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#616 : Métamorphose

Ecrit par : Jacqueline Samuda et James Tichenor

Réalisé par : Peter DeLuise

L'équipe du SG-1 doit, à nouveau, affronter la terrible Nirrti. Les Russes ont introduit dans la base un Oktar qui implore leur aide : Nirrti a emprisonné ses compatriotes malades dans une forteresse et les utilise comme cobayes. Elle a inventé une machine qui modifierait l'ADN dans le but de créer une race humaine supérieure. A peine Oktar leur a-t-il exposé la situation qu'il meurt, victime d'une explosion cellulaire commandée à distance par Nirrti. Le général Hammond dépêche sur les lieux l'équipe du SG-1, mais celle-ci se heurte rapidement à l'aveuglement des Oktar, qui voient en Nirrti une déesse vénérée...

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616 - Métamorphose

Titre en vo : Metamorphosis

1ère diffusion États-Unis : 07/02/2003.

1ère diffusion en France : 16/05/2003.

Ecrit par : James Tichenor.

Réalisé par : Peter Deluise.

Synopsis : L'équipe du SG-1 doit à nouveau affronter la terrible Nirrti. Les Russes ont fait pénétrer dans la base un Oktar de la planète 367; il implore leur aide : Nirrti a emprisonné ses compatriotes malades dans une forteresse et les utilise comme cobayes afin de tester son invention. Cette machine modifierait l'ADN dans le but de créer une race humaine supérieure. A peine l'Oktar leur a-t-il exposé la situation qu'il meurt, victime d'une explosion cellulaire commandée à distance par Nirrti. Le Général Amon dépêche sur les lieux l'équipe du SG-1 mais celle-ci se heurte très vite à l'aveuglement des Oktars qui voient en Nirrti une déesse et leur sauveuse.

Apparitions :

Teryl Rothery (Dr Janet Fraiser)

Dan Payne (Commandant Jaffa)

Alex Zahara (Agar)

Dion Johnstone (Wodan)

Gary Jones (Sergent Walter Davis)

Jacqueline Samuda (Nirrti)

Alex Rae (Alebran)

Jacquie Janzen (Lieutenant Rush)

Raoul Ganeev (Lieutenant Colonel Ivanov)



Scene: Elevator

Sam swipes her card and the doors open. Jonas is inside and flirting with a nurse. She gets out as Sam gets in.

RUSH: I'm sure I'll see you again.

JONAS: Hey. With any luck I'll get sick.

The elevator doors close.

CARTER: With any luck, I'll get sick?

JONAS: Lieutenant Rush is a nurse. She works in the infirmary.

CARTER: So you were flirting?

The doors open.

JONAS: I'm thinking of asking her out.

CARTER: Then you should.

JONAS: In Kelowna, it's common for that request to be passed on by a friend.

CARTER: Oh it is not.

JONAS: You could at least find out for me if she'd be receptive.

CARTER: Jonas, you are such a chickenshit.

The alarms go off.

DAVIS: Unscheduled off world activation.

They run back the way they came.

Scene: Control room

CARTER: Who is it?

DAVIS: The Russian team, Major. And they're requesting a medical team.

CARTER: Open the iris. Page General Hammond and Colonel O'Neill to the Gateroom.

DAVIS: Yes sir.

The iris opens and the Russians come through with a young man.

JONAS: I thought aliens weren't allowed back to the SGC without prior permission?

CARTER: They're not.

Scene: Gateroom

Jack walks in and Sam and Jonas are already there.

O'NEILL: Carter? What's going on?

CARTER: Colonel Evanov and his team brought this visitor back with them, Sir.

O'NEILL: Sergei, who the hell's that?

ALEBRAN: I am Alebran.

EVANOV: Alebran has vital information regarding the goa'uld Nirrti.

O'NEILL: What about her?

ALEBRAN: She is experimenting on my people. Transforming us.

EVANOV: I knew you would want to know what Nirrti was doing to these people. Since it was you who allowed her to go free.


Scene: Gateroom

Hammond and Fraiser walk in.

