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#10.12 : La grande illusion

Alors qu'il se rend à une réunion d'anciens élèves, Mitchell devient la cible d'un chasseur de prime.


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Extrait VO: Sam et Cameron
Extrait VO: Sam et Cameron


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/1012 : La grande illusion


Titre en vo : Line in the Sand

1ère diffusion États-Unis : 16/01/2007

1ère diffusion en France :  18/09/2007

Ecrit par : Alan McCullough

Réalisé par : Peter DeLuise

Synopsis : Mitchell, Carter et Teal'c arrivent sur une planète menacée par les Oris. Ils décident alors qu'il est temps d'envoyer un message aux Oris pour qu'ils comprennent qu'ils ne doivent pas aller plus loin. Carter tente d'utiliser la technologie dérivée de l'arme de Merlin afin de cacher le village...

Apparitions :

Aisha Hinds (Thilana)

Aaron Craven (Matar)

Greg Anderson (Prior)

Sean Tyson (Ori Firstman)

Tim Guinee (Tomin)

Eric Breker (Colonel Reynolds)


SCENE: Stargate Command, The gate is open in the Gateroom, as SG-1 walk down the ramp towards Landry, an F.R.E.D materialising behind them, before the Gate shuts down.

LANDRY: So…how did it go?

MITCHELL: Absolutely incredible sir. You can forget about the Ori with an act like that Sam'll be headlining in Vegas *Vala and Carter grin at him*

CARTER: Ok Stop…

TEAL'C: The performance of the device did exceed all expectations GeneralLandry.

MITCHELL: I'm telling you sir…a few tweaks here and there, we'll be able to his anything we want. Troops, Ships, Planets…

CARTER: we-well….it's a lot more complicated than that sir but I do think we're ready for a large scale test.

LANDRY: Good. Get changed…I may have just the thing. *Leaves*

Landry leaves, Vala gives Carter a playful nudge, while Mitchell pats her on the back, the all leave very pleased with themselves.

SCENE: In the Briefing room, SG-1 and Reynolds sit listening to Landry.

LANDRY: Colonel Reynolds has been conducting reconnaissance on P9C- 882 as part of the on-going mission to track the Ori advance in the Galaxy.

REYNOLDS: Approximately 4 hours ago, the people of 882 were visited by a prior

MITCHELL: Let me guess *flicking through the mission report* he made them an offer they couldn't refuse.

REYNOLDS: With a slight twist…told them to build this…*he lays out a scroll, in ancient writing, with sketches of the ringed platform, which Vala has been chained to in previous episodes, Vala groans, looking away*

LANDRY: I take it you've seen that before.

VALA: Oh yes…they…*points* use these to burn people alive who don't follow their rules…*Carter moves back slightly, cringing*

REYNOLDS: He gave them three days at which time he said he would return to check their progress.

TEAL'C: What has been the villager's response?

REYNOLDS: Already rejected the idea. They lived under the Goa'uld for centuries, they're not about to give up their freedom again. They've asked for our help.

VALA: *gasps* You want to use Sam's device to make them disappear.

CARTER: Woah…woah…woah…woah-Hold on a second…first of all, It's Merlin's device…*Vala shrugs slightly* and second of all while I agree the modifications I've made have potential, it's far from ready to deploy in the field on that scale…I-I'm sure that that's not what the General is proposing.

LANDRY: Actually Colonel…That is what I'm proposing. *Vala looks at Carter with "Ha I was right" look, Carter looking disbelieving at the General* The IOA's reviewed the reports of your experiments and they think it's time to take this new technology out of the lab. I happen to agree with them.

CARTER: W-with respect…sir…You're talking about trying to hide an entire village…of people.

LANDRY: I realise it's a tall order Colonel…but we seem to have a three day window here. And chance you can…make the necessary adjustments in that time? *Carter bites her lip thinking about it*

VALA: Can do sir. *Carter stares at Vala* not a problem.

LANDRY: Good. *stands, the others following suit. Landry leaves. Mitchell and Carter stare at Vala*

VALA: What? Don't look at me like that…you've got a village to save. *leaves*


P9C-882, SG-1 and Colonel Reynolds walk into the village, carrying a lot of equipment and with an F.R.E.D following behind them. The Villagers gather round, the female Leader, Thilana greets them.

THILANA: You have returned. Bless us all.

REYNOLDS: SG-1, this is Thilana…Leader of the Village. *pointing them out* Colonel Mitchell, Teal'c, Vala and Colonel Carter.

THILANA: *bowing* I cannot express our thanks to you in coming to our aide.

MITCHELL: It's our pleasure.

THILANA: We are at your service, the building we've selected is this way *motioning with her hand, she turns to the man beside her* Matar.

