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Acte de Bravoure
The Other Guys

Transcript by Sarae

Scene: Alien Planet We see a pyramid with a Stargate in front of it. In the foreground is a lake and then several deathgliders whiz over head. Also we hear music from the first season (and the movie) in the background. Next we see a First Prime walking down a corridor lined with other Jaffa. The First Prime kneels down, holding his staff weapon.

First Prime (Her'ak): "Lord Khonsu..."

Khonsu: "I have a task for you Her'ak." (Khonsu is sitting on a "throne". Behind him is a red wall on which several swords are arranged and near the top of the wall, a Batleth [however you spell it - a Klingon weapon] is also hanging on the wall.)

Her'ak: "How may I serve you, my Lord?"

Khonsu: "This mission is of great importance so there's not much time. If you succeed, Anubis himself will be most pleased." (Her'ak smiles and Khonsu rises from his throne.) "I have learned the location of certain enemies. They are currently vulnerable. You will take my Ha'tak, capture them and bring them to me...alive."

Her'ak: "My Lord, may I ask who is so valuable?"

Khonsu: "Three humans and a Jaffa known to the Tau'ri as SG-1."


Scene: Alien Planet We see lots of sand and several ruins. There are two men dressed in sand camo walking among the ruins and working with a partially uncovered ring transporter.

Coombs: "I calculate platform mass at 12.9 metric tons, consistent with the one on P4X-233."

Meyers: "...and every other ring transporter we've measured. It suggests some sort of standardization, don't ya think?"

Coombs: "You think the Goa'uld have a big plant somewhere that just stamps these things out?"

Meyers: "Jay, how's it coming with the energy levels left in that power cell?" (He's talking to someone off camera.) "Jay?" (There is no response. He is joined by Coombs as the two approach Jay Felger from behind.) "The power cell?"

Felger (staring at something off camera and not really hearing what is being said to him): "Hmm?"

Meyers: "The power cell."

Felger: "Yeah, yeah I'm working on it."

Meyers (snapping his fingers in front of Felger's face): "No you're not."

Felger: "Look at them." (Walking away from Coombs and Meyers, as the camera pans to show him walking closer, but still a long way away from Teal'c and Jack.) "They are so cool."

Coombs: "Jay...enough already? It's embarrassing."

Meyers: "Not to mention unprofessional."

Felger: "Guys, we're in the presence of greatness here. The best of the best...and here we are working along side them...savor the moment, fellas. Savor the moment."

Meyers: "Come on, Felger. We're studying an old piece of Goa'uld technology. They're babysitting us." (He turns around to return to the ring transporter.)

Felger (not deterred in the least from his observation): "What do you think they're talking about, right now?" (Coombs shakes his head and turns to join Meyers.)

The camera is now on Jack and Teal'c.

Jack (wearing his hat backwards and sun goggles over his eyes): "So, T, who you takin' in the Cup?" (Teal'c looks at Jack.) "Lord Stanley's Cup?" (Teal'c's raises his left eyebrow.) "Hockey? Remember with the ice and skating?" (Teal'c raises both eyebrows, slightly.) "We went to a game last year?"

Teal'c: "Indeed. I believe the Canucks of Vancouver are superior warriors."

Jack (a bit surprised): "Canucks, eh?" (Jack pauses for a moment.) "So, lunch?" (He heads to where the three scientists are and Teal'c follows.)

Felger (who sees them heading their way): "Here they come..." (He quickly heads to where Coombs is holding a laptop computer and looks over his shoulder.) "Yes, yes, that does look like a very important breakthrough. Good work Coombs." (Pats Coombs on the back.) "Carry on."

Jack (as he approaches their position and passes them on his way to a table holding a black case): "Progress, professor?"

Felger (as he moves to follow Jack and Teal'c): "Definitely, yes. Big stuff goin' on here...big. I can give you a full report, if you want."

Jack (as he approaches the case and starts to open it): "Save it for Carter. We just came for the fine cuisine." (Jack looks at he stack of MREs and shakes his head slightly.)

Felger (standing between Teal'c and Jack): "Of course, yeah. I mean her...her DHD reports are unbelievable, aren't they? I mean, she is single-handedly revolutionizing our knowledge of Stargate technology." (He looks at both Teal'c and Jack, who seem to be ignoring him as they look over the MREs.) "Any word on how that's going?"

Jack (who takes a second to look at Felger): "No." (Jack hands a pouch to Teal'c.) "Turkey?"

Felger: "No, No. Turkey there..." (Teal'c smiles as he accepts the pouch.) "I guess I'll just get back to work, then?"

Teal'c: "Are you nearing the completion of your research?"

Coombs (Off Camera): "Ow...Jeez...who put that scanner there?"

Felger: "Uh, well, it may be a few more days, yet."

Jack: "What's your time frame there?"

Felger: "Um, a day or know, but then you guys can get right back to saving the world again..." (He double-punches Jack's shoulder.) "Heh, heh, heh, for the seventh time."

Teal'c: "Eighth."

Jack: "What, you're counting?"

Sam (over the radio): "Colonel O'Neill..."

Jack (into his radio): "Yeah, Carter...Go."

Sam (into her radio - she and Jonas are at the Stargate DHD): "We just received an urgent message from General Hammond."

