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Script vo du 814

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JACK'S HOUSE. Jack has just arrived home. He takes two packs of
beer and a bag of groceries off the back seat and walks towards the
house. As he reaches the front door, he realises that the door is
ajar. He puts down the beer and the groceries, takes his shades off,
reaches under the back of his shirt and takes out a pistol before
pushing the door open and cautiously walking inside. He checks the
hallway, then makes his way down the steps to the living room. He
swings round the corner and aims his pistol as he sees Robert Kinsey
standing by the fireplace with a glass in one hand and a bottle of
Scotch in the other.
KINSEY: Bad news: you're out of Scotch. (He pours the last of
whiskey into his glass.)
O'NEILL (lowering his gun): Well, if I'd known you were
comin', I'd
have hidden the good stuff.
(Kinsey chuckles and sits down in a chair.)
KINSEY: If you'd known I was coming, I doubt I'd have made it
the door.
(Jack goes to the coffee table, picks up the phone handset and starts
KINSEY: Who are you calling?
O'NEILL: Local sheriff's a friend of mine.
KINSEY: I may be disgraced, but I'm not wanted for any crimes.
O'NEILL: Breaking and entering?
KINSEY: Jack ...
O'NEILL: Shh. It's ringing.
(Kinsey makes an exasperated noise and looks round, noticing that the
phone base which the handset came from is on a small table at his
side. He reaches over and pulls out the phone plug from its socket.)
KINSEY: Now you can listen to what I have to say.
(Jack tosses down the handset, reaches into his pocket, pulls out his
cellphone and starts to dial again.)
KINSEY: Oh, for God's sake! You need to start trusting me, Jack.
O'NEILL: Mmmmmmm, no – I really don't.
KINSEY: Yes, you really do. The fate of the planet depends on it.

OPENING TITLES. Resume. Jack still has the phone to his ear. The
sheriff answers at the other end.
O'NEILL: Andy. It's Jack.
SHERIFF/ANDY: Hey, what's up?
(Kinsey opens his arms to Jack, as if to say, "Do you really want
do this?" Jack hesitates.)
ANDY: Jack? Hello?
O'NEILL (after hesitating a moment longer): I was just checking
Friday – making sure we're still on for poker.
ANDY: Yeah, you bet!
O'NEILL: I'll bring the beer.
ANDY: Alright.
O'NEILL: See ya then.
ANDY: See ya.
(Jack hangs up.)
KINSEY: Wise decision.
(Still holding his pistol, Jack goes over to the sofa, looks at his
watch, then sits down.)
O'NEILL: You've got three minutes ... before I shoot you as
intruder in my home.
(Kinsey chuckles.)
KINSEY: Same old Jack O'Neill – although I hear you're a
now. Congratulations. (Jack lifts his pistol and taps it gently on
his watch, indicating that Kinsey should get on with it.) Alright,
then – straight to the point. You wanna take down The Trust
– I can
help you.
O'NEILL: I'm sorry – I must have missed an episode. I
thought you
guys were working together.
KINSEY: After I was forced to resign as Vice President, my
relationship with the organisation changed.
O'NEILL: Meaning you were no longer useful, so they kicked you
out on
your ass.
KINSEY: That's a rather crude way of putting it but ... yes.
O'NEILL: Why didn't they just shoot you?
KINSEY: Believe me, that was a consideration – which is why, when
they requested a meeting a few days ago, I suggested a nice public
venue. They made me a very interesting offer. (He looks at Jack,
who twirls his pistol in a "get on with it" gesture.) In
for a large cash payment, The Trust wants me to arrange a meeting
with General Miraslov Kiselev, the Russian Defence Minister.
O'NEILL: I thought they already *had* connections with the
KINSEY: This isn't just a connection. Kiselev exercises
authority over all of Russia's armed forces, including their
O'NEILL: And he just happens to be a good friend of yours.
KINSEY: After the fall of communism, he was one of a number of
officers assigned to pursue secret talks with the west, aimed at
military co-operation. He was a hard-liner even then. His country
was falling apart but he came at us as though *we* were the ones at a
disadvantage! He and I developed a ... mutual respect.
O'NEILL: What does The Trust want with him?
KINSEY: Well, they wouldn't give me any specifics, but they know
entered into a deal with the Russians for control of the Gate, and
they also know that there's a growing sentiment in Moscow that we
haven't been keeping up our end of the bargain.
O'NEILL: You think they're trying to turn the Russians
against us?
KINSEY: It's ambitious, I know, even for The Trust, but from what
hear, after you put a crimp in their little plan to use symbiont
poison to wipe out the Goa'uld, there's been a change of
They're no longer willing to stay in the shadows and bide their
time. They wanna make a direct grab for power. That's why I
came to
O'NEILL (sarcastically): Yes, you always struck me as the hero
KINSEY: You may question my methods, but everything I did was for God
and country. (Jack rolls his eyes.) For The Trust to ally
themselves with a foreign power against the United States of America

well, that's just something I can't condone.
O'NEILL: Kinsey, *please* – spare me the diatribe. They
kicked you
when you were down and you want revenge – it's as simple as
KINSEY: The truth is, my motives are irrelevant. The Trust has
become an imminent threat to the sovereignty of this nation. Now,
what are *you* gonna do about it?

