Colonel, we should also check on the Shield generators.

JACK: (Into radio) Jacob ...

DAD: How's the hyperdrive?

JACK: Frieson says the engine checks out, but he wants to take a look at the shield generators.

DAD: Does he say why?

FRIESON: (After Jack raises his eyebrows in question) (Matter of facterly) Why? To see them.

JACK: To *see* them?? (To Jacob in radio) Never mind.

FRIESON: If this was the ship that destroyed an Asguard ship, and kidnapped THOR, then the shields were clearly superior to any ... (Jack walks away, he reluctatly follows)

SAM: (After the door opens) (In radio) We're in!

DAD: (Heard thru radio) All right, just be careful, Sam.

SAM: (Sarcastically) Yes, Dad.

DAVIS: Whoa! (They get to a closed door with about 7 staff blast marks on it.) Something bad definately happened here! (He tries to punch in the code on the door, nothing.)

SAM: Dad, we're just outside the computer core. The door looks like it's been hit by several staff blasts.

DAD: (Thru Radio) That's intersting, (He's shown now) because it's the only door I can't open. The circuits are fused. It's as if there was a deliberate overload.

SAM: It's starting to look more and more like a sabator on board. Someone damaged the computer, and then sealed it off so they couldn't effect repairs.

DAD: Well, whatever happened ... I can't get ya inside.

SAM: (After sharing a look with Davis) Colonel? Have you been monitoring?

JACK: Affermative. On my way. (To Frieson) I have to go blow something up ... head on back to the pel'tac, see if Jacob needs some help. (Jack heads down one corridor, Frieson heads down the other. He turns back, looks to see if Jack's gone, then heads back down the corridor in which they came.) (Now, Jack is with Sam and Davis, and puts a C-4 charge on the door) Shall we?? (They go behind a wall, and Sam and Davis cover their ears. Jack, who has the detenator doesn't cover his ears . A loud blast is heard, and a nice explosion is shown)

DAVIS: WOO! That was loud!

JACK: (Yelling) What?? (LOL!) (The door is blasted away. Sam and Davis proceed Jack thru the door) (Into radio) Jacob, we're in.

DAVIS: (Looking at the computer)This is fantastic!

JACK: No, *THIS* (in reference to something out the window, I guess it's the earth or space, I can't see) is fantastic.

FRIESON: (Walking down a corridor looking at his clipboard) Shield generators ... (He's looking at the generators, they are producing a green light.) (Hears tapping) Hello?? (Why is he wearing green fatigues?? He shouold be wearing a red shirt! ;)) (He walks toward the sound) Colonel O'Neill?? (He looks to his right, and sees NINJA (!) Jaffa! A flute is heard playing MWAHAHAA!) (He has a look like uh- oh! on his face!)

Teal'C and Jonas are shown in the cargo ship, Jonas looks bored. He talks out a banana from his pocket. Teal'C stoicly looks at him. He begins peeling it.

JONAS: Why would he bring me all the way out here, if I'm not gonna be allowed to contribute anything?

TEAL'C: This is your first mission. It may take some time for Colonel O'Neill to gain confidence in your abilities.

JONAS: So it was the same for you?

TEAL'C: No, it was not. (Jonas looks surprised. Sorry, Jonas, but

Teal'C was already a warrior. ;))

JONAS: Oh. (He shrugs) You know I heard a rumor that I only got this assignment cause Colonel O'Neill didn't want a Russian on this team.

TEAL'C: Such rumors are meaningless. (Jonas takes a bite of his banana after playing with it forever!) O'Neill would not have chosen you if he did not believe that one day you would be an effective member of SG-1.

JONAS: Thanks, Teal'C! I really appreciate that. (Teal'C remains stoicly looking out the window infront of him)I mean, those of us not originally from the planet Earth have to stick together, right??

TEAL'C: (Teal'C pointedly looks at Jonas, still with the stoic look on his face) Are you suggesting an Alien conspiracy? (MWAHAHA! The line of the year!!!!! ;))

JONAS: (After thinking for a while) No! (Teal'C stoicly looks at him) Oh ... ! (Laughs nervously) Of course, yes. I was warned about your occasional use of humor. (Chuckles) It's ... got me! (He looks at Teal'C, who's still stoic, he loses his smile) No conspiracy!

Teal'C turns his head back to look out the wiondow infront of him, and it looks like he's hiding a grin.