Jack (looks at Felger who is very close and listening over his shoulder) "Roger that...we're on our way."

We hear a crashing sound off camera.

Coombs (Off Camera): "Oh, good one. That's only worth about two-hundred thousand dollars."

Jack: "Felger..."

Felger: "Yes?"

Jack: "We gotta check something out."

Felger: "Can I help?"

Jack: "No. As a matter of fact, stay here. If we're not back in an hour, get to the gate...dial home. Got it?"

Felger: "Well, what could go wrong?"

Jack: "Got it?"

Felger: "Yes, Colonel."

Jack walks off camera and Felger stares after them.

Time Jump: Felger comes running down the slope that Jack and Teal'c had walked away on earlier. He approaches Coombs and Meyers who are kneeling over equipment.

Felger: "Aren't you guys the slightest bit worried about them?"

Coombs: "They'll be back, Felger. Can't you see? They're just having fun with you."

Felger: "What are you talking about? There's something going on out there."

Coombs: "Oh, please...huh? They're just tired of your butt-snorkeling." (mockingly) "So tell me how you finally defeated Apophis, Colonel O'Neill...Oh, Major Carter, I based my doctoral thesis on your amazing wormhole stability theories..."

Felger: "Bite me, Coombs! At least my heroes exist. If this was a 'Trek convention, you'd be all dressed up like a Klingon..."

Coombs: "Vulan, Felger, Vulcan! And I don't know how you can call yourself a scientist and not worship at the alter of Roddenberry..."

Felger (mockingly): "Oooh, how we gonna get outta this one, Captain? Well, I don't know...something to do with the tachyon emitter?"

Meyers: "Guys...knock it off." (The two stop and look at each other.) "Now what say we hook up the Naquadah generator and see if we can't get this baby started?"

Felger: "Fine."

Coombs: "Good."

Felger (under his breath to Coombs): "Nerd."

Coombs (in response): "Geek."

They kneel down beside Meyers and suddenly an Alkesh zips overhead toward the direction that SG-1 has gone. Coombs, buries his head in his arms and Felger ducks, but quickly looks up to follow the Alkesh. They all three stand.

Meyers: "Was that what I think it was?"

Felger: "An Alkesh...mid-range Goa'uld attack vessel..."

Coombs: "But this planet was supposedly abandoned centuries ago. There isn't even anything here except..."

Felger: "SG-1." Felger runs to grab a radio off a box.) "Colonel O'Neill...Felger. We just saw an Alkesh."

Cut to where SG-1 is.

Jack (taking a momentary break from firing his P-90 - Sam is on his left and Jonas is still firing his Zat from a rock behind and to the right of him - to speak into his radio): "I know! Stay put! Remember what I told you! Wait till it's clear, get to the gate, report to Hammond!"

Felger (into his radio): "Colonel O'Neill? Major Carter?"

A firefight between SG-1 and the attacking Jaffa ensues. The Alkesh fires multiple rounds behind SG-1, creating a wall of fire behind them. The sounds of the firefight can be heard where the scientists are.

Felger: "Oh, they're in trouble." (He takes off running in the direction of the sounds.)

Coombs: "Hey! Where you goin', Felger? He told us to stay put."

Felger ignores them. Meyers grabs Coombs and drags him along to follow Felger.

Felger (into the radio as he is running toward the fight): "Colonel O'Neill...Major Carter..."

Felger gets no response, but then flops down on his stomach as he reaches a bluff overlooking the fight.

Felger: "Oh, no...Oh..."

Meyers (running up behind): "This is ridiculous, Felger. You're gonna get us all..."

Felger (as he pulls Meyers down to join him on his stomach): "Shut up."

Meyers then pulls Coombs down to his stomach too.

Felger: "Look."

All three look on with concerned expressions on their faces.

Coombs: "Oh, my God..."

We see SG-1 being led by the Jaffa toward the Alkesh.

Scene: Alien Planet The three scientist are running back to the ruins and the ring transporter.

Coombs: "Wait, wait, wait, mean do something? What do you mean? Do something? You're totally out of your mind, Felger. Mission protocol clearly states that if something goes wrong, we are to return to Stargate Command immediately. And you know what? Something went wrong."

Meyers: "Colonel O'Neill said it himself...we have to go back to Earth..."

Felger: "I know what he said, but I'm the senior advisor on this mission and I'm making a command decision..."

Meyers: "You're a lecturer in residence at M. I. T. ..."

Felger: "Laugh all you want, but I studied every mission SG-1's ever been on, and the one thing they all have in common? They never leave a man behind....ever."

Coombs: "Technically, they're not behind...we are."

Felger (bending down to pick up the Naquadah generator): "Meyers, you go back through the gate...tell General Hammond what's happened."

Coombs: "What about us?"

Felger (turning to walk toward the ring transporter with the generator): "We're goin' after SG-1."

Coombs (following Felger): "No. Really."

Felger (bending down to deposit the generator on the ground behind the tranporter): "You know that ship must have taken them back to the mother ship out in orbit. We can use this platform to ring up to it, but we have to act now before they're out of range."

Coombs (kneeling down beside Felger): "No. Really."

Felger: "Oh...what? You want their deaths on your head?"

Coombs: "You're just adding our deaths to theirs."

