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We begin with the opening scene of the stargate being viewed through
a camera from the briefing room, there are technicians working on
it. Camera zooms out. News guy talking over shot.

NEWSGUY/EMMETT: So you getting the full thing?

DALE: Just about ye¡K

EMMETT: Well¡Kinstead of zooming back why don¡¦t you pull back a little


EMMETT: Get it into context a bit

Scene changes to the news crew.

EMMETT: Keep going back¡Kye that¡¦s good¡Kye¡Kwow that¡¦s amazing.

An Air force officer appears.

TOM: Yes it is. Mr. Bregman?


TOM: Colonel Tom Rondel, Cheyenne mountain complex. Public affairs

EMMETT: *chuckles* That¡¦s quite a mouthful. Call me emit

TOM: Yes sir.

EMMETT: Ok¡KThis is my posse here. This is err¡K

DALE: Tech sergeant Dale James sir

EMMETT: Camera

SHEP: Airman first class shep wickenhouse sir

EMMETT: Doing sound.

TOM: Well, it¡¦s a pleasure meeting you sir, but what are you doing

EMMETT: We¡¦re getting some establishing shots, first of many I hope
while we¡¦re waiting. In fact we should get a shot of¡Ka shot of you,

TOM: Sorry, but you¡¦re not authorized to begin until you¡¦ve been
briefed by General Hammond.

EMMETT: I¡¦ve already been briefed¡KTom is it? By the defense
department. What¡¦s the problem? We¡¦re cleared to shoot here. Maybe
you guys haven¡¦t been cleared, you been cleared?? Sorry¡Kwhat¡K what
is the problem??

TOM: General Hammonds ready to see you now.

EMMETT: Ok¡K *follows Tom*

SHEP: This should be fun.

DALE: Oh yeah.

TOM: General Hammond sir.

Scene: Entering Hammonds Office.

TOM: This is Mr. Bregman

EMMET: I am very excited to be here, sir. *puts hand out which
Hammond ignores*

HAMMOND: You may find we¡¦re not all quite as giddy as you are about
this project Mr. Bregman

EMMETT: Giddy? ¡Kerr¡Kwell I personally prefer professionally excited
I think I said, excited to be here General. I haven¡¦t been giddy
since¡Kwell you wouldn¡¦t want to know about that.



HAMMOND: I just want to be as clear as I can upfront


HAMMOND: Your presence is highly unorthodox, and I will not let it
threaten the security of any on-going missions or the safety of my

EMMET: Well, I¡¦ve already been frisked three times, we can make it a
fourth time, make it personally, get to know each other a little
better general come on¡KI¡¦m sorry

HAMMOND: I consider it my responsibility to protect my people¡¦s

EMMET: I understand

HAMMOND: (continuing) Quite frankly, I feel it¡¦s appropriate to warn
you that no one around here wants to be part of your reality show.

EMMET: Oh¡KI see¡KYou know General; I think you¡¦re probably well
aware, that there were film cameras on the beaches of Normandy
decades before survivor debuted on CBS. Personally I think it¡¦s an
outrageous Oversight that the stargate hasn¡¦t been chronicled up to
this point. president

HAMMOND: That¡¦s because its top secret, only a handful of people
will see anything you shoot¡K

EMMET: So far General¡Kso far eventually¡Kinevitably this program is
going to be disclosed to the American people and to the whole world,
and I like to think that this little film we¡¦re doing here, might in
some small way provide insight to what¡¦s really been going on here
for the last six years.

HAMMOND: *smiling* What has been going on?

EMMET: *chuckling* You know what General¡KI respect what you¡¦re doing
here, I can respect that you want me out of the United states
invited me here to do this.

HAMMOND: You see that red phone¡K you wouldn¡¦t be here if he hadn¡¦t.

EMMET: Well then I hope I can expect the full co-operation of you
and your personnel.

HAMMOND: To the letter of these orders.

EMMET: To the letter. I see¡KI see, thank you.

HAMMOND: You have high expectations to meet.

Emmet leaves, with Tom behind him.

TOM: General.

Hammond sighs and¡K

OPENING CREDITS ... Da, daaaaa da da daa da da etc.

Scene opens in corridor on some big metal thing with ancient writing
or something and then to Tom talking to Emmett.

TOM: Maybe it¡¦s my opinion but with respect¡K

EMMETT: What¡¦s that?

TOM: ¡KThrough out history the best documentaries have taken a cinema
verity function; let the subject tell its own story.

EMMETT: ye tell you what Tom, I think that¡¦s an interesting point of
view and¡Kerr¡K mostly, if not totally crap especially in situations
like this, you know if this story was going to tell itself, you know
what then there would be stargate updates on the nightly news. like
this¡KI mean if this, the other point¡Kthe other point in the sense
that we should probably start with the soft approach make people
feel comfortable, gain their trust you know what¡Kwe¡¦d be here a
year. These soldiers conceal things for a living¡K

TOM: They¡¦re airman sir; we¡¦re the united states air force.

EMMETT: These Airman conceal things for a living, and the only way I
am going to get anything out of these people is not by the¡K
(scientist passes with something)¡Klook at that¡Knot by the¡Kwhat did
you say the cinema verity approach¡Kits going to be by the wringing
it out of them approach, that¡¦s the only way

TOM: Mr. Bregman as far as I¡¦m concerned you are strictly to
document what is going on¡K

EMMETT: I know.

TOM: Not to pursue anything that might be prejudicial to air force

EMMETT: Why don¡¦t you call me Emmett, ok?

TOM: If someone were to offer something up in an interview

EMMETT: *Looking behind Tom* Is that who I think it is?

