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#10.03 : Chassé-Croisé

Ecrit par : Brad Wright

Réalisé par : William Waring

Afin de retrouver l'arme de Merlin, Daniel et Vala se rendent sur Atlantis. Mais une fois sur place, ils vont faire la connaissance d'une Ancienne.


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1003 : Chassé-Croisé


Titre en vo : The Pegasus Project

1ère diffusion États-Unis : 28/07/2006

1ère diffusion en France : 01/05/2007

Ecrit par : Brad Wright

Réalisé par : William Waring

Synopsis : Daniel, Vala, Mitchell et Carter se rendent sur Atlantis à bord de l'Odyssee afin de continuer leur quête de l'arme anti-Ori de Merlin. Daniel et Vala entrent en contact avec l'hologramme de renseignement d'Atlantis qui se révèle n'être autre qu'un être élevé, une Ancienne nommée Morgan le Fay, éternelle adversaire de Merlin. Pendant ce temps, Mitchell, Carter, et McKay tentent de bloquer la SuperPorte Ori avec l'aide de Teal'c grâce à un plan particulièrement audacieux...

Apparitions :

Torri Higginson (Elizabeth Weir)

Joe Flanigan (Colonel John Sheppard)

David Hewlett (Rodney McKay)

David Nykl (Radek Zelenka)

The Pegasus Project

SCENE: Odyssey drops out of Hyperspace, on board in the comissary, Mitchell and Vala enjoy some breakfast as the sit across from a Fast asleep Daniel Jackson.

VALA: Funny…he doesn't look excited.

MITCHELL: Trust me…Like a kid who was up all night on christmas eve. *rolls his tissue into a type of thread*

VALA: I thought we imposed a moratorium on cultural references I wouldn't understand.

MITCHELL: So excited… he was up all night.

VALA: It's only because he was…*Mitchell leans forward, using the tissue to tickle Jackson's ear* worried sick about the success of the mission…

MITCHELL: Wake up, sunshine... time to see what old santa brought you.

JACKSON: Argh…*smacks his ear*

MITCHELL: Morning.

JACKSON: *Looks up still half asleep…* What?

MITCHELL: We just came out of hyperspace. I'm guessing you don't want to miss the landing.

JACKSON: Wha-? *looks at watch* What time is it?

EMERSON: *on radio* This is the captain… All hands take stations for atmospheric entry.

JACKSON: Why didn't you tell me? *rushes off*

VALA: Okay…*spits out whatever she had just started to eat* He's a little excited. *Mitchell nods, and the two stand and leave.*

SCENE: On the Bridge of the Odyssey.

FLIGHT: *on radio* Odyssey, this is flight. You are clear for landing.

EMERSON: Understood flight. We have the beacon.

CARTER: *Jackson jogs in, Mitchell and Vala walking behind him, over to Carter who is already looking out the front window* Hey… you're just in time.

JACKSON: Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss this for the world. The number of times I tried to get here?

VALA: Only two of those times were my fault.

Shot of the Odyssey heading towards Atlantis.

JACKSON: It is beautiful.

WEIR: *On radio* Odyssey. This is Weir. I wanted to be the first to say welcome to Atlantis.

EMERSON: Thank you doctor… We're getting a good look at your fair city even as we approach.

WEIR: Feel free to take a moment, but Stargate Command wants you to get started on your mission as soon as you've off-loaded our supplies. Weir out.

CARTER: *Jackson shuts his eyes, looking down* What's wrong?

JACKSON: aww nothing, I… guess I just wish my first trip to Atlantis wasn't under such… desperate circumstances.

MITCHELL: It's just another mission, Jackson.

VALA: One upon which the fate of the entire galaxy hangs in the balance.

MITCHELL: And he goes on those all the time.

CARTER: Vala's not wrong. If we don't succeed and the Ori manage to get more ships through that Supergate…

MITCHELL: well, like the lady said, let's all just take a moment. *Shot from SG-1's point of view, of Atlantis* Okay… moment's over. Let's go save the galaxy.

Carter, Vala and Mitchell Leave, Jackson continuing to look out over Atlantis, a slight smile on his face.


SCENE: Music played from Atlantis soundtrack, as we get a beautiful shot of the city, Sg-1, Sheppard, Mckay and Weir are in the briefing room.

CARTER: The Ori Supergate has been inactive since they sent their first wave, but it's been reported that Priors are promising reinforcements for their armies…which are on their way and should be here soon. Now… we can only assume that that means more ships, and these four are already more than we can handle. We have to act now.

MCKAY: Well, why don't you try dialing out? I mean if it's powered by a black hole, you should be able to keep the thing up and running almost indefinitely.

SHEPPARD: I'm sure they thought of that before they came all this way Rodney.

CARTER: It was what we were attempting to do when the Ori fleet first came through. Now the Asgard have since tried again, but for some reason, they can't dial out.

WEIR: But you might be able to dial in?

CARTER: that's the problem. It was designed to dial in from another galaxy.

SHEPPARD: Like one of the Stargate's in the Pegasus?

MCKAY: No… no… no…no…no…The diameter of a Stargate is not arbitrary. There is a specific correlation between the energy required to create a stable wormhole...