Felger (taking a moment to notice that Meyers is still standing there watching them): "Would you go?!" (Meyers gives him a look and then turns and begins running toward the 'gate. Felger brings a box back and kneels down beside the transporter again - to Coombs): "Help me calibrate this?"

Coombs: "Jay...we haven't run any test...we have no idea how stable the link will be, assuming we can get one." (Felger removes a crystal from under a panel on the ring. He places a probe from the generator in place of the crystal - soon crystals around the generator probe begin to glow.)

Felger (smiling): "We're not outta range."

Coombs: "Jay...are you sure about his?"

Felger (as he is handing a pistol and ammo to Coombs): "Think about it, Simon...what would Colonel O'Neill do if he was here now?"

Coombs (holding up the pistol): "You want me to shoot you?"

Felger (standing up and walking into the center of the ring): "Let's go."

Coombs (following him): "All right."

The rings are activated and seconds later both are on the mother ship. Coombs immediately ducks as Felger closes his eyes and begins firing the pistol while turning around in a circle. He emptys his clip.

Coombs (sarcastically): "Nicely done. We were alone, but that'll probably change now."

Felger: "Please...shh...Just...Okay....area secure. Let's...let's move out."

They both walk through a door into a corridor.

Scene: SGC Alarm klaxons are sounding and we see General Hammond walk up behind Sgt. Davis (who is wearing his glasses on his forehead).

Hammond: "What've we got, Sergeant?"

Davis: "It's SG-1's code, sir."

Hammond: "Open the iris."

Hammond walks down to the 'gate room as Meyers comes through, out of breath.

Meyers: "SG-1... they...took SG-1..."

Hammond: "Slow down, son. Take it easy. Where's the rest of your team?"

Meyers: "Ship...lot's of Jaffa...SG-1 captured...flew away, sir..."

Hammond: "Where are professors Felger and Coombs?"

Meyers: "They used the rings at the ruins to go up to the rescue SG-1."

Hammond: "They did what!"

Scene: The Ha'tak Felger and Coombs are crawling through some time of passageway (somewhat like a Jefferies tube in Star Trek).

Coombs: "Damn it, Felger. This cannot be the way."

Felger: "I's up here and to the left."

Coombs: "That's what you said three lefts ago."

Felger: "Head..." (Coombs bumps his head.) "He, he."

Scene: Ha'tal holding cell. Sam and Jonas are sitting on one bench, Teal'c and Jack are sitting on a bench on the opposite side of the room.

Sam (to Jonas): "How come you're not smiling?"

Jonas: "Should I be?"

Sam: "Well, it is your first time being capture by a Goa'uld."

Jonas: "Huh...Funny." (He tilts his head back to lean on the wall and directs one at Jack). "So what now?"

Teal'c: "We wait."

Jonas: "Shouldn't we be trying to escape?"

Jack: "Oddly, no." (He smiles) "It won't be long."

Jonas: "Before what?"

Jack: "Oh, some overdressed, over-the-top bad guy floats in gloating about whatever evil fate awaits us." (Jack smiles slightly, Jonas nods his head, Jack hears something.) "Wait for it..." (The outer door to the cell opens and then the cell door opens as Her'ak and several Jaffa walk in.) "See?" (Jack stands.)

Her'ak: "Colonel O'Neill...Major Carter...the so-called greatest of all Tau'ri warriors...and the Sholva, Teal'c. " (Jack turns and proudly places a hand on Teal'c's shoulder. He, too, is now standing. Her'ak turns toward Jonas.) "You I'm not familiar with..."

Jack: "He's new."

Sam: "Who are you?"

Her'ak: "I am Her'ak, First Prime to Lord Khonsu of Amon Shek."

Jack: "Very impressive. Got a resumé?"

Her'ak: "I captured you."

Jack: " did. Well done. You got the job."

Her'ak: "I had been looking forward to a great challenge than the one you provided. However, the result has yielded the same consequence. You belong to my master now." (Her'ak turns and they all leave.)

Jack: " honest...the resum é gag?" (Sam looks at Jack, Jonas looks at Jack.)

Teal'c: "It needs work, O'Neill."

Scene: Elsewhere on the Ha'tak The two professors are opening a panel in the wall of the ship (coming out of the Jefferies tube), though not quietly.

Felger: "Shhhh..."

Coombs: "I didn't do anything." (They finally get out of the passage, stand up and start walking down the hall.) "You have no idea where you're going."

Felger: "Of course I do..."

Coombs: "Oh yeah, then, what were we doing in the vent?"

Felger: "Staying out of sight. Would you stop worrying? I've studied blueprints of these ships. Holding cells are this way..."

Coombs: "Oh,'ve studied Goa'uld mother ship blueprints?"

Felger: "Information's an SG team's greatest ally."

Coombs: "You know what an SG teams greatest ally is? An SG team."

Felger: "Will you relax!?'s this way." (They both walk toward the camera and disappear off camera. Seconds later, they appear back on camera and head in the opposite direction.) "No...this way."

Coombs: "I'm gonna kill you." (Felger is serpentine walking down the corridor as Coombs follows.) "Would you quite doing that?"

Felger: "This?"

Coombs: "Don't point the gun!" (They disappear around the corner.)