HAMMOND: Colonel, what's going on?

O'NEILL: Ol' Sergei brought this guy back from 367 without authorisation, Sir.

HAMMOND: You'd better have a damn good reason.

EVANOV: General, Sir. Alebran and his people are innocent victims of the Nirrti. I felt certain you would wish to act.

ALEBRAN: Colonel Evanov has promised you would help us.

O'NEILL: Has he now?

FRAISER: Are you in pain?

ALEBRAN: It is nothing that I cannot endure. Please, I must know if you will help my people.

FRAISER: Sir, with your permission, I'd like to take him to isolation room 3.

HAMMOND: Very well.

FRAISER: Come with me.

Scene: Isolation room 3

Everyone is round the bed.

EVANOV: We found him near the Stargate after we performed a recon of Nirrti's fortress. Or I should say, he found us. Alebran has asked for our help to save his people being held prisoner inside.

ALEBRAN: I thought that she was helping us. Then I saw one of my people die in such a horrible way I realised... When I questioned her methods, she released me.

JONAS: She let you go.

ALEBRAN: I was well enough to return home she said. When I arrived back in the village, everyone was dead. She lied to us. Those of us she took away, we were the last of our people. She was using us.

O'NEILL: You look okay to me.

ALEBRAN: Please, do not be fooled by my appearance. I spent just as much time within the machine as the others. I know that I have been changed inside; I am not like I was before.

CARTER: What kind of machine?

ALEBRAN: It's one that sees inside of us. It allows her to manipulate that which we are made of.

FRAISER: If he's talking about some sort of machine that can directly alter human DNA in real time...

TEAL'C: You believe Nirrti is attempting to create a hok'taur.

EVANOV: I am not familiar with that term.

JONAS: It means advanced human.

TEAL'C: Nirrti is most interested in creating the perfect human host in order to increase her power.

O'NEILL: So, she's at it again.

CARTER: No, Sir. This is worse.

FRAISER: Sam's right. Up till now, Nirrti's been using eugenics. Like with Cassandra's people, selectively breeding only those that demonstrated specific genetic attributes.

CARTER: With a machine that can alter DNA and a population with which to experiment, Nirrti could create a new host or even alter the DNA of her current one.

FRAISER: A Goa'uld with the powers of a hok'taur.

JONAS: Obviously we can't let that happen.

EVANOV: As you know, Nirrti does not have the power and resources of the other Goa'uld. She has only a small number of jaffa in her service. I believe her capture or if necessary her assassination is quite possible.


HAMMOND: Agreed.

O'NEILL: Can you get us in that fortress?

ALEBRAN: No. I cannot go back.

HAMMOND: We're offering to help your people Alebran.

ALEBRAN: No, there is no time. I feel it, something's happening.

EVANOV: Alebran believes Nirrti has the power to kill him even here.

JONAS: Well what if she does?

CARTER: Cassandra.

FRAISER: General, we need to find out if Alebran has a device similar to the one Nirrti placed in Cassandra.

O'NEILL: You mean like a bomb?


FRAISER: Let's get him into x-ray. Let's move.

ALEBRAN: No, it's too late.

FRAISER: Breathe deeply. Let's go. Take it easy.

They wheel him out.

EVANOV: What is happening?

CARTER: Several years ago, Nirrti placed a naquadah device inside a young girl in order to destroy the SGC.

EVANOV: My team can take him back through the Stargate.

CARTER: No. These devices are designed to detonate in close proximity to the Stargate.

ALEBRAN: You have to kill me.

FRAISER: Just take it easy.

ALEBRAN: Kill me. Kill me now!

FRAISER: Give him a sedative. 2cc's valium.

ALEBRAN: Please someone tell me what is happening?

FRAISER: Alebran, we need to take a chest x-ray.


FRAISER: Get him down.

ALEBRAN: No! Please kill me! Arrggghh! He starts spitting up water.

FRAISER: Everybody get back!

Jack grabs a gun off an SF and Alebran stops breathing and disintegrates into nothing. Water cascades off the trolley.