CARTER: and the size of the Gate. *not happy, waves* I know that.

MCKAY: And it's exponentially proportional to size…which means the energy required to create a connection with a Supergate would far exceed that of an ordinary Gate. It'd be like… putting together a saint bernard and a chihuahua. *leans back*

VALA: And the problem with that would be…??

MCKAY: well, obviously it's a question of, uh…*glances at Jackson, who sighs looking at Vala* oh, I see… You're umm… mocking me…aren't you?

VALA: What? Oh…Um, no. I'm not from Earth. *smiles* I honestly didn't get the reference.

MCKAY: Oh. Oh, well, they're both dogs...

CARTER: *closes eyes* Mckay…!!

WEIR: Colonel Carter…please continue.

SHEPPARD: If he speaks again…I'll shoot him. *Carter mouths Thanks, Mckay looking a little panicked*

JACKSON: But to answer your question, we are introducing another Stargate into the equation. Teal'c should have it in position right now.

CARTER: If we can make a connection between that Gate and one from the Pegasus galaxy...

MCKAY: you're going to try and make it jump. Don't shoot me, You know I can't help myself.

SHEPPARD: Jump? Ca-Can you do that?

MITCHELL: One of Colonel Carter's more brilliant planet-saving ideas from a few years back. Stargate Command inadvertently dialed the gate address of a planet that was on a collision course with a black hole. P3W 451, if memory serves.

CARTER: The only way to disconnect before cheyenne mountain got swallowed up was to set off a shaped charge right at the event horizon. Now, that energy spike forced our outgoing wormhole to jump to another Stargate that was relatively close by.

MITCHELL: And if we can do it again…we can tie up the Ori Supergate indefinitely.

MCKAY: Even if you were able to establish an initial connection…

MITCHELL: we need a nuke. We know.

MCKAY: And a dialing crystal capable of…

MITCHELL: already have one.

MCKAY: And if you want to keep the connection open for more than 38 minutes...

MITCHELL: *talking over him* yak, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak!

MCKAY:…You'll need to find a black hole in the Pegasus galaxy!

MITCHELL: This is not our first barbecue, Dr. Mckay.

MCKAY: I am just saying …the yield calculations can be extremely tricky if not borderline impossible. You may need me. *Carter rolls her eyes*

VALA: *grins* Colonel Carter said as much.

CARTER: *looks up, to Vala, eyes wide* Ooh…we weren't gonna tell him that. *Mckay looking pleased*

WEIR: John…do you think you could spare rodney from your team?

SHEPPARD: Hell…you can keep him. *Sheppard and Carter grin, Vala looks confused*


SCENE: Sheppard and Mitchell exit the briefing room, Mitchell having a look round.

MITCHELL: I gotta tell you, Sheppard…it's a nice place you got here.

SHEPPARD: Thanks. We just painted. *looks up* Well good luck. And listen, if mckay gives you a hard time just…*points*

MITCHELL: shoot him.

SHEPPARD: Yeah...Also, he's mortally allergic to citrus *reaches into his jacket*


SHEPPARD: *Pulls out a citrus* I keep one with me at all times. Just a comfort to know...*passes it to him*it's there.

MITCHELL: That's good intel. Thanks.

MCKAY: *walking down the stairs as Sheppard heads off* ha ha ha ha… That's a…That's a…That's a good one. We're actually...uh…We're…we're quite close.

MITCHELL: Have you packed your bags?

MCKAY: Hmm? Oh, right, right, right…*heads off, as Carter, Jackson and Weir head over*

MITCHELL: *to Jackson* All right be good.

JACKSON: Yeah, good luck. I wish I was… going with you.

MITCHELL: No, you don't.

JACKSON: No, I don't.

MITCHELL: Ah…This place is Daniel disneyland. Wow. Just find the weapon.

JACKSON: No pressure. *Mitchell and Carter head off*

WEIR: Yes… your desire to access the Atlantis database… It seemed quite urgent Dr. Jackson. Shall we?

JACKSON: aw uhhh…Where's Vala? *Looks round*

WEIR: *spots Vala on the Balcony *Oh, this way. *heads off*

SCENE: On the Balcony, overlooking the city, Jackson and Weir walk out over to Vala.

VALA: Well Daniel…no wonder you've been obsessing about coming here, This place…must be full of so many wonderful… *quieter* Souvenirs.*Weir looks at Vala*

JACKSON: How much of the city have you been able to explore?

WEIR: Just over half now, but we have the city schematics… so we have a fairly good idea of what's where. Still…there are entire sections of the city and whole systems we don't even pretend to understand.

JACKSON: Yeah…You could spend a lifetime trying.

WEIR: I hope to.

SCENE: Weir, Jackson and Vala leave the Balcony heading past the control room and down the stairs.

WEIR: I ran the search you asked for. I entered every pronunciation of Castiana and Sahal I could come up with…

JACKSON: …And nothing.

WEIR: *sighs* You didn't actually expect either of those names to be in there, did you?


VALA: Did you get the spelling right? *turns to go left, Jackson grabbing her arm and dragging her the other way*

WEIR: Well…that's the problem with ancient languages. The pronunciation can change within a handful of generations… let alone thousands of years. The etymology of an individual word can be lost entirely.

