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Scene: Hammond's Office

Jack and Hammond are there.

HAMMOND: The state department has received a ransom demand for Dr
Jackson and Dr Lee. We've been given 72 hours to pay or they will

O'NEILL: Do they know who's behind it?

HAMMOND: The kidnappers haven't identified themselves but Intel
indicates we're dealing with Honduran anti-government
revolutionaries. They're following the book on this one.
they have no intention of paying any ransom.

O'NEILL: Unofficially?

HAMMOND: Our ties with the Honduran government are at stake. No
ready to risk breaking policy over this.

O'NEILL: So we send a team in to extract them? We've done it

HAMMOND: Obviously the rebels are betting that our tenuous
relationship with the Nicaraguan government will prevent us from
taking action. They're wrong. I called the President and he's
to help. As we speak he's requesting that the CIA gather whatever
Intel they can. But whether he's willing to risk an international

O'NEILL: thank you Sir.

HAMMOND: I'll let you know the second I hear anything.

Jack leaves.

Scene: Jungle

Daniel is shoved out of a hut and into another one.

REBEL1 : Apurate gringo. Rapido (Hurry up Gringo,
Faster )

RAPHAEL: You have not had water or food for two days.
Muy delicioso. (delicious )

RAPHAEL: Mmm. Pick of the season. This is very good.
Today, we are
going to start slow. I'm going to ask you again.

He uncovers the artefact.

RAPHAEL: What is this?

Daniel ignores him.

RAPHAEL: and this is the part where you do not talk.

He eats some fruit and waves it in front of Daniel.

RAPHAEL: For you. And your friend if you tell me what
this is. I
don't know how long someone can go without food but I
believe the
human body needs water every 3 or 4 days.

DANIEL: It's an ancient artefact.

RAPHAEL: An artefact?

DANIEL: Yeah. I'm an archaeologist, it's what I do, I
artefacts. And now, found one. Seriously, I'm an
guys can look me up on the internet if you want. You
have a computer?

RAPHAEL: It all makes perfect sense. You're nothing
more than an
archaeologist and you find and study artefacts.

DANIEL: It makes perfect sense.

RAPHAEL: I'm going to ask you one last time. What is
this? And
you're not so talkative. What gives you the right to
come into
country and steal valuable artefacts? You call
yourself a scientist;
you're nothing but a thief. And you think you're
better than
me. But
I have reasons for what I do.

DANIEL: I don't doubt that.

RAPHAEL: (Not sure what he says here.) There is
something else you
should not doubt com padre. You will tell me what I
want to know.


Scene: Hammond's office

Jack and Hammond are there.

HAMMOND: The CIA operative in Honduras, an Agent Burke
believes he
knows where Dr Jackson and Dr Lee were taken.

O'NEILL: Burke?

HAMMOND: You know him?

O'NEILL: Yes, I do.

HAMMOND: Anything I should know about, he's the only
agent on

O'NEILL: We're stuck with him regardless, right?


O'NEILL: Nothing you should know about.

HAMMOND: I see. He's requested that you participate in
extraction. The President has green lit the op.
There's a C130
waiting for you at Peterson. It leaves for Honduras in
2 hours.

O'NEILL: Yes Sir.

Scene: Carter's Lab

Sam is fiddling with something when Jack walks in.


O'NEILL: I'm going after Daniel.


O'NEILL: This other mission.

CARTER: Shouldn't be a problem Sir. When do you leave?


CARTER: Good luck.

O'NEILL: You too.

He leaves.

Scene: Jungle

The kidnappers bring Daniel back and take Lee.

LEE: I don't know anything, I don't know anything!

REBELS: Apurese

Daniel lies on the floor of the hut.

Scene: Briefing room.

Sam, Teal'c, Jacob, Bra'tac and Hammond are there.

JACOB: We've confirmed that Anubis has a base on
Tartarus. A
sensor array prevents anyone from approaching the
planet unnoticed.
The Stargate on Tartarus is inside the structure and
has a powerful
force field protecting it.

HAMMOND: We need to know how Anubis created this new
soldier, confirm
what we believe his intentions are and if possible,
stop him. Any

CARTER: Even if we could defeat the force field, we
have to assume
the Stargate would be heavily guarded.

TEAL'C: We must gain access to the planet by somehow
shutting down the sensor array.

CARTER: I agree. The question is how?

SELMAK: I will walk through the Stargate.

HAMMOND: Selmak?


HAMMOND: Come again?

