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La Prophétie

Transcript by M. Uli Kusterer Sarae

Christopher Judge: Previously on Stargate SG-1

Int, CASSANDRA in Sickbay, sitting in a bed. On a retractable table in front of her sits a traveling chessboard, a little above it floats a chess piece in mid-air, spinning top over bottom. The girl's gaze is focused on it as DR. FRAISER enters, looking at the chess piece in a chiding manner.

Fraiser: Cassandra, what are you doing?

Cassandra: It helps to do this.

Int, The briefing room, we see Daniel Jackson in BDUs, sitting at the table and deeply in one of his lectures.

Jackson: Hok'Taur is actually a hybrid of two Goa'uld words, "Hok" which means advanced, and "Taur", which, I believe, is a sort of slang...

O'Neill: For ...?

Teal'c: Human.

Jackson: So essentially, it's advanced human: "Hok Tauri"

Teal'c: Such an advanced human will represent a powerful host for the Goa'uld.

Sam: Which explains why Nirrti was performing the experiments.

Int, Nirrti's fortress from "Metamorphosis". We see Jack behind the column, aiming his rifle, firing. The bullet is stopped magically in thin air just inches from a surprised Jaffa's face by one of the mutated aliens. We see the bullet in the air, then the camera refocuses and shows us O'Neill's unbelieving face as he lowers his rifle. Nirrti gives O'Neill a condescending look, and then we see that, at a motion of the alien's hand, the bullet drops to the carpet. We jump in time, to see Jonas in the "DNA machine", his face taking on a look of surprised intrigue as he sees the projection of his DNA around him, spinning, then zooming in on a particular section of a helix when the camera zooms back to show the two aliens beside the machine, staring in awe at their goddess's miraculous machine. Nirrti steps into the picture, addressing Jonas.

Nirrti: Those few thousand years on another world have changed you more than you know...

Another jump, and we see Nirrti close to Jonas, trying to lure him into helping her, her face only inches from his, looking at him, while he's turning away his head.

Nirrti: I could make you more powerful than you could imagine. The powers you've seen in Wodan and the others - only a fraction of what I could give you.

Ext, the present, a planet with grey skies and a bright white glaring sun, above a maze of pipes in rust-brown color, probably a refinery or some sort of mine. Underneath a number of pipes sticking out to the side before leading into the ground we see a group of one or two dozen green tents.

Elori (v/o): I must apologize, Colonel. This is a meager feast to offer visitors from another world.

We look inside one of the tents, where O'Neill and Sam are sitting at a table, eating sinewy and gooey meat from metal plates. O'Neill has a determined look on his face as he battles a piece of meat, while Sam looks like she's going to throw up any minute.

O'Neill: No need to apologize. It ap-- (he swallows) --pears delicious.
He and Sam exchange pleading looks.

Elori: We are a poor people. We are forced to spend most of our time in the mines.

CHAZEN: For the greater glory of Baal.

We see Teal'c and Jonas at the other side of the table, who are less than pleased about
CHAZEN's smile and his belief in these words.

Elori (silently): Of course.

Sam (thoughtfully): That's interesting. Because, according to our information, Baal abandoned this place a hundred years ago when the Naqadah mines ran dry.

Elori: The Naqadah is scarce and difficult to extract, but there are still deposits.
In the background, we see Jonas fidgeting a little, looking rather pale. Teal'c notices and addresses him.

Teal'c: Are you feeling unwell, Jonas Quinn?

Jonas: I'm fine, just ... uh ... it's hot.
Carter reacts.

CHAZEN: It is true we have not seen Lord Baal in many generations, but we continue to pay him tribute through his emissary, Lord Mot.

O'Neill: You expecting this guy anytime soon?

Elori: He will arrive in twelve days, at the rising of the full moon.
We pan across Elori and CHAZEN, then we see Jonas, who is noticeably flushed. He seems to be weary, then blinks to clear his view. A flash of light, and we see a vague "flashback"-style sequence. We see CHAZEN, sternly addressing Elori.

CHAZEN: Stop talking like an old fool. It'd be madness to defy Lord Mot!
We flash back to Jonas, who closes his eyes for a moment, obviously trying to compose himself, rubbing his eyes. CHAZEN doesn't seem happy at the turn of the conversation as Elori continues...

Elori: With each passing year, the mining grows more difficult. Soon it may be impossible to meet Lord Mot's demands. But we have no choice. They are gods, after all. Are they not?

Teal'c, and O'Neill look up at this.

CHAZEN: Well, they have great power, that's all we need to know.

Elori: That is true, however...

CHAZEN: Elori!
Teal'c, Sam and Jack have gained interest, and so...

Jack: However... what?

Elori: We have an ancient prophecy, that one day strangers would come through the Chappa'ai to slay the gods, and free our people. Now, you have arrived. And you also carry weapons of great power.

CHAZEN: Stop talking like an old fool. It'd be madness to defy Lord Mot!
Jonas is looking a little surprised at hearing this very phrase. He gets up painfully, turning from the table.

O'Neill: Jonas?

Jonas: I need some air...
Sam looks up at her teammate, surprised. He takes a step from the table, then slumps to the ground. Sam immediately runs up to him, checking his temperature...

Sam: Jonas!

INT, one of the tunnels at the SGC from what looks like the security camera's viewpoint. A guard walks away from the camera just as Hammond, Fraiser (with a huge folder) and Jonas head towards us. Fraiser is flipping through X-Rays. The camera heads sideways as they head around a corner, showing we've been looking at a monitor in a side corridor until now. They are again heading towards the camera. Fraiser is talking all the time.


They turn again and we find them in some part of the lab, where Fraiser turns on one of those light-thingies at the wall and hangs X-Rays (or should that be MRIs?) of Jonas' brain on it (about twelve or sixteen slices of brain on each).

