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SCENE: Landry steps off elevator. Carter just turning corner.


LANDRY: Colonel.

CARTER: *hands him file* I need you to read this.

LANDRY: Oh…Good morning to you too Colonel.

CARTER: Sorry sir…how are you?

LANDRY: What is it?

CARTER: It's a report from the Tok'ra…they've discovered a gravitational disturbance with their long range sensors …

LANDRY: another Ori incursion?

CARTER: well…it could simply be a yet undiscovered black hole but the Tok'ra won't have a ship in range for some time…I've located a planet with a Stargate close to the disturbance…if you'll permit me to take a --

LANDRY: Go… SG-5 should be available. *walks off*

CARTER: Thank you sir…*she heads off in other direction*

SCENE: Control room, Gate active alarm going. IDC being received.

Landry heads downstairs over to Harriman who's in green!

HARRIMAN: Unscheduled off world activation.

LANDRY: Walter?

HARRIMAN: receiving an iris code sir. It's Colonel Carter.

LANDRY: That was fast…Open the Iris

HARRIMAN: Yes sir.

SCENE: SG-5 and Carter exit the gate and head down the ramp as Landry enters

LANDRY: Colonel…tell me you've got good news.

CARTER: actually sir… I think there was a little glitch… we were on the wrong planet sir.

LANDRY: was the Intel wrong? *turns to SG5 guy*

ALBANT: uh...d…uh no sir. When we arrived…there was no sign of the MALP.

CARTER: I checked our telemetry based on known star positions.

ALBANT: *nods* we weren't on P3X-584 Sir.

CARTER: some how we got sent to a different planet…

LANDRY: Walter?

HARRIMAN: *hits intercom* I'm reviewing Gate diagnostics sir.

LANDRY: how could this happen?

CARTER: if it is a gate malfunction…it's a pretty big one…unlike any we've seen before…

LANDRY: *to Harriman* chief. Inform all off world teams to use the alpha site…until further notice.

HARRIMAN: yes sir.

LANDRY: if there's something wrong with this gate I want to know what it is before anyone else walks through it.

CARTER: yes sir,

LANDRY: find the problem. Until we do all gate activity is shut down.


SCENE: Control room. Carter and Harriman running Diagnostics.

CARTER: run the cross comparison program.

JACKSON: *heads upstairs* hey. How's it going?

CARTER: well as far as our computer is concerned the dialing sequence to P3X 584 ran perfectly normal

JACKSON: except for the fact you ended up 12,000 light-years off course. *both nod*

HARRIMAN: Oh here's something, *Graph pulled up showing a major spike reading "Abnormal signature"*

CARTER: huh…maybe it wasn't our fault.

JACKSON: thought it was always our fault?

CARTER: we just ran a program that compares the energy signatures of the last 30 outbound trips to look for anomalies…

HARRIMAN: kind of like uh…bump…

JACKSON: a bump?

CARTER: actually more like a series of bumps… exactly 8.5 seconds apart

JACKSON: oh…*sarcasm* that explains everything.

CARTER: actually…it might.

SCENE: SG-1 seated at briefing table…Landry pours himself a coffee

LANDRY: defense mechanism…?

CARTER: yes sir. I think each of these spikes represents a request by the off world gate for an authorization code.

TEAL'C: if the correct authorization code is not entered in time you are prevented from reaching the planet…

LANDRY: …that doesn't explain how you and SG-5 ended up half way across the galaxy…

CARTER: uh well…I have a theory about that to…instead of using an iris like we do the off world gate stores incoming data in its buffer system…then if the correct code isn't received it dials a random address and empties the buffer into the new wormhole.

MITCHELL: interstellar call forwarding…that's pretty cool…

JACKSON: …how did the MALP get through to 584 I mean…initial telemetry confirmed that it was on the right planet?

CARTER: my guess is the 584 security system filters incoming matter based on certain protocol… organic verses inanimate for

JACKSON: wow… that seems like an awful lot of trouble to keep people out.

CARTER: which makes me curious to what's being hidden there…?

MITCHELL: always want what ya can't have…

CARTER: calculated it will take the Prometheus two weeks to reach 584 at maximum speed

TEAL'C: if the Ori are constructing a super gate there we may not have that much time… I will contact the high council and have a Jaffa ship scout the area…

LANDRY: can you figure out a way to crack this authorization code?

