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Previously….and then

SCENE: SG-1 run through a tree line, dressed in weird sort of trader outfits. <Jackson looks hot> gun fire can be heard behind them, they stop by a tree. Carter hands Mitchell some rounds, firing on those following.

CARTER: What did you say to them?

MITCHELL: Look obviously it didn't go so well.

Jackson runs to the gate, providing cover behind some rock.

TEAL'C: I did advise that you were a most unlikely drug smuggler Colonel Mitchell. *fires*

MITCHELL: Can we please just fall back to the Gate??

They fall back as we get a glimpse of their attackers. Carter motions to Jackson to start dialing.

TEAL'C: We cannot hold this position…

As Jackson dials there's suddenly a beam of light, much like Asgard technology…The gate disappears.

CARTER: What's taking so long?

JACKSON: *Stares* Guys! *DHD disappears* we got a problem…

MITCHELL: Yes! Bad men are shooting at us! *shoots* Just hurry up and open the damn *turns, stops staring, close up of everyone, as they all stop firing* Gate.< CREDITS!< SCENE: 8 HOURS EARLIER! Back at Stargate command, briefing room, in a kinda bottle with Bio Hazardous marked on it lays an ugly piece of corn.

REYNOLDS: its called Casa…

MITCHELL: looks a lot like corn

JACKSON: Which I always thought was indigenous to North America.

MITCHELL: must be pretty damn tasty if it's causing all this fuss…

REYNOLDS: I believe Ltd Mooney described it as &quot;Sweet corn Heaven&quot;

LANDRY: what's his condition?

REYNOLDS: He's still craving it sir. He didn't even want to leave the planet…I had to restrain him to get him back here.

JACKSON: It's amazing…

MITCHELL: obviously you're never had my grandma's corn bread and black eyed peas.

JACKSON: *looks at him* No…uh…what about the rest of the population? Were they demonstrating any of the same addictive behaviors?

REYNOLDS: Everybody was fine when we first got there…A fight broke out in the Market Place, when supplies ran low…and my men and I had to move in and restore order. That's what made Mooney want to taste it in the first place…Just didn't think it would-

LANDRY: It's alright…What does Dr Lee have to say about it?

CARTER: He's still analyzing the sample now sir…to determine whether or not it's naturally occurring…

JACKSON: which makes me wonder if the Ori have something to do with this…?

MITCHELL: Get all the population jouncing for space corn…I dunno…

TEAL'C: I also do not believe that to be likely…

JACKSON: I guess it really doesn't fit there MO does it?

REYNOLDS: besides…there was no evidence that a Prior had ever been there before…

TEAL'C: in the last session of the internal council…several Jaffa leaders complained about erratic behavior on several planets. We did not suspect tampering with the food supply…

LANDRY: Colonel…were you able to determine where this Casa came from?

REYNOLDS: …I pressured one of the venders for a Gate address but to be honest I don't know if it's accurate…

MITCHELL: it's worth checking out sir.

LANDRY: Well…find out what you can…but try to stay under the Radar…

MITCHELL: Will do.

SCENE: Off world, shot of corn field. A man stops by the field picking some corn, SG-1 appear (in the outfits), walking over as he bites into the corn.

MITCHELL: Taste testing the produce huh?

GALAN: Please…I have two daughters…

CARTER: Don't worry…we're not gonna hurt you.

GALAN: who are you? What do you want?

MITCHELL: We're looking to buy some Casa.

GALAN: It is available at every market…

MITCHELL: we're looking for a sizable quantity…

GALAN: I can maybe spare you one or two carts full….

MITCHEL: huh…*looks round* how much for the whole field. *Carter gives him a look*

GALAN: This is not the way the Alliance does business….

JACKSON: as in the Lucien Alliance?

MITCHELL: *through his teeth* what other Alliances do we know?

TEAL'C: Many.

GALAN: The Lucien Alliance will know you have come…they have eyes everywhere…

MITCHELL: Great…Because we're looking to set up a meeting. Maybe you can arrange that.

GALAN: Worrel returns this afternoon…

JACKSON: Worrel is?

GALAN: this is his land…his crop. Lives in a house just up the road…

MITCHELL: well tell him Mr. Shaft &lt;Carters face!!&gt; would like to meet with him…any specific time or…should I just block off the whole afternoon

GALAN: I will arrange it but I must warn you, he will not take kindly to your request…or to your presence…*throws corn in his kart, and heads off*

JACKSON: *clear throat Mitchell turning* what the hell was that?

MITCHELL: what was what?

CARTER: we're suppose to stay under the radar.

