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Script vo du 806

Ce script VO a été migré dans le guide de l'épisode.

With many thanks to those who supplied the missing words.

Transcript by Callie Sullivan. All descriptions copyright Callie

Note: In this episode it was finally established that the technician
we have always known as Sergeant Walter Davis has strangely changed
his name to Walter Harriman. I'll therefore use his new surname
this and future transcripts.

SGC. CORRIDOR. Troops are running along the corridor. Walter's
voice comes over the tannoy.
HARRIMAN'S VOICE (over tannoy): Threat level: Foxtrot Alpha Six.
security teams to the Gateroom.
(Teal'c stands aside as the troops run past, then follows them.
Shooting can be heard up ahead. The troops reach the door to the
Gateroom. It's closed. Teal'c goes to one of the SFs.)
TEAL'C: Give me your weapon.
(The SF hands his rifle over. Teal'c stands facing the door,
nods to the SF who swipes his card through the reader. The door
opens and one of the SFs is immediately shot by whoever is inside the
Gateroom. As Teal'c enters the Gateroom, another SF already
is shot down. Teal'c fires at whoever is on the ramp as yet
SF goes down. The camera swings round and we see that one of
super-soldiers is on the ramp firing at anything that moves. The
Gateroom is full of gunned-down troops. The other door to the
Gateroom opens and some more SFs, together with Jack, rush through.
As Jack comes into the room, a shot from the super-soldier hits him
directly in the chest and he goes down. Teal'c is briefly
by the death of his friend, but then looks down and sees a Telchak
rifle on the ground near one of the dead SFs. He dives to the
ground, picks up the gun as he rolls, then surges up and fires it at
the super-soldier. The shot hits it smack in the middle of the chest
and it falls to the ramp. After several seconds, the light in its
eyes goes out. Teal'c stands up and looks around the Gateroom.
There's a large white flash and ...

In a science lab at the SGC, Teal'c is sitting in one of the
last seen in "The Gamekeeper". He has a metal helmet over
his head
and cables attached to his temples. He opens his eyes. Several
scientists are standing watching the proceedings. One of them steps
up and starts to remove the helmet. Doctor Lee is standing nearby
holding a small monitor.
LEE (looking at the monitor): Simulation time – forty-nine
seconds?! ... (He tries to sound blasé.) It's not bad, not
(Jack and Sam are standing nearby.)
O'NEILL: How was it? Was it fun?
TEAL'C: Indeed. (He undoes the restraints around him and stands
smiling.) You died well in battle, O'Neill.
(Jack glances at Sam, who tries to hide a smile.)
O'NEILL: Obviously there's something defective with this
TEAL'C: Agreed. (He turns to Lee.) An Anubis drone is a far
formidable warrior than this simulation would suggest.
LEE: What?! Look, we've been working on this chair for two years
make it a viable virtual reality training tool for SGC personnel.
TEAL'C: You have failed.
(Lee stares at him, then looks at Jack and Sam.)
O'NEILL: He's nothing if not honest.
LEE (looking around at his fellow scientists): Well, I mean, maybe we
could, er, it could use a *little* more work but ...
O'NEILL: Can you make it harder ... (he shakes his head and
himself) more difficult?
LEE: Well, I mean, we can input the parameters for different
scenarios, but the vast majority of the simulation array comes from
the mind of the user. The programming is actually built by
interfacing memories from the individual's consciousness with the
chair's matrix.
O'NEILL (turning to Sam): Carter, all I heard was
`matrix' and I
found those films *quite* confusing.
CARTER: I think what Doctor Lee is trying to explain is that the
simulation actually learns its realism from the person using it.
O'NEILL: What?
LEE: Yeah. No, we built it, we tested the software extensively using
a variety of subjects – obviously no-one with Teal'c's
O'NEILL: `Subjects' – to whom do you refer?
(Lee's colleagues all smile proudly.)
LEE: Well, um ... (He gestures to himself and his colleagues. Jack
and Sam look anything but impressed.) Hey – if Teal'c would
agree to
work with us a little more. Look, all you'd have to do is
just play the game, let it learn from you. (Teal'c looks at
Oh, come on, it'd be fun – you'd be so good!
(Teal'c rolls his eyes.)
TEAL'C: Very well.
(Lee turns and looks delightedly at Jack.)
O'NEILL (shrugging): There y'go. Just make sure there's
a beginner's
level for the rest of us.
LEE: Oh yeah, we can always make it easier ... (seeing Jack's
expression) not-not that we'd have to for you, certainly. I
for others, but you-you'd be fine, uh ...
O'NEILL: Carter. Gentlemen. (He leaves the room.)

