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Transcript by Sarae


Christopher Judge Voiceover: "Previously on Stargate SG-1."

Scenes from Frozen:

Janet: "He's burning up."

Janet: "From what I've been able to learn so far, sir, the virus ultimately acts like cerebrospinal meningitis by attacking the brain."

Thoran: "The symbiote, Kanan, is someone I know well. I have no doubt that he would be willing to blend with O'Neill, cure him, and then leave him again if another suitable host can be found."

Sam: "Sir, the symbiote's host died while they were on a mission. The Tok'ra have strong reason to believe that the symbiote has vital information to reveal and this would give him that chance." "Sir...please..."

O'Neill is back in the rescue pod. He is being carried by Sam, Thoran, Teal'c, Jonas, and two medics. They carry him through the Stargate.

Scene: Unknown Planet
It is night, there is a mist, perhaps a light rain falling. Two people, a male and female, are running through wooded area. They are being chased. Soon a Stargate comes into view. There is light from fires around the gate.

Woman: "It's too far."

The woman stumbles and falls. The man returns to her and kneels down beside her, reaching out to touch her arm.

Woman: "I can't..."

Man (Tok'ra voice...this is Kanan): "Hide there until the Chappa-ai is activated. Go."

They both get up and move in different directions. Kanan continues on to the Stargate, splashing through puddles and begins dialing the DHD. A staff blast hits his right shoulder from behind and he falls to the ground, face down. He is struggling to get up, but is unable to do so. Seconds later, a symbiote falls out of his mouth and scurries away. The man continues to try and crall away, but his hand is stepped on by a Jaffa.

Jaffa: "Shek'mal, Tok'ra. Kree! Jaffa...Shal Kek."

Another Jaffa rolls the man over to reveal that he is Jack, who appears to be unconscious and muddied.


Scene: Ba'al's Fortress
We see a sarcophagus, which opens to reveal Jack, looking rather "out of it". A face, shadowed from being back-lit, peers over the sarcophagus at Jack. This appears to be Ba'al to me. Jack rolls his head to the side to peer back into the face.

Voice (off camera): "The host lives, my lord."

Scene: SGC
A monitor is displayed as the alarm klaxons are heard in the background. The monitor indicates that a signal is being received and that the signal is recognized as Tok'ra. Then we see Hammond descending the stairs from his office into the 'gate control room. He walks up behind Davis, who is manning the computer, as usual.

Sgt. Davis: "It's the Tok'ra."

Hammond: "It's about damn time."

Hammond walks down to the 'gate room as Thoran walks through the Stargate. Hammond approaches Thoran as he descends the ramp.

Thoran: "General Hammond."

Hammond: "Councilor Thoran...I'm afraid my patience on this matter has just about run out. You've been promising the safe return of Colonel O'Neill for days. Where is he?"

Thoran: "I'm afraid I am the bearer of bad news..."

Time jump: SG-1, Dr. Fraiser, Thoran and Hammond are now in the briefing room.

Sam: "...And he just walked out of your base. Nobody noticed he was gone until it was too late."

Thoran: "With the attack on Revanna, our numbers have been severely diminished. We had no reason to expect this. I see no reason to assign blame."

Jonas: "Colonel O'Neill did put his life in your hands."

Thoran: "Receiving a symbiote was his only hope for survival."

Teal'c: "He could have refused."

Janet: "In which case you would have never been able to retrieve the knowledge in Kanan's mind."

Thoran: "A more than fair exchange."

Hammond: "Colonel O'Neill would not agree to a blending with a symbiote unless there was more at stake than his life."

Thoran: "Perhaps it was that repugnance of blending with another mind that caused O'Neill to behave so irrationally."

Janet: "General, I can't speculate on Colonel O'Neill's state of mind, but while a mature symbiote can take control of the host body whenever it wants to, it doesn't work both ways."

Sam: "I can vouch for that, sir. There's no way Colonel O'Neill could have walked out on his own."

Teal'c: "Then he was forced to do so, against his will, by the symbiote."

Thoran: "You accuse an honored Tok'ra of behaving as a Goa'uld."

Hammond: "Councilor..."

Thoran (cutting Hammond off and displaying some anger): "Kanan has fought the Goa'uld longer than any of you have lived. Yet you spit the word symbiote as though you spoke of vermin. Whatever you think of our form, Kanan was as a brother to me." (He pauses and we see shots of Hammond and Teal'c.) "The Tok'ra council accepts that Kanan may be lost to us."

Hammond: "That's the big difference between us, Councilor. We don't leave our people behind."

Sam smiles.