CARTER: I can certainly try sir…

LANDRY: Teal'c… no offence but …uh…I'd feel better if we investigated this ourselves…Dismissed *stands and leaves.*

SCENE: MALP being sent up ramp through gate, sg-1 and 5 stand at base of ramp, Carter with Landry in control room.

HARRIMAN: MALP is on route…

CARTER: We placed a bacterial culture inside the MALP's cargo department hopefully the organic material will force the 584 Gate to hold the MALP and ask for an authorization code…

HARRIMAN: I'm receiving the Gates authorization request…

CARTER: Now I just hope this program works…

On the screen each code green lights with a Lock.

LANDRY: What does that mean?

CARTER: I think it was good

HARRIMAN: The MALP's coming online…

CARTER: rotate the camera to the left.

MALP telemetry shows the camera rotating, revealing the other MALP.

CARTER: It's the first MALP. *Grins* It worked

LANDRY: Good…*Carter heads down to Gateroom*


SCENE: SG-1 Exit the Gate, SG-5 right behind them.

MITCHELL: Alright…let's see what all the fuss is about.

CARTER: well we'll have to wait till night fall to get a visual confirmation of a black hole. In the mean time major you can set up the gravity sensors… *sg-5 head off* I'll make sure we can dial home.

MITCHELL: *walks over to MALP* SGC this is SG-1 leader…we have arrived safely

LANDRY: Thank you Colonel…we'll dial again in 15 minutes…Prometheus is standing by…

MITCHELL: hopefully that won't be necessary sir. Mitchell out *gate shuts down, he walks over to Jackson and Teal'c* I'd rather not wait around two weeks for a ride.

JACKSON: We're gonna go have a look around. *they head off, Mitchell walks over to Carter.*

CARTER: I think I found the problem…

MITCHELL: you seen anything like it before?

CARTER: nope…and I don't want to remove it until I know exactly how it's connected to the system … Good news is…it won't affect any outbound dialing.

ALBANT: (on radio) Colonel Carter… we've got the gravity sensors up and running…

CARTER: *grabs radio* Good I'll be right there…

JACKSON: (on radio) Hey Guys! This is Daniel… you might wanna come and check this out first…

MITCHELL: I got it …you go check out the Black hole.

They both head off.

SCENE: Mitchell walks over the Jackson and Teal'c who are standing over a set of rings…

MITCHELL: Wow…it's amazing what people leave laying around… where do those go?

JACKSON: Only one way to find out…*Teal'c fiddling inside with crystals.*

SCENE: The guys ring down into a sort of lab.

MITCHELL: Don't think anyone's been home for a while.

JACKSON: Looks like some kind of science lab.

TEAL'C: This looks familiar… *shining torch on a round step much like the one in Metamorphosis.* It's Nirti's DNA manipulation device…

MITCHELL: Nirti…? She was the Goa'uld trying to create an advanced host… right? Ended up on a bunch of super freaks that turned on her …

that was a cool file.

Jackson pokes at pedestal hitting a few buttons, a holographic image of DNA strand appears…

JACKSON: This writings in ancient.

MITCHELL: *looks over to a corner* oh…I was wrong… there is someone home.

Mitchell shines torch on a man, in a box much like the ancient device O'Neill was placed in at the end of Season 7. Mitchell hits a button on the side.

JACKSON: wait! Wait! *hurries over*

MITCHELL: *stops* what? *the lights come on in the box* I was looking for the light switch…

JACKSON: New guy!

MITCHELL: Hey! You touched that…

JACKSON: I know how to read that. *the casing on box disappears…and the Man falls out…Jackson grabbing him…checks for pulse* I gotta faint pulse.

MITCHELL: *Man starts to convulse, Mitchell grabs radio* Carter get back to the Gate…tell the SGC…we need a med team here right away.

SCENE: Infirmary, Lam looks at X-rays…turns to Mitchell and Carter who are sitting on beds.

LAM: well…you're clean. No sign of any exposure to infectious agents…

MITCHELL: Great…how's pod man?

LAM: Also going to be fine…I suspect the convulsions were just a reaction to coming out of stasis. Although…his preliminary test results were quite interesting.

CARTER: how?

LAM: We've been able to study the Genetic characteristics of the Ancients from the database sent back to us from Atlantis…our patient X definitely shows some physiological similarities…

CARTER: You think he's an ancient?

LAM: I'm running a more detailed analysis…there are some other strange anomalies…but in the mean time…why don't we ask him? *they walks over to Khalek.* Hello… *Khalek wakes*…I'm Dr Caroline Lam…Do you understand me…?

