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Script vo du 809

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SGC. Jack and Daniel are walking along a corridor.
DANIEL: Bra'tac believed that the only way to eliminate all of
System Lords is to recruit as many Jaffa in the fifth column as
possible. Now, only when their numbers are sufficient would it be
possible to rise up and unilaterally destroy all the Goa'uld at
once. (Jack looks at him blankly but Daniel doesn't notice.)
then, Ba'al controls the super-soldier army which cannot be
HARRIMAN (over tannoy): Incoming wormhole.
DANIEL: So even *if* the rebel Jaffa can some day take out the
majority of the System Lords, there'd still be a massive war to
fight. The problem is, though, Ishta doesn't want to wait.
Moloc is
continuing to order the deaths of all female Jaffa born in his domain
and their underground railroad to Hak'tyl can't save them
all. (Jack
starts walking in the wrong direction as Daniel continues talking,
but then turns and follows him. Daniel, wrapped up his narration,
doesn't even notice.) Even now she's organising a rebellion
overthrow Moloc. Now, Teal'c and Bra'tac are trying to
convince her
to see the ... the bigger picture. (He gestures grandly as he
O'NEILL: ... What was my question again?
DANIEL: Um, `how's it going?'
O'NEILL: Seemed so innocuous at the time. (He and Daniel enter
Gateroom just as Teal'c and Bra'tac come through the Gate and
down the ramp.) Fellas! How was the trip?
TEAL'C: I have been betrayed by those I trusted most. (He walks
Jack and Daniel and leaves the Gateroom.)
O'NEILL (turning to watch him go): That good, eh?
BRA'TAC: His mood is foul indeed. (Jack and Daniel turn to face
him.) Greetings. It is good to see you both.
DANIEL: Bra'tac, what's wrong?
BRA'TAC: There was a complication.
O'NEILL: Ishta?
BRA'TAC: She is well – and as lovely as ever, O'Neill.
(Jack raises
his eyebrows, then shrugs.) The problem, I fear, lies with Rya'c.
BRA'TAC: He is in love, and plans to be married. Hmph! (He
the Gateroom.)

SGC. SPORTS ROOM. Jack and Teal'c are preparing to play table
tennis. Jack blows out a few exaggerated breaths in preparation.
Teal'c stands at the other end of the table, looking very glum.
O'NEILL: So when's all this supposed to happen? (He serves.
smashes the ball back straight into Jack's arm, who yelps in pain
clutches his arm.)
TEAL'C: Three days.
O'NEILL (picking up the ball from the floor): Three days, huh?
That's kinda quick.
TEAL'C: Indeed.
O'NEILL: Well, you know love ... is a strange and mysterious
(He serves the ball. Again Teal'c smashes it back, this time
the top of Jack's leg. Jack clutches his leg in pain.) Ow! God!
TEAL'C: Rya'c did not even consult me before making this
It is obvious this girl has caused all reason to leave
Rya'c's head.
O'NEILL (preparing to serve): Zero serving three.
TEAL'C: Serving eight.
O'NEILL: Eight. (He serves. Teal'c smashes the ball back,
Jack's leg in the same place as before. Jack doubles up in
Ah! (He straightens up.) So, what (his voice cracks momentarily,
then improves) what's, uh, Ishta think of all this? (He tosses
ball across the table to Teal'c.)
TEAL'C: Ishta believes that tradition should persist at all
especially in the face of oppression.
O'NEILL: I see.
(Teal'c serves the ball. It comes across the table so fast that
doesn't even move before it flies past him. He turns and watches
bounce across the floor.)
TEAL'C: Rya'c is too young to know what love is, O'Neill,
or how it
inevitably weakens a warrior's resolve.
O'NEILL: Look, T, I'm not gonna tell you how to raise your
kid ...
but I've always found that sticking your fingers in your ears and
humming loudly solves a whole slew of problems.
(Teal'c smiles briefly.)
TEAL'C: What good am I as a father, O'Neill, if I cannot keep
my son
from making this crucial mistake?
(Alarms sound.)
HARRIMAN (over tannoy): Unscheduled offworld activation.
(Teal'c tosses the ball to Jack and walks away. Jack serves the
across the table and makes a tiny triumphant gesture before following
him, then makes a sound of pain as his damaged leg protests at having
to walk.)

CONTROL ROOM. Jack and Teal'c walk in. Walter is at the desk.
HARRIMAN: Receiving IDC, sir. It's Ishta.
O'NEILL: Open the iris. (He and Teal'c head for the

GATEROOM. The iris opens. Teal'c precedes Jack through the side
door but Jack shoves him out of the way so that he can go first,
giving Teal'c a black look and a `me first' gesture as he
goes. The
sound of people coming through the Gate can be heard, then the
wormhole disengages. Ishta and one of her lieutenants come down the
O'NEILL: Greetings!
(Teal'c bows to the women.)
ISHTA: There is an urgent matter we must discuss. Hak'tyl may
been compromised.

