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Le Manteau d'Arthur


SCENE: In Dr Lee's Lab, Carter works at her laptop hooked to an alien keyboard running tests on the device. Mitchell passes, stops leaning against doorway.

MITCHELL: You are still *Carter looks up* working on that thing.


MITCHELL: Did you sleep here last night?

CARTER: *looks back at laptop* of course not. I slept down the hall in my quarters.

MITCHELL: *walks in* Sam…

CARTER: This device was recovered from the cave under Glastonbury… who knows what ancient secrets it may hold.

MITCHELL: well…obviously not you…or Dr Lee…who's been working on that thing for what? Six months?! I think its time we let the eggheads at area 51 take a crack at it.

CARTER: Not yet. I…I…I…I'm actually making some progress here.

MITCHELL: That's what you said last night…*carter bites lip, guiltily* and I'm hankering for Hash browns…so…lets go grab some breakfast…*heads for door*

CARTER: hey hey…*staring at screen* this is interesting…*Mitchell stops scratching head* this is the first time one of my verification exams gave back a positive result…

MITCHELL: *turns walks back* does this mean I'm not getting my hash browns?

CARTER: it means this device is interactive…I'm reading an EM output that keeps fluctuating between high and low frequencies…I'm gonna try and stabilize it…

MITCHELL: Sure… what have you got to lose?

Carter hits a few buttons, the device glows bright blinding the two and they disappear.


SCENE: Still in Dr Lee's lab, Carter and Mitchell rub their eyes, blinking.

CARTER: You ok?

MITCHELL: Yeah…fine. What…what just happened? *the device activates showing an interface with text in ancient* whoa…nicely done. Can you read that?

CARTER: *clenches teeth shakes head* my ancient is a little rusty.

MITCHELL: right… we need Jackson.

The two turn to head for the door as Dr Lee enters with a tray of blue Jello and coffee, They both stop.

CARTER: Hey Bill. *turns back to her laptop* Good timing Take a look at this.

Lee walks over to his desk, picks up one coffee and Jello from the tray turns, slows, glancing round…stops by his own laptop, putting down coffee hits a few keys.

MITCHELL: *frowning* Yo Doc…amazing discovery over here…

CARTER: *looks over, Lee not taking any notice of either of them* Bill? *steps forward* You ok? *He walks straight through her, carter grabbing herself*

MITCHELL: WOAH! What the hell?! *Lee leaves the Jello by her laptop and walks off* what was that?

CARTER: I don't know.

Mitchell reached out slowly poking her shoulder, Carter pokes him back, He gives her a light shove and she shoves him hard.

MITCHELL: Ok you're solid. *paces*

CARTER: *looks at the writing* it's the device. By initiating it we must have triggered some localized affect.

MITCHELL: local meaning…you and me?

CARTER: yea…*turns to him* try picking up that coffee cup.

Mitchell turns…he moves to pick up the cup but his hand goes straight through, and again. Carter stares…

CARTER: oooohhh Boy…we need to find Daniel.

SCENE: Carter and Mitchell walk down corridor an Airman headed in the opposite direction.

MITCHELL: Out of phase? What does that mean?

CARTER: *they both shift out of the way of the airman* it means we may have shifted to an alternate dimension

MITCHELL: and there are an infinite number of alternate dimensions.

CARTER: no. no. no…that's alternate realities…

MITCHELL: so… when the other SG-1 showed up?

CARTER: completely different problem…see…according to M theory that unites the five super strength theories there are several spatial dimensions. 11 actually…that exist in parallel with our physical reality. Now these higher dimensions-

MITCHELL: No I'll take your word for it. That was alternate realities. This is alternate dimension. Hell all I need is a good time travel adventure and I've scored the SG-1 try-fecta. Now how's Jackson suppose to help us with this?

CARTER: well…a similar thing happened to him a few years ago…*Mitchell dodges another Airman*

MITCHELL: PX7-377 The crystal skull.

CARTER: You really did read every report from every mission we ever went on, didn't you?

MITCHELL: I was in that hospital along time and they were all riveting.

CARTER: *laughs* anyway…when Daniel was out of phase and nobody could see him except for his Grandfather Nicholas Ballard…

MITCHELL: and because the same thing happened to Ballard in Belize…Jackson should be able to see us…cause we're all part of the same cloth.

CARTER: Right.

MITCHELL: *clicks fingers* perfect.

SCENE: In the Locker rooms, Teal'c walks over to locker to change out of his Gym clothes, when Landry enters.

LANDRY: Teal'c. have you seen Colonel Mitchell?

TEAL'C: I have not.

LANDRY: I'm gonna need to talk to your team. SG-12 just got back from P8T-474 and it looks like we may have a timeline for whatever it is the priors are planning. *waves file* according to the Natives…this doomsday the priors keep talking about may be only days away…

TEAL'C: *inclines head* I will inform the others. *Landry nods and Leaves.*

SCENE: Carter and Mitchell turn the corner, spotting Jackson, his head down heading straight towards them. They stop.