MATAR: *steps forward taking the case from Vala* Allow me to carry this.

VALA: *Grins* Thank you *stretches, looks at Carter* don't you just love helping people. *heads off*

SCENE: Carter starts setting up her equipment in the Library, Thilana enters.

THILANA: I hope this location is suitable for you…I can have the rest of these things removed *waves at the shelves of books* if you like…

CARTER: Oh no…it's great. Thank you.

THILANA: For years my ancestors were forced to record the history of my people in secret, beyond the eyes of the Goa'uld. This room now houses their legacy. It seemed appropriate you do your work here.

CARTER: *smiles* I'm flattered. *walks round to fiddle with Merlin's device.*

THILANA: I must admit, Colonel Carter, some of my people are concerned about what this machine will do. I would like to be able to reassure them.

CARTER: Oh…yeah…of course. Let me walk you through it…Um…*taps on the console* Basically…this machine shifts all matter within a preset range, in this case the entire village into another Dimension…so when the prior returns he won't be able to see of hear you. In fact he'll be able to walk right through you…*Thilana looks disturbed* oh…don't worry. It doesn't hurt at all…and it is just temporary…just long enough to fool the prior. Once he leaves, we can put everything back to normal. *Thilana nods, looking happy with the explanation*

SCENE: Mitchell walks through the Village centre to Teal'c and Vala tapping them both on the Shoulder.

MITCHELL: Sam's all set.

TEAL'C: ColonelReynolds and his Team are standing by at the Gate.

MITCHELL: *grabs his radio, as the villagers gather round* Reynolds this is Mitchell.

SCENE: Back at the gate with SG-3.

MITCHELL: *on radio* Remember we're gonna be out of radio contact once we go out of a phase.

REYNOLDS: Understood.

SCENE: Back in the village, Mitchell stands up on a platform, addressing the crowd.

MITCHELL: Listen up folks…we're gonna try a little disappearing act here. Please remember to keep your arms and legs inside the village at all times until we come to a complete and final stop. *The villages mumble to each other, points* Blank stares work too. *grabs radio* Sam…light her up.

SCENE: In the Library.

CARTER: Copy that.

She types on her laptop, and the three Naquadah generators light up, she presses enter. Shot if the Village as a bright light appears over them all, and then to the Gate where SG-3 watch the village disappear straight before their eyes in a blinding flash of light.

REYNOLDS: *smirks* we have the craziest job in the World. Dial us out Lt.

SCENE: Nightfall at the village, SG-1 sit to dinner with some of the villagers, Carter and Vala are both given roses.

CARTER&VALA: Thank you.

THILANA: *stands* Tonight…we honor our newest friends from Earth…whose Wisdom, Generosity and Kindness have allowed us to resist those who wish to return us to slavery. We extend to you our deepest and most sincere thanks. *all the villagers bow, suddenly, there is another blinding flash of light, they all stand*

VALA: *whispers* what was that?

CARTER: I think the displacement field collapsed, I'll go check it out. *They all leave the table*

SCENE: Back in the Library, Carter fiddles with the equipment while the other three watch.

CARTER: Ok…I've got some Good news and some Bad news.

MITCHELL: Good first.

CARTER: Well…in order to bring everything back completely, the machine has to maintain a connection with every single molecule that it sends out of phase, now obviously that requires a lot of energy. So I implement a failsafe that would automatically bring everything back into our dimension in the event of a power disruption.

TEAL'C: And such a disruption occurred?

CARTER: Well…it was just a slight fluctuation but it was enough to trigger the failsafe.

MITCHELL: So…what do we do?

CARTER: Actually that's the problem…I thought I'd stabilized the power supply.

MITCHELL: Can ya fix it?

Carter bites the inside of her mouth glancing round unsure.

SCENE: Mitchell, Vala and Teal'c walk back to the Village center, geared up.

THILANA: You will not abandon us?

MITCHELL: We're not. But is there a safe place that you can take your people…maybe a planet that you're familiar with?

THILANA: *shakes her head* won't the Prior find us where ever we go? *Mitchell and Teal'c share a look*

MATAR: Perhaps we should consider heeding the Priors wishes.

THILANA: No. I will not stand by while we are once again subjugated into serving false gods. We must stand our ground.

TEAL'C: The Prior is very powerful.

THILANA: Then please…You must help us. Don't give up on us yet.

MITCHELL: We're not.

SCENE: Mitchell enters the Library, coffee in hand, but sees no sign on Carter


CARTER: *from behind some equipment* Oh Thank you…

MITCHELL: *walks over* Don't get to excited…they packed us De-caf by mistake.