BRIEFING ROOM. SG-1 are sitting on one side of the table while
Bra'tac, Ishta, and her lieutenant sit on the other. Jack is at
head of the table.
DANIEL: How do you know?
ISHTA: Yesterday we were to meet one of our contacts – a high
priestess stationed within Moloc's temple. She failed to appear
the allotted time.
TEAL'C: You must evacuate immediately.
ISHTA: I agree, but we know not of another uninhabited planet like
Hak'tyl. Hiding a large group of female warriors and children
a populated planet in Moloc's domain is difficult, and dangerous.
O'NEILL: Well, I'm sure we could help you folks out. Carter?
CARTER: Uh, no problem. We have a number of possible worlds on
record but they should be explored more thoroughly before you take up
permanent residence.
ISHTA: If Moloc is aware of our location, every moment my people
remain on Hak'tyl puts them at greater risk.
(She looks at Jack, who nods understandingly. Teal'c turns his
and looks at him, then Sam turns and looks at him too. Finally Jack
realises that he's supposed to say something.)
O'NEILL: Oh! Um ... er, er, you're welcome to stay here.
nods in gratitude.) I'll go start the paperwork. (He stands and

GATEROOM. The Gate is open and many of Ishta's people have
come through. A woman rides a horse through the Gate. Another horse
is already in the Gateroom. Daniel is watching as the women,
children and horses are escorted out of the Gateroom. Rya'c and
young woman come through the Gate and walk down to where Daniel and
Sam are standing.
RYA'C: Colonel Carter. Doctor Jackson.
CARTER: Rya'c! It's good to see you again.
RYA'C: This is my sim'ka, Kar'yn.
KAR'YN (fondly): Rya'c, stop using those old terms. We are
betrothed. (To Sam and Daniel) And it is an honour to meet friends
of my husband-to-be.
DANIEL: Right back at ya!
RYA'C: Is she not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
KAR'YN: Stop it. You're embarrassing me. I'm not an
object to be
RYA'C (to Sam and Daniel): Thank you for agreeing to host our
ceremony. It will be an honour to be betrothed among friends.
DANIEL: Oh, you're gonna have the wedding *here*?!
KAR'YN: Of course. Ishta said it may take some time to find a
suitable planet for our new home. We are to be married in three
(Sam is grinning rather fixedly. Daniel puts his left arm around her
back and onto her left shoulder, and Sam puts her right hand on top
of it. They both grin hugely.)
KAR'YN: There is much to do. (She smiles at Rya'c.)
Rya'c? (She
starts to tug him away.)
RYA'C: Excuse us. (He and Kar'yn leave the Gateroom, leaving
Sam and
Daniel still grinning.)
DANIEL: They're having the wedding here!
DANIEL: Does Jack know about this?
(Sam's grin fades.)
CARTER: I'm gonna work on ... finding them a planet. (Daniel
nods in
agreement.) Yeah! (She leaves. Daniel raises his eyes skywards.)

JACK'S OFFICE. Jack is doing paperwork as Bra'tac comes to
the door
and taps on it.
O'NEILL (without looking up): Come in. (Bra'tac walks in.
finally looks up.) Bra'tac. (Bra'tac walks a few steps
further into
the room, then stops.) What's that smell?
BRA'TAC: I believe that is the horses, O'Neill. (Jack nods.)
warriors of Hak'tyl are grateful for your generosity.
O'NEILL: Well – you know me. Always willing to help those
who ...
need help.
BRA'TAC: You are indeed a wise and gracious leader, O'Neill
O'NEILL (looking at him suspiciously): Siddown, y'old coot.
sits.) What?
BRA'TAC: I am to officiate at the rite of everlasting union
Rya'c and Kar'yn. I have consulted with Ishta on the matter
despite the evacuation of Hak'tyl, she wishes the wedding to
as planned – and as scheduled.
O'NEILL: Meaning here.
BRA'TAC: A more suitable world is not likely to be found in time.

Delaying the ceremony would only grant another victory to Moloc's
O'NEILL: D'you know what it took to get approval for Tailgate
Tuesdays, huh? (Bra'tac looks at him blankly. Jack looks down,
thinking, then looks up again.) There would be cake?
(Bra'tac smiles and nods.)

ISHTA'S QUARTERS. Ishta is unpacking some of her belongings.
opens the door without knocking and walks in, closing the door behind
TEAL'C: You have been avoiding me.
ISHTA: You have indicated I am not worthy of your presence.
TEAL'C: How so?
ISHTA: Your refusal to bless this union is an insult to Kar'yn
thus to me.
TEAL'C: That is not what I intended. Rya'c has pledged to
help lead
the Jaffa in the battle against the Goa'uld.
ISHTA: As have I, and my people. A warrior is always stronger with
another at his side – so you must believe Kar'yn to be an
warrior, and I am at fault as her teacher.
TEAL'C: Ishta, this is not about you. Soon enough Rya'c will
have to
choose between his responsibility to his family and to that of his
cause – just as I once did. I merely believe that he is young
has much time ahead, and need not undertake such decisions so soon.
ISHTA: In the same way Rya'c had no say in your decision, you
have no
say in his. None of us choose oppression at the hand of the
nor what must be done to free ourselves of it, but we must not
sacrifice that which makes us Jaffa. I have organised both men and
women to fight together – to rise up against Moloc. Maybe once
are free of his tyranny, you will see that we are worthy of your war.
TEAL'C: Overthrowing Moloc alone will ultimately prove nothing.
he to fall, his worlds and armies would simply be usurped by another
ISHTA (angrily): I will *not* stand idly by and watch more of my
sisters slain at the hand of Moloc while you, and the leaders of this
so-called Jaffa rebellion, you plot and you scheme and you ultimately
do *nothing*!
TEAL'C (equally angry): You have no *wish* to fight side-by-side

only to control and dominate.
ISHTA: As my sisters have been for generations!
TEAL'C: As you will continue to be because of your
ISHTA: I will not rest until Moloc is *dead*.
TEAL'C: And I will not rest until *all* Goa'uld are dead.
(He turns
and leaves the room.)