MITCHELL: Jackson! Just the guy to help us with a little problem…*and Jackson walks straight through him, leaving his with the chills…* or not…

CARTER: The dimension we're occupying must be different from the one he was shifted to…

MITCHELL: alternate…alternate dimensions?

CARTER: *nods* something like that…yeah.

MITCHELL: ok…so what do we do…?

CARTER: we have to find a way to communicate with them…

MITCHELL: any ideas?

HARRIMAN: (on intercom) UNSCHEDULED OFFWORLD ACTIVATION. *Jackson comes running back, Mitchell moving out of his way, Carter and Mitchell follow after.*

SCENE: Control room. Landry and Teal'c already there when the three arrive.

JACKSON: What have we got?

HARRIMAN: No IDC sir…but I am receiving a radio signal.

LANDRY: Lets hear it…*the sound comes out garbled* what's wrong with it?

CARTER: sounds like harmonic distortion in the data stream.

HARRIMAN: *shakes head* not sure sir. *Carter rolls her eyes to heaven*

LANDRY: Can you clean it up?

HARRIMAN: I can try sir…*something hits the iris*

JACKSON: Ok…that sounded like something hitting the iris…

LANDRY: Anyway to know for sure what it was?

HARRIMAN: We can run some tests.

LANDRY: Do it. And get Colonel Carter down here to help unscramble that message…

HARRIMAN: *Carter throws up her hands* yes sir. *Landry leaves.*

SCENE: Control room, Carter reads over Harriman's shoulder unable to do much else. Harriman and Technician work on the message.

HARRIMAN: I can't make heads or tails of this.

CARTER: That's because the filter coefficient has to be adaptive.*walks over to the Technician to see if she can get through to him.* the filter coefficient has to be adaptive.

TECHNICIAN: Hey wait a minute…

CARTER: There you go… notice the slight variance in the out put…*waits* Notice it…*getting really frustrated* Come on! Notice it!

TECHNICIAN: *shakes head* never mind.

CARTER: *closes eyes* Gosh!

SCENE: Landry's office, Teal'c and Jackson standing before his desk

LANDRY: *jumps up* What do you mean they're missing?

TEAL'C: They're not in their quarters, nor are they responding to any attempt to contact them…

LANDRY: Is it possible they aren't even on the base?

JACKSON: We checked the front gate… neither of them signed out.

LANDRY: What about security footage?

JACKSON: we're viewing tapes for both the labs and the cafeteria…but beyond that…well there are…hundreds of cameras and hours of tape so…

LANDRY: Well we'll screen them all if we have to…I want them found.

when shot returns of Jackson and Teal'c we see Mitchell standing behind Teal'c. Teal'c and Jackson leave, Landry retaking his seat.

MITCHELL: Why am I getting that Patrick Swayze in Ghost feeling? <I love that movie:P I'm a huge whoopi fan> *turns to Landry* General. *waves hands* we need a whoopi…*Landry stops writing, frowns…then goes back to work, Mitchell waves hands leaves.*

SCENE: Landry walks down to control room.

LANDRY: Walter.

HARRIMAN: We managed to clean up the message sir.

CARTER: Finally. *not happy*

HARRIMAN: we noticed a slight variance in the outputs…so we ran it through a sequence of digital filters and we came up with this.

JAFFA: *transmission still a little distorted* Stargate command. This is the Sodan. Please respond.

LANDRY: did he say sodan?

JAFFA: we are under attack… many have fallen… we request immediate assistance *sounds of staff fire and then cries*

HARRIMAN: that's when we heard the impacts against the iris sir.

TEAL'C: General Landry we should investigate.

LANDRY: agreed. Assemble a team. *Teal'c nods and leaves*

JACKSON: sir Colonel Mitchell's the one who should go… he's the one who knows the sodan the best.

LANDRY: I agree but Colonel Mitchell isn't here right now…*leaves*

SCENE: Jackson heads for the elevator, head down, walking staring by Dr Lee.

LEE: *stops follows* oh have you seen Colonel Carter…?

JACKSON: Hey! …I was just coming to ask you the same thing.

LEE: Really? Because she left her laptop in my lab…

JACKSON: She did?

LEE: yeah…yeah…*gets on elevator with him, hits button* its hooked up to that device you picked up from Glastonbury. *as doors close Jackson hops out, Lee just making it out too*

SCENE: Lee, Jackson and Harriman reviewing footage from Lee's lab, on screen Carter moves over to her Laptop.

LEE: There she is.

JACKSON: Fast-forward.

The feed moves on as on screen Mitchell enters leaning against doorframe.

LEE: *points* There's Colonel Mitchell

The feed continues to the point where Carter inputs an algorithm into her laptop and the camera cuts out.

JACKSON: What just happened?

HARRIMAN: Looks like the Camera went off line. *shakes head* probably a power surge.

The feed comes back up to reveal an empty room.

LEE: They're gone.