TEAL'C: I doubt this world possesses such technology…&lt;LOL&gt;

MITCHELL: See when he's right…he's right…

JACKSON: Sam has a point…we're not equipped to take these guys on right now…

MITCHELL: I have no intention of taking anybody on…I'm just gonna pose as a buyer…

JACKSON: *disbelieving* you?

MITCHELL: well no offence Jackson but you do not strike me as the drug dealer type…in fact you're not even close.

JACKSON: *little pissed* I think I'm as close as you are.

CARTER: *to Mitchell* Come on you're miles away

MITCHELL: Teal'c…which one of us is closer?

TEAL'C: *Jackson looking at him* I believe the three of you to be equal distant…

MITCHELL: *looks at Carter* Oh please…Mary poppins is not even in the running.


MITCHELL: *points at Jackson* and neither are you because I'm going. I'm just gonna ask some Questions about the operation…find out what I can…tell them their price is to high and then High tail it out of there…*walks off, the three look at each other, and then follow*

SCENE: Jackson, Carter and Teal'c watch from a rising. Mitchell lays in a kart of hay in a field.

CARTER: *sighs* This was a bad idea.

JACKSON: It's been four hours now…when do we call this thing? *Carter spots someone, looks and we see a group walking over to Mitchell*

TEAL'C: They are heavily armed…*Carter nods*< As the group gets closer to Mitchell.

GALAN: This is the man I told you about. Mr. Shaft.

MITCHELL: *gets up* Hey…You must be Worrel.

WORREL: *looks round* where are your friends Mister?

MITCHELL: I figured you'd rather deal one on one. Call me Shaft.

WORREL: Who told you casa was grown here…?

MITCHELL: uh…in my business you get to know the right people…

WORREL: what right people?

MITCHELL: you know the good…hard working type…tell you what you want to know…then disappear…

WORREL: *nods to some men, who head off in search of the rest of SG- 1, to Galan* You can go. *Galan leaves* we'll talk inside…*walks to a house.*

MITCHELL: Great *follows, through Carters binoculars we see Mitchell giving then thumbs up behind his back*

TEAL'C: If we remain here we will be discovered…

CARTER: well lets hope it doesn't come to that.< SCENE: The groups stops in the centre. Worrel motioning for his men to pat Mitchell down

MITCHELL: *laughs* fellas…you think I'd carry a weapon?

WORREL: Enough. *they move away* Alright mister…what can I do for you?

MITCHELL: I represent a coalition of seven planets…with a combined population of 30 million casa hungry souls. We're looking for a supplier…

WORREL: I don't have that kind of inventory…

MITCHELL: No. Nobody does…that's why I need more than one… so if you could just refer me-

WORREL: refer you?

MITCHELL: higher up.

WORREL: so you wish to speak to my superior…?

MITCHELL: I think our needs are big enough to warrant his attention.

WORREL: your needs. *motions with head to his men, who grab Mitchell, carter watching through binoculars*

CARTER: oooh that didn't look good.

WORREL: *Mitchell in held down on a sort of bench* Just exactly who do you think you are?

MITCHELL: I already told you my name.

WORREL: Mister.

MITCHELL: actually its just Shaft… Mister's more of a courtesy title… so…if you could just pass it along to your superiors…that's all I'm asking…

WORREL: I'm forced to wander what someone like yourself…a business man like yourself…representing… how many planets did you say again??

MITCHELL: seven. But one of them's actually a moon so…

WORREL: so 30 million potential customers…? And you need me to arrange a meeting with my superior…

MITCHELL: see now…you're selling your self short.< On the rise, Jackson sees Worrel pulling up his gun, aiming it at Mitchell

JACKSON: Yeah I think he's in trouble.

TEAL'C: *notices some men spotting them.* As are we…

Mitchell chuckles at Worrel, glancing round

SCENE: and we're back to the Teaser. SG-1 run through tree line, gun fire can be heard behind them, they stop by a tree. Carter hands Mitchell his gun, firing on those following.

CARTER: What did you say to them?

MITCHELL: Look Obviously it didn't go so well.

Jackson runs to the gate, providing cover behind some rock.

They fall back as we get a glimpse of their attackers. Carter motions to Jackson to start dialing. As Jackson dials there's suddenly a beam of light, much like Asgard technology…The gate disappears.

CARTER: What's taking so long?

JACKSON: *Stares* Guys!

CARTER: What's taking so long?

JACKSON: *DHD disappears* we got a problem…

MITCHELL: Just hurry up and open the damn *turns, stops staring* Gate. *to carter* Ok…here's an obvious Question…

WORREL: You're surrounded…drop your weapons!!

SG-1 look around as several men appear with Guns, they surrender… dropping their guns, hands up.