CORRIDOR. Sam is walking along. Jack comes out of a side door and
grabs her by both arms.
O'NEILL: They want a *what*?!
CARTER: A goat, sir.
(Jack lets her go and they start to walk.)
O'NEILL: You can tell them *lamb* is far less gamey.
CARTER: They ... (she pauses as a little girl runs past) they want it
for a ritual sacrifice.
O'NEILL: Yeah, well you can tell `em *that's* not gonna
(He and Sam look at a group of children sitting in a corner of the
corridor playing a game with stones.)
CARTER: Yeah, I was hoping you'd say that.
O'NEILL: They can have pinata – that's always fun.
CARTER: I'll suggest it, sir.
(She and Jack flatten themselves against the wall as a horse is led
past. Jack pushes its rump out of the way as it goes past him, then
he and Sam turn and watch the rather unbelievable sight of a horse
clopping down the corridor. Jack turns to Sam and seizes her by the
arms again.)
O'NEILL: *Please* tell me you're close to finding a planet.
CARTER: We scouted one yesterday that Ishta seems comfortable with

fresh water, stable climate ...
(Jack looks down and realises that he's still holding Sam by the
arms. He lets her go and they start to walk again.)
O'NEILL: Good. When's moving day?
CARTER: Uh, Ishta thinks it'll take about a week to get a
camp going.
O'NEILL: A *week*?!
CARTER: Yes, sir. (Jack turns and watches some of the Hak'tyl
walk past. Sam takes his arm and steers him back along the
corridor.) The, uh, the wedding is still gonna happen here.
O'NEILL: You seen Teal'c?
CARTER: I think he's locked himself in his room.
O'NEILL: That chicken!

GATEROOM. At the foot of the ramp is a small table with a brazier on
it. Bra'tac stands at the table with his back to the Gate,
holding a
burning firelighter. He has just lit the brazier. Rya'c and
stand either side of the table, facing each other. Several of the
Hak'tyl women, including Ishta, are standing nearby. Bra'tac
out the flame on the firelighter.
BRA'TAC: Let this fire bear witness to this ceremony. May its
keep warm the souls of those who came before us. We ask those
spirits now to bless this union and to protect it through each day of
its existence. And then the horn will sound. (He looks off to the
side. Somebody offscreen sounds two notes on a horn.) Good. Now

(he turns to Rya'c) you will place the circle of fidelity upon
Kar'yn's head.
(Someone hands Rya'c a circlet woven from leaves. He puts it
Kar'yn's head.)
BRA'TAC (to Kar'yn): And you, the totem of bravery (he lifts
medallion on a chain to his mouth and kisses it before handing it to
Kar'yn) around Rya'c's neck. (Kar'yn does so.) The
bride will then
kneel before her husband in respect.
(Up until now Rya'c and Kar'yn have been smiling happily but
Kar'yn's smile fades. Ishta too looks concerned.)
KAR'YN: I will do no such thing.
RYA'C (also losing his smile): Kar'yn.
KAR'YN: I kneel before no man, not even my husband.
BRA'TAC: This action has been part of the ceremony for thousands
KAR'YN (interrupting): Then he should kneel before me as well.
Rya'c) Or am I too weak to have such respect given to me in
RYA'C: You disgrace my name.
BRA'TAC: Perhaps if we took a short recess.
KAR'YN (to Rya'c): And if you insist on treating me like a
handmaiden, then I have chosen poorly for a husband.
RYA'C: Well, perhaps *I* have chosen poorly as well.
(Kar'yn pulls the circlet off her head and throws it down before
storming out of the Gateroom. Most of the women follow her. In the
Control Room, Teal'c is watching with a smug smile on his face.
the Gateroom, Rya'c takes off his medallion and hands it to
before leaving the room.)
BRA'TAC (picking up a goblet from the table): I can see why one
rehearse these events. (He takes a drink.)
(Behind him, the Gate starts to dial in.)
HARRIMAN (in the Control Room): Unscheduled offworld activation. (He
closes the iris. Behind the iris, the Gate activates. Teal'c
over to Walter.) Receiving a message. Onscreen.
(Teal'c looks at the message as Bra'tac and Ishta walk in.)
TEAL'C: Ishta. This concerns you.
ISHTA (looking at the message): It's from one of my contacts
Moloc's Jaffa. He's requesting a summit.
TEAL'C: For what reason?
ISHTA: Our forces that are hiding among the Jaffa of Moloc have
become large, but there are still many who are loyal to him. We risk
being exposed. We must send the co-ordinates of the new homeworld to
those who will attend.
TEAL'C: Very well. I will accompany you to this summit.
ISHTA: You have no say in our matters.
TEAL'C: Perhaps there is counsel I can provide.
ISHTA (walking close to him and looking at him sternly): You will
abide by my ruling.
(Teal'c looks at her for a moment, then looks across to
Bra'tac. He
then looks back to Ishta and bows to her.)