JACKSON: Ok…bring up the security camera for the Corridor outside Dr Lee's lab…sync them up to 8:16…and run them simultaneously.

Once again the camera in the lab cuts out, but the corridor remains empty.

JACKSON: Ok… if they didn't go though the doorway…how did they get out of the room?

SCENE: Sodan Home world, Teal'c and his team and transported by the obelisk the sodan use. All weapons aimed securing the immediate area.

HADDEN: More staff blasts just like back at the gate.

TEAL'C: indeed. The battle took place here as well…

HADDEN: The sodan have been hiding here for thousands of years…the only reason we got the transporter codes because Mitchell won their trust. I doubt they would have given them to anyone else.

TEAL'C: And yet evidently they were attacked

HADDEN: by who?

Teal'c motions to move out and they head for the village once there they are met with burning buildings, Jaffa lay dead on the ground.

HADDEN: My god. *turns to his men* Conway. Stevens. Get back to the gate on the double…tell the SGC we need med teams.

CONWAY: Yes sir. *they leave*

HADDEN: *to last airman* check the area for survivors. *they move into village…*

TEAL'C: *stops, moving have over body of a Jaffa.* Whom ever did this knew well the most efficient way to kill a Jaffa. Their sybiotes have been targeted. They were shown no mercy.

LORD HAIKON: *groans, leaning against some pillar, the team rush over*

TEAL'C: Haikon.

HADDEN: *checks for pulse* Pulse is weak.

TEAL'C: *his hand resting over Haikon's stomach* He will not survive long…his sybiote is dead.

HADDEN: Lt. Help me get him into one of those huts. We need to get some tretonin in him STAT.

SCENE: Mitchell and Carter stand on the Commissary level, an airman passes with a tray of food, Mitchell points.

MITCHELL: Roast beef. The one time I can't eat and they serve Roast beef! *Turns to one of the commissary workers* Do you know how many times I've requested Roast beef?! This is torture.

CARTER: It's only been a few hours.

MITCHELL: You're not the least bit concerned about this? *carter shakes head* no one can see us or hear us…*Carter obviously starting to get annoyed with Mitchell* we can't…Touch anything…ergo no eating. No drinking. And I'm not going to speculate on the other bodily functions. If they don't figure out a way to get us back-

CARTER: They'll figure it out.

SCENE: Dr Lee's lab, The area at which Mitchell and carter were working when they disappeared has been taped off, Lee and some other tech are working on…something.

LANDRY: *enters with Jackson* What have you got Doctor?

LEE: Well… we know that Sam was working on the device…we know that the device does not give off any typical energy signatures emitted by ancient transporter technology…this leads us to the conclusion that they disappeared without leaving the room…

LANDRY: How's that possible?

LEE: *looking pleased with himself* miniaturization…*Jackson and Landry look dumbfounded…* Don't panic.<Lee watches to many Disney movies> I have calculated the distance they could possibly travel on tiny legs…designated by this roped off area. All we have to do is find them. *pats tech's shoulder* Ronald start with section 1A

SCENE: Back at the Sodan Village, Teal'c walks back to the Hut, Haikon is being treated in.

TEAL'C: I was unable to locate any other survivors… what is his condition?

HADDEN: We don't know if the tretonins going to take…even then…his injuries are pretty severe… without a symbiote…

HAIKON: Volnek…

TEAL'C: *moves over, leaning down by him* Haikon… Haikon… fear not brother. You are among friends…

HAIKON: Teal'c. … save yourself… you shouldn't be here.

TEAL'C: Tell me who has done this. Tell me who has caused this devastation.

HAIKON: Volnek. It w-was…Volnek.

HADDEN: one man did this?

TEAL'C: *unsure* why would he turn on his people? Tell me…Haikon. *Haikon passes out* Haikon?!

CONWAY: *Hadden's radio crackles to life.* Major come in!

HADDEN: This is Hadden. Go ahead.

CONWAY: *on radio* We're under attack sir. Requesting back up immediately! *sound of staff fire*

HADDEN: McKenzie. You stay with him. *leaves with Teal'c*

SCENE: Back at Dr Lee's lab, the tape has gone, Lee now standing in front of the device testing for radiation… Jackson enters the lab, stops, looking round quite dramatically.

LEE: Oh come on…*Jackson looks up grins, walks over* It was just a theory…and anyway if I'd been right you'd all be calling me a genius right now…

JACKSON: *nods* yes but you weren't right… So…anything…

LEE: uhh…n-ye…nothing significant…fairly…err…constant power readings and…uh…slight traces of lepton radiation…

JACKSON: *looks up* what?

LEE: *Looks up* what?

JACKSON: Lepton Radiation? Lepton- Lepton Radiation?

LEE: Yeah…but like I said only traces…I mean there's nothing significant there…

JACKSON: gotta go. *leaves fast*

SCENE: In the forest on the Sodan home world…

HADDEN: *rushes over to Stevens checking his vitals* Stevens!

TEAL'C: *Walks over to Conway, still keeping watch* This one is alive.