SGC. SCIENCE LAB. Teal'c is again in the chair preparing to go
the game.
LEE: Thanks to Colonel Carter's new code translation programme,
can actually monitor your progress through a graphic representation
of your point of view.
CARTER (to Teal'c): You've played Doom.
TEAL'C (smiling): I played Def Jam Vendetta.
LEE: Exactly, yes. Now, there is a two second delay between the
chair's processor and your perceived experience, but, um, you
shouldn't notice anything. Anyway, we can, uh, store every
aspect of
your activity in the game and then later choose what we're going
incorporate into our programming of the training scenario. Oh, you
understand – as before, once your mind is interfaced with the
we cannot forcibly remove the connection or cut power to the chair
without endangering you.
TEAL'C: Indeed.
CARTER: It's a function of the new chair design. Since the whole
Gamekeeper incident, the aliens of P7J-989 built the shut-off command
*into* the internal programming, so only someone *in* the chair can
control it.
TEAL'C: You have previously given me this information, Colonel
LEE: This is a little different this time because the game will
actually be learning from you and then incorporating those changes
into its programming code.
CARTER: If you're killed in the game, it will re-set and
automatically start again. The chair will only disconnect and end
the game under two conditions: once you complete the scenario; or if
you engage the internal failsafe, which of course you're free to
at any time.
TEAL'C: That will be unnecessary.
CARTER: Don't be so cocky, Teal'c. The chair is intuitive
– it's
eventually gonna learn everything you know. Now, if you wanna stop
it before the conclusion of the simulation, just get to the base
elevator, head for the surface. Ready?
TEAL'C: Proceed.
(Lee puts the helmet onto Teal'c's head and attaches the
cables to
his temples. Teal'c closes his eyes. Over a monitor nearby,
Sam is watching, Walter's voice can be heard as a computer
of an SGC corridor comes up on the screen. The simulation is seeing
through Teal'c's eyes. He looks down at his own computer
hands, then looks up at the troops running towards him.)
HARRIMAN'S VOICE (over tannoy): Threat level: Foxtrot Alpha Six.
security teams to the Gateroom.
(Teal'c stands aside as the troops run past, then follows them.
Shooting can be heard up ahead. The troops reach the door to the
Gateroom. It's closed. Teal'c goes to one of the SFs.)
TEAL'C: Give me your weapon.
(As the point of view goes to Teal'c's real perception of the
the SF hands his rifle over. Teal'c stands facing the door, then
nods to the SF who swipes his card through the reader. The door
opens, but this time the super-soldier is standing just on the other
side. It fires immediately and Teal'c is shot in the chest. He
slumps to the floor, staring in disbelief as he dies. There's a
large white flash as the game re-sets.)
(In the science lab in reality, Teal'c jerks and groans in the
chair. Sam looks in concern.)
CARTER (to Lee): What just happened?
LEE (looking at monitors): It looks like the chair induced a pain
response when he was killed.
CARTER: It's directly linked to his brain – we knew it was
capable of
LEE: Yeah, but it's just a simulation, it doesn't have to
CARTER: Yeah, see, that's the difference between you and
Teal'c. He
knows that in a real situation your tactics would be completely
different if you thought you couldn't feel any pain.
LEE (looking at the readouts): Man, that was a heck of a shock.
CARTER: He'd want it to be realistic.
LEE: Well, fortunately we limited the chair from being able to
deliver any sort of lethal jolt.

THE GAME. SGC. CORRIDOR. Troops are running along the corridor.
Walter's voice comes over the tannoy.
HARRIMAN'S VOICE (over tannoy): Threat level: Foxtrot Alpha Six.
security teams to the Gateroom.
(Teal'c stands aside as the troops run past but this time,
instead of
following them, he goes up into the Control Room. He takes a rifle
from an airman, checks it, and then goes back down the stairs.
Looking for a moment at the door where he was killed last time, he
turns away and goes around to the other Gateroom door. It opens and
he walks in to see many dead SFs lying on the ramp. At the foot of
the ramp lies Jack. Teal'c kneels down to him.
TEAL'C: O'Neill.
O'NEILL (weakly): Get outta here, Teal'c.
(The clumping sound of an approaching super-soldier can be heard.
Teal'c stands up. Behind him, a super-soldier backhands an SF,
fires into Teal'c's back. Teal'c falls to the ground.
There's a
large white flash as the game re-sets.)

REALITY. Again Teal'c jolts and groans.
LEE: That's twice. Looks like the chair is learning quickly.
CARTER: Don't count Teal'c out yet. (She looks concerned,

THE GAME. We're seeing the simulation version. In the SGC,
are sounding. This time Teal'c has made his way to the Armoury.
swipes his card through the reader, opens the door and takes down a
Telchak rifle. A message flashes up on the screen: "Armour
He then takes down a P90. A message flashes up: "P90
loaded". Now
inside the game proper, Teal'c puts on a flak jacket and heads
towards the Gateroom. He checks the nearby corridor – several
are already down and the clumping steps of a super-soldier can be
heard. As the super-soldier comes around the corner, it fires
repeatedly at Teal'c, who ducks around the corner and runs off.
super-soldier follows, gunning down some more hapless SFs.
ducks around another corner, then pauses as he realises he can no
longer hear the super-soldier's footsteps. He leans back around
corner, then more clumping footsteps can be heard and he is shot him
in the back by a super-soldier. Teal'c falls to the floor, and
as he
rolls over onto his back, the super-soldier shoots him several more
times. As it approaches him, we realise that this is a second
soldier, as the first one comes to join it.

REALITY. In the science lab, Daniel has now joined Sam and is
watching the simulation as, from Teal'c's point of view, the
soldiers fire several more blasts into him.
DANIEL: Ooh, that's *cold*!
(Lee looks round from his monitors.)
LEE: Colonel, I'm, uh, pretty concerned about some of these
CARTER: Me too. (She picks up a phone and dials.) Doctor
Carmichael, this is Colonel Carter. Can you join us in Science Lab 5?