CARTER: D'oh. *takes the cup*

MITCHELL: Teal'c's gone to the gate to watch for the Prior…*frowns, watching her* look I hate to rush you Sam…but we've got to make a decision about this, Landry was pretty clear we're not to let this thing fall into enemy hands.

CARTER: I know. I've rigged an ancient capacitor, similar to the kind used in the Stargates, between the device and the generators…it should collect the power and hopefully feed it more evenly.

MITCHELL: Well…that sounds great.

SCENE: Teal'c kneels behind a tree stump, watching the skies. Sounds of flyers can be heard, he grabs his radio.

TEAL'C: Colonel Mitchell do you read?

Scene moves back to Mitchell and Carter.

MITCHELL: Loud and clear Teal'c. What's up?

TEAL'C: Our time.

looks back up towards the skyline as Ori fighters fly through the sky, over the village. Mitchell runs out into the Village centre over to Vala.

VILLAGER: What is it?

VALA: They're checking for the monument MITCHELL: *grabs his radio* Sam! We've got fighters circling, how you coming with that disappearing act?

SCENE: Carter continues to work on the equipment.

CARTER: *grabs her radio* Just a few more minutes.

SCENE: Back in the Village center…the people look panicked.

MITCHELL: right… *to Thilana* Get these people inside now…


MITCHELL: *grabs Matar* Not you…*grabs radio* Teal'c…buddy…looks like we could use you back here now…

SCENE: Teal'c runs through the treeline back towards the Village, he grabs the radio.

TEAL'C: I am on my way.

He stops as the sound of a fighter comes closer; he ducks behind a fallen tree as one of the fighters drops a round device. Suddenly it activates, ringing down a group of soldiers who move immediately into defensive positions.

TEAL'C: *grabs radio* ColonelMitchell…an Ori fighter has deposited a ring platform outside the village. Now a ground force is headed your way.

SCENE: Back in the village center, Matar and a group of other men have remained behind.

MTICHELL: Alright…*pats Matar's arm* this way…*runs toward the F.R.E.D* Come with me. *The men follow* have you ever fired a gun before?


MITCHELL: *pulls out a P-90* Alright…blank stares are going to cut it this time…Listen up*Cocks it* Pull this…*hands it to Matar* aim there…squeeze that…*Matar fires, the entire group jump back.* Alright…yeah…just make sure this end is pointed away from you and anyone else you don't want to kill. Pass these out to who ever wants one…*heads off, while they all make a grab for the weapons.*

SCENE: Another group ring down, Teal'c rises firing on them as soon as they materialize, killing three. He throws a grenade as they fire and he ducks down. He continues to fire on them and they makes a run for it.

SCENE: As the Ori soldiers enter the Village, the Villagers, Mitchell and Vala immediately fire on them and a fire fight ensues. They are able to take out three soldier before the first villager is killed.

VALA: We can't hold them off forever ya know…


Another soldier, and another villager die, the commander motions for some of his men to go round.

MITCHELL: They're splitting up…trying to flank us… *moves off, in the other direction*

SCENE: in the library, Carter works frantically to get the device working, behind her we see an Ori Soldier come through the door. Carter turns hearing him, he aims and she attempts to dive out of the way, but still gets hit by half the blast from the staff, the rest hits some of the equipment on the table. Carter cries out in pain, he hands covered in blood as she grips her side. The soldier comes over to finish the job, but is shot in the back by Mitchell.


CARTER: ugh!!

MITCHELL: It's ok…*kneels down beside her, tries to sit her up* you'll be ok…*her eyes wide, she looks down at the wound*

SCENE: Outside Vala and the few Villagers left with her, continue to fire, when one of them is shot from behind. Vala turns firing on him, and then another on the roof. But they all soon find themselves out of bullets and surrounded, they lower their weapons, and raise their hands above their heads.

SOLDIER: Stay where you are!

SCENE: Carter moves frantically, gripping Mitchell's Jacket.

MITCHELL: ann—nuh nuh-ni-You'll be fine…just stay with me…

SOLDIER: {heard from outside} Search the buildings

MITCHELL: Alright…we have to move…

CARTER: *in pain* We can't…

MITCHELL: Sam we have to…

CARTER: Eh-gh-The devi-ce

MITCHELL: *nods, pulls out some C4* yeah…

CARTER: *grabs his arm* No-wait…You-Can't…destroy it

MITCHELL: Well what you want me to do?! I can't carry you and all that junk!

CARTER: *through gritted teeth* Activate it.

Mitchell lets her go, she cries out again.

SCENE: The soldiers lead some of the villagers and Vala to the city centre, making them kneel before them.

SCENE: Mitchell walks over to the equipment on the table, where only one of the Naquadah generators is still working.

MITCHELL: It's no good they're fried.

CARTER: *groans* All of them?!

