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#10.10 : La quête du Graal (1/2)

Ecrit par : Joseph Mallozzi et Paul Mullie

Réalisé par : Andy Mikita

Daniel et Vala ont enfin réussi à trouver les coordonnées de la planète où se trouve l’arme de Merlin capable de stopper l’invasion Orii. SG-1 part alors à la quête de ce Saint Graal, guidé par un ancien disciple du magicien. Cependant, ils ne sont pas les seuls à convoiter ce trésor ancestral…


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1010 : La quête du Graal (1/2)


Titre en vo : Quest Part 1

1ère diffusion États-Unis : 22/09/2006

1ère diffusion en France : 19/06/2007

Ecrit par : Joseph Malozzi et Paul Mullie

Réalisé par : Andy Mikita

Synopsis : SG-1 découvre enfin la localisation du Graal, l'arme créée par Merlin dans le but de détruire les Oris. Mais ils ne sont pas les seuls à être à la recherche du fameux artefact. En effet, Baal et Adria sont eux aussi proches du but...

Apparitions :

Morena Baccarin (Adria)

Beverley Breuer (Barkeep)

Cliff Simon (Baal)

10X10 - THE QUEST (1)

SCENE: Jackson’s Lab, Jackson studies an ancient text as Mitchell and Teal’c enter the room.

MITCHELL: Hey, Jackson, what are you doing?

JACKSON: Oh…just trying to figure out the location of Merlin's weapon so we can find it in time to defeat the Ori, hopefully save our galaxy. You?

MITCHELL: We're going for szechuan. You want to come?

JACKSON: No, I'll pass.

TEAL’C: *Mitchell shrugs, heading for the door but Teal’c stops him* How is your search coming, DanielJackson?

JACKSON: Slowly, but I…I think I’m onto something. Here *waves them over* take a look at this. *Mitchell looks up, drops his head and walks over as Jackson taps away at his computer* These are the locations of the planets *on screen three planets are circled* that Arthur and his knights set off to in their quest for the Sangraal, Castiana, Sahal, Vagon Brei. Now…We searched all three and came up empty, so I thought it was a dead end, until I noticed this. *more tapping and lines appear between each planet* Their coordinates form an equilateral triangle. Now, add their departure point, the Camelot planet, and you get *taps again*…a tetrahedron. A perfect pyramid.

MITCHELL: Well, that's a hell of a coincidence.

JACKSON: Exactly… and it means something. I’m just not sure what.


SCENE: Vala wakes suddenly a face mask adorning her face, sitting upright, she quickly rushes out of bed.


SCENE: Vala skids into Jackson’s Lab, wearing a robe with the face mask.

VALA: I have the answer. I've figured it out. Whoo *pulls the face mask up to her forehead*…those three planets are part of a puzzle…

JACKSON: This much I already know.

VALA: The pyramid… is a visual representation of "three into one." Three addresses into one. *Jackson looks up listening* That's what that Morgan was trying to tell you, that the Sangraal is located on a planet the address of which is made up of symbols from each of those three worlds, Castiana, Sahal, Vagon Brei. *he looks at her, mouth open* It just came to me in a dream.


SCENE: Jackson and Vala sit on either side of Carter in her lab in front of her computer.

CARTER: Okay, this program will cross-reference the addresses in the database with those of Castiana, Sahal, and Vagon Brei, searching out planetary designations made up of symbols from all three addresses. *Program starts searching* Given the number of symbols and the amount of addresses in the database, we could be looking at dozens, maybe hundreds of permutations. *Vala sighs dropping her head on Carter’s shoulder, Carter glances at her, suddenly the program bleeps, with only one result found* Or...maybe just the one…*they all stare*


SCENE: Offworld, SG-1 walk through a medieval-style village, the villagers looking at them strangely {as usual} moving out of their way.

JACKSON: …Culture and level of technology looks similar to what we found on the Camelot planet.

MITCHELL: Yeah, I’m going to assume that's a good thing. I think some of these folks have figured Out we're not from around here. Uh, excuse me? I was wondering if we could get some help. A little information?

JACKSON: We've come in search of the Sangraal.

MITCHELL: It's a red thing, about yay big.

MAXWELL: We know what the Sangraal looks like. It's been many generations since anyone has come in search of it, and now you're the second group of adventurers in less than a week to take up the quest.