SELMAK: I will wear the armour of Anubis' assassin.
According to
account on Ramius' planet, it passed through the force
field trap.

BRA'TAC: But at what physical cost? We have no way of

CARTER: The force field around that Stargate has got
to be more
powerful than the one we used.

JACOB: I'm sorry kid; I'm with Selmak on this one.
keep me
alive. Does anyone else have a better idea? Once I've
sensor array a scout ship can then approach the
planet. Radioactive
isotopes taken before hand will permit us to move
around freely
without being detected by internal sensors inside the

HAMMOND: What's your exit plan?

BRA'TAC: The scout ship. During the mission, I will
conceal it in
of the planet's many low lying chasms, powering down
to further

HAMMOND: Major, you have a go.

Scene: Honduras Bar

A waiter places a bottle on the table in front f Jack
and says
something in Spanish. Jack replies in Spanish. A man
then sits down.

WAITER: Estas bien? ( are you fine ?)
Jack: Si gracias. ( Yes, thanks )

BURKE: You don't look very happy to see me. I would
have given
anything to see your face when you heard my name. Hey,
it's okay
it's okay.

O'NEILL: It's not okay. I've got 48 hours to find my
friend before
he's killed. Just tell me what you know.

BURKE: Okay, all business, all the time. I can dig
that station. This
was the last place Daniel Jackson was seen before he
hired a guide
named Duran to take him into the jungle. And a short
time after that
he was snatched by anti-Honduran extremists.

O'NEILL: And you know this how?

BURKE: It's how this particular splinter group does
year they kidnapped an important engineer working on
the Cohune(?)
dam. Big American contract. Insurance pays off and
they finance their
little war against the Government with the ransom.

O'NEILL: This engineer, did he live?

BURKE: Yeah, he did. Sometimes they don't.

O'NEILL: What about weapons?

BURKE: okay this is colourful. Honduras and Nicaragua
are in the
middle of a territorial dispute. I know what you're
are they not? So because of this, anyone in the I Hate
Honduras fan
club can seek shelter behind the Nicaraguan borders
and buy guns.
What kind of guns AK's, AK's for days. Nicaragua gets
directly from Russia now but in the 80's they
inherited all the
stuff from Cuba. How do you like that? They let us
fight Cuba from
their shores, we got our asses kicked and Cuba gives
them the guns.
You know we could get shot at by an AK 47 that was
fired at the Bay
of Pigs attack?

O'NEILL: You been down here too long Burke.

BURKE: Hey you think so. You know why I got this
crappy posting in
this sinkhole.

O'NEILL: No. Here's comes the blame. Are you gonna try
blame me

BURKE: Yeah, I do. You could have stood up for me.
Hilary left me.
What do you think happens in a friendly fire incident
when one team
member gets killed and the other doesn't vouch for

O'NEILL: I didn't see what happened to Woods. I told
what I
knew. I wasn't gonna lie. I told them what I knew.

BURKE: I'm not talking about lying. I'm talking about
head, you,
me, Woods, we were buddies man. You knew me.

O'NEILL: I told them what I knew.

BURKE: Well you didn't tell them enough. And now
you're here
stuck in
my part of the world. You need me. And I'm calling it
on this one.

O'NEILL: I don't think so.

BURKE: I know how to get over the borders; I know
where these rebels
operate. Oh yeah, I'm in charge.

O'NEILL: No. You're just the guide.

BURKE: Just the guide. Is that what you think of me

O'NEILL: That's right. You're not so gone you don't
understand the
need for a clear chain of command are you?

BURKE: You want to know how gone I am?

He gets up and walks off.

Waiter: quieres algo mas señor ( do you want anything
else, sir? )
Jack: si, necessito un guia. ( Yes, I need a guide )

WAITER: I am a guide. This? It's just my day job.

Scene: Jungle

The men drag Lee back into the hut.

LEE: I never thought I would die like this.

DANIEL: Ah, you're not dead yet.

LEE: I'm sorry Daniel. I couldn't take it. I told

DANIEL: What? What'd you tell them?

LEE: Everything.

Scene: Hut.

Raphael opens the artefact and it switches on.

Scene: Gateroom

Jacob is being suited up.

SILER: How's that Sir?

JACOB: Pretty good. Reminds me of my old football

SILER: They had helmets back in those days, Sir?

JACOB: Funny.

HAMMOND: Jacob, you okay in there?

JACOB: It's surprisingly light. I guess it's time.

HAMMOND: Good luck.

JACOB: Thank you George.

They place the helmet on his head and he walks through
the Stargate.