KHALEK: yes.

LAM: good…try to relax…there's nothing to be afraid of…you're safe…

you're on a planet called Earth.

CARTER: I'm Lt Colonel Samantha Carter…of the United States Air force…

MITCHELL: Cameron Mitchell. Ditto on the other stuff…

CARTER: Can you tell us your name?

KHALEK: it's *swallows* Khalek…

CARTER: Khalek. We found you on another planet…in stasis in what looked like some sort of science lab…

KHALEK: Earth? *Lam nods*

MITCHELL: Yeah that's right.

KHALEK: I want to go home…

CARTER: Home? Where is home?

KHALEK: He took me…I was a prisoner…s'been so long…he did experiments on me…


KHALEK: I never knew his name… please…I just want to go home

MITCHELL: Can you tell us what this guy looks like?

CARTER: do you have the gate address for the place you call home?

The symbols to dial?


LAM: Ok…when you're feeling better we'll see what we can do…

Mitchell and Carter head out to hallway…

MITCHELL: So…not an ancient.

CARTER: Too bad…

MITCHELL: Poor guy… this is exactly what Nirti did…kidnapped people and then experimented on them…

MITCHELL: Yeah but Khalek there said he.

CARTER: Well I'm sure Nirti wasn't the only Goa'uld with an interest in evolved human hosts…

MITCHELL: That lab looked more ancient than Goa'uld…

CARTER: You think it was an ancient experimenting on him?

MITCHELL: I don't know…but I'm sure Jackson will get to the bottom of it.

CARTER: In the mean time we'll get the address to Khalek's Home world…and send a MALP. Hopefully it will still be somewhere he wants to go back to…

SCENE: Jackson in the Ancient Lab…the screen has ancient text on it but its flickering. Rings activate…

JACKSON: Hey what's up…?

ALBANT: Well…it looks like that black holes just…a regular old black hole…no giant Ori super gate…

JACKSON: That's good.

ALBANT: Teal'c said you could use some help in here…

JACKSON: Yeah there's something wrong with the power supply…its driving me nuts…

ALBANT: Oh well…we'll look into it.

TEAL'C: Colonel Mitchell says that the man we found in stasis is not an ancient. He was being held prisoner and being experimented upon…

we do not believe that he knew his captor…Have you found anything DanielJackson?

JACKSON: Uh…just pages and pages of logs…*flicks page* not about the experi---*trails off, staring, reads*

TEAL'C: What is it?

JACKSON: Uh…oh…this is bad.

SCENE: Teal'c and Jackson come through the Gate, walk down the Ramp to Landry.

JACKSON: Where is he?

LANDRY: Isolation room one.

JACKSON: under Guard?

LANDRY: Why? What did you find?

JACKSON: I should of known when I saw the ancient writing… he used to use it as code on his ships…

LANDRY: Dr Jackson…

TEAL'C: The lab does not belong to an ancient.

JACKSON: It belonged to Anubis.

LANDRY: But he's long gone now.

JACKSON: Yes but the man he left behind is not a victim of experiments…he's a genetic hybrid…he was grown in that lab.

LANDRY: I'm sorry?

JACKSON: Whatever he told you he's lying. The Goa'uld pass on genetic memory…now he may not have a snake in his head but the man we defrosted and brought back here has Goa'uld DNA intermingled with his own. He may as well be the…be the Son of Anubis…

SCENE: Briefing room, a monitor shows Khalek in a separate room tied to a chair.

JACKSON: The log entry said Anubis managed to replicate his pre ascension DNA using the genetic manipulation device…then he combined it with human DNA and was able to rapidly grow our…our friend there…

LAM: The analysis I did suggests that Khalek is significantly more evolved then we are…much more inline with the human form of the ancients prior to ascension…

MITCHELL: so he could have all kinds of super funky powers…

CARTER: Well the subjects Nirti manipulated demonstrated telekinetic and psychic capabilities…

MITCHELL: Like the priors? *she nods*

JACKSON: The Goal of the experiment seems to be to create an advanced human…

LANDRY: With a little Anubis blended in…

CARTER: You said he used his pre-ascended DNA. Do you think he was doing these experiments before he ascended?

JACKSON: No see that timeline doesn't track with the log…plus it says he had to reproduce his DNA Which means he was doing all this after he ascended…and was sent back by the ancients…well…half way.

CARTER: But that does make any sense… even a highly evolved human host wouldn't be advanced as he was…why bother…?