VALA: The second group?

MAXWELL: *Walks over* A number of Jaffa passed through here three days ago.

CARTER: Were they accompanied by anyone?

MAXWELL: Yes. They were led by a man who clearly commanded their fear and respect.

TEAL’C: Ba’al has been here.

JACKSON: And he's got a three-day head start on us.

MAXWELL: If you truly seek the Sangraal, you must consult with the parchment of virtues in the village library. *he points* It will prepare you for the journey to come.

MITCHELL: Over there. Thank you. *they start to head off*

MAXWELL: But I should warn you…no one has ever returned from the quest alive. If you value your lives, you would do well to reconsider.

MITCHELL: We appreciate that… *Vala and Jackson nod at each other walking off* but that is quitter talk.


SCENE: The team enter a room, lined with books and papers.


VALA: Right, parchment of virtues…do we look under p for parchment or v for virtues?

JACKSON: I say look for any and all materials related to the Sangraal.

OSRIC: Or you could simply ask me. *enters, struggling down the steps* I am Osric, keeper of the village archives.

CARTER: Hi. We're looking for something called the parchment of virtues.

OSRIC: Ah, another band of stalwart heroes come to tempt fate in the hopes of claiming the *waves* legendary prize.

TEAL’C: What do you know of the Sangraal?

OSRIC: Only what I have heard from legend. *climbs a step ladder, pulling down a black box* That it is located in a cave beyond the outlying forest, but that the journey there is fraught with peril. Ages ago, Morgan le Fay enchanted the area with a terrible curse. *Motions for Carter to take the box, which she does* Since then, it has claimed countless lives.

JACKSON: Well, we don't put much stock in curses.

OSRIC: Yeah…well, neither did Phaedra, the cobbler's wife. Several weeks ago, *opens the box* she set off in search of her son who had strayed too far from the Village. Neither have been seen nor heard from since. *pulls out a paper…* This parchment was purportedly left behind by Morgan herself as a guide for knights of noble spirit, since it is said that only the most virtuous will succeed in claiming the Sangraal.

JACKSON: *leans forward reading* "Only those of virtue true may win the prize Concealed. Beyond the reach of the flawed and tainted, the Sangraal shall instead belong to he who speaks the guardian's name." The guardian's name?

OSRIC: They say that the Sangraal is protected by the most powerful of magical beasts… a dragon.

JACKSON: dragon?

OSRIC: You doubt the legend?

CARTER: Well, I’m sure the Sangraal is protected by something very powerful, but I…I don't think it's an actual dragon.

OSRIC: *Chucklers* Believe what you will. With luck, you may have the opportunity to prove the truth for yourselves.

JACKSON: "Prudence, wisdom, charity, kindness, and faith. Let these be your guide on this perilous quest.”

VALA: Well… I’m sorry, but I think we're going to need a little bit more than that to go on.

OSRIC: All Morgan left behind was this parchment…and *puts it away*…the map.

CARTER:'s a map?


TEAL’C: May we see it?


CARTER: Why not?

OSRIC: I showed it to the last group of adventurers who came in search of the Sangraal and they rewarded my trust by trying to take it.

MITCHELL: Yeah, we, uh…know the guy that runs that operation. We're not like him.

OSRIC: Well, uh…I’m sorry. It's not for public view.

VALA: Hey…we wouldn't dream of trying to steal it. *Osric just grumbles, leaving the room*


SCENE: SG-1 sit in the local bar, Eating the nuts and Vegetables laid out.

VALA: We have to steal it.

CARTER: We are not stealing the map.

VALA: Nightfall, sneak in under cover of darkness.

JACKSON: Maybe I can just talk to Osric, convince him that our cause is virtuous.

VALA: Ooh, that's brilliant, and while you're distracting him, the rest of us can steal it.

CARTER: For the last time, we are not stea-*The Barkeeper walks over with drinks for them*—

BARKEEPER: are you certain I cannot tempt you with a final meal?

MITCHELL: What is it with this town and the "no can do" attitude? Every time we turn around, someone's trying to write us off or scare us away.

BARKEEPER: I apologize. I should have said, "a final meal before you set off on your journey."

MITCHELL: Well, that's better.