Scene: SG-1's cell. SG-1 suddenly hear a strange whistling.

Jonas: "Is that a...bird?"

Teal'c: "I do not believe so."

Jack and Teal'c rise. Jack walks to the wall which holds the bench on which Jonas and Sam are sitting. There is a lighted panel near the top of that wall. As he gets closer, he hears:

Felger (whispering off-camera): "These panels are held in place magnetically. We have to cut the power."

Jack (whispering near the panel): "Who is that?"

Felger: "Colonel O'Neill?"

A few bangs are heard.

Jack: "Felger?"

Felger removes the panel and sets it aside, still obscuring part of the view of the passageway he is in. Coombs is not visible (obscured by the panel).

Felger: "Oh, Colonel O'Neill, are you all right, sir?"

Jack: "What...are you doing here?"

Felger: "Stand easy...we're here to rescue you!"

Sam: "Did he say we?"

Felger: "That's right...I have Coombs with me."

Coombs (popping his head up from behind the panel): "Hi."

Jack (dripping with sarcasm): "Why look everybody...he's got Coombs with him."

Felger (oblivious to Jack's irritation): "You can thank us later...righ now we have to get you out."

Jack (trying not to shout): "Felger...just what part of "'gate home" did you not understand?"

Felger: "Well, we just couldn't let our fellow SG team members be taken..."

Jack: "Felger!"

Felger: "What about never leave a man behind?"

Jack: "What about...we allowed ourselves to be captured...on purpose?"

Coombs (silently mouths): "oh."

Felger: "You what?"

Jack: "We're on a mission, you nit!"

Scene: SG-1's Cell Jack and Teal'c are standing near the cell door. Felger and Coombs are standing on the bench that Sam and Jonas had been sitting on and Sam is standing next to the bench looking up at them. Jonas is standing near where Jack and Teal'c had been sitting, directly opposite Felger and Coombs.

Felger: "Please don't be angry...we just thought, uh,.."

Coombs (pointing at Felger): "It was Felger all the way. His idea completely."

Felger: "Okay...well, I...I don't understand...I mean, what do you mean, "you're on a mission"?"

Sam: "The Goa'uld we're being taken to see is actually an undercover Tok'ra."

Felger (looking at Coombs): "Oh, Yeah...Oh..."

Felger and Coombs step down to stand on either side and slightly in front of Sam.

Coombs (looking at Felger): "I see. Uh, well...why the ruse?"

Teal'c: "Very few of Khonsu's Jaffa know his true identity. Her'ak and his men had to believe they had truly captured us."

Felger (tapping Coombs): "See, I knew it was too easy. I mean you guys have taken out more Jaffa than that before, right?"

Jack (looking right at Sam - not too happy): "Carter..."

Sam: "Professor, we know you meant well, but you've actually put us in a really awkward position."

Felger: "Well, why not tell us?"

Jack: "Because you didn't need to know."

Sam: "We've been on standby for weeks, waiting to hear from the Tok'ra. Now we didn't know where or when this ambush would occur. Obviously, you weren't supposed to be there when it went down, but when we finally did get the word, it was too late to send you home first..."

Felger: "Why didn't this Khonsu just, y'know, send the intel to you? I mean, why the big song and dance?"

Jonas: "He's collected vital information on how and where Anubis is getting his new technology."

Teal'c: "As we have said, Khonsu's true loyalties are carefully hidden. He could trust no one to carry such information in his place."

Sam: "He needs to remain undercover to continue his work."

Jack: "So did we."

Coombs (thumping Felger on the arm): "Way to go, Felger."

Felger: "Wait a minute, we got up here undetected. We haven't ruined anything yet. Nobody knows we're here."

Just then, Teal'c turns his head toward the door because he hears something.

Teal'c: "Someone approaches."

Teal'c walks toward Sam and the two professors. Two Jaffa come through the door and the first place they look is at Jack, who has moved to stand on the bench near the panel where the two professors had been previously. Next they see Sam standing to Teal'c's right and Jonas on his left as Teal'c stands, feet apart, arms crossed between the two.

Dol'ok: "I am Dol'ok, free Jaffa, loyal to Khonsu, the Tok'ra. Thank you for your patience."

Jack: "What patience? Can we get our weapons back? Not that we don't trust you..."

Dol'ok: " you are aware, this incarceration is for your own protection. There are very few of us among the ranks, but we have come to assure you that you are, indeed, not alone."

Just then, Dol'ok notices that there are two pair of feet behind Teal'c. The two professors peek their heads out from behind the trio.

Dol'ok: "Who are they?"

Sam turns to look over her shoulder and the two professors quickly duck again.

Jack (jumping down to approach Dol'ok): "Look, there's, uh, been a little bit of a mix-up here. Any chance you could put these guys someplace safe, relatively secure, till this is over?"

Dol'ok: "I will do what I can?"

Jack (patting Dol'ok on the shoulder): "Appreciate that." (Jack turns to the others.) "Hey!" (The professors step out sheepishly from behind Teal'c, Sam and Jonas. They follow the Jaffa out of the cell.) "Oy."

Scene: Khonsu's Planet. Khonsu is standing in front of a full wall screen. Her'ak is making a report (on the screen).

Her'ak: "As ordered, we have SG-1 alive and uninjured."