CONWAY: *Hadden hurries over treating him* I…never…saw…- the shots…came out of nowhere.

TEAL'C: No doubt Volnek is using a sodan cloak.

HADDEN: We gotta get him back to the gate now.

TEAL'C: *moves over to the obelisk, pushing the necessary buttons…nothing happens*

HADDEN: *frowns* What's wrong?

TEAL'C: *hits buttons again* the code is not working. *Hadden grabs his weapon, as Teal'c pulls out the panel, looks then closes it* Someone has removed one of the control crystals…

HADDEN: Then how we suppose to get out of here?

TEAL'C: We cannot. *looks round worried*

SCENE: Jackson's lab, Jackson's working on a ton of books, Mitchell watching over his shoulder

MITCHELL: *antsy* Come on Jackson figure it out. I've already missed breakfast and lunch

JACKSON: *looks up as Landry enters the room* General!

LANDRY: Dr Jackson I just came from Dr Lee's lab…please tell me you have better news

JACKSON: I've been going over some of the texts we recovered in Glastonbury…


JACKSON: Well…a lot of them seem to make oblique references to Arthurian legend… for instance the word…anawen…which shows up several times…which I believe is a variation on annwn…the Celtic underworld where King Arthur journeyed in search of thirteen sacred objects. One of which…was a cloak…*picks up book, handing it to him*

MITCHELL: What the picture of the guy with the big Blowing robes?

JACKSON: Said to render the wearer invisible… it was call the mantle of Arthur and was kept at Bardsey Island by none other than our good friend Merdin, whom we know better as…

LANDRY: Merlin.

JACKSON: Exactly.

LANDRY: I have no idea where you're going with this…*puts book down*

MITCHELL: *frowns* me neither.

JACKSON: wel-well it wasn't until Dr Lee told me that he detected trace amounts of Lepton radiation from the device that I was able to put it together. *Mitchell jumps, waving hands at Jackson excited* You see…the crystal skull…that transported me to another dimension…also released lepton radiation…

LANDRY: and you think the same thing happened to Colonel Carter and Colonel Mitchell?

MITCHELL: You're damn right.

JACKSON: according to legend the mantle makes the user invisible… Now given what I've read and what's happened today, I'm guessing it wasn't literally a cloak at all…

LANDRY: it was the device we recovered…

JACKSON: Uh-it-It makes sense, sir. Medieval historians could well have attributed the powers of the device to a cloak simply because they didn't understand it…and they could have credited its recovery to Arthur, out of deference to the king who was in power at the time. Now given what we know now, it seems much more likely that it was Merlin who actually built the device

LANDRY: So…why would Merlin build a device that could transport him to another dimension…?

MITCHELL: oooh…today's daily double…looks at Jackson…

JACKSON: uh…*waves head* yeah th-tha-that's the part I haven't figured out yet…

MITCHELL: *bring thumb and finger close together* close…

JACKSON: But at least it points to the possibility that both Colonel Mitchell and Colonel Carter may still be somewhere here on this base. *Mitchell throws arms up in the air celebrating* We just can't see or hear them…*Landry and Jackson look round warily…*

SCENE: Back at the Sodan village, McKenzie is treating Conway in the hut…Hadden walks over to Teal'c who is removing a device from the body of one of the dead Jaffa.

HADDEN: We could make our way back to the gate on foot

TEAL'C: I do not believe that would be wise…the journey would take months and the terrain is most treacherous.

HADDEN: There's not much for us here… We're gonna run out of supplies before long.

TEAL'C: General Landry will send an extraction team when we fail to report

HADDEN: And they'll end up stranded here just like us.

TEAL'C: *stands* We have food for the moment, and we can build shelter. Perhaps when the extraction team arrives… we can repair the obelisk.

HADDEN: What about Volnek? He's still out there…

TEAL'C: Leave him to me. *turns to go*

HADDEN: Teal'c. He took out an entire village…

TEAL'C: It is my understanding that those who use the Sodan cloaking device are invisible to everyone but each other.

HADDEN: So if you use that thing *shot of the device in Teal'c's hand* you'll be able to see him.

TEAL'C: *picks up his weapons* Indeed

HADDEN: Didn't help that guy much though, did it? *looks down at the Jaffa Teal'c took the device from…*

SCENE: Back in Dr Lee's lab…Jackson explains to Landry and Lee, as they stand before the device.

JACKSON: Now when I was out of phase… I could see and hear everything going on around me. So it follows if they're in the same situation...they're hearing what we're saying right now.

LANDRY: Except they can't respond.

JACKSON: Maybe they can…they just don't know it…Now. What does that *points at the device* look like to you? First reaction…

LEE: A keyboard…uh…*points at laptop to emphasize* except there's no visual interface…

JACKSON: Not here…

LEE: You mean…it's on the…other side.

JACKSON: we-uh…it stands to reason that Merlin would want the device to be interactive on both sides…this and the alternate dimension. Now… the interactivity on this side is difficult to access… Now I'm guessing as a type of safeguard against just anyone using the device.