SGC. BRIEFING ROOM. Jack is sitting with SG-1.
DANIEL: Well, that would be a problem. Technically the Gate's
here on loan – if the Russians decide they want it back, things
get sticky.
TEAL'C: Is it possible Kinsey is simply lying?
O'NEILL: *That* is *always* possible.
CARTER: Has he asked for anything in return for the information?
O'NEILL: Protection.
DANIEL: Makes sense – if he doesn't co-operate, The
Trust'll kill him.
CARTER: Maybe he *should* co-operate. This could be our chance to
get somebody on the inside – infiltrate the organisation.

HOLDING ROOM. Jack has gone to speak to Kinsey.
KINSEY: You want me to wear a wire?!
O'NEILL: That's the deal.
KINSEY: I am not a spy!
O'NEILL: Think of it this way: if you don't do what they
they'll kill you. If you don't do what *we* want ...
we'll let `em.
KINSEY: Well, that's as good as pulling the trigger yourself! I
thought Stargate Command didn't do that sort of thing.
O'NEILL: Well ... we're under new management.

CARTER: Alright, let's test it. (An image of Sam appears on
TV screens.) How's it looking?
DANIEL: Got picture.
CARTER (to Kinsey): Let's have your belt.
CARTER (holding up a belt): You should be wearing this one instead.
(Kinsey sighs, stands up and starts taking off his belt.) The buckle
contains a GPS receiver unit that'll allow us to track your
KINSEY (handing his belt to Sam and taking the other one): When
done, I want that back. (He starts to put the second one on.)
CARTER: Now, they've arranged to meet you at a remote location.
guess is they'll have you leave your car and then they'll
drive you
to a second location where the actual meeting will take place. Now,
we're gonna have to keep back a fair distance so as not to arouse
suspicion but we will be monitoring your conversations by means of
this listening device that we fitted into the collar of your shirt.
We've got a strike team with us. They will be ready to move in
the first sign of trouble. Now, in the event that something does go
wrong, I suggest we come up with a pre-established signal, preferably
a code word that'll let us know you're in trouble.
KINSEY: How about something simple, like "Help"?!
CARTER: How about something a little less obvious, like,
KINSEY: Whatever.
CARTER: Don't be too direct fishing for information. Let *them*
the talking.
(Irritated, Kinsey stands up and moves to the back to the van.)
KINSEY: Get out of my way. I know what to do.

REMOTE LOCATION. Kinsey is leaning against the front of his car.
From the irritated noises and gestures he's making, he's been
a long time. Finally a car pulls up and Jennings (last seen being
kicked in the head by Sam during "Endgame") gets out.
KINSEY: You're late. (Jennings holds up a blindfold.)
kidding, right?
JENNINGS: Afraid not. (He puts the blindfold onto Kinsey and helps
him into the back of the car, then gets back into the front passenger
seat and the car drives off. Some distance away, a grey van
[with "Mikita Couriers" written on the side!] moves off.)
CARTER (over radio): He's on the move.
(Teal'c and the strike team are in a black car.)
TEAL'C (over radio): Understood. (He starts the car and follows
(In the van, Sam and Daniel are watching the video feed from
hidden camera and listening in to the conversation.)
KINSEY: So how long's this sightseeing trip gonna last?
JENNINGS: We'll let you know.
(The Trust car turns off the main road and heads off down a dirt
road. In the van, Sam watches the movement of the car on the GPS
DANIEL (into radio): They've turned off the main road.
(After a while, the Trust car reaches a large mansion and pulls up
outside the front door.)
DANIEL: (into radio): They've stopped.
(On the video screens, we see Jennings helping Kinsey out of the
car. The SGC van and car pull up some distance away. Sam and Daniel
watch the screens as Kinsey is helped up the steps to the front door
of the house.)
JENNINGS: This way.
(We switch to the interior of the house as Kinsey is escorted
inside. In the large ornate hallway, which has the stuffed heads of
animals mounted on the walls, sits a man smoking a cigar. Jennings
takes Kinsey's blindfold off. Another man, holding a glass,
addresses him.)
MR PARKER: Bob. Good to see you again. Sorry about the blindfold.
What can we get you to drink?
KINSEY: What are you having?
MR PARKER: Vodka tonic.
KINSEY: In that case I'll have a Scotch – no ice.
(A third man comes down the stairs as Jennings goes to fix Kinsey his
MR KENT: We're glad you finally agreed to a private meeting. We
afraid you might be, uh, holding a grudge against us.
KINSEY: You mean because you abandoned me at the moment I needed you
the most?
MR PARKER: You were a liability, Bob – an embarrassment.
KINSEY: I think you've got that backwards. I was only forced to
resign as Vice President because they found out about my relationship
with you.
MR PARKER: Either way, you were no longer useful to us. You would
have done the same.
KINSEY: Maybe. But when I cut someone loose, I don't go back to
grovelling for favours.
MR WAYNE (the man smoking the cigar): You say what's on your mind

I'll give you that.
KINSEY: Under other circumstances, I might be worried about winding
up like one of your trophies on the wall but you've already made
clear that you need me, so I don't have anything to worry about,
do I?
(Kent glances across at Wayne. From his expression, Kinsey *does*
have something to worry about.)