Scene: Tartarus

Jacob steps through the Gate and walks down the ramp.

THOTH: You. Come with me.

They walk off to a lab.


Jacob sits.

THOTH: You seem damaged.

Scene: Cargo ship

Sam and Bra'tac sit at the front and Teal'c stands

CARTER: Come on Dad.

BRA'TAC: The array is yet to shut down. We are
helpless to act.
if we were to attempt secure communication.

CARTER: We would have to leave our position from the
dark side of
this moon making us visible to their sensors.

Scene: Tartarus Lab

Anubis walks in.

ANUBIS: Thoth.

THOTH: Lord Anubis. I was not expecting you.

ANUBIS: Tell me how this one has fared.

THOTH: This one has just returned my Lord. I need time
to finish my
preliminary analysis before I can make a proper

ANUBIS: It can wait. There is a remote probe
malfunctioning. It
requires your attention.

THOTH: yes my Lord.

Anubis and Thoth walk off.

Scene: Cargo ship

CARTER: So many things could have gone wrong. He's so

TEAL'C: Perhaps it is time to consider.
Something beeps.

BRA'TAC: The sensor array is powered down. No doubt

They fly to the planet. Sam talks on a communication
device and Jacob
replies the same way.

CARTER: Dad we're on the way.

JACOB: Good. When you touch down, proceed to the
exhaust port
assemblage. I think I found a way to get you in.


Scene: Jungle.

Jack and guide are moving through the jungle.

O'NEILL: All right, hold up. This is it.

GUIDE: As I told you, there is nothing here.

BURKE: There is this well in the middle of nowhere.
Standard US
military boot tread all around. Make a wish.

He drops a coin in.

BURKE: What took you so long? How hard could it be to
track their GPS
locators? I'm just kidding. I've only been here a
couple of

O'NEILL: Change your mind?

BURKE: In a manner of speaking.
Vete, regresate a la cantina ( Go, come back to the
bar )

Guide: 4000, muchas gracias señor. ( 4000, tank you
very much, sir )

Jack: un momentito ( a moment )

BURKE: This is the end of the road, man. I mean you
didn't think
these guys were gonna make it easy on you did you?
I'll take you
where you need to go.

O'NEILL: For old time's sake?

BURKE: You know, I took an emotional inventory and I
realised that I
have some issues. Thought maybe we could put our petty
aside on this one. You're gonna need me when this one
goes down.
on, give me a chance, I won't let you down.

Jack turns to the guide and tells him thank you and he
can go.
Jack: Si, vete, gracias, vamos. ( yeah, go, thanks,
come on )
Guide; vaya con dios. ( Go with god )

BURKE: Now we're talking sports fans. Okay my name is
Burke and
be your guide, today we'll be looking at indigenous
vegetation of
Central America. Watch your step ladies, we're not in

O'NEILL: Easy.

Scene: Jungle Hut

Daniel is tied to a chair.

RAPHAEL: If you value the life of your friend you will
tell me what I
want to know. Your friend told me this device may be
the origin of
the fountain of youth myth.

DANIEL: Maybe.

RAPHAEL: How does it work?

DANIEL: I don't know. Look you grabbed us 5 minutes
after we
found it.

RAPHAEL: Who is this Telchak?

DANIEL: He's a mythological figure, a Mayan god that
may or may
have lived here thousands of years ago.

RAPHAEL: So this device is many thousands of years

DANIEL: Possibly.

RAPHAEL: And this Mayan god brought this device to his
temple for
what purpose?

Daniel hesitates and Raphael hits him.

DANIEL: To hide it, to use it, I don't know.

RAPHAEL: Use it. On whom?

DANIEL: People. Mayan people.

RAPHAEL: And what would it do to them?

DANIEL: Look the research I used to find it just gave
a cryptic
warning that the device was dangerous, even harmful.
That's all I

RAPHAEL: I do not think it is so harmful. I have never
in my life
felt as strong as I do right now.

DANIEL: You turned it on.


DANIEL: Turn it off; you don't know what you're
dealing with.
effects of the device may be unstable. It's very
dangerous. Look,
it's beyond our comprehension, turn it off.

RAPHAEL: You're lying.

MAN: What if he isn't? The device is cursed. Raphael,
we should
it off.

RAPHAEL: Turn it off? Do you not feel different as

MAN: I do, and it scares me. Please, Raphael, if you
will not turn it
off, I will.

Raphael shoots him.

Scene: Tartarus

Jacob is opening some doors.

CARTER: What happened?