TOM: That¡¦s Colonel Jack O¡¦Neill¡K*ready to carry on*

We see Jack walking towards them as he Passes Emmet tries to
question him, he keep on walking towards the elevator.

EMMETT: Colonel O¡¦Neill, hi¡K

JACK: I like Vanilla over Chocolate, My favorite color is paradoh, I
think Tibet should be free and if I could have dinner with anyone in
the world it would be Mary Steenburgen. *enters elevator pushes

EMMETT: No I¡¦m just trying to¡KMary Steenburgen??

JACK: Ye don¡¦t you think she¡¦s nice?

EMMETT: (doors about to shut) *stands between the doors* no no¡Klook,
look¡K*Jack pushes button again* I¡¦m just trying to get a minute of
with you.

JACK: Look I really don¡¦t have time¡KI¡¦ve got¡Kerrr¡Kbriefing.

EMMETT: I understand. *Puts hand out* I¡¦m Emmet bre--

Jack coughs into his hand and sticks it
out; Emmett thinks twice and pulls his away.

EMMETT: No look I¡¦m not going to be able to get a perspective on
this whole Stargate program *doors start to close, he pushes them*
program without you colonel, so when is a good time for you??

JACK: Anytime¡¦s good¡Kjust send me a memo, *pushes him out.*

EMMETT: memo.

Doors shut, Emmet turns round to Tom whose been watching

TOM: Really sensed he¡¦s starting to trust you.

Walks off, Emmett following.

Scene: In the control room, Sam, flinching as Shep trying put a mic
on her.

EMMETT: Don¡¦t worry about it, he only looks unprofessional. *Sam
smiles* Now¡KMajor, General Hammond warned me that people might be a
little less enthusiastic about all this.

SAM: Ye we did have a bad experience with a TV crew last year¡K

EMMETT: The Prometheus incident, I know the air force insisted on
their own crew.

SAM: I think that you might also be sensing reluctance from a few
people around here to put themselves up on a pedestal; I mean we are
just doing our jobs.

EMMETT: Just a job. I consider it my job to put you up on a pedestal
because this Job looks to me nothing but to be extraordinary and
from what I read from you file the same can be said about you

SAM: See, now I¡¦m blushing.

EMMETT: So you are, think we should start; you¡¦ll look good on
camera. Alright let¡¦s go guys¡K*sits down, so does Sam* Are you ready?

SAM: No¡K *Dale is hold some doohickey*

EMMETT: What are you doing? You don¡¦t need a light meter¡Kthe women
is glowing. Lets get rolling.

DALE: Rolling

EMMETT: Sound?

SHEP: Full.

EMMETT: ok¡KMajor Samantha Carter, US Air force, Astrophysicist.
Considered the foremost expert of the stargate. You¡¦ve explored
territory that no one on earth¡Kin the history of earth has ever seen¡K
and you¡¦ve fought an enemy that no one on earth has even imagined.
biting her lip and nodding> Major Samantha Carter meet the six
billion people of the planet Earth. *motions to the camera.*

SAM: *looks from him to the camera, nervous smile and¡K* Hi¡K

Scene: Corridor, Daniel and Emmett turn the corner; obviously this
is the news cam. Through out the scene shots from behind showing the
crew filming.

EMMETT: I don¡¦t think I¡¦ve asked this sort of question before¡Kin my
entire career¡Kbut what was like to be¡Kwell¡K dead?

DANIEL: well, I wasn¡¦t exactly dead¡K

EMMETT: Oh you were¡Kwhat¡¦s the word? Transcended

DANIEL: Ascended¡Kerr¡Kemm¡Kahh¡Kwell, I actually did have the
unfortunate experience of dieing first¡Kslowly and err...quite

EMMETT: Well, in your mission file, it says your human¡KI¡¦m quoting
here¡Kyour human body transformed into energy a bright white light
rose above the hospital bed. Is that¡K

DANIEL: yeah.

EMMETT: accurate. So¡Kwell could you¡K*they stop* Dr Jackson could you¡K
I don¡¦t know¡Kelaborate¡KI mean what did it feel like? *Daniels Pager
goes off.*

DANIEL: *hand in pocket trying to get pager* Well, I don¡¦t know I
really don¡¦t remember much after that. *Looks at pager eyes wide.*
Will you excuse me. *rushes past*

Emmett motions for camera to follow as they chase after Daniel whose
made a dead run for his Lab bumping into other personnel.

EMMETT: come on come on¡Kgo go. *entering Daniels office.* Dr

Daniels looking at a fax.

EMMETT: What is it? What is it??

DANIEL: Itsamassfragemanti was

EMMETT: Sorry could you just slow down¡Kwhat?

DANIEL: It¡¦s the mass fragment I collected from P3X 298¡KIt was
covered in the domestic, pre dynastic period of Egypt here on earth

EMMETT: And what is it¡KCould you get a shot of this.

Camera zooms in. We see ¡¥INTERNAL FAX: Laboratory results ¡¦

EMMETT: And¡Kah¡Kwhat is the significance of that?

DANIEL: It¡¦s Fascinating.

EMMETT: Its¡KOk¡Kback up, back up¡Kerr¡Kthat¡¦s it¡Kit¡¦s fascinating? Why =

were we running?

DANIEL: Oh I just wanted to see if you¡¦d chase me

EMMETT: Ok¡Kturn it off¡Kturn it off¡Kget the Mic away from me.

EMMETT: Turn it off *screen blinks out.*

Scene: A lab, someone¡¦s working with a blow torch and then DR Lee
comes into the shot, carrying a helmet. The film crew filming.