SCENE: Landry walks down stairs to the Control room…Where Harriman is already dialing the Gate.

HARRIMAN: Chevron 4 encoded.

LANDRY: *walks over* Chief. How long are they overdue now?

HARRIMAN: 2 hours sir. Colonel Mitchell's never missed a check in. Chevron 5 encoded.

REYNOLDS: *walks in* General Landry. Sir. I just spoke with Dr Lee… he's determined the plant contains a highly addictive psycho stimulant…

LANDRY: which just confirms what we already knew…

REYNOLDS: but we didn't know it was engineered…which means it didn't evolve naturally…

HARRIMAN: Chevron 6 encoded…*they wait, but nothing happens* chevron 7 will not lock

LANDRY: why not?

HARRIMAN: I don't know sir…I'm not showing any Malfunction at this end.

LANDRY: run a diagnostic…and try again.

HARRIMAN: yes sir. *Landry leaves*

SCENE: In the centre place of Worrel's home&lt;?&gt;, All of SG-1 are bound and tied to the bench. Worrel walks out.

WORREL: The infamous SG-1.

MITCHELL: Everybody this is Worrel.

WORREL: Trust me Mister. You won't get the best of me again…

MITCHELL: actually…it's Mitchell… Cameron Mitchell… *to Jackson* I tried to explain the uh… Mister thing…I don't thi-

WORREL: How did you steal the Stargate?

CARTER: What?!

WORREL: SG-1 shows up on my little backwater planet…and the Stargate vanishes…I'm not a fool.

TEAL'C: Perhaps not…but we are not responsible…

CARTER: we were here on a reconnaissance mission.

WORREL: oh…*walks over in front of her* so you were done slaying system lords…and decided to move on to more pressing Agricultural concerns?

MITCHELL: That's exactly it. Corn Patrol &lt;lol&gt; *Angry Worrel, backhands Mitchell*

JACKSON: uhh…I have a Question *Worrel walks over* why would we make the Gate magically disappear…before we had a chance to escape through it?

WORREL: bad timing?

JACKSON: Th-that's got to be the single-most stupidest thing I've ever heard.

WORREL: Do things always go according to plan in your world Dr Jackson? &lt;I like that they still have that No one really knows Mitchell yet, but they know SG-1:p&gt;

JACKSON: *glances at Mitchell, thinks* No. not usually no.

WORREL: then I guess this is another one of those times… *Jackson sighs* and until my Stargate is returned…things will continue to go wrong. *leaves*

SCENE: Harriman and Landry walks down corridor to Control room

HARRIMAN: we've made repeated attempts to connect Sir. There's no signal what-so-ever. Its got to be a problem with the off world Gate

LANDRY: Get me Colonel Emerson on board the Odyssey.

HARRIMAN: Yes sir. *sits* right away

SCENE: On board the Odyssey &lt;NEW SHIP&gt;, Emerson walks over to speak with a crew member, Marks poking at buttons at his new station.

MARKS: Sir…I have General Landry for you.

EMERSON: On screen. *turns, showing Landry on screen*

LANDRY: Colonel. How goes the shake down?

EMERSON: 90% of our systems are up and running sir…care to take a ride?

LANDRY: *grins* another time...I just need you to tell me that your hyper drive is part of that 90%. We've lost contact with SG-1… They were of P6G-452. *Emerson turns to look at Marks*

MARKS: *button pushing* estimate… 22 hours sir.

EMERSON: I wouldn't wanna go into battle just yet… but I think we can reach 452 and extract SG-1 inside of a day

LANDRY: Glad to hear it.

EMERSON: I assume they have the new locater chip implants…

LANDRY: they were the first after the events of Tagalus…

EMERSON: I can't think of a better first operational mission for the Odyssey than to bring home SG-1.

LANDRY: neither can I colonel. Good luck

EMERSON: Thank you sir.

LANDRY: Landry out. *screen goes out*

EMERSON: *walks over to Captain chair* Major Marks set a course for P6G 452.

MARKS: Yes sir.

EMERSON: *on radio* Attention all decks…this is Emerson…prepare to engage hyper drive… *leans back, to Marks* Take us out.

MARKS: with pleasure sir.

Great shot of the Odyssey leaving Earths Orbit.

SCENE: One of Worrel's men land a painful blow to Jackson's face, as he cries out in pain. All of SG-1 look very badly bruised.

JACKSON: seriously! Why would we take the Stargate away before we had a chance to escape through it! *turns angrily to Mitchell* and Don't say bad timing!!!

