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Transcript by Sarae

Christopher Judge Voiceover: "Previously on Stargate SG-1."
Scenes from Desperate Measures are shown.

Scene 1: Carter, in her hospital jammies, is desperately trying to get a locked door open when Adrian Conrad comes up behind in a wheelchair. She whirls around and points a gun at him and asks him who he is and why she is there.

Scene 2: Jack and Harry are driving in an SUV discussing that Harry had been paid three million dollars for a symbiote he acquired from the Russians.

Scene 3: Teal'c, Daniel, and Hammond are sitting around the conference table in the briefing room as Janet hands out folders and tells them that Adrian Conrad is suffering from Burchart's Syndrome and that there is no cure. Teal'c replies, "Except the healing powers of a Goa'uld symbiote."

Scene 4: Jack is holding a gun on the Goa'ulded Conrad in the steam tunnels beneath the hospital when he is shot by Simmons. Simmons tells Conrad, "You want to live; you come with me."

Scene 5: Simmons is standing, talking to Conrad, who is sitting at a table. Simmons and Conrad are negotiating for information. Conrad tells Simmons he has nothing that equals the value of the information he can provide. Simmons replies, "I'm not so sure about that."

Scene: What appears to be a business mall. Sam is walking down a sidewalk toward a silver car (definitely not the car we have seen her driving in Ascension). A man and woman hurry to catch her as she begins to put the items she is carrying in the back seat of the four-door sedan. The woman is carrying a microphone attached to the camera the man is carrying.

Julia: "Major Carter. My name's Julia Donovan. I'm with Inside Access. I was wondering if I could have a few minutes of your time."

Sam: "I'm a little busy right now."

Julia: "Actually, your name came up in connection with a story I've been working on. Over the past two years, several billion dollars of taxpayer's money has been dumped into a secret government project called Prometheus. In fact, it's so secret, the government appropriated the money without the usual Congressional oversight, which...I think my viewers might find rather interesting."

Sam (who has finished putting her belongs in the car, turns as she opens the driver's door, smiling): "I'm sure they would." (She gets into the car and puts on her seatbelt.)

Julia: "Actually, I thought you might find this particularly interesting." (She holds up a small piece of metal. Sam pauses as she is turning the key to look at the metal.) "It's a metal alloy called Trinium. Supposedly, it's being used in connection with Prometheus. I had my experts analyze it. They said it's unlike anything they've ever seen least on this planet." (Sam gives her a puzzled look at that last comment.) "Sure you wouldn't care to comment now?"

Sam (smiling): "I'm sure."

Scene: General Hammond's Office
Sam and Hammond are discussing her encounter with the reporter.

Sam: "To tell you the truth, sir, I didn't know what to say. She caught me completely off-guard."

Hammond: "You did the right thing, Major. Our official policy is to deny everything."

Sam: "Unfortunately, in this case, I don't think it's gonna be good enough."

Hammond: "Do you believe the sample of Trinium is genuine?"

Sam: "It's hard to say for sure, sir, but just the fact that she knew the name indicates we've had a serious breach of security."

Hammond: "The Pentagon's already initiated an investigation. We've tapped Ms. Donovan's phone and e-mail accounts and we're tracking her movements."

Sam: "Where is she now?"

Hammond: "She left Colorado Springs at 0930 this morning. She changed planes in Denver en route to JFK. I'm sending Major Davis over from Washington to talk to her."

Sam: "Do we know when this report's scheduled to air?"

Hammond: "In four days."

Scene: Washington, D.C.
Julia is riding in a limo, talking on a cell phone.

Julia (into the phone): "No, Tuesday's no good. I've got an interview with the Chinese Ambassador...and then on Wednesday, I fly out for the G-8 summit." (She pauses as she notices the car slowing and looks forward.) "I'll call you back." (She hangs up the phone and then speaks to the driver.) "Why are we stopping?"

Just then, Davis opens the door and slides in next to her.

Davis (removing his hat): "Good evening."

Julia: "What is this?"

Davis: "Major Paul Davis, United States Air Force."

Julia: "If you came to intimidate me out of running my story, it's not going to work. Just the fact that you're here tells me it's too important to let go."

Davis: "Oh, it's more important than you know."

Julia: "Here comes the national security speech."

Davis: "No, speech. Just a simple fact: you run that story; you endanger people's lives."

Julia: "All tell me what Prometheus is and I'll reconsider."

Davis: "I don't think so."

