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Weir: Sending ships here to attack us, is an act of war, and a foolish one at that, given what our defences are capable of.

FP: My Lord did not order such action.

Daniel: Then undo it. Tell the System Lords to call the ship back. The decision they made was one of desperation, forced upon them by your unwillingness to help. Persuading them to change course, could only be done in person.

FP: With a full council vote.

Weir: Even if I did believe you. All good faith is out the window at this point. You're our prisoners. Take them away!

Thor's ship.

Greetings Thor.

Thor: Greetings. Teal'c, this is Penegal, of the Asgard High Council.

Penegal: I regret to report that the debris from the destroyed replicator ship, cannot be contained. We were unable to prevent countless replicator blocks from raining down on Orilla. They have already begun replicating and infesting our systems. Control of the city is in jeopardy.

Teal'c: Should you not consider evacuating people.

Penegal: That is no longer possible.There are too many. We carried numerous stored minds aboard the computers of our ships, when we fled our homeworld. When Orilla was finally found, we were able to replace those minds into cloned bodies, so that we could build our new colony. The replicators have already infected systems needed to save those minds. If we lose this battle, they will perish, along with their bodies. Taking with them, the hopes of the Asgard race.

Thor: Orilla is the last chance of ever rebuilding our empire.

Teal'c: Then we must find a way to save it.

The Prometheus is in Earth's orbit.

\"Sir, censors are detected an alien vessel. It exited hyperspace 14000 km out, eight degree's starboard.\"

Penderghast: Designation

\"None yet sir. Vessel is the size of a Goa'uld mothership. Closing fast. Visual range in six seconds\"

Penderghast:Hold your position, prepare to fire! Onscreen, maximum magnification. Open a channel, broadcast on all frequencies and translate into Goa'uld

\"Yes sir\"

Penderghast: This is Colonel Lionel Penderghast of the United States Air Force Prometheus. Unidentified vessel. Failure to reply will consitute an act of aggression, and we will respond with the full force of our weapons.

Teal'c appears on the screen.

Teal'c: That will be unnecessary. I have brought greetings from Thor, the Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet. We are onboard the 'Daniel Jackson.'

Weir goes into the Briefing Room to talk to the System Lords.

Weir: I have just received word, that the Asgard have arrived. They want to witness the demonstration of our new Ancient device technology, that you have forced us into. There's still time to call off the attack.

Amertesaru: We would also like to witness the demonstration.

Daniel enters the Briefing Room.

Daniel: Your ship isn't coming. It was destroyed en route by Baal. The collective forces of the System Lords are bowing, and you're losing the war.

Yu: And so are you.

Daniel is beamed up by Thor.

Daniel: Hey guys!

Thor: Our new colony is in grave jeopardy. The replicator's escaped from the time dilation device, and are threatening to destroy the Asgard.

Daniel: Ok. So, what can we do.

Teal'c: Thor believes the Ancients knowledge stored in O'Neills mind, may be the key to defeating the replicators once and for all.

Daniel: Jack's frozen down in......

Jack is beamed aboard the ship.

Daniel: As I was saying. Where's Sam?

Teal'c: She was captured by the replicators. The ship was destroyed.

Sam wakes up in a bedroom. She has long hair. After getting dressed, she looks around outside the house. Pete comes out of a barn.

Pete: Hey sleepyhead. Didn't think you'd ever get up. It was kind of a long night, huh?

Sam: Pete

Pete: What's up? Are you ok? Is something wrong?

Sam: Yes, everything.

Pete: What do you mean?

Sam: This. What are you doing here? What am I doing here? Where the hell is here?

Pete: That was good. You had me, you really had me. Of course, I've been up since five, feeding the pigs and the chickens. Pete honestly, I don't....

Pete: What? You don't what?

Sam: Think this is real.

Pete: You hungry? I'm starving. Come on, we'll go inside, I'll whip you up some pancakes.