MITCHELL: Well we've got one working.

CARTER: Ah-Bypass the other two connect the leads.

Mitchell gets to work disconnecting the other two generators. When he connects the other one, a ringing sound is heard briefly. Outside one of the soldiers looks to the building.

MITCHELL: Alright What's next?

CARTER: There's a macro…on the…main control screen.

MITCHELL: *hurries over to the laptop* I have no idea where that is! *Carter's closed her eyes, her breathing evening out, as she begins to pass out* Sam! Sam!! *Mitchell looks out the window, a group of soldiers are headed their way, he begins to flick though the screens on the computer* That's it…I think…well it better be it. *he hits enter, flash of light*

SCENE: Outside, the building glows and vanishes before the Guards.

SOLDIER: *turns to the people gathered in the center* What just happened? How did that building disappear?

VALA: Maybe it was the will of the Gods. *small smile*

SOLDIER: All those who oppose the Ori shall perish *he holds up his arm, a device activating*


SOLDIER: *walks over to him* Commander. All those here have resisted with force.

COMMANDER/TOMIN: *pulls off his helmet* Then they shall be punished *looks at Vala*

VALA: Tomin…

TOMIN: *to the Soldier* Have her taken to the rings…transport her to the ship…*The soldier points and Vala is dragged from the group* Kill the rest

VALA: *The soldier aim, as the Villagers cry out* No! Tomin! No! No! *They fire, cries of agony…Vala stares at Tomin*

SCENE: The Soldiers march round the village, back in the library, Mitchell has rolled Carter on her side and has begun to work on her wound, but she is beginning to wake up.

MITCHELL: *Carter cries out* Hold still! Hold still…hang on…*picks up some morphine* this'll help you. *injects her, goes back to work*

CARTER: How long was I out?

MITCHELL: Well unfortunately not long enough for me to finish this. Just hang on…

CARTER: Wh-at's going on outside? *looks at him over her shoulder*

MITCHELL: Shooting has stopped…the Ori army is in control.

CARTER: *An Ori soldier seems to enter the building* Cam!!

MITCHELL: *grabs his P-90, then realizes the soldier can't see him* Damn it Sam! *The Ori soldier walks through the wall* Don't scare me like that.


MITCHELL: Oh…the uh…device is on…I forgot to mention it…I don't know how big the field is…I think you and I are the only ones inside it.

CARTER: T-Teal'c and Vala?

MITCHELL: oh…I tried to contact them on the radio…there's no response…

CARTER: Well…that could mean anything.

MITCHELL: It could…you'll pull this Sam… *Carter grits her teeth, whimpering…*

SCENE: In orbit over the planet, aboard an Ori Ship, Vala sits on a bed, some clothes laid out beside her. Tomin enters.

TOMIN: Why are you still wearing the clothes of a blasphemer?

VALA: If I put on this dress…and say "Hallowed are the Ori" will you stop mass-murdering innocent people? *Tomin turns to leave* Tomin wait! I know you think that everything that comes out of mouth is a lie and I've deceived you too much to change that now…but there's one thing I want you to know that is the truth…There were real moments between us…I did fall in love with you…in your heart you were a good man. Not because Origin told you to be. I know you can't possibly like what you've become…what this faith has made you do… TOMIN: after all that time we spent together…you still know nothing about me.

VALA: I know you must still love me…why else would I be here?

TOMIN: *turns round fully to her* If it were up to me…I would light the fire that would burn you alive for your desecration…The only reason you are still here is because it was so ordered by the Orisi. *steps forward* you will remain in this room. You will see no one. You will speak to no one. You'll be educated in the ways of origin until such time; this evil no longer possesses you.

VALA: no… Tomin…*stands* I-I'm…I'm street smart…that's always got me by…but I have to warn you I've never been much for school… TOMIN: I am to teach you…This is my punishment for allowing you to deceive me. If you continue to resist you will die. *leaves*

SCENE: Back on the Planets surface, in a room, the wounded lie on the ground, Thilana and Other villagers tending to them, a man enters wearing a cloak and hood, as he lowers it we see it's Teal'c.

THILANA: Teal'c.

TEAL'C: Thilana…I am happy to see that you are uninjured.

THILANA: You as well…where's the rest of your team?

TEAL'C: I was hoping that you'd have seen them.

THILANA: I have not.

MATAR: *walks over* I have spoken to many others Thilana. We have decided that as Village leader you must go forward to the Prior and embrace Origin on our behalf.

THILANA: What? You have no right.

MATAR: You see how powerful they are.

TEAL'C: A poor reason to abandon ones beliefs.

MATAR: *turns to Teal'c* this no longer concerns you. You're attempts to have us resist have only led to death.