Fraiser: Preliminary tests seem to indicate that Jonas is in perfect health. But given his history with Naquadria research I thought it would be prudent to do an MRI. Now, it shows an area of unusual brain activity right about here.


Hammond: Any explanation?

Fraiser: No sir. In fact I don't even know if this has anything to do with what happened on the planet.

AND TERYL ROTHERY AS DR. FRAISER (first time I notice the spelling!)

Jonas: I had a dizzy spell! It was probably the food.

Fraiser: Maybe, but I don't want to take any chances. I've scheduled a series of follow-up exams.


Hammond: Very well.
Hammond EXITS.

EXT. entrance to Cheyenne Mountain. We're looking through the barb wire fence, a guard can be seen to the right in front of the watch tower, two more in the tunnel entrance.


INT, briefing room. SG-1 and Hammond are debriefing, Jonas is looking rather tired, distracted.

Sam: According to Tok'Ra intelligence, not only did Baal abandon P4S-237 over a hundred years ago, but to the best of their knowledge he no longer receives any Naquadah shipments from the planet.


Hammond: So where is it going?

Sam: Well, perhaps this Lord Mot is keeping it for himself?

Hammond: What do we know about him?

Jonas: He was the, uh... Canaanite god of death. According to mythology, he was defeated by Baal and then forced to live in the underworld.


Teal'c: In all likelihood, there was a power struggle. Baal defeated Mot and forced him into servitude.

Jack: Maybe he... doesn't wanna serve anymore...

Teal'c: If he is stockpiling Naquadah without Baal's knowledge, he may well be planning to move against him.

Sam: Sir, if we're right about this and Baal no longer has any knowledge of what's happening on the planet, it's possible we could free these people. (Hammond considers it) If the system lords think this planet's worthless, then we wouldn't have to worry about someone coming in to take his place.

Hammond: Did they ask for our help?

Jack: mmm.... Not exactly.

Sam: I think they were afraid to come out and ask directly, but they did hint that they no longer believed the Goa'uld were gods.

Hammond: What do you think, Colonel?

O'Neill: I think we're going to need a lot more intel.

We focus on Jonas, who is resting his head on one hand, as another Flashback hits him. We see a look at a table in Jonas' lab, where a notebook (one of Daniel's diaries?) is lying next to what appears to be a sink. From Jonas' point of view, we see that he picks up the book (he uses his left hand, where he's wearing his watch). There appears to be a woman drawn on the page, arms raised, holding something (an Ankh or something), owls at her feet, lots of writing. There is a pen clipped to the book. The camera turns at...

Sam: Hey, you wanna get some lunch? It's Mexican today.
The flashback ends on Jonas, who is in the same position as before, while we hear...

Sam: According to Elori, Mot isn't due to return for another twelve days, that gives us plenty of time.

Hammond: I'll contact the Pentagon.
He gets up, and we see Jonas, still perplexed by his vision.

INT, Jonas is coming round a corridor, still scratching his head, as he's been doing so often during the episode. He stops, looking at something off-camera, brow furrowed. The camera turns to reveal the book, lying open in a very similar fashion as in his vision. We turn with him, at the sound of footsteps, and in comes...

Sam: Hey, you wanna get some lunch? It's Mexican today.
Jonas is visibly spooked, staring at his teammate, the book still in his hand. Sam lowers her head, staring back in confusion.

Sam: What?

Jonas: I knew you were gonna say that...

Sam: What are you talking about?
She walks around him as he turns back to the desk, him looking at the book, her at the table.


Jonas: Before, when we were in the briefing room, I had a ... I don't know... it was like a vision ...
He flaps the book shut, holding it closed with both hands (the pen!) and turns at the door, where Sam just came in.


Jonas: ... I was standing here, holding this notebook ... you came in and said what you said.

Sam: When you think you're re-living a moment, it's called a déjà vu. It's normal. It... It's said to be caused by a split-second delay in sense perception.


Jonas: No, this was different. It was the same on the planet, I ... saw something and it happened.

Sam: When?

Jonas: Just before I passed out. I didn't say anything 'cause I didn't think anything of it at the time, but now it's happened twice.
Sam reacts, looking concerned.

INT, Hammond's office. The General is reading some file as Fraiser enters with a huge white sheet in front of her. Hammond puts down his file as...

Fraiser: Sir? We just completed a second MRI. There's still nothing to suggest that Jonas's previous exposure to Naquadria has anything to do with this.

Hammond: According to Major Carter, he claims to be having visions.

Fraiser: H-hm. He's also beginning to suffer from headaches. I know the symptoms appear to be similar to what happened to these scientists on Kelowna, but there are no indications of schizophrenia. There is, however, a small spot on this MRI that has me worried.
She hands him the sheet.

Hammond: You know what it is?

Fraiser: I'm not sure, but it could be a tumor.

Hammond: Is this what caused him to pass out?

Fraiser: It's possible.


Fraiser: Sir, I ... think it would be best if you took Jonas off of active duty.
Hammond reacts.

INT, Jonas' lab, Jonas is standing on one side in green BDUs. The Colonel's in the middle, back to the door in blue BDUs, arms crossed in front of his chest. He is flanked by Sam and Teal'c, who are also wearing blue slacks, but black T-shirts/long-sleeved shirts.

Jonas: This is ridiculous.

O'Neill: Fraiser's just covering all the bases.

Jonas: Ahhh... something else has to be going on here. Whatever she saw ... in that MRI has to have something to do with these visions I'm having, I mean ... can't be just coincidence.


Jack raises an eyebrow in suspicion. The other two don't look much more believing either.