HARRIMAN'S VOICE (over tannoy): Threat level: Foxtrot Alpha Six.
security teams to the Gateroom.
(Sam is running down the corridor with some SFs. Teal'c is
towards them.)
CARTER: Teal'c.
(Teal'c raises his hand to stop her. Sam stops, raising her own
to stop the SFs.)
TEAL'C: Colonel Carter, I require your assistance.
CARTER: Likewise. SG-3 came in hot – sounds like our Gateroom
could use a little back-up.
TEAL'C: They are all dead.
CARTER: Excuse me?
TEAL'C: The Gateroom has been breached. Our most effective
will be to seal off the east and south ends of level 28. If we act
now we may be able to force them into a cross-fire.
CARTER: Force who?
TEAL'C: The two Anubis warriors.
CARTER: How the hell can you know that?
TEAL'C: Because they have chosen the same route seven of the last
(Sam stares at him, confused.)

LATER. Teal'c, Sam and several SFs are in position in a
awaiting the arrival of the super-soldiers.
MALE VOICE (over radio): Colonel, we have two hostiles headed your
CARTER (into radio): Roger that, we're in position. (To everyone
with her.) Heads up, people.
(The clumping sounds of the approaching super-soldiers can be heard.
They come around the corner and a firefight begins. Several SFs go
down, then Sam is shot and falls.)
TEAL'C: Fall back!
(The super-soldiers continue firing as Teal'c and the SFs try to
move. Teal'c fires his Telchak rifle and the blast hits a super-
soldier smack in the chest but has no result. The super-soldier
fires back and Teal'c is hit and falls to the floor. He looks
to Sam lying dead nearby. There's a large white flash as the
game re-

REALITY. In the science lab, Doctor Carmichael is checking
with a stethoscope.
CARMICHAEL: Well, you were right to be concerned about these
readings. Frequent sympathetic spikes in his natural adrenaline
production are causing blood pressure and heart rate *way* too high
to be sustained over the long term.
CARTER (to Daniel): That last ambush should have worked. Why did the
energy weapon have no effect?
LEE: I dunno. Have you ever known a super-soldier to be resistant to
the weapon like that in reality?
DANIEL: But it's possible, right? I mean, we've seen
where the Goa'uld have adapted their technology to defend against
something we've thrown at them.
LEE: Well, hopefully the game'll also extrapolate possible
and offer them to Teal'c. (Sam and Daniel look at each other
doubtfully.) Well, I mean, it'd just be fair.

HARRIMAN'S VOICE (over tannoy): Threat level: Foxtrot Alpha Six.
security teams to the Gateroom.
CARTER (running down the corridor): Teal'c, SG-3 came in hot.
like the Gateroom people could use some back-up. (Teal'c stands
facing her as the SFs run past.) We've gotta move!
TEAL'C: Colonel Carter, listen to me. The SGC has been
penetrated by
two Anubis drones. Our weapons are now ineffective against their
CARTER: How could you ...?
TEAL'C: How is this possible?
CARTER: That's what *I* wanna know!
TEAL'C: I am speaking of the armour.
CARTER: It could have been altered to resist the effectiveness of the
energy weapon.
TEAL'C: Can they now be defeated?
CARTER: I've been working on a frequency modulator chip.
TEAL'C: Where is it?
CARTER: In my lab, but I still don't ...
(Shooting can be heard nearby.)
TEAL'C: Show me. (They run off.)

SAM'S LAB. Sam and Teal'c run in and Sam grabs the chip and
hands it
to Teal'c, who fits it to his Telchak rifle.
CARTER: It's only a prototype.
(A super-soldier arrives at the door and starts firing. Sam and
Teal'c duck behind the benches. The super-soldier walks into the
room. Teal's surges up from behind the bench and fires a multi-
coloured beam from the Telchak rifle. The super-soldier collapses to
the ground. As Sam and Teal'c stand up, a new alarm sounds and
Walter's voice comes over the tannoy.)
HARRIMAN'S VOICE: Warning. Base auto-destruct sequence has been
(Sam and Teal'c run off. Making their way through the corridors,
with the sound of more gunfire approaching, they come across Daniel
and some SFs near the Control Room. They are under fire from the
second super-soldier.)
DANIEL: Nice of you to join us!
CARTER: Been busy.
DANIEL: They've found a way to counteract our little weapons here.
(The second super-soldier can be seen in the Control Room. Sam and
Teal'c shoot their way forward, and Teal'c manages to get a
shot with his new Telchak rifle. The super-soldier goes down.)
HARRIMAN'S VOICE: Warning. Base auto-destruct sequence has been
activated. Thirty seconds to detonation.
(Sam runs into the Control Room and types furiously on the keyboard.
On the computer screen comes the message "Auto Destruct
HARRIMAN'S VOICE: Base auto-destruct has been aborted.
CARTER: We're clear.
TEAL'C: Then the threat has been eliminated. (He looks around,
expecting the game to disconnect but nothing happens.) The threat
has been eliminated.
(Sam walks closer and notices that he has a large burn on his
CARTER: Teal'c, you're injured.
(Teal'c is still looking around, bewildered.)
DANIEL: Teal'c?
TEAL'C: I'm fine.