Scene: Ba'al's Fortress
Jack is led into a room by two Jaffa. They walk him onto a platform and push them ahead of them. A sound is heard as Jack is "sucked" forward and into a metallic, spider-webby panel in the wall. He is stuck to that panel like a fly on a web. He is facing the panel. The Jaffa walk back toward the entrance to the room. Ba'al enters the room and walks onto the platform. Jack is turned so his back is against the panel and the Jaffa leave.

Ba'al: "Who are you?"

Jack: "You go first."

Ba'al picks up a large knife, looks at its blade and takes a seat on a bench on the platform. The platform also contains a table-like structure from which he acquired the knife.

Ba'al: "You claim you do not know me?"

Jack: "Well...take no offense there, Skippy, I'm sure you're a real hot, important Goa'uld, I've just always been kind of out of the loop with the snake thing."

Ba'al: "I am Ba'al."

Jack: "That's it?...just "Ball" in Bocce?"

Ba'al: "Do you not know the pain you will suffer for this impudence?" (He stands, walks toward the front of the platform and holds up the knife which becomes horizontal, pointing in Jack's direction.)

Jack: "I don't know the meaning of the word...Seriously, impudence. What does that mean?"

Ba'al let's go of the knife and it flies into Jack's left shoulder. Ba'al picks up another knife.

Ba'al: "I shall begin again...who are you?"

Jack: "Colonel Jack O'Neill, U.S. Air Force. Two "L's" in that."

Ba'al: "That may be who you once were, Tok'ra."

Jack: "I may be a lotta things...but I'm no Tok'ra!"

Ba'al: "It is true we were only able to capture the host. Your symbiote fled the body out of cowardice. But it is also true that Tok'ra share body and mind equally. You will know all that it knew."

Jack: "I think I know less than you...think I know."

Ba'al (raises another knife to horizontal): "Why have you come to this outpost?"

Jack: "Now, see, that's a perfect example right there...I haven't a clue."

Ba'al lets the knife go and it flies into Jack's right pectoral muscle. Jack grimaces and Ba'al picks up another knife.

Ba'al: "You have been here before."

Jack: "First time."

Ba'al: "You know your way to and from our most secret outpost. Clearly you have been here."

Jack: "What?"

Ba'al: "Did you really hope to escape my personal guard?"

Jack: "What?"

Ba'al: "Why did you abduct my slave?"

Jack (in obvious pain): "All right...look...this is the last thing I remember, I swear to God. I was sick. I agreed to let the Tok'ra put a snake in my head or I would have died. Right now, I'm kinda wishing I had.

Ba'al (smiling): "A wish easily granted." (Looking at the third knife.) "What was your mission here?"

Jack: "No mission."

Ba'al: "Why have you returned?"

Jack: "I've never been here."

Ba'al: "What did you want with the female?"

Jack (more exasperated): "What female?"

Ba'al: "Death will only offer a temporary escape. I can revive you again and again...a thousand times if need be. Only once you have told me everything I ask, will you be allowed to die" (He brings the third knife to horizontal.) "" (He lets the third knife go and it flies toward O'Neill.)

Scene: SGC
Sam, Teal'c, Jonas and Thoran are in the briefing room, looking at the starmap.

Sam: "Where was his last mission?"

Thoran: "As an operative aboard a mothership in Zipacna's fleet. He managed to escape during a battle with Lord Yu's forces, but just barely."

Jonas: "Did he have a motive to return to that vessel?"

Thoran: "Such as...?"

Jonas: "Unfinished business? A task left undone?"

Thoran: "His report stated the mission objectives were complete. We are willing to attempt contact with our operatives on these worlds here, here and here." (Points to three spots on the starmap.)

Teal'c: "His previous missions."

Thoran: "If Kanan returned to either of these worlds, for whatever reason, our operatives may have learned of it."

Jonas: "Well, when will we hear news?"

Thoran: "It may take many months."

Teal'c: "You spoke of Kanan's mission reports..."

Thoran: "What of it?"

Sam: "Well, we'd like to see them. If Jonas' instinct is correct and Kanan had unfinished business, there may be clues."

Thoran: "Their contents are not relevant."

Jonas: "Well, Colonel O'Neill's life is at stake. I believe that is relevant."

Thoran: "What you not possible."

Sam: "Really?"

Scene: Ba'al's Fortress
The sarcophagus opens to reveal O'Neill again. Then we see him being led down a hall by two Jaffa who stop in front of an octagonal opening on the wall. They push Jack through the opening. Then one Jaffa moves his hand over a device on the outside wall and Jack find the room orientation changing. What has been the floor has now become the wall and the far wall has become the floor. Now when he looks at the opening he just stepped through, it is directly above his head, along way up. Jack begins to check out his surroundings, which consists of walls, two built in benches and four lighted panels which are in reach. Quite a way above him, four more lighted panels can be seen. Suddenly he hears what sounds like a distance scream. He looks up toward the opening. He sees the woman, all dressed in black, sitting at the opening.