MITCHELL: Maybe he didn't like being stuck in Limbo…Maybe even a small step back to mortality was worth it to him on some level…

TEAL'C: Perhaps he was intending on creating an even more powerful servant than the Kul warriors…

JACKSON: No matter what Anubis' ultimate goal was…Khalek is extremely dangerous…

LANDRY: Options?

MITCHELL: Put him back in his Pod.

CARTER: I doubt we'd be able to get the one from 584 back here

TEAL'C: If we leave him there others could circumvent the security…

and find him as we did…

CARTER: We could post Guards…

MITCHELL: What about the Antarctic pod?

JACKSON: *short laugh* Look I think we need to consider whether we want to preserve him at all

LANDRY: mmmm

JACKSON: *Sighs* Lo-ook the fact is we don't know how successful Anubis was…Khalek is advanced…yes. But we don't know how far along he actually is… now if he is aware of his own state of evolutionary advancement and I'll bet you anything he is…its possible the only thing keeping him from ascending right now is that he hasn't figured out how…

LANDRY: What would that take?

JACKSON: I-I don't know…uh Buh… But if he can do it…If-if…if he knows how or figures out how at the very least we're gonna have another Anubis on our hands…and at that point it's gonna be too late to stop him

CARTER: Well he could progress his state of being while he was is stasis…

JACKSON: Look you know I would never suggest this lightly…but he is what he is. And given the danger he poses I think we have to ask ourselves what is the point… in keeping him alive at all…

All stay silent contemplating what he's said,

LANDRY: I hear ya Dr Jackson…for the moment we're taking every security precaution we can… *Lam obviously not comfortable about the idea Jackson's put forward* I'll contact Washington…discuss how we're going to proceed…in the mean time…I suggest all of you learn as much as you can…including what Khalek does and doesn't know.

SCENE: Jackson enters Observation room, sitting above Khalek who's tied to the chair.

JACKSON: Khalek can you hear me?

KHALEK: *Wakes* yes… *notices bindings*

JACKSON: My name is Dr Daniel Jackson…

KHALEK: why have you restrained me like this? *panicked* why is everyone suddenly acting like they fear me?

JACKSON: look you can drop the act…

KHALEK: I don't understand…have you contacted my home world?

JACKSON: we found you on your home world… I understand ancient.

Those research notes…Anubis left…*Khalek looks really confused…* we know that you were grown in that lab… that you possess Anubis' DNA…

and his genetic memories…

KHALEK: *goes all evil eyed…, smirks* my memories do include you Dr Jackson…a confrontation you had with my father…I sense it is some time since I was last awake…what has become of him.

JACKSON: I'm not here to answer your questions…

KHALEK: the others…they wish to study me don't they? Why else would I be here given the danger you know I pose… they want to learn what I am…how I came to be… but you…have you ever taken a life Dr Jackson? I believe you have…killed a man…*closes eyes* my memories are so sharp and clear… as if they happened only moments ago… the countless live my father extinguished…of those that came before him and did the same…*gasps*…such pleasure it gave them…but I have not experienced it myself yet… does it really feel that good? *Jackson rolls eyes* millions of slaves bowing before me…a galaxy of desperate pitiful life forms at my feet…that's clearly intoxicating…

I can almost taste it as if it was me there and not those whose memories I possess. Oh but nothing…nothing do I anticipate more than the sweetness I know I will feel when I kill for the first time. I can hardly wait to watch as fear stops a mans heart…so much more intimate…one on one…to watch as the blood flows from his veins…and savor his ever fading hope for life… there's only one way to stop it…

I know you wish to take my life… and I promise you…before this is over…one of us will feel the pleasure…

Jackson grabs notes and walks off.

SCENE: Woolsey walks into Landry's office, Jackson and Landry going over something.

LANDRY: Mr. Woolsey…given the timing this can't be a good sign…

WOOLSEY: The international committee overseeing the SGC has read and considered your recommendation to place the prisoner back in stasis.

LANDRY: At least until we can decide what to do with him…

WOOLSEY: … we think that's a mistake…

LANDRY: oh…you think we should kill him?

WOOLSEY: *frowns* on the contrary…we think he must be studied…

JACKSON: You understand how dangerous he is…?

WOOLSEY: we understand how dangerous you seem to think he is…there's very little cohobating evidence at this point…that's why more study is required…

Jackson can't believe this he turns away to lean on cabinet behind.