REALITY. Lee is staring at the readouts, bewildered.
LEE: I don't get it. That should be the end.
DANIEL: You're saying he should have won.
CARTER: Well that was the conclusion of the originally-programmed
CARMICHAEL: But the chair is not disconnecting.
LEE: Yeah, and the game's not re-setting to the beginning either.
DANIEL: Well that's not fair – you can't win a race if
someone keeps
moving the finish line.
LEE: He said he wanted it to be harder, more realistic.
DANIEL: In reality we haven't defeated the Goa'uld.
LEE: Are you saying the game won't end until he defeats all the
DANIEL: I dunno, you tell me. You said the game was learning the
rules from Teal'c.
CARTER: Yeah, but the parameters can't go beyond the base
DANIEL (to Lee and Carmichael): Can you get him out?
CARMICHAEL: Not without risking serious neural damage.
CARTER: The game has a failsafe. All Teal'c has to do is quit.
DANIEL: Yeah – Teal'c quit(!)

THE GAME. INFIRMARY. Teal'c is sitting on the side of a bed,
had his burn treated. Daniel and Sam are with him.
DANIEL: Anubis' drones must have waited for SG-3 to dial the Gate
then overwhelmed them at the last minute. What I *can't* figure
is how they knew how to set the base self-destruct.
CARTER: I can't believe General O'Neill is really dead.
TEAL'C: He is not dead.
TEAL'C (standing up): We must focus on the situation. The threat
not been neutralised.
TEAL'C: We will search the base immediately. More warriors
DANIEL: What?!
CARTER (to Daniel): He also knew the super-soldiers' armour was
resistant to our energy weapons.
DANIEL: Sergeant Harriman reported that there were only *two*
intruders before he got killed.
TEAL'C: They held the Control Room long enough to keep the iris
and let others through.
DANIEL: Maybe, but the Gate logs would have indicated there was
another incoming wormhole.
TEAL'C (sternly): The threat has not been neutralised. There are
others – I am certain of it.
DANIEL: Because ...?
TEAL'C: The game has not yet ended.
(Sam and Daniel look at each other.)
DANIEL: Teal'c, I know this isn't your strongest suit but
this is a
really bad time for jokes.
TEAL'C: You are all part of a simulation designed to test the
preparedness in case of Gate breach. None of you are real. (Sam and
Daniel look at each other again, then look back at Teal'c, who
his eyes slightly.) I am fine.
(Alarms sound. Teal'c gives them a `told you so' look.)
HARRIMAN'S VOICE: Warning. Base auto-destruct sequence has been
(Teal'c grabs his rifle and the three of them run out of the room
head for the Control Room. Sam starts typing.)
CARTER: I don't understand it – somebody must have
reactivated the
auto-destruct from a remote location. (She types some more.)
locked out of the system – I can't shut it down.
DANIEL (to Teal'c): How did you know?
(The base explodes.)

REALITY. Carmichael stands up from looking at the readouts.
CARMICHAEL: His heart rate and blood pressure are too high.
CARTER: How long can he do this?
CARMICHAEL: I don't know – a day, maybe less.
DANIEL: I thought the chair wasn't supposed to be able to kill
CARTER: The physiological effects it can have at any one time are
CARMICHAEL: Yes, but I'm afraid that while each individual pain
stimulus isn't in any way life-threatening, the cumulative effect
now starting to take its toll. If he doesn't have a heart attack
he'll eventually run out of adrenaline. His heart will slow
his blood pressure will drop, his entire organ system is gonna fail.
DANIEL: Death by a thousand cuts.

THE GAME. Teal'c walks into Sam's lab. This is earlier in
sequence, as Sam isn't geared up for action.
TEAL'C: You must disable the auto-destruct command.
CARTER: What?!
TEAL'C: The SGC will be breached by Anubis' warriors. They
attempt to destroy the base via the auto-destruct command.
CARTER: What are you talking about?
TEAL'C: If you disable the command they'll be forced to use
means to achieve the goal. Only then can we hope to defeat them.
CARTER: Teal'c, how could you possibly know ...
(Alarms sound.)
HARRIMAN'S VOICE (over tannoy): Threat level: Foxtrot Alpha Six.
(Troops run past the lab.) All security teams to the Gateroom.
(Teal'c takes the modulator chip from Sam and fits it to his
TEAL'C: There is little time. (They run off.)

REALITY. Teal'c is looking unwell as he convulses gently in the
chair. Sam looks on in concern.
LEE (checking his own readouts): Colonel – he's at level 28.
already got the modulator chip and he's used it to kill the first
super-soldiers. He's hunting for the third ... (He looks at
readings, then turns to Sam and Daniel.) Man, he's not in good
(Sam and Daniel watch the screen as, from Teal'c's point of
view, we
see him round a corner and get punched in the face by a waiting super-
soldier. He falls to the floor. The super-soldier leans down, picks
him up and strikes him again. Again he falls to the floor.)
(Externally, Teal'c convulses in the chair.)
(In the game, the super-soldier picks Teal'c up again and punches
in the face again.)
DANIEL: This is ridiculous – it's torturing him.
LEE: Why won't he quit?
(Daniel looks at the monitor.)
DANIEL: Wait a minute – he's heading for the elevator.
CARTER: He's gonna use the failsafe.
(In the game, the doors to the elevator on level 28 open. Teal'c
struggles towards them, falling to the floor briefly but forcing
himself up as a super-soldier clumps along behind him. He runs into
the elevator and the doors close just as the super-soldier lunges
towards them. Teal'c leans against the wall exhausted and
the floor counter as the elevator rises.)
(At level 01, the elevator doors open. Teal'c wearily walks out
the elevator, then stares in disbelief.)
HARRIMAN'S VOICE (over tannoy): Threat level: Foxtrot Alpha Six.
security teams to the Gateroom.
(Teal'c is back on level 28 near the Gateroom. He turns and
as the troops run past him, then hangs his head in despair.).