LEE: Headlar (??) will not stop the energy from a staff weapon. And
the armor plating and other bullet proof protection gets super
heated from the plasma so while it would stop the penetration, the
wearer its essentially trapped in what becomes their own personal
microwave oven¡Kand¡Kyou know¡Knot a good idea¡Kanyways¡Kwhat we¡¦ve been
working on is this *pulls out a black material* a ceramic polymer
which will resist the heat, stop the blast and fits into a standard
SG vest. *in background can see Siler being fitted out* which
sergeant siler will now demonstrate for us¡K*oooh look Teal¡¦c*

EMMETT: Sorry, wouldn¡¦t it be better if I *to camera* No no, shoot
them. *camera shifts to Siler* don¡¦t you think it would be more
interesting if¡Kif I were in the vest.

LEE: no, no, no, no, no.

EMMETT: why isn¡¦t it safe??

LEE: what¡Kof course it¡¦s safe it¡¦s not like we¡¦ve never done this

EMMETT: So why don¡¦t I

LEE: No.

Back to Siler, with his vest a goggles and Teal¡¦c aiming a staff
weapon at him.

SILER: Away from the face big guy *fire, and he¡¦s going going, gone*

Airman extinguishes¡K¡Kerr¡K¡KSiler¡K¡Kfire¡Ksame difference.
SILER: It¡¦s all good!! I¡¦m fine!!

LEE: *Emmett is gob smacked* you see yeah¡Khe does that all the time.

Scene: Sam, in control room.

SAM: The control room is sort of like the air traffic control tower
of the base, we monitor all Gate activity from here.

EMMETT: So¡Kwhat are all these blinking lights about¡Kfor example what
are those lights over there.

SAM: Err well; this monitors the gates massive power consumption
required for generating Outgoing wormholes.

EMMETT: uhhmm

SAM: Interestingly, in our study of off-world DHDs we found that our
gate actually draws 10% more wattage than offworld gates, now that
far exceeds any potential loss due to our manmade interface. We
think it has to do with the way the superconductive crystals inside
the gate absorb electrical energy, but we¡¦re also trying to
demonstrate that the DHDs are some how producing a purer more
efficient source of power.

Room Silent, shot of film crew dumbstruck.

EMMETT: Could we get a shot of the gate spinning?

SAM: Ye sure it¡¦s really cool steam comes out of it and everything

EMMETT: right

DAVIS: Ah Major¡K*whisper*

SAM: err¡Ksorry guys there¡¦s an SG team due to embark on a mission.

EMMETT: Well, that¡¦s great. We¡¦ll get a shot of them leaving.

SAM: Actually¡KYou¡¦re going to have to leave.

EMMETT: Could I ask you a question¡KYou¡¦ve been¡KSorry you can stop

Scene: Offworld, forestry planet. Stargate is opened SG-13 step
through. Gate shuts down.

DIXON: Ok Balinsky which way??

BALINSKY: *looking at compass??* That way.

DIXON: I¡¦ll take point, Wells, Bosworth; you¡¦re rear guard five
meter spread. Keep your eyes open.

BALINSKY: The malp showed no indication of any recent Goa¡¦uld
activity on this planet.

DIXON: ye well; I don¡¦t see any indication of anything here.

BALINSKY: Take the usual bet on that sir.

DIXON: Sure. Wells?

WELLS: ah¡KAbandoned Naquada Mine.

DIXON: Boring. Good odds. Bosworth?

BOSWORTH: I¡¦m going to put my money on trees sir.

DIXON: Bosworth¡¦s disqualified for being a smartass. I¡¦ll go with
two headed aliens.

WELLS: Hostile or friendly sir?

DIXON: One head good, one head bad. Balinsky?

BALINSKY: Oh¡Kruins of an ancient city.

DIXON: Yeah, you wish.

Scene: Still Offworld, SG-13 Walk by some trees.

DIXON: Ye, all night screaming, projectile vomiting, nuclear
diapers. You have no idea. The reason they make them so damn cute is
so you won¡¦t smother them in their sleep.

WELLS: Sir, you have four kids.

DIXON: Ye why do you think I love my job so much? Don¡¦t get me wrong
I love the little buggers to death but trust me, having four kids
makes going through the stargate and facing off alien bad guys look
like nothing. This is relaxing.

WELLS: Then why¡¦d you have four?

DIXON: Well, ones pretty bad but you figure you got to have two so
the little guy can have a brother or sister right? Then you have two
boys and the wife says she wants a girl, so you figure hell three
can¡¦t be much worse than two right? But you don¡¦t relies your brain
is fried because you haven¡¦t slept and after three, four is no big
deal so then you¡¦re so deep in that nothing seems to matter anymore.
Its chaos. You just try to make it through each day alive. In the
end you spend all the energy you have left trying to get them into
bed, only to lay awake praying they don¡¦t get hooked on drugs, hurt,
or worse, wind up dead in an alley some where.

WELLS: Can¡¦t wait sir.

DIXON: Ah miracle of birth my ass, I¡¦ll tell you what a miracle is
birth control that works.

Scene: SG-13 walk into a clearing.

DIXON: Well, I¡¦ll be damned. *we get a shot of an ancient city*


Scene: Control room, Sam comes down the stairs, Jack¡¦s drinking

SAM: Sir? Did you do your interview yet?


SAM: Mary Steinbergen

JACK: She¡¦s so hot. *Sam smiles* Carter, can you tell me the reason
for this documentary again?

SAM: Didn¡¦t you read the memo? *Jack gives her a look, as they head
downstairs.* ah¡Kofficially it¡¦s to particle the 1000th trip through
the stargate but I think there¡¦s more to it than that

JACK: 1000 you say.

SAM: I know hard to believe we¡¦ve been at it this long.