LANDRY: is this a joke? Cause if you look closely I'm not laughing…

WOOLSEY: *bites lip* you and your people went before the senate appropriations committee and demanded that the budget for this facility not be cut in half…why? Because of a formidable new enemy that now threatens our galaxy…

LANDRY: what would we do without you?

WOOLSEY: …all we have heard…is that the Ori must be taken more seriously than the Goa'uld…that the priors that represent them are extremely powerful and dangerous in their own right… And yet in the months since this threat emerged not one proposed counter measure…

not one shred of technology…not even so much as a theory or strategy to fight these missionaries has resulted from ongoing Stargate operations…until now… and you want to freeze him…

LANDRY: *waves* go go …you're on a roll

WOOLSEY: based on your report the only thing we do know about this Khalek is that physiologically he may be very much like the priors of the Ori…an advanced form of human…far along…in evolutionary development…first and foremost…studying him maybe the key to learning a way to fight the priors…

LANDRY: …actually that had not escaped me…

WOOLSEY: not to mention the fact that he might be the missing link…

between ourselves and ascension…certainly that merits more research.

The members of the committee feel very strongly about this…

JACKSON: Then neither they nor you understand the risks.

WOOLSLEY: Oh we do…*leans forward* the issue is…if this command doesn't have the ability…and security in place to take full advantage of an opportunity like this…then we believe we need to reevaluate its leadership and ultimately……its operation.

SCENE: In ancient lab.

MITCHELL: If Woolsey and the Bean counters are gonna force us to keep Khalek conscious maybe we better figure out what he's capable of…and fast

JACKSON: it was like he was goading me into killing him… like he wanted us to do it.

MITCHELL: He knows he's on the path to ascension maybe he thinks that the final step.

JACKSON: If that's the case, we may have no other choice but to freeze him again.

MITCHELL: with strict instructions never to defrost.

TEAL'C: Indeed. Unfortunately we must now convince others that this is the prudent course of action…

JACKSON: *Albant signals to Jackson* Major Albant seems to think he has something that'll help us…

ALBANT: Yeah this unit…it seems to be self contained…well its what analyses a subjects current physiological status and feeds back into the… DNA manipulator. We should be able to bring it back and rid it to give us a better idea how advanced Khalek really is…

MITCHELL: that'd be good… Nice work…

JACKSON: I'm gonna keep working on the translation…

Teal'c, Mitchell and Albant head to the rings. Mitchell waves.

SCENE: In the Isolation room, Albant is setting up the device over Khalek's head… Lam and Carter stand by a screen. Mitchell has a Zat trained on Khalek who is slumped in his seat. Landry and Woolsey are sitting in the observation room.

LAM: He's out cold Colonel. I gave him enough sedative to keep him out for hours.

MITCHELL: Can't be too sure.

ALBANT: *Fiddling* that…*turns it on, several rays come out aimed at Khalek's head* should be good.

The screen beside Lam and Carter comes on showing a view of his brain. Several red spots.

CARTER: We're pretty sure these red patches indicate areas of the brain where synaptic activity is maximized. A normal human brain, *to Mitchell* you or I say should show roughly 5-10% Coverage>

MITCHELL: Me being five…you being 10. *Carter grins*

ALBANT: So what's that at now? *looks at screen* 60%?

CARTER: 68 exactly…Daniel says that the research theorizes that 80 possibly 90% activity was required…for conscious willful ascension…

MITCHELL: So he's not there yet…

CARTER: Well no but—

LAM: *points* wait a minute…what's that…that wasn't there a minute again…

CARTER: No…the percentage just jumped to 71…

MITCHELL: are you saying this guy is just evolving before out eyes?

LAM: *beeping sound* His heart rates increasing…

ALBANT: I wonder if that has something to do with the brain scan device. *moves over to check it out.*

LAM: I'm going to administer some more sedative… *heads over to get some*

ALBANT: No no no…just a second…let me just make sure that there's no interference with the lines here…

Khalek's eyes open, the screen beside Albant explodes. Khalek breaks the binds as Mitchell moves to Zat him, but with Just a swipe of his hand the Zat flies into Khalek's hand. Mitchell dives out of the way as Khalek fires but Caret and Lam aren't so lucky. Just as they hit the floor Mitchell fires two shots at Khalek, hitting him. He drops.