REALITY. Sam and Daniel stare at the monitor.
CARTER: It didn't work – he's back in the game.

LATER. Jack has now joined the others. He looks at Teal'c and
walks over to Lee.
O'NEILL: Y'know, I always thought a failsafe system was
supposed to
be somewhat safe ... from *failure*.
(Lee throws up his hands in an apologetic way.)
CARTER: From the beginning, in Teal'c's mind the goal was to
make the
simulation as real as possible. As much as he must now wanna quit,
we think the game evaluated his character and decided that if this
were a real situation, Teal'c would never give up under any
O'NEILL: Well, it's right. It's *also* just a game.
CARTER: The game doesn't know that.
O'NEILL: So how do we get him out?
CARMICHAEL: Well, removing the connections while the system is
operating is *very* dangerous, potentially fatal. On the other hand,
the physical stress that the chair is putting him under will
eventually kill him anyway.
CARTER: Right now the only way out is for Teal'c to win the game.
O'NEILL: *Can* he?
CARTER: It seems to be getting harder and harder. Every time it
appears he's won, the game adds a new twist.
O'NEILL: So it's not gonna *let* him win.
CARTER: No – the chair doesn't have an ego; it's not
*trying* to beat
Teal'c, just provide a challenge that's worthy of his
DANIEL: Ironically it's *Teal'c's* ego that created this
problem in
the first place – not that his self-image isn't entirely
CARMICHAEL: If this continues, he's gonna require adrenaline to
sustain his heartrate. And the thing is, I can't keep him going
this for long.
CARTER: There has to be a way for him to win.

THE GAME. SAM'S LAB. A super-soldier comes in, looking around
any signs of movement. It walks to the edge of the central desk and
comes around the corner. Teal'c is crouched low behind the desk
fires his newly-adapted Telchak rifle at it. It falls to the floor.
Teal'c stands up and heads out.

REALITY. Doctor Carmichael has now attached a drip to
Teal'c's arm.
He goes over to Doctor Lee's monitors and looks at the readouts.
CARMICHAEL: I think it's helping.
LEE: Yeah. Yeah.

THE GAME. Teal'c is running down the corridors. There is the
of shooting up ahead. He runs away from the shooting and ducks
around a corner. He takes out a smoke grenade, removes the pin and
tosses it down the corridor. As the smoke fills the corridor he aims
his weapon and walks slowly into the smoke. The clumping sound of a
super-soldier can be heard up ahead. As soon as Teal'c sees it
through the smoke, he fires and the drone goes down. Suddenly
another drone appears literally out of nowhere, as if it was cloaked,
and guns Teal'c down.


Two super-soldiers are firing at Sam and some SFs in a corridor.
Teal'c walks up behind her.
CARTER: They've adapted their armour.
TEAL'C: Cover me.
(Sam fires at the drones while Teal'c runs around behind her and
shoots one of them down. The other fires at him but he ducks out of
the way of the blasts and runs to the other side of the corridor.
From there he does not have a clear line of fire so he turns to Sam.)
TEAL'C: Colonel Carter.
(He tosses her the Telchak rifle. She catches it, aims and fires and
the second drone goes down. Teal'c walks out into the corridor
takes a scanner out of the shoulder bag he is wearing.)
CARTER: Teal'c, what's going on? What are you doing with a
thermographic sensor?
(Teal'c walks along the corridor, swinging the sensor around.)
TEAL'C: There is a third drone.
CARTER: Are you sure? I thought only two came through.
TEAL'C: I'm certain. He is using a cloak of invisibility.
(As he turns a corner, the image of the drone can be seen on the
sensor's screen, although nothing can be seen in the corridor.
drone is walking away from them but senses someone behind it, turns
and fires several shots. Sam and Teal'c duck out of the way.
takes the Telchak rifle and, without even looking, pushes his arm
around the corner and fires several shots. One of them hits the
drone and it falls to the floor, becoming visible as it does so.)
CARTER: Nice one.
TEAL'C: Yet it is not yet over.
CARTER: There are more?
(Siler's voice comes over the radio.)
SILER: Colonel?
CARTER (into radio): Go ahead.
SILER: Ma'am, I've got a problem with the naqahdah generator
Storage Room 28-F9.
(Sam and Teal'c move cautiously off.)

STORAGE ROOM. Sam and Teal'c arrive. Sam runs over to Siler,
who is
crouching by a naqahdah generator on the floor which is active. Its
tone is getting higher and higher.
SILER: *I* can't stop it.
CARTER: Someone's rigged it on a feedback loop. (She tinkers
with it
to no avail. She looks up at Teal'c.) There's not enough
time to
stop the overload.