Woman: "Is it you?"

Jack continues to look up at the opening, with a questioning look on his face when he hears...

Daniel: "Hi, Jack."

Jack looks beside him to find Daniel, dressed in casual clothes, no glasses, sitting on one of the built-in benches. He gives a little wave.

Jack: "Daniel?"

Daniel: "I leave...and look at the mess you get yourself into."

Jack gives him a quizzical look.

Commercial Break

Scene: Jack's cell

Daniel: "It's good to see you."

Jack (cautiously): " too." (Jack walks to the bench opposite Daniel and sits.) "It's a shame you're a delusion."

Daniel: "No, I'm here...I'm really here."

Jack (skeptically): "Sure you are." (Jack takes off his shoe and throws it at Daniel. It passed right through him and bounces off the wall back toward Jack.)

Daniel: "Here in the sense that my consciousness is here, if not here in the full physical flesh and blood sense, which is nor there. The point're not imaging this."

Jack: "I just tossed my shoe through you."

Daniel: "Yes you did. That's because I've ascended to another plane of existence."

Jack: "Ohhh."

Daniel: "Remember Oma Desala, the whole...glowing thing, you helped me out. I couldn't have done that without you, remember that?"

Jack: "Yeah."

Daniel: "I'm, I'm energy now..." Jack: "How's that workin' out for you?"

Daniel: "Good, actually...very..."

Jack: "Good."

Daniel: "Very good. You...however..."

Jack: "Yeah, know what it's like..." (getting up to pick up his shoe) "...comin' back from the dead. Takes a while to get the color back in the cheeks."

Daniel: "Yeah..."

Jack (sitting down and again and pointing his shoe at Daniel): "So...not a delusion?"

Daniel (shaking his head): "No."

Jack: " me your stuff. Bust me outta here."

Daniel: "I can't."

Jack: "Why not?"

Daniel: "I'm not allowed to interfere."

Jack: "You're interfering right now."

Daniel: "No, I'm not."

Jack: "Yes, you are."

Daniel: "No, I'm not. I am consoling a friend."

Jack: "What good's the power to make the wind blow or toss lightning around if you can't use it to spring an old friend outta jail?"

Daniel: "I would if I could."

Jack: "You can't do that stuff?"

Daniel: " I can. I just...I can't."

Jack: "Well, thanks for stopping by, then."

Daniel: "Ba'al is torturing you and I wasn't just gonna sit by. Look, all he wants to know is the reason you came to this planet. You really don't know?"

Jack: "Do you?"

Daniel: "Well, all I know is that you...or more accurately, the symbiote the Tok'ra placed inside of you...congratulations, by the way...walked off undetected in the middle of the night and came here."

Jack: "I can't believe I actually let them put a snake in my head. I agreed to this."

Daniel: "It never shared with you why it would walk alone into a heavily fortified Goa'uld outpost?"

Jack: "There was no sharing! I was sick."

Daniel: "I know."

Jack: "They did the implantation...a word I intend never to use again...and I woke up here. That' week, so far."

Daniel: "So you really don't know..."

Jack (sighing, trying to remember): "Uhh...something to do with one of Ba'al's slaves...I got a visual but I've never met her before."

Daniel: "Nobody knows you're here." (Jack mouths "what?") "Even if they did, they'd never be able to pull off a rescue because this place is a fortress. Ba'al is just gonna keep on torturing you to death and reviving you in a sarcophagus until...he finds out what he wants, which is impossible because you don't know anything...or until you're not worth reviving any more. But you'll cease to be the Jack O'Neill we know long before that."

Jack: "Well...apparently, I've got a big day tomorrow."

Daniel: "No, I'm not gonna let that happen. I won't let him destroy you."

Jack: "You just said you couldn't help."

Daniel: "No, I can't stop Ba'al from torturing you any more than Oma could heal my radiation sickness, but...I can help you ascend."

Scene: SGC
Hammond descends the stairs from his office to the briefing room to join SG-1 and Thoran.

Thoran: "You're underlings will not allow me to leave." Hammond: "My officers and enlisted personnel are following my direct orders."

Thoran: "This Jaffa threatened my life."

Teal'c: "I merely informed you that any further attempt to activate the Stargate would result in physical injury."

Thoran: "Then I am a prisoner?"

Hammond: "I would prefer that you consider yourself a guest."