SAM: The computer log confirms that this *IS* the same ship that THOR was aboard.

JACK: ... And?? ...

SAM: Well, it could explain alot, Sir. THOR's brain was directly linked to the computer. Anubis may have grossly underestimated the power of an Asguard's mind.

JACK: ... And?? ...

SAM: It's possible that when his mind was linked, THOR was able to rewrite some of the ship's programming, maybe even leave something behind.

DAVIS: (He's looking at the computer, and looks up) Like a viris?

SAM: Exactly! By interfering with everything from navigation to life support, a complex viris could have driven Anubis to abandon ship!

JACK: Might explain why the self-destruct got stuck.

SAM: He could have generated a whole new subroutine that sent this ship into our Solar System after it was abandoned. Like ... a gift! I know it sounds a little wacky, Sir, but the more I think about it, the more it seems like the most reasonable explination.

DAVIS: There's a little wishfull thinking there, Major.

SAM: Well, if this ship wasn't altimately intended for us to find, why did it travel half way across the galaxy all by itself? (Davis thinks) For that matter, why didn't the self destruct just go off??

DAVIS: (Man! He's sexy when he's being a pessimist!) Well, even if you're right, I really doubt that a viris is gonna know the difference between us and the Goa'Uld.

SAM: (Knowing that he's right) There has to be a way to disable it somehow, or THOR wouldn't have sent the ship here. (Into radio) Dr. Freison, this is Major Carter ... We could use your help in the computer room.

JACK: (After no answer, he rolls his eyes) Frieson, come in!

SAM: (into radio) Dad, have you seen Doctor Frieson?

DAD: Negative.

JACK: (Smiles) You scientists ... Stay here, I'll find him.

SAM: It's a big ship, Sir.

JACK: (Leaving) I think I know where he went.

DAVIS: (Was stooping down looking at the computer, hears the computerized garbling, stand up, looking around.) It's coming out of the ship's intercom.

SAM: What is?

DAVIS: The sound we keep hearing. You hear that ... it's ... there's a pattern to it, almost like distorted words.

SAM: Let's check it out. (Davis kneels back down) Jack is walking toward the generators. He slows down, right before he gets to the turn to the generators, and peeks over. He sees Frieson laying on the floor. Checks his pulse.

JACK: (Whispers into radio) Carter ... I want you and Davis back in the Pel'Tak with Jacob.

SAM: What's going on, Sir?

JACK: (Louder) Frieson's dead. (Jacob hears, Davis and Sam share a look, then cocks their guns, standing up, slowly making their way out of the room). Jacob, come in. (Jacob is shown getting shot with a blast in the left shoulder, and falling hard on his right side. The Ninja (!) Jaffa move over to the helm, pressing some buttons) Jacob, do you read? (The Jaffa set something up, then move out the room, Jacob is shown laying on the ground.) (Over radio) Jacob, come in. Jacob??

Jack walks around one corner, then another. He approaches another corner and runs into Sam, who has her gun up too. She lowers her weapon, and takes a deep breath. Jack motions for the Majors to follow him up the corridor. They arrive in the Pel'Tak, and Jack motions for Sam to help her dad. Sam and Davis run to the General, while Jack secures the room. Sam helps her father stand, while Davis stands, something out the window catching his attention.

DAVIS: Colonel, we've got another problem!

DAD: (To Sam who's still holding him) I'll live, go, go! A great shot of the horizon approaching them with the stars above is shown. It is quite beautiful. ;)

SAM: (Joins Davis at the Helm) We're decelerating out of orbit and they've disabled the drive control. Sir, we've got no way of altering course ... we're going to crash!

JACK: Teal'C, come in.

TEAl'C: O'Neill, you are approaching Earth's atmoshere. JACK: (Sarcastically) Yeah, you know, we've noticed that. You're gonna haveta ... ring us outta here.

TEAL'C: (Nods at Jonas, who gets up) Standing by.

Teal"C gets up, and they head toward the ring room. Jonas sees the rings activating, and thinks it's the good guys, but the Ninja's appear. He gasps as Teal"C grabs his backpack, pulling him back. The Jaffa shoot the control panel. Teal'C ZATs one, then moves to the other side of the door, and ZATs another. The third, the leader, tries to sneak up on Teal'C, but Teal'C grabs his staff, and punches him with it. The jaffa falls back, and Teal'C ZATs him. Jonas comes running with his ZAT up, while Teal'C is busy collecting the weapons. SAM: It's no use. I estimate impact between 500 and 1,000 miles west south west of Alaska.