Sam: You don't understand. This isn't happening. The last thing I remember, I was onboard a replicator ship. This is just another way of screwing with my mind.

Pete: Ok, here's what I got. This is not SGC, it's Montana. Nothing weird happens here. Not like you're used to. A year ago, you left the Stargate Program because of mental stress, and because you wanted to be with me and a farm full of really stinky animals. Since then you've been seeing a shrink, because you can't seem to shake the nightmares. You've had a bad one ok? That's it.

They kiss.

Pete: Did that feel real?

Sam: Yes.

Pete: Then snap out of it. Ok. Pancakes? Or do I have to call the Doctor.

Sam: I'm kinda hungry.

Pete: Good. Come on.

Back up on 'The Daniel Jackson'

Daniel: What are you gonna do?

Thor: I'm going to merge O'Neill's mind, with the ships computer.

Daniel: To do that, you're gonna have to defrost him first, right? I bring this up, because he was near death when we froze him.

Thor: Hopefully, the pod will sustain his life.

Daniel: Hopefully?

Thor: What other choice do we have?

Daniel: Well, can't you just save him, like the last time this happened? Just wipe the Ancient knowledge from his mind.

Thor: And lose any chance of learning to defeat the replicators.

Daniel: You have no right to risk his life.

Teal'c: I believe O'Neill would approve.

Daniel: We can't make that choice for him, no matter what's at stake. Can't you just extract the Ancient information into the ships computer. Then we can all benefit from it. Even learn how to use Ancient weapons, on Earth.

Thor: You cannot even begin to comprehend the extent of what was unfolding in O'Neills mind. Our scientists, long ago, extracted parts of the Ancient Library of Knowledge, and learned much from it. But we have been studying it for as long as I can remember. We have barely scratched the surface. So it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Thor: A haystack of infinite size.

Daniel: That's big.

Thor: I am hoping O'Neills conscious mind, can provide us with a direct conduit to the information we need.

Back at the SGC and Weir goes into see Yu's First Prime.

Weir: You requested to see me?

FP: You must let us go.

Weir: I don't have to do anything at this point.

FP: If your attempt is to extract information from us, you should know, I would die before I say anything. And nothing my master say's, can be trusted.

Weir: Look, no-one's decided what to do with you.

FP: Anubis was overconfident, and he still needed the bulk of his armada, to keep the System Lords at bay. The fleet he used to attack Earth was samll. Compared to that which Baal will command should he defeat the System Lords. He will rule the galaxy. No weapons will be powerful enough the stop him.

Weir: What would you have me do?

FP: Free us to fight. Or if we must. Die with honour.

Thor prepares to transfer O'Neills mind.

Thor: He is not well.

Daniel: Told you.

Thor: The process of interfacing is mind is complex.

Jack's mind is in the ship's computer. His voice can be heard echoing through the ship.

Jack: Helloooo. Testing,testing. One, Two. One, two, testing. Hellooo. Is this thing on?

Daniel and Teal'c walk over to the stasis chamber.

Daniel: Jack?

Thor: O'Neill. Can you hear us?

Jack:Hey! Hey guys. What's going on?

Thor: Your mind has been interfaced with the 'Daniel Jackson.'

Jack: What?

Daniel: What?

Teal'c: The name of Thor's ship is Daniel Jackson.

Thor: All the information in the ships computer, is available to you.

Jack: Ah, right, here we go. This is cool. I can pretty much do anything I want, can't I.

He turns off all the power, and the lights go out.

Thor: O'Neill.

Jack: Sorry

Thor: If you wish. You may appear to us as a hologram.

A hologram of Jack appears.

Jack: Dang!

Daniel: You ok?

Jack: It's a little weird. Yeah, I'm ok.

Daniel: At least you're not speaking Ancient.

Jack: There's that.

Thor: Actually, the computer is translating.

Jack: Ah.

The hologram walks over to the the stasis chamber.

Jack: I've never looked better.

Thor: There is not much time O'Neill.

Teal'c:Thor's planet....