Khonsu: "Excellent. You have done well, Her'ak. I will be sure to tell Lord Anubis of your exemplary conduct when I relay this victory to him."

Her'ak: "My thanks. Shall I interrogate the prisoners on your behalf, my lord. Surely there is much that they can reveal."

Khonsu: "No. When you arrive, bring them before me. I will use my own methods to learn what they know."

Her'ak (clearly not happy): "As you wish, my lord."

Scene: Ha'tak Cargo Bay Felger and Coombs are seated behind a stack of crates. Dol'ok and his partner are placing the crates in front of the duo.

Dol'ok: "Please do not venture from this place until we have returned. Should you be discovered, your lives would be forfeit."

Coombs: "You got it."

The Jaffa leave.

Felger: "You try to help people, this is the thanks you get."

Coombs: "I should have shot you."

Scene: Khonsu's Planet SG-1 and several Jaffa (Her'ak included) are beamed down to Khonsu's pyramid. SG-1 are being escorted to a holding area.

Jack: "So...when do we get to meet this old... "Ginsu" guy?" (Her'ak just looks at him and motions them to follow him into a room. Jack looks around.) "Nice..."

They are lead into a circular area in the center of the room. As soon as all four of them are inside the circle, a force shield is put up. Her'ak smiles slightly and leaves. Jack immediately puts his hand out to test the shield.

Jack: "Ah!" (Grabbing his hand, he turns to the others.) "Don't touch that." (Just as Her'ak reaches the door.) "Hey, Her'ak! What, no gloating? Take some pride in your work, son."

Her'ak (turning to address them): "You shall all be forced to bow before my master soon enough." (He continues on out the door.)

Jack: "You know...this whole "imprisoned for our own protection" is getting a little old."

Sam: "What choice do we have? If we want this information, we have to trust Khonsu."

Scene: The Ha'tak Cargo Bay

Coombs: "I knew I should have updated my will before agreeing to off-world assignments."

Felger: "You are not going to die, Coombs." *note: suddenly, the closed-captioning has spelled Coombs, before it had been Combs - * Shrug*

Coombs: "Oh, come on, Felger. We might as well be wearing red shirts."

Felger: "I don't get that..."

Coombs is about to answer when the door to the cargo bay opens and both men stop talking to listen. They peek between crates to see Dol'ok and his partner enter the bay. Seconds later, the partner is shot from behind. Dol'ok turns and tries to get his zat out, but he is shot by a staff weapon before he can fire. Three Jaffa enter the cargo bay. One walks up to Dol'ok and spits out "Sholva." He then looks around the bay. For a second, you think he notices the two professors, but eventually he turns and they all leave the cargo bay. The door shuts behind them.

The two professors move a couple of crates, so they can see better.

Coombs: "Oh, my God...I think I'm gonna throw up."

Felger: "Oh, these poor bastards..."

Coombs: "Jay, I can't do this...I gotta get outta here." (He steps out from behind the crates and heads for the door.)

Felger (chasing him and grabbing him from behind): "Simon, Simon, Simon, Simon..."

Coombs: "No! I'm not a soldier. I teach applied math at Yale! I have a vespa and two cats..."

Felger: "Just get ahold of yourself! Don't you get it, Simon? Jaffa do not kill each other for fun."

Coombs: "They don't!?"

Felger: "Okay...I don't know that for sure...I don't, but this looks like an execution. Something hinky's definitely going on here and it's up to you and I to find out what it is."

Coombs: "Hinky?"

Felger: "Yeah, it's a word."

Coombs: "In what dictionary?"

Felger turns away, not wanting to continue the bickering. Suddenly he smiles...

Felger: "I have a plan."

Scene: Khonsu's Planet A ring transporter activates and suddenly two unusual looking Jaffa pop up on the planet. They walk past the other Jaffa, continuing on their way in silence until they reach an area where there are no other Jaffa.

Coombs (pulling his glasses out and putting them on): "Is it okay for me to have a heart attack now? God, I don't know why I let you talk me into this."

Felger: "Because if we stayed on that ship, we'd both be dead right now, and you know it."

Coombs: "Oh, yeah, and we're better off down here?"

Felger: "When are you going to start trusting me, Simon? I have four post-graduate degrees."

Coombs: "...And not one of them cover Jaffa military tactics!"

Suddenly, a Jaffa holding a staff weapon walks up behind them.

Jaffa: "What are you doing here?"

Coombs (turning slowly, still wearing his glasses): "Uh..."

Felger (also tunring): "He is sick." (Coombs, does indeed look ill.) "I believe it is something he ate." (Coombs vomits. Felger takes the opportunity as the Jaffa is temporarily confused to pull out a Zat and shoot the Jaffa. Coombs straightens up and Felger pats him on the shoulder.) "Nicely done, nicely done."

Coombs (still in shock): " just shot that guy. I mean you really shot him."

Felger: "No, zatted...that's completely different."

Coombs: "Zatted...shot!"

Felger: "He's...Come on, gotta go, gotta go."

Scene: Khonsu's Throne Room Her'ak leads several Jaffa into the room. Khonsu is seated on this "throne".

Khonsu: "Her'ak..."

The camera pans back past Her'ak to reveal that our stalwart professors are among the Jaffa who have lined up in the back.