DAVIS: The amount of energy released at impact could be massive. There may be a tital wave.

DAD: Raise the shields, set enertial dampening to maximum. That way the ship should survive in one piece.

SAM: Done. That's all I can do.

JACK: (Into radio) Teal'C, we're heading into the ring room. (To Dad and Sam) Wait, wait, wait ... (Back into radio) Teal'C??

TEAL'C: O'Neill, we have been attacked by Jaffa from the mothership.

JACK: What's the situation?

TEAL'C: They are no longer a threat to us, but the ship has been damaged. The chrystals that allow us to recieve ring transports have been destroyed. (Over radio, Jack and Gang are shown) and there is insufficient time to dock abord the mothership.

JACK: (After everyone on the ship looks out the window, and sees the horizon getting closer) Well, I guess we're going in.


HAMMOND: (The ships path into the ocean is shown on a screen) The official line is, early this morning, (He's on the phone) at approximately 0800 hours, NORAD tracked a meteor as it entered the Earth's atmosphere, and landed somewhere in the North Pacific. So far, no word from the Chinese government,(He nods at teal'C and Jonas who are arriving) but I'm sure we'll be hearing from them soon enough. As for the Russians, I'll have a call going thru to Colonel Chekov in about 10 minutes. (Pause) yes, Sir. I'll be keeping you apprized of any further development. (Hangs up, to Jonas and Teal'C) Gentlemen! it's good to have you back. We've located the mothership. SONAR readings suggest that it's still intact.

JONAS: Then they may still be alive.

HAMMOND: We're proceeding under that assumption. (Gives Jonas a report, Jonas starts to read it) There's a Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle on Route from Pearl Harbor. But we still have to figure out how the Crew's gonna access the mothership.

TEAL'C: A mothership's escape pods are jettison thru pressurized tubes. It may be possible that one of them can be used as a point of access.

HAMMOND: That sounds like our best shot.

JONAS: General, with your permission, Teal'C and I would like to join the rescue operation.

HAMMOND: There's a plane waiting.

JONAS: Thank you, Sir. (A shot of the jeeps going down the road at night.) (Jonas sighs) I should have been with them.

TEAL'C: (Cocks his head, stealing a glance at his teammate, then ,looks back to the front.) Do you believe you could have prevented this happening?

JONAS: Maybe. You don't think so?

TEAL'C: It was an ambush. I believe your presence would have made little difference.

JONAS: Like on the Cargo Ship?

TEAL'C: You could not have known those Jaffa would ring aboard ship.

JONAS: Yeah. I just stood there! You saved my life just like Dr. Jackson did back on my planet. I didn't do a thing!

Teal'C looks at Jonas, who signs. He looks back front.

TEAL'C: It is my understanding that was largly YOUR idea that lead to the successful disposal of the other Stargate (Jonas is shakming his head) before it could be detonated. (He looks directly at Jonas) You saved the lives of MILLIONS.

JONAS: Yeah, that was different. That was an intellectual excercise. I'm talking about knowing what to do in the heat of the moment when there IS no time to think.

TEAL'C: (Now looking ahead again) One can never be certain what to do until the moment presents itself.

JONAS: So far, my track record is not great.

TEAL'C: Perhaps that is so, (Turns to face Jonas) But there are many battles left to be fought, JonasQuinn. (Jonas looks at him, he nods, and turns back front)

Jack and Dad are sitting in the pel'tak.

JACK: How are you doing?

DAD: Aside from the burns, I got a broken collarbone. Selmack's working on it. (For any newbies out there who, by any chance have NEVER seen Stargate in Syndication, Selmack is a snake like creature that's in Jacob's head called a Tok'Ra. It's the same species as the Goa'Uld, but the Tok'Ra are the good guys who defected from the Goa'Uld. The snakes have tremendous healing powers. Read Tok'Ra and Tok'Ra Part two for the complete explination.)

JACK: You know, for guys with no life signs, those Jaffa did a bit of damage.

DAD: (Pained voice, he's holding his shoulder) They must have been trapped in the section of the ship that was sealed off. To stay alive as long as possible, they would have gone into a deep state of Kel'No'Reem,slowing down their heartbeats to one or two beats per minute. In that condition, the cargo ship's sences weren't sensative enough to pick them up.

JACK: You think there are any MORE runnng around?