Julia: "I'm serious. I have unconfirmed reports that it's some kind of fusion reactor. They're building it out in the desert."

Davis: "Where'd you hear that?"

Julia: "I'm not ready to reveal my source."

Davis: "Ms. Donovan, by revealing classified information, your source is violating about 17 federal laws."

Julia: "Is that a confirmation?"

Davis: "It's a warning."

Julia: "You should know, Major, I've made arrangements. If anything happens to me, the report gets released."

Davis (closes his eyes as he realizes he's getting no where. He dons hit hat.): "Have a good evening, Ms. Donovan." (He exits the limo.)

Scene: SGC
Davis and Hammond are walking together toward Hammond's office. They talk as they are walking.

Davis: "She's stubborn, sir."

Hammond: "Do we know where the leak came from?"

Davis: "We're working on it, but so far, we've got nothing." (They enter the office and Davis closes the door.) "It could be, uh, anything from a...technician working on the project to Senator Kinsey."

Hammond: "How much does she know?"

Davis: "She thinks Prometheus is some kind of fusion reactor."

Hammond: "Then maybe we don't have a problem."

Davis: "She also has a money trail, Sir, and the Trinium. Now, if she can get that much, odds are she can get a lot more."

Hammond (picking up the red phone and speaking into it): "This is General Hammond. Get me the President."

Scene: Julia's Offices
Julia walks into a conference room.

Julia: "Al, we need to talk about this production schedule..."(She looks up to see Sam and Davis seated at a table with Al.) "What the hell is this?"

Al: "Take it easy, Julia."

Julia: "No. If you think you can kill my story by going over my head to my producer, you're wrong."

Al: "Just sit down, please." (She reluctantly takes a seat.) "The head office has decided that, for the time being, it is in their best interest not to run the story."

Julia: "You mean they caved."

Davis: "It was a personal request from the President to the Chairman of the corporation that owns this network."

Julia: "I don't believe this."

Sam: "We're going to need all the material you have on this story. Tapes, notes, interviews..."

Julia: "You can't force me to give you anything..."

Davis: "Actually, we can...but we were just hoping that you would cooperate, given that your story is dead."

Julia: "You see, that's where you're wrong. All I have to do is make a couple of phone calls to some foreign broadcasters. I'm sure they'd be very interested."

Davis: "I'd advise against it."

Al: "Okay, Okay...look, maybe there's a compromise here. Whatever this thing is...I figure it's too big to stay secret forever. Am I right? Eventually, you're gonna go public. You let Julia take a camera crew to document Prometheus, top to bottom. When the time is right, we get a world exclusive."

Sam: "I don't think so."

Al: "Everyone'll sign a non-disclosure agreement, including me. The video tape will be the property of the United States Air'll be in complete control."

Julia: "Forget it! They're gonna sit on this thing for 50 years."

Al: "Julia, when the President of the United States kills your story, that's it. Game over. You go foreign with this, they could charge you with treason."

Scene: SGC
SG-1 and General Hammond are sitting around the briefing room conference table with Davis.

Jonas: "Do you think that she would really go through with it?"

Hammond: "We have no way of knowing and the fact is, we can't take the chance."

Davis: There's also the question of where she's getting her information. If we kill the story without plugging the leak, there's no guarantee this won't happen all over again."

Jonas: "What are you suggesting?"

Davis: "Once Ms. Donovan left the meeting, her producer agreed to reveal the source in exchange for a tour of the facility."

Hammond: "The Pentagon feels this is the best way to contain the situation. Once we've confirmed we have the source, we destroy all video tape and any related materials."

Jonas: "So, essentially, we're just double-crossing her."

Hammond: "We have no choice."

Davis: "Without any hard evidence, the only place she'll be able to run the story is in the tabloids."

Jack: " an insanely bad idea."

Hammond: "The decision has been made. Major, I want you and Jonas to take care of this."

Sam (biting back a protest): "Yes, sir."

Hammond: "Dismissed."

Scene: Area 51
Sam, Jonas and two guards wait out in front of a small red and white checked building that is surrounded by a chain-link fence. Two vehicles approach. Al and Julia get out of one vehicle and three men and a woman get out of the other.

Sam: "Ms. Donovan."

Julia: "Major."

Sam: "This is Jonas Quinn. He'll be joining us on the tour."

Al: "I guess a couple billion dollars doesn't buy what it used to."

Jonas: "You'd be surprised."