EVANOV: (Not sure what he says here)

JONAS: What happened? Janet just looks at him.

HAMMOND: This is Hammond. I want a hazmat team to Level 22 elevators immediately.

FRAISER: It's like every cell in his body just broke down.

CARTER: Nirrti must have written some kind of time delay right into his DNA.

FRAISER: There's nothing we could have done, Sir.

Scene: Corridor

Hammond is walking along with Jack and Evanov.

HAMMOND: Colonel, how soon can your team be ready?

O'NEILL: Right away, Sir. I'd like to take SG3 with me as back up.

HAMMOND: Very well.

EVANOV: Allow my team to join SG1, General.

O'NEILL: I don't think so, Sergei.

HAMMOND: Not so fast Colonel.


HAMMOND: Lieutenant Colonel Evanov's team has gathered valuable intelligence that could be useful to you.

EVANOV: My team has scouted the entire area. I can get you right inside Nirrti's fortress.

O'NEILL: Fine. Get geared up.

Evanov salutes.

EVANOV: Thank you.

He walks off.

O'NEILL: General.

HAMMOND: Like it or not a Russian team is operating out of the SGC. I've been asked to integrate them more fully into our own operations.

O'NEILL: Does it have to be with my team?

HAMMOND: Lieutenant Colonel Evanov is a fine officer. I'm sure you'll agree. You'll be in command.

O'NEILL: Yes sir. I'll remind him of that.

Scene: Alebran's Planet

SG1 and the Russian team come through the Gate.

EVANOV: So this is the path leading to the fortress. Guarded by jaffa.

O'NEILL: Not many.

EVANOV: Only ten.

O'NEILL: All right. Evanov, you're with us.

EVANOV: (Not sure what he says here, it's Russian)

The rest of his team stay at the Gate.

Scene: Forest

Jack and Teal'c lead the way up an incline, followed by Evanov, Carter and Jonas. They stop and see jaffa.

CARTER: They're well positioned.

O'NEILL: We're gonna need a diversion. Carter, Jonas, that's you.

They move out. Sam plants some C4 under the wall the jaffa are defending as does Jonas. Teal'c and Evanov move through the undergrowth.

Sam detonates the explosives. The jaffa move to plain sight at the front of the wall. The team starts firing.

JAFFA: Kree Jaffa!

The jaffa guarding one of the big weapons is taken out by Teal'c and he takes over firing at the jaffa.

One jaffa tries to run.

EVANOV: Colonel! (Over his radio)

O'NEILL: I got him. Jack takes him out with a single shot.

O'NEILL: Evanov, stay out here for now. Watch our six. (Over radio)

EVANOV: Yes sir.

Scene: Nirrti's fortress

SG1 move in stealthily and Sam comes across four men.

CARTER: Colonel.

WODEN: Please, don't hurt us.

JONAS: We're not here to hurt anyone. We've come here to rescue you. Take you from this place.

WODEN: No, no, we cannot leave.

O'NEILL: One step at a time, Jonas. Where's Nirrti?

WODEN: She is not here.

CARTER: Are you expecting her back?

WODEN: Of course. For our treatment.

JONAS: My name is Jonas.

WODEN: I am Woden.

He lowers his hood and we see he has been mutated and has an eye on the side of his head.

JONAS: We've come from a place called Earth. To help, all of you.

WODEN: That is not necessary. Nirrti is helping us.

O'NEILL: Excuse me?

WODEN: She cares for us. Nirrti is our God.

TEAL'C: Nirrti is of a race called the Goa'uld.

CARTER: They're parasitical beings that use our kind as hosts.

WODEN: We are very ill. Nirrti is curing us of our sickness.

TEAL'C: That is most unlikely.

WODEN: When the God Nirrti came, a great plague had befallen our people. We were dying. With the machine, Nirrti has kept us alive.

O'NEILL: (To Carter) Check it out. (To Woden) Don't take this wrong friend, if this is cured....

WODEN: My brother Alebran once looked as I do now. In time she will make him whole again.