Sam: "...And you'll be free to leave as soon as you provide us with the mission reports we've requested, under article nine of our treaty."

Thoran: "Such a request to the council must be made in person."

Jonas: "Why's that? This control facility is quite capable of relaying a request on multiple frequencies, including those used by the Tok'ra."

Hammond: "Of course, if you choose not to avail yourself of that capability, we would be pleased to provide you with comfortable quarters until you decide to change your mind."

Thoran: "You threaten the peaceful continuation of relations between our two peoples, General Hammond."

Hammond: "If our relations continue in the direction they're going, Councilor...I don't give a damn."

All of SG-1 smile politely at Thoran.

Thoran: "Very well, I will make your request that the reports be sent here immediately."

Hammond: "Thank you."

Hammond leaves and the looks continue to pass between SG-1 and Thoran.

Scene: Jack's Cell

Jack: " wanna be my Oma?"

Daniel: "You could put it that way, I mean, I wouldn't, but maybe that's just me."

Jack: "And then what?"

Daniel: "Then...then I don't know."

Jack: "You don't know."

Daniel: " doesn't make you all-knowing. I mean, I really...don't know."

Jack: "If I'm catchin' the next plane of existence outta here, you gotta give me somethin'."

Daniel: "It's your journey. No one but you can choose what you become or the path you take. All I can promise you is it will be an amazing journey." (Jack scoffs.) "Once you release your burden."

Jack: "Daniel, so help me, if you start talkin' like Oma..."

Daniel: "I'm not talking like Oma Desala..."

Jack: "Sounds like Oma to me..."

Daniel: "No, no, no...see Oma would say something like...uh, uh, "if you know immediately that the candle is fire then the meal was cooked a long time ago" or something like that."

Jack: "Why?"

Daniel: "To open your mind..."

Jack: "Though a candle burns in my house...there's nobody home."

Daniel (gets up): "Okay...let's take this one step at a time. This has to be something you want. I can't do this for you."

Jack: "One step at a time."

Daniel: "One step at a time."

Jack (looking around): "Oh, there's gotta be another way outta here."

Daniel: "Jack..."

Jack (getting up and facing Daniel): "What if you did a little scoutin' for me...that'd be all right wouldn't it?"

Daniel: "No."

Jack: "I'm not askin' you to knock down walls or anything...just a little recon."

Daniel: "Ba'al is just gonna torture you again..."

Jack: "Or...uh, uh Zat me get my hands on a Zat gun."

Daniel: "The next time is gonna be worse..."

Jack: "That's when we move...the next time they come for me."

Daniel: "You can't fight your way out of this."

Jack: "Then help me!"

Daniel: "Not that way!" (Sounds of Jaffa approaching are heard. Daniel looks up toward the entrance.) "They're coming."

Jack: "They can see you, right? We can use that."

Daniel: "I'll be back."

Jack: "A distraction...that's all I'm askin' for..."

Daniel: "I promise."

Jack looks up to see the Jaffa at the entrance. When he looks back to where Daniel had been, he is no longer there. The Jaffa activate the device on the outer wall and the room changes back to its original orientation, causing Jack to slam hard to the new floor. The Jaffa walk in, pick him up off the floor and usher him out of the cell.

Commercial Break

Scene: SGC

Jonas: "His motive had to be personal."

Teal'c: "For what reason?"

Jonas: "Well, the Tok'ra claim that all of Kanan's spy missions were a complete success, therefore he'd have no reason to go back to any of those planets. If we take them at their word, we can rule out any logical reason. No, Kanan had to be motivated by something...profound not only risk his life but also the life of his host.

They contemplate what he has said and then return to looking at the reports on their computer monitors.

Scene: Ba'al's Fortress
We see a drop of liquid being squeezed from a spout on a bottle. This drop is horizontal and it quickly is released. It flies into O'Neill's chest. Jack is once again pinned against the spider web panel and we can see that liquid has already touched his chest in several places. He is in obvious distress.

Ba'al: "The Tal'vak acid will take some time to burn through all the way. Though it cauterizes the flesh as it burns...a very small amount often finds it's way into the blood and begins to spread. Why have you returned here, Tok'ra?"

Jack: "I'm human."

Ba'al: "Hmm...betrayed by your symbiote."

Jack: "It used me."

Ba'al: "To do what?"

Jack: "I don't know! And I don't care!"

Ba'al: "What did the symbiote call itself?"

Jack (struggling): "I don't remember."

Ba'al: "Tok'ra retain the identities of both host and symbiote. You are O'Neill. What was the name of your symbiote?"

Jack (with more difficulty): "I...just told you."

Ba'al: "What Tok'ra secrets could a single name reveal?"