JACKSON: Still…we know there's something in the Atlantis library.

VALA: *Weir heads on, Vala tapping Jackson's arm* Hey…do we have to go in there straight away? Can we do some sightseeing first?

JACKSON: Maybe later. *pushes her ahead of him*

SCENE: Onboard the Odyssey, Carter is setting the yield on the war heads, Mckay walks round towards her.

EMERSON: *on radio* This is the captain…Stand by for liftoff.

CARTER: *to Mckay* You can check my preliminary yield calculations…they're on that station over there.

MCKAY: I'm sure they're fine.

CARTER: It's the reason you're here, Mckay.

MCKAY: *Smiles* Hmm…right…but…um…first, I just wanted to thank you for being there for me recently in a time of great personal need. Well…actually you weren't…there…I was alone in the dark *Carter makes a face clearly not liking where this seems to be going*…but…um…you know… it sure seemed like you were.

CARTER: Are you telling me one of your fantasies?

MCKAY: No, no, it's a hallucination. Look, I had a concussion, I was trapped in the back of a sinking jumper, and my mind…conjured you up as a means of survival. It's what you would do in my situation. saved my life.

CARTER: Okay, well, that's…*small smile* sort of nice.

MCKAY: *grins* Hmm. Yes, it was.

CARTER: *smile fades* Was I naked?

MCKAY: …Partially.

CARTER: *closes eyes* Check my calculations, Mckay.

MCKAY: …*mumbles…*oh…well *leaves*

SCENE: Weir, Jackson and Vala enter the Holographic room.

WEIR: We use this room sparingly now. It's a bit of a power hog and we can access the database from workstations throughout the city when we need to…but for the first-time user…this is the place. *Takes a deep breath then steps up on to the step, the hologram appears*


WEIR: It's as simple as asking questions to the holographic interface…For example...

ATLANTIS OPERATOR: *on radio* Dr. Weir to Stargate operations.

WEIR: I'm sorry…*taps radio*I'll be right there. *heads for door* The interface can walk you through your search until I get back-Oh I should probably warn you… if she seems a little bit patronizing, the program was designed to teach very young children the Lantian systems.

JACKSON: Thank you.

Weir waves and leaves, Jackson moves quickly, knowing Vala would try and get on the step first.


VALA: Hello…we're looking for a couple of planets in the milky way...


VALA: What? What can it hurt to ask?

HOLOGRAM: You may enter your query verbally or by entering it manually on the console before you.

JACKSON: I'll speak, if that's all right. *glances at Vala*

HOLOGRAM: Of course…but note for future sessions manual input is required for most system interaction.

JACKSON: I think I had her in grade five.

SCENE: The Odyssey moves towards a black hole.

EMERSON: Maintain orbit at minimum safe distance and keep sublight engines on standby.

MITCHELL: *Looking out the front window, Mckay walks over to stand by him* Is that thing cool or what?


MITCHELL: The black hole.

MCKAY: …What you're looking at is called the accretion disk. It's matter… trapped in the gravity well. You can't actually see the black hole itself.

MITCHELL: *looks at him* Which is cool. *walks over to Carter*

CARTER: We're in optimal range for releasing the Gate. We can commit to the next phase.

EMERSON: *activates radio* This is Emerson to flight operations. Release the Gate.

The hangar bay doors open, the clamps are released on the Stargate, and it is allowed to be pulled towards the black hole, with the help of some thrusters moving it in to place.

MCKAY: Well…it's going to be a few minutes before the Gate's in position and ready to dial out and…uh… I missed lunch, so *claps hands together* gonna fix myself a sandwich. Anyone want anything? *They all stare at him* Anyone? No? No? Fine. *leaves, Carter grins at Mitchell*

SCENE: In the Holographic room, the milky way is being displayed above their heads.

JACKSON: Okay, that's Earth...and that is Taonas.

HOLOGRAM: Praclarush Taonas was one of the earliest Lantian cities. It was abandoned when the inhabitants learned their sun was *Vala makes a chatty motion with her hand, Jackson dropping his head* nearing the end of its life.

JACKSON: Yes, thank you… I know. I've been there. Okay um…show me the order in which the earliest ancient cities were founded.

VALA: How is that useful? You gonna join up all the dots and draw a pretty picture?

JACKSON: I'm just getting my bearings. You're gonna have to get used to the fact this is probably going to take a while.

VALA: The way you approach things, it could take the rest of our lives.

JACKSON: I'm sorry, but we're not going to find the location of this thing by looking under "w" for "weapon." VALA: "P" for "planet," then? I'm just saying, ask the question.

JACKSON: *Sighs* Dr. Weir already tried it. It'd be a complete waste of time.

VALA: It would take all of 11 seconds.

JACKSON: Hello, we're looking for the names of two planets known on Earth in ancient times in the dialect of old english as Castiana and Sahal. Satisfied?

HOLOGRAM: Taoth vaclarush and valos cor.

VALA: *smiles, Jackson looks up disbelieving* Now I'm satisfied. *Two planets are pinpointed, their addresses coming up* You see, Daniel? It doesn't hurt to ask.

SCENE: Carter views an image of the gate's position relative to the black hole on screen.