O'NEILL: Alebran you say?

TEAL'C: Your brother is dead.

WODEN: Nirrti allowed him to return to our village.

JONAS: There's no one left alive at your village. Alebran told us himself.

WODEN: Whh....

O'NEILL: Might have been a different Alebran. It's a popular name. The point is, we need to know when and where Nirrti's coming back

EGAR: Very soon. And when she comes she will punish you.

JONAS: Your people were never sick. Nirrti's been lying to you.

WODEN: No. No, the plague ravaged our people long before she came. Our village was almost wiped out.

TEAL'C: It is possible she discovered them in this condition and took advantage of their situation.

EGAR: She brought me to this place. She gave me back my life.

CARTER: You said Nirrti would be returning for your treatments? What would happen if you didn't get them?

WODEN: We would die.

EGAR: We must receive treatment by tomorrow.

CARTER: Their mutations might be unstable.

JONAS: So what happened to Alebran will most likely happen to them too if they don't go back in that machine.

CARTER: Sir, this is an incredibly advanced piece of technology. My guess is that it was built by the Ancients.

O'NEILL: Can you figure it out?

CARTER: Not by tomorrow. Maybe with a few days and a lot of help. We're gonna need Nirrti, Sir.

O'NEILL: Yeah. Figure out what you can. I'm gonna go brief Evanov. Jonas, Teal'c, take these fine folks somewhere where they can be comfortable for a while.

EGAR: He intends to kill her.

O'NEILL: What?

EGAR: You are planning to kill Nirrti.

WODEN: Are you certain, Egar?

EGAR: Yes, even now...

O'NEILL: No. First I intend to ask her in the nicest possible way to undo what she's done to you folks. You're just gonna have to trust me. We came here to help you.

WODEN: Only because you believe you are responsible for what has happened to us.

O'NEILL: Do what you can. (To Carter)

Scene: Outside the fortress

Jack walks up to Evanov.

EVANOV: Colonel.

O'NEILL: Nirrti's not home.

EVANOV: She must have left while we were on Earth.

O'NEILL: Well apparently she's coming back. I want to set up an ambush.

EVANOV: I will inform my men.

O'NEILL: Your team will be our back up. And we have to take her alive. Right now she's the only one who knows how to run that machine in there.

EVANOV: Very well.

O'NEILL: By the way, did you talk to any of the people in there other than Alebran?

EVANOV: No. Why?

O'NEILL: Probably nothing. I'll relieve you in two hours.

Scene: Underground Cages

Woden and Egar lead Teal'c and Jonas down some steps to a sort of living area.

JONAS: This is where you sleep?


He then raises his hand and the bars to a cage rise up.

JONAS: How did you..?

EGAR: We cannot allow you to harm Nirrti.

TEAL'C: We have no quarrel with your people. But I must insist you enter this cage.

Woden motions towards Teal'c and Jonas and their weapons fly out of their hands. They go for their side arms and he does the same to them. They try to rush him and he holds them back. He then knocks them to the floor and pushes them into the cages.

WODEN: And I must insist the same of you.

He lowers the bars and rips their radios off.

JONAS: Woden, you're making a mistake.

WODEN: No, it is you who has made the mistake, Jonas. She is coming.

Scene: Nirrti's Fortress

Sam is looking at the machine.

CARTER: Jonas, I'm already stymied here; I could really use your help. (On radio) Jonas? Colonel, Jonas isn't responding on his radio.

O'NEILL: Understood. Jonas, Teal'c? Evanov, this is SG1 niner. Come in. Carter, stay put, I'm on my way.

CARTER: Yes sir.

Sam moves away from the machine. She hears the rings come up and zats the two jaffa who have ringed in. She goes over to them and picks up one's zat gun and is zatted herself. Nirrti then appears.

Jack comes round the corner, P90 raised. He sees Nirrti holding an unconscious Sam with a zat to her head.

NIRRTI: I'm sure you're aware that a second shot from this weapon will kill.

O'NEILL: This weapon kills on the first shot.