(In the van, the video picture begins to break up.)
CARTER: We're losing video.
(The picture disappears altogether, but the sound continues.)
MR KENT: It's true, we do need you but not for what you think.
DANIEL: They jamming us?
CARTER: I don't know.
(In the house)
KINSEY: What are you talking about?
MR WAYNE (to Jennings): Show him.
(In the van, Sam and Daniel are trying to get the picture back to no
avail. In the house, Jennings brings in a metal box, puts it on the
table in the middle of the hall, opens it and turns it around so that
Kinsey can see what's inside. Kinsey stares at it in horror.)
MR PARKER: *This* is why we need you, Bob.
(Kinsey is looking terrified as he continues to stare at whatever is
inside the box.)
KINSEY: What the hell is goin' on here?
(In the van, Sam and Daniel hurriedly snatch off their earphones as a
high-pitched electronic squealing comes through them.)
CARTER: They are definitely jamming us. (She picks up a radio and
speaks into it.) Teal'c, we've lost audio. Move in.
(Teal'c swings the car around the van and heads off, the van
following behind.)
DANIEL (to Sam): Can you get the signal back?
CARTER: I can't get past the interference.
(Teal'c's car squeals to a halt outside the house and he and
strike team jump out. The van pulls up behind and Sam and Daniel
join the rest of the team as they make their way into the house.
There is nobody in the hall. The strike team spread out, checking
the area.)
(Daniel walks over to the ashtray where Mr Wayne was sitting and
picks up the cigar sitting in it. It's still burning.)
STRIKE TEAM MEMBER 2: Clear over here, sir.
DANIEL: They beamed out.
CARTER: This is starting to become a habit.

SGC. BRIEFING ROOM. SG-1 are reporting back to Jack.
CARTER: If the al'kesh *is* in orbit, they must have fixed the
because SSN hasn't picked them up.
DANIEL: What about the locator beacons?
CARTER: We're running a search through the NSA satellite system,
all they'd have to do to avoid detection is change the frequency.

Odds are we're not gonna find anything.
O'NEILL: Well, the Pentagon's been apprised of the situation.

They're launching Prometheus in about four hours. (He points to
Teal'c.) I want you on board. There's a C-17 waiting for
you at
TEAL'C: Understood. (He stands and leaves the room.)
CARTER: Sir, I've been going over the sensor logs from the last
encounter between Prometheus and the al'kesh. There were a few
anomalies emanating from the ship's position before it decloaked.

They didn't register because we didn't know to look for them,
but I
could create a programme that would key the sensors to those
particular readings.
O'NEILL: I was *just* going to suggest that!
DANIEL: So we'd be able to detect a cloaked ship?
CARTER: Well, it's not that simple. These anomalies are very
difficult to detect. It might have just been a fluke that we picked
them up the first time. The effect is also mimicked by certain types
of cosmic radiation, but I still think it might improve our odds.
O'NEILL: So instead of a million to one ...
CARTER: ... maybe ten thousand to one?
DANIEL: Improved, then.
O'NEILL: Yeah.
CARTER: I'll need a few hours to create the programme.
O'NEILL: Fine.
(Sam gets up and leaves. Jack starts to write in the file in front
of him. Daniel looks around the room, at a loss for something to do.)
DANIEL: I have to pick up my dry cleaning. (He starts to get up.)
O'NEILL (without looking up): You're on a flight to Moscow in
half an
DANIEL (sitting back down): I am?
O'NEILL: Yes, you are. Colonel Chekov's people will meet you
Will you *please* try to find out what the hell's goin' on?
And if
you get a chance, hook up with this General Kiselev.
DANIEL: Jack, they know we're on to them – they may just
abort the
O'NEILL: No, the way Kinsey was talking, it sounds like
lookin' for a big score here.
DANIEL: And what if he won't co-operate with them?
O'NEILL: Kinsey'll do what's best for Kinsey.
DANIEL: Mm! (He gets up and leaves the room. Jack puts his pen
down, leans back in his chair and puts his hands over his eyes in

EARTH ORBIT. PROMETHEUS. Colonel Pendergast is in the big chair.
Teal'c is wandering around the bridge.
COMM OFFICER: Sir, download is complete. Colonel Carter's new
programme is online and operational.
PENDERGAST: Alright, begin search pattern alpha.

MOSCOW. KREMLIN. Daniel, wearing a suit, walks through the halls
and reaches an office. A woman is inside with her back to him.
Daniel taps on the door.
DANIEL: Hi, I'm here to see Captain Voronokov.
WOMAN: There is no Captain Voronokov here.
DANIEL: Oh! That's strange – the, uh, guy down the hall said
WOMAN: I am Captain Voronokov*a*. Daria Voronokova. (She shakes his
hand.) You must be Daniel Jackson.
DANIEL: Yeah. I'm sorry – I was told I would be meeting
Chekov's right-hand *man*, so naturally I ...
VORONOKOVA: For my part, I expected a drab, pasty-faced, middle-aged
academic. I too am pleasantly surprised. (She turns and walks away
as Daniel lets this compliment sink in.)
DANIEL: Oh! Uh, your English is excellent.
VORONOKOVA: Spaseba [Thank you]. And how is your Russian?
DANIEL (speaks Russian): [Subtitle: Although I don't get the
opportunity to practice much, I'm conversational. I suppose I
get by.] (He smiles.)
VORONOKOVA: ... OK, we stick to English, then. (Daniel's smile
disappears.) I will be your guide. Whatever you wish to do while
you are in Moscow, you will ask me first – I will take care of
If you desire to meet with anyone, I will arrange it for you. If you
go out on your own, I cannot protect you. Lie to me, or attempt to
mislead me, and I will not protect you.
VORONOKOVA: Have you eaten a proper lunch?
DANIEL: I had something on the plane.
VORONOKOVA: Then the answer is no. Good. I know a restaurant around
the corner that serves the best salo in Moscow.
DANIEL: Oh, I'm not a big fan of salo.
VORONOKOVA: Don't worry – you will acquire taste. (She leads
from the room.)