CARTER: Gate telemetry checks out. Stabilizing thrusters are online and power is well into the green. We're good to go.

MITCHELL: Where's mckay?

MCKAY: I'm here. *Walks over to Emerson* One of your crew wouldn't let me finish my sandwich in the corridor.

MITCHELL: Oh, the nerve of that crewman, huh?

MCKAY: hmm.

MITCHELL: We're about to try a connection. *nearly walk into each other, Mckay letting Mitchell pass*

MCKAY: Oh…Go ahead. That's the easy part.

CARTER: Thank you. I've already sent the remote dial command. It's just going to take a while because of time dilation. *They all wait, on screen the gate symbol blinks.* Wormhole is established.

MCKAY: Of course it is. *Carter nods at Mitchell*

MITCHELL: Teal'c, I have a collect call from the Pegasus galaxy. Will you accept the charges?

TEAL'C: *On radio, Voice a lot deeper* I will indeed, Colonel Mitchell.

MITCHELL: Hey, how are things back home in the milky way?

Shot of the Supergate, Teal'c on board a Hat'ak positioned close to it. between the two is an active Stargate.

TEAL'C: The secondary Gate is in position. There has been no sign of Ori activity since my arrival at the Supergate, which was, in fact, several hours ago.

MITCHELL: *on radio, voice sounding deeper* Well, we're about to get the party started, so just hang loose.

TEAL'C: *after a few seconds silence* I am hanging loosely, Colonel Mitchell.

MITCHELL: Is it just me, or does his voice sound deeper?

MCKAY: Time dilation effect of the black hole. Can't be helped.

MITCHELL: Right. So…who wants to set off a big ol' firecracker?

MCKAY: A 26-megaton directed-energy firecracker you mean? *Mitchell rolls his eyes* Not until we decrease the yield by at least five percent.

CARTER: I knew you were going to say that.

MCKAY: Oh, forgive me for not wanting to vaporize the Stargate on our first attempt.

CARTER: We're on a clock, Mckay. We have to take the risk. *walks over to another console*

MCKAY: You know, I find your recklessness so sex-... *Mitchell turns looking at him, he stops, moves passed Mitchell, glancing after him warily*

CARTER: Teal'c, it's Sam. We're about to launch the first warhead to the preprogrammed coordinates. Are you at a safe distance from both Gates?

TEAL'C: I am.

EMERSON: *broadcasts a ship announcement* Attention, all hands. Stand by. Launching first warhead.

CARTER: Beaming device in three, two, one...mark.

At the other gate near Teal'c a bright burst of energy shoots out from the Gate.

MITCHELL: Teal'c, what's the good news?

MCKAY: *Few seconds waiting* delay is annoying.

MITCHELL: Black hole. time dilation. can't be helped. *Carter grins*

TEAL'C: The news is not good, Colonel Mitchell. The first attempt was unsuccessful.

CARTER: Okay. Let's try again.

SCENE: In the holographic room.

VALA: Daniel.

JACKSON: Mmmm… VALA: We got what we came for.

JACKSON: I know.

VALA: Shouldn't we be out there telling someone?

JACKSON: Not yet.

VALA: Okay, well, she told us the name of the planets. They were right up there glowing in the ceiling. Taoth vaclarush and valos cor. She even gave us the addresses…which means we could be out there somewhere overlooking Atlantis toasting with exotic beverages. *smiles*

JACKSON: There's something else going on.

VALA: What?

JACKSON: Well…it shouldn't have worked. I mean, I didn't expect it to when I asked Elizabeth to try, but…I thought there'd at least be some remnant some vague similarity between the words Castiana and Sahal and their ancient language counterparts.

VALA: *Waves* She wouldn't lie.

JACKSON: I don't know…explain this to can this database translate, in real time, a language spoken 8,000 years after the ancients abandoned Atlantis?

VALA: *thinks* That's a tough one.

JACKSON: Is there an archival visual record of the Lantian citizens who fled to Earth?

HOLOGRAM: There is.

JACKSON: Display them for me. One at a time. *Vala shuts her eyes, dropping her head*

SCENE: Mckay, Carter and Mitchell walk down the corridor of the Odyssey.

MCKAY: No, no, no, no, those yield calculations are perfectly fine.

CARTER: They are?

MCKAY: If your goal is to blow up the Stargate.

CARTER: Anything less and it won't add enough energy to the matter stream to make a jump to the Stargate.

MCKAY: Anything more and the Stargate will be destroyed. Look…You want to run high voltage, but you've only got an extension cord. It's impossible and I told you so...before we left Atlantis MITCHELL: *talking over him* No, you said it was borderline impossible.

MCKAY: Yes. Well…we've crossed the border, but hey, you know, don't let me stop you. Go calibrate your warhead. Beam your bomb.

MITCHELL: You know Sam, this is not the rodney mckay i heard stories about.

CARTER: I know.

MCKAY: What stories? What have you heard?

MITCHELL: Well, for starters…that you didn't know the meaning of the word "impossible."

MCKAY: Well, I certainly know the meaning-...

MTICHELL: and that under threat of impending death you could work absolute miracles.

MCKAY: I suppose, Sheppard told you that?