LANDRY: but there'd be no reason to hide it on the other side…*sounds of clicking and shot moves to show the key on the keyboard moving…*

LEE: Whoa! Whoa! Did you see that?! *shot now shows Mitchell and Carter there, Mitchell hitting the key repeatedly…*

JACKSON: Oh yeah…

MITCHELL: *jumps excited and high fives Carter* Yeah!

JACKSON: *loud* Sam…uh…Mitchell *Mitchell looking a little off by that*if…if you can hear me…uh…okay let call *points* this button yes…and this button no…

MITCHELL: *hits the two buttons*…yes…and no…

JACKSON: Ok…first questions…um…are you guys ok…?

CARTER: *quietly to Mitchell* yes…

MITCHELL: Yep *hits yes button*

LEE: Yes. Oh… ah…thank God. I mean…I mean… now we're getting somewhere.

JACKSON: Okay… um…besides the interactivity…is there anything else unusual on your end? *shot of yes button being hit* yes… something connected to the device?

MITCHELL: *Carter nods, Mitchell waves at the small display* would you call that connected?

CARTER: yes yes yes yes…

MITCHELL: Yeah…*hits yes button*

JACKSON: Yes… is it some sort of display? *Yes key hit repeatedly*

LEE: uh…That's-ah-that's emphatic yes.

JACKSON: okay…thought so… um…can you read it…*waits, and then the no key in pressed, Jackson closes his eyes.* It's in ancient isn't it? *yes key hit again repeatedly…* okay…*goes and gets his book and grabs a stool* now…you guys are gonna have to help me translate what you see…but… you see we don't know what pressing buttons randomly will do… so we're going to have to stick with yes and no…and just do it. One letter at a time…

LANDRY: This is gonna take a while?

JACKSON: Oh yeah *opens book*

LANDRY: Well… just keep me posted.

JACKSON: Yes sir…*Landry Leaves* Okay…um…first letter…*points*

SCENE: Back on the Sodan world in the forest, Teal'c walks down path, a P-90 in each hand looking around…he notices a freshly snapped branch and activates the device. He seems to disappear. The next shot is Teal'c's view with the cloak on…He raises his weapons and moves on.

SCENE: In the control room…Landry heads down the stairs walking up to Harriman.

LANDRY: Status?

HARRIMAN: Still no word from Teal'c or SG-12.

LANDRY: how long are they overdue?

HARRIMAN: over an hour.

LANDRY: Tell Colonel Reynolds to prep an extraction team… Have them ready to move out ASAP…*as the shot moves, we notice Mitchell is standing by Landry*

HARRIMAN: Yes sir.

SCENE: Jackson makes some notes, Lee has returned to his laptop…

JACKSON: Okay…first letter…next word… stop me when you see the right symbol…*starts moving his finger along book*

MITCHELL: *enters* How's it going?

CARTER: *sarcastic* Fantastic… we've almost completed the first sentence…

MITCHELL: Listen… you think you'll be ok…on your own here for a while?

CARTER: Sure… why?

MITCHELL: We've lost contact with Teal'c… Landry's sending SG-3 and 22 to check on him at the sodan Village…I figured I'd tag along…

CARTER: Off world?!

MITCHELL: Yeah well Jackson was able to travel through the gate when he was out of phase so…yeah.

CARTER: Well…that's my point. You're out of phase, What do you hope to accomplish?

MITCHELL: Sam. Teal'c could be in trouble…I wanna check it out. No one can see me…I can't get hurt. I can gather Intel that no one else can

JACKSON: *reaching the end of the book with his finger…* Sam…? Mitchell…? did you see it?

MITCHELL: *Before Carter can say anything*… Listen…I promise I'll come back through the Gate when they dial to check in. I'll only be gone a couple of hours…

JACKSON: Hello? You guys still there?

CARTER: Cameron…

MITCHELL: Sam… Teal'c may need help…and I have friends among the Sodan. I'll be back soon… Promise *he leaves*

JACKSON: …Like…slap a button or something…*Carter hits the buttons frustrated* okay… thank you. Ummm… first letter, next word, and stop me when you see the right symbol

SCENE: Back on the Sodan home world…Teal'c walks through the forest, still cloaked, he sees a warrior lying on the ground and moves to see if he is alive…he hears the snapping of twigs and stands. He looks round and is suddenly hit in the left shoulder with a staff blast. He drops to the ground and quickly crawls behind a tree stump. Volnek continues to fire the staff weapon. As he breaks off Teal'c stands and fires both P-90's at Volnek hitting him several times in the chest. Volnek falls to the ground as Teal'c slowly moves out to check if volnek is still alive… Volnek suddenly opens his eyes with a type of wild dog growl and fires the staff weapon, Teal'c dodges out of the way and runs.

SCENE: Shot of the yes key being hit again.