WORREL: I things continuing to go wrong for you Dr Jackson…It's within your power to change that…

MITCHELL: Torturing us is not going to get you the answer you're looking for…

WORREL: I don't wanna torture you… in fact if you tell me the location of the Stargate…I'm prepared to release you…

MITCHELL: *angry, shaking head* Oh you are not! I can't---*to Jackson* can you believe he just said that?!

CARTER: You've already blown your chance. Who ever took your Stargate is long gone.

TEAL'C: and when your superiors discover that you have let the real thieves escape…*grins*…it is you who will be tortured…

SCENE: In Landry's office.

LANDRY: Someone is stealing Stargate's?

HARRIMAN: well four that we know of…sir… according to the Tok'ra dispatch…

LANDRY: which could explain why we haven't been able to dial 452 and contact SG-1.

HARRIMAN: Exactly sir. In fact the trust tried this once with our gate

LANDRY: *stands* Isn't any Goa'uld mother ship…or similar class vessel capable of taking a gate

HARRIMAN: not with Asgard beaming technology which one eye witness apparently confirmed is the method being used…

LANDRY: send an encrypted data burst of all available Intel to Colonel Emerson on board the Odyssey.

HARRIMAN: yes sir…*heads for door*

LANDRY: Oh and chief…*Harriman stops* call Peterson Airbase…I need to take a little trip to Area 51.

HARRIMAN: right away sir. *leaves*

SCENE: Area 51. Landry enters a cell room, where Nerus sits at a table…armed guards watching

NERUS: General. They told me you were coming…but I didn't believe them…I said &quot;I don't believe you.&quot;

LANDRY: *enters, moving closer* well here I am…*only one set of bars left separating them*

NERUS: you come to visit a condemned prisoner…empty handed?

LANDRY: You're not a condemned prisoner…Nerus…but if you tell me what I need to know…I'll arrange a feast… the likes of which you have not seen since you set foot on this planet…

NERUS: *Little stunned* …ff-east?

LANDRY: I do not use the word…lightly

NERUS: nor do I… how may I be of service my dear General

LANDRY:  someone out there is stealing Stargate's… I need to know who? How? And why?

NERUS: stealing them…?

LANDRY: beamed right of the planets with Asgard technology as far as we know…

NERUS: maddening for you…

LANDRY: oh… it is.*paces* I already have an idea who it might be…

NERUS: well if you're so smart…what do you need me for?

LANDRY: I have a theory…I still need some answers…

NERUS: but such a quandary must be worth more to you than a single solitary indulgent meal… perhaps we could discuss my dietary requirements on a more…permanent…

LANDRY: Every minute you waste trying to negotiate… I take one item of the menu…*nods at a Guard, who waves his hand at the security camera, the doors open, Landry leaving*

NERUS: can we talk over appetizers…*Landry gives him a look leaves* General!

SCENE: Off world, Worrels man is getting a sore fist…he rubs it Mitchell spitting blood

MITCHELL: well…*quietly* for what its worth guys…Sorry I dragged you into this…

JACKSON: Oh happens all the time…

MITCHELL: *Worrel walks out* Worrel my friend…you wear a furrowed brow of a deeply worried man…*grins* how's your day going?

WORREL: we've been recalled by the alliance.

MITCHELL: *laughs* well…you just can't say we didn't tell you so…

WORREL: it is far worse news for you…I no longer have any reason to keep you alive…

JACKSON: No wait…I…I…I can think of a reason…*thinking…*

CARTER: we're more valuable alive.

JACKSON: Yes…yes we're more valuable alive…good one. *Carter nods*

WORREL: *smiles* no…my instructions were quite clear… Take care of Mister Shaft last…I want him to watch the others go first. Your deaths will serve as a warning to your people…never to meddle with our operations in the future…*nods at his men, who all walk over*

SCENE: Nerus sits in his cell with a huge meal before him, eating a drumstick

NERUS: General…this chicken is most plump and delicious…you spoil me General

LANDRY: *pulls over a chair* It's called Turkey.

NERUS: Turkey?

LANDRY: another rare delicacy.

NERUS: Well I must have more Turkey! *laughs, picks up pretzel* what's this?

LANDRY: I'm losing patience Nerus…

NERUS: well you already know who it is

LANDRY: so it is Ba'al?

NERUS: Of course it's Ba'al. who else would it be?

LANDRY: why is he doing it?

NERUS: *through a mouth full* You're the genius you tell me…

LANDRY: *stands*…uh…maybe there's no need to go into the third and fourth  courses…

NERUS: No…no…no…no no no no no…General I meant that as the mist sincere form of flattery…you are one of the more intelligent human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. And I assure you General…that this meal has Just begun!

LANDRY: *sits* I'm glad to hear that.< SCENE: Worrel's men all aim their weapons at SG-1 like a firing squad.