JACK: There should be a cake. obsession of his??>

Scene: Daniels Lab, Emmett is interviewing him.

EMMET: Ok¡KDr Jackson, I¡¦m just going to¡Kyour memory was erased when
you returned to¡KI¡¦m quoting here¡Khuman form¡KThat sounds idiotic,
make a note I have to re-ask that question. Just sorry¡KCould you¡Kyou
know what can you tell us about all that??

DANIEL: Not much.

EMMET: ok¡Kcould you
tell us a little bit about what things were like before that.

DANIEL: Ah well thankfully I have most of those memories back, there
are still a few¡Kholes,

EMMETT: Ok¡KThe ah¡Kpharaohs of the fourth dynasty did not build the

DANIEL: No, no they didn¡¦t, they were actually landing pads for
Goa¡¦uld Mother ships.

EMMETT: No I¡¦m quoting from a speech you made before you were
introduced to the stargate and I presume that at that time you knew
nothing about landing platforms or mother ships right?

DANIEL: Right, no.

EMMETT: Until you were introduced to Catherine Langford

DANIEL: Right.

EMMETT: and she¡¦s the one who introduced you to the Stargate program.

DANIEL: Right.

EMMETT: So¡Kwhy?

DANIEL: Why what?

EMMETT: *sigh* Why did she do that?

DANIEL: I don¡¦t know, you¡¦d have to ask her.

EMMETT: Ok maybe I¡¦ll ask her¡Kwhere is she?? Is she transcended, or
ascended or something like that.

DANIEL: errr¡KNo¡Kretired actually but you never know.

Scene: Oh look Teal¡¦c¡K:Pƒº His turn for interview.

EMMETT: Sorry I¡¦m just reading your file here, it¡¦s fascinating¡KI
suppose I should ask you¡K immediately here¡Kyou¡¦re an alien??

Stoic look, Silence

EMMETT: Well, not to you but to us you would be¡Kanyways you were the
highest ranking officer in the service of one of our alien enemies
and you turned against them. Why did you turn against them¡K when you


EMMETT: I¡¦m sorry, why are you sitting there if you don¡¦t intend to
answer any of my questions.

TEAL¡¦C: Because I was requested to be General Hammond.

EMMETT: I see and he didn¡¦t happen to mention to you, that part of
the interview process involved actually saying something.

TEAL¡¦C: No. no>

EMMETT: Ok erm¡Klets try this¡KColonel Jack O¡¦Neill¡Kyou must have a
tremendous amount of respect for him?


EMMETT: Maybe you don¡¦t¡Klet me rephrase. Colonel Jack O¡¦Neill is
your immediate superior Officer¡Kok maybe not in terms of species but
he¡¦s your commanding Officer.

TEAL¡¦C: Indeed.

EMMETT: Good¡Kok¡KGood. Let¡¦s move forward¡Kand is there anything you
can tell us about him?

TEAL¡¦C: If you wish to learn of Colonel O¡¦Neill perhaps you should
interview Colonel O¡¦Neill.

EMMETT: Ok, thank you¡Kthanks¡KJust let me ask you¡K*Teal¡¦c leaves*
where are you going??

Scene: Offworld, in the ruins.

Balinsky is looking at the writing and making notes, Dixon walks up

DIXON: How long?

BALINSKY: I don¡¦t know. why we just got here¡K

DIXON: An hour ago.

BALINSKY: Well, I need more time, look at this place, I mean it¡¦s

DIXON: Ye you seen one crumbled city¡K

BALINSKY: Sir. This place was built by the ancients.

DIXON: You sure?

BALINSKY: Yes these markings, this stone and architecture¡Koh Dr
Jackson is going to die when he sees this.

DIXON: what again?

BALINSKY: Funny. Oh *grabs his stuff runs off.*

DIXON: Don¡¦t go far.

Dixon heads over to the other guys who are sat on the floor,
Bosworth¡¦s looking at a scan of Wells¡¦ unborn child.

BOSWORTH: it looks like an alien.

WELLS: Shut up.

BOSWORTH: Ye remember that thing we ran into on P2X 787?

WELLS: Get lost.

BOSWORTH: Ye¡KSee that thing was easy on the eyes by comparison.

DIXON: *grabs pic* Let me see, that¡¦s pretty scary wells.

WELLS: That¡¦s my unborn son sir.

DIXON: how can you tell? *Wells points at image* I don¡¦t know Wells;
I wouldn¡¦t paint the room blue just yet.

Wells takes back pic just a Balinsky comes running round the corner.

BALINSKY: Take cover.

They¡Kerr¡Ktake cover, as a huge honking piece of mess comes round the
corner. They fire at it, after sharing odd looks. It fires back,
while their bullets ricochet of its shields. It Goa¡¦uld!! It moves
next to a wall.

BALINSKY: Colonel now!!

Dixon Blows the wall to hell, it collapses on top of the thing and
the huge honking piece of mess is made into a huge, rubbly¡Keerrrr¡K


They all head slowly over to¡Kmess. <original hey??>> Dixon shoots it for effect.

WELLS: What the hell is it?

Scene: Opens on Kinsey.

KINSEY: Like the people who are now serving here at the SGC, the
youth of tomorrow will one day have to defend the free spirit of
mankind. And not just on our fair planet, but out there through the
stargate, in the vastness of the galaxy of untold evil with powers
we¡¦ve never seen before are still waiting to pray upon us¡K

EMMETT: *looks like he just woke up* Ok¡Kcut¡KSenator¡Kgreat¡Kthank you
so much for doing this it was really terrific of you to do this¡K

KINSEY: People deserve it¡K

EMMETT: Yes we¡¦re trying our best And senator don¡¦t take this the
wrong way but it sounded a bit prepared like a speech I don¡¦t think
you¡¦ll like the results. What if we do it off the cut, I throw
things at you see how you respond¡K



KINSEY: No¡KIf you want anything else from me¡K

EMMETT: Yes actually¡Kerm¡Ksenator¡K

Scene: opens on Jack in commissary, doing a report and eating, doors
open to Kinsey.