Jack: I know. Ship's log.

Thor: Can you help with the replicators?

Jack: Already on it.

Daniel: Jack.

Jack: Daniel. The computer reported the whole conversation. Thanks for your concern. Talk amongst yourselves.

The hologram disappears.

Weir goes to see Camerus.

Weir: I've discussed the situation with my superiors and we've decided to let you all go.

Camerus: I must admit, that comes as a surprise.

Weir: Well it seems we haven't had much success interrogating Goa'ulds in the past. It was made apparent to me, you're much more use to us fighting Baal.

Camerus: Doctor Weir!

Weir: You know my name.

Camerus: This might come as a surprise to you.

Weir: Oh, I'm not sure anything can surprise me at this point.

Camerus: I wish to request asylum.

Weir: I wish to request asylum.

Weir: Well, seems I was wrong again.

Camerus: My fleet was destroyed before I came here. Among the first to fall. I have nothing left with which to fight. The only thing waiting for me through the Stargate, is shame and torture. So it is not true that I would be more useful to you out there. Perhaps I could be of some use to you here.

Sam and Pete, finish eating.

Sam: Thanks. That was great. Tasted very real.

Pete: Hey, I was thinking we could go into town tonight, have dinner, see a movie.

Sam: Come on. You can't really expect me to just play along.

Pete: I gave up my job for this! I gave up my life for you!

Sam: See? That is definitely not Pete.

Pete: How patient do you expect me to be.

Sam: Nothing you say is going to convince me. I know who you are. I just don't understand why. What do you want from me? Why are you doing this?

Pete transforms back into Fifth.

Fifth: Because I love you.

Thor and Teal'c are looking at a screen.

Teal'c: What is it?

Thor: I am unsure. It seems, O'Neills mind is building something in conjunction with the ships computer. I do not know how much longer his life can be sustained.

Daniel: Jack, can you hear me?

Thor: I must revive him now.

Jack: Wait!

Thor takes the knowledge from Jack's brain, and revives him. The chamber opens and Jack wakes up.

Jack: Oy! What a headache.

Daniel: Take it easy. You've been through a lot.

Jack: What now?

Daniel: What's the last thing you remember?

Jack: Getting my head sucked, by one of those dang Ancient head suckers. And something about twins. Teal'c. What's with the hair?

Thor: O'Neill.

Jack: Thor. You got an aspirin?

Thor: You should feel better momentarily and your memory will slowly return.

Jack: Teal'c, what's with the hair?

Thor: The specifications for the device you created, remain in the computer. I believe I can synthesis it.

The device appears.

Jack: Sweet. What is it?

Daniel: We don't know, but you made it.

Jack: No.

Daniel: Yes.

Jack: No

Daniel: Yes

Jack: No.

Daniel: Yes...

Thor: You accessed the Ancient knowledge in your mind, and instructed the ships computer to design it.

Jack: Doesn't mean I know what it is.

Thor: It was doubtful at best, that he would remember. The knowledge of the Ancients is gone.

Jack: Alright. Let me have a look.

He get's out of the chamber and as he tries to stand, his legs give way. Daniel and Teal'c help him to stand.

Jack: Ah, got legs. Alright, I've got it, I've got it. Yeah. I got nothing.

Penegal comes up on the viewing monitor.

Thor: Penegal, I am relieved that you're still able to communicate

Penegal: It may not last long. Were you able to procure means of fighting the replicators?

Thor: Possibly. It still requires more research.

Penegol: You should know, those infesting the colony, are behaving in an organised fashion, unlike any any replicators we have encountered before.

Thor: Perhaps they are being controlled by a human form leader, who has yet to reveal itself.

Daniel: If a Human form replicator survived, it's possible Sam survived too.

Thor: It is also possible, the old version replicators created a new Human form, to lead them as before.

Daniel: Yeah, but there's a chance. Can you scan the planet for life signs?

Penegal: We already have. There are none.

The transmission ends.