MITCHELL: Hey…the other three had nothing to do with this… I was running the operation…


MITCHELL: Worrel knows this…tell him to get back here…

They tighten their grips on their weapons and just as they fire, a beam of light surrounds SG-1 and they disappear.

SCENE: On the Bridge of the Odyssey SG-1 appear in a beam of light.

EMERSON: SG-1… I'm Colonel Paul Emerson…welcome aboard the Odyssey…

CARTER: *Relieved grin* Thank you sir.

MITCHELL: *nudges Jackson* How about that timing Jackson?

JACKSON: Good timing.

EMERSON: Airman…lets get these people put of these bindings and to the infirmary.

SCENE: Shot of the odyssey in Hyperspace…SG-1, changed, sit at the briefing table on board. Emerson enters with Marks

MITCHELL: *stands* sir.

EMERSON: I know you people have been through a lot.

MITCHELL: we'll live…hand it over. *takes files from Marks*

EMERSON: we received this Intel from Stargate Command…a few hours ago…

MITCHELL: *they all look over the data* Damn…Ba'al's been busy…

EMERSON: He's been gathering up stargate's…from all over the sector for the last several weeks…

JACKSON: yeah we saw one of them disappear…

CARTER: do we know why?

EMERSON: not yet…nor do we know where he is.

TEAL'C: what of the Lucien alliance?

EMERSON: for the moment General Landry considers this our top priority…

CARTER: where's he getting his Intel?

EMERSON: Nerus. *they all look up, making faces*

MITCHELL: oh Jim dandy

TEAL'C: such intelligence can not be considered reliable…

JACKSON: not sure…Nerus did work for Ba'al for centuries… it's a … good place as any to start.

EMERSON: and general Landry can be pretty persuasive when he needs to be…

SCENE: More food…a tray of cheese, and the likes are on Nerus's table… Food stains cover the bars of the cell/

LANDRY: Nerus…you have the most atrocious table manners of any person I have ever met.

NERUS: General please…you forget…that…despite appearances I'm not human…

LANDRY: Oh my goodness! Why does Ba'al want a dozen Stargate's *Nerus drinks* Nerus…*Door opens behind, the guards pull their weapons as a man with a tray enters*

NERUS: Desert!!! Ha ha!! Young man you have positively read my mind… Come in come in. mmm…*moves plates* make room for desert. Just put… oooooh….what are…*picks up a cup cake* Individually frosted cakes… *eats, Landry Stands…* well…you're so clever…you figured out the perpetrator what do you think?

LANDRY: we assume he intends to offer them back to the planets he's stolen them from…in exchange for some form of payment

NERUS: You're not very intelligent are you General

LANDRY: Sorry to disappoint ya…

NERUS: *laughs* well…I mean you're just thinking to small that's all… you've got to think more like a Goa'uld. *thinks…* What is it…that Ba'al once had…think of it… now think…of what he has lost…

LANDRY: He's starting over?

NERUS: precisely… see…there's still hope for you yet… see some time ago…Ba'al came to me…looking for a way to rebuild…in the event the Jaffa ever succeeded in conquering the Goa'uld…Now I had been studying the Stargate system for months… to help *points* you defeat the replicators… incidentally…and I stumbled upon a way to disable the relative update program…

LANDRY: so you could move the Stargate…and not have it transmit its new position to the rest of the network…

NERUS: precisely…so it would seem that Ba'al has put my research into practice

LANDRY: which leads us to where?

NERUS: I…have a theory…General. But no…assortment of…cheeses however delicious…could possibly compel me to tell you that…

LANDRY: what did you have in mind?

NERUS: my freedom.

LANDRY: absolutely not. *walks away*

NERUS: Once he has set the program…it will be impossible to detect.

LANDRY: your freedom just isn't on the table…Nerus. But I'm sure there is something else we could offer…

NERUS: My dear General…I rarely say this…so please…take it to heart when I say…that for the moment…I'm full.

SCENE: Several Ships lie in orbit of a planet. On board one, Worrel is led to a large room, where a man waits.

NETAL: What were you thinking Worrel?

WORREL: please…don't kill me.

NETAL: why would I do that?

WORREL: the last time I heard you say that…to someone they….

NETAL: I'm just stunned that you would honestly believe that SG-1 would steal the gate…and trap themselves on the planet…

WORREL: well I you know…

NETAL: *turns to him* you had them for almost two days…and you learned nothing…and now…two thirds of our crops were rot uselessly.

WORREL: if we could bring in Cargo ships…

NETAL: Cargo ships? …you have any idea how many it would actually take?