DAD: I doubt it. My guess that the 3 that attacked me were on the computer core level. I let them out when I opened the door to allow Sam inside.

SAM: (Arriving with Davis) Well, we got life support operating at 50%. It won't be too comfortable in here, but at least we won't freeze to death ... right away.

DAD: Can we fix the engines?

DAVIS: Not a chance, and that's not our only problem.

SAM: We found evidence of structual damage on the lower levels. Probrably a result of the impact.

DAD: How bad?

SAM: I'm not sure. The exterior pressure's pretty severe, especially on the lower levels. It wouldn't take much to compromise the hull.

JACK: Well, help'll be on the way.

SAM: There's also the matter of the self-destruct sequence frozen half way thru it's countdown.

JACK: You haven't turned that off yet?

SAM: I'm not sure we should even try.

JACK: Why?

SAM: Well, first the door to the computer core was locked, and then when the Jaffa tried to blast their way in, the entire section was sealed off, and life support was shut down.

DAD: By who?

JACK: It's "Whom".

SAM: Actually, Sir, it's more like "What".

JACK: What?

DAVIS: The viris THOR left behind.

SAM: Exactly. What if it was trying to defend itself?

DAD: So THOR leaves behind a viris that forces Anubis to abandon his ship, and then this viris defends itself against the Jaffa that Anubis left to blow this ship??

SAM: Or, maybe it was left here so we could find it. (To Jack) Sir, with your permission, I'd like to return to the computer core.

JACK: I'll go with you.


Hammond is looking over plans with a Naval officer. (Mmnn ... love the Naval Dress Blues. ;))

WALTER DAVIS: (Chevron Guy) Sir, we've just got word from the task force. The DSRV's in the water.

An underwater shot of the DSRV is shown.

Back to the ship, Sam and Jack are walking thru the corridors, and computerized garbling is heard.

SAM: Major Davis is right. It is definately coming from the ship's intercom. Maybe the viris is trying to talk to us.

Jack stops at the closed door when he sees a small wet spot on the floor. He steps in the small puddle of water, splashing is heard.

JACK: What the hey?

SAM: (Into radio) Dad, we've got evidence of flooding here.

DAD: Stand by. (He tries to get up, but can't, he's holding his left shoulder. Major Davis helps him up by pulling his right arm. That's the one with the broken collarbone! He painfully walks over to the helm.) There's been a hull breach on the engineering level.

SAM: We're no where near engineering.

DAD: It looks like seawater penatrated into the central access shaft, and now the pressure's pushing it up thru the core of the ship. (Sam closes her eyes) We're flooding from the inside.

SAM: (The door behind them closes) Dad, the door's closing behind us! (She punches in the code. Nothing.)

DAD: (Thru radio) It's a security measure. All doors are sealed behind the breach. (Sam looks at Jack) I'll try to open it from here.

JACK:( As water begins to rise in the corridor, he walk to Sam) It's a bit chilly.

SAM: (Into radio) Dad, how's it going with that door?

DAD: This could take some time, Sam.

The DSRV is shown.

PILOT: We have visual contact.

SAM: (Still trying to punch in a code) I'm sorry, Sir. I can't bypass the system locally.

JACK: (Into radio) Jacob?

DAD: Yeah, without the proper codes, I can't get access to the security program.

DAVIS: (Anxiously) I'm going down there.

DAD: To do what? The local controls are locked out. (Over radio) Jack, I'm gonna try to find a back door to the programing.

JACK: How long's that gonna take?? I'm looking at some major shrinkage here.

DAD: I don't know, this is kind of a unique situation here. Give me a few minutes.

JACK: (To Sam) How long do you think it'll take for this thing to fill up?

Water's at waiste level.

SAM: A few more minutes.

JACK: Yeah.

PILOT OF DSRV: Approaching point of entry.

JACK: (Water is now at chest levelfor him, neck level for her. They are stipping off heavy clothes) Next time we crash our brand new mothership, what do you say we do it in the tropics??

SAM: Actually, Sir, it wouldn't make a difference. At this depth, all water's ice-cold.

JACK: Shallower water, then ... shallower.

SAM: Yes, Sir. I'll keep that in mind.

JACK: (Water's up to his neck) Or we could just not crash at all. It would be nice to keep our nice new mothership more than a couple hours.

SAM: Yes, Sir. (Underwater shot, they're both swimming, still stripping off the heavy clothes.)