Thor: Penegol: Can you hear me? We have lost contact.

Sam responds to Fifth's declaration

Sam: Did you really think you could convince me that this illusion was my life? That I would just accept it?

Fifth: If it was something you wanted badly enough, in your mind.

Sam: Is that why you tortured me for so long? So I would want this as an alternative.

Fifth: No, I tortured you because I was mad. Why do you think I hated you so much for what you did to me? From the first moment we met, when you let me inside your mind. I saw you like no-one else ever could.

Sam: Human emotions can be very overwhelming. The fact that you feel anything at all, is a miracle. It makes you very special.

Fifth: I'm glad you see that.

Sam: No, you don't understand. I will never be happy this way.

Fifth: Then you will be unhappy for a very long time.

In reality, Sam is encased in replicator blocks.

The Goa'uld leave the SGC, and Thor examines the device Jack made.

Thor: Most intriguing.

Daniel: Can you make it work?

Thor: To be honest, I am unsure of exactly what it is.

Jack: Don't look at me.

Aeger makes a transmission

Aegir: Thor, this is Commander Ajir, of the Valhalla. We have lost contact with the colony.

Thor: Ajir, communications are down. What have you to report?

Aegir: We have located what appears to be the remains of a human form replicator, floating in space. It obviously survived the destruction of it's ship. By all appearances, it is currently inactive.

Thor: Transmit co-ordinates.

Aegir: Use caution Thor.

Daniel: What are you gonna do?

Jack: Where are you going?

Thor: I am going to transport it aboard.

Jack: Why?

Thor: We must learn the location of the Human form controlling the replicators on the planet.

One of the Human replicators is transported into the chamber.

Daniel: Anybody recognise him?

Teal'c: No.

Jack: Is it dead?

Thor: Hopefully, not completely. All replicators are linked by a sophisticated communication system. If we can use this one to tap into the network. We will be able to see what any of the replicators can see.

Jack: And if he wakes up, can this pod get a hold of him?

Thor: Probably not.

Jack: Then perhaps there is no great wisdom in this.

Thor: I will transport it back into space if necessary. But we must take the risk.

Jack: Good.

Jack gets the weapons. Thor watches the monitor.

Daniel: What's that?

Thor: Replicator communication data. I am searching for any references to other human forms.

Sam and Fifth

Sam: You can't just keep me here forever.

Fifth: Yes I can.

Sam: No matter what you do. I will never, ever participate in s being watched.

Sam: What?

Sam's image comes up on the monitor on Thor's ship.

Jack: Zoom in!

Daniel: Sam.

Jack: Can you pinpoint her location?

Thor: She is in a small replicator structure on the planet. It is some distance outside the colony. Near a rich vein of neutronium.

Teal'c: They must be using it to create more human replicators.

Jack: I thought the ship was destroyed.

Thor: At least one of the human replicators must have separated from the ship, with Major Carter, prior to exiting hyperspace.

The replicator opens its eyes

Jack: Beam it out!

Thor: I am trying, it has made itself resistant. It has breached the internal barrier and interfaced with my ships computer.

The replicator breaks out of the stasis field. Teal'c attacks him, but he is just brushed off. Jack picks up the device he made and activates it, it disintegrates the replicator.

Jack: Had to do something.

The lights come back on.

Thor: It seems to have temporarily disabled communication between all cells rendering each one inert. We've explored such technology in the past with no success.

Jack: Great. I mean we can use this thing to whack the rest of those bugs?

Thor: Even better, O'neill. Now that I have seen what the device does, I may be able to modify a larger version that will cast a disruption wave over all of Orilla.

Jack: Well good, while you're doing that..-

Thor: I cannot transport you inside the replicator ship, on the planet. Their defences prevent it. But I can get you close.

Jack: Close is good.

Thor: Take this, so we may communicate.

The team is beamed down into a wooded area, on the planet. A replicator crawls down a tree behind Teal, who shoots it. More replicators appear, and the team begins shooting. Jack destroying them all, using the Ancients device. Fifth appears.