Khonsu: "Where are the prisoners?" (Her'ak refuses to speak. Khonsu stands.) "Answer me. Where is SG-1?"

Her'ak: "They are no longer your concern." (Her'ak uses the staff weapon on Khonsu.)

Several staff weapons are activated and pointed at Her'ak as he walks up to stand on Khonsu's platform.

Her'ak (turning to face all the Jaffa): "We are betrayed, brothers. Our God was not who he claimed to be." (Khonsu is weakly trying to sit up.) "Khonsu is Tok'ra. He would weaken us like a cancer from within, destroying our one true God...Anubis" (Her'ak and Khonsu stare at each other and Her'ak fires his staff weapon close range. Felger and Coombs are horrified.) "I am in command now until our lord returns to reward us and claim his prize. Spread the word among every rank. Be ready." (He sits on Khonsu's throne.) "Anubis is coming."

Scene: Khonsu's Throne Room SG-1 are escorted in by several Jaffa.

Jack: "Where's Khonsu?"

Her'ak: "Khonsu is dead."

Jack: "Dead? Completely dead or semi-dead? You guys seem to have a grey area in that regard."

Her'ak: "His true loyalties were well known. Once his betrayal bore fruit, his existence was no longer required."

Jack: "You callin' us fruit?" (Suddenly Jack smashes his elbow into the nose of the Jaffa standing behind him. Teal'c snags a staff weapon and twists the head of another Jaffa. However, they are hopelessly outnumbered and Jack and Teal'c are zatted as Sam and Jonas are subdued. Her'ak picks up a pain stick and walks up to Jack. He lets Jack have it for a second or two. The familiar glow eminates from Jack's mouth as he screams.) " Arg! Crap! I hate that thing."

Her'ak: "Now that, Colonel O'Neill, is what I call "pride in my work"."

Jack (hoarsely and giving the thumbs up - still flat on his back on the floor): "Good job!"

Her'ak: "I want names, Colonel, of all the Tok'ra hiding within Anubis' ranks."

Jack: "Oh...ask Khonsu. Oh, wait! You can't. You killed him." (Her'ak hits Jack with the pain stick again. Jack screams again.)

Her'ak: "Tell me!"

Jack: "We don't know anything."

Sam: "He's not lying. Our orders were to make contact with Khonsu. That's it. Any information you want, died with him."

Jack: "Ah, forget it, Carter. He's just the warm-up band and he knows it."

Her'ak: "No matter what you have endured, you have never experienced the likes of what Anubis is capable of."

Jack (pops his head up, shocked): "You ended that sentence with a preposition! Bastard!"

SG-1 are lead out of the throne room.

Scene: SGC Hammond and Davis are in the control room.

Hammond: "That was his last transmission?"

Davis: "Yes, sir."

Hammond rubs his head, gets up and turns to leave when Meyers approaches him.

Meyers: "Excuse me, sir...anything on SG-1?"

Hammond: "As a matter of fact, we just got a message from one of our Jaffa allies. Apparently, word has filtered through Anubis' rank that Khonsu was exposed as a Tok'ra and that he' s been murdered."

Meyers: "Oh, no."

Hammond: "SG-1 is still in the custody of the Jaffa who've overthrown Khonsu and Anubis himself is on the way. There's been no mention of Felger and Coombs."

Meyers: "Is there no chance of mounting some sort of rescue? I'd be happy to volunteer."

Hammond: "I appreciate that, but the planet's very heavily guarded. That was one of the reasons SG-1 had to go in undercover." (Hammond starts to leave, but he is stopped by Meyers.)

Meyers: "Sir...with all due respect, I thought you didn't leave people behind."

Hammond: "I don't like this any more than you do, but I'm not going to send good men to their deaths for nothing, especially considering the sketchy nature of the intel we have on the situation. There's just nothing we can do at this time. I'm afraid if SG-1 is going to get out of this mess, they're going to have to do it on their own."

Scene: Khonsu's Planet Felger and Coombs are skulking around the pyramid. Coombs walks up behind Felger and past him. Felger grabs Coombs.

Felger: "Don't do that."

Coombs: "All right. So maybe you did study the Goa'uld mothership plans, but how can you possibly know where we're going now?"

Felger: "I don't."

Coombs: "Oh...Jay, this is bad."

Felger: "I know."

Coombs: "Look, our best shot is just to get back to SGC, tell them what happened, where SG-1 is and..."

Felger: "Look, even if we could get through the 'gate, there's no telling when Abubis will arrive. Chances are SG-1 will be long gone or dead by the time they mount a rescue mission, if they're willing to send one at all."

Coombs: "Well, all right, what about SG-1 then, huh? If they're the big heroes you say they are then they can just bust themselves out."

Felger: "Come on, Coombs! This op is up to us and you know it."

Coombs: "Op?"

Felger: "Op, op, op, op! It's operation."

Coombs: "Well, just say operation then. Say operation like normal people."

Felger: "Keep your voice down."

Felger and Coombs walk into a large circular room which is quite empty except for a pillar in the middle of the room. The door closes behind them and the approach the piller.

Felger: "We have to learn everything we can about this place, find some weakness and exploit it."