Sam and Teal'c run to the Gateroom, Teal'c carrying the
CARTER (calling up to the Gateroom): Sergeant, dial the Gate now

HARRIMAN: Yes, ma'am. Starting dialling sequence.
(The Gate starts to dial. Sam looks in concern at the generator as
the tone continues to cycle upwards.)
HARRIMAN: Chevron one encoded.
(Sam and Teal'c turn towards the Gate. After what seems like an
eternity, the second chevron clunks.)
HARRIMAN: Chevron two encoded.
(The naqahdah generator's tone continues to get higher.)
HARRIMAN: Chevron three encoded.
(Sam and Teal'c stare at the Gate, willing it to dial faster.)
HARRIMAN: Chevron four ... arghh! (A zat blast hits him from
behind. He collapses over the console. Sam and Teal'c turn and
stare up into the Control Room as Daniel walks in, lowering his zat
CARTER: Daniel? What the hell are you doing?!
(Daniel looks down on them triumphantly. His eyes flash –
he's a
Goa'uld. The naqahdah generator reaches overload and explodes.)


HARRIMAN'S VOICE (over tannoy): Threat level: Foxtrot Alpha Six.
security teams to the Gateroom.
(Teal'c stands aside as the troops run past. As shooting
he sinks slowly to the floor and just sits there watching impassively
as a super-soldier shoots everyone in the Gateroom. SFs run past him
in the corridor and are shot down by a second super-soldier as it
walks along the corridor behind them. Teal'c continues to sit
as the super-soldier approaches – and walks straight past him,
ignoring him because he is not a threat.)
HARRIMAN'S VOICE: Warning. Base auto-destruct sequence has been


Teal'c sinks slowly to the floor and just sits there watching
impassively as a super-soldier shoots everyone in the Gateroom. SFs
run past him in the corridor and are shot down by a second super-
soldier as it walks along the corridor behind them. Teal'c
to sit there.


Teal'c sits on the floor with his head in his hands as the SFs
towards him and are shot down. He looks up at the approaching super-
soldier and then looks away despairingly as it walks past him.


Teal'c sits on the floor.


Teal'c sits on the floor.


Teal'c sits on the floor.


REALITY. SAM'S LAB. Daniel comes in. Sam is working on a
Nearby is a second Game chair, this one empty.
CARTER: How's he doin'?
DANIEL: Not well. His physical exhaustion's translating into the
game. It's like he's having trouble even playing any more
– it
*still* won't let him go.
CARTER: I spoke to one of the scientists on P7J-989. He says
nothing they can do under the circumstances.
DANIEL: What are you doing?
CARTER: They had a neural imprint of Teal'c's mind on file
from when
we were trapped in the chairs six years ago.
DANIEL: Creepy!
CARTER: Yeah – I'm trying not to think about it. Anyway,
I'm running
a simulation on *this* chair using the same parameters that
dealing with now.
CARTER: Well, the imprint's nowhere near the same as a live
mind. Plus a lot has changed in the last six years.
DANIEL: Yeah, but not the essence of Teal'c's character.
CARTER: See, that's what worries me. I hope it *has*. Now, I
run hundreds of simulations. No matter what Teal'c does, the
programming adapts. Every time it looks like he's won, the chair
makes it harder. It's almost like the game is reading
Teal'c's mind
and somehow seeing this one game as a microcosm for our war against
the Goa'uld.
DANIEL: Well, that's how Teal'c probably treats every battle
we fight
with `em.
CARTER: Well, according to these results, six years ago – despite
what Teal'c led us to believe – deep down, he didn't
really think the
Goa'uld could ever be defeated.
DANIEL: Well, he doesn't think that *now*. (Sam shrugs.) He
*can't*, not after everything we've accomplished.
CARTER: I hope you're right, otherwise no matter how long or hard
Teal'c plays the game, he won't win.

SCIENCE LAB. Doctor Carmichael peels opens one of Teal'c's
and shines a penlight in his eye. Jack throws him an enquiring look
but Carmichael says nothing and goes over to look at Doctor Lee's
CARMICHAEL: This can't go on for much longer. We're gonna
have to
make a decision pretty soon about forcibly removing the connections.
O'NEILL: Y'know, it's too bad we can't hook up a
joystick to this
thing – give him a little help, a little back-up, maybe.
(Sam, Lee and Carmichael turn round to stare at him.)
LEE: Actually, we *could* link up another chair and send someone else
into the same simulation. Oh – it wouldn't make any
difference; the
processors would network and the second person would just fall victim
to the same altered elements in the simulation that have already
trapped Teal'c.
CARTER: Unless the new player had an advantage. (She looks at
Jack.) Sir, you may have done it again.
O'NEILL: Yes. ... How'd I do it this time?
CARTER: These graphics are being generated by a data recorder
tracking the game. It's actually interfaced into the system
the chair's processor and Teal'c. The chair decides
what's gonna
happen – Teal'c responds. Those responses are then
processed, and we see the results. It's a continuous loop of
changing data.
O'NEILL: Oh(!) Still waitin' on my good idea.
CARTER: The recorder causes a two second delay between the
programming in the chair and the experience in Teal'c's mind.
won't know the difference but *we* could use it to our advantage.
LEE: If we hook up the second chair to the first without using the
recorder in the loop ...
CARTER: ... the new player would know what was about to happen in the
game two seconds before it occurred.
DANIEL: Like precognition.
CARTER: Exactly. It's not much but it might give us enough of an
edge to help both players win.
LEE: That's assuming the chair's programming won't become
aware of it
and adapt.
CARMICHAEL: Which would mean that there's a good chance that the
second player could be trapped along with Teal'c.
(Jack, Sam and Daniel speak simultaneously.)
O'NEILL: I'll go.
DANIEL: I'll go.
CARTER: I'll do it.
(Sam looks round at Daniel. Daniel looks round at Jack. All three
of them look at Teal'c.)