Sam: "Shall we?"

Sam leads the way through the fence to the building. One of the guards opens the red outer door of the building while Sam punches in a code to open the inner elevator doors. Sam, Jonas, Julia and Al step inside the elevator. The two guards wait behind to accompany the three man and one woman film crew.

Julia: "How far down are we going?"

Sam: "Several hundred feet."

They reach their destination and Julia steps out of the elevator, followed by Al. Julia doesn't go very far before she stops and stares in amazement at the site before her.

Sam (from behind them): "This is Prometheus. Otherwise known as the X-303."

The camera pans to reveal most of a very large (compared to the cargo ship and death gliders) ship.

Julia (mainly to Al): "I hope you brought a lot of tape."

They walk toward the Prometheus.

Scene: Aboard the Prometheus
Sam leads her small group, which has now been joined by the other six, through the corridors of the ship toward the bridge.

Julia: "This is a joke. It would take at least 20 Saturn rockets to get this thing off the ground, let alone into orbit"

Sam: "Prometheus is the third in a series of designs that incorporates both human and alien technology."

Al: "You're saying little green men helped you build this?"

Sam: "Actually, they're gray. All the key systems were reverse engineered from a ship that crashed 100 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska in 1978. It was only in the last few years that our technology evolved to a point where we could take advantage of what we had." (She gestures for them to continue through a doorway onto the bridge. She hangs behind, momentarily, with Jonas).

Jonas (eyes narrowing as he considers what Sam has just said): "Fairbanks?"

Sam (shrugs): "Better than Roswell." (She gives him a small grin. He raises his eyebrows and follows her onto the bridge.)

Julia: "It doesn't look very alien to me."

Sam: "The controls are all standard design. Some of the key systems use crystal technology rather than wires and chips. The hard part's making them compatible."

Julia: "All right. Let's set up in here. I'd like to see more."

Sam leads Jonas, Julia and Al back off the bridge. The two guards stay behind to watch over the camera crew.

Sam: "The ship will be capable of reaching orbit in under 30 seconds."

Julia: "What about G-forces?"

Sam: "Well, if the inertial dampeners and artificial gravity are functioning properly, it shouldn't feel like much more than a ride in a fast elevator."

Al: "How long until this thing is ready to fly?"

Sam: "It'll be a while. A number of the support systems are still being assembled."

Scene: Back on the Bridge.
The film crew is taking equipment out of bags. We see the female set a laptop on one of the control consoles. Then we see a camera man pull a Zat out of the tape compartment of a camera. He looks over at the woman, who takes a cover off a panel on the pedestal of the control console. A guard notices what she is doing.

Guard: "What are you doing?"

As the guards walk around to check out what she is fiddling with, the cameraman zats both guards. She continues to establish a link between her laptop and the control console.

Scene: Back in the corridors.
Sam leads her group into another room.

Julia: "What is this?"

Sam: "The engine room."

Julia and Al walk up to some windows to peer down on the engines. They are several decks below. The engine room spans several decks in height.

Al: "How fast does it go?"

Sam: "Using sub-light engines, the ship can accelerate to 110,000 miles per second. It's over half the speed of light."

Jonas: "Of course, it's nowhere near fast enough to achieve interstellar travel. For that, we need the hyperdrive." (He points in their direction.)

Scene: Back on the Bridge.
The other two crewman are dragging the guards away. The camera pans up to the laptop which is running a lot of lines of code on the screen. The woman is sitting at the control console, operating the controls.

Scene: Back in the Engine Room.
Sam is watching her guests when she hears one of the controls beep. She walks over to look at the display and sees the message "simulation interrupted....system busy" displayed. Jonas notices her.

Jonas: "What is it?"

Sam: "I'm not sure. The computer was running a series of hyperdrive simulations, but they've been interrupted."

Jonas: "So?"

Sam: "So, there are other tests scheduled for today." (She walks over and picks up a handset off the wall.) "Engine room to the Bridge. Seargent Gibson, this is Major Carter, come in." (She returns the handset.)

Jonas: "Maybe the comm system isn't finished yet?"

Sam: "Mmm...I'll go check it out. Keep an eye on these two."

She leaves the engine room and Jonas smiles at his two guests. We see the two men who had dragged the guards away walking across the bridge with pistols, then the woman working on the control console.

Woman: "I think I've got it. We're in business."