Jonas: What? You guys didn't believe me when I saw those alien creatures. They turned out to be real.
They exchange a pointed look.

O'Neill: So... you're seeing things before they happen?

Jonas: ... That's right.

O'Neill: Like ... what's for lunch?
Sam shoots him a LOOK, sighs soundlessly. O'Neill reacts. Jonas begins looking a little dizzy again, blinking more often. He sits down as he answers...

Jonas: No, I can't control it, they're just ... flashes.

Teal'c: We have encountered many strange Phenomena, Jonas Quinn, but ... we have yet to meet anyone that can see the future.

Sam: It ... goes against all the laws of physics as we understand it. Have you had any more?
Jonas is staring ahead in concentration, focusing on a couple of air molecules inches before his nose. Sam lowers her head, Jack looks concerned. He raises his eyebrows as he says...

Jack: Jonas?
Jonas looks around a little disorientedly, then looks ahead again as he announces...

Jonas: The Tok'ra are coming.
Jack looks at him skeptically, Teal'c raises an eyebrow and inclines his head (wow! such emotion!), Sam exchanges a glance with O'Neill. (wow, this must be the most cliche moment in SG-1 history...). Suddenly, Klaxons go off in the background. We see Jonas, Teal'c and Sam glancing at the P.A. somewhere above as O'Neill is wearing his
"I'm not going to admit that I'm wrong"-look.

P.A.: Unscheduled off-world activation.

Jonas: Her name is Sina.
We end on a shot at Jonas as he rubs his forehead and announces this.

INT, SG-1 enters the briefing room, walking past a guard at the door. Hammond is there with a reddish-blond random Tok'ra babe we've never seen before. She is dressed much more tasteful than Anise, and it seems this time they actually got a Tok'Ra a jacket to go with the Vorash bear skins.

Hammond: SG-1, this is Sina, of the Tok'ra.

Sina: We have further information about the System Lord Baal.
A strange silence emanates from our main team. O'Neill stares in surprise, as if going to object, mouth half-opened. Sam looks at him, as if dreading what he's about to say.

Hammond: Is there a problem?

O'Neill: No Sir.

Hammond: Please.
He offers her a seat as they sit down O'Neill and Teal'c take seats next to Sina, Hammond is to her right, at the head of the table. Another SF is standing in the background as if this just cost him is washroom break. O'Neill is looking at the Tok'ra as if she was contagious.

Sina: Baal has suffered a recent military defeat at the hands of Lord Yu. Anubis is said to be very disappointed.

Sam: It's hard to believe that Yu hasn't been destroyed yet.

Sina: Given that he is the only System Lord still in opposition to Anubis, his persistence is remarkable.

O'Neill: You go, Yu!
There is silence at O'Neill's quip, Sam smirks a little. O'Neill rolls his eyes in defeat. The Tok'ra is sporting a "The Queen is not amused" look.

Sina: Baal's recent campaign was meant to be a final crushing blow, but he allowed Yu to escape his grasp and suffered heavy losses in the process.

O'Neill: So, he screwed up and his boss is pissed at him now, eh?

Sina: If I understand you correctly, yes. That would be a fair assessment.

Teal'c: Clearly, Baal is in a vulnerable position. This may be an ideal time for Mot to move against him.

Sam: If he moves up to the rank of System Lord, he won't have to keep his operation on 237 secret anymore. He could garrison the planet.

Jonas: So, if we're gonna help them, we'd better do it soon.
The Tok'ra nods in assent.

INT, Jonas lab. We see his hands as he pours aspirin from a small plastic can. He checks out the directions on the label as Sam enters in the background.

Sam: Another headache?

Jonas: (Nodding painfully) ... yeah.
He rubs his forehead as Sam approaches. This situation has clearly caught her fancy.

Sam: Jonas, none of us had ever met that Tok'ra before. There's no way you could have known her name.

Jonas: I can't explain it. I saw her in the briefing room, General Hammond said her name, and then a few minutes later it happened. Teal'c said that you've never encountered aliens with precognitive abilities, right?

Sam: Yeah, we haven't.

Jonas: But we have come across other psychic powers.

Sam: On P3X-367.

Jonas: Wodan was telekinetic, Eggar was telepathic. Then there was Cassandra.

Sam: You think that Nirrti has something to do with this.

Jonas: It's very possible. She had me in that gene spicing machine for over an hour. What if she did something to me?

INT, Fraiser's lab. We see an MRI of Jonas' head on a display in a side view, with a spot of the brain in front marked specially. The camera pans to show Fraiser explaining part of it to Hammond.

Fraiser: It's hard to say without a biopsy, but all of my tests seem to indicate that the tumor is not made up of cancer cells.

Hammond: Then what is it?

Fraiser: I'm not sure. But I do know that it's grown by over 50 per cent since the last test. I've never seen anything like it.

Hammond: What can we do?

Fraiser: I recommend immediate surgery. If we don't get it out of him soon, the intra-cranial pressure is going to kill him.
Hammond looks less than happy, and we get a slightly too loud strings solo.

EXT, Cheyenne Mountain, two guards with rifles on their backs are approaching the entrance, to the right of it we see a truck and a humvee.

INT, briefing room. There seems to be a security station with a guard and lots of monitors in the back. Fraiser, Hammond and SG-1 are present. Hammond sits opposite her, Jonas is sitting to her left, to his left is Sam.

Fraiser: I've called in a neuro-surgeon. Her name is Sandy van Densen. She's the best there is.

Jonas: I'm not completely convinced that surgery is the right way to deal with this.

Fraiser: Jonas, it's going to kill you.

Jonas: You don't know that. We don't even know what it is!