JACOB: I fooled the exhaust port into thinking it
needed to purge the

CARTER: I mean with the sensor array.

JACOB: I got held up. Help me get this off.

Scene: Honduras

BURKE: Rebels move around a lot. They're self taught
bush fighters.
(something) see them tend to the farms right now.
Those who don't are
ex military. Most likely holding up about 20 clicks
north west of
Okata .(?)

They stop. Burke moves on and Jack follows. They find
Daniel's guide.

BURKE: Well, this wasn't supposed to be on the tour.
At least we know
we're on the right track.

Jack checks his pulse and he moves.

O'NEILL: Arrghhh!

GUIDE: I've been shot.
Jack checks.

GUIDE: Arrh. No no no no no.

O'NEILL: You have been shot.


BURKE: A rescue should be here in about an hour.

GUIDE: I've been lying here for days. What's another

O'NEILL: Who did this?

GUIDE: malditos, malditos ( damn, damn )Que mueran del
dolor del culo.(the translation must be: They die from
pain in the ass ¿?)

O'NEILL: All right. We're looking for two scientists.

GUIDE: Dr Jackson? They have them. They went north.
Across the
border. Go.

BURKE: We're not just gonna leave you.

GUIDE: Sure you can, Senor. Help will be here soon.
Don't worry; this
is not the first time I've been shot. Save your
friends. Please. They
owe me lots of money.


They leave.

GUIDE: I love American gum. Good guys.

Scene: Tartarus

Thoth comes looking for Jacob and sees he is gone. He
goes to Anubis.

ANUBIS: Speak.

THOTH: Lord Anubis. One of the Cal warriors is

ANUBIS: What is the reason for this behaviour?

THOTH: There was damage but I believe our method of
governing the
symbiote mind is still flawed

ANUBIS: Unacceptable. Determine the origin of the flaw
and report
back to me.

THOTH: Yes my Lord.

Scene: Honduras

Jack and Burke continue to walk through the jungle.

BURKE: He moved, I killed him; it was as simple as
that. Thought he
was a hostile.

O'NEILL: It's all history Burke. Now's not really the

BURKE: I know we were out of position; I wanted to cut
the angle down
to cover you as you approached the objective. I guess
Woods was doing
the same.

O'NEILL: So you both took it upon yourselves to
improvise at the same

BURKE: That's right.

Scene: Tartarus

Jacob, Sam and Teal'c are walking down the corridors.
They see a
super soldier.

JACOB: That's the third one I've seen.

CARTER: How many do you think Anubis has?

JACOB: There's no way of telling yet. I'm just
guessing at least a
handful; the lab I was in was made to service several.

They move into a lab.

JACOB: Symbiote holding tanks.

CARTER: All empty.

TEAL'C: This one is not.

They walk over and we see a queen as seen before in
Season 6 Cure.

Scene: Honduras

Daniel is tying his shoe around the wooden plank wall.

LEE: Shouldn't we at least wait till night time?

DANIEL: I don't think we have that long.

LEE: We won't get a hundred yards before they kill us.

DANIEL: Yeah, if we stay they'll definitely kill us. I
saw the short
term affects of that device. I know what a sarcophagus
does to a
person's sanity and this is far more powerful. I don't
think we want
to stick around to find out what long term exposure

He pulls a plank off.

Scene: Another hut

The device is on next to the dead man and he opens his

Scene: Tartarus

CARTER: Judging by the number of holding tanks in this
room, Anubis
must be planning to have the Queen spawn thousands of
Goa'uld. But
why. A symbiote is spawned with the genetic memory of
the maternal
bloodline. They're ego maniacal and power hungry. It's
not exactly a
good combination for a foot soldier.

JACOB: That's right. But look at this. This Queen,
whoever she is,
must be in league with Anubis. She's preparing for a
spawn cycle yet
her brainwave pattern is minimal. She has no intention
of passing on
her genetic memory. The symbiotes will be blank

TEAL'C: Much like Egeria on Pangar.

JACOB: And Anubis will be free to imprint them however
he see fit. No
free will, they're drones. They make the perfect
soldier. Deadly.
Fearless. Unquestioning loyalty.

CARTER: But this is too similar to what happened on
Pangar to be a
coincidence. How did Anubis find out about Egeria?

TEAL'C: Jonas Quinn. Anubis must have acquired this
information when
he scanned Jonas Quinn's mind.

JACOB: If Anubis had any designs on creating a drone
soldier that
information would have been the final piece of the

TEAL'C: This Queen must not be permitted to spawn

JACOB: Teal'c's right.