HARRIMAN'S VOICE (over tannoy): Threat level: Foxtrot Alpha Six.
security teams to the Gateroom.
(Troops run along the corridor. Where Teal'c has always been
standing in the past, Daniel is now standing as the troops run past.
He watches them go and then sees Teal'c approaching.)
DANIEL: Teal'c!
(Teal'c looks at him for a moment, then raises his gun.)
DANIEL: What are you doing? No, don't, don't!
(Teal'c shoots him.)


REALITY. Now hooked up to the second chair beside Teal'c's,
O'NEILL: Why'd he shoot him?
CARTER: Because Daniel was a Goa'uld in the last several
O'NEILL: I *told* you I shoulda gone.
CARTER: The last thing we needed was the game learning from your
tactical experience.
(In the game, Daniel gets shot again. In the science lab, Daniel
convulses again.)

THE GAME. Daniel is standing in the corridor as alarms sound.
DANIEL: I gotta get used to this.
HARRIMAN'S VOICE (over tannoy): Threat level: Foxtrot Alpha Six.
security teams to the Gateroom.
(As Daniel looks at the approaching troops, he sees a ghost image of
the troops ahead of the solid troops. As he watches them go past, he
sees Teal'c approaching. Sensibly, he runs and hides until
has walked past.)

SAM'S LAB. Teal'c is searching for the modulator chip. He
his gun as he sees Daniel standing in the doorway aiming a gun at him.
DANIEL: Easy. Don't shoot. Just hear me out. OK, it's me
– I'm
real, I'm not a Goa'uld, and I'm gonna prove that to you,
(Teal'c shoots him.)


Daniel is back in the corridor at the start of the game.
HARRIMAN'S VOICE (over tannoy): Threat level: Foxtrot Alpha Six.
security teams to the Gateroom.
(Daniel stands aside as the troops run past, then heads off in the
opposite direction.)
(Shortly afterwards, Teal'c comes through a security door,
looking at
all the dead SFs on the floor. From around a corner, Daniel zats
him, then walks cautiously towards him.)
DANIEL: I'm sorry, buddy, you're gonna have to listen to me.
bends down and takes Teal'c's gun away from him, then stands
him, still aiming his zat gun at him.) OK – now a minute ago we
in Sam's lab, I was trying to convince you I was real and you
me, remember? What happened next? (Teal'c stares at him.) The
re-set. (Teal'c looks confused.) I know – it's probably
happened so
many times it's just one big blur, but the reason it happened
time is because I'm playing too. I'm in the chair, just like
If either one of us die, we both lose.
(After a moment, Teal'c painfully sits up and drags himself to
wall so that he can lean against it. His face has an expression of
despair on it.)
TEAL'C: It can no longer be helped.
DANIEL: I know. The game thinks in a real situation you'd never
TEAL'C (despairingly): No matter what I do ... it is not
Daniel Jackson, it is *not possible*.
DANIEL: Yes it is. That's why I'm here. (Teal'c looks
at him.).
C'mon, let's *do* this – together.
(He holds out his hand to Teal'c, who seizes it and Daniel helps
to stand. Firing can be heard nearby.)
TEAL'C: We must leave this area immediately.
DANIEL: Yeah, I heard that. (They run off.)

LATER. The two of them are cautiously making their way along a
TEAL'C: You possess the ability to foresee the future.
DANIEL: Yeah, two *seconds* in the future. To be honest with you,
it's kinda freaking me out. Two seconds is not a lot of time.
Maybe, uh, just a chance to see something happen and all I can see
is ... watch out. (He looks round at Teal'c.) No, seriously,
out! (He shoves Teal'c away as two super-soldiers approach,
Daniel and Teal'c beat a retreat, returning fire.)

CARMICHAEL: We're gonna need a crash cart in here. (He runs to
LEE: You can't introduce an electrical impulse to the chair like
CARTER: He's right.
CARMICHAEL: There's a very good chance Teal'c is going to go
cardiac arrest if he suffers one more re-set.

THE GAME. Teal'c and Daniel are still retreating from the super-
soldiers. Daniel, on the other side of the corridor to Teal'c,
across and sees a ghostly image of the third super-soldier come out
of its invisibility cloak right behind Teal'c.
DANIEL: Teal'c!
(Before Teal'c can react, the real drone appears and shoots him
in the back. As Teal'c falls to the floor, the drone shoots at


CARMICHAEL (looking at the readouts): His heart's stopped. (He
across to Teal'c, grabs a syringe and plunges it straight through
Teal'c's shirt and into his heart, pressing the plunger.
drags in a rasping breath.)
CARTER (checking the readouts): He's got a pulse.
CARMICHAEL (pulling the syringe out of Teal'c's chest, and
looking at
Jack): That's not gonna work again.
(Jack is staring aghast at what Carmichael just did.)
O'NEILL: I don't wanna *see* that again! I thought they were
be able to beat this thing.
CARTER: It may take Daniel a while to adjust to the precognitive
abilities, plus two seconds isn't a lot of time. He'll need
right opportunity to take advantage of it.
(On the computer monitor of the game, alarms go off again. From
Teal'c's point of view, a computer simulation of Daniel is
ahead of him. Daniel reaches the door to Sam's lab and nods to
Teal'c, who swipes his card through the reader. Inside the game
proper, the door opens and they go in.)
TEAL'C: Search for the modulator chip to compensate for the
modified armour.
DANIEL: Any idea where she keeps it?
TEAL'C: It changes location each time.
DANIEL: Of course it does! (They start searching. After a few
seconds...) Found it! (He attaches it to his rifle, then looks up,
seeing a ghost image of the other door opening and a super-soldier
standing there and firing as soon as the door opens.) Down. (He
drops to the floor. Teal'c follows. A second later the door
for real and the super-soldier is there and starts firing. Behind
the desk, Daniel adjust the chip in his weapon, then rolls out from
behind the table and fires a single shot at the drone, which drops to
the floor. Teal'c stands up. Daniel looks at his rifle.) Yeah

this could work.