BARKEEPER: Although, it need be said, in the many thousands of years that adventurers have been Seeking the Sangraal, not one has succeeded.

MAXWELL: *Outside there is a lot of shouting and grumbling, Mitchell and Teal’c move to the window, to see Ori soldiers shoving the villagers around, Maxwell steps forward* What is this? what do you want here? *one of the soldiers, beat him to his knees, another man rushes to the Ori with a knife only to be shot*

ORISOLDIER: We are soldiers of the Ori…and we have taken this village as part of their holy crusade to rid this galaxy of evil. Cooperate… and you won't be harmed. *to one of his men* Go through the buildings. Bring everyone out.

BARKEEPER: *Back inside* Who are these men?

MITCHELL: Well, that is a…long story. Look, I know you have no reason to trust us any more than you do those guys… BARKEEPER: I have not seen you shoot anyone.

MITCHELL: That's an excellent point. We’re gonna need your help.


SCENE: The Ori Soldiers pile the books and sheets from the library into the centre of the village, Jackson watches dressed in a large cloak, Carter and Mitchell in similar dress walk over to him.

CARTER: They've got a dozen men guarding the gate, another 50 or so in and around the village.

MITCHELL: Is that what I think it is?

JACKSON: The contents of the library.

PRIOR: *standing from a balcony* You have spent your time ignorant to the truth, stumbling aimlessly through the darkness cast upon your world by the trappings of the past, but now, the path to fulfillment stands revealed, and the time has come to embrace a new faith. *the books are set on fire* Let the light of Origin show you the way.


SCENE: SG-1 walk back into the bar with the Barkeeper.

BARKEEPER: You've encountered them before.

TEAL’C: Many times and on many different worlds.

BARKEEPER: And how did the inhabitants of those other worlds resist them?

MITCHELL: They didn't. They either surrendered, or they were slaughtered.

BARKEEPER: What are you saying, there's nothing we can do? We are doomed?

CARTER: No, no, not necessarily. We…we believe they can be defeated. That's why we're here.

JACKSON: We think that's why they're here as well, to destroy the one thing capable of stopping them.

BARKEEPER: The Sangraal.

OSRIC: *There is a thudding at the door, the barkeep walks over, opening it slightly* Please, I know they're here. Please…*The bar keep glances at Jackson who nods to let Osric in* I must speak with you The soldiers are looking for me.


OSRIC: Because they believe I can lead them to the Sangraal.

MITCHELL: Can you?

OSRIC: Well, of course!

JACKSON: What--you saved the map?

OSRIC: No, they unwittingly burned it with the rest of the village archives, but… a copy still exists.


OSRIC: Here. *Points to his head* I will lead you to Merlin's treasure. *There’s a smashing sound and SG-1 quickly hides the old man, as they enter*

ORISOLDIER: We want the old man. He has information we seek.

MITCHELL: *kicks the door shut, the team all pulling out their P-90* Not today, fellows. *The soldiers all turn* Wow...this is awkward.

ORISOLDIER: Our army has taken this village. If you resist, there will be no escape. Now…stand aside. *The Barkeeper picks up a crossbow, shooting the soldier in the back, SG-1 take their cue and shoot the others*

MITCHELL: Oh, I think somebody must have heard that.

BARKEEPER: This way. *opens a secret passage* Come quickly.

MITCHELL: You should come with us.

BARKEEPER: My place is here. I'll be fine. I'll blame everything on you.

MITCHELL: Good Plan. *she shuts the door, pushing a chair against it*

SCENE: Osric leads SG-1 through the tree line, to a clearing.

OSRIC: Ah, this way.


SCENE: They come to a dirt road, where a bird rests suspended mid-flight in the air, and several villagers are frozen in position.

MITCHELL: What the hell? *The team stare, Carter pulls out a hand held device taking readings* What's the matter with them?

CARTER: I don't know. I’m picking up varying anomalous readings. *she walks along, scanning* Stronger Here…weaker here…and then rising again. Well, this is weird. They're temporal fluctuations.

MITCHELL: Meaning?

CARTER: Meaning these people are trapped in a time distortion field

VALA: Are you sure? If it's a time distortion field, why are the leaves moving in the trees?