JACKSON: Yes… ok… next word…*makes a note*

LEE: That's it. *Jackson turns*…I got it…I finally figured out what Col. Carter did to trigger the device…*Jackson looks back at the device then at lee again*…Look…I had to run a reverse scan on all the…uh… energy fluctuations that we've been recording…put them through a program designed to…*waves it off* anyway… I isolated the algorithm she used to synchronize the energy emissions coming from the device…


LEE: *Sighs* Don't you see? That means if I counteract Sam's algorithm from my computer allow the emissions to return to their normal frequencies…that could well reverse the process…*Jackson does not look convinced…* Oh just give me a sec…this…is brilliant…*Jackson stands up… placing lid on pen, watching Lee, waiting…Lee pokes a few keys* that should do it…*hits enter, A blinding flash of light occurs around Jackson…*

JACKSON: *blinks, turns round unimpressed…spots carter…* Sam…

CARTER: *Grins* Daniel.

JACKSON: *bounces* Bill I will never doubt you again! *turns to look at Lee, who looks up grinning…grin quickly fades…*

LEE:… Oh boy… Dr Jackson… can you hear me…*gets up walks over to device…walking through Jackson…* If you can, press this button for yes *Carter presses the button, Lee groaning*

SCENE: Teal'c walks back into the village over to the Hut…

HADDEN: Teal'c. you alright?

TEAL'C: it is a light wound…

HADDEN: Lt. *motions to Teal'c* what happened?

TEAL'C: I found Volnek…

HAIKON: They you're… lucky to be alive…*holds out arm*

TEAL'S: Haikon. *Teal'c moves over clasping Haikon's arm in his*

HAIKON: others were not so fortunate.

HADDEN: He woke up a few minutes ago…

TEAL'C: What has happened to Volnek…

HAIKON: 10 days ago…he went to a neighboring world to acquire supplies for our Village…

SCENE: Following are all flashbacks of what happened. The camera pans past a tree line on another world.

HAIKON: (voice over) On the way back to the Chappa'ai … he encountered a Prior… *A prior walks up to Volnek* He was told that Sodan had committed unforgivable treason…against the Ori… The Prior vowed that great ill would befall us *the Prior shoves his staff into the ground* and then planted his staff into the ground *the staff glows, and Volnek falls to the ground* Volnek returned to the village… and told me of the encounter…*The scene changes to that of the Sodan village* We took the threat seriously, keeping a watchful eye on the Chappa'ai … *In the village centre, Volnek trains with another Jaffa* Several days passed without incident until…*Volnek knocks down his opponent, before struggling himself and falls* Volnek fell ill…

JAFFA: *in background* Help him

HAIKON: (voice over) He became irrational…incoherent. We isolated him and treated him with our best medicines, but his condition worsened…

From outside a hut we can hear the screams of Volnek, inside we see Volnek crying out, frothing at the mouth, his eyes changing…A Jaffa attempts to wipe his brow.

SCENE: Back to the present.

HAIKON: Yesterday…he broke the bonds that were meant to restrain him… Our finest warriors attempted to subdue him, but he… killed them all with very little effort. He then turned on everyone *shakes head* … in sight. His own brother, Jolan, was killed in the carnage that followed. Women and children fled to the woods and Volnek… followed them and slaughtered them all- without mercy. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only one to have survived. *he tries to sit up…*

TEAL'C: Rest brother… rest. *Haikon lays back down*

REYNOLDS: *heard from inside* SG-22 establish defensive perimeter. *Teal'c and Hadden stand, outside SG-22 move out, SG-3 and Mitchell walk towards the hut* SG-3 stay close to me…

Teal'c and Hadden rush out weapons raise stop when they see who it is…

TEAL'C: Colonel Reynolds…

REYNOLDS: Teal'c…what the hell happened here? Why haven't you checked in?

TEAL'C: The Eye of the Gods had been damaged

HADDEN: We're trapped here… so are you

TEAL'C: The Ori had a hand in what has transpired here


TEAL'C: mmm…We have much to discuss… come.

As they move on, Mitchell looks on grimly.

SCENE: Back in Dr Lee's lab, Carter and Jackson stand bored watching Lee…

LEE: Okay… if you're still there… I've given it some thought and my guess is…- it should be a simple matter of reversing the process. …I'm on it…*moves back over to his laptop*

JACKSON: Is that suppose to be reassuring? *Carter laughs…* Where's Mitchell?

CARTER: He went offworld with the extraction team…

JACKSON: <This bit reminds me of O'Neill when Jackson did something stupid> What?!

CARTER: He was convinced he could help Teal'c…I couldn't talk him out of it…

JACKSON: <and this bit> Why doesn't that surprise me?