Cameraman (as he hand communication devices to the other two crewmen): "Go get the others." (They nod to him and leave with their pistols as he hands another communication device to the woman.)

Scene: Corridor
Sam is walking toward the bridge when she comes upon the two crewmen.

Crewman 1: "Major Carter."

Sam: "Aren't you supposed to be on the bridge?"

Crewman 2: "We had a little trouble with the equipment. We're gonna need to get another battery from the truck."

Sam notices Crewman 1 reaching for his pistol. She backhands him across the face with her right hand, continues the spin to her right and kicks Crewman 2 in the chest. Then she kicks Crewman 1's gun out of his reach and starts running back the way she had come just as the Cameraman comes up from behind the Crewmen and tries to zat Sam. The chase is on.

Meanwhile, in the engine room, Jonas is noticing things on the computer panels. He starts accessing the computer and Julia comes up behind him to observe.

Julia: "What is it?"

Jonas: "Someone's trying to lock down the ship. I can't stop them, but I think I can slow 'em down."

Scene: Back in the corridors
Sam is running out of space.

Cameraman (off camera behind her): "Where is she?"

Crewman (off camera behind her): "This way."

Sam ducks into a small room and codes in the close door sequence. The door closes just as they get to the room. Crewman 2 flick wires that are hanging out of where the exterior door controls should be.

Cameraman (into his radio): Jones, come in."

Jones (formerly referred to as the Woman): "Go ahead."

Cameraman: "I need you to seal a room for me. Charlie, Charlie 4107."

Jones: "Done."

Cameraman (the to the crewmen): "Let's go."

Scene: Engine Room
Jonas has complete his work on the computer. Jones notices the change on her computer console.

Jones (reading the screen): "Full diagnostic? No, no, no."

Jonas then pulls out a crystal control panel and removes a blue crystal.

Al: "What is that?"

Jonas: "The control crystal." (He hides it.)

Scene: Sam's room.
She is trying the communication panel:

Sam (into the panel): "This is Major Carter. Can anybody hear me?" (There is no response.) She curses silently and then begins looking around the room. There is a lot of equipment and other stuff laying around in it.

Scene: Engine Room
The Cameraman and two Crewmen walk in the door, weapons raised. Jonas, Julia and Al raise their hands and back up slightly.

Julia: "What the hell's going on?"

Cameraman: "Shut up."

Crewman 1: "Over there." (Gesturing and directing the trio back behind the control console.)

Jones (over the radio): "Smith, come in."

Smith (formerly referred to as Cameraman): "Yeah, go ahead."

Jones: "We've got a problem. The computer's been tied up with a diagnostic program. I need you to shut it down."

Crewman 2 (goes over and tries his hand at shutting the diagnostic program down): "The controls are frozen."

Jones (over the radio): "If you don't close that problem, I'm not going to be able to establish a lockdown and we're gonna be overrun by security."

Al: "He removed, the control crystal." (Walks over and takes the blue control crystal from the place Jonas had hidden it.)

Julia: "Al, what're you doing?"

Al: "It must link the computer to the alien systems."

Scene: Sam's room
She is finding some useful equipment. You can see a plan formulating as she looks it over. She goes to work by first taking the cover off the communication panel.

Meanwhile with Al's help, Crewman 2 has been successful at stopping Jonas' diagnostic program.
Jones (to herself): "There we go."

Julia (as she hears a new sound): "What's happening?"

Jonas: "They're activating the hyperdrive generators.

Julia: "While we're on the ground? Is that such a good idea?"

Jonas: "No, it's not." (Jonas sees that Crewman 2 has been successful at activating the engines.) "Unless you're deliberately trying to create an overload."

Julia: "I don' t understand."

Jonas: "The hyperdrive generators create an enormous amount of energy and if it's not channeled into creating a hyperspace window it can cause some serious problems."

Julia: "You mean it could explode."

Jonas: "With enough force to turn the entire state of Nevada into a smoking crater, yes."

Smith: "That's right, but I wouldn't worry about it. As long as our demands are met, it won't come to that."


Scene: Area 51
A command post has been established outside the red and white building. A tent covers the command area and troops are seen being deployed. Also a vehicle arrives and we see Jack jump out and begin shouting.

Jack: "Major Davis! What the hell happened?"

Davis: "At approximately 0900 this morning the X-303 was put into lockdown mode. At 0920 we received a communication from someone inside the ship informing us that they had destabilized the hyperdrive. They're threatening to blow it."