CARTER: It could be an illusion designed to reproduce the standing weather pattern. These readings indicate the time within the field is extremely decelerated. I mean, these people may look like they're standing perfectly still, but, in fact, they're moving, imperceptibly slowly.

TEAL’C: Are they aware of what is happening to them?

CARTER: Doubtful. Several years may pass on our side of the field in the one or two seconds it takes them to take even one step

MITCHELL: Why don't we just go around it?

CARTER: Well, the outer edge of the field extends as far as I tell in either direction, and it has a slight curve to it. I mean, for all I know it would form a complete circle. We could walk for miles and never find a way through.

MITCHELL: Sam, if you've got another idea, I'd love to hear it.

CARTER: Well, I’m definitely picking up varied readings. It's almost as if…*she slows, scans* I think I may have found a way in. There's a circuitous path of real time winding through the temporal field.

MITCHELL: It’s a maze…

CARTER: yeah…

MITCHELL: *louder* It’s a maze

CARTER: These readings are unmistakable. I can use them to guide us through. Follow my lead. If you stray off the path, you could wind up trapped in the distortion field.

Vala jumps behind Mitchell as the team and Osric follow Carter exactly, moving forward, a few paces Carter signals them to stops, Vala hitting Mitchell’s back, then turning right…Vala decides to take a hold of Mitchell's Pack, Carter slows, hesitates to her left, but then goes right. Suddenly her screen dies…

CARTER: Uh-oh.

VALA: What do you mean, "uh-oh?"

MITCHELL: "Uh-oh, you left your stove on," right?

CARTER: Temporal distortions are affecting these readings…We’re blind.

MITCHELL: Okay, here's a stupid question--you did check the batteries in that thing before you left Stargate command, right?

CARTER: It's not the batteries.

VALA: We could just retrace our steps and try our luck with the Ori soldiers.

CARTER: Do you know the way back?

VALA: *glances back, shrugs…* That way.

CARTER: *small smile* We have to be exact. Any deviation from the path of real time, and we could wind up frozen like the rest of these people.

TEAL’C: If Morgan le Fay left clues as to the whereabouts of the Sangraal, then it is safe to assume that she believed that someone would eventually reach it. It also stands to reason that our task, though challenging, is far from impossible.

JACKSON: Teal’c's right. She set this trap to weed out those she deemed unworthy. There is a way out. We just have to… be resourceful and carefully think it through.

VALA: Well, Arthur and his knights wouldn't have had access to this advanced technology to guide them through, so, presumably, the answer could be deceptively simple.

CARTER: *leans down picking up a rock, she throes it forward, it stops a few feet away in mid air* Follow me. *she walks up to the rock, picks up another, throws it to the left…it stops almost straight away* Dead end. *she throws another right and it carries on* You're right. Deceptively simple. *Carter continues with the method until the point where the rock passes clear through a force field.* All right, we're through. We'd better pick up the pace if we want to cut into Ba’al's lead.


SCENE: SG-1 moves through the forest line, as Osric and Jackson engage in conversation.

OSRIC: You say that these Ori are possessed of god-like abilities, and yet they are not gods?

JACKSON: No, they're very powerful beings who would have their followers believe as much because faith is the source of their power.

OSRIC: Faith is something that cannot be won through intimidation and fear. If their followers have faith, then they must truly believe.

JACKSON: No, they only believe because they've been misled. You see…uh to many less-developed civilizations, certain advanced technologies would strike them as supernatural in nature. …Merlin wasn't a wizard, and Morgan le Fay was not a sorceress.

OSRIC: *waves* Ridiculous.

JACKSON: They simply used their advanced abilities to fashion seemingly magical creations, like the Sangraal… or that time dilation field we encountered.

OSRIC: So you would have me believe that you are possessed of a complete understanding of these amazing feats?

JACKSON: No, but just because I don't know how the trick is done doesn't make it magic.

OSRIC: And I would argue that your inability to comprehend such feats does, in fact, prove their supernatural nature.

MITCHELL: Their army just ran roughshod over your village, forced you into hiding… now you're defending them?

OSRIC: Hardly. I condemn the actions of their soldiers but am in no position to judge the Ori or their message. Not yet. *Teal’c moves forward listening intently, mumbling can be heard* Truth is elusive to those who refuse to see with both eyes.

JACKSON: *frowns, looks at him* What?