SCENE: Briefing room, on the monitor Khalek sits in chair, Mitchell points at screen…

MITCHELL: I shot him…Twice. At point blank range…

LAM: *rubbing neck* and he appears to be healing. *to Landry* very quickly…

MITCHELL: I should have emptied the clip. I don't get it…sir. How can Woolsey not know that keeping this guy around is a bad idea…

LANDRY: He's an ass.

MITCHELL: So what? He's risking a catastrophe just to embarrass us?

CARTER: Woolsey's a pretty straight shooter…I think he…really believes this is gonna be of benefit…we're the ones who have spent the last 8 years justifying enormous risks for the advancements we've made…

LAM: The fact is we are recording some incredible data… Khalek's healing ability…his advanced brain activity… That scanner was still operating when he was using his telekinetic ability and we've been able to isolate the areas of the brain that he was maximizing at the time…

MITCHELL: See I think the point is…is that he has telekinetic abilities and he's continuing to evolve…while we sit around yammering about it.

CARTER: All the while he's getting closer…and closer…to ascending.

SCENE: Isolating room. Khalek wakes, Woolsey and Lam are in the Observation room.

WOOLSEY: You should know there are now 50,000 volts running through that floor sir…and a Tok'ra field generator barring the door it's one way. So we can still fire bullets in there…if we have to…

finally. Dr Lam believes your abilities can be controlled with a Dopamine inhibitor…a shunt has been inserted into the base of your skull and a massive dose will be automatically injected should you try anything else

KHALEK: Thanks for the warning Richard…or do you prefer dick?

*Woolsey looks at Lam* no…you didn't tell me your name. Shame about Major Altman.

WOOLSEY: He's going to be fine.

KHALEK: We'll see.

WOOLSEY: Any further outbursts will not be tolerated.

KHALEK: Whatever you say dick.

SCENE: Ancient Lab. Rings are activated, Carter appears.

CARTER: Hey… I heard you guys could use some help…

JACKSON: yeah… we heard what happened. How's Major Altman?

CARTER: Oh…he's gonna be ok…the ascendometer say's Khalek's about 80% there. *Teal'c and Jackson look at each other*

TEAL'C: Ascendometer?

CARTER: Mitchell……thought of it…*obviously not to happy* after Khalek was shot and started to head it shot up another 5% or so.

JACKSON: Yeah. We're helping him. The healing process helped him to learn another aspect of his advancement…I'll bet anything he wanted to get shot.

CARTER: *frowns* you think?

JACKSON: well…according to the research the way it works is… the subject gets the treatment in this machine…and certain…physiological changes are made in the brain…then it takes some time… weeks months to adjust…the individual needs to get used to the changes learn how they work…it's a gradual process… that's what the scans are showing us. Khalek is learning to use the advancements the latest treatment gave him… now. Eventually with enough physical evolution and mental control he will reach a critical stage where he will shed his physical body and exist as energy.

CARTER: ah…I always felt there was uh…uh spiritual component to ascension… that you had to be a good person at heart to so it…

JACKSON: Yes…certainly… when there's an ancient helping you. Well…

obviously when the process happens naturally there are…no rules.

CARTER: Well if you can call this naturally.

JACKSON: Still…the Ori proved you don't have to be moral to ascend.

Who knows…maybe its part of the grand cosmic balance. Good and evil have to co-exist on all levels.

CARTER: well…for now Khalek is still mortal. I don't think he really wants to die before he figures it all out.

JACKSON: he's probably been hiding the full extent of his powers from us…for all we know he's…he's mocking us because he knows we can't really hurt him…

CARTER: what else have you learned?

JACKSON: not much…I don't think this database is going to be much help anymore…we've been through it twice now…

CARTER: well the reason I came is because I have an idea…based on the data we've collected from the scans on Khalek's brain…I'm thinking we can run a simulation on the DNA machine to see where its really going… …to the best of our knowledge this has never been done before right? Artificially advance a human being to ascension using technology rather than the help of another ascended being…

JACKSON: The log is incomplete… Anubis seems to have been stopped before he could finish his experiments…

CARTER: lets see if it's really going where we thing it is…I mean at the very least…maybe he had a timeframe…

SCENE: Landry enters Observation room.

WOOLSEY: General.

LANDRY: I'm reconsidering the arrangement with the international committee that's keeping you here…

WOOLSEY: then I suggest you start going through your budget…because without their support--

LANDRY: how can you still be convinced that this is the right course of action.

WOOLSEY: the scans indicate his advancement has plateau'd at roughly 80% of potential brain activity…

LAM: That might have something to do with the dopamine inhibitor…

LANDRY: how long are we going to keep this up?