Sam: Jonas and I have been discussing the possibility that this has something to do with Nirrti. That it's another step towards the creation of Hok'tar.

Fraiser: So you think this is the result of genetic manipulation?

Sam: Jonas thinks the new tissue in his brain is somehow giving him pre-cognitive abilities.

Fraiser: Well, for all I know you may be right. But that doesn't change the fact that if this tumor continues to grow at its current rate, it is still going to kill you.

Jonas: It may stabilize.

Jack: Nirrti never did anything to anyone that didn't turn out badly.

Jonas: Colonel, you of all people should realize what an advantage this could be. Imagine if we could know in advance when and where the next Goa'uld attack would come from.

Teal'c: You have yet to provide such valuable information.

Jonas: All I'm saying is just give me some more time. At least ... forty-eight hours.

Hammond: Make it twenty-four, and you remain on-base for observation.

Jonas: What about the mission?

Hammond: You're going to sit this one out. Colonel, I want you to take the rest of SG-1 and SG-15 back to the planet for a full tactical assessment. If there's a real chance we can free these people from the Goa'uld, I wanna know about it.

Jack: Yes, Sir.

Hammond: Dismissed.
They get up and leave.

INT, Sickbay, Fraiser is checking blood pressure etc. on Jonas, who is sitting on a bed in sickbay. One male and two female nurses are also present.

Fraiser: Blood pressure's a little high. (she takes off the blood pressure measuring "bandage") How are the headaches?

Jonas: Not good.

Fraiser: Jonas, why are you doing this?

Jonas: Even limited precognitive abilities would be invaluable to our work.

Fraiser: Hm. You still think you have to keep proving yourself, don't you? You know, you might want to consider the possibility that you're valuable enough already. (he pauses, nods not very convincingly, Fraiser turns to the nurse) Let's run another EEG.

Female Nurse: Yes, Doctor.
Jonas is sitting there, staring vacantly ahead again. Fraiser notices, looks at him in concern. He doesn't notice her.

Fraiser: Jonas?
We get another flashback as Jonas' eyes widen: One of the SGC corridors. Fraiser is running towards a stretcher, another male nurse is with her. A male and a female nurse are hurrying the stretcher around the corner in a hurry.

Fraiser: How's she doing?

Female Nurse: Respirations are shallow. Pulse is weak.
We see that it is Major Carter on the stretcher. She appears to have a burnt wound at her shoulder. We zoom back to see we've been watching over Jonas' shoulder.

Fraiser: Sam, can you hear me? Sam?

Female Nurse: I've lost the pulse.

Fraiser: She's in V-fib! (Janet thumps Sam on the chest.) Anything?

Female Nurse: Nothing.

Fraiser: Charge to two hundred.

Female Nurse: Charging.

Fraiser: Clear!
We see Jonas watching the scene with frightened calmness, then the flashback ends and we find ourselves in...

INT, Sickbay, Jonas is still sitting on the bed as sirens go off in the background. He snaps out of it and looks around, realizing SG-1 are about to depart. He practically flies out of sickbay.

Fraiser: Jonas!

INT, Gateroom. The Stargate swooshes to life, and we turn to see Teal'c, Jack and Sam heading up the ramp, more SG-personnel behind them. They are almost at the top, when we hear...

Jonas: Colonel! Colonel! (He has reached them) You have to scrub the mission.

Jack: Why?

Jonas: Major Carter gets hurt, I saw it.

Hammond: (up in the control room, via PA) Colonel O'Neill, what the hell is going on down there?

INT, Briefing room, Hammond is standing at the window, looking down at the gate, where two SG-teamers are standing, waiting for the gate to be reactivated. Pacing to and fro behind him is...

Jonas: It was a medical emergency. Major Carter was being rushed to the infirmary with what appeared to be a staff blast wound.

Teal'c: According to the villagers, we will not encounter any Jaffa for many days.

Jonas: Well, maybe they're wrong, or maybe they lied, we can't know for sure.

Sam: Well that's just it, Jonas, there's no way we can know. Maybe it's not even supposed to happen on this mission, it could be weeks from now.

Jonas: I don't think I can see that far ahead.

Sam: The point is we can't start second-guessing every decision. It's a calculated risk every time we step through that gate.

Hammond: I agree Major. However, until I have a better understanding of what's going on, I'd prefer to err on the side of caution.

Jack: Was ... anybody else hurt on this ... thing?

Jonas: I only saw Major Carter.

Jack: Well, then she can sit this one out ... just ... to be on the safe side.

Hammond: Agreed. But Colonel, be careful.

Jack: ... Yes, Sir.

FX, We're traveling through the Stargate wormhole tunnel, screeching sound and all, to exit in a bright light and we're...

EXT, on the planet again. Same refinery, same green tents, same sun. The camera changes and we get a look out of one of the tents at Teal'c and O'Neill standing next to something looking like a rusty petrol barrel. Jack is using his radio, slowly stepping back into the tent while doing so.

O'Neill: Major Pierce, report!

Pierce (radio): We swept the whole building, Sir. There's no sign of any Jaffa activity.

Elori: As I said, Lord Mot will not arrive for many days.

O'Neill: (to the radio) All right, stay sharp. O'Neill out.

Elori: Have you decided to help us?

O'Neill: Are you sure this is what you want?

Elori: It is as the prophecy foretold.

O'Neill: No, screw the prophecy! I need to know your people are willing to follow through on this.

Elori: Last winter, there was a terrible sickness in the village. Many could not work. When Lord Mot arrived and there was not enough Naquadah, we tried to explain. We begged his forgiveness, but he would not listen. He took ten of the sickest, including my daughter's husband, and executed them in front of the whole village. We would do anything to be free of this burden.
Jack looks seriously. That was convincing.