BA’AL: *off screen* abandoned me…*the team move towards a clearing where Ba’al sits in the centre leaning against a chest* I don't believe they abandoned me…they're going to pay. All of them are going to pay *he hears them stands quickly, shouting*…wait! *but the team moves forward, weapons raised, around them a circle appears briefly as a shield activates, Ba’al sighs* Well, make yourselves comfortable. We're gonna be here a while. *Mitchell walks over to the barrier, hitting it…* It won't do you any good. Believe me, I've tried. It's a one-way door.

CARTER: How long have you been trapped in here?

BA’AL: Three agonizingly tedious days. Which reminds me, I don't suppose you have any food?

VALA: *points at the chest* What's that?

BA’AL: That's bait. When I approached to investigate, I unwittingly triggered the trap…

CARTER: You've had the ancient database for months. Why did it take you so long to get here?

BA’AL: I can't think clearly on an empty stomach. *Carter pulls out a protein bar…she waves it, throws it towards him it goes clear past to Mitchell* I only possessed two of the three addresses needed to complete the puzzle. As a result, I had significantly more possibilities to investigate. *Mitchell opens the wrapper* By a process of elimination, I was left with one prospect, and when I went in search of the planet, it wasn't there.

CARTER: What do you mean it wasn't there?

BA’AL: It wasn't where it was supposed to be. I calculated its position, I sent my ships to its approximate location, but they couldn't find it. *Vala glances at Jackson, he shrugs, she opens the chest, finding it empty* In the end, my only recourse was to access it via the Stargate and secure the device with a handful of my Jaffa, and when I became trapped in here, they set off in search of a means of freeing me. They have yet to return.

MITCHELL: Something must have come up. *passes him the bar*

TEAL’C: Obviously, Morgan must have rendered this planet inaccessible to ships to ensure that enemies such as the Ori could *Vala and Jackson check the chest over, trying to find a compartment or something* not destroy the Sangraal from orbit.

BA’AL: You're wasting your time. I've had three days to search for a way out of here. There's nothing inside.

JACKSON: Well, that's the point, isn't it? The parchment of virtues told us that we'd have to rely on five things in order to reach the Sangraal--prudence, wisdom, charity, kindness, and faith

VALA: You’re saying The parchment was intended to be interpreted literally?

JACKSON: Why not? We were able to make our way through the time dilation field by patiently and carefully negotiating the maze. In other words, we demonstrated prudence, as opposed to recklessness, which would have stranded us. So ask yourselves…"what does this trap exploit?"

BA’AL: Curiosity.

JACKSON: Greed. A person approaches a chest expecting to find treasure inside, but Instead finds nothing, and gets trapped for his trouble.

VALA: So in order to reverse the trap, you have to reverse the impetus.

JACKSON: Right. The opposite of greed is charity, one of the virtues mentioned in the parchment.

TEAL’C: Instead of taking something, something must be sacrificed.

BA’AL: *Jackson pulls out a pen throwing it in the chest, Vala closes it, Mitchell hits the barrier only to find themselves still trapped, Ba’al chuckles* Well, that was an interesting theory.

JACKSON: Well, we're all trapped, so we all have to contribute something.

VALA: *Mitchell throws in his hat, Carter and Teal’c throw in similar items, Osric walks over pulling the ring off his finger and dropping it in the box, Jackson frowns, but makes no comment. Vala struggles through her bag pulling out a hairdryer…* No--*Jackson grabs it from her, putting it in the box* Wait!

BA’AL: *They all look to Ba’al, Jackson clearing his throat* I have nothing to donate. *Teal’c grabs Ba’al, while Mitchell walks over patting him down, he finds a knife* That particular item holds great sentimental value. *Jackson closes the box and the shield comes down* Well done. Another day in there, I would have gone mad.

MITCHELL: Guess that makes it time to say goodbye *trains weapon on him*

BA’AL: It would be foolish of you to kill me.

TEAL’C: How so?

BA’AL: Amongst the information I obtained regarding the Sangraal is the name of the protector.

VALA: Protector?

BA’AL: The dragon.

OSRIC: You see? I told you there was a dragon.

CARTER: I’m sure there's something guarding the device. Maybe it's a hologram.

MITCHELL: Holograms can be dangerous, you know.