ISHTA'S QUARTERS. Ishta is preparing to leave. Kar'yn is
with her.
KAR'YN: Can I come with you?
ISHTA: Do not be foolish – you have a union to prepare for.
KAR'YN: There will *be* no union.
ISHTA (sighing): Kar'yn, you must learn not to let your emotions
you to such extremes.
KAR'YN: I cannot be betrothed to Rya'c. He is as pig-headed
as his
(Ishta leans forward and seizes Kar'yn's chin.)
ISHTA: Until you have fought as many battles, do not speak of
of Chulak with such disrespect. Without him we would not *have*
tretonin. (She holds up a tretonin injector.) And we would still be
slaves to the Goa'uld symbionts. (She lets Kar'yn go and
KAR'YN: But how can you accept his affection knowing he does not
support our war against Moloc and the archaic traditions that oppress
female Jaffa?
ISHTA: We differ often, but deep down we both possess the same hunger
for freedom.
KAR'YN: Does he not see me fit for Rya'c?
ISHTA: He could search a thousand worlds and *never* find someone
like you. Teal'c has sacrificed much in the war against the
and does not wish Rya'c to feel the pain of such loss.
KAR'YN: What about Rya'c? He does not respect me as a
warrior as
Teal'c respects you.
ISHTA: *That* took some convincing, believe me. What you must
remember is that, as much as you desire Rya'c's respect, he
too burns
for yours.

SPORTS ROOM. Rya'c is training with a stick (or broom handle?)
the same size and length as a staff weapon. He is twirling it about
angrily. Bra'tac comes into the room behind him and, as
Rya'c spins
around, Bra'tac grabs the stick.
BRA'TAC: Your parries are too low. Hold your staff higher; step
each blocking blow.
RYA'C: Leave me be.
BRA'TAC (letting go of the stick): As you wish. (He turns and
to walk away.)
RYA'C: Have I not been a dutiful son? Have I not brought honour
my name?
BRA'TAC (turning back towards Rya'c): You have indeed.
RYA'C: Then why will my father not bless my union with Kar'yn?
BRA'TAC: Then the union is still to be?
RYA'C: That is not the point.
BRA'TAC: You have made a choice. You pledged your life to fight
freedom for all Jaffa. It is a war you must commit to without
RYA'C: I know! That is why my father abandoned my mother and I

because we made him weak. (He slams one end of the stick down onto
the floor.)
BRA'TAC: That is not true.
RYA'C: He knows I forgave him for that long ago. I understand
why it
was necessary.
BRA'TAC: *Do* you? Hmm? Teal'c stayed First Prime of
Apophis as
long as he did because he feared for you. He committed atrocities in
the name of the Goa'uld because he wanted you and your mother to
safe. When he chose to leave to join the Tau'ri, it was the most
difficult thing he has ever done. It is not *you* that made him
weak, but his own fear and doubt. When he realised the Goa'uld
indeed be defeated, that if he fought hard enough, you could one day
be free, it made him stronger.
RYA'C: It is the same for me with Kar'yn. She fuels my
desire to
fight for freedom. We know what we must face, and we choose to do it
(Bra'tac puts his hand on Rya'c's shoulder.)
BRA'TAC: You still have much to learn about yourself; about being
warrior – and neither of you truly know what we will all face in
full-scale war with the Goa'uld.
RYA'C: I do not need his blessing.
BRA'TAC (looking into Rya'c's face): No – you do not.
(He turns to
RYA'C: And he insults Kar'yn. She *is* a formidable warrior
deserves his respect.
BRA'TAC (turning back to face Rya'c): And yours. (He leaves

NEW HAK'TYL HOMEWORLD (hereafter referred to as
female Jaffa and two male Jaffa are guarding the Gate. Some distance
away, a tent has been set up for the summit. Moloc's Jaffa are
meeting with Ishta and Teal'c. One of Moloc's Jaffa is
ARON: The ranks of rebel Jaffa are sizeable enough to win. The time
to strike is now.
COR'AK: Aron is right. If we wait much longer it is only a
of time before our numbers grow too large for Moloc not to discover.
We risk losing everything.
ISHTA: Aron *is* right. We must strike *now*.
TEAL'C: Jaffa! Hear me. I know your hearts are prepared for
but I have come to ask for your patience. You have prepared well for
the demise of Moloc, but only when all Jaffa rise up as one can the
Goa'uld be defeated, and only then will *all* of our brothers and
sisters truly be free.
ISHTA: This is the counsel you have come to offer?
(From outside the tent comes the sound of a bird taking flight in
alarm. Teal'c's head snaps round.)
ISHTA: What is it?
(The sound of a staff weapon activating outside the tent can be
(He throws himself to the ground, taking Ishta with him. Outside the
tent, many Jaffa open fire with staff weapons, firing into the tent.
Those Jaffa inside who are not quick enough are shot down.
Ishta and Aron crawl out of the back of the tent and run for the