MITCHELL: Yes, he did.

MCKAY: Yes, well…it's all true, but I'm not under the threat of impending death…and I don't have…uh…*Mitchell stops and turns with Citrus in hand*

MITCHELL: not yet. Keep it up...

MCKAY: well... I'll see what I can come up with then. *heads off in the opposite direction*

CARTER: You know Cam, he's not wrong. As much as it pains me to say it, the data from our first attempt supports his argument.

MITCHELL: Well, like my grandma used to say, if at first you don't succeed...

CARTER: …try a larger thermonuclear reaction?

MITCHELL: Her words exactly. *Carter Laughs*

SCENE: In the Holographic room, Images of Atlantians appear on screen one by one, Vala bored has slid down to lean against the console.

VALA: Exciting as it is to view the Atlantis family album...

JACKSON: I'm looking for someone in particular.

VALA: I don't know of any 10,000-year-old ancients. *frowns as the next image appears* I take that back. We know him.

HOLOGRAM: Moros was the last high councilor of Atlantis.

VALA: Moros? Well, apart from the funny hat, he's the spitting image of Merlin, isn't he?

JACKSON: In Arthur's time, it was "myrdin." You see how a word can change over the centuries.

VALA: Oh…I know where you're going. *Grins, Jackson looks at her* You think that Merlin, or myrdin, or whatever his name was, came back to Atlantis at some stage and hid these names here as clues for us to find.

JACKSON: *nods* No.


HOLOGRAM: The first human to set foot within the city after it was abandoned was Dr. Elizabeth Weir, leader of the current Atlantis expedition.

VALA: Are you sure of that?

HOLOGRAM: Evidence of his presence would have been recorded.

VALA: *looks at Jackson* Well…darling I guess that's it. *pats his shoulder* We'll have to leave here with exactly that which we came here for.

JACKSON: No, I already knew Merlin was in the archive. I was looking for someone else.

VALA: Who?

JACKSON: *to the Hologram* You chose your words very carefully when you said…"the first human to set foot in the city." What about ascended being? *The hologram remains silent* You're not really a hologram, are you?

HOLOGRAM: *looks directly at Jackson* You have your answer Daniel Jackson. I suggest you act on it. *Disappears*

SCENE: Mckay walks onto the bridge, computer pad in hand.

MCKAY: I have it. It might require a little improvisation but I think between the two of us we should be able t-...

CARTER: what have you got?

MCKAY:Our energy output problem isn't one of degree, it is one of duration. We need to calibrate an explosion with a low enough yield that the Gate can survive, but maintain sufficiently high energy for there to be a cumulative effect on the matter stream. You see… when I first realized…

CARTER: we use two bombs.

MCKAY: Yes, I was coming to that part.

CARTER: We set the second device to detonate within a few seconds of the first. I'm sure you've

MCKAY: -made the calculations. Yes, they're right here.

CARTER: *looks over his calculations, nods* Nice job, mckay.

MCKAY: hmm…Yes well… it usually helps to threaten me. *looks at Mitchell*

EMERSON: We only have four devices left.

MCKAY: Hmm and we need two, so...Let me…let me- let me just do the math...

MITCHELL: all right, so we only have two more shots at this.

EMERSON: I'm also concerned that two successive blasts might overwhelm the stabilizer rockets, drive the Gate closer to the event horizon of the black hole. I'm not crazy about bringing the Odyssey in that much closer.

CARTER: *Mckay looks to Carter* I think it's worth the risk.

MITCHELL: *Emerson nods* Do it up. *Mckay motions for Carter to go ahead of him*

SCENE: Weir enters Atlantis Control room

WEIR: What is it, radek?

ZELENKA: Elizabeth, we've detected a Wraith hive ship with our long-range sensors.

WEIR: Is it headed this way?

ZELENKA: Toward the Odyssey.

WEIR: We should alert them. Open a channel.

ZELENKA: We can't. The black hole is blocking their subspace communications.

WEIR: And Odyssey's sensors will also be affected?

ZELENKA: Most likely, along with several other systems.

WEIR: There's a possibility they won't see the Wraith approaching them until it's too late.

ZELENKA: That is my concern, yes.

WEIR: Dial Earth. It's quite possible the Wraith were drawn to the nuclear blast. *Gate starts dialing up, Gate activates, Weir inputs her code and then activates the radio* Stargate Command, this is Weir.

WALTER: Doctor, we weren't expecting to hear from you until 1930 hours tomorrow.

WEIR: We've detected a Wraith ship on our long-range sensors headed towards Odyssey, but they're in close proximity to a black hole, which has hampered communications.

WALTER: How can we help?

WEIR: If you can get our message to Teal'c, he should be able to alert Odyssey through the connected Stargates.

WALTER: We'll have to send a team with a subspace transmitter closer to Teal'c's position.

WEIR: Do what you have to do sergeant…but they need to be warned.

WALTER: Yes ma'am.

WEIR: I'm forwarding you our message now. There's still time to get it to them but you're going to have to hurry. Weir out. *Gate deactivates* I'm gonna check in on Dr. Jackson and let him know what's happening here.

ZELENKA: All right.

SCENE: Jackson and Vala are standing up on the device where the Hologram originally stood.