JACKSON: could be a ship. Flies, breathes fire, has armored skin. It's a… mistake a medieval storyteller could easily make.

BA’AL: And if it's based on technology, the name is no doubt a password, or a command code. Either way, if you want it, you'll have to take me with you.

MITCHELL: *turns, Quietly* You know, I hate to say this, but…he could prove useful. *they head off* Come on

SCENE: The Team moves forward, Ba’al walking alongside Jackson BA’AL: Yet again we find ourselves the unlikeliest of allies joined together in common purpose.

JACKSON: You know, the word "allies" implies some sort of partnership, and that just isn't the case here. You see, we are going After the Sangraal, while you are tagging along for the ride.

OSRIC: *Panting* According to the map, the Sangraal is hidden in a cave beneath a lone mountain. *points to the Mountain ahead of them*

MITCHELL: Right. We're getting warm

SCENE: They comes towards the entrance, Osric points standing before the mouth of the cave.

OSRIC: This is it. The cave entrance. The Sangraal is located within. *Ba’al walks up next to him, looking in*

MITCHELL: It's too bad you won't be coming with us. *holds up P-90*

BA’AL: I thought I made it clear. You need me.

MITCHELL: I wasn't talking to you.

BA’AL: Ah, well *Glances at Osric*…allow me to get out of your line of fire. *walks away*

OSRIC: *raises his hands* Have you lost your senses?

JACKSON: “Truth eludes he who does not seek it with both eyes wide.” It's a quote From the book of Origin. You paraphrased it earlier today. Now, I might not have noticed, but I spent the past year studying the good book, so…

OSRIC: surely you're not basing your suspicions on this mere coincidence?

JACKSON: And when it came time to give up a possession to free ourselves from the force field trap, I noticed the designs on your ring--not Celtic, as one might expect, given the cultural background of this planet, but distinctly Ori.

OSRIC: The ring was a gift from a traveling merchant. You're making a mistake.

MITCHELL: You're the one that screwed up. Now drop the act.

OSRIC: *after a moment* It would have been so much easier if you had remained oblivious. But now things will be much more difficult.

ADRIA: *Transforms from Osric to Adria, they all raise their P-90’s* Especially for you.

MITCHELL: So the troops in the village, the shoot-out in the tavern, that was all a set-up.

ADRIA: More than you know. I grew impatient waiting for you to discover the location of the weapon, so I gave you a little help.

VALA: *nods* The dream I had, "three into one." That was you?


CARTER: So you planted the solution in Vala knowing it would lead us right to you.

ADRIA: Apparently, Morgan put safeguards in place to ensure the weapon could only be secured by…what was the term again? "Those possessing truth of spirit." I can't think of anyone more appropriate than a former ascended. With your help, I'll secure the device.

MITCHELL: Hate to disappoint.

ADRIA: *They all fire at her, only for the bullets to hit a force shield surrounding her* You've seen a demonstration of my powers. You know what I’m capable of. So I’m offering you a choice…either we work together to reach the device, or I'll start killing off members of your team. *looks at Carter* Starting with her.

JACKSON: All right! … We'll work together. For now


SCENE: The Team moves through the Cave, Adria walking alongside Vala and Jackson.

ADRIA: We thwarted all efforts against us, crippled your fleet, met with little, if any resistance, on the worlds that we redeemed. Opposition to the Ori is clearly hopeless, but you continue to struggle against the inevitable…

JACKSON: Yeah, well, what can I tell you? We're optimists

ADRIA: Your only hope lies with Merlin's weapon. Once I take that away from you, your defeat will be complete.

VALA: ha ha ha Now look who's the optimist.

ADRIA: You disappoint me, mother. I would have expected you to see reason by now, but it doesn't matter. Eventually, you'll have no choice but to accept the truth, and when you do, I'll accompany you on your path to enlightenment. *Adria walks ahead of Vala, Vala waves her P-90 at her back*

MITCHELL: *to Carter* You know the second we find that thing, she's going to kill us.

CARTER: Not if we kill her first

MITCHELL: That could be a bit of a problem

CARTER: I don't know, we're pretty resourceful…I’m sure we’ll think of something

MITCHELL: Yeah? Just don't do it too soon. She may not be true of spirit, and all that jazz, but she has done her homework. I hate to say it, but-

CARTER: she could prove useful

MITCHELL: For the moment.