EXT, the tent, CHAZEN is standing in the entrance, looking very suspicious. Then he turns and heads for the bushes. We see him heading into a more secluded area of the forest, where he pulls out a small silver ball, a Goa'uld communications device, probably. He holds it in his hand with a determined look on his face.

EXT, Cheyenne Mountain, we look from the hill down at the entrance, where two guards are walking forth and back.

INT, Jonas' lab.
Jonas picks up a book on precognition. He is in pain. There is sweat visible on his brow. He tries to concentrate on the book, but rubs at his eyes and gives up on the book. He stands, with difficulty, putting his hand out to a nearby shelf to steady himself.
An alarm claxon starts blaring.

Voice on PA: "We have a medical emergency on level 25. We have a medical emergency on level 25."

Jonas leaves his lab and we see him get out of an elevator on level 25. A medic is hurrying down the corridor in front of him.

Jonas: "What happened?"
He catches up with Siler who is walking to the infirmary.

Siler: "Ah, we were doing an overhaul of the 'gate generators and there was a power spike. The capacitor blew."

Jonas: "Anybody else hurt?"

Siler: "Major Carter."
Jonas stops and slowly turns to see the scene he had seen in his vision play out before him.
Fraiser: "How's she doing?"

Female Nurse: "Respirations are shallow. Pulse is weak."
We see that it is Major Carter on the stretcher. She appears to have a burnt wound at her shoulder. We zoom back to see we've been watching over Jonas' shoulder.

Fraiser: "Sam, can you hear me? Sam?"

Female Nurse: "I've lost the pulse."

Fraiser: "She's in V-fib!" (Janet thumps Sam on the chest.) "Anything?"

Female Nurse: "Nothing."

Fraiser: "Charge to two hundred."

Female Nurse: "Charging."

Fraiser: "Clear!"

Female Nurse: "Clear."
Janet zaps Sam with the defibrillator paddles.

Frasier: "What've we got?"

Female Nurse: "Pulse is back, regular sinus."

Fraiser: "Okay. Let's get them both into the infirmary. Let's move."
Jonas watches as Siler follows Sam, Janet and the other medical personnel into the elevator.

Commercial Break

Scene: SGC - Infirmary
We see a nurse checking up on Sam who is sitting up on an infirmary bed. She is connected to I.V.s and monitors. The nurse leaves.

Sam: "Thanks."
Just then Jonas walks up and leans on a table holding one of the computer monitors next to Sam's bed.

Sam: "Hey."

Jonas: "How you feeling?"
Sam: "Slightly overcooked. Janet says I'll be fine."
She pats the bed next to her, indicating that he should have a seat.

Jonas: "Sam, I'm sorry."
Jonas sits on the bed next to Sam.

Sam: "For what?"

Jonas: "If I had just kept my mouth shut, you would have gone on the mission. None of this would have happened."

Sam: "Jonas..."

Jonas: "I envisioned it exactly the way it happened, but I didn't understand it. I misinterpreted the vision. I won't make that same mistake again."

Sam (nodding her head): "Don't do this to yourself."

Jonas: "I've been thinking about this a lot. Now, I've always been hyper-observant. I see details that other people miss. I see patterns. Maybe predicting the future is just an extension of that ability."

Sam: "It doesn't work that way. According to Newtonian physics, yes...if you could know the position and velocity of every particle in the universe at any given moment, you could accurately predict all of their interactions for the rest of time."

Jonas: "So then, the future is predetermined. It's just a matter of having enough information to figure it out."

Sam: "Yes, but quantum mechanics blows that out of the water. According to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, it is impossible to look at a sub-atomic particle and know both where it is and where it's going at the same time. The more accurately you fix its position, the more uncertain you make its velocity and vice versa. The best we can do is calculate probabilities."

Jonas: "Okay, so then, I'm seeing probable futures."

Sam: "Maybe."

Jonas: "Every vision I've had has turned out exactly the way I saw it."

Sam: "That doesn't mean they always will, Jonas."

Scene: P4S-237 - Nighttime
Jack, Teal'c and other SG members are conversing around a map with Elori.

Teal'c: "Does Mot usually arrive through the Stargate?"

Elori: "No, he usually arrives by ship."

Jack: "Where does he land?"

Elori (points to a spot on the map): "Here."

Teal'c: "How many Jaffa?"

Elori: "Eight...maybe ten."

Teal'c: "Clearly, he is not anticipating resistance."

Pierce: "Colonel, we can do this. There's plenty of cover here..." (points to two spots on the map) "...and here. They'd never know what hit 'em."

Jack: "All right, we'll do a sweep of the area tomorrow."

Elori: "I will show you."

Chazen (off camera): "Old fool."
Elori turns to reveal Chazen standing right behind him.

Elori: "Chazen..."

Chazen: "These outsiders have led you astray, but I've taken care of everything."

Jack: "What'd you do?"
Just then they hear a ship pass overhead.

Teal'c (looking up): "A scout ship."

Chazen: "Lord Mot is coming."
He holds up his hand to reveal a Goa'uld sonic grenade. It detonates in a brilliant flash of white.

Scene: SGC - Jonas' Lab
Janet walks in looking at the chart she is carrying.

Fraiser: "Jonas, we need to go over these test results..." (she looks up to see him collapsed on the floor. She drops the chart and rushes to him.) "Jonas!"
She drops down to feel for a pulse. We see Jonas lying on his side, his eyes open, but not really seeing anything and his nose is bleeding. Janet gets up and walks to the nearest phone.

Fraiser (into the phone): "This is Fraiser. I need a medical team to level 18, L7."


Scene: P4S-237 - Nighttime
The SG members are in a cell on the planet. Teal'c is the only one standing. He is looking through the bars at the Jaffa standing guard.