DAVIS:( Getting worried now) Jacob, we could blow the door.

DAD: No, in such a confined space, the concussion would kill them.

DAVIS: (Fast and pointed, he's anxious) They'll be dead if we don't! We can't leave them in there to drown, Jacob! We have to do som ---

DAD: (Yelling, and tearfully) What the hell do you think I'm trying to do, Major?!?!

I think Davis just got a reminder that that's Jacob's CHILD in there. ;)

Sam and Jack are at the top of the corridor, getting in as much air as the can, the water's rapidly rising.

JACK: Your dad's cutting it a little clo ---

The water's over their heads.

DAD: (After frantically trying to open the doors.) I can't do it. (Sam and Jack are shown underwater, Davis looks defeted, and turns away, tears forming in his eyes) (Into radio) Sam ... (Chocked up, tearful) I'm sorry ...

Jack and Sam are still trying to find an air pocket. ;) Beeping is heard.

DAVIS: What is that, Jacob?

DAD: The security protocal's been erased.

Water is seen rushing out of the room under the door. Sam and Jack gasp for air as they find the air pocket they were looking for. ;) Jack, being taller than Sam, grabs the back of her shirt to hold her up until she can get the footing.

DAD: Jack, Sam! Come in!

TEAL'C: Jacob, this is Teal'C. We are on board the ship.

DAD: Teal'C, Jack and Sam are in trouble! Main computer room.

JONAS: That's 2 levels down this way.

TEAL'C: (To Seaman <Peter DeLouise, the director with the mostest. ;) >) Remain here.

SEAMAN: Yes, Sir.

Teal'C and Jonas run down the hall. Sam and Jack are recovering their breaths.

SAM: (Out of breath) Dad, this is Sam. We're OK!

DAVIS: (Excited, and happy) Yes! (He hits Jacob's shoulder ... hard! Realizing what he's done, he holds Jacob's shoulder, and mouths 'Sorry' to him.)

DAD: Thank God! Sam! You really had me worried!

JACK: Tell him I take back everything I was thinking when I was underwater.

SAM: Whatever you did, it worked!

DAD: (Looks at Davis) I didn't do anything! The security protocol erased itself.

SAM: Wait a minute! How is that possible??

DAD: I don't know.

JACK: Who cares?? Let's go!

Davis and Dad are shown laughing in relief.

TEAL'C: (He and Jonas meeting Sam and Jack at a corner) O'Neill.

JONAS: You all right?

JACK: Ah, a little wet, little chilly. Knee gets a little stiff in cold water, you know?

TEAL'C: We have a rescue submarine docked with the ship.

SAM: We can't leave yet.

JACK: Yes, we can.

SAM: No, Sir. Something else is definately going on here.

WALTER DAVIS: Sir ... we just got a message from the task force. DSRV pilot reports they made contact, and SG-1's OK, but Dr.Frieson's dead.

HAMMOND: Did they get them off the ship?

W.DAVIS: Not yet. They're staying aboard for some reason.

Major Davis is typing on the computer. The computerized garbling is heard.

DAVIS: It's definately a voice. Give me a second, I'll see if I can clean it up.

JONAS: Why would it be so distorted?

DAD: Anubis probrably tried to shut it off.

JACK: (Looks at her) Carter??

SAM: Well, the security program that locked us in that corridor didn't just shut down by itself.

DAD: You think this viris that THOR left in the ship's computer is acting inteligently?

SAM: If that door hadn't have opened, Colonel O'Neill and I would have drowned.

JONAS: It knows who you are.

DAVIS: I got it!

THOR( As a wave is shown on the computer screen) (Repeating over and over) ... I am using the internal comunication system to synthesize my voice ...

Jack looks at Sam , and then arounfd the room, trying to think of where he had heard that before.

TEAL'C: THOR spoke the same words to O'Neill and I when we were impresoned abord this vessel.

SAM: Sir, maybe what we've been calling a viris isn't a viris at all! Maybe it's THOR!

JACK: We got him off this ship months ago.

SAM: Not before Anubis was able to download his mind into the computer core. Now, If his consciousness remained intact, he would be an independant entity operating within the system.

DAD: His mind took control of the vessel.

JACK Way to go, THOR!

SAM: Sir, the Asguard said that THOR was on life support, and there was little chance that he'd come out.


SAM: So, if that we can download his conciousness from the computer, the Asguard can transfer it into a new cloaned body.