Jack: "I don't believe it! I do not believe this!"

Davis: "We're getting energy readings that confirm an overload building in the ship's generator."

Jack: "This is supposedly the most secure facility on the face of the planet!"

Davis: "We think it was the camera crew, sir."

Jack: "Did anyone bother with a background check?"

Davis: "Yes, sir! And they were clean! The cameraman was a decorated Marine in Somalia! Every member of that crew has been at the network for well over a year, sir! This plan has obviously been in the works for some time."

Jack (noticing a female soldier coming up behind Davis): What?!"

Soldier: "Sir, we receiving a transmission. It's from the highjackers."

Davis: "Patch it through!"

Jack and Paul head under the tent to listen to the transmission.

Davis (over the microphone): "This is Major Davis, go ahead."

Smith (into his radio): "I assume, by now, you've confirmed the status of the hyperdrive. So you know we're not bluffing."

Davis: "What do you want?"

Smith: "You're currently holding two prisoners we want released: Colonel Frank Simmons and Adrian Conrad. You have exactly three hours to deliver them, or we blow up your ship."

Scene: Sam's room
She has jerry-rigged a communication device from the equipment found lying around.

Sam: "This is Major Carter. Can anyone hear me?" (She tries another frequency.)


Scene: Back at the Command Post

Davis (on the phone): "Yes, sir. Perfectly clear, sir. We're doing everything we can. Thank you." (He hangs up the phone.) "The joint chiefs are calling an emergency meeting."

Soldier: "Sir, I'm picking up on a signal from inside the ship...but it's on a different frequency."

Davis: "Patch it through."

Sam (over the radio): "Repeat...this is Major Carter. Is anyone reading this?"

Jack walks around and up to the microphone.

Jack (into the microphone): "Carter, it's O'Neill, what's your status?"

Sam: "I'm locked in the storage room on deck seven." (Jack motions for the soldier to get a map.)

Jack: "What happened in there?"

Sam: "It was the T.V. crew. They had a Zat."

Davis (over the radio): "Major, the highjackers are demanding the release of Adrian Conrad and Colonel Simmons. We believe this is a rogue NID operation." (They all look at the map to see where Sam is located.)

Jack: "Carter, is there any chance they can get that ship off the ground."

Sam: "It's not finished, sir. It could lose structural integrity."

Jack: "Will it fly?"

Sam: "Yes, sir."

Davis: "Major Carter, the sublight control relay is right above you on deck eight. If you can get to it and sever the connection, that'll ground them for sure."

Sam: "I found a plasma cutter in here, but it'll take me a while to get through the Trinium alloy."

Davis: "We have less than three hours to deliver the prisoners or they blow the ship."

Sam: "Copy that."

Scene: The Engine Room
Julia and Jonas are sitting on the floor. Al is pacing. The other men are standing around.

Julia: "Al, why are you doing this?"

Al: "They're paying me."

Julia: "We're supposed to be friends."

Al: "They're paying me a lot."

Jonas: "Hey, you know there's only two ways off of this ship, don't you? Hand cuffs or a body bag."

Crewman 1: "Who says we want to get off?"

Scene: Sam's room
She dons a welding helmet and leather gloves and begins cutting through the door with the plasma cutter.

Scene: On the road to the command post.
Major Davis is riding in a vehicle with Simmons and a couple of guards.

Simmons: "You know, I hate to say it, Major, but, uh, if I had been in charge, none of this would have ever happened. It seems to me you brought me down here to figure out a way to retake the ship."

Davis: "These individuals are threatening to blow up the X-303 unless they're demands are met."

Simmons: "Yeah? What do they want?"

Davis: "You."

Simmons: "Me?"

Davis: "They're also demanding we bring them one of your former associates: Adrian Conrad."

Simmons: "I hardly think of him as an associate. He's a Goa'uld, after all."

Davis: "You helped him escape when we had him trapped."

Simmons: "I thought it would be best if we kept him in our custody."

Davis: "Sure you did. The two of you made some kinda deal, didn't you? We know what the Goa'uld wants from you, Colonel. He wants to escape. What we don't know is what he offered you in return."

Simmons: "I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna be able to help you."

Davis (leaning forward): " either give me what I need and we make arrangements or we make a u-turn and I take you right back to your box."

Simmons: "It seems to me that you're in a bit of a bind now. Aren't you? Fortunately for you, I am willing to board the X-303 in the interest of saving lives. Of course, I'm gonna need a change of clothes...something nice."