WORREL: I promise…I will avenge this.

NETAL: Don't worry about SG-1…and Earth…They're of little consequence…we have spies all over the galaxy…find out who really took the Stargate. And get it back. Or don't bother returning yourself…

WORREL: Yes Netal.

SCENE: Nerus enters the Gate room, chuckling

NERUS: oh…

LANDRY: I trust you're all packed.

NERUS: yes… with a sizable assortment of uh…of…what do call the…

LANDRY: Cup cakes.

NERUS: Yes! A most generous point to concede in our negotiation General…

LANDRY: Consider it a going away present…

NERUS: well I'm touched…*heads for Ramp, Landry moving in to his way*

LANDRY: yes well It took some convincing…

NERUS: well…superiors can sometimes be difficult…*shifts*

LANDRY: they do have reason not to trust you…

NERUS: yes…yes but you did…you you did convince them…it was a fair bargain…me giving the co-ordinates for my freedom…*looks round* unless of course…you don't intend to honor…

LANDRY: I think you know by now…I'm a man of my word…

NERUS: Oh…well…yes…of course you are.

LANDRY: then you should have no trouble believing me when I say…if you're lying about these co-ordinates there will be no where in this galaxy for you to hide…

NERUS: …oh…I believe you

LANDRY: I'm glad

NERUS: Fare well!! *head up ramp with two suitcases.*

LANDRY: *gate shuts down* Putz.

SCENE: Landry heads up to control room…

HARRIMAN: Should I dial the co-ordinates he left sir?

LANDRY: no…it's probably a black hole…or worse…if I've learned one thing in this command its never to trust a Goa'uld… especially if his name is Nerus.

HARRIMAN:  *grins* yes sir.

SCENE: Landry's Office, Harriman knocks.

LANDRY: come in.

HARRIMAN: sir. We're picking up a subspace signal from the beacon…

LANDRY: that was fast.

HARRIMAN: yes sir… looks like you were right…he went back to Ba'al…

LANDRY: send the co-ordinates to Odyssey ASAP.

HARRIMAN: yes sir…*hesitates…* sir if you don't mind my asking…

LANDRY: how did we plant the beacon on Nerus?

HARRIMAN: yes sir…

LANDRY: it was a piece of cake…

HARRIMAN: *frowns, Landry gives him a look, he grins, and leaves*

SCENE: On the bridge of the Odyssey.

MARKS: Sir… I'm receiving a subspace transmission from SGC. *Emerson and SG-1 walk over* Its' a set of co-ordinates…


TEAL'C: General Landry is indeed persuasive.

CARTER: Colonel…is the Odyssey ready to fight?

EMERSON: Shields have only been tested in simulations…but our weapons and navigation are online…

MITCHELL: lets take him down.

Odyssey jumps to Hyperspace.

SCENE: On a mother ship in orbit over a planet, Nerus enters a Jaffa carrying his case, Ba'al waits…

NERUS: *throws up his arms* How nice!! You…You came to greet me in person…*grins*  Oh Oh I have this fabulous innovation I want you to… Its…uh…It's called a cup cake. *walks over as if to Hug him* oh its so good to-*Ba'al holds up his hand*

BA'AL: why have you returned?

NERUS: My old friend…you wound me deeply.

BA'AL: I'm capable of wounding you much more deeply. I thought you made yourself quite comfortable with the Tau'ri…or was it the Ori. *motions to Jaffa, who aim their staffs at him*

NERUS: You-You actually believed that-that I would actually defect to the Ori? *laughs* No…No…No…it was…a temporary lapse of judgment…I admit but uh…I…I have never…in my…in my…life ever wavered one iota in my devotion for you. Sire.

BA'AL: *motions to Jaffa, who lower weapons* are you certain you were not followed

NERUS: I am a genius you know…

BA'AL: *grins* so you insist.

NERUS: yes…and so I have proven in my service to you…time and time again. Do you know how many Stargate's I had to go through to get here? *laughs* 5 stargate's…*Ba'al turns, walking down corridor Nerus following* and that kind and Naïve General promised me…anyways he gave me his word that he wouldn't follow me…

BA'AL: if you wish to return to my court Nerus you shall have to prove yourself…


BA'AL: find me planets …suitable for my empire…I am ready to begin a new.

NERUS: ah…first I must recover from…my……*Several Ba'als pass before them* harrowing…ordeal…

BA'AL: would be wise not to defy me Nerus. *Nerus stares* things have changed considerably…since you left. *walks off*<

SCENE: Briefing room on board the Odyssey, A schematic of Ba'als ship is on screen.