LATER. Teal'c, Ishta and Aron have made it back to the Gate and
crawl to a rise nearby. Looking down at the Gate, they see that it
is guarded by very many Jaffa.
TEAL'C: The Gate is well guarded.
ISHTA: We must return to the meeting tent. If anyone else survived,
they will be tortured.
TEAL'C: Wait.
ARON: For what?
(The Gate activates. Moloc's Jaffa aim their staff weapons at
Jack's voice comes over Teal'c's radio.)
O'NEILL (over radio): Teal'c? You there?
TEAL'C (into radio): Proceed, O'Neill.
O'NEILL: You know how I get when you don't call.
TEAL'C: Moloc's Jaffa ambushed the summit. The address of
the planet
must have fallen into the wrong hands. I am with Ishta and another
rebel Jaffa named Aron. At present we are cut off from the Gate.
O'NEILL: How bad?
TEAL'C: Very.
O'NEILL: Back-up?
TEAL'C: It would be unwise at the moment. I am uncertain as to
extent of forces or if there are ships in orbit. I will need time to
gather intel before deciding on a course of action.
O'NEILL: Alright. We'll check in in about an hour. And T?
TEAL'C: My head *is* down, O'Neill.
O'NEILL: Over.
(The Gate shuts down. Teal'c, Ishta and Aron cautiously move
from the Gate.)

FOREST. The three Jaffa are making their way back to the meeting
tent. Teal'c seizes Ishta's arm and turns her round to face
TEAL'C: Someone from within your camp has betrayed you. That can
the only explanation for Moloc's presence here.
ISHTA: Teal'c, I do not have my tretonin. It was in my pack and
our haste I left it in the tent.
TEAL'C: I have enough for both of us. (He reaches into his vest
pocket and takes out his injector, only to find that it is broken.)
ISHTA: It must have shattered when you fell to the ground.
ARON: We must move. A search patrol approaches.
TEAL'C: Indeed. (They move off.)

SGC. BRIEFING ROOM. The room is full of people – Daniel,
Kar'yn and many of Ishta's warriors – and all of them are
shouting at
each other. Jack and Bra'tac come in. Jack tries to quieten
everybody down but can't be heard over the noise. Bra'tac
(Everybody immediately stops talking. Bra'tac looks at Jack.)
O'NEILL: Thank you. Now – Daniel, what's going on here?
(Everybody starts talking at once. Jack points to Bra'tac.)
BRA'TAC: Silence!
(Everybody falls silent.)
O'NEILL: I *said* Daniel.
DANIEL: Well, as you can see, everyone's a little upset.
ISHTA'S LIEUTENANT: We will not abandon Ishta. We insist a
mission be devised immediately.
O'NEILL: We're devising.
BRA'TAC: Teal'c has said the Gate is well guarded.
RYA'C: Can we not acquire a ship and journey to this planet?
DANIEL: Even if we could, it would take at least a week to get there.
BRA'TAC: Please, return to your quarters.
KAR'YN: I cannot go until ...
BRA'TAC: *Please!* In time, your skills may be required, and you
must be ready. Go!
(Reluctantly, Rya'c and the women leave the room.)

HOMEWORLD. Night. Teal'c, Ishta and Aron are hiding near the
meeting tent, watching the guards outside.
ARON: There are only six.
TEAL'C: We do not know how many more may be hiding nearby,
anticipating our approach.
(They hear a rebel Jaffa screaming as he is tortured.)
ISHTA: We must *do* something. (The screaming continues.) I cannot
bear this. The Tau'ri have troops and weapons.
TEAL'C: We have not determined the size of Moloc's forces
they would
face. Many more lives than our own could be lost.
ISHTA: Then what are we to do?
TEAL'C: For the moment, nothing. (He moves away. Ishta and Aron
reluctantly follow him.)

FOREST. As they move through the forest, Ishta braces herself
against a tree momentarily, beginning to feel the effects of the lack
of tretonin.
ARON: We cannot hide forever from their patrols.
TEAL'C: We will rest here.
(Ishta sits down wearily.)
ARON: They will not rest until we are found. If your plan is to wait
until they give up and leave ...
TEAL'C: I need to gather the information that I can concerning
forces against us.
ARON: We're severely outnumbered. What more do you need to know?
ISHTA: Aron – I need to speak to Teal'c privately.
ARON: You do not trust my loyalty.
ISHTA: I do. This is a private matter. Please.
(Aron moves away.)
TEAL'C: He could be the informant as easily as anyone, and using
opportunity to gather knowledge concerning the rebellion.
ISHTA: I know – but he is right about one thing: we cannot wait
act. I am already growing weak.
TEAL'C: You need rest.
ISHTA (raising her head proudly): As do you.
TEAL'C (nodding in agreement): I will take first watch.
ISHTA: Teal'c – I promised all Jaffa under Moloc's rule
they will be
free from his tyranny.
TEAL'C (putting his hand on her cheek): It was not a foolish
promise. One day, we will *all* be free.
ISHTA (removing his hand): One day is not soon enough.
(They stare at each other for a moment, then Teal'c stands and

FOREST. Day. Teal'c is sitting with his back against a tree,
resting. Aron runs over and wakes him.
ARON: Where is Ishta?
TEAL'C: It was her turn to take wat... (He trails off as he
the implication of what Aron just asked, then springs to his feet and
the two of them run off.)