Scene: The Engine Room

Smith: "The delivery's on its way. We're moving to phase two now."

Crewman 2: "We've got a problem. Somebody recalibrated the ignition module. The settings we have are all wrong."

They both turn to look at Jonas.

Jonas: "Don't look at me..."

Crewman 2: "We need the new settings. If we're off by as much as 1% the engines won't start and the module will burn out. We'll be stuck."

Smith (looking at Jonas): "Give me those settings now."

Jonas: "I don't know what you're talking about."

Smith (pointing a gun and advancing toward Jonas): "I'm not fooling around here."

Al (stepping in between Smith and Jonas): "Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the hell are you doing? This wasn't part of the plan."

Smith: "I'm improvising."

Al: "I was told no one would get hurt. That was the deal. So quit waving that gun around."

Smith puts to bullets into Al. Al falls.

Smith (re-aiming at Jonas and Julia): "Now, where were we?"

Jonas (holding up his hands in protest): "All right."

Jonas gets up and walks to a computer panel.

Smith (still pointing at Jonas): "No mistakes" (Then aiming the gun at Julia who is still sitting on the floor.) "If those engines don't start both of you die."

Scene: The Command Post
Teal'c walks into the tent.

Teal'c: "Adrian Conrad has arrived."

Davis: "Did he say anything to you?"

Teal'c: "He was uncharacteristically silent for a Goa'uld. Have we received word from Major Carter?"

Jack: "No, not yet."

Scene: Sam's room
Sam is still cutting with the plasma's a slow go.

Scene: Back at the Command Post

Soldier: Sir, we're approaching deadline."

Davis looks at Jack who reluctantly nods and looks away.

Davis: "Radio the highjackers. We're sending in the prisoners."

Scene: Sam's room
She is still cutting.

Scene: The Engine Room

Jonas: "There, it's done."

Crewman 2: "The sub-light engines are on-line."

Jonas: "This doesn't change anything. Even if you get this ship off the ground, they're gonna track you wherever you go."

Smith: "You're forgetting about the hyperdrive."

Jonas: "Well, the hyperdrive is far from operational and that is something I cannot help you with."

Conrad (who has come in behind Jonas): "Perhaps not...but I can."

Scene: The Bridge
Simmons walks in.

Simmons: "Are we set?"

Jones: "All systems are go."

Simmons: "Then release the docking clamps."

Simmons sits in the command chair.

Scene: The Command Post

Soldier: "Major, they're preparing to take off."

Davis: "Thank you."

Jack: "She's running out of time."

Teal'c: "Major Carter may still succeed in disabling the ship once they reach orbit."

Davis: "Teal'c, deck seven isn't pressurized. The airlock in that section is still under construction. By the time they reach orbit, she'll be dead."


Scene: The Bridge

Simmons (into his radio): "Major Davis? This is Colonel Simmons. We'd like to leave now. Would you be so kind as to retract the roof?"

Davis: "Colonel, you're gonna have to wait a couple of minutes, we're having problems with the hydraulics."

Simmons: "Nice try, Davis. You have 30 seconds or we're going to detonate the hyperdrive."

Scene: Sam's room
Sam completes her cut. She pushes out the piece of door, lays her leather gloved on the opening and carefully crawls through.

Scene: The Bridge

Simmons (into his radio): ""

Soldier: "They're powering engines."

Simmons: "...six..."

Scene switches to Sam who is in a corridor on deck seven. She hears the engines powering up.

Sam: "Crap."

Simmons: ""

Davis: "Retract the roof."

The soldier complies and the roof begins to retract.

Scene: The Bridge

Jones: "We're good to go, sir."

Simmons: "Take us outta here."

Scene: The Command Post
All turn to watch as the X-303 rises from out of the ground. It quickly ascends.

Scene: Prometheus Deck Seven
Sam is having difficulty negotiating the corridor to get to the airlock. She struggles against the wind and cold but finally makes it to the airlock and closes the door. She begins climbing the ladder to ascend to deck eight.

Scene: The Command Post

Soldier: "They're entering low Earth orbit."

Davis (turns to Jack and Teal'c): "Now what?"

Teal'c: "Does the ship not possess a docking bay capable of receiving the X-302?"

Davis: "We don't have any ready to fly."

Jack: "We've got the death glider from Anubis."

Davis (as Jack and Teal'c start to leave): "The radar system on the X-303 is still incomplete. Fly into through the lower bay. They'll never see you coming."