JACKSON: *They come to a fork, carved on a cave wall is some ancient text* "Choose the way that is just and true."

VALA: Ooh! It's a riddle I’m good at these. Um…"the way that is just and true." Just and true…*points right* it's telling us to go that way. The way that is just and true, that is, *starts heading that way* the "right" way. *Jackson grabs her quickly pulling her back* Wha--ow…

JACKSON: the writing's in ancient.


JACKSON: So in ancient, the word meaning "just and true" is very different from the word meaning "right," as in, "opposite of left." *They hear a child crying down the left corridor*

CARTER: Did you hear that?

TEAL’C: It sounds like a child. This way. *The team head off*

VALA: A child in here? It's obviously a trap.

JACKSON: Or quite possibly a test.

BA’AL: A test of what… *To Vala* our stupidity?

MITCHELL: *the child runs off, they follow* Hey, kid…Kid, wait up. *he continues to cry* Hey, slow down, little guy.

ADRIA: We're walking right into a trap.

JACKSON: No, we're not. the parchment provided us with clues to reaching the Sangraal. It mentioned kindness as one of the virtues that would guide us. So if we show kindness by helping this child, it should bring us one step closer to the device

ADRIA: The parchment also mentioned wisdom, which we would be demonstrating by avoiding this trap. *The sound of a metal gate closing and then a thud can be heard*

MITCHELL: *stops by the gate, the kid trapped behind, crying* Hang on, kid. We'll get you out of there *SG-1 try to pull the gate upwards, but it won’t budge* A little help here

BA’AL: He's tiny. Have him squeeze through the bars.

TEAL’C: *turns* Assist us, or I will squeeze you through these bars. *Ba’al walks over, helping*

JACKSON: Want to use your powers to lift it?

ADRIA: We're wasting our time. Let's go back. *Vala gives her a look, Adrian sighs, walks over and pulls the gate up with one hand, the boy grins and Vanishes, an entrance appears further down*

MITCHELL: Well, how's about that…We did pick the right way. *They walk along coming to a wall* It's a dead end.

ADRIA: We have to go back.

CARTER: No, it doesn't make any sense that we would have progressed this far only to come up empty. *finds more text on the wall* Daniel…

JACKSON: it's another riddle.

VALA: Ooh! Goody…*runs over knocking into Mitchell*

JACKSON: "I’m struck, and cut, shaped, and cooled, then bound by rings to release what's stored."

MITCHELL: *Cave starts to rumble, rocks falling over head* You might want to pick things up a little bit here VALA: All right, well, we have to think it through. What's struck, and cut, and shaped, and cooled, and then bound by rings? Bound by rings…!

MITCHELL: key! The answer's key

JACKSON: Uh...clavia! *The wall disappears and the team run down the corridor as the Cave continues to rumble, they come to another wall with another riddle*"I shake the earth with booming thunder, fell forest whole and homes complete. I influence ships, topple kings, sweep down swift, yet remain unseen."

VALA: Oh, wait, I've got this. Uh, suggesting a strong yet invisible force-uh

TEAL’C: wind.

JACKSON: Ventio! *Once again running down the corridor to another wall*

MITCHELL: Oh, for crying out loud!

JACKSON: "Battle-scarred in times of strife, resistant to...resistant to...”

VALA: To what?

JACKSON: I don't know. I-I can't translate this section of the text.

VALA: Nevertheless, "battle-scarred" would suggest—

ADRIA: contegia! *the wall disappears and the rumbling stops*

MITCHELL: Looks like that's done it.

VALA: You know, Come to think of it, riddles never really were my strong point. *They starts to head down the next corridor* Visual puzzles, like "which of these symbols does not belong With the others" or "reconfigure the tiles to make the hidden picture..."

MITCHELL: is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?

VALA: *They turn the corner* Well, now that you mention it *They all stop and stare at the wall of fire*... it is a tad toasty.


SCENE: Mitchell and Jackson feel around the wall by the fire for a trigger, or another door.

MITCHELL: Hey, you got anything?


MITCHELL: No, but I’m getting a good tan. Let's take a break.