KINSEY: Colonel¡KAs I¡¦m sure you know, I¡¦m here to be apart of this
piece these good men are putting together to document the fine work
*Emmett whispers something to Dale* you¡¦re doing here at the SGC.

JACK: No I didn¡¦t know that.

KINSEY: Well, I¡¦m sure there was a memo *Jack looks over at Emmett
and Dale, who have started filming.*

JACK: Well, did you tell them about the time that you tried to get
this place shut down or the time you had Hammond by the short¡K

KINSEY: I¡¦d suggest you watch what you say colonel, slanders a
serious offence.

JACK: Yes So I hear.

KINSEY: I have always been a strong supporter of this program
I admit I was critical in the past but
that was only because of the unrealized potential I see this
operation as having.

Jack, sighs, closes his file and stands up.

KINSEY: How did your interview go colonel?

JACK: It was short yet oh so sweet.

KINSEY: The president wants you to play ball with this, I hope your
not intending to disappoint our commander and chief. I would think
you would want to show your appreciation for his backing over the

JACK: Kinsey, what are you doing here? I mean last time anyone
checked you were trying to discredit the guy.

KINSEY: His term is up. My running mate and I are merely pointing
out to the American people * Jack gives cameras a look* we
think we can do a better job and when that time comes I know we can
count on your vote colonel.

JACK: yeah that¡¦ll happen.

KINSEY: And I want you to know this¡Kif elected this program can
count on our full support.

JACK: *to camera* you want to get this?


JACK: *to Kinsey* you smarmy, self-righteous, Opportunistic ass


JACK: you are nothing but a *something here can¡¦t hear it* son of a

KINSEY: Duty calls.

JACK: I was done

EMMETT: Colonel, what is this off world activation something¡Kwhat¡¦s

JACK: Won¡¦t know until I get there.

EMMETT: Well, that great, we¡¦re going¡Kwhere¡¦s there?

JACK: There is here for you. *walks out*

TOM: Ongoing activity *motions for filming to be stopped*

SCENE: Control room, SG-1 ¡V Teal¡¦c there, talking to Dixon and
Balinsky via malp.

DIXON: Balinsky wants to stay sir.

JACK: You see anything else worth staying for Dave?

DIXON: Hard to say.

BALINSKY: We need to finish searching these ruins.

HAMMOND: How long??

BALINSKY: A day or two. maybe more¡K

DANIEL: Be nice to send up a UAV get an aerial overview.

HAMMOND: Permission to stay granted. I¡¦ll send SG3 as back up. Any
sign of a threat you get out of there immediately colonel.

DIXON: Understood sir.

SAM: In the mean time I can run some tests on the device see what
it¡¦s been doing there.

HAMMOND: Send the device back and report in on the hour.

DIXON: Yes sir, SG13 out.

Gate disconnects

JACK: Sir¡Kermm¡Kits not that I don¡¦t appreciate all your hel-

HAMMOND: I knew Kinsey and Bregman were headed you way and I thought
you might be looking for an excuse to get away colonel.

JACK: I thought as much sir, and I just wanted to express my deep
and unyielding love for you sir.

HAMMOND: General if you have a moment Mr. Bregman would like a word.

Scene: Hammonds office, Hammond is reading from a file, Emmett is

HAMMOND: Exempts from said clearance from all current activities
which have not yet been reviewed by this office, that being the

EMMETT: Current activity¡KBreathing is a current activity.

HAMMOND: My interpretation is that you have not been authorized to
know anything about the most recent unscheduled activations.

EMMETT: *sitting down* General, a little leeway.

HAMMOND: I said that I was going to hold you to the letter of these
orders. Mr. Bregman. Give it up. *Emmett gets up to leave, opens
door and turns back.*

EMMETT: You know¡KColonel O¡¦Neill

HAMMOND: is currently unavailable.

EMMETT: General *comes back in* the president, the president of the
United States is giving me his full support. Why are you resisting?

HAMMOND: I¡¦m not resisting, I¡¦m following orders. My opinion is that
I don¡¦t think my people need to be put under a microscope. Cameras
don¡¦t just record things; they change what they record simply by
being there. The work these people do is hard enough without them
feeling that every breath they take is being preserved for judgment.

EMMETT: Maybe it should be¡K

HAMMOND: Excuse me¡K

EMMETT: I said Maybe it should be¡K*Shutting the door* the pentagon
has allowed journalists to be embedded in the army, forces before
this. You know that. Under fire, under pressure. So what¡¦s seen,
what¡¦s heard and what¡¦s read is the truth.

HAMMOND: I think we¡¦re through¡K

EMMETT: I don¡¦t¡KI don¡¦t disagree with you general¡K *Red phone rings.*

HAMMOND: Excuse me, *picks up phone hand over receiver, waiting for
Emmett to leave. He does:P*

Scene: In Sam¡¦s lab, she¡¦s working in the¡Kmess¡Kdevice.

SAM: You ever seen anything like this?

TEAL¡¦C: I have not¡K

SAM: Well, Its definitely a remote program of some kind, the storage
capacity of the memory crystals is immense, but so far all I¡¦ve
found are detailed images of the ruins. You know It makes sense we
use a Malp, why wouldn¡¦t the Goa¡¦uld.

TEAL¡¦C: The Goa¡¦uld are scavengers, it is quite possible they got
the Idea from us.