Jack: "I don't know?"

Ba'al: "Why protect the one who betrayed you?...abandoned you to...this?"

Jack (in obvious pain and with anger): "If I knew the name...I'd give you the damn name! I don't care about protecting the Tok'ra!"

Ba'al (stepping forward and pointing the bottle at Jack again, becoming more angry): "Tok'ra have been a nuisance for centuries."

Jack (weakly, pleading): "Don't..."

Ba'al: "Even when we thought they had been wiped out. They've become all the more...insidious. Like acid...burrowing their way into our empires."

Jack: "Kanan! That's the name."

Ba'al walks over and sets the bottle down. Then he picks up another and walks back toward the front of the platform.

Jack (weakly): "I just told you..."

Ba'al (smiling): " did." (He squirts more liquid from this bottle and it flies toward Jack hitting him in the chest. Jack flinches, but this liquid does not seem to be causing him any further discomfort. "This neutralizes the acid and numbs the pain. So you see, the truth is rewarded."

Jack: "I don't know anything else."

Ba'al: "There may be much more of this Kanan still in your memory than even you know. It'll come to time."

Ba'al pushes a device on the table where he has placed the bottles. The web panel opens and Jack falls into a very long, black tunnel.

Scene: Jack's Cell
Jack falls onto the newly reoriented floor, face up, staring at the Jaffa. The Jaffa walk away and Jack continues to lie there. Suddenly, he sees the woman sitting at the entrance above his head again. Jack is rather dazed.

Woman: "Is it you?"

Jack: "What?"

Woman: "You shouldn't have come back."

Jack: "I don't remember..."

Woman: "If I leave with you...he will know."

Jack: "You..." (While he is laying there we see a foot come into view.)

Daniel: "Jack, you are you talking to?"

Jack: "The woman."

Daniel looks up at the entrance and the woman's image dematerializes.

Daniel: "There's nobody there."

Jack: "Look who's talking..."

Daniel: "Does it still hurt?"

Jack (moving his hand from his chest): "No."

Daniel: "Told you I'd come back."

Jack: "If the Daniel Jackson I knew was really here..."

Daniel: "I am..."

Jack: "...then do something." (Daniel squeezes his eyes shut and drops his head. Jack, regaining some energy and cognizance, rolls himself up to stand facing Daniel.) "You listen to me. I don't wanna go through that again. If you were really my friend and had the power to stop it, you'd stop it!"

Daniel: "The hardest part of being who or what I am is having the power to change the things I want to change and knowing that I can't..." (Jack gives him a look.) "Even when I'm certain, even when it's...absolutely clear to me, even when it affects the people I care about..." (Jack rolls his eyes and turns his head to the side.) "Because for all I can do...I'm no more qualified to play God than the Goa'uld are." (Jack continues turning away to lean into a light panel.) "Ba'al will keep this up..."

Jack: "Yes, he will..."

Daniel: "So we don't have an unlimited amount of time..."

Jack: "Gotta be some place, do ya?"

Daniel: " No. Look, there must be a reason that Kanan came back here. Was it for the woman? The one you were just talking to? She must have something to do with all of this."

Jack (lacking enthusiasm): "You know... screw doesn't matter. Carter and Teal'c'll think of somethin'."

Daniel: "Even if they could find out where you are..."

Jack (with more enthusiasm and turning toward Daniel): "...and you know...Jonas...he's at least as smart as you."

Daniel: "There isn't always a way out, Jack."

Jack: "Hey, if that was true, I'd a been dead a long time ago!"

Daniel: "How many more times do you think you can go into that sarcophagus before it starts changing you?" (Jack gives him an "I don't know" look.) "How many times has it been already? It can regenerate your body, make you strong enough to go through that all over again, but all the time, it's destroying who you are...and once that won't be able to ascend no matter how much you want to."

Jack: "Hey...I appreciate what you're trying to do."

Daniel: "I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe you could do it."

Jack: "This is me we're talkin' about!"

Daniel: "Yes, it is. Now, please...just open you're mind."

Jack: "Oh...stop it, will you?" (Jack sits down in frustration.)

Daniel: "Come on, Jack. Y-You think the Asgard named uh, a ship after you because they thought it was a cool name? Now's not the time to play dumb. You're a lot smarter than that. They saw our potential in you...because of you are and what you've done. Humanity's potential...that's the same thing Oma saw in me."

Jack: "I am not you."

Daniel: "Yeah, when has that ever stopped you from doing anything?"

Jack: "Okay...put yourself in my shoes and me in yours..."

Daniel: "You'd be here for me..."

Jack: "Damn straight! I'd have busted you out...blown this rat hole to hell and made sure that son-of-a-bitch suffered!"