SGC. CORRIDORS. An alarm is sounding, but it doesn't sound like
alarm we've heard before. Jack is hurrying along the corridor.
runs to join him.
CARTER: Sir, what's going on?
O'NEILL: The Russians have gone to a heightened state of alert.
O'NEILL: We're tryin' to find out. The President's
called a meeting
for the Joint Chiefs. We're at Defcon 3.

RUSSIA. Daria Voronokova is driving Daniel in a jeep.
DANIEL: So, where exactly are we going?
VORONOKOVA: You wish to meet with General Kiselev, da? *That* is
where we are going.
DANIEL: You must be pretty well connected to get in to see him this
quickly. (Daria smiles and shrugs.) What do you know about him?
VORONOKOVA: General Miraslov Kiselev – graduated with a gold
from [somewhere] Academy. Received the Hero of Russia for his
distinguished leadership in Chechnya. [She gives more details but her
accent is heavy and they're in a windowless jeep with a very loud
engine.] He was the head of the General Staff Academy for five years
before being appointed to his present position.
DANIEL: So you've heard of him(!)
VORONOKOVA: He's a little suspicious of American global influence
highly critical of what he calls "NATO expansion plans". You
may not
receive a very warm welcome.
(She turns a corner to find an Army lorry blocking the way and
soldiers with guns waiting for them. She swears in Russian as she
slams the brakes on. Some of the soldiers run towards the jeep and
hold guns on her and Daniel as they get out. Daria goes over to the
commanding officer and salutes him.)
VORONOKOVA (speaks Russian): [Colonel.]
CHERNOVSHEV (speaks Russian): [Is that the American who wishes to see
General Kiselev?]
VORONOKOVA (speaks Russian): [Yes.] (Although she says a lot more
than just "Da"!)
CHERNOVSHEV (speaks Russian): [He is to be held for questioning.]
(He calls out to the soldiers.) [Take him.]
(Two soldiers take Daniel by the arms and march him towards the
DANIEL: What's goin' on?
VORONOKOVA: I don't know. (She turns back to the Colonel and
Russian.) [Sir, may I ask what this is about?]
(As Daniel is led to the lorry, Daria calls out to him.)
VORONOKOVA: Don't worry, Daniel, I'll find out what's
(Daniel climbs into the back of the lorry.)

SGC. JACK'S OFFICE. Walter comes to the door and waits, as Jack
on the phone.
O'NEILL (into phone): Yeah, alright. ... OK, get back to me when
know something. ... Yeah. (He lowers the phone and looks at Walter.)
HARRIMAN: Sir, Colonel Chekov's here to see you.
O'NEILL (hanging up the phone): Send him in.
(Walter steps back and gestures to Colonel Chekov, who comes into the
CHEKOV: General.
O'NEILL: Colonel! I was hoping you could shed some light on the
situation here. (Chekov sits down.) We can't seem to get a
answer from your government.
CHEKOV: Well, the information coming out of Moscow is ... guarded at
best but my sources in the Kremlin tell me the Russian military is
increasing its alert status because they think the American
administration has been compromised.

RUSSIA. Daniel has been taken to what seems to be a house. He is
sitting at the table in a dining room. Colonel Chernovshev comes in,
accompanied by a doctor wearing a white coat.
CHERNOVSHEV: Doctor Jackson, sorry to keep you waiting.
DANIEL: No problem. You wanna tell me what's going on?
CHERNOVSHEV: All in good time. Please, roll up your sleeve. We need
a sample of your blood.
(Daniel looks at the doctor.)
DANIEL: You're kidding?
CHERNOVSHEV: Either you co-operate or we will take it by force.
(Daniel looks round at the soldiers in the room, then undoes the cuff
of his right sleeve and starts to roll up his sleeve.)
DANIEL: Is this a normal part of your interrogation procedure?
CHERNOVSHEV: Depends what you wish to know. In this case, it will
answer a very specific question.
DANIEL: What question? (The doctor sticks a needle in his arm.) Ow.
(The doctor takes the blood sample and puts a small plaster on
Daniel's arm. Chernovshev speaks to the doctor in Russian.)
CHERNOVSHEV: [Have it analyzed immediately.]
(The doctor leaves the room.)
DANIEL: What's going on?
CHERNOVSHEV: Why do you wish to see General Kiselev?
DANIEL: It's complicated.
CHERNOVSHEV: Surely you can explain it to me.
DANIEL: I think I'd rather explain it to General Kiselev.
CHERNOVSHEV: That's not going to happen. You see, earlier today
managed to uncover a plot against the general's life. Luckily we
captured the assassin before he could make his move. (He picks up a
remote control and switches on a TV.) I believe you know him.
(On the screen is a frozen image of Kinsey. He is dressed in a beige
jumpsuit and is chained at the wrists.)
DANIEL: Kinsey!
CHERNOVSHEV: Robert Kinsey, former Vice President of the United
States of America.
DANIEL: That's insane – why would Kinsey want to kill General
CHERNOVSHEV: I'm afraid Mr Kinsey isn't exactly himself these
(He activates the video. Kinsey speaks – in a Goa'uld voice.)
KINSEY: By stopping me you will only delay the inevitable. (His eyes
flash.) Your world is doomed.
(Chernovshev turns to Daniel.)
CHERNOVSHEV: Now you begin to appreciate the gravity of the situation.