SAM: *Nods, smiles* so you do your interview with the documentary
crew yet?

TEAL¡¦C: * rolls his eyes* Indeed.

SAM: I have to admit I can¡¦t wait to hear what everyone else said.

TEAL¡¦C: I did not say much.

SAM: *Smiles, and the mocking* really?? That is surprising it¡¦s
usually so hard to shut you up. *raises an eyebrow, as Sam starts

TEAL¡¦C: I found the entire experience¡Kunpleasant

SAM: *Nods* they want to talk to me again.

TEAL¡¦C: Did your interview not go well either?

SAM: Well, I thought it was fine but apparently I look¡Knervous.

Both quiet.

Scene: Corridor, film crew setting up Emmett comes round the corner.

EMMETT: What is the meaning of off world activation¡Kwhat is that all

TOM: I am not privy to that information.

EMMETT: Oh you wouldn¡¦t tell me even if you knew, would you?

TOM: I have my orders to¡K

EMMETT: You remind me of those miners we use to have in the gulf,
who use to censor our reports¡K

TOM: look it¡¦s not as if we¡¦re conspiring to cover up the truth¡K

EMMETT: Oh sure¡K

TOM: and censoring reports in combat just makes sense,

EMMETT: Makes sense?

TOM: you can not jeopardize the lives of troops involved on ongoing

EMMETT: Makes no sense. This is a documentary not the news, what are
you telling me they¡¦re broadcasting this to the enemy on some other
planet? Look I have been denied access to several prior mission
files, you know why? Because no one wants me to know how close we¡¦ve
come to¡Kwell, why don¡¦t you tell me Tom, you¡¦re not conspiring to
cover up the truth are you? Why don¡¦t you tell me¡Kcome close to

TOM: Being compromised¡K

EMMETT: Being compromised that¡¦s a euphemism for you. Being
compromised. *Dale grins* Close to the brink of planetary
annihilation, is probably more accurate¡KThat¡¦s why we¡¦re not allowed
to film these on-going activities because every time they open that
gate there is a chance that something could go cataclysmically wrong¡K

SHEP: In which case it wouldn¡¦t matter what we had on tape, would
it? *Dale laughs*

EMMETT: What did you say¡Kwhat did you say¡KThat it doesn¡¦t matter? If
that¡¦s you¡¦re opinion then if you had any integrity at all you would
resign before I have to replace you.

SHEP: I would rather be replaced, than court-martialed. I¡¦m not
going to do anything I¡¦m not authorized to do.

EMMETT: See it¡¦s that attitude¡K

TOM: The bottom line is the SGC is not going to let any of this off,
until the ¡K

EMMETT: Well, what¡¦s the difference then, why not shoot it and
decide later.

TOM: Not up to me.

EMMETT: Not up to me¡Knot up to me¡Kthat¡¦s great.

Doors to elevator opens, Jack steps out, sees Emmett turns to go
back in.

EMMETT: Colonel¡KColonel we¡¦re all set up for you right here¡Kwe¡¦re
all set up¡K

JACK: Briefing *Jack rushes past them head down the corridor to
control room*

EMMETT: Yeah, no¡KColonel. Colonel. Colonel! *Jack stops and turns.*
You know I¡¦m going to get you on camera sooner or later even if all
I get is a series of you avoiding getting got.

JACK: Fire away. I hope shots of my ass serve you well. will. I¡¦d pay for the tape:P>

EMMETT: *to crew* alright pack up¡Kwhat are we doing here?

Scene: Opens on an image of Sam, being recorded.

EMMETT: How do you feel about Colonel O¡¦Neill? ship.>

SAM: ah¡K*Smiles*¡KHe¡¦s an amazing man. After everything he¡¦s done,
he¡¦s still modest, quite self effacing actually. He even likes
people to think he¡¦s not as smart as he really is. Bottom line: He¡¦s
an incredibly strong leader who¡¦s given more of himself for this
program than anyone has given for¡K*thinks* well¡Kanything I can

EMMETT: You spend a lot of time together outside of work? smart man.>

SAM: err¡Kwe don¡¦t get much time outside of work. When we do our
personal interests are little different fish, relax. There are no fish:P>

EMMETT: did you ever hear the expression: opposites attract.

SAM: *smiles* we have a very professional relationship protest too much>

EMMETT: Really? Do you¡KProfessional? After everything you¡¦ve been
through¡KYou must of¡Kmaybe if it¡¦s not too much to say¡Kfaced death

SAM: Yeah¡Knot unlike countless Military personnel through out the
years¡Klook I won¡¦t deny there¡¦s not a bond between us¡KDaniel and
Teal¡¦c are also like family to me. Colonel is first and foremost my
superior officer. Even if there was potential for something more¡Kand
I¡¦m not saying that there is isn¡¦t.> err¡K our military positions, and the very nature
of our jobs wouldn¡¦t allow for it. *swallows, kinda nods. Definitely

Scene: Sergeant Davis being filmed in control room.

DAVIS: Well, basically when
the gate is dialing I say cheveron 1 encoded, cheveron 2 encoded,
and so on¡Kincrementally up to the 7th cheveron which is a little
different because that¡¦s when the wormhole connects¡Kerr¡Kwhen that
happens I like to shakes things up a little bit and just say
cheveron 7 locked *grinning*

EMMETT: Locked¡K That¡¦s great¡Kthat¡¦s good. Anything else?

DAVIS: Oh yea¡KI¡¦m responsible for this *places his hand on the palm
scanner* close the iris¡K*Iris shuts* Open the Iris. *Iris¡K¡K


DAVIS: *sits back grinning proudly nodding his head as if to
say ¡¥impressive right.¡¦* That¡¦s pretty much my job right there.