Coombs: "Uh-huh! How the heck are we supposed to do that?" (Felger notices a panel on the pillar. He touches it and the piller opens up to reveal a control center.) "How'd you know how to do that?"

Felger: "Well, the writing in the hall said this was the control room."

Coombs: "It did?"

Felger (taking a seat at the control panel): "I thought you said you read Goa'uld."

Coombs (walking up to join Felger on the seat): "I do...sort of."

Felger: "Well, this should be able to tell us everything we need to know."

They play with a few crystals and suddenly a large holographic display pops up.

Scene: SG-1's Cell

Sam: "This is not good."

Felger (over speakers): SG-1. This is Felger. Do you copy? Colonel O'Neill..."

All of SG-1 sits up, suddenly very alert.

Jack: "No. not good."

Felger (still over the speakers): "Don't be mad, sir. Are you all right? Is everyone else with you?"

Jack: "Yeah. Where are you?"

Felger (on speaker): "We're inside the pyramid, sir. We're hiding in the control room."

Sam: "Colonel, they could have access to the pyramid security systems, including force shield controls."

Felger: "We're working on it."

Sam (over speaker): "You should be able to bring up the pyramid schematics. Within the security system files, you'll find a list of force shield codes."

Coombs: "Ya...there's a lot of stuff here, Major. Okay?"

Jack (over speaker): "Felger...we need weapons."

Coombs (to Felger): "Um, looks like there's an armory at the end of the hall. Either that or a bathroom."

Felger: "eeeeh...."

Coombs: "I can do this...

Felger (starts to leave, then stops): "On my way, sir." (Then to Coombs) "You get the shield down...and use your radio from now on."

Coombs (talking to himself in amazement over the control panel): "This is unbelievable. Everything is in here."

Scene: Back in SG-1's Cell

Jack: "Coombs? What's goin' on?"

Coombs: "I've almost got it."

The force shield drops.

Jack: "Nice." (He walks toward the entrance, stops, puts his hand out to test that the force shield is really down, then continues out of the circular area.) "Nice."

As he approaches the door, he hears someone coming, so he motions to have Teal'c stand on the opposite side of the door from him and the wait, ready to ambush whomever walks in. Teal'c starts to hit the person and stops as he sees Felger come in, dressed in Jaffa gear and carrying several Zats. He spills several of them on the floor as he tries to avoid being hit by Teal'c.

Jack: "All right, look professor, this little stunt of yours does not excuse the fact that you disobeyed a direct order from me...twice. Do it again...I'll shoot ya. Are we..."

Felger (holding up a hand): "Crystal..."

Jack: "Good."

Felger: "Do you wanna hear the rest of my plan?"

Coombs (over speaker): "Our plan..."

Felger (into his radio): "I said stay on the radio..."

Jack: "Just....tell me what you know."

Felger: "Okay. There's a shield around the pyramid. The Stargate's outside that."

Sam: "So Coombs could get the shield down."

Felger: "Right. Then all we have to do is take out the Jaffa guarding the 'gate. Coombs can ring himself out to the ring platform and then we all go home. Heh, heh, piece of cake."

Jack: "We take out the Jaffa."

Felger (nodding): "We..." (stops nodding and looks at Jack ) "as in you."

Jack: "How many?"

Felger: "A dozen, tops."

Jack: "A dozen?"

Felger: "Yeah, and they got some of those really big guns..."

Jack: "Good plan, Felger, good plan."

Felger: "Come on, you're SG-1. This is what you do."

They all look at each other as Felger watches them.

Jack: "Right."

They all leave the cell and begin walking the corridors.

Jack (quietly into his radio): "Coombs, talk to me."

Coombs: "Okay...uh, uh, hang another left...and then two rights...and then there'll be a door and beyond that is daylight."

They walk, following Coombs directions until they approach the door. Jack signals for Carter and Felger to open the door. Sam pushes the buttons on the control panel that should open the door and nothing happens. She tries again...nothing. She looks at Jack.

Jack: "Felger?"

Felger (into his radio): "Oops."

Coombs: "I'm sorry. This coding is very confusing. Just...just wait a second."

Jack: "What?"

Felger walks back to face Jack.

Felger: "I can't believe that I'm here...with's.."

Jack: "Yeah...I'm havin' the same problem."

Felger: "This is great! You know, sneakin' around with you guys in a Goa'uld pyramid on some alien planet...the only thing missin' is some Jaffa chasing us."

Teal'c (whispers urgently): "O'Neill..."

Sounds of approaching footsteps can be heard.

Felger: "Okay. That's not my fault because there's no possible..." (Into his radio, walking back to the door) "Simon, Simon, hurry up, we've got company..."

Coombs: "Wait, wait, wait!"

Jack (walks up to Felger and takes his radio): "Give me that." (into the radio) "Now, Coombs."

Coombs: "I got it!"

The door opens and they all go outside. The door closes and the approaching Jaffa continue on their way, never having noticed the door closing.

Coombs (into his radio): "Shield is down."

Felger (as they are all walking through the woods): "Way to go, Simon!"

Jack: "Shush!" (into the radio) "Get your ass to the nearest ring transport and wait for my signal."

Coombs (celebrating as he leaves the control panel and heads for the door): "Thank you, thank you, thank you. You've been a great audience, but I really must be..." (He opens the door to see several Jaffa waiting and quickly closes the door again.)