DAD: If that's what you want to do, Sam, you'd better move fast. The computer core isn't flooded yet, but it's only a matter of time.

DAVIS: Wait a second ... if THOR really in control of this ship, then he is the only thing keeping the self-destruct on hold, and if we remove that conciousness ... the countdown will start up again.

SAM: (To Teal'C) How much time will we have left when the countdown resumes?

TEAL'C: Approximently 17 minutes.

SAM: That gives us plenty of time to get out of here after we've gotten THOR.

DAVIS: I know THOR was a friend of yours, but this is a Goa'Uld mothership! If we allow it to blow up, they'll be nothing left to salvage.

DAD: Jack, this ship us never going to fly again. I'd say having the Supreme Commander of the Asguard Fleet owe you one is more valueable.

JACK: (Not really wanting to give up the ship, but knows Dad's right! ;)) Yeah ... Alright! Next mothership, we keep, OK??!! (Sam smiles pretty) Jonas, take Davis and Jacob back to the Sub, wait for us there.

JONAS: Colonel, I'd like to assist Major Carter ---

JACK: (Pointed, warning voice) Jonas ---

JONAS: I'll take them back to the sub. (Smiles)

JACK: Thank you.

Sam does something with the computer. A room is shown filling up with water. She takes out a panel.

SAM: Here he is!

Teal'C cocks his head. ;)

JACK: You sure you got ALL of him in there? He's a smart guy, you know?

Sam smiles and looks down at the panel. They look up when they hear a Goa'Uld computer voice speaking.

TEAL'C: The self-destruct has been reactivated.

JACK: Let's go!

They begin walking back the corridor in which they came. They get to a closed door.

TEAL'C: (Stops at the door) This door should not be closed.

JACK: Dang.

SAM: (Worried look) The corridor must have flooded.

JACK: (Into radio) Jacob?

DAD: (Heard thru radio) Yeah, what's going on?

JACK: Our exit is blocked. We need another way around.

DAD: (Heard thru the radio) Jack! All the other passageways into the section were already flooded. There IS no other way around! (Seen now) Jack, I'm going back to the Pel'Tac see if I can figure something out.

JACK: Negative. Get that sub to a safe distance, we'll think of something.

DAD: (Noding at Davis and Jonas) understood. (The 3 start running down the corridor)

JACK: (Looks at Sam and Teal'C who are thinking) I got nothing. (To Sam) How are you doing?

SAM: Sir, there's only one way off this level.

TEAL'C: The glider bays. (Sam nods)

JACK: We can do that?

SAM: I have no idea.

JACK: (Looks at Teal'C's stoic expression with a slight tilt of his head ;)) Okay.

JONAS: (To seaman <Peter DeLouise's cameo>) The ship's self-destruct has been activated. We need to get the DSRV as far away as possible. (Hits his back)

DAD: (Into radio) jack, we're at the sub. What's your status?

JACK: (Slowing at the door) Here's our plan, Jacob. We're going to take a couple of gliders.

DAD: (Heard over radio) jack, A glider isn't designed to operate underwater.

SAM: It's our only shot.

DAD: (Now shown) Uh, all right, allright. (Rubs his head in thinking mode ;)) (Jonas is shown listening) You'll have to activate the compartment's forcefield to stop the flooding. (Heard thru radio, Jack is shown) Now, those systems went off-line after the crash.

SAM : I know. I'm trying to reroute the power from here. (She moves some chrystals)

JONAS: (To Dad) What is it?

DAD: Glider bays have forcefields that allow ships to go in and out without haveing to depressurize the compartment. If she can't get it on-line, she won't be able to open the doors without flooding the hanger.

JONAS: Right! (He looks mad, and turns away)

DAD: Sam ?? ---

JACK: Jacob, I want you to get that sub to a minimum safe distance.

DAD: Understood. (To jonas) Let's go.

JONAS: There's an auxillery control panel on this deck. I could reroute the power from there.

DAD: (Seams suprised) How do *YOU* know ?

JONAS: Cause I've gone over the symatics of the motherships a dozen times, and I'm a very quick study.

DAD: Yeah. Well, where is it?

JONAS: Don't wait for me. (Runs back to the ship)

DAD: All right, now --- Jonas! (Jonas is gone)

Jack is watching Sam trying to rearance the panels. He puts his hand on her shouolder, appearing to startle her)

JACK: No pressure, Carter. (Pats her shoulder again) Plenty of time.