CARTER: Okay. We take what time we have remaining and
try to find out
what else Anubis is up to. Then we detonate the C4 and
get out of

They place C4 under the tank.

Scene: Honduras Jungle

BURKE: Should be just a couple of clicks now. How can
you trust me?

O'NEILL: I don't.

BURKE: Think I asked you to come down here so I could
shoot you too?

O'NEILL: Why would I think that?

BURKE: Forget I said anything.

O'NEILL: You've had plenty of opportunity before now.

BURKE: What's worse is that you think I'm just

O'NEILL: For crying out loud Burke.

BURKE: So you're perfectly willing to go into a hot
situation with me
watching your back?

O'NEILL: I have no choice. And I was thinking of
sending you in
first, me watching your back.

BURKE: You don't want to know the truth? I mean, come
on, you really
don't want to know? Man, it wasn't my fault. I mean I
didn't choose,
I just reacted. It stinks, the whole damn thing
stinks. You want to
know what really happened, fine. I'll tell you. Woods
was ghosting
us, he sold out, he was no good. He was sending out a
transmission, he was giving our position away. Woods
realised that I
was on to him and turned his weapon on me. And I just,
I just reacted.

O'NEILL: Why didn't you come forward with this?

BURKE: Come on man, you remember how close we were.
The wives and the
beers and the barbeques. I couldn't do that to Cindy.
It comes out
Woods was a traitor; she doesn't see a penny of that
pension, a month
away from his retirement. Woods wasn't gonna retire;
he was setting
himself up as a mercenary for that warlord. He made
his choice, he`s
gone and that's all that matters

Scene: Hut

Daniel prises the plank off and they hear gunfire.

The dead man is alive and shooting his friends. Daniel
and Lee escape
and run.

DANIEL: That's not good.

RAPHAEL: Disparen ( Shoot)

They fire back and he falls. They all nudge one
another to check if
he's dead. They then go to check on Daniel and Lee,
finding out
they're gone.

RAPHAEL: No! No! you've let them escape.
Vamos a matarlos ( let's go kill them )

They run to find them.

Scene: Tartarus

Sam, Teal'c and Jacob walk through the corridors.

CARTER: There must be a console that will let us
access a log of
recent activity. Even if it doesn't contain Anubis'
long range plans
we might be able to gather intel on the movement of
his fleet.

JACOB: Nothing but labs, corridors and storage in this
direction. I
think Anubis' quarters are this way.

Scene: Jungle

Burke offers Jack some chewing gum and they hear
gunfire. Daniel and
Lee are running through the jungle. Lee stumbles.

DANIEL: Bill, you gotta keep moving.

Jack tells Burke to circle around.

Lee falls over. Daniel helps him up and hides him
behind a tree.

DANIEL: Stay down.

Daniel runs off. The kidnappers run past Lee.

Jack follows the gunfire.

Daniel runs into a tree as he is shot. The kidnappers
fire at his
feet and in the air.

Scene: Tartarus

Sam, Teal'c and Jacob reach Anubis' quarters. They
look over the
balcony. There are more than a few warriors.

ANUBIS: You are all my children. Cal warriors. You are
instruments of my conquest.

WARRIORS: Hail Anubis! Hail Anubis! Hail Anubis!

Scene: Jungle

Raphael drops his gun and asks for his machete.

RAPHAEL: I'm going to skin you alive.

Daniel turns to pick up a rock and there is more
gunfire. He turns
back and they are all dead. Jack runs up.

O'NEILL: How many more are there? Daniel?

DANIEL: That's it. You got them all. What are you
doing here?

Scene: Tartarus

CARTER: There must be thousands of them.

Thoth comes in behind them with his hand raised.

THOTH: Fools!

Teal'c turns and zats him. He raises his hand again
and Sam shoots
him. Alarms go off.


CARTER: Bra'tac, we need that ride now.

BRA'TAC: I will be there momentarily.

Sam blows the C4. They run off. A super soldier sees
them and runs
after them.

Scene: Jungle

Jack is binding Daniel's leg.

O'NEILL: You be able to walk on this?


The dead man then fires his shot gun.

DANIEL: Telchak's device re animates the dead just

O'NEILL: Yeah whatever.

Jack pulls Daniel behind a tree then shoots the dead
man. It doesn't
stop him.

BURKE: Hey, get down.

Burke blows him into little pieces.

BURKE: What's with the guy from evil dead?

O'NEILL: um.

BURKE: Classified?

O'NEILL: Yeah.