CARTER: There's no sense in worrying about that now… On the bright side the translation will go a lot quicker now that you're here…*grins*

JACKSON: *gives her a forced smile shoulders raised, walks round to read the interface* ok… this is interesting. *reads* It appears to be a log of some kind… Merlin was conducting research on some kind of new invention…*lips moving slowly as he read…he moves out a touches the screen and it changes…*  and it was something big…*keeps changing the text as he reads* …went to great lengths to try and hide it…This device was invented for the sole purpose of keeping his research a secret… He needed a way to conceal it from…*frowns reading…*

CARTER: Daniel…? Merlin needed to conceal his research from…*waits*

JACKSON: His fellow ascended beings…*carter looks surprised…*

CARTER: But…if he was ascended… he must have retaken human form to perform his research. I mean I—I don't get it… What invention could have been so important that it would have led him to give up his ascension?

JACKSON: A weapon. A weapon capable of destroying ascended beings…

SCENE: Back at the Sodan Village, Reynolds paces trying to take in what he's just heard…

REYNOLDS: You hit him with two P-90s and he didn't die. How is that possible…?

TEAL'C: We have encountered something like this before. An Ancient device capable of reanimating dead tissue… Anubis used a similar technology to give life to his Kull Warriors.

HADDEN: I'm assuming there's no cure…

TEAL'C: The Volnek we knew is dead.

REYNOLDS: So how do we stop him-it-whatever…?

TEAL'C: By destroying the body entirely.

HADDEN: Claymores.

MITCHELL: *we know see him standing by Teal'c* oh…that's what I'm talking about.

HADDEN: We just plant two of them opposite each other and run a trip wire right through the middle… Then all we gotta do is lure him in

REYNOLDS: Piece of cake *sarcasm*…while we're at it…maybe we could teach him how to speak Japanese…

TEAL'C: I will do it.


REYNOLDS: Teal'c… the kill zone is going to be huge *Teal'c looks at him* …You're gonna have to be awful quick to get out of it.

TEAL'C: Understood…

MITCHELL: No. No. Now…that's just crazy…

HADDEN: Let's at least wait for reinforcements…

TEAL'C: Waiting will only put the lives of others at risk… Volnek was clever enough to disable the Eye of the Gods, Undoubtedly the missing crystal is in his possession. *Hadden shakes his head* The only way we can return to Earth is to retrieve it And the only way that we can do that is by killing Volnek. *sighs* There is no other way *moves off, with his weapons, Mitchell following*

SCENE: Lee still trying to figure this thing out, walks over looks at device moves back to laptop…

JACKSON: *Still reading* Merlin believed that the Ori represented a significant threat to the safety of this galaxy…including the Ancients themselves who refused to take any action to protect themselves against them.

CARTER: So he went ahead and developed the weapon anyway…

JACKSON: Well, he found a way of doing it without them knowing about it… by shifting his research to another dimension…

CARTER: uh…so the weapon? Di-Did he ever complete it?

JACKSON: uh…*touches screen…* see…this is all technical-way over my head…I wish you understood ancient…*Carter gives him a look* these notes seem to indicate that he completed the weapon here on earth and then had to relocate it to…*taps screen…and among all the ancient we see a gate address*

CARTER: *smiles* well….I don't need to know Ancient to understand what that is…

JACKSON: A gate address to where he hid the weapon…

SCENE: Two airmen set the claymores and tripwire…one nods at Reynolds.

REYNOLDS: Claymores are ready…*walks over to Teal'c and Mitchell*

TEAL'C: you and your men establish a perimeter… I will lead Volnek into the trap…

REYNOLDS: *nods* you sure you want to do this…

TEAL'C: I am…*leaves followed by Mitchell*

SCENE: In Dr Lee's lab, Lee sits by his laptop rubs hands together.

LEE: Okay…um... *Jackson carries on reading, Carter glances back at lee* I'm gonna try to make an adjustment to the algorithm… uh- I-It's a bit of a long shot but… if I can get this to sync up…mmmm…*Lee hits a button, there's screeching sound, Jackson pulls back his hand as the screen starts to flicker*



LEE: uh-oh…*Jackson and Carter turn to look at Lee*…Oh…nooo… *hits a few keys, picks up phone* umm….Hello…this is Dr Lee…I umm…I'd like to speak with General Landry please…*Jackson and Carter close their eyes…* Yeah…it's a bit of an emergency…

SCENE: Back on the Sodan home world, Teal'c moves through the tree line, Weapons raised…Mitchell walking slowly beside him

MITCHELL: You know there is a fine line between crazy-brave and Crazy-crazy my friend…and you are walking it… You realize he took out an entire Sodan village? *Teal'c stops by a tree and activates the cloak*… You know, the last thing I need is for you to get yourself killed. *Teal'c moves off again…Mitchell following* you realize how long it'll take me to find a replacement…

TEAL'C: *slows, looking around* you worry far too much Colonel Mitchell…

MITCHELL: *Stares, shocked* Wh- *jumps out in front of him* You can hear me now?

TEAL'C: *unphased* and see you…*moves on*<Is it me or does he sound disappointed>

MITCHELL: *follows* You're not surprised?

SCENE: Landry enters Dr Lee's lab.

LANDRY: What is it? What's going on?

LEE: I'm not sure…but I may have…accidentally… drained a significant portion of the machine's power supply.