SGC. Jack, Sam and Chekov are in a room I don't think we've
before. It has a lot of screens around the walls and on tables.
I'll refer to it as the War Room.
CHEKOV: How could Kinsey have become a Goa'uld?
O'NEILL: Five bucks says Carter has a theory.
CARTER: As a matter of fact, I do.
(Jack taps Chekov.)
O'NEILL (triumphantly): Huh?
CARTER: According to Tok'Ra intelligence, The Trust launched at
two poison attacks against Goa'uld-occupied worlds after we took
the Gate. That means they had to leave the relatively safe confines
of the solar system and head out into the galaxy where they ran the
risk of being killed or ... captured.
CHEKOV: What are you suggesting?
CARTER: Any Goa'uld who got his hands on them would have
pretty quickly that they belong to a top secret organisation with
high level connections to some of the most powerful governments and
institutions on this planet, including the SGC, Area 51, and maybe
even the Ancient outpost in the Antarctic.
CHEKOV: My God! You think they have been taken as hosts, then sent
back to Earth.
CARTER: I think it's possible. They could have brought dozens,
even hundreds, of symbionts back with them. By now, the entire Trust
could have been taken over.
CHEKOV: But why would the Goa'uld want to assassinate General
O'NEILL: We don't know for sure that was the plan, but if
right, Kinsey might have been trying to get a snake into
CARTER: It makes sense. From Kiselev, it's one step up to the
President of Russia.
CHEKOV: How do we know he didn't succeed?
CARTER: Kinsey never met with the general. He was arrested before he
had the chance.
CHEKOV: Well, *my* government feels that it is the *American*
administration that has been infiltrated by the Goa'uld ...
O'NEILL: Oh, here we go!
CHEKOV: ... and they are insisting that everyone in key positions

including the President – must submit for testing.
O'NEILL: Not gonna happen.
CHEKOV: Well, then we have a problem.

RUSSIA. KREMLIN. Daniel and Daria enter her office.
DANIEL: Thank you for getting me out of there.
VORONOKOVA: It wasn't easy. Even after your blood test came back
negative, they still wanted to hold you.
DANIEL: Yeah, not a lot of trust and goodwill to spare right now, I
guess. Listen – I need to talk to the Goa'uld.
DANIEL: You have to get me in to see Kinsey.
VORONOKOVA: Impossible.
DANIEL: If we're gonna figure out what's going on here, we
have to
question him.
VORONOKOVA: He *is* being questioned, by Russian military
DANIEL: Yes, and he's feeding them a pack of lies. He's
telling them
the American administration has been infiltrated `cos he wants to
force a confrontation.
VORONOKOVA: To what end?
DANIEL: I don't know – that's why I'll need to talk
to him.
(Daria rolls her eyes.)
(Daniel looks startled.)
DANIEL: Language! (Daria looks at him.) Daria, please.
(Daria sighs.)
VORONOKOVA: I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, stay here.
(She leaves the room.)

SGC. WAR ROOM. Walter comes in and walks over to Jack.
HARRIMAN: Sir. Just received another report. As of 0912, the
Chinese military joined the Russians in an elevated state of alert.
O'NEILL: Naturally!
(Walter walks away as Chekov comes over to Jack.)
CHEKOV: General. I've been talking to my contacts in the
They tell me President Mikhailov is not happy with the situation but
is under considerable pressure from his military advisers.
O'NEILL: In other words, Kiselev is running the show.
O'NEILL: Any idea how we can keep this from going to total forces?
CHEKOV: Yes, I have many friends in the general's staff. If I
convince enough of them to take a united stand against escalation, it
could give our President sufficient leverage to consider other
O'NEILL: And if Kiselev finds out you're goin' around
him, it could
make things ... worse.
CHEKOV: At this point, I don't believe we have much choice.
O'NEILL: Right.