LATER. Near the meeting tent, Teal'c and Aron run cautiously
forward, then throw themselves to the ground to remain hidden. They
see Ishta, held between two Jaffa, being bundled towards the tent.
Teal'c takes out a pair of binoculars and looks through them. He
sees Ishta looking back over her shoulder as if she knows that he is
there. She is bundled inside the tent.

MEETING TENT. Ishta is taken inside and thrown to the ground. She
stands up. In front of her, a man is standing with his back to her.
He turns to face her, smiling, and his eyes flash. It's Moloc.
Ishta stares in dread.

OUTSIDE THE TENT. Teal'c lowers his binoculars.
TEAL'C: Moloc is here.
(He and Aron carefully move away.)
ARON: We must act.
TEAL'C: I am aware.
ARON: Even if Ishta cannot be saved, we *must* take the opportunity
to kill Moloc.
TEAL'C: That is not my goal.
ARON: It is mine, and that of all the Jaffa who have joined in
rebellion against him.
TEAL'C: Without reinforcements, we will be swarmed by Moloc's
ARON: I am willing to die for my cause.
TEAL'C: Then you will die for nothing if you do not succeed in
killing Moloc first.
ARON: You are weak. Your mind is clouded with feelings for Ishta.
(He walks ahead of Teal'c, who draws his zat and shoots him.)
TEAL'C: You cannot be trusted.
(He takes Aron's staff weapon and heads off.)

SGC. GATEROOM. Bra'tac returns through the Gate. Daniel is
at the bottom of the ramp.
DANIEL: Ishta's been captured, and apparently Moloc is there in
person. Now, we're gonna co-ordinate a missile attack on the
at the Gate to provide a distraction for Teal'c's rescue
(Behind him, technicians are wheeling a UAV into the Gateroom.)
BRA'TAC: Moloc will certainly kill her before surrendering.
DANIEL: Well, Teal'c's more worried about what he's gonna
do to her
in the meantime.

HOMEWORLD. MEETING TENT. Ishta is held in the beam of a ribbon
device which Moloc is using on her. She grunts in pain. Moloc
deactivates the device and she falls to the floor.
MOLOC: It is not too late to repent for your sins. Grovel before
your god and *beg* for my forgiveness. (Ishta forces herself up onto
her knees.) Tell me of the other sinners who would betray me. How
many would renounce the privilege of carrying the children of their
god, like you? (He leans down to her.) Tell me why their souls may
yet be saved.
(Two Jaffa haul Ishta back onto her feet.)
MOLOC: You cannot be Ishta of the Hak'tyl, wicked leader of the
depraved! I sense nothing but weakness in you, or maybe that is what
happens when you abandon the strength of the Goa'uld inside of
All that is left is this burning desire to die at the hands of your
great and powerful god. (He activates the ribbon device again.
Ishta groans in pain.)

SGC. JACK'S OFFICE. Jack, Sam, Daniel and Bra'tac are there.
CARTER: We're preparing a UAV to drop tretonin for Teal'c.
BRA'TAC: He will need all his strength if he is to rescue Ishta
the clutches of Moloc.
CARTER: The UAV will then circle back and paint the targets on the
BRA'TAC: Ishta did not exaggerate – the rebel Jaffa on
Moloc's worlds
are indeed a mighty force. As we speak, they prepare for war against
those still loyal to Moloc.
O'NEILL: You think they can win?
BRA'TAC: I do not know.
CARTER: Even if they do, it's possible another Goa'uld could
take his place – or, worse, come in and wipe them all out to
this whole rebellion is a bad idea.
BRA'TAC: Indeed. That is something we asked them to consider,
yet, such reason is beyond them now.

GATEROOM. Sergeant Siler comes up from underneath the UAV.
SILER: UAV ready to launch, Colonel.
CARTER (in the Control Room): Thank you, Sergeant. (She turns to
Walter.) Dial the Gate.
(Harriman starts the dialling process.)

HOMEWORLD. The Gate starts dialling in. Moloc's Jaffa aim their
staff weapons.

SGC. GATEROOM. The Gate kawhooshes.
CARTER: Launching UAV in three, two, one.
(The UAV launches and flies into the Gate.)

HOMEWORLD. The UAV flies out of the Gate and heads off.

FOREST. Teal'c looks up as the UAV flies over.

CARTER: Receiving Teal'c's radio signal.

HOMEWORLD. Jaffa out in the forest fire at the UAV. One of the
staff blasts hits it.

CARTER: The UAV's been hit.

HOMEWORLD. FOREST. Teal'c sees smoke rising from the downed UAV
CARTER (over radio): Teal'c, do you copy?
TEAL'C (into radio): Proceed.
CARTER: The UAV should be half a click south-west of your location.
TEAL'C: I am on my way.
CARTER: Be careful, Teal'c. We'll dial back in thirty
(In the Gateroom, the Gate shuts down. In the forest, Teal'c
towards the UAV.)

BRA'TAC: Can we not still send the missiles through?
CARTER: Without a laser-painted target, they'd just fly out their
fuel and crash.