TEAL'C: My concerns extend to those who would worship false Gods. The Ori are not worthy of your devotion.

MATAR: Well…God's or not, their power is real, and the same cannot be said for your people…You pledged to protect us, but when the time came you failed to do so. We have no choice…we shall bow down to the Ori and beg for their mercy or we shall all perish.

SCENE: Back in the Library, Mitchell stares out the window, until he hears Carter wake, she lies on a cot, she's very pale and sweaty.

MITCHELL: It's getting worse?

CARTER: Not getting better.

MITCHELL: *walks over* Listen I've been thinking…

CARTER: Ot-oh…

MITCHELL: Yeah…*sits* Dangerous…I know.*grabs some morphine* I can leave the field and still stay out of phase right? *injects her* So I was thinking I'd take some C4 plant it round the village, come back here…use the explosions as a distraction t- *he looks up and Carter is shaking her head* what? You haven't heard the rest of the plan.

CARTER: You can't leave the device here.

MITCHELL: Well…I was gonna save some C4 for that as well.

CARTER: *Takes a deep breath* You cannot sacrifice the device for me. It is still our best chance against the Ori.

MITCHELL: No offence but that Gizmos not showing a whole lot of promise right now

CARTER: *shakes her head* It'll work…I just wasn't ready for this. I'm probably not going to make it either way-

MITCHELL: No. don't you start to talk like that…

CARTER: Cam…*voice breaking, tears in her eyes* you have to face the fact that I'm going to die here…

MITCHELL: No I don't have to face that fact…because I am not gonna let it happen…

CARTER: Well I appreciate that…*a single tear falls down her face* but the truth is…even if you manage to create a distraction and destroy the device…You are never going to get me to the gate by yourself.

MITCHELL: Yes I will.

CARTER: *shakes her head* Not alive. *Mitchell closes his eyes, rubbing a hand over his face*

SCENE: On board the Ori ship, in Vala's Quarters, she lies back on the bed while Tomin sits at the desk reading a passage out from the Book Of Origin.

TOMIN: So it came to pass that Veramesh was gripped by a great famine, so Markon went to the Prophet, Artakes, and asked to go to the forest for food.

VALA: *sits up, turning to look at him* how many people have you killed? Do you keep track? Put little notches in your Ori belt?

TOMIN: The Prophet bade him be patient for the Ori provide for all who have faith. But Markon did not believe-

VALA: Do you remember their faces? Or were there to many of them *she stands, walking over to him* hundreds…*she sits in the chair in front of the desk* thousands?

TOMIN: So the Prophet drew a line in the sand and told him…"Step Across and you may do as you wish", So Markon did and left the Village and feasted on wild berries *Vala stands, and walks round to his side of the desk*

VALA: what about the stories in there that are all about not ki-

TOMIN: *slams his hand down on the table* Enough! They were each given a chance to save themselves. Those who do not walk the path are not worthy.

VALA: *kneels before him* you can preach all you want to me Tomin *Tomin begins to speak but she shouts over him* but I know that's not what you believe.

TOMIN: But the food was bitter and did not satisfy him and he longed to return to the village, but found that the line had widened *Vala sighs* to a great chasm.

VALA: I've read the book. *Tomin looks up at her* I've read it. I understand why you think its so important, the words give you comfort and at face value it appears to be *Tomin begins to speak again, she shouts over him* as if they'r-they are trying to inspire the best out of people honesty Morality

TOMIN: -he called out to the prophet in fear but the Prophet said "the line has not changed it is you who have changed, step across if you truly believe"

VALA: This whole crusade is a manipulation…nothing in there says that those who don't believe should be massacred. Where does it say that Tomin?! Where does it say that?!

TOMIN: So Markon prayed for forgiveness and took the first step, and the hands of the Ori envelope-

VALA: The Ori are not Gods *Tomin smacks her across the face with the book cutting her lip, he stands* You should kill me now…*he leaves*

SCENE: The soldiers enter the room where the wounded lie…Teal'c pulls up his hood.

SOLDIER: There is a building in the village square that disappeared on our arrival. You will tell me what trickery is being used to conceal it. *Matar glances in the direction of Teal'c and Thilana, as Thilana stands*

THILANA: *walks over to them* I am Thilana, leader of this village…we do not know what Magic is at work…but it strikes me, by your asking us lowly peasants, you're saying that the great power of the Ori cannot see passed such deception?

SOLDIER: I ask you. So that you may show the Ori the error of your ways, If you do not bow…your village will be burned to the Ground. *He moves to leave*

MATAR: Wait! *stands*

THILANA: Matar! No! *the soldier turns*

MATAR: She would stand by while more of our people are murdered [!] to protect the identities of those who have failed us.

SOLDIER: What do you speak of?