RUSSIA. DETENTION CELL. Kinsey is sitting on a chair in the middle
of the cell. The door opens and Daria and Daniel come in. Daria
speaks to the guards.
VORONOKOVA: [Thank you. We'll call you when we need you.]
(The guards close the door behind them. Daria stands by the door as
Daniel walks forward to face Kinsey.)
DANIEL: So, what should I call you?
KINSEY (in a Goa'uld voice): You are unworthy to speak my name.
DANIEL: Maybe. So I'm guessing you work for the System Lords, am
right? I know you're not working for Ba'al – he's
too busy
conquering the galaxy to bother with an unimportant planet like
Earth. Gotta hand it to you, though – your territories are
one by one, your troops are in full retreat, and yet you still find
the time to come and try and destroy little old us. The question is,
why? (Kinsey doesn't reply.) Captain Voronokova thinks
it's, uh, a
petty need for revenge for all the trouble we've caused you over
years – sort of a last-ditch attempt to take us with you before
finishes you off. I told her, the System Lords aren't *that*
pathetic – are they?
KINSEY: You are the one who is pathetic. You will die never knowing
our true purpose.
DANIEL: So there *is* a hidden agenda? (Kinsey looks away, annoyed
at himself for revealing too much.) Making progress now, aren't

SGC. JACK'S OFFICE. Chekov comes in. Jack is on the phone.
O'NEILL (into phone): Yeah. ... Alright, keep me posted. (He
the phone down and stands up to face Chekov.) Well – the Chinese
refusing to back down and, gosh and golly go figure, we're
pickin' up
increased chatter from within Russia.
CHEKOV: I'm still waiting to hear back from my contacts in Moscow.
O'NEILL: And I just talked to the Joint Chiefs. (He starts to
out of the room.) We're goin' to Defcon 2.

DANIEL: Y'know, I'm sure if we put our heads together we
could come
up with a dozen reasons why you'd want to wipe us out – the
important being the Ancient weapon that you know we possess. I'm
sure the System Lords think that if they can get us to wipe
*ourselves* out, they can just step right in and take it.
probably right, but what I don't understand is you. Why are you
willing to sacrifice yourself?
KINSEY: I assure you, I have no intention of dying on this miserable
DANIEL: You're in Russian Defence headquarters – a primary
If you do succeed in starting a nuclear war, you're gonna die
along with the rest of us. (Kinsey smiles smugly.) Unless
something I'm missing.
KINSEY: You should return to your homes and say farewell to your
loved ones. Your gods have deemed you to be unworthy, and the hour
of reckoning is at hand.

SGC. WAR ROOM. Walter is reading a report to Jack.
HARRIMAN: Air Force Space Command has put all its missile wings on
alert; the first B2 left Whiteman at 0940; FL SATCOM sent out an
Emergency Action message; nine of our missile submarines are at sea
and the rest are preparing for immediate sortie. (Jack notices
Chekov and his aide talking nearby and starts to wander over to them
as Walter continues reading his report.) The President and his team
are on their way to Andrews where the National Airborne Command Post
is awaiting their arrival. (He looks up and realises that Jack has
gone. He looks annoyed.)
CHEKOV (to Jack): General Kiselev found out we were trying to rally
support against him. He's already arrested several officers on
trumped up charges. I'm afraid Doctor Jackson may be in danger.

DANIEL: C'mon! Next to slaughtering innocents, gloating is what
guys are all about! It must be just *killing* you just sitting there
not bragging about your brilliant plan.
(Daria's pager goes off. She looks at it, then looks at Daniel.)
VORONOKOVA: We have to get out of here now.
DANIEL: Why, what is it?
VORONOKOVA: They're coming for us.
(Outside the cell, a soldier addresses the guards.)
SOLDIER: [Step aside! We are under orders from General Kiselev.]
(As the door opens, Kinsey stands.)
KINSEY: You are too late.
(The soldier comes in and he and Daria argue in Russian [no subtitles
are provided]. Standing behind Kinsey, Daniel takes a small device,
about the size of a pager, out of his pocket. He activates it and it
starts beeping. As the soldiers come in and aim their weapons,
Daniel puts his hand on Kinsey's shoulder.)
DANIEL: Sorry, guys, gotta go.
(As the guards open fire, Daniel and Kinsey are transported out of
the room.)

PROMETHEUS. Daniel and Kinsey reappear on the Bridge. Teal'c
activates a zat gun and aims it at Kinsey.
KINSEY: What is the meaning of this?
PENDERGAST: Doctor Jackson, welcome aboard the Prometheus. (They
shake hands.)
DANIEL: Any luck finding the al'kesh?
TEAL'C: None.
PENDERGAST (looking at Kinsey): Maybe *he* can help us.
KINSEY: I think not.
TEAL'C: If you do not co-operate, I will kill you.
KINSEY: Don't you realise what you have done? The Russians
suspect that you have been compromised by the Goa'uld. As far as
they know, you helped me to escape. You've done more to convince
them than I ever could. (He smiles smugly.)

SGC. WAR ROOM. Jack comes in and addresses everybody inside.
O'NEILL: Listen up, people. I just got word. The Russians have
to a state of full military preparedness. As of this moment,
at Defcon 1.
(As he leaves the room, the light on the Defcon indicator changes
from 2 to 1. Chekov, sitting at one of the tables, sinks his head
into his hands.)

KINSEY: The Russians will no doubt view my abduction as an attempt to
hide evidence that your government has been infiltrated by the
Goa'uld. You have no choice but to return me immediately.
DANIEL: Yeah. See, that's the part I don't understand. The
time you were down there, you were doing your best to start a nuclear
war even though you were right in the line of fire. Now you wanna go
(Kinsey looks away.)
PENDERGAST: He has a way out.
DANIEL (thoughtfully): He knows someone on the inside – someone
can protect him.
(Teal'c steps closer to Kinsey and raises his zat.)
TEAL'C: Who is it?
KINSEY: I have nothing more to say to you.
PENDERGAST: We can start this again when he's had some time to
about it. Take him to the Brig.
(Two guards seize Kinsey by the arms and march him off the Bridge.)