BURKE: You guys are into some crazy crap man.

Scene: Tartarus

Jacob opens the exhaust port. They leave but an arm
stops the door
closing. They run to the cargo ship and close the
door. There is a

JACOB: What was that?

CARTER: Can't be good. Just punch it.

They take off under fire.

BRA'TAC: Someone has opened the rear engine access

CARTER: We're mid flight.

The super soldier enters in the background. Sam fires
at him but he
bats her out of the way. He fires at Teal'c who dives
for cover.
Jacob runs behind him into the cargo hold and Bra'tac
rings him down
out of the ship.

BRA'TAC: Teal'c. Are you hurt?

TEAL'C: Indeed.

BRA'TAC: Where?

TEAL'C: My pride. An old man did what I could not.

JACOB: Sam? Sam? No, don't move, just lie still. What

CARTER: Everything.

JACOB: That's a good sign.

Scene: Jungle

BURKE: Perimeters clear. Just heard from air rescue,
they got the

DANIEL: (Name)

BURKE: Yeah, he's gonna be okay, they'll be here soon.

O'NEILL: hey. Nice back up.

BURKE: Buddy, any time anywhere.

O'NEILL: You know, I think I should recommend that you
be posted to a
nicer place.

BURKE: A temperate zone, not too hot, not too cold.
Fine looking
women that put out like broken candy machines.

O'NEILL: Whatever. I'll see what I can do.

BURKE: Thanks buddy. Is that, that thing that made
that guy do that

DANIEL: Yeah, it's okay, it's off now.

O'NEILL: Good, that's good.

LEE: Yeah, at least we think it's off. It's not
glowing any more so.

DANIEL: Glowing thing really gives it away so if it's
not glowing any
more it shouldn't be on any more.

LEE: Do you want to hold it?


Daniel hops one step away.

BURKE: It's crazy.

Scene: Gateroom

Sam, Teal'c, Jacob and Bra'tac step through the gate.

O'NEILL: So. Miss me?

CARTER: Of course Sir.

O'NEILL: Well it couldn't have been that bad. You're
all still alive.

TEAL'C: As are you and Daniel Jackson.

CARTER: Daniel?

DANIEL: I'm fine. We got the device from Telchak.

JACOB: Good. Hopefully we can engineer a weapon from

BRA'TAC: You must. Or we will be left helpless to
combat these new

CARTER: We have some bad news Sir. Anubis has an
entire army of these
super soldiers. There are thousands of them. The best
we were able to
do was delay his ability to manufacture more.

HAMMOND: We'll debrief fully in one hour. Welcome

They all start to walk off. Jack stops Sam.

O'NEILL: Hey. So nice command.

CARTER: We did manage to make it out alive, Sir.

O'NEILL: There's that. Lunch?

They walk off.


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Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson
Richard Dean Anderson sera présent lors de la 25éme  édition du Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show...


Un nouveau teaser pour Stargate Origins a été mis en ligne hier sur la chaine Youtube du Stargate...

Des séries dans des séries !

Des séries dans des séries !
Le site Critictoo a établi une liste des séries fictives que l'on peut retrouver dans de véritables...

Stargate Command, une nouvelle plateforme pour les fans.

Stargate Command, une nouvelle plateforme pour les fans.
La MGM, a dévoilé une nouvelle plateforme, à destination des amateurs et fans de la série Stargate...


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ellielove, Hier à 17:50

retour du survivor sur le quartier dexter, venez nombreux!

ellielove, Hier à 17:50

sondage et pdm tj en cours:)

ellielove, Aujourd'hui à 02:15

bonsoir, nouveau sondage sur Dexter!

ellielove, Aujourd'hui à 02:18

de même sur HIMYM

CastleBeck, Aujourd'hui à 13:57

Le weekend, c'est le moment idéal pour participer au concours d'affiches organisé sur le quartier This Is Us! Bonne journée


Malice825, Hier à 22:44

Bien mais fatiguée.

choupi30, Aujourd'hui à 13:14


choupi30, Aujourd'hui à 13:15

étant nouvelle ici comment visionner un épisode ? merci

pretty31, Aujourd'hui à 13:34

Bonjour choupi30, tu ne trouveras pas d'épisodes à visionner sur Hypnoweb, ce n'est pas le but de notre site !

Jojobel, Aujourd'hui à 13:45

Pour Chouchou30, afin de visionner les épisodes de Dr Quinn, il faut aller sur youtube, ils y sont tous. bon après midi avec Michaéla et Sully.

Viens chatter !