HOMEWORLD. Teal'c reaches the UAV, which is lying broken into
at the top of a hill. Some of it is burning. He goes to the main
part of the machine and reaches down to open a panel on the top but
snatches his hand back with a cry of pain from the heat of the
metal. He reaches down again and manages to get the panel open and
pulls out a tretonin injector. He is just about to inject himself
when he stops at the sound of activating staff weapons and shouts
from Jaffa approaching behind him. One of them addresses him.
KA'LEL: Jaffa, shel'na kree! Kree nok, Jaffa!
(Covertly, Teal'c slips the tretonin injector into his vest
before rising to turn and face the Jaffa.)
TEAL'C: Shal'kek nem'ron. If you know who I am,
brothers, you know
that there is no need to sacrifice your lives for a false god.
(Ka'lel walks close to him, looks him in the face for a moment,
jams his staff weapon hard into Teal'c's abdomen. Teal'c
crumples to
the ground.)
KA'LEL: Ri'nok, shol'va.
(Behind them, Aron appears and grabs one of the Jaffa from behind.
He swings the man around and uses his staff weapon to fire at one of
the other Jaffa, then turns his man and shoots another Jaffa.
grabs Ka'lel's staff weapon and shoots him down. Another
Jaffa fires
directly at him but Teal'c grabs a piece of the UAV and holds it
in front of him to absorb the blast, then shoots the Jaffa who Aron
is holding. Another Jaffa runs towards Teal'c but he kicks him
down. Aron downs another Jaffa with the butt of his staff weapon.
He and Teal'c finish off the rest of the Jaffa. Teal'c
himself on his staff weapon, exhausted, then falls to his knees. He
takes out the tretonin injector from his vest pocket and injects
himself as Aron approaches.)
ARON: It would have been easier had you left me with a weapon.
(Teal'c, groaning slightly, painfully gets to his feet, then
out to grasp Aron's arm.)
TEAL'C: My thanks.
ARON: Is there anything *else* I can do to prove my loyalty?
(Teal'c looks down at the UAV, then back up to Aron.)
TEAL'C: Indeed.

MEETING TENT. Ishta, barely conscious, is lying on the floor. She
turns her head and looks at her pack lying nearby. The tretonin
injector is sticking up of the pack and is almost within her reach.
Moloc notices what she is looking at, walks over and takes the
injector out of the pack.
MOLOC: Is this what you want? Evil serum to poison you further? Or
will it give you strength enough to last a little longer? Then take
it. (He drops it onto the floor near her hand.) Take it so that you
may have more precious time with your god.
(Moloc's First Prime, Cha'ra, and another Jaffa enter the
CHA'RA: My Lord. Word comes from Gor'mek. An uprising has
An army of two thousand is marching on your temple. They control a
garrison of gliders and several al'kesh.
MOLOC: As I have foreseen. (Unseen by his Jaffa, he swallows
CHA'RA: Your fleet of ha'tak have gathered themselves in
orbit. They
await your command to crush this insolence.
MOLOC (looking down at Ishta): I am done with this one. Trivial as
it may seem, this little distraction has given me a few moments of
pleasure. Use her to capture the shol'va, Teal'c. Then
bring him to
CHA'RA: Yes, my Lord. (He bows as Moloc leaves the tent.)
(Unnoticed on the floor, Ishta picks up the tretonin injector.)

HOMEWORLD STARGATE. Teal'c and Aron are hidden nearby, out of
of the troops.
TEAL'C: When the Gate opens again, aim this at your target. (He
holds up a laser sight which he has taken from the UAV.) The
missiles will come through and strike where you aim. (He hands the
sight to Aron.)
ARON: You're certain your strength is sufficiently returned?
time I will not be there to come to your rescue.
TEAL'C: I assure you, this time it will not be necessary. (He

STARGATE. Moloc approaches.
MOLOC: Open the chappa'ai.
(A Jaffa starts to dial but has only dialled three symbols when the
Gate starts to dial in and then kawhooshes.)
MOLOC: Jaffa! Krel'nok!
(The Jaffa aim their staff weapons at the Gate.)

SGC. CONTROL ROOM. The blast doors are closing over the windows.
CARTER (into radio): Teal'c, this is Carter, do you read?
TEAL'C: Colonel Carter, I am ready and in position.
CARTER: So we're on?
TEAL'C: Indeed.
(Sam pushes a button and two missiles are lowered from the ceiling
into position facing the Gate.)

HOMEWORLD. MEETING TENT. Teal'c shoots down two Jaffa standing
outside the tent. He starts to run towards the tent, holding two
staff weapons in front of him which he has lashed together, facing in
opposite directions. As Jaffa run towards him from either side, he
shoots left and right, taking each one of them down. Once all the
Jaffa have been taken out, he throws the double staff weapon to the

HOMEWORLD STARGATE. The missiles fly out of the Gate one after the
other and soar up into the sky. Moloc and his Jaffa turn to watch

MEETING TENT. Teal'c walks into the tent, aiming his zat.
him is Cha'ra, holding Ishta in front of him with a knife to her
CHA'RA: She is weak to the point of death. Zatting us both even
will kill her. Drop your weapon.