JACKSON: I know you're still here…There's no point in hiding.

VALA: I don't think she's coming back, Daniel, especially if you shout at her.

JACKSON: Oh yes she is. She's come this far…She's going to finish what she started. Yeah! You're not fooling anybody anymore!

WEIR: *enters* Dr. Jackson?

JACKSON: *turns, waves* Oh, hi *looks back up*

WEIR: Hi …Who are you talking to?

JACKSON: Well I don't know what she's calling herself these days…but at one point in history her name was *shouts* Morgan le Fay.

WEIR: Morgan le Fay was here?

JACKSON: Posing as a hologram… yes.

WEIR: Hmm. *points* May I?

JACKSON: Oh. Yes. *He and Vala get down, Weir steps up to the console, the hologram activates*


VALA: That's her.

HOLOGRAM: You may enter your query verbally or by manually…

JACKSON: you know, drop the schoolteacher act.

WEIR: This is a computer-generated image of a Lantian woman who lived 10,000 years ago. I-I'm pretty familiar with the program. It hasn't changed. Question...whose image is your avatar based on and what's the purpose of your program?

HOLOGRAM: I was created by ganos lal…in her image…for the purpose of assisting younger minds.

WEIR: And what makes you think otherwise?

VALA: For starters, she told us exactly what we needed to know.

WEIR: She did?

VALA: mmmhhmmm.

JACKSON: Does this interface have the capability of playing back events from earlier in the session?

WEIR: Yes.

JACKSON: Can you play back the last sentence she said to me before she disappeared? *Weir pushes a few buttons, the hologram seems to hesitate and then*

HOLOGRAM: *looks directly at Jackson* You have your answer, Daniel Jackson. I suggest you act on it.

VALA: *points* See? See? Her demeanor completely changed. She looked directly at Daniel. It was really creepy.

WEIR: Uh…Well, I did warn you that she could be patronizing.

JACKSON: You said that this device uses a lot of power…Is there any way of determining exactly how much power we've used?

WEIR: Yes. *actovates radio* Control room, this is Weir. I need you to access the power usage logs for the holo room.

ATLANTIS OPERATOR: Yes, ma'am *rolls over to another console, tapping in the details he wants* None.

WEIR: None? Are you sure?

ATLANTIS OPERATOR: Well, the lights are on. Other than that...

VALA: hey. *clicks her fingers* Got you.

WEIR: I think I owe you an apology, Dr. Jackson.

HOLOGRAM: There's no need, Dr. Weir. I'm the one who should apologize. *Weir stares*

SCENE: Between Teal'c's Vessel and the Odyssey.

MITCHELL: Teal'c, it's Mitchell. We're going again…Looks like it's one of those days when one nuke is not enough, so we're going to fire off two in rapid succession.

TEAL'C: Understood, Colonel Mitchell.

CARTER: Maintain a good safe distance, Teal'c. There's a possibility we could vaporize the Gates on both ends if we get this wrong.

MCKAY: It's like five percent…Maybe seven. He'll be fine.

CARTER: That's a comfort, rodney. Thank you. Coordinates are set. Beaming the warheads in…five, four, three, two, one...mark.

Once again a burst of energy blasts through the gate at Teal'c's end this time lasting a little longer and the Supergate has a burst energy move through it.

TEAL'C: The second attempt was also unsuccessful. However, energy did pass between the Stargate and the Supergate.

MITCHELL: Close but not enough?

TEAL'C: Indeed.

MCKAY: We still have two more bombs. I say we increase the yield to maximum and try it again.

CARTER: You were the one who said a maximum yield blast would vaporize both Gates.

MCKAY: We've only got one more shot at this. What difference does it make?

MITCHELL: man has a point, Sam.

EMERSON: Each attempt is forcing the Gate closer to the event horizon of the black hole…To keep safe beaming distance I'm going to have to bring the Odyssey in even closer.

CARTER: And the closer you get to the black hole, the more systems are affected by its effects.

EMERSON: Sublight engines and beaming technology are fine…but communications and sensors are all out of whack already.

MITCHELL: We're flying blind?

EMERSON: Not quite, but close.

TEAL'C: *An alarm goes off on Teal'c's console* Odyssey, this is Teal'c. My sensors indicate that an Ori vessel is approaching these coordinates. At their current speed, they will arrive within minutes.

EMERSON: Is that enough time to try again?

MCKAY: N-Not a chance. It takes time to set and calibrate warheads and-an-and detonators. I mean look- He needs to get out of there.

MITCHELL: Can't do that.

MCKAY: Well- Why not? He's a sitting duck.

CARTER: What Colonel Mitchell is saying is we can't allow the Ori to discover the secondary Gate. If they do…we'll never get another shot at this.

SCENE: In the Holographic room, Weir steps down, looking in awe

WEIR: You're an ascended ancient.


JACKSON: Specifically Morgan le Fay. I thought I recognized her from descriptions in the archive on vagon brei.

VALA: That's...that's great. So… enough of the tiny tidbits of information...not that we're ungrateful...but…Uh… if you know what it is we're looking for…and as an ascended being…*steps up beside her, Jackson unsure wether to stop her or not* I have to assume you do…

HOLOGRAM: as Dr. Jackson knows…it is against our highest law to interfere.