EMMETT: That¡¦s it.

DAVIS: Yeah pretty much¡K

EMMETT: I think you¡¦re being a little modest.

DAVIS: Awww¡Kdon¡¦t get me wrong¡Kit¡¦s really rewarding¡Kit really is¡K
and we have tried various automated scenarios, but err¡Kthe SG teams
just agree that you know¡Kwhen they send their iris code¡Kthrough the
wormhole they like to know that there¡¦s¡Kerm¡Ka real person on the
other¡Kother end, someone that they can trust to get it right. And¡Ker¡K
that gives me and the other gate technicians, a great sense of pride.

EMMETT: Sure¡Kthat¡¦s good.

Scene: Daniels Lab, all his stuff is out on his desk.

EMMETT: ah¡KDr Jackson¡KHi

DANIEL: Hey¡Khow¡¦s it going?

EMMETT: oh¡Kyou¡¦re packing¡Kyou¡¦re going on a mission off¡KI¡¦m sorry I
forgot the expression¡K

DANIEL: Off world.

EMMETT: Off world. Is that¡Kso you¡¦re going?

DANIEL: No¡KNope just¡Kerr going through my pack.

EMMETT: ah¡Kthat¡¦s a camera you use right¡K *picks up camera*


EMMETT: I¡¦ve seen hours and hours of your footage¡Khours of it¡K
inscription and ruins and artifacts.

DANIEL: *grins* cool huh?

EMMETT: I wondered if you get the opportunity maybe you could point
your camera at some¡Kaction you know for a change¡Kyou think?

DANIEL: See that¡¦s the thing¡Kwhen there is action¡KI¡¦m too busy to be
pointing a camera¡KYou know¡KI¡¦m running, shooting, trying to get back
that kind of thing¡K

EMMETT: I understand¡KIts just that¡Kyou know¡Kfor me¡KI¡¦ve heard a lot
about these amazing events, unfortunately my medium is visual I
can¡¦t tell the real story unless I have pictures you know¡KI¡¦m not
suggesting you put anybody in danger, not yourself, but you know¡Kif
the opportunity arises¡Kyou know¡Kjust take a second and just point
your lens at something that moves¡Kcould I get your picture¡Kye get a few of your friends.>

DANIEL: Right¡Kwell, I¡¦m not really scheduled to go on a mission off
world¡Kfor another couple of days¡K

EMMETT: oh¡Kno¡Kno¡KIf it¡¦s there shoot it¡K

DANIEL: right¡K

EMMETT: Just not the inscriptions all the time¡K just some action
would be good¡Kaction *leaves*

Scene: Sam¡¦s lab, she¡¦s still working on mess¡KDaniel walks in.


SAM: Hey¡Kone sec¡K

DANIEL: you¡Kerr¡Kwant me to translate something??

SAM: Ye¡KI¡¦m just trying to get the interface connection more stable
SG-13 really kicked the crap out of this thing. *keeps twisting
wires and stuff.* its system log seems to be isolated on a separate
crystal from memory control.

DANIEL: You know Bregman actually had the nerve to suggest that all
that archive video footage I gave him was boring *Sam looks at him,
obviously unsure what to say to that. * ahem¡Kok here's what
really bugs me, the only reason he¡¦s here is because this
president¡¦s on his way out and he knows it right¡KHe just doesn¡¦t
want to look bad if and when the stargate program ever goes public.
None of this is about truth it¡¦s all about political posturing.

SAM: Man, he really grilled me on that.

DANIEL: What why the Stargate program should go public?

SAM: ye

DANIEL: what¡¦d you say?

SAM: Babbled incoherently.

DANIEL: I mean could you imagine if it ever did.

SAM: I try not to think about it *gets connection, computer blinks
to writing, Sam adjust it so it¡¦s a lovely clear picture* There.

DANIEL: This is mostly just technical stuff.

SAM: Anything jump out at you?

DANIEL: Well, here¡¦s where it encountered SG-13. otoh¡K

SAM: What¡Kwhat¡¦s a otoh?

DANIEL: well, after it engaged shields and weapons it activated a
long range communicator.

Scene: Control room, Hammond is talking to Colonel Dixon.

HAMMOND: Colonel Dixon, This is General Hammond we have reason to
believe the Goa¡¦uld probe sent out a transmission prior to your
disabling of it. I¡¦m ordering you to return to stargate command

Scene switches off world, showing Dixon and Balinsky.

DIXON: Roger that sir¡KEstimated arrival time 15 minutes. Dixon out.
*to Balinsky* Pack it up Doctor we¡¦re going home. *on radio* Wells.

Moves to a shot of the other two who are doing an area sweep.

WELLS: Wells here.

DIXON: Bring it home boys, we¡¦re booking out.

WELLS: Roger that sir. Wells out.

BOSWORTH: about time.

Staff weapon blast hits wells, Bosworth starts firing in direction
of firing shots.

BOSWORTH: *on radio* Taking fire. *scene moves back to Dixon* Wells
has been hit.

DIXON: *Points a Balinsky* Get to the gate. *on radio* SG niner,
requesting assistance. *both make a run*

SCENE: Infirmary, Janet is being interviewed, reading from files.

JANET: Ok¡Kthree gun shot wounds, four staff weapon burns, severe
hypothermia. *moves to next file.* I¡¦m quite surprised he¡¦s actually
authorized me to discuss all this. the background> Just¡Kerr¡Knanite technology, artificially aged him¡Khe
had shoulder punctured by an alien time capsule device. Erm¡Kthree
knee operations¡K*next file* oh¡Kthat¡¦s the whole hathor incident
which he¡¦s asked me never to discuss¡K*next file* oh yeah this is a
good one¡Klast year he was exposed to an ancient incurable disease¡K

EMMETT: Obviously not incurable right¡Kor¡K

JANET: Well, fortunately there was a tok¡¦ra symbiote in need of a
temporary host at the time¡KIt managed to do the trick.