HOMEWORLD STARGATE. The missiles curve around and cross over each
other, their contrails making a heart shape in the sky.
MOLOC: Shoot them down.
(Jaffa aim staff cannons and staff weapons at the missiles and start
firing. Up on the hillside, Aron aims the laser sight. Moloc looks
down and sees a red dot in the middle of his chest. He tries to
flick it away with his hand but then realises that the red dot is now
on the back of his hand. He looks up at the approaching missiles in

CHA'RA: Drop it *now*!
(In the distance, there is a huge double explosion.)
TEAL'C: That is the sound of your false god dying.
CHA'RA: Gods cannot be killed.
ISHTA: Teal'c.
CHA'RA: Not another word.
ISHTA: Shoot.
(Teal'c fires his zat at the pair of them and they crumple to
knees. Teal'c runs forward and backhands Cha'ra to the
floor, then
takes out a tretonin injector from his vest pocket.)
ISHTA: There is no need. I have taken mine. Is it true that Moloc
is dead?
TEAL'C: If you have the strength, we can see for ourselves.
(Ishta gasps in relief, then leans against Teal'c's shoulder,
ISHTA: In a moment.
(Teal'c holds her close.)

SGC. GATEROOM. SGC personnel are lined up facing the Gate. Jack
and Sam are in their dress blues; Daniel is wearing a suit.
is wearing a Jaffa robe. At the bottom of the ramp, Bra'tac is
conducting Rya'c's and Kar'yn's marriage ceremony.
Ishta's Jaffa
stand either side of the ramp.
BRA'TAC: Kar'yn, speak of your love and devotion to Rya'c.
KAR'YN (already wearing her circlet): Rya'c, your heart is
pure and
your spirit strong. You give me strength, and joy, and I will stand
by your side always.
BRA'TAC: Rya'c.
RYA'C: Kar'yn (he takes her hands), you are as beautiful as
the sun.
My love for you is like the morning rays at dawn of an endless day.
(Teal'c looks across to Ishta. She gazes back at him.)
BRA'TAC: The rite is complete. May you love and fight like
warriors ... just not with each other.
(Laughter. Everyone applauds. Rya'c and Kar'yn move around
table and kiss. Teal'c and Ishta are still gazing at each other.)

LATER. Teal'c and Rya'c are walking down a corridor.
RYA'C: The legend speaks of a place near where the mountains
the sea, of hidden pools beneath majestic waterfalls.
TEAL'C: It is no legend. I have seen it with my own eyes. You
chosen the location for your shim'owa very well.
RYA'C: Master Bra'tac said this is where you took my mother.
TEAL'C (smiling): Indeed. Rya'c. (Rya'c turns and faces
him.) I
can think of no better mate for you than Kar'yn, and I am certain
your mother would have felt the same.
RYA'C: Thank you. (He puts his hand on Teal'c's
shoulder. Teal'c
reciprocates, then they hug.)
TEAL'C (once they have broken the embrace): Before your
there is a matter that bears discussion.
RYA'C: Father, I am aware of the ways between a man and a woman.
TEAL'C: Good. Then you are prepared for the Rite of Or'nok.
(Rya'c looks horrified.)
RYA'C: Surely it is not still expected?
TEAL'C (looking very serious): On the first eve of shim'owa.
advice is that the knife be as sharp as possible.
RYA'C (staring at him in dread): Perhaps Kar'yn is right.
Not all of
the old traditions are worth holding on to.
(Teal'c looks at his son seriously for a moment, then his face
into a grin.)
TEAL'C: Indeed.
(They start to walk down the corridor again.)
RYA'C: What of you and Ishta?
TEAL'C: What of us?
RYA'C: Well, your relationship would be much easier if you'd
admit you are in love. For us all.
TEAL'C: Perhaps one day – when I am as wise as you are.
(They enter the Gateroom.)

GATEROOM. Ishta's Jaffa are going through the Gate. Kar'yn
Ishta are standing at the bottom of the ramp with Jack.
ISHTA (to Jack): Once again we owe you our thanks – for your
hospitality, and for helping us find yet another new homeworld where
the children of the Hak'tyl may be safe.
O'NEILL: Think nothing of it. You sure you got everything?
forget any ... kids or ... horses?
(Ishta smiles, then looks at Teal'c, who has joined them.)
ISHTA: May I speak with Teal'c alone?
O'NEILL (smiling): Sure. It was good to see you again. (He
(Rya'c has now joined Kar'yn, and reaches out his hand to
RYA'C: I will see you soon, Father.
(Teal'c walks towards him, and puts his arms around both his son
his daughter-in-law and hugs them.)
KAR'YN (as Teal'c breaks the hug): Yes ... Father.
TEAL'C: Be well.
(Rya'c and Kar'yn head up the ramp and go through the Gate.)
ISHTA (to Teal'c): I did not wish to spoil the days of
shim'owa for
Rya'c and Kar'yn.
TEAL'C: What have you discovered?
ISHTA: As you predicted, another Goa'uld has claimed the domain
TEAL'C: Ba'al.
ISHTA: Yes. (Teal'c holds out his hand to her.) Do not wait too
long to visit. (She walks towards him.) We have a war to plan ...
among other things.
(They kiss briefly, then, holding his hand a little longer, Ishta
finally releases him and walks up the ramp to where her two
lieutenants are waiting for her at the top. She turns and bows to
Teal'c, as do the other women. He returns the bow, then Ishta
and she and her colleagues go through the Gate.)

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