Daniel: "The Others would have stopped you..."

Jack: "They'd have a hell of a fight on their hands..."

Daniel: "You wouldn't do that..."

Jack: "Ba'al would be dead..."

Daniel: "Jack..."

Jack: "...And don't think I'd stop there!"

Daniel: "You're a better man than that..."

Jack: "That's where you're wrong!"

They stop and stare at each other. After several seconds, Daniel nods his head, slightly and turns away.

Daniel: "Right now, I can't imagine doing or being anything other than what I am. I see things, I understand things, in a way I never could have before. But I chose this. Even when Jacob was trying to heal me, I chose this. But you in the place you're at right don't have any other choices. This is not your life we're talking about, Jack! This is your soul! This is it...what I'm offering you is your only way out."

Jack: "You're wrong about that too..." (Daniel looks at him, narrows his eyes inquisitively.) "I have another choice." (Daniel closes his eyes and shakes his head.)

Daniel: "What are you talking about?" (Jack looks at him, like" you know." Daniel shakes his head). "No."

Jack: "Any minute, they're gonna come. Ba'al is gonna kill me again. You can make it the last time."

Daniel: "Don't ask me to do that..."

Jack: "You can put an end to it..."

Daniel: "I won't do it..."

They both look up as they hear a door opening down the hall.

Jack: "I'd do it for you, and you know it."

Jack walks over and lays with his feet a few inches from the wall so that when it becomes the floor again, he is ready.

Jack: "I don't wanna see this cell again, Daniel."

The Jaffa reorient the room and enter to take an now solitary Jack by the arms and usher him out of the cell.

Commercial Break

Scene: SGC
Sam, Teal'c and Jonas are still in a lab. Jonas and Teal'c are at the monitors, Sam is pacing with a notebook in her hand.

Jonas: "I don't know about you two, but I'm beginning to get the feeling there's absolutely nothing here." Sam (who has stopped pacing and is facing the camera): "Wait. Guys...look at this." (She walks back to her monitor and begins clicking the mouse to bring up something to show the others.)

Jonas: "What is it?"

Sam: "The mission where Kanan worked undercover as a minor Goa'uld in Ba'al's long ago was that?"

Teal'c: "Several months...Ba'al has kept the existence of the outpost hidden from the other system lords."

Jonas: "The outpost was a secret test facility for weapons technology and gravity field generators. Over a period of several months he was able to map out the entire facility, catalog it's defenses..."

Sam: "That's what Kanan reported to the Tok'ra Council...but something just struck me. He used Ba'al's Lotar, his personal slave, to access much of that information."

Jonas: "Yeah, the Lotar gave him access to Ba'al's chamber when he was away."

Teal'c: "Do you believe Kanan withheld information in his report?"

Sam: "No. But think about it...a Lotar is a Goa'uld's most trusted servant..."

Teal'c: "Why would he so blithely betray his master?"

Sam: "Her master...the slave was a woman." (Both look at her quizzically.) "Access to Ba'al's own chamber?"

Teal'c: "Are you suggesting that Kanan engaged in an affair with this slave in order to gain access to her master's quarters?"

Sam: "Well, something had to be going on between them, otherwise, why would she take the risk?"

Teal'c: "A Tok'ra would go to great lengths to accomplish a mission."

Sam: "So, maybe he was just using her...but who knows. I mean the Tok'ra are a very passionate race."

Teal'c: "The Tok'ra accept sacrifice as a function of war. I do not believe this slave was a sufficient motive for Kanan to return."

Jonas: "Sufficient motive for Kanan...the decision to act came after blending with the mind of Colonel O'Neill..."

Sam: "At which point, he would have been confronted with every thought and belief that makes the Colonel who he is and be forced to judge himself by that same code of honor."

Jonas: "Especially what General Hammond referred to as the difference between us and the Tok'ra..."

A look of realization comes over Teal'c and Sam.

Sam: "We don't leave our people behind."

Scene: Jack's Cell
Jack is stuck like a fly on the web again. The Lotar's face comes very close to his.

Lotar (formerly referred to as the Woman): "Is it you?"

Jack: "You shouldn't be here."

Lotar: "You look so different. How can you be Kanan?"

Jack: "I'm not."

Lotar: "If I leave with you, he will know."

Jack: "He used both of us..."

The Lotar vanishes.

Ba'al: "He did use both of us. How long were you host to this Kanan before he convinced you to come her? Days...or merely hours?"

Jack (with very little enthusiasm or sarcasm...very tired): "I don't remember."

Ba'al: "What did this Kanan share about his previous mission here?"