SGC. CORRIDOR. Jack and Chekov are walking along.
O'NEILL: All our naval forces have been deployed, and we've
got some
pretty big birds in the air right now. Radio chatter suggests that
both your people and the Chinese have alerted their missile regiments.
CHEKOV: They're posturing! Kiselev knows that even if he
launches an
effective first strike against your land-based forces, your sea-based
missiles are already in a position to exact extreme retribution.
O'NEILL: Yeah, that's only if he doesn't completely lose
his mind –
and I'm not discounting that possibility.
CHEKOV: As acting Commander in Chief of the Russian armed forces,
President Mikhailov is our only hope of reeling him in.
O'NEILL: Well, we can't get through to him! He's not
even taking
calls from the White House any more.
CHEKOV: He is convinced the Goa'uld now control the American
administration. (He sighs.) Look, I know a few people on his
personal staff – I may be able to get a direct line. But, if we
make contact, we will only have a few minutes to convince him that
General Kiselev has been misled by the Goa'uld. Now, right now,
don't see how we're going to do that. (He shrugs.)
O'NEILL (under his breath): Oy!

OSIRIS' AL'KESH. Out of the front windscreen, Prometheus can
seen. Jennings is flying the al'kesh towards her.
JENNINGS (in a Goa'uld voice): We are in position.
MR PARKER (in a Goa'uld voice over comms): Have they detected our
presence? [I'm guessing that it's Parker, as we don't see
him and
obviously his voice is now completely different.]
MR PARKER (over comms): Very well. Destroy the ship.
JENNINGS: They have superior shields. If we do not succeed with the
first salvo, we will be at a disadvantage.
MR PARKER: So long as he is in their hands, he remains a liability.
We have no choice.
JENNINGS: Understood.
(The al'kesh comes out of its cloak and flies past Prometheus,
at her as it goes.)

PROMETHEUS. In the corridors, the ship shakes and panels spark as
the blasts impact hit their target. Kinsey and his guards are thrown
about. On the Bridge, everybody stumbles as the same thing happens.
DANIEL: What the hell was that?
(In the corridors, Kinsey pins one of the guards against the wall and
grabs his gun. He shoots both of the guards.)
(On the Bridge)
COMM OFFICER: We're under attack.
PENDERGAST: Shields up!
(The ship shakes under another volley.)
COMM OFFICER: Shields are down to forty percent; we've lost
PENDERGAST: Transfer power to port engines; give me evasive
manoeuvres. Bring all weapon batteries online.
VOICE (over comms): Bridge – this is Sergeant Larson.
LARSON: I'm sorry, sir, the prisoner escaped.
TEAL'C (to Daniel): The ring room. (The two of them hurry out.)

SGC. LAB. Jack and Chekov come in to join Sam.
O'NEILL: Please – tell me you have something.
CARTER: Yes, sir, I think I do. I've been going over everything
have on General Kiselev and I found this. (She opens a file and
hands it to Jack.) Colonel Ruselin Chernovshev. (Jack looks at the
picture of the colonel who interrogated Daniel.) He was
Chief of Staff – his right-hand man. Three years ago he was
in a plot to sell a captured symbiont to elements of The Trust, then
operating within the NID. That means The Trust had a direct
connection to Kiselev. They didn't *need* Kinsey. He was just a
pretext to justify this confrontation by making them think that
*we'd* been compromised.
CHEKOV: So, if The Trust had access to Kiselev, then *he* could have
been compromised as well.
CARTER: Exactly. (She picks up another file and hands a photograph
to Jack.) This is a file photo of General Kiselev taken three years
ago. (Jack looks at the picture of a man wearing glasses.) And
*this* (she hands him another photograph) was taken less than a week
ago during a speech he gave at the General Staff Academy. (The
photograph shows the General reading from his speech. He is not
wearing glasses.) Notice the difference?
O'NEILL: Glasses.
(Sam nods.)
CHEKOV: May I see that?
(Jack hands the photographs to him.)
CARTER: We know that symbionts have healing power. They can cure a
host body of any number of physical shortcomings, including bad
(Jack raises his eyebrows.)
O'NEILL: That's it? Did it occur to you that he might be
CARTER: Sir, I realise it's not a lot to go on.
O'NEILL: Have you heard of laser surgery?
CARTER: Sir ...
CHEKOV: No, wait. Colonel Carter is right. General Kiselev suffered
from glaucoma. His vision was extremely poor. There is no
possibility he could have read from a prepared statement without his
CARTER: Sir, I think Kiselev's a Goa'uld. I think he has
been all

PROMETHEUS. As the ship shakes from the continued attack, Teal'c
Daniel run along the corridors. Teal'c swings his zat around a
corner, then ducks back as Kinsey fires at him with the gun he
grabbed from the guard. Teal'c swings round again and fires his
blindly but misses Kinsey, who fires again, making Teal'c duck
around the corner again. Kinsey runs off with Teal'c and Daniel
pursuit. Shortly afterwards, they run into another corridor but stop
at the sound of the transporter rings activating. They run into the
ring room, but Kinsey is gone.