Scene: Prometheus Engine Room

Julia: "So that guy with the weird voice, he was an alien, wasn't he? You might as well tell me, we're probably not gonna survive this anyway."

Jonas: "Oh, we've been in tighter spots."

Simmons walks into the Engine Room. Jonas and Julia stand up.

Simmons: "Ms. Donovan...I-I just had to come down here and say hello. I'm a big fan of your work."

Julia (sarcastically): "Terrific."

Simmons: "And you sir, you must be Jonas Quinn, our alien friend."

Julia: "You're an alien too?" (Jonas sort of rolls his eyes, not meeting hers.) "I don't believe this."

Jonas: "Where are you taking this ship?"

Simmons: "Oh, well, you don't worry about that, all right? You just sit tight and you'll be released when everything's over."

Jonas: "Do you really think it's wise to be working with a Goa'uld?"

Simmons: "He's fixing the hyperdrive. It's in his best interest. We'll deal with him later."

Jonas: "Yeah. What about Major Carter?"

Simmons: "Major Carter. Major Carter should have stayed with the group, but she wanted to play the hero and she got herself killed."

Jonas tries not to react to that news, but looks a bit stunned.

Meanwhile, Sam is crawling through a passageway on deck eight. She opens a panel and shorts some wires.

One the bridge: Simmons returns and takes his seat. Just then an beeping can be heard from the computer.

Simmons: "What is that?

Jones: "Sublight engines are off-line."

Simmons: "What does that mean?"

Jones: "We still have full power, but I've got no control."

Crewman 2 punches up a schematic of the ship.

Crewman 2: "The circuit's been cut. Access tube. Deck eight."

Simmons: "It's Carter. I want you boys to get down there...and leave me you're gun."

The crewmen leave.

Jones: "Sir, we don't have enough altitude. If I don't get control back soon, our orbit's gonna start to decay."

Simmons (over his radio): "Bridge to engine room, come in."

Conrad: "What is it?"

Simmmons: "Are we gonna get into hyperdrive any time soon, here?"

Conrad: "I'm working on it. The design is incredibly crude. It amazes me that a race as backward as yours could even think of attempting interstellar travel."

Simmons: "Spare me the super-villain riff. We're on the clock here."

Meanwhile in the corridors on deck eight: Carter smacks Crewman 2 and knocks him silly. Unfortunately, Smith and Crewman 1 come up from behind and stop her. Pointing a zat at her, Smith advances on her, but then he is zatted from behind as are the Crewman. Sam smiles slightly as she sees Jack and Teal'c come up to disarm the three.

On the bridge:
Jones: "Orbit's starting to decay."

Conrad (over the radio): "Engine room to bridge. The hyperdrive is operational."

Simmons: "Can we open up a window from low orbit?"

Jones: "Yes, sir."

Simmons: "Then do it and use the coordinates the Goa'uld gave us."

In the corridor:
Jack, Sam and Teal'c walk along, ready for action, all armed with Zats. They hear the hyperdrive engine power up.

In the engine room:
Julia is pacing and stops when she hears the change in sound.

Julia: "What is that?"

Jonas: "The hyperdrive."

Julia: "That's bad, isn't it?"

A hyperspace window opens up and the Prometheus disappears into it.

Scene: The Command Post

Soldier: "Sir, we're getting a report from AF Satcom...the X-303 just disappeared from Earth orbit."

Davis is visibly upset by this information.


Scene: The Prometheus
Jack, Sam and Teal'c enter the engine room. They find it empty.

Jack: "Clear...can you shut down that hyperdrive?"

Sam: "The computer's been reprogrammed. I don't have the access codes."

Jack: "All right, let's find the others."

They head back out into the corridor, cautiously.

On the bridge:

Simmons (into his radio): "Smith, Sanderson, come in. Come it, damn it." (to Jones) "Wait here."

Conrad bursts onto the bridge just as Simmons is turning to leave. Conrad tackles Simmons, then gets up and looks at Jones. His eyes flash.

Conrad: "You're finished here."

Then he backhands her hard and sends her flying into the command chairs behind her. She is rendered unconscious. Conrad turns his attention back to Simmons. Simmons just manages to reach the gun he dropped when he was tackled as Conrad is on him again. They struggle for a few seconds and then three gun shots are heard. Simmons has shot Conrad in the abdomen. Conrad's eyes glow.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the ship, Jack, Sam and Teal'c are still searching for the others. They come onto the bridge to find Conrad lying dead and Jones barely alive near the chairs. Jack checks on Conrad, Teal'c checks on Jones.