Jack: "Nothing."

Ba'al: "What did he want with my slave?"

Jack: "I don't know."

Ba'al: "Why did he return?"

Jack: "I don't know."

Ba'al (rising from his bench to walk to the front of the platform again): "I believe you. You're a victim of this Tok'ra, just as I am. This Kanan took over his host's body...your body, just as I or any other Goa'uld would have done. He used you to come here...but to what purpose? I believe the answers are there in your mind. Even if you were host for a mere matter of hours, something of him will be left behind. unfortunate inheritance for you..." (He has walked to the table and opened a panel in it to reveal the bottles of acid and the knives. He picks up a knife.) "...Because, I will find them...if I have to...dig...them out."

Jack closes his eyes and braces himself.

Scene: SGC Briefing Room

Hammond: "You're telling me Kanan was compelled to rescue a slave he encountered months ago."

Sam: "As a direct result of blending with Colonel O'Neill, yes, sir."

Thoran: "Based on the arrogant notion the Colonel would never have left her behind."

Sam: "Sir, I know from first-hand experience how deeply the emotions can be shared between a Tok'ra symbiote and it's host."

Thoran: "So do I, Major Carter. Still you're theory seems to be based on nothing more than intuition."

Sam: "I won't argue with that...but it's not without reasoning. I know that's where Colonel O'Neill is."

Teal'c: "As do I."

Jonas: "We're all in agreement."

Thoran: "It makes no difference. If, indeed, Colonel O'Neill is in Ba'al's hands, then he is far beyond our reach."

Teal'c: "We have plans to the outpost."

Thoran: "Then you know it is a fortress. An army could not hope to penetrate it."

Sam: "Kanan obviously thought it was possible. Sir, if we went in with a small force...maybe two SG teams..."

Hammond: "I'm sorry, Major, but I agree with the Councilor. I've gone over the intel we have on this outpost. A successful attack of any magnitude is beyond our capabilities."

Scene: Ba'al's Fortress
We see Jack in the sarcophagus. Then we see him brought back to his cell. He looks up, wearily, then puts his forhead to the wall before slowly sliding down the wall to sit with his back to the wall, cross-legged.

Commercial Break

Scene: SGC We see Teal'c meditating, surrounded by candles. Suddenly his eyes pop open. Next we are in General Hammond's office. Hammond is at his desk, we hear a knock on the door.

Hammond: "Come in."

Teal'c (opening the door and slowly stepping inside): "General Hammond."

Hammond: "Teal'c. What is it?"

Teal'c: "I have been meditating on the possibility of rescuing Colonel O'Neill..."

Hammond: "I've just been going over the plans to the outpost again, myself...I just don't see how we have any chance of success against a fortress this well defended, no matter how big the force."

Teal'c: "Agree. I believe it would take the power of a Goa'uld mothership to do so."

Hammond: "Unfortunately, we don't have one of those."

Teal'c: "Perhaps not...but there are many system lords that do."

Hammond looks at him, pensively.

Scene: Ba'al's Fortress
Jack is being tortured again.

Ba'al: "What was it's name?"

Jack: "Kanan."

Ba'al: " remember his name. What was his mission?"

Jack: "No mission."

Ba'al: "Was it to steal the slave from me?"

Jack: "I don't know."

Ba'al: "Did Kanan believe a slave could know my secrets? There's something else you're hiding from me." (He points a knife at Jack, but remains seated on the bench). "I sense it. I feel it."

Jack (almost whipering): "When are you gonna end this?"

Ba'al: "If you tell me what I wish to know, I will end this."

Jack: "Daniel?"

Ba'al: "You're mind is beginning to fail. It's time for the sarcophagus, but as you regain the strength to return here, consider will be far worse next time"

Jack: "Daniel?"

Scene: SGC
Hammond joins SG-1 in the control room.

Hammond: "Councilor Thoran is threatening to end diplomatic relations..."

Sam: "What did he say?"

Hammond: "Among other things I won't mention, that this is precisely the reason they have been reluctant to share intelligence."

Teal'c: "So be it."

Hammond: "That's more or less what I said. The Tok'ra need us right now, more than we need them. Do we expect any response from Lord Yu?"

Sam: "No, sir. We know he received the plans to Ba'al's outpost and the message that went along with it, but we have no way of knowing if he'll act on it."

Teal'c: "I believe he will. Ba'al has kept the existence of this outpost from the other system lords..."

Jonas: "I still don't understand how destroying the power generators first is going to help the Colonel."

Teal'c: "It will give O'Neill a fighting chance, nothing more."

Scene: Jack's Cell
Jack looks up.

Jack: "Daniel?"