Jack (getting up to join him): "Every time I wake up in a Goa'uld cell, I can't help the thought that something bad is going to happen."
Lord Mot enters and addresses Jack.

Mot: "You are the Tau'ri of Stargate Command."

Jack: "And you are Lord Mot, come to punish us for our insolence, et cetera, yadda, et al."

Mot: "That is correct."

Jack: "Yeah. Well, Mr. Mot, we're onto you. We know what you've got planned and we've informed the Tok'ra. If we don't report back on schedule... they're gonna rat you out. They're gonna tell your boss. They'll snitch on ya."

Mot: "You intend to send a warning to Baal."

Jack (looks at Teal'c): "I think that's what I said, isn't it?" (Teal'c nods, smiling) "I said that."

Mot: "I think this is unlikely. You would not be here if you did not wish to protect the people of this planet. If Baal discovers the mines are still active, he will return. There will be no message."

Teal'c (still smiling): "Baal is in the service of Anubis. If you kill him, you will have to answer for it."

Mot: "You may be of some assistance in that regard."

Jack: "I...don't...think so."

Mot: "It is well known among the system lords that an iris protects your 'gate. Obviously, you must transmit some kind of code before you return to your planet. I suspect you use one of these..." (Mot holds up a GDO - Jack looks decidedly more serious and Teal'c's smile dissipates) "You will tell me the code and I will use it to destroy Stargate Command. Anubis will congratulate me on my initiative."

Teal'c: "We will tell you nothing."

Mot: "Not at first. But eventually. However, for the moment, I must deal with these villagers. I cannot let their treachery go unpunished."

Jack: "They had nothing to do with this."

Mot: "My spy tells me otherwise. Of course, I could be convinced to spare them some discomfort..." (Mot smiles and then chuckles) "Uhn, very well, then. I'll leave you to think about it."
Mot leaves. Teal'c and Jack share a sideways glance.

Scene: SGC - Infirmary
Jonas is waking up on an infirmary bed.

Jonas: "What am I doing here?"

Fraiser: "You had a seizure. We can't wait any longer, Jonas. If this tumor gets much bigger, we may not be able to remove it safely."

Jonas (who has been staring straight up the entire time, frowns): "Wait..."

Fraiser: "What is it?"

Another vision ensues:
Control Room

Davis: "Sir, we're receiving an I.D.C. It's SG-15."

Hammond (walks up behind him): "Open the iris."

Davis: "Yes, sir."
The iris opens. Davis and Hammond wait...nothing happens,

Hammond: "SG-15, this is Hammond. Come in. Repeat, this is General Hammond, please respond."

A staff blast comes through the 'gate, narrowly missing Hammond, but knocking him down and showering him with shards of glass as the control room window shatters. Then a Goa'uld sonic grenade rolls onto the ramp and detonates in a brilliant flash of white. All the SGC 'gate room guards are rendered unconscious. Next, Jaffa come through the 'gate, staff weapons blasting away as new personnel come into the 'gate room, guns firing.

Hammond pulls himself off the floor, and he is nicked all over his face and arms. He sees David lying unconscious on the floor. More Jaffa come through. The fire fight continues in the 'gate room. Both sides have casualties, but then another Jaffa comes through with a giant ball. He opens it and activates it as more SGC personnel are taken out. The Jaffa are winning. Hammond is crawling forward and manages to activate the hand scanner, closing the iris. He looks up in time to see his personnel down several of the Jaffa just before the ball device detonates.

The vision ends and we are looking at Jonas in the infirmary again.

Jonas: "I need to talk to General Hammond." (Janet looks at him, puzzled.) "Now!"


Commercial Break


Scene: SGC - Infirmary
Hammond, Sam and Janet are standing near Jonas' bed.

Jonas: "By the time you closed the iris, it was too late. They set off some kind of...bomb that destroyed the entire 'gate room, maybe even the whole mountain."

Hammond: "You sure it was SG-15's iris code?"

Jonas: "Positive."

Sam: "Sir, we have to warn them."

Jonas: "Yeah, but maybe sending a message is what causes this to happen."

Hammond: "Like when you tried to warn Major Carter about her injury."

Jonas: "Yeah."

Sam: "Jonas, we've been over this. The future isn't predetermined. Now in the absence of any other information, the best we can do is follow normal procedure."

Jonas: "Yeah, but if I didn't have this vision, we wouldn't be having this conversation. We're already beyond normal procedure."

Hammond: "What do you suggest?"

Jonas: "We need more information. We need to know how the Jaffa get the iris code. Maybe I can find that out."

Sam: "I thought you said you couldn't control the visions."

Jonas: "I haven't been trying hard enough..."

Fraiser: "No. Jonas, if we don't get you into surgery right now, you could die."

Jonas: "I need just a little more time..."

Scene: P4S-237 - The Cell
Elori's daughter, Natania, walks into the "prison" carrying a tray of liquid refreshment for the Jaffa. The Jaffa immediately take containers off the tray and begin drinking.

Jack: "Excuse me, miss. How about sending a little of that our way..."
His last word trails off as he sees the looks she has thrown at him. Just then, the first Jaffa to drink collapses into the second Jaffa which sends him backward into the bars. Jack and Teal'c act quickly to restrain the Jaffa and then he, too, collapses.

Jack: "...or not." (Natania takes the keys off the Jaffa and begins opening the cell) "Wow, what'd you put in that?"

Natania: "Kelmina root. They will sleep for many hours." (She opens the door to the cell and Jack and all the SG personnel walk out.) "I was able to retrieve this." (She hands a GDO to Pierce as he walks past her.) "Chazen has the rest of your belonging. I dared not take more."