MATAR: *walks round to Teal'c* This man is not of our village…he came with the others…to try and conceal us…*moves to pull of Teal'c's hood, but Teal'c grabs his arm, and stands, pulling the hood off himself.*

SOLDIER: You have served the Ori well my friend. *Matar bows* seize him *points at Teal'c, the soldiers move to take him* Both of them as well. *Thilana and Matar are led out also*

SCENE: Back on the Ori ship, Vala sits at the desk, feet up as Tomin enters.

TOMIN: Forgive me for striking you.

VALA: Hitting me is nothing compared to the lives you mercilessly extinguished…You can never make up for that Tomin. I thought that I could save you…but I realize now it's too late.

TOMIN: Yes it is…You'll never see me again. *he turns to go*

VALA: one last story…from me…*she stands* a long time ago some people just like you and me… over time evolved…they became so advance that they figured out how to turn themselves into energy an ascend to a higher plane of existence *Tomin closes his eyes*. I know…*walks forward* it sounds crazy…but it happened. Then they discovered that if regular humans worshipped them…that that made them more powerful, so they used their knowledge to make as many people as the could…and then created a religion that would force them to prostate in their name…the more prostrating the more power…the religion save that these beings were benevolent…but they couldn't offer their followers ascension because that would mean they would have to share their power. They just use people up and throw them away. I know I'll never convince you otherwise…but everything you believe…is a lie. *Tomin leaves*

SCENE: The Prior walks into the Village center where Teal'c, Trilana and Matar have been placed. The soldier bow as he approaches. He stops before Teal'c

PRIOR: Tell me what you know. *after a moments silence, his staff glows, Teal'c's face contorts in pain and he collapses*

MATAR: please! Prior! We were misled…the outsiders tried to convince us the Ori were false gods.

THILANA: Matar!!

MATAR: Forgive us! For we are now ready to embrace the teachings of Origin *bows* with open hearts.

PRIOR: Tell me…do you know how the outsiders have concealed themselves. *Mater looks at Thilana*

SCENE: Mitchell watches the scene from the window.

MITCHELL: This is not good. *Carter starts to doze off* Hey! *walks over* Carter! Wake up! *she looks at him* no sleeping.

CARTER: My laptop…there's a file… MITCHELL: You want me to get it?

CARTER: *she shakes her head, fighting to keep her eyes open* in my personal directory…letters mostly…*Mitchell looks away*


CARTER: One to Cassie…*closes her eyes* Some other people…*looks at him* Passwords `fishing'.

MITCHELL: ahh…see…now you're gonna have to change the password. Sam…don't give up on me…you have to think of my position here. I worked my ass off to get this team back together, and now we've lost-…*bites lip* well…we've lost Jackson…I can't lose you too.

CARTER: *looking off* I've spent my entire life dedicated to science. The last ten years *her breathing more labored, wheezy* trying to convince people…they believed in false Gods…I don't feel like Science is going to help me…right now…I'm just hoping – somewhere…one of those Gods a- MITCHELL: My Grandma use to say…God is like a prairie wind storm. If you look too hard, you get dust in your eyes, but there's still plenty of ways to know it's there.

CARTER: is that what you believe?

MITCHELL: bah…I generally just nodded until she gave me a macaroon. *small laugh from Carter* There is one thing…that I do know is true…mind is a powerful thing…no matter who…or what you believe in, sometimes belief itself makes all the difference in the world…you just don't give up. tell yourself what ever you have to…just believe you're gonna make it Sam. *Suddenly the Prior walks straight through the wall, they both watch unmoving* Oh crap.

The prior smacks his staff of the ground, it glows, brighter and brighter, the prior growing weak, but still nothing changes, he is unable to see anything. Mitchell stands and walks over.

MITCHELL: Guess your little bag of tricks don't work on us huh?

PRIOR: Show your self or this village will be destroyed…*looks round blindly, then leaves*

MITCHELL: Score 1 for Science.

SCENE: On the Ori ship, the Prior rings up from the planet, Tomin meeting him by the Door.

TOMIN: Prior…I beg forgiveness for my failure in teaching the mother of the Orisi

PRIOR: *stops keeping his back to Tomin* You have only just begun Tomin.

TOMIN: please allow me to recluse myself. She is intolerable. I fear I will no longer be of use…my skills are much better spent as a commander

PRIOR: Indeed, you have proved yourself a ruthless and skillful warrior. And a fine leader.

TOMIN: Thank you…I'll head straight back down to the Planet.

PRIOR: That won't be necessary. We are done here. *starts to move off*

TOMIN: I'm sorry I don't understand.

PRIOR: *stops* The village will be destroyed

TOMIN: *walks closer* why?