TEAL'C: On the contrary, O'Neill ---

JACK: (Looking at Teal'C) Lots and LOTS (Passes his hand over his throat in a motion to tell Teal'C to cut it) of time! (Teal'C just blinks at him)

SAM: Yes, Sir. (Jack looks at her, then to Teal'C, raising his eyebrows)

DAD: (Thru radio) Jack ---

JACK: Jacob, would you PLEASE get out of here?

DAD: We are, but Jonas went back to try to get a the force field back online from a relay panel on this deck. Listen ... good luck! (Jack rolls his eyes as if to say "Yeah!" ;))

Jonas runs to a door. He takes off his vest. (Oh, my! ;)) Then he takes off his backpack. (Keep going! ) He punches a panel. He takes off his Jacket to where he's only in that TIGHT black teeshirt. (OH! YEAH! Keep stripping for me, baby! Is is hot in here!? >:)) He then takes off his shoes. (He stripped to get lighter, kids. Mind out of the gutter where mine stays! >:)) He punches in a code on the panel.

JONAS: Okay ... (He takes a couple of deep breaths to oxygenize his blood) (He punches the panel again, and keeps oxygenizing his blood)

The DSRV is shown leaving.

Sam looks up as she hears the computerized Goa'Uld voice .

JACK: What'd he say?

TEAl'C: We are being advised that in approximately 7 minutes, the ship will be destroyed.

JACK: Ah, see? (Pats her back) Plenty of time. (Shots Teal'C a deathglare. ;))

SAM: This terminal isn't tied into the primary system. I can't reroute the power from here.

Jonas is shown taking deep breaths as the water is quickly filling up in the room. He takes a deep breath, and he's shown underwater swimming barefoot with just his pants and that tee shirt under a door. He pivots around, and with grace and style, he reaches the panel. He removes a panel, and puts it in his mouth. He removes another panel, and moves around to the other side of the computer. He puts both panels in their place on the other side of the computer. He takes another panel, and puts it somewhere else on the computer. He punches a button that lights up , then another below it. The panel infront of Sam lights up to her amazement.

SAM: The forcefields just came on-line.

JACK: Nice! (Pats her back. <Shipper warning! He sure likes to touch her! >:) >)

SAM: It wasn't me!

TEAl'C: Jonas!

Jonas is shown swimming underwater. He gets to a ring panel, and presses it. He pushes the wall with his feet, and exhales a lot of air (Bubbles are shown) as he arrives in position. He waits for the rings to engulf him with alot of light and bubbles. The rings arrive on the deck with the most AWESOME special effect I have EVER seen! The rings still have water in them, and when they go up, the water comes crashing down on him, knocking him off his feet, and splashes down the hall. It's so awesome! He gasps for air, then gets up.

Sam punches in the code, and the glider bay door opens.

JONAS: (Running down the hallway) Wait! Did it work??

JACK: We're about to find out.

The DSRV is shown speeding away.

TEAL'C: (Stepping into one glider with Sam in back of him) Powering engines.

Jack and Jonas steps in the other, Jack as Pilot, Jonas in back of him.

JACK: Listen, if we don't survive this ... thanks.

JONAS: You're welcome.

SAM: Opening glider bay doors.

The doors open. Sam closes her eyes in relief that the shields are holding the water back.

JACK: (Closes the hatch) Nice! (Takes of) (Teal'C follows. The ride is bumpy. Remember, they're going at a high rate of speed thru the ocean in gliders that aren't designed for underwater travel.) Hang on! (They speed out of the water, and the explosion is shown behind them) Oh-Ho! (He chuckles) (Sam and Teal'c appear ) Everybody allright?

SAM: Yes, Sir. We're fine. (They take off in the other direction)

DAD: (Over radio) This is Jacob. We're a little seasick down here, but we're in one piece, too.

JACK: Glad to hear it.

DAD: What about Jonas?

JACK: ALL memebers of SG-1 present and accounted for. (Jonas is shown grinning like a child at Christmas time) Teal'C, take lead. (Teal'C salutes Jack, then does a tailspin) (Jonas is smiling) Are you smiling?

JONAS: First time in a death glider.

JACK: Oh, well ...

He does a complete turn, startling Jonas. Jonas shakes off his dizziness with a smile. Jack has a huge grin on his face before following Teal'c over the ocean.

The end!

Source : Stargate fusion.

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