Jack: "Where's your father?"

Natania: "He is being held in the village. Lord Mot intends to make an example of him."

Jack: "All right, we can help him, but we have to get to the 'gate to get some reinforcements here."

Natania: "I understand."

Jack: "How do we get out?"

Natania: "This way."

Jack: "Boys..."

They all follow Natania.

Scene: SGC - Infirmary
Jonas has lit several candles. He blows out the match.

Fraiser: "You think that'll help?"

Jonas: "It works for Teal'c."
He starts swaying.

Fraiser (coming up to support him): "Jonas...?"

Jonas: "I'm okay."
He is able to regain his balance. He takes a cross-legged seat on the end of the infirmary bed. He frowns again as he begins to have another vision:

We see the SGC personnel walking through a grassy field.
Back to Jonas, who is trying to concentrate.
He sees the Stargate on P4S-237. Then he sees Jack walk up to the DHD as Pierce starts dialing Earth.
Back to Jonas, who has another go at it.
He sees Jack standing at he DHD as the 'gate activates and Pierce sends SG-15's code with the GDO.

Pierce (to Jack): "We're good to go."
Then Pierce is shot from behind with a staff blast and Jack takes cover as a firefight ensues. Both sides are taking losses. Then Jack and Teal'c both notice that Pierce is alive. Teal'c moves to him to try and drag him out of the line of fire as Jack covers him with Zat fire. Teal'c is hit from behind by a staff blast, knocking him to his knees.

Jack: "Teal'c!"
Teal'c looks up at him, gets a determined look on his face and tries to move forward. He is hit twice more from behind and the look on his face changes to one of shock. Then he falls forward, face first. Jack is momentarily stunned. Then he looks around and sees Jaffa everywhere. He continues to fire, valiantly, but he is greatly outnumbered and being shot at from all directions.
We see Jonas again, sweating, pale and nearly unconscious. He starts to get off the bed.

Fraiser: "Jonas?"

Jonas: "I need to get to the control room."

Fraiser: "What? Jonas!" (He collapses and she struggles to keep him from hitting the ground). "I need some help in here!" (Several other medical personnel help her lift him onto a bed). "Get him on the bed. We gotta get him into surgery. Grab the gurney. Easy. Jonas? Jonas..." (She shines a pen light in his eyes, but he is no longer responsive and blood is coming out his nose again.) "Jonas, can you hear me?"

Scene: P4S-237 - Natania is leading the SGC personnel through the forest.

Natania (stops and points): "This path will take you to the Chappa'ai." (Jack motions for the others to continue down the path.) "Colonel, I fear Mot will execute my father. There is not much time."

Jack: (places a hand on her shoulder): "Just stay out of sight until we get back."

He leaves her standing there to join his team.

Scene: SGC - Corridor
We see Jonas being wheeled down the corridor on a gurney. He regains consciousness as he goes.

Jonas: "Not yet..."
Sam comes up and joins the procession.

Sam: "What happened?"

Fraiser: "We can't wait any longer."

Jonas: "Sam...Sam..." (He motions with his hand. She takes a hold of it and leans closer to him.) "I saw it. I know what's gonna happen."

Scene: SGC - Control Room
Sam enters as Hammond is talking to another SGC member.

Sam: "Sir, they're walking into an ambush. According to Jonas, the Jaffa will be waiting for them at the 'gate. We have to warn them."

Hammond (to Davis): "Dial P4S-237."

Davis: "Yes, Sir."

The 'gate begins spinning.

Scene: SCC - OR
Jonas is on the table, still somewhat conscious, but looking very bad.

Fraiser (to van Densen): "We're ready, doctor." (She approaches the bed with Jonas on it and puts her hand on his shoulder.) "It's okay, just relax."

Jonas: "What's happening?"

Fraiser: "It's okay, Jonas."

Jonas: "What's goin' on?"

Fraiser: "It's okay." (then to a nurse) "Get the Lorazepam." (Jonas tries to say something else as he is convulsing, but Janet reassures him) "It's okay, Jonas, it's not your problem any more."

Scene: P4S-237 - A Tent
We see Chazen holding a P-90 when he hears Hammond's voice over one of the radios.

Hammond: "Colonel O'Neill...this is Hammond, please respond." (Chazen begins walking toward the radio) "Major Pierce? Do you read me?" (then, as Chazen picks up the radio) "Jonas believes there may be a Jaffa presence awaiting your arrival at the Stargate. Exercise extreme caution when approaching the 'gate."

We're now back in the control room. Sam looks at General Hammond, then back at the 'gate.

Hammond: "I repeat, exercise extreme caution when approaching the 'gate. Jonas believes you may be walking into an ambush. Do you copy?"

Back on P4S-237, Chazen puts the radio down.

Chazen: "Sendear..." (He calls a man behind him who comes immediately to him.) "Check on the prisoners."

Sendear: "Yes, Sir."

Hammond (over the radio again): "Colonel O'Neill, do you copy? Major Pierce, do you read me?"

Back in the control room...

Davis: "They could be out of range, sir."

Sam: "Or maybe they received the message, but they can't respond."

Hammond: "What about the MALP?"

We see the computer monitor displaying the NO SIGNAL message.

Davis: "We're not receiving anything, sir."

Sam: "Sir, SG-3 is prepped and ready to go..."

Hammond: "I just can't risk it, Major. I could be sending them into an ambush. We're just going to have to hope Colonel O'Neill gets the message."
Sam nods, but looks none to pleased.


Commercial Break


Scene: P4S-237 - the field near the Stargate

We see the SGC personnel walking through the grass, just as Jonas did in his vision. Then we see Sendear return to Chazen.

Sendear: "The prisoners have escaped."