Fifth: Stop! If you harm me, or anymore of my brethren, I assure you, Major Carter will die instantly.

Thor: O'Neill, I have successfully modified my ship, to emit a massive destruction wave.

Jack: Excellent. New you could do it.

Thor: It is 50% charged. If this works, you will have saved the Asgard once again.

Jack: I'm real happy for you. I'm extremely proud. There's a little bit of a problem down here. Fifth detected our approach, and he claims he can kill Carter, instantly.

Thor: O'Neill.

Jack: Hey, I know what you're gonna say. Her life was already sacrificed. You've got your whole planet to worry about. But I've got problems too.

Daniel: Jack.

Jack: Hang on a second. What?

Daniel: This could be very bad.

Hundreds of replicators are moving towards the team. However, they continue past, ignoring the guys.

Jack: What are they doing? What, they're running away? Thor, are you ready yet?

Thor: What is happening O'Neill?

Jack: They're retreating.

Thor: You must stop them O'Neill. The weapon is not yet ready. They cannot be allowed to escape.

Jack: Come on!

Jack, Daniel and Teal'c, go after the replicators.

Sam leaves the house.

Sam: I know you can hear me! What's happening? Fifth, where are you?

Fifth: We must leave.

Sam: Why?

Fifth: They've found a means to fight us.

Sam: The Asgard? How?

Fifth: The one you call O'Neill.

Sam: What?

Fifth: So many of us are left in the city. I cannot wait for them. They will be killed.

Sam: Don't expect me to be sorry.

Fifth: Your friends. They are killing....

Flash to the guys, who are destroying the replicators.

Fifth: Trying to stop us.

Sam: Trying to save me.

Fifth: No, they do not care about you. I told them I would kill you, if they did not stop.

The replicators are making themselves into a ship.

Sam: Then why don't you kill me. You know why my friends won't stop, just to save me?

Fifth: No.

Sam: Because they know, when it comes right down to it, I would rather be dead than be trapped like this forever. No matter what you feel for me. I will never love you back. Kill me if you want. but if you have even one shred of humanity. If you really, truly love me. You'll let me go.

The replicator ship takes off.

Thor uses the modified weapon.

Thor: O'Neill, the weapon worked. Reports from the colony say, all the remaining replicators have been neutralised. While the ship did escape, at least we have an effective means of fighting them now.

Jack: Yeah well, at least there's that.

Thor: O'Neill. I am detecting a fourth lifesign in your immediate vicinity.

Daniel: Sam! Sam!

Jack: Carter!

Teal'c: Over here!

Sam is lying on the ground, but is ok.

Jack: Are you ok?

Sam: Glad to see you sir?

Jack: Likewise

Back at the SGC. Doctor Weir is packing up her belongings. Jack knocks on the door to her office.

Weir: Colonel, come in. How are you feeling?

Jack: Not bad. Haven't had the urge to go anywhere or build anything lately. Well you have been given a clean bill of health. As far as the finest medical professionals on this planet are concerned.

Jack: Well, what do they know.

Weir: The President asked me to extend an invitation to you. Dinner at the Whitehouse.

Jack: Do you know what they're having?

Weir: I don't think I've had the chance to personally thank you yet.

Jack: For what?

Weir: You risk your life over and over, and ask for nothing in return.

Jack: Don't be fooled. I'm making a list.

Weir: Well I doubt very much that there's anything that could properly repay you.

Jack: Are you going somewhere?

Weir: As a matter of fact, the President has asked me to supervise the research of the Ancient Outpost. It's gonna be a bit of a delicate situation, given all the various international claims already being made, on the site.

Jack: Sounds right up your alley.

Weir: Yeah well, much moreso than this job.

Jack: Does that mean Hammond will be coming back?