Teal'c: "This one is injured, but alive."

Jack: "Toast."

Jones stirs.

Teal'c (to Jones): "Where are the hostages?"

Jones: "Supply room...deck four."

Teal'c (to O'Neill): "Supply room."

They all rise and go to Carter who is watching the doorway.

Jack: "Carter, keep an eye on the bridge."

Sam: "Simmons..."

Jack: "Yeah, I know."

Jack and Teal'c leave. AS they are approaching an access door, Simmons comes up from behind and hammers Teal'c, knocking him to the ground. Jack turns and takes a swipe at Simmons, but it is rather ineffective. Simmons eyes flash and he lunges at Jack, pinning him to the wall. They struggle, Jack pushing hard at Simmons face. Simmons picks Jack up and slams him against a wall across the corridor. Jack hits his head and sinks to the deck. In the meantime, Teal'c has regain his senses and is struggling to get up. Simmons and Teal'c trade blows, but Simmons is getting the better of Teal'c. Teal'c is knocked backward as Jack struggles to get his whits about him. Simmons picks up a very large wrench and advances on Teal'c.

Simmons: "I'm gonna savor this moment."

Just then, the Prometheus drops out of hyperspace. The jolt knocks Simmons off-balance as Jack is able to get to his feet and cross the corridor. He reaches a control panel in the wall and causes doors behind Simmons to open. These doors are an opening to the outside and Simmons and the wrench are sucked out into space as Teal'c and Jack struggle to stay inside and get the doors closed again. They manage the task. As they both stand up again, Jack straightens Teal'c's jacket collar and pats his shoulder. Teal'c smiles slightly and nods.

Time jump: The two guards who were subdued earlier have joined SG-1, Julia and Jones on the bridge.

Jones: "Where's the rest of my team?"

Jack: "Just never you mind about the rest of your team."

Sam: "Sir, I have no idea where we are."

Jones: "There should be a planet here."

Sam: "What planet?"

Jones: "Back when Colonel Maybourne was running our off-world op, we found a tablet written in the language of the ancients. It described a large cache of weapons and technology hidden in a secret location. Colonel Simmons wanted it bad. The only problem was, we couldn't translate the coordinates."

Teal'c: "Therefore, Colonel Simmons enlisted the aid of the Goa'uld."

Jones: "After that, it was just a matter of waiting until we could get transportation."

Jack: "Okay, let's go home."

Sam: "Well, sir, it's possible when the hyperdrive was brought on-line no one full accounted for the instability of the Naquadria."

Jack: "Well, who does?"

Sam: "Well, what I'm saying is if I don't know where we are, I can't plot a course for home."

Julia: "So...what do we do now?"

Time jump: Jonas returns to the bridge from wherever he has been.

Jonas: "Gibson and Finney are checking the food supply, but, uh, it doesn't look very good."

Jack is sitting in the center chair, Sam is in the seat to his left and Teal'c in the seat to his right (very much the opposite of Riker, Picard and Troi - LOL).

Sam: "Sir, based on the amount of time we were in hyperspace, I'd estimate we're at least 1200 light years away from Earth."

Jack: "How does that help us?"

Sam: "Uh, it doesn't."

Jonas (standing behind Jack and looking at the front widows): "Colonel..."

We see a hyperspace window open and an Asgard ship suddenly appear very near the Prometheus.

Sam: "It's the Asgard."

Just then, Thor materializes on the bridge directly in front of Jack. Thor is sitting in a chair.

Jack: "Thor, buddy...nice timing."

Thor: "It has been some time, O'Neill. I owe you all a debt of gratitude for rescuing me from my Goa'uld captors."

Jack: "Ah..." (dismissing his debt, then lightening things up) "Hey, I thought you were going for the new body?"

Thor: "I did."

Jack (trying to swallow his surprise): "It's nice."

Sam (trying to change the subject): " did you find us?"

Thor: "The Asgard monitor all hyperspace activity in the vicinity of Earth. We have been tracking you since you left orbit."

Jack: "Excellent. Can you help us out here?"

Thor: "If fact, it is we who need your help. The Asgard homeworld has been overrun by the replicators. We have need of both you and your ship."

To be continued...

End Credits

Source : Stargate Fusion.
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