VALA: But interfering a little bit is fine, is it?

WEIR: *Little quieter* It might be a good idea to be a bit less confrontational.

VALA: *Jackson pulls her down* But she's here chatting with us. That's interference, isn't it?

JACKSON: If you really are Morgan le Fay…how do I know your intention is to help us? According to legend, you were Merlin's greatest rival. Merlin is both moros and myrdin… HOLOGRAM: For a time in your history yes, I was his rival, but we're talking about many thousands of years, Dr. Jackson. As you know, things change…When we first abandoned Atlantis all those millennia ago, the Earth was so harsh…its people… so primitive by comparison, there was no hope of living among them as Lantians or rebuilding our societies…so instead, we spread out to many lands…some of us planting a few small seeds of civilization among the first tribes of man…others making their way to the Stargate at your southern pole…still others choosing live the remainder of our lives in seclusion and meditation. Merlin and I both chose the latter path.

JACKSON: And so you ascended.

HOLOGRAM: It was only some thousands of years later…upon seeing the threat the Ori could one day become…that Merlin retook his human form in order to create the weapon that you seek. He did everything within his power to keep his work secret, but we feared his intentions. I was sent to observe…and, if necessary, to stop him.

VALA: Wait right there…Just a minute…If he was human again then you were interfering. You broke your own law. *looks at Jackson who nods*

HOLOGRAM: Merlin retained all of the knowledge he had gained when he ascended…as well as many powers…knowledge and powers he used to create a weapon capable of wiping ascended beings from existence.

VALA: So you're saying he cheated.

HOLOGRAM: In a manner of speaking. For that brief time in your history, he was… the most powerful being on your planet. He created a small enclave of noblemen, with whom he entrusted his secret.

WEIR: Arthur and Camelot.


JACKSON: So you're telling us that after doing everything in your power to oppose Merlin…all of a sudden you agree with him? Because if you don't, then you're deliberately misleading us.

SCENE: On board the Odyssey and the Hatak

MITCHELL: Teal'c, has the Ori ship detected your presence?

TEAL'C: I cannot be certain.

CARTER: We have to risk it. Teal'c, I need you to get the ship into position alongside the Gate. From there…you should be able to extend the cloak around the active Stargate.

MCKAY: *Teal'c moves into position* You realize the Ori ship could be there to rendezvous with a new fleet of ships...

MITCHELL: Dr. Mckay. why don't you go calibrate your bombs…That way, you're ready when the time arrives. *Mckay leaves*

CARTER: Teal'c, the cloaking field may be attenuated because you've expanded it. Shut down all non-mission-critical systems and maintain radio silence.

MITCELL: Hopefully they're there just to check things out and they'll be gone soon.

SCENE: In the Holographic room

HOLOGRAM: I have no reason to deceive you.

VALA: No…course not. So… what were you doing when you were pretending to be a hologram?

HOLOGRAM: The learning program I created many years before I left Atlantis presented itself as a means of helping you.

WEIR: If you had fallen for it, you'd have your answers and be on your way…thinking you came up with it yourself.

HOLOGRAM: That was my intention.

JACKSON: I believe you. I do. I mean… I understand the fine line you have to walk and I realize the risk you're taking just showing yourself...but I'm sorry I want more…and you can pass that on to your friends as well... yeah, I know you're listening...because I am getting sick of hidden clues and cryptic messages. And Merlin was right that the Ori are a threat, but not only to us "lowers,"…not only to the billions of human lives throughout this galaxy, but to your own existence, because when this war is over and every soul that's left alive is…praying to the Ori… feeding their need to be worshipped... you know who they're going to come for next. I won't pretend to know what that war will look like…or on what battlefield it will take place, but then...I won't be alive to see it.

HOLOGRAM: If we interfere, we are no better than the Ori.

JACKSON: I understand that that is at the very core of what you are…of what you believe…but I'm talking about survival here. If you really are trying to help, then help yourself.

SCENE: The Ori ship moves towards the Supergate, Teal'c watches as it moves overhead.

OFFICER: *On radio* This is SG-11 comm officer, relaying an urgent message via subspace relay from the gamma site. Message reads, "from Atlantis... have detected Wraith ship approaching Odyssey's coordinates in Pegasus. Cannot relay warning directly because of interference. Advise Odyssey commander of danger upon receipt of this message."Original message received at SGC, 1545 zulu. Good luck.

SCENE: On bridge of the Odyssey

MCKAY: *Enters* our last two bombs are ready to go.

MITCHELL: That's great. Pick a spot and relax.

EMERSON: Colonel, sublight engines are under a huge strain maintaining position this long.

A wraith ship drops out of HyperSpace heading towards the Black hole.

SCENE: Holographic room

HOLOGRAM: You speak from the heart, Dr. Jackson. That is what I remember most from your brief time among us. No… you wouldn't recall. Those memories were stripped from you when you were sent back.

JACKSON: That's what you're afraid of, isn't it? Doing the right thing and being punished for it.

HOLOGRAM: I've already gone too far.

JACKSON: But you can't be the only one to realize the Ori have changed things. There must be others among you that see that the time to join this fight is now.