JACKSON: Okay. *they head down to where it’s a little cooler, where Ba’al and Adria wait*

MITCHELL: There's no hidden triggers or secret passages. If there's a way through, we didn't find it.

ADRIA: Then I suppose we should head back.

CARTER: *Coming from the direction they came from with Vala* Not an option. The passageways have re-sealed behind us.

ADRIA: *sighs* Then I was right. We walked into a trap.

JACKSON: No. We made all the right choices to lead us to this point. I know the Sangraal lies beyond that wall of fire. We just have to find a way through.

BA’AL: *to Adria* Why don't you do something? You're the Orici. You're supposedly possessed of significant powers. So snuff out the flame and get us on our way.

ADRIA: My abilities don't work that way.

BA’AL: *chuckles* Of course. How does the saying go? All flash, no photo.

CARTER: actually, it's "all flash, no substance."

BA’AL: I prefer my version.

ADRIA: Would you care for a demonstration? *he shifts, challenging her, she stares, after a moment, turns away* Taking your life would be a waste of my time.

BA’AL: Which I suppose would be put to better use complaining.

CARTER: *Sighs, closing her eyes in exasperation* Oh, jeez, why don't you two just get a room. *heads over to the others*

JACKSON: It's the only one left. *walks up to the fire*

CARTER: Daniel?

JACKSON: The parchment told us that five virtues would guide us in our quest for the Sangraal. Prudence, kindness, charity, wisdom, and faith. Now, we displayed prudence in finding a way out of the temporal maze, charity, in escaping the force field trap, kindness, by helping the child and finding the hidden passageway, and wisdom, in solving the riddles. The only virtue left is faith. *Jackson walks forward, stepping through the fire*

CARTER: Daniel!

MITCHELL: Jackson!

VALA: *The wall of fire disappears, the other follow Jackson, Teal’c glances at Vala* Well, after you, muscles.

SCENE: They find themselves in a large room, with a narrow pathway to the centre.

BA’AL: There it is. We've found it. Ours for the taking

MITCHELL: Hang on. *picks up a rock dropping it over the edge, no sound of it hitting the bottom* Yeah, that's pretty deep.

JACKSON: I'll go

ADRIA: We'll both go

BA’AL: I think I’ll stay here and support you from a distance

MITCHELL: We should all go.

ADRIA: *steps forward* No, only Daniel and I will go. The rest of you will stay.

JACKSON: It's all right. *Adria and Jackson walk across the path slowly, they reach the centre where a pedestal stands, on it rests the Sangraal*

ADRIA: Take it.

JACKSON: After you.

ADRIA: I told you. Morgan put safeguards in place to ensure that someone such as myself couldn't claim the device.

JACKSON: *looks up* Is that why you didn't just use your powers from back there?

ADRIA: What are you talking about?

JACKSON: Well, you have telekinetic abilities. I've seen you use them. You should have just snatched the Sangraal off the dais without taking a step, but you didn’t. Probably for the same reason you didn't use your powers to lift the portcullis, or kill Ba’al the second he stepped out of line. You can’t.

ADRIA: Of course I can

JACKSON: No. My guess is Morgan did put safeguards in place, and that those safeguards are neutralizing your Ori-given powers.

ADRIA: You saw me withstand the bullets fired against me.

JACKSON: Yeah, thanks to your personal shield. the only powers you can manifest Originate from that pendant, and they're purely defensive in nature ADRIA: Do you really want to test me?

JACKSON: *after a moment* Yep. *steps back* You know what? I changed my mind about helping you. Knock yourself out.

MITCHELL: *shouts* What's the hold up?

JACKSON: Thought so. *he steps forward, goes to grab the Sangraal and his hand goes straight through* Well, I guess I’m not as true of spirit as you thought I was.

MITCHELL: *suddenly the place starts to rumble, rocks falling* Jackson, move it! *Adria and Jackson run back to the group, but not before the entrance closes trapping the team, Ba’al and Adria, Distant screeching roar can be heard* What the hell is that?

VALA: *Flapping sounds* We agreed there's no such thing as a dragon, right?


VALA: Hmm. *Suddenly their eyes widen as they look upwards, weapons ready, *Heavy flapping sounds, as a Dragon appears overhead, screeching* Cause…that looks pretty real to me…*Last scene shows the dragon breathing out fire*




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