CARTER: From what little we know of Ba'als ship…there's only one cargo hold big enough to store the Stargate's…and that's here. *screen changes*

MITCHELL: we beam on to the Ship, make our way to the Cargo hold…and tag the gates with these suckers. *picks up a little box object*

JACKSON: Locater beacons *takes it*

CARTER: they only operate through subspace so they shouldn't be detected. Once we lock on to their signal we beam back the Gates… beam ourselves out and hopefully be gone before Ba'al knows the difference.

MARKS: But won't Ba'al be able to detect the Odyssey? And even if they don't…how do you beam through his shields…?

CARTER: Lets just say that's been taken into consideration…

SCENE: On Ba'als ship, Nerus takes out a crystal…walking over to the console. He plugs it in, he runs it and suddenly it flickers and the power goes down on the ship.

NERUS: Oh dear…

SCENE: Back on the Odyssey.

CARTER: General Landry had Dr Lee program a virus into several of Nerus's devices…as soon as he interfaces one of them with the Ship… it should kill all their systems. Shields…sensors…weapons…

Crewwoman: *on radio* Colonel Emerson… this is flight deck…we're coming out of hyperspace now sir.

EMERSON: Understood. We're on our way…*they head off*

SCENE: On Flight deck, Emerson and SG-1 enter. Marks take's his position.

MARKS: Ba'als ship should be dead ahead sir.

EMERSON: have they detected us?

MARKS: Negative sir…but I am receiving a subspace locator code.

CARTER: it was programmed to transmit when the virus went active.

MITCHELL: Nerus didn't waste time for

SCENE: On Ba'als bridge.

BA'AL: What is happening?

JAFFA1: All our systems have failed.

BA'AL: how can that be?

JAFFA1: *pulls up a schematic* I have limited power back online… looks like the systems are being disrupted from within the ship. *Ba'al walks out*

SCENE: Doors open Slowly and then stop, that Ba'al has to hop over

BA'AL: *to Jaffa* Come with me

SCENE: in a corridor, a group of Jaffa pass by, as they disappear, there's a flash of light and SG-1 appear, armed and ready.

TEAL'C: This way…*leads them*

MITCHELL: *radios* we're in

EMERSON: *On Odyssey* understand. We will hold this station within beaming range.

SCENE: Nerus pushes buttons trying to sort problem when Ba'al enters.

NERUS: *turns* Oh hello… its just a teeny tiny virus…*small chuckle* I'm sure I can eradicate it in short order of course… as soon as I get control of the terminal…*mutters to self* oh General…you're far more devious than I thought you were…You disappoint me…*turns to Ba'al* I'll…I'll keep you informed…thank you *grins nods, turns back… Ba'al takes staff weapon from Jaffa, Nerus turns round again* oh… here you are again…oh… *steps down as Ba'al aims…* I don't think that shooting the console will help…but you can try *Ba'al turns the staff weapon on Nerus.* Oh I see…I don't suppose there's anything I can say…*Ba'al shakes head* but I'm so interesting

SCENE: SG-1 make their way down corridor, covering…Finding the door needed Carter gets to work on opening it. On the Bridge the screen indicates the hacking.

JAFFA1: We have an intruder on the ship.< SCENE: SG-1 enter the room, Teal'c standing Guard.

JACKSON: Oh boy…1…2…3…*pans revealing loads of gates* 4…5…6…7…8…9…10… 11…12…13

CARTER: we're gonna need more locaters…

TEAL'C: *Jaffa appear out side* Colonel Mitchell.

MITCHELL:  Company. Ideas?

Teal'c steps out firing on the oncoming Jaffa, They all jump, Mitchell walking out and firing too. Carter and Jackson getting to work placing the beacons.

MITCHELL: *Grabs Radio* Houston. We have a problem.

SCENE: On board the Odyssey

EMERSON: What is it? *sounds of gun fire*

MARKS: Sir another three mother ships just dropped out of hyperspace

EMERSON: what?

MARKS: Intercepting a hail sir.

NETAN: *on radio* Hatak vessel…This is Netan of the Lucien Alliance… surrender now…or you will be destroyed.

EMERSON: Lucien Alliance…this is Colonel Emerson, commander of the Earth vessel…the Odyssey… please respond.

MARKS: Sir they've powered up weapons. Target appears to be Ba'als ship

EMERSON: *hit radio* SG-1 this is Odyssey… what's your status.

SCENE: Teal'c and Mitchell still firing on Jaffa, More locater beacons are beamed aboard.

MITCHELL: Jackson! A little help. *Jackson runs out, firing.* Our position has been compromised. Attempting to proceed with the mission…

EMERSON: Be advised. Lucien Alliance just turned up.