Chazen (thinks for a few seconds, then): "Sound the alarm."

We see the P4S-237 Stargate activate, just as we did in Jonas' vision. Then we hear an alarm sound and we see Jaffa moving into position near the 'gate. Jack sees them too and he aims just over Pierce, who ducks.

Jack: "Pierce..."

A firefight ensues. Jack once again takes cover behind the DHD, Teal'c behind the MALP. Then we see Mot walking into the tent where Chazen has been.

Mot: "Who gave the order to sound the alarm?"

Chazen: "I did. The prisoners have escaped."

Mot: "Idiot. I allowed that foolish girl to help them. My Jaffa are waiting at the 'gate."

Chazen: "Oh, I could not have known. Y-you must forgive me."

Mot: "You are mistaken."
Mot begins using his hand device on Chazen, but then he is shot by Natania. She is using one of the SGC pistols. She shoots again and we hear Mot fall.

Scene: SGC - OR
Jonas' surgery has begun.
Van Densen: "Scissors." (Janet hands her some scissors.) "There it is. Looks like an astrocytoma."

Fraiser: "Isn't that unusual?"

Van Densen: "Given that the tissue isn't malignant, yes."

Fraiser: "We didn't see any evidence of it on the MRI. This must be a recent formation."

Van Densen: "We've got reticular infiltrates. This could get a little tricky."

Scene: P4S-237 - the Stargate
The firefight continues. The SGC personnel are holding their own.

Scene: SGC - OR
Jonas' surgery continues.

Nurse: "Blood pressure's dropping. Heart rate is 120 and climbing."

Fraiser: "He's hemorrhaging."

Van Densen: "I need more suction. I don't see it."

Nurse: "Blood pressure's 80 on 60. Heart rate's 160."

Fraiser: "We've gotta find the bleeder. He's pre-arrest."

Van Densen: "Run a liter of saline and have dopamine standing by."

Fraiser: "Get a unit of O-neg."

Nurse: "Pressure's 60 on 40."

Fraiser: "Doctor, we're losing him."

Van Densen: "Hold on. I see it. Retract this flap. I think I've got it."

Nurse: "Pressure's coming up. Heart rate's stabilizing."

Van Densen: "Okay, let's get this thing out of him."


Scene: SGC - Corridor outside the 'gate room
We see multiple troops with defensive gear heading to the 'gate room. There are a lot more personnel than Jonas saw in his vision. The 'gate is active but the iris is still closed.
We see Sam (who still has her arm in a sling) and Hammond in the control room. She looks at him. He looks at her. Then we see Davis, shaking his head.

Davis: "Still no signal, sir."
More shots of those preparing for what ever comes through the 'gate.

Davis: "Sir, we're receiving an IDC. It's SG-15."

Hammond: "SG-15...this is Hammond. Come in. Repeat, this is General Hammond, please respond."

Sam: "Sir, if we don't open the iris and it really is Colonel O'Neill, Teal'c and SG-15, then..."

Hammond: "...the second they step through that puddle, they'll be killed. I'm aware of that. Open the iris."

Davis: "Yes, Sir."

The iris opens and all is tense for those at the SGC. Then Jack, Teal'c and the others step through the iris.

Jack: "We've got a wounded man here."
Hammond and Sam rush down to the 'gate room. Medical personnel beat them to the ramp and take the wounded man away.

Unknown Voice: "Clear the ramp."

Hammond: "Colonel, it's good to see you."

Jack: "General, request permission to return to the planet with SGs 3 and 10. We have some unfinished business."

Hammond: "Permission granted."
Jack and Teal'c then look around at all the personnel and weapons in the 'gate room.

Jack: "Expecting someone else, sir?"

Sam: "We'll explain later."

Jack looks around again and follows the others out of the room.

Scene: SGC - Infirmary
Some time has passed. Jonas is sitting in a bed, a cloth covering hid head, reading a book. The rest of SG-1 come to visit.

Jack: "Hey! I thought you were supposed to be resting that brain."

Jonas: "Ahh..."

Sam: "How you doing?"

Jonas: "I'm a little sick of staring at these walls all the time, but other than that, I'm fine. Dr. Fraiser thinks they got it all out."

Sam: "I read the post-op analysis. It said the tumor was similar to ordinary human brain tissue, but that the neurons were five times more densely packed."

Jonas: "Well, Nirrti definitely had to have had something to do with this. I mean, this kind of thing just doesn't happen naturally."

Teal'c: "Are you still having visions, Jonas Quinn?"

Jonas: "Not since the surgery, no."

Jack: " numbers?"

Jonas: " 'Fraid not."

Jack: "No trip to Vegas, just you and me?" (Then he looks right at Sam.)

Jonas: " how's it going on 237?"

Teal'c: "They are planning a large celebration in our honor."

Sam: "They want to thank us for helping them get rid of Mot."

Jack: "We're bringing the food this time."

Jonas: "That's a good idea."
Just then, Janet walks in.

Fraiser: "All right. Visiting hours are over. Jonas, you need your rest."

Jack: "Well...get well soon. We need you out there."

Jonas (as Jack is leaving): "Yes, Sir."
Teal'c bows and takes his leave behind O'Neill. Sam hangs back for a minute. Janet follows Teal'c.

Jonas: "Is he feeling all right?"

Sam: "I knew he'd warm up to you eventually."

Jonas (chuckles a bit): "You know, it is interesting. We changed the way things played out, which would seem to indicate that the future isn't predetermined. But by doing so, we fulfilled an ancient prophecy. A thousand years ago, someone in that village predicted that this would happen. How do you explain that?"

Sam (smiling and shaking her head): "Maybe it was just a lucky guess."

Jonas smiles and nods.


Source : Stargate fusion.

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