WOOLSEY: until we find a way to counteract someone with his abilities in the field…

LANDRY: according to your own account the man was able to read your mind… doesn't that concern you?

WOOLSEY: gravely. The fact that there are dozens of priors with abilities like his roaming the galaxy right now… also concerns me…

And the committee representing the free nations of this planet general. For the moment in my opinion this situation is under control.

A close up on Khalek shows him in deep concentration with a small frown.

LANDRY: I certainly hope that the point at which you change your mind isn't too late.

The tube for the dopamine just by his neck is starting to melt.

Khalek grins.

SCENE: Woolsey walks into Landry's office

WOOLSEY: you wanted to see me?

LANDRY: I'm pulling the plug. You can notify the committee that the SGC no longer requires their support.

WOOLSEY: General…Khalek's condition is stable… you've taken ample security precautions… every minute we have to study him…record data…

the closer we get to a means of fighting the priors… Not to mention the possibility of solving the mysteries of our own existence…

LANDRY: the issues we face are overwhelming at times…I can see how someone can lose their perspective…

WOOLSEY: I haven't lost perspective General. I recognize the importance of this research… That's why I'm not gonna let you stand in the way.

LANDRY: *stands* ultimately the decision is mine. *walks round desk to door* I'm having Khalek transferred back to his stasis pod on 584 immediately… regardless of the consequences to this command. Thank you. *waves hand to door, Woolsey walks out,* Putz.

SCENE: Ancient lab. Carter running simulation…

CARTER: Just about done *Jackson and Teal'c walk over* each of these sections represents a treatment in the machine and the resulting advancements…you said Khalek has had five treatments?

JACKSON: yeah. According to the log

CARTER: well…then this is where he should be now on the chart *points at the bar by 80%*

JACKSON: does that mean what I think it means?

CARTER: we need to report this to Landry.

JACKSON: yeah……there's one more thing I think you should do first.

SCENE: Khalek sits chained to himself, waiting.

MITCHELL: Just to give you a heads up we're gonna keep you attached all the way home… you try anything and you're going to be a drooling idiot in a couple of seconds… Corporal.

The corporal heads over and binds Khalek's legs, Mitchell and an SF have their weapons trained on him. Woolsey and Landry watch from the observation room. Alarms for offworld activation go off.

LANDRY: Continue.

MITCHELL: Go ahead.

SCENE: Rest of SG-1 return through the Gate,

LANDRY: We were just preparing to send Khalek through to place him back in stasis.

JACKSON: Bad idea. 584 is the last place we should be taking him right now…in fact it was probably what he was hoping for.

LANDRY: *heads over to phone* This is General Landry…Belay the order…

re-secure the prisoner.

SCENE: Khalek is standing, Mitchell motions to Khalek.

MITCHELL: Back in the seat.

SCENE: Gateroom

LANDRY: Now explain why I just did that…

CARTER: The reason his advancements have plateau'd is not because of the dopamine inhibitor…

Khalek is re-secured, he listens to what's being said in the Gateroom.

JACKSON: He's gone as far as he can… now he may have learned to use the physical advancement she now had…but he'll never be able to ascend in his current state…he needs more treatments in that machine to make it happen…

MITCHELL: *heads out of room to turn on the plate beneath Khalek*

Get clear! *The SFs leave the room…and turn on force field*

JACKSON: The one place we can't send him to is the lab on that planet. And I bet he's been waiting for us to try it…

MITCHELL: *on phone* This is Mitchell…tell General Landry the prisoner is secure.

Khalek's eyes narrow, machine beeps as his heart rate increases, he looks at the two SFs outside and the two are pulled in through force shield landing on the electric plate beneath Khalek. Khalek rips himself from the chair. Mitchell turns off the Main power…

unfortunately too late. He pulls out berretta but Khalek sends him flying back against the wall. Knocking him out. Two SFs make their way toward the room, but when they aim at Khalek he knocks them both back also. Woolsey watches from the observation room as Khalek moves his hand through the Tok'ra force shield disarming it.

KHALEK: Seems things are no longer in control Dick. *he walks off*

SCENE: Klaxons are blaring as a med team checks out the fallen men.

Jackson and Carter arrive.

JACKSON: Are you ok? *helps Mitchell up*

MITCHELL: Yeah I'm fine…just help me up

LAM: No you're not…you have a concussion you need to stay put…

MITCHELL: Look my head can wait. We just finished securing him… he went nuts…and killed two SFs.