LATER. Daniel and Teal'c are making their way through the
corridors. Daniel gets another precognitive flash and stops
from going around a corner. They back up as a super-soldier
approaches. The drone clumps forward, then turns abruptly to look
around the corner. There's no-one there. Daniel and Teal'c
backed up around another corner. From there, Teal'c aims his
at the soldier, but doesn't fire. The drone clumps on.
Teal'c leans
back against the wall, exhausted.
DANIEL: Why didn't you shoot him?
TEAL'C: Such an action has always proven fatal. On previous
of the game, when I've eliminated a drone from this location, it
inevitably attracted the attention of a third cloaked drone.
DANIEL: So we'll shoot him too.
TEAL'C: It was merely a diversion designed to allow a Goa'uld
time to destroy the base. It will use either our self-destruct
mechanism or a naqahdah generator designed to overload.
DANIEL: And if you try and stop one it uses the other.
TEAL'C: Indeed.
DANIEL: I suppose the identity of that Goa'uld always changes too.
TEAL'C: Yes. I believe it to be the final component of the game
must overcome.
(There's shooting nearby. Daniel nods to Teal'c, who summons
last remaining energy and they head out. They make their way along
the corridors but then Daniel slams his arm out, stopping Teal'c
his tracks. Daniel pauses for a moment, then pulls Teal'c back
the direction they just came from as two super-soldiers come around
the corner. Daniel and Teal'c run into the Gateroom as the
fire at them. They dive out of the way as Jack and a bunch of SFs
run into the Gateroom firing at the drones. Lying on the floor,
Teal'c fires his Telchak rifle at the drones and takes them both
down. Jack reaches down and helps Daniel to his feet as Teal'c
up as well.)
O'NEILL: You guys alright?
DANIEL: Oh, yeah. Thanks.
(Teal'c looks around, waiting for the self-destruct announcement
start. It doesn't come.)
TEAL'C: The naqahdah generator. (He runs off. Daniel glances at
Jack, then follows.)
O'NEILL: You guys alright?

STORAGE ROOM. Teal'c and Daniel come in. Sam is crouched on the
floor tinkering with the naqahdah generator. A few feet away, Siler
lies unconscious on the floor, a pistol nearby.
CARTER: Almost got it, just give me a second.
TEAL'C (aiming his rifle at her): Step away from the device.
CARTER: Teal'c, what are you doing? We've got less than a
before this thing goes critical.
(Jack walks in. Teal'c aims his rifle at him.)
TEAL'C: Step *away*.
DANIEL: I'd do as he says.
(Jack and Sam both move away from the generator.)
O'NEILL: What the hell's goin' on here?
(On the floor, the generator is spinning up towards overload.)
CARTER: Teal'c, we're all gonna die if you don't let me
stop that
TEAL'C: She may be a Goa'uld.
CARTER: It was Siler (pointing to him lying on the floor).
O'NEILL: Siler?!
DANIEL: Siler?
CARTER: He was in here – I found him setting the generator.
O'NEILL: Teal'c, put the weapon down. That's an order.
(Teal'c looks uncertain.)
DANIEL: What if it's not her? You said yourself, you could never
tell who it was until the last second.
TEAL'C: You may be correct, Daniel Jackson. (He aims his weapon
O'NEILL (raising his own rifle): Heyyy!
(Sam grabs a rifle. Daniel raises his own and the four of them stand
there, all pointing weapons at each other.)
O'NEILL: *Now* what?
DANIEL: I know for a fact it's not me or Teal'c.
(The four of them stand there, not moving. Teal'c looks down at
TEAL'C: Daniel Jackson!
DANIEL: I don't know. I can't tell.
(After a moment's more thought, Teal'c reluctantly lowers his
weapon. Jack lowers his own.)
O'NEILL: Carter.
(Sam squats down to the generator and works on it. It starts to
power down. Daniel looks up and sees a ghost image of Siler getting
up from the floor.)
(Jack looks round and sees Siler starting to get up.)
O'NEILL: Carter!
(Siler grabs the pistol and starts firing. Everyone dives for
cover. Siler walks forward, and his eyes flash. Teal'c comes
around the corner and fires multiple shots at Siler, gunning him
down. Everyone comes out from cover and looks at Siler lying dead on
the floor.)


REALITY. In the science lab, Daniel opens his eyes.
DANIEL: Is it finished?
CARTER: Yeah. You did it.
(Daniel closes his eyes in relief. In the chair next to him,
opens his eyes.)
CARTER: Shutting off power to both chairs.
(Jack walks over to Teal'c.)
TEAL'C: O'Neill.
O'NEILL: Hey. (He pats him on the shoulder.)
TEAL'C: We have won.
O'NEILL: Well – it's what we do.
(Teal'c smiles and nods.)

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