PRIOR: They have been touched by evil…there is no salvation for them.

TOMIN: but we eliminated all of the unbelievers.

PRIOR: not all of them.

TOMIN: I thought the village had capitulated, if you'll allow me.

PRIOR: Markon walked away from the Ori to satisfy his hunger, but no matter how much he ate he did not feel full. Realizing his mistake he ran back to the Ori, but they denied his pleas and struck down the village that welcomed him back.

TOMIN: forgive me Prior but I was reviewing that very passage just this morning. Markon prayed for forgiveness and took the first step…

PRIOR: and the hands of the Ori enveloped all those who welcomed him back…the village was destroyed. All those who stand by and accept transgressions must be punished.

TOMIN: *walks round to stand in front of him* that is not the implication of the Text Prior. The Ori granted forgiveness when Markon realized his mistake and blessed the village with their light for showing him the way back to the path.

PRIOR: you dare to question my judgment?

TOMIN: No…it was just not how I was taught.

PRIOR: There are many words, but only one truth. *leaves*

SCENE: Mitchell watches the Soldiers leaving the village from the Window.

MITCHELL: they're gonna clear out and bomb the village from orbit…*turns to look at Carter* I reckon we'll be okay…the device will be preserved…they'll go away thinking they wiped us out. But they're gonna kill all those people.

CARTER: I know.

MITCHELL: So what are we gonna do about it?

SCENE: Back in the room, with the injured villagers, Teal'c wakes, with Thilana standing over him.

THILANA: Teal'c…I'm so sorry. I told the prior of the device. He decreed that the village would be destroyed if your friends do not show themselves. *Matar runs in with a knife, and other villagers holding different weapons, Teal'c rolls off the table*

MATAR: Stand aside Thilana THILANA: What do you think you are doing?

MATAR: He must be sacrificed to show the Ori we are not allied with them.

THILANA: you will do no such thing.

MATAR: If you stand in the way…you too will be shown no mercy.

SCENE: Mitchell walks round the Table

MITCHELL: So what we got to do is…we have to expand the field around the village just for a little while.

CARTER: There's not enough power.

MITCHELL: Carter come on *drops down beside her*…there's gotta be something. *she groans, shifting* hang on…hang on…I'll get you some morphine…*starts searching, as he moves, Carter spots the Ori who shot her…her mind working*

CARTER: *Mitchell moves to inject her but she stops him* Wait. I need to think clearly, there might still be away.

SCENE: Back in the room with the injured villagers.

THILANA: Matar…killing Teal'c will prove nothing…if these Gods are truly worthy of our devotion, then pray to them. No God should ever ask you to kill an innocent man to prove your sanctity. *steps forward* I know you're afraid…we all are…*slowly moves to take the knife* but if you are going to die… let us die in noble peace…and truth of spirit… *after a moment, she takes the knife from him, tears running down his face, she looks to Teal'c who inclines his head in thanks.*

SCENE: Vala has fallen asleep and wakes to find Tomin sitting on the bed beside her.

TOMIN: Why do they not reveal themselves?

VALA: who?

TOMIN: your friends. They're concealing a building on the planets surface, the prior plans to destroy the village because of them… Hundreds will die because of your friends' treachery.

VALA: innocent people.

TOMIN: yes.

VALA: you're not happy about that?

TOMIN: No…*Vala nods* he twisted the meaning.

VALA: who?

TOMIN: the prior. He changed the meaning of the story of Markon to suit the situation. To justify killing villagers…

VALA: well…if you think that is wrong you should do something about it.

TOMIN: He's a prior

VALA: Tomin…those people down there don't have to die and you're the only one who can do something about it…

SCENE: Mitchell has the Ori staff in hand, and works at removing the crystal from the top of it.

MITCHELL: You wanna use this? *hold up the crystal*

CARTER: *nods* The power crystal in Merlin's device was depleted…That's why we needed the Naquadah generators…

MITCHELL: *stares at the crystal* I'm sorry…is that not apple and oranges?

CARTER: *her words slurring slightly* Ancient and Ori technology is similar. We can make it work for a short time.

MITCHELL: Alright…*drops the staff* so what do I do…?

CARTER: Put the crystal in the back of the device…

MITCHELL: *Mitchell pulls out a compartment, with a small gap in it* Got it *he moves to place the crystal but it won't fit.* It's too big it doesn't fit.

CARTER: Powerinterfaceadapter……


CARTER: connector. Generator. Ancient tech. oi…

MITCHELL: Carter…*walks over* Carter…you've had a lot of morphine…so I want you to explain it to me…so that it makes sense.

SCENE: In the control room of the Ori ship, the Prior sits at the control chair, as Tomin enters.

TOMIN: Excuse me…Prior.