CARTER: you think he could have heard us?

JACKSON: he'll go for the Gateroom. *Mitchell starts to head off in the wrong direction. Jackson grabs him* Gateroom.

Security teams move into place, blast doors slamming shut.

SCENE: Control room

HARRIMAN: Levels 12 through 28 are now secure. Full emergency contingent is in position and on high alert. *flicks through security feed of various floors*

LANDRY: There… *On screen Khalek strolls down corridor.*

HARRIMAN: *on intercom* Target is on level 21! Hallway B heading north

SCENE: Khalek comes face to face with four armed SFs, they immediately open fire, he raises his hands as a imaginary shield deflects the bullets. They stops and his moves his hands forward sending them flying back. Khalek moves his hands to some wires going up the walls and breaks two. Everything goes down and Back up starts to run.

SCENE: Control room

HARRIMAN: Security systems down!! We've gone to auxiliary power…


SCENE: Khalek opens an elevator on level 21. down on level 24 Teal'c and his team move to the elevator waiting. We get a shot of something behind them. Teal'c senses it and turns in time to be knocked into the other men.

Mitchell and co turn up helping Teal'c up.

TEAL'C: He went that way. *he points, Mitchell, Carter and Jackson hurry off*

CARTER: *on radio* medical team to level 24 hallway D

They come to a open shaft.

MITCHELL: Meet me at the gate and call this in.

JACKSON: Target has head down emergency exit tube 3.

SCENE: To SFs stand in front of the level 28 access to tube 3. The door propels forward knocking the two over, Khalek steps out. And six men raise their weapons aiming. He smirks

SCENE: Control room, the sound of gun fire and men groaning can be heard. With a swipe of his hand Khalek opens the blast door to the gate room…we see the 6 men lying on the ground. Khalek shuts the blast door.

LANDRY: Get those doors open.

HARRIMAN: I'm trying sir…the controls are not working… they're sealed shut.

Khalek walks over to ramp, and looks up at control room as Carter and Jackson enter. With a nod of his head the keys on the keyboard seem to move themselves dialing the gate.

LANDRY: Halt the dialing program!!

HARRIMAN: I can't sir!

Mitchell keeps trying his card, but doors won't open. The last symbol locks and the wormhole opens.

KHALEK: *looking at Jackson* You should have killed me when you had the chance. *he heads up the ramp and steps through. Gate shuts down.*

CARTER: He's locked us out of the system

HARRIMAN: Iris control is still down too…*The gate activates again*

incoming wormhole.

CARTER: Cutting auxiliary power to the blast doors. *the blast door opens an inch, Mitchell and some men pry it open.* Cameron the electronic locks are down. You should be able to pry the doors open…

MITCHELL: Yeah… that's easy for you to say. *Teal'c runs down corridor with large crowbar* what took you so long?

HARRIMAN: *Wormhole opens.* Iris will not close! *Khalek comes back through the gate, obviously confused. Gate shuts down*

Mitchell squeezes through the small gap Teal'c has made, and fires, three shots heard, at Khalek but he stops two bullets shy of his body suspending them in the air. Khalek frowns looking down and sees he's been shot but at a different angle. Mitchell looks across at Jackson.

MITCHELL: Nice shot.

Khalek touches the blood looks up as Mitchell and Jackson take his moment of confusion to both fire at him. They empty their clips in to him and he drops.

CARTER: *to Landry* I rigged the call forwarding device on 584 to dial back here …

LANDRY: and you didn't tell me?

CARTER: we were going to sir but we didn't get a chance…it's a good thing too or he would have heard us.

LANDRY: *on intercom* medical team to level 28. Base is secured.

SCENE: Jackson walks down corridor to elevator, Woolsey walks up behind him.

WOOLSEY: Dr Jackson. *Jackson turns to see who but then turns back to elevator* I just…wanted you to know…the men who died…I'm gonna see to it personally that *Jackson turns* their families are well taken care of.

JACKSON: Look…for what it's worth…I understand how you felt… and…why you took the position you did.

WOOLSEY: …it almost sounds like you might find it in yourself… to forgive me…

JACKSON: …no. *shakes head* that doesn't mean we don't all want what you're looking for…and the answers are still out there…

WOOLSEY: …you were right about the risks…

Doors for elevator open, Jackson steps in…

JACKSON: Believe me…I wish I'd been wrong. *door close*

WOOLSEY: *whispers* me too…


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