Weir: No, General Hammond is being promoted. He'll be overseeing all things related to Earths defence on behalf of the Pentagon and Washington. The SGC, the 303 program, the Antartic site. Unofficially it's being called, 'Homeworld Security.'

Jack: Any idea who we're gonna be stuck with?

Weir: The Pentagon has convinced the President, that there is one man who could run the SGC and make it politically viable from an international perspective, despite the fact that he is part of the American military still.

Jack: Do we know this shrub?

Weir: Well you know him rather well. Brigadier General Jack O'Neill.

Jack: Me?

Weir: Yeah, you.

Jack: Brigadier. It's on my list.

Weir: Congratulations.

Jack: I should be clear. I like the promotion, paycheck and the parking spot. But I don't really wanna be in charge of anything. No.

Weir: Well sadly, all those things kind of go together. So I guess you have some thinking to do.

Jack: I hate that.

Daniel's lab.

Daniel: Maybe you should break it down into the pro's and the cons.

Jack: I've spent my whole life, sticking it to the man. If I do this, I'll be the man. I don't think I can be the man.

Sam: You'll be inheriting a pretty big can of worms, with the state of affairs out there.

Teal'c: If Baal truly is on the verge of dominance of the System Lords, we face a formidable challenge ahead.

Sam: Plus, who knows where and when Fifth and the other replicators will turn up.

Daniel: Here on Earth we've never been under so much scrutiny as the way we'll be, now that so many governments know about the Stargate.

Jack: I've never had a desk

Sam: For the record sir. You do have a desk.

Jack: I do?

Daniel: On the flip side of the coin, there's the fact that no-one knows how this place should be run, better than you.

Jack: Why thankyou Daniel.

Daniel: With a little guidance from your good friends and advisors, of course.

Sam: If you don't take the job, we could end up with someone much worse. Ok, that didn't come out right.

Teal'c: I for one will miss you accompanying us, on our missions, O'Neill.

Jack: Yeah, now see. I'm not sure that I'm ready to give that up either. Sitting back, watching you guys go off and have all the fun.

Daniel: Placing our lives in the face of grave danger.

Sam: Well I'm sure there'll be situations in which you can accompany us in the field sir.

Daniel: You'll be in charge, you can do whatever you want.

Jack: I'll be able to do, whatever I want.

Sam: Within reason....sir.

An official ceremony is being held in the gateroom. Doctor Weir goes to the podium.

Weir: Although my time here has been brief. It has been, without a doubt, indelible. I'll remember every one of you. I thank you all, for your hard work. I'm not one for long goodbyes, so without further ado. It is with great pleasure, I introduce you to your new Commanding Officer. Brigadier General Jack O'Neill.

Jack goes to the podium.

Jack : At ease. You all know how much I love speeches. So I'll make this short. I wish I could say I didn't owe anything to anyone. But the truth is, I wouldn't be standing here, if it wasn't for the courage and support of each and every one of you. I hope I can be as good a leader as we've had in the past. As good as you deserve.

Daniel: Here, here.

Jack: The other reason I took this job, was so that I could do really cool stuff like this. It is with great pride.That my first order of business as Commander of this base, is the announcement of the promotion of Major Samantha Carter, to Lt Colonel.

Sam goes up to the podium.

Davies: The President of the United States has placed special trust and confidence in the patriotism, integrity and abilities of Major Samantha Carter. Major Samantha Carter is promoted to the grade of Lt Colonel, United States Air Force.

Jack: Lt Colonel Samantha Carter. Now raise your right hand and repeat after me. I, insert name.

Sam: I, Samantha Carter.

Fifth is on the replicator ship.

Fifth. Don't be afraid. I know the first moment of consciousness can be frightening. I will show you everything. Share with you, all I know. You have no idea how happy I am, we were able to collect enough neutronium.

A figure steps out. It's a Human replicator, made in Sam's likeness.

Fifth: We haven't much time to share. We must search for a new home, for our brethren to propogate. It will pass quickly for us though. Soon enough, everyone will know. Together, we cannot be stopped

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