PRIOR: Come in Tomin. It is good you have seen your way clear. Hallowed are those who walk in unison

TOMIN: forgive me Prior but I am still troubled. I believe we are in error, the people of the village have expressed a willingness to seek the truth…I believe they are in earnest. Do not the Ori wish all who seek their wisdom to follow the path?

PRIOR: I'm disappointed Tomin. It seems you have begun to question the will of the Ori, or is it the unbeliever under your tutorage that has corrupted you.

TOMIN: No I have not begun to question the will of the Ori. But I have begun to question the interpretation of their words. No matter what you say I will not believe the book of Origin asks us to massacre innocent people and I will not stand by while the whole doctrine of good will and faith, that I have sworn to uphold is twisted into a hammer and used to beat people down!!

PRIOR: *stands* How dare you!

SCENE: Mitchell connects some crocodile clips to the device, attached to a casing holding the crystal. It sparks burning his finger, he quickly places it in his mouth.

CARTER: It's a good sign.

MITCHELL: That's easy for you to say…you with the little flesh wound. *she groans slightly* ok what next?

CARTER: *points* Laptop…*Mitchell picks it up and bring it to her, He grabs her hand, and helps pull her up* Arghhh!!



MITCHELL: right…*sits behind her to help keep her up*

SCENE: Back on the Ori ship, in the control room, the Prior walks forward.

PRIOR: Behold the Hand of the Ori at work His staff glows, and we have a shot of the Ori vessel powering up and firing down onto the planet, three shots.

SCENE: Tomin enters the room, where Vala sits waiting.

VALA: what happened?

TOMIN: *grabs her hands* come with me…

VALA: Let go of me…

TOMIN: *holds tighter* The prior destroyed the village.

VALA: What?

TOMIN: There was nothing I could do…now keep silent please…for both our sakes. *he drags her from the room.*

SCENE: Tomin takes her to the Ring room, shutting the doors behind them.

TOMIN: The ships about to break orbit, they'll probably kill me for this. But I'm going to ring you down to the planet.

VALA: Come with me…please…Tomin-

TOMIN: You're right…I still love you…

VALA: *smiles* then come…*He places his hands on her face and kisses her, releasing her he walks back to the controls*

TOMIN: This is all that I can do VALA: No Tomin You can do more…*he activates the rings…*

SCENE: Vala walks back to where the village once stood, finding a large whole in the ground caused by the blast.

VALA: Hello? Anyone? *suddenly there's a flash of light, and she finds herself in the village center surrounded by the villagers, Teal'c standing a distance behind her*

TEAL'C: ValaMalDoran. *she turns, runs up and jumps onto him, her legs wrapping round his waist grinning* ColonelCarter was able to expand the range of the device in time…*grabs radio.* ColonelMitchell ValaMalDoran is here.

SCENE: Still in the Library, Mitchell grabs his radio.

MITCHELL: That's good news…do we know if that ship has left?

SCENE: Vala still on Teal'c, grabs his radio

VALA: as far as I know it has.

SCENE: Mitchell sits holding Carters hand.

MITCHELL: *grabs radio* Okay…look Carter's in bad shape we need a med team here…right away. *Camera pans to show Carter has passed out, and is running a fever*

SCENE: Stargate Command Infirmary, Carter is sitting up in bed typing on her Laptop, while a nurse checks her vitals. Mitchell leans in the doorway.

MITCHELL: Hey there. *Carter closes her laptop* you're looking better.

CARTER: Thanks. A few more weeks and I should be back in action.

MITCHELL: Yeah…*walks over carrying a brown paper bag* No…I don't wanna rush you.

CARTER: Listen Cam…

MITCHELL: Sam…Don't say a word. *she nods, who pulls out the paper bag, handing it to her* Here… I baked you some Macaroons.

CARTER: You baked them?

MITCHELL: Yeah…Grandma's recipe.

CARTER: Wow…thanks.

MITCHELL: Go on…try one.

CARTER: *grits her teeth, tight smile, opens the bag* you know what…maybe a little later MITCHELL: you don't like macaroons?

CARTER: I-It's just that I'm still a little queasy.

MITCHELL: What's wrong they'll make you feel better *sits on the bed, opening the bag* here…I'll get ya a good one. *reaches in, pulling one out, he sniffs it and passes it to her. Carter takes it, hesitates, then bites a tiny bit of the end* Pretty good huh?

CARTER: *around the food* Actually …they are pretty good…

MITCHELL: *watching her*…You hate it.

CARTER: *nods* yep…sorry. *throws the macaroon back in the bag*

MITCHELL: well…to each their own.

CARTER: *nods* Thank you.

They smile at each other; Mitchell looks away, patting her shoulder.




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