SGC. WAR ROOM. Jack and Chekov are anxiously waiting as Walter
turns around from a console.
HARRIMAN: We've almost got it, sir – stand by.
(Jack turns to Chekov.)
O'NEILL: Hey – how do we know Mikhailov hasn't been
infected too?
CHEKOV (shrugging): We don't – but at this point we hardly
anything to lose.
O'NEILL: Good point.
HARRIMAN: We got it, sir – you're on.
(Chekov presses the speakerphone button on the phone in front of him.)
CHEKOV: Mr President, can you hear me?
MIKHAILOV (over phone): Colonel Chekov, this is highly irregular.
CHEKOV: Uh, yes, sir, but these are highly unusual circumstances.
MIKHAILOV: Agreed. Is General O'Neill there with you?
O'NEILL: I'm here, Mr President.
MIKHAILOV: It's good to speak with you again – although you
understand at the moment I cannot trust anything you say.
O'NEILL: Yeah, about that: it's true there has been a
infiltration – but it's not on our side, it's on yours.
(He grimaces. There's a long pause before Mikhailov speaks.)
MIKHAILOV: What is it exactly that you are saying?
O'NEILL: Let me put it this way, sir: the last time you saw
Kiselev, did you happen to notice if he was wearing his glasses?

PROMETHEUS. Teal'c and Daniel have returned to the Bridge, which
shakes under another attack from the al'kesh.
COMM OFFICER: Shields are holding, sir – forty percent and steady.
PENDERGAST: Then we've got `em. Come about and prepare to
fire on my

AL'KESH. Jennings turns as Kinsey walks onto the Bridge.
JENNINGS (in his Goa'uld voice): I'm pleased you were able to
use my
diversion to free yourself.
KINSEY (also in his Goa'uld voice): Do you think I'm a fool?
tried to destroy the ship because you thought I would reveal
information about you.
JENNINGS: Of course not. We were merely ...
(Kinsey raises his gun and shoots Jennings several times in the

PENDERGAST: Open fire – all batteries!

AL'KESH. The ship shakes as Prometheus commences her attack.
walks over to Jennings' body. Jennings is wearing Osiris'
device, complete with the wrist device, on one hand. Kinsey reaches
down to remove it.

SGC. WAR ROOM. Sam has just finished faxing a document. She looks
at Chekov and nods. He turns back to the phone.
CHEKOV: We're sending you the relevant documents now, Mr
President –
proof of Colonel Chernovshev's prior relationship with The Trust,
plus a list of generals who are willing to support you should you
decide to move against General Kiselev.
MIKHAILOV: I must say, I'm not sure *what* to make about this.
O'NEILL: Well, you could start by trusting us.
MIKHAILOV: And if *you* have been compromised by the Goa'uld, I
be standing down my forces with the Americans in position to launch
an immediate attack.
O'NEILL: Sir, we both know neither side can win outright with a
strike. That's the whole point. The Goa'uld don't want
a winner –
they want us to destroy each other.
CHEKOV: We believe their ultimate goal is to get their hands on the
Ancient weapon in Antarctica.
(Walter turns around from his console.)
HARRIMAN: Sir, MPIC is reporting the visuals from Russian missile
site 537. Silo doors are open – evidence of a firefight on the
CHEKOV: My God – Kiselev is trying to launch without
(Jack leans down to the phone again.)
O'NEILL: Mr President, you are about to lose control of your own
forces. You *have* to do something right now!
MIKHAILOV: I am ... (Whatever he says next is broken up with static,
then the line goes dead.)
O'NEILL: What happened?
HARRIMAN: We lost the connection – the line is down.

COMM OFFICER: Sir, the al'kesh is no longer making evasive
or returning fire. We have a clear shot.

AL'KESH. Jennings is lying on the bridge, presumably dead. Mr
Mr Parker and Mr Wayne come in.
MR KENT (in his Goa'uld voice): Why are we not returning fire?
then sees Jennings and the three of them hurry forward. Kent starts
activating controls.)

COMM OFFICER: They're powering weapons.
PENDERGAST: Take them out.
(Prometheus fires two missiles at the al'kesh and it explodes.
Everyone on the Prometheus Bridge flinches from the light of the
COMM OFFICER: Target destroyed.

SGC. WAR ROOM. Everyone is waiting nervously for news. Jack
fidgets for a while, then looks at his watch and makes a decision.
O'NEILL (to Walter): Get me Washington.
(Walter and Sam, who is standing next to him, turn and stare at Jack.)
CHEKOV: General! Wait!
O'NEILL: We're out of time, Colonel. (He nods confirmation
CHEKOV: *Please*.
(Walter looks at his colleague sitting next to him, then turns to his
console. A few moments later he turns back to Jack.)
HARRIMAN: Sir – MPIC is reporting new visuals at 537. (He
listens to
his earpiece, then smiles.) Silo doors are closing.
CARTER: Russian bombers are turning around and returning to base.
(Chekov blows out a relieved breath.)
CARTER: They're standing down.
(Jack nods his acknowledgement.)

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