Daniel: "I'm here."

Jack sighs and looks straight ahead.

Jack: "You were gone."

Daniel: "I know, I'm sorry, there was something I had to do, but, I'm back now and I promise I'll stay with you 'til this is over."

Jack: "It'll never be over..."

Daniel: "Yes, it will."

Jack: " have to end this."

Daniel: "Jack, you just have to hang in there a little while longer..."

Jack: "No...I can't go back in there. If I go back, I swear to God, I'll give Ba'al what he wants, I'll tell him."

Daniel: "What?"

Jack: "That he loved her."

Daniel: "Kanan?"

Jack: "He came back for her. He wanted to save her."

Daniel: "Ba'al doesn't know this..."

Jack: "If he finds out, he'll do to her what he's doing to me. Daniel, if you don't end this...I'll tell him."

Daniel: "You won't have's almost over Jack." (Jack turns to look at him for the first time.)

Jack: "How?"

Daniel: "You were right. There's always a way least there's always a chance. You're journey isn't over, Jack, not yet."

Jack (looking a bit more interested): "What'd you do?"

Daniel: "I didn't do was, um, Sam and Teal'c...and, uh, Jonas, too."

Jack: "What?"

Daniel: "They thought of something..."

Jack (who suddenly has new life and jumps up to stand, ready): "What?"

There is the sound of an explosion and the lights flicker in his cell. Daniel stands up from his kneeling position and walks to where Jacks is standing, looking up.

Daniel: "This is it. All you ever wanted was a fighting chance, Jack, now you have it. If anyone can make it out of here, you can."

Voice (off Camera): "Lord Yu attacks!"

The rooms starts to change orientation and Jack looks down to discover that Daniel is no longer there. He prepares himself and transitions his positions as the wall becomes the floor again.

Jack: "Daniel?!"

Hearing no reponse and seeing the lights flickering around him, he decides to try walking out of the cell. He walks right out and then sees a Jaffa approaching. Jack attacks the Jaffa with ferocity and overpowers him. He grabs the Jaffa's Zat and then makes his way through the halls to the Lotar's cell. She backs away, frightened, when she sees him approach.

Jack (holding out his hand): "Come with me."

Lotar: "No. He'll stop us."

Jack (grabbing her hand and bringing her with him): "Come on."

They begin running through the halls together.

Scene: We see Jack's head silhouetted against bright white lights reminiscent of the sarcophagus, but as the camera pulls back, we see that Jack is on a bed in the SGC infirmary and the light was from some sort of medical instrument. Sam, Teal'c and Jonas are at the foot of his bed, talking as medical personnel are moving around. Jack is regaining consciousness and overhears the others talking.

Sam: "Dr. Fraiser says he'll probably suffer withdrawal symptons from so much time in a sarcophagus, but otherwise she expects a full recovery."

Jonas: "What happened to the woman he went back for?"

Sam: "Her name's Shallan. She decided to stay with the Tok'ra."

Teal'c: "So she may continue Kanan's fight in his name."

Jack (weakly): "Hey...I'm tryin' to sleep here."

Sam: "Sorry, sir...glad to see you're okay."

Jack: "Listen...was a good idea you had there."

Sam: "Actually, sir...we all contributed to it." (She walks around to the side of the bed). "Do you need anything or..."

Jack: "Water..."

Sam (smiling): "Sure."

She walks toward the others, smiling. She touches Teal'c's arm as she walks behind him to go through the door. Teal'c and Jonas follow her out. The camera then moves back closer to Jack's bed and we see Daniel standing there.

Daniel: "I always seem to be saying good bye to you."

Jack: "Yeah, I noticed that. Why don't you stick around for a while?"

Daniel: "I can't...really."

Jack: "You just did."

Daniel: "Special occasion."

Jack: "Christmas?"

Daniel: "No."

Jack: "Ground Hog's Day?"

Daniel: "Nooo."

Jack: "I've got my journey, you've got yours?"

Daniel: "Something like that, yeah. Look, I know you don't think so...right now, I mean I know you have your doubts, but uh...because you've been through something that no one should have to go through...I guess what I'm trying to say're gonna be all right."

Jack: "How do you know?"

Daniel: "You're just gonna have to trust me."

Jack: "I can do that." (Daniel smiles a little and nods). "You gonna be okay?"

Daniel: "I'm gonna be fine."

The door opens and Sam walks in. As the camera follows her to the bedside, we see Daniel is gone.

Sam (bringing the water): "Here you go, sir."

Jack: "Thanks."

Sam: "Goodnight."

Jack (turning his head slightly to look straight over head and smiling slightly): "Thanks."

Source : Stargate Fusion.

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