EMMETT: I don¡¦t understand a word you just said but it sounds
amazing that colonel O¡¦Neill is alive.

JANET: *grins* Ye I never know what¡¦s next¡Kyou just¡Ka try and keep
your head on straight¡Kthen again we also set a lot of broken bones
and subscribe a ton of antibiotics so¡K

EMMETT: but still it sometimes must be overwhelming right?

JANET: Ye you know it¡¦s funny, you think all the training,
everything we know about medicine¡Kreally it amounts to very little¡KI
Mean often I¡¦m faced with situations that there really is nothing I
can do¡K

EMMETT: is there an upside?

JANET: are you kidding me? I think the reason we all manage
persevere is because we feel that we¡¦re on the brink of
understanding so much more¡Kand not just about medicine but about who
we are, you know¡Kand where we came from, what the future has in
store, how¡Khow we fit into the grand scheme of things¡K somebody¡¦s been spending way too much time with Daniel>


EMMETT: That unscheduled off¡Kwe¡¦ve heard that before, is that an
unusual thing?

JANET: no it happens from time to time

EMMETT: and¡Kwhat¡Kwhat does it mean?

JANET: your guess is as good as mine.

EMMETT: ok¡Kyou got that announcement in the clear.

SHEP: Ye we¡¦re good sir.

EMMETT: ok¡Kgood¡Kwell, thank you Dr Frasier¡Kyou know what guys why
don¡¦t you go roll some cut aways...a get some sound bites over there.


EMMETT: Ye¡Kwe¡¦re done¡Kappreciate it. Errr¡Kanything you can. *shep
accidentally hits Emmett with the mic* ow¡K

SHEP: Sorry¡K

EMMETT: I¡¦m glad the pentagon sent you¡Kjust go away¡Kerm¡Klisten, I
was just wondering¡Kit seems like the unpredictable happens here a

JANET: *laughs* yes¡Kpretty much.

EMMETT: yeah¡Kerr¡Kyeah¡Kand you¡¦re not going to be needed for this

JANET: well if I am they know where to find me¡K

EMMETT: *Dale starts filming them* I was just asking because I was
thinking of getting something to eat in the cafeteria, which I¡¦m not
even sure where¡K

JANET: it¡¦s a¡Kthat way. *points behind her, with the file less hand.*

EMMETT: and I was wondering if¡K

JANET: if I¡¦d like to join you¡K

EMMETT: yeah¡K

JANET: ok. *Emmett notices camera* yeah

EMMETT: what are you doing?

DALE: I¡¦m just white balancing.

EMMETT: Well, go balance the white somewhere else¡Kok? *moves away
then back.*

JANET: okay¡K

EMMETT: Somewhere else!!

JANET: I¡¦m going to dup these *Camera goes on siler:*



EMMETT: great.

Scene: Opens on Balinsky, in briefing room

BALINSKY: Wells is alive, but he¡¦s been hurt badly and he can¡¦t be

JACK: *walks in* How many Jaffa?

BALINSKY: I don¡¦t know

JACK: 5? 10? 100? What?

BALINSKY: err¡KColonel Dixon counted six¡Kthey were able to fend them
off, they¡¦re holding a position protecting wells.

HAMMOND: Did the Jaffa come through the gate?

BALINSKY: No no¡Kthey had to come by ship, SG3 was covering the gate¡K

JACK: The gates clear?

BALINSKY: half of sg3 was still there when I left.

JACK: General

HAMMOND: Take SG¡¦s 5 and 7 and doctor Frasier.

JACK: Thank you sir.

HAMMOND: Colonel.

JACK: Yes sir¡KI know¡Kit sounds like an ambush to me to but there¡¦s
nothing else we can do, right?


Scene: Commissary. Emmett¡¦s sitting across from Janet, whose eating
fruit salad? Emmett¡¦s watching her, she looks up.

EMMETT: oh I¡¦m sorry. I was just¡KI was just thinking that, you have
a very natural quality¡KI mean on camera. You let me film¡KYou allow
the people to see¡Kgrace under pressure.

JANET: mmmm¡Kare you¡Kerr¡Kflirting with me??

EMMETT: Aahaha¡Kwell, see I on the other hand am very clumsy under

JANET: *Laughs* Well, I¡¦ve seen worse. So¡Kerr¡Kwhat¡¦s with the ring?
(wedding ring!)

EMMETT: oh¡Kerr¡Kits sentimental¡Kmy wide died a few years ago. So how
do any of you have a personal life¡K?

JANET: We don¡¦t really, I spend most of my time outside work with my

EMMETT: Oh so¡Kyour married.

JANET: no¡Kno¡Kshe¡¦s adopted¡K*waits till he drinks his coffee* she¡¦s
from another planet. *eats*

EMMETT: err¡Kwould you be willing to talk about that on camera?

JANET: You know I¡¦d rather¡K

AIRMAN: Excuse me ma¡¦am¡Kyou¡¦re required in the ready room

JANET: Thank you. *to Emmett* Sorry.

EMMETT: It¡¦s ok¡K

Scene: Corridor, Tom talking to film crew.

TOM: Let¡¦s go gentlemen.

Sg-1 come down the corridor geared out.

DANIEL: It¡¦s all because I wanted an aerial survey.

SAM: It took me to long to work out the probe sent a transmission.

JACK: None of that matters now

Film crew watch.


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