Jaffa: "You! Stop!"

Coombs: "Staying...God." (He turns around and head over to hide behind the control panel.)

Scene: Khonsu's Planet There are many Jaffa near the Stargate

Jack (off camera) "Well, he wasn't kidding...that's a lot of Jaffa. Carter,'re target is that center gun placement."

Sam: "Yes, sir."

Jack: "Teal'c, you're with me. Now, is there anything else we need to discuss?"

Felger: "No, sir, No, sir. I'm going to stay in this very spot. Even if I see you writhing in agony, calling my name, I'll be here."

Jack: "Exactly. On my signal, get Coombs out here." (He reluctantly hands Felger the radio.)

Jonas and Carter Zat two Jaffa. O'Neill zats several more. Teal'c rises out of the water to take out another.

Coombs (over the radio): "Jay...uh, I've got a problem here..."

Felger (into his radio): "Shhh."

Scene: The Pyramid Control Room Coombs is hiding behind the control panel and sounds of Jaffa trying to break through the door can be heard. Suddenly cracks appear in the door.

Coombs (into his radio): "I think I need a little help."

Jack, Jonas and Sam zat several more Jaffa. Suddely Sam stops as she sees a Jaffa aiming a big gun at she and Jonas. He is about to fire when he and the gun are blown up by Teal'c, who has fired another big gun at him. Teal'c uses the big gun to take out the remaining Jaffa. Soon SG-1 are converging near the 'gate.

Jack (as Sam and Jonas approach): "Clear?"

Sam: "Clear, sir."

Jack (as Teal'c approaches): "Teal'c?"

Teal'c: "The area is secure for the moment, O Neill."

Felger (from off camera): "Colonel O'Neill! Colonel O'Neill!" (running wildly toward SG-1) "Colonel O'Neill..."

Jack: "What are you doing? Get Coombs out here."

Felger: "Uhn...there's a slight problem there, sir. He's stuck."

Scene: Pyramid Control Room Coombs is still hiding behind the panel. The Jaffa are beginning to break through.

Coombs (into his radio): "Jay...I don't think I'm gonna make it outta here. You just take care of my cats, okay?"

Scene: Back at the 'Gate

Felger: "No. n, n, no, no, no, Simon. I got us into this mess. If your're staying, I'm staying too."

Jack: "No one's staying! Can he ring us in?"

Felger (into his radio) : "Coombs...can you ring Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c into the pyramid?"

Coombs: "I'll try."

Jack and Teal'c go to stand in the ring transporter.

Jack: "Give us five minutes...then..." (Jack shrugs as the rings take he and Teal'c.)

Scene: Pyramid Control Room The crack in the door is getting bigger when suddenly, the sounds of zat fire and grunting can be heard from behind the door. Simon starts to walk toward the door as the battle sounds die down. He stops short as he hears banging begin on the door again. He stands there...terrified of who is coming through. Suddenly, O'Neill breaks through and peeks his head in the room.

Jack: "Let's go home."

Coombs (absolutely relieved and thrilled): "Oh...thank God!"

Scene: Back at the 'Gate The ring transporter activates and deposits Jack, Teal'c and Coombs on the platform just meters in front of the already active Stargate. They are fired on as they run to the gate where Sam, Jonas and Felger are waiting.

Felger "Simon, are you okay?"

Jack: "Later!"

Sam and Felger walks through. Jonas waits until they approach the steps. Jonas, Teal'c and Coombs walk through as the fire continues. Jack stands, hands spread out in front of the 'gate as though he were accepting applause, then ducks through as a shot comes very close to hitting him.

Scene: SGC The 'gate room is decked out for an awards ceremony. Felger and Coombs walk up the platform to the podium where Hammond is waiting. Jack and Sam are standing on the left side of the podium. Felger and Coombs take their place on the right side. Felger is wearing a nice suit and Coombs is wearing a tux.

Hammond (addressing the crowd): "For bravery in the face of grave danger, I hereby award Simon Coombs and Jay Felger, each, the Air Force Civilian Award for Valor."

Hammond steps away from the podium and Jack steps up to it. He opens two cases and take out two ribbons. He approaches the two professors and places a pin on each lapel.

Jack: "Despite the fact that you gentlemen disobeyed my orders, which, in my little world, constitutes screwing up...twice, the truth is, we wouldn't be here without you. You are true heroes."

Felger (shaking Jack's hand): "Thank you, Colonel."

Jack shakes Coombs hand as well. Meyers, in the crowd, gives them an excited double thumbs-up. Then Sam gives Coombs a peck on the cheek. The crowd begins to applaud. As Sam approaches Felger, she reaches up and takes his face in her hands. Then she lays one on him...

Coombs: "Felger! Felger...Jay..."

Scene: SGC Lab Felger and Coombs are sitting in white lab coats. Coombs has just poked Felger in the face.

Felger: "Oh...what?"

Coombs: "Snap out of it."

Felger: "Yeah...sorry."

Coombs: "Calibration scales for the ring power source?"

Felger (hands Coombs some papers): "Right there...right...(coughs)...there."

Coombs: "Geek."

Felger: "Nerd."

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Source : Stargate Fusion.
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