CARTER: You can't go up against all of them with untested ship *tags another Gate*

EMERSON: They're targeting Ba'als ship…we've got to get you out of there. Now.

CARTER: That's a negative. I'm still tagging the Gates.

EMERSON: Colonel. Without shields Ba'als ship will not be able to withstand anything.

MITCHELL: We know. Thank you. SG-1 out. *fires again*

SCENE: Ba'al steps on to Bridge

BA'AL: Status?

JAFFA1: Managed to restore sensors and communications. *pulls up screen* detecting four other ships in close proximity…

BA'AL: what?

JAFFA1: we're being hailed…

BA'AL: *sits* put them on screen.

NETAN: *Appears on screen* this is Netan of the Lucien Alliance…you have cargo that belongs to us. You will surrender it and your ship now.

BA'AL: You are in no position to make such demands.

NETAN: You have no shields and no weapons. Surrender immediately or prepare to be boarded.

BA'AL: go ahead…and try *ends transmission*

NETAN: fire on them… target weapons and hyper drive engines.

All three ships fires, Ba'als vessel taking heavy damage.

BA'AL: Get me my shields!

SCENE: on bridge of Odyssey

MARKS: Sir the Lucien Alliance vessel has opened fire.

EMERSON: SG-1 stand by for extraction

CARTER: *tags gate* Attaching the last beacon now. GO!

MARKS: Activating transport…

Ba'als shields come online…

SCENE: Last shot gets through.

JAFFA1: I have managed to restore shields

SCENE: On bridge of Odyssey

MARKS: Sir we've got a problem.

EMERSON: *hits Radio* Ba'als shields just went back up…you're gonna have to sit tight

SCENE: Mitchell backs up against wall, Staff weapon fire flying by his head…

MITCHELL: we can't sit for long!! Fall back! *they move into cargo room, Jaffa following*

SCENE: On odyssey

EMERSON: Bring us about… Captain &lt;Major before?&gt; fire forward rail guns at the lead ship…looks likes  we're going to be testing our shields.

The odyssey fires on Netan's ship taking damage.

EMERSON: evasive. Report.

MARKS: shields are holding but down 11% Sir. The Lucien Alliance ship shows minimal damage.

EMERSON: what about Ba'als ship? Can we get them out of there yet?

MARKS: Negative sir.

SCENE: SG-1 sit behind cargo…reloading weapons…Jaffa firing

MITCHELL: Last Mag. Alright…we need to find another way of this boat. *Carter stares at DHD* Carter?

CARTER: I have an Idea.


TEAL'C: Jaffa!

MITCHELL: Covering fire. *they all jump up firing Carter hurries over to DHD*

SCENE: Some shots getting though…On the Bridge of Ba'als ship

BA'AL: Forget weapons. Bring our hyper drive online.

JAFFA1: My lord…I'm showing imminent shield failure.

SCENE: On the Odyssey

MARKS: Sir…Ba'al's ship just lost shields.

EMERSON: Get them out of there now. *hits radio* Hangar deck report

CREWMAN: Sir we've got all the gates but one…we couldn't get a lock on its beacon.

EMERSON: what about SG-1?

CREWMAN: Negative sir.

Ba'al's ship takes a few more shots and then explodes before their eyes.

MARKS: Ba'als ship has been destroyed.< SCENE: Lucien Alliance ship, bridge.

NETAN: Concentrate all weapons fire on the Earth vessel.

SCENE: On the Odyssey

MARKS: all three Lucien alliance vessels are targeting us now sir.

EMERSON: Engage Hyper drive.

Before they can fire, Odyssey jumps into Hyperspace.

SCENE: At the SGC, SG-1 step through the gate, and walk down the Ramp meeting Landry.

LANDRY: Glad to see you. I'm a little surprised to see you come through the Gate…

TEAL'C: Colonel Carter successfully reprogrammed one of the DHDs in Ba'als cargo hold so we could in fact escape

LANDRY: Well done.

CARTER: With your permission sir…we should let the Odyssey know that we're ok…they probably feared the worst.

LANDRY: The worst?

JACKSON: uh…that we were blown up on Ba'al's ship when the Lucien alliance attacked sir.

LANDRY: So the Stargate's were destroyed.

MITCHELL: No. Hopefully the odyssey managed to beam the gates of in time…

LANDRY: An eventful few days…debrief in one hour.

MITCHELL: We have got the best jobs in the world don't we?

CARTER: I'm gonna hit the Shower *leaves*

JACKSON: I'm gonna find the doctor. *leaves*

TEAL'C: *looks at Mitchell* we are indeed suitably employed *leaves*

MITCHELL: yeah…it was a good day.*leaves*


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