LANDRY: *Carter gives Jackson a look* How significant?

LEE: According to these readings, I—it-it could reach critical failure inside fifteen minutes…

LANDRY: And what happens to Carter, Mitchell, and Daniel?

CARTER: *to Jackson* In all likelihood… we'll be permanently stranded

SCENE: Back on the Sodan home world, Mitchell and Teal'c walks through the forest…

MITCHELL: So…we can see each other when you're cloaked…That means if Volnek's cloaked, he'll be able to see me… All I've got to do is get his attention and lead him right back to Reynolds.

TEAL'C: I do not feel comfortable allowing you to shoulder all the risk

MITCHELL: No risk…I'm out of phase remember…

TEAL'C: *Slows looking at him…* And you are certain you will not be injured?

MITCHELL: Hey take your best shot if you don't be-*Teal'c punches him, his hand and weapon going straight through Mitchell's head*

TEAL'C: *inclines head* Good luck Colonel Mitchell *heads off*

MITCHELL: Hey did you even think twice about that?

TEAL'C: I did not.

MITCHELL: huh…*heads off…running*

SCENE: Mitchell moves into a clearing.

MITCHELL: Volnek! Hey… Volnek! *looks round* Volnek!! *walks to another area* Where are you homeboy? Come on out and show me some of those monster moves… *Volnek walks out from behind a tree* Oh there you are. I was getting worried.

Volnek growls, aims his staff at Mitchell he fires, the blast going straight through and hitting the tree behind him. Mitchell clutches his chest as if being hit, looks down, shrugs dropping hand. Volnek tilts his head like a curious dog…

MITCHELL: Sorry…gotta do better that that. *runs off Volnek following…*  Come on Big fella!!!

Volnek stops to take a few shots at Mitchell each shot missing, Mitchell moves on…He finally arrives where the claymores are hidden…he waits in front of it, Teal'c watching from behind a tree. Volnek appears and Mitchell tries to wave him over…

MITCHELL: There you go…come on and get you some… *Volnek fires several times, but once again they all go straight through him*

SCENE: Carter looks over at Lee, turns to Jackson whose focused of the text.

CARTER: We're running out of time

JACKSON: I think I've got it… this looks like some kind of master control screen…yeah…here it is it's uh…it's uh button combination…*moves to hit the keys stops…* If this works…what happens to Mitchell?

CARTER: *Shakes head* I don't know. I mean-it's possible there's still a subspace connection linking him to the… device

MITCHELL: And if there isn't *she looks away unsure…frowns*

LANDRY: *Jackson sigh* Doctor. *Jackson moves to input the code*

LEE: Ok…I'm gonna try and make an adjustment to the algorithm… it's a bit of a long shot…

LANDRY: *angry* You better be sure about this Doctor… because if you make me disappear there won't be a dimension safe enough for you <lol>

Lee swallows and nods, types. Just as Jackson finishes putting in the code, Lee presses enter, there's once again a bright flash of light as Jackson and Carter reappear back in the right dimension.

SCENE: Back on the Sodan Home world, Mitchell pats his thighs.

MITCHELL: Come on…don't give up… Come on. Come on.

Volnek moves forward, Mitchell turns to lead him over the trip wire when there's a blinding flash of light, He grabs on the tree stump close to him, trying to get his bearings…he blinks, looking at his hand, where he has torn off some bark realizing he's now back.

MITCHELL: Oh crap. *he looks round but can no longer see Volnek*…

SCENE: Back in Lee's lab, Landry looks in relief at Jackson and Carter

LANDRY: You did it. *slaps Lee on the Back, Carter pokes Jackson, Jackson shoving her back…Lee studies his laptop*

LEE: No…actually…I didn't

CARTER: It was Daniel… he figured it out…*Jackson shrugs "It was nothing"*

LANDRY: Where's Colonel Mitchell?


CARTER: oooh…

SCENE: Mitchell circles tries to make a run for it, but is knocked back. We see volnek, grab him by the neck and haul him into the air, Mitchell grabs the invisible arm, feeling up to the face, he then punches where he believes Volnek's head to be…as he does so, Teal'c moves out of the trees to help Mitchell. Volnek throws Mitchell aside aiming staff at him, Teal'c knocking it away in time…He and Teal'c black each others advances, before Teal'c fires his two P-90s again, slowing him down…he de-actives his cloak and quickly helps Mitchell up, the two both run, careful to avoid tripping the wire. Volnek rushes after them, tripping the wire and blowing himself to pieces. Teal'c and Mitchell and thrown forward, they stand looking back.

MITCHELL: You know the whole point of my coming here…was for me to rescue you…

TEAL'C: You are most welcome Colonel Mitchell…

MITCHELL: Now let's see him get up from that one…

TEAL'C: mmm… unfortunately…we must now locate the crystal…

MITCHELL: *pulls out crystal waving it* What… you talking about this crystal? *Teal'c smiles* I took it off him during the fight… you know if we hurry… we'll make it in time for dinner…*and they head off*


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