SCENE: The Ori Vessel moves across the gate checking it over it seems.

TEAL'C: Odyssey, this is Teal'c.

MITCHELL: Teal'c, what's the word?

TEAL'C: A Wraith vessel is approaching your position.

MCKAY: Oh, Wraith. That's not good.

MITCHELL: I'm…I'm the hell do you know that?

TEAL'C: Atlantis has detected their approach. I am relaying their message via Stargate Command.

The Ori vessel starts to turn back

CARTER: There's no sign of a Wraith ship on the sensors.

EMERSON: We can't trust sensors this close to the black hole. Shields to maximum.

WOMACK: Shields are only operating at 20% efficiency.

MCKAY: It's the black hole. We need to get further away.

EMERSON: Move us out.

The wraith vessel starts to fire on the Odyssey, the odyssey takes heavy damage.

MITCHELL: Oh…There's something out there, all right. We just can't see it.

EMERSON: Damage report.

WOMACK: Hyperdrive is down.

EMERSON: Can we return fire?

WOMACK: Trying, Sir, but the Wraith ship is farther out from the black hole than we are. Emergency thrust, sublight engines. Let's put some distance between us and this thing.

CARTER: No, You know what… we need to do the opposite.


MCKAY: What?

CARTER: Against a gravity well this strong, they've literally got the higher ground, but if we can get them to follow us closer to the black hole...

MCKAY: then their systems will be affected the same way as ours, including their jamming technology.

CARTER: Which means we should be able to beam the warheads directly aboard their ship.

EMERSON: In that close, we won't have the engine power to maneuver.

MITCHELL: So we slingshot. And use the gravity well to accelerate back out.

EMERSON: Take us in. Full power.

The Odyssey does an about turn and heads back towards the black hole, the Wraith ship follows in pursuit firing.

SCENE: Holographic room

JACKSON: I know what we're asking you to do. You're afraid the others will step in and stop you from helping us, but maybe... maybe they just need someone to cross that imaginary line instead of just walking it. There must be others among you just waiting to follow your example.

HOLOGRAM: Not enough.

WEIR: But you have been allowed to go this far.

HOLOGRAM: Trust that you have your answers.

VALA: At least tell us which one of the planets to go to.

JACKSON: Please.

HOLOGRAM: *hesistates* Merlin's weapon is not...*she is dragged back and disappears in gold light, much like Jackso did when he tried to stop anubis*

WEIR: what happened?

JACKSON: Just what she knew would happen. They stopped her. We won't see her again.

VALA: Are they going to punish her?

JACKSON: I don't know.

VALA: I think I understand why you came back, Daniel. I wouldn't have liked their company either.

SCENE: The Odyssey continues on its path towards the Black hole.

WOMACK: Shields are barely holding.

EMERSON: See it?

MITCHELL: Not yet, Sir.

EMERSON: Maintain course.

CARTER: Teal'c, it's Sam. We're about to try something that will probably vaporize the Stargate at both ends. You've got exactly 20 seconds to get your hyperdrive online and get out of there.*Teal'c powers up his vessel, the Ori ship moving towards him in the path of the gate*

The Odyssey begin it's sling shot around the black hole, on board time seems to slow, Still taking fire. The Odyssey zooms passed the Gate, the Wraith ship not far behind MITCHELL: There it is.

MCKAY: Wraith ship's in position.

CARTER: Beaming warheads in...three, two, one...mark.

Just as the Writh ship passes by the gate it is destroyed, by Teal'c the secondary gate shoots out a blast of power and the wormhole jumps to the supergate. Teal'c moves out of the way just in time as the kawoosh destroys the Ori vessel, cutting it in half

CARTER: The Wraith ship has been destroyed.

EMERSON: Reduce sublight engines to one-third. Let's get hyperdrive back online.

CARTER: There's something else. I don't know how it survived the detonation, but...

MCKAY: the's still intact.

CARTER: And it's still active.

TEAL'C: Odyssey, this is Teal'c.

MITCHELL: Teal'c, I thought we told you to get the hell out of there.

TEAL'C: If I had done so, I would be unable to inform you that the jump was successful. The Supergate is now active.

MITCHELL: Are you serious?

TEAL'C: There is more, Colonel Mitchell. I was able to keep the Stargate concealed until the last moment, and lure the Ori vessel into the unstable vortex of the Supergate when the jump occurred.

CARTER: You mean, we just blew up an Ori ship...

MCKAY: by destroying a Wraith ship?

TEAL'C: Indeed we did. Today we have achieved a great victory.

SCENE: On the Balcony on Atlantis, Jackson and Vala look out at the city under the cloak of night

VALA: She did what she believed was right, Daniel. How badly can she be punished for that?

JACKSON: I don't know.

VALA: Maybe she'll just get a slap on the wrist, or be forced to write "I will not interfere in the affairs of humans again" 10,000 times.

JACKSON: *Small smile* Yeah, I doubt that.

VALA: *sighs* She said you had your answer. We found out the two addresses we came here for. Can you at about that?

JACKSON: I suppose...but we did find out something else, too.

VALA: What?

JACKSON: They're not going to help us.


Source: Stargate Fusion.

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