NIRRTI: Then why haven't you already fired?

O'NEILL: Because I need you alive.


O'NEILL: Yeah I know, it's kinda hard to believe. But I need you to help these people.

NIRRTI: I am helping them.

O'NEILL: Yeah, I can see that.

NIRRTI: Appearances can be deceiving, Colonel O'Neill.

One of the jaffa sits up and raises his staff weapon at Jack. Jack shoots him and the bullet is stopped in mid air by Woden. It falls to the ground.

NIRRTI: Now, as I said.

O'NEILL: Yeah.

Jack puts down his weapon and Nirrti zats him.

Scene: Prison

Jack is lying on a bed.

O'NEILL: Carter?


O'NEILL: I really, really don't like that woman.

CARTER: Yes sir.

TEAL'C: O'Neill.

Jonas just waves.

O'NEILL: This is an unpleasant surprise.

TEAL'C: Indeed.

Jack gets up and checks the bars.

JONAS: Woden's telekinetic. Took our weapons right out of our hands just by thinking it.

TEAL'C: Nirrti is clearly progressing in her attempt to create a hok'taur.

JONAS: Maybe we're too late?

CARTER: No, these genetic manipulations are unstable. She's not there yet.

JONAS: Egar's telepathic. He did know Colonel O'Neill intended on killing Nirrti.

O'NEILL: That was not my intention.

CARTER: Who knows what abilities these others possess? I mean, enhanced senses, superhuman strength.

Jack gets up and talks to the other prisoners.

O'NEILL: Hey folks, how you doing? Jack O'Neill, Earth. Listen; originally we came here to rescue you. But as you can see we've run into a bit of a snag. So if any of you can bend steel with your bare hands or happen to be more powerful than a locomotive, just raise your hand. Identify yourselves. Let us know where you are.

Everyone ignores him and walks off.

JONAS: Must not know what a locomotive is.

Woden and Egar come in with Evanov.

O'NEILL: Woodman, buddy. Listen, I think we're dealing with a bit of a misunderstanding here.

CARTER: Do you really think Nirrti will keep you alive with these powers after she's finished her experiments? She's using you.

They throw Evanov in Jack and Sam's cell. They drag him to a bed.

O'NEILL: What'd she do to him?

WODEN: You are next. (pointing at Sam)

O'NEILL: Ah, I think I'm next.

WODEN: Nirrti has asked for this one.

O'NEILL: And I'm asking for you to take me instead...


He pushes Jack back.

O'NEILL: All right look. If you really can see in my mind, you know we came here to help you.

EGAR: I did sense that when you first arrived. But when I looked deeper into our mind I realised you would sacrifice us all if necessary to destroy Nirrti.

O'NEILL: That's not true.

EGAR: You cannot lie to me. Come!

CARTER: At least I'll find out how the machine works.

Woden lowers the bars.

Scene: Nirrti's Chamber

NIRRTI: Major Carter. I am pleased to have such an excellent subject. I might even consider you for my new host.

CARTER: Over my dead body.

NIRRTI: True, that is far more likely. Now, step inside.

Sam steps onto the machine. Nirrti activates and it looks like DNA strands swirling round Sam.

NIRRTI: Now, let's see what you're made of.

Sam looks in pain.

Scene: Prison

Jonas is pacing, Jack and Teal'c are sitting down.

EVANOV: Colonel. I'm sorry. I should never have allowed myself to be captured.

O'NEILL: Did you get a message off to your team?

EVANOV: I tried. But my radio..

O'NEILL: Yanked right out of your hand?

EVANOV: Yes. And at the same moment I was struck by a zat'nik'tel that appeared from nowhere. My team would follow their standing orders to return to base if we were out of contact for this long.

TEAL'C: Perhaps General Hammond will send reinforcements?

O'NEILL: Hopefully it won't come to that. What they do to you up there?

EVANOV: I don't know for how long I was in the machine for what she did but something is different.

O'NEILL: We'll get out of this.

EVANOV: Where is Major Carter?

Scene: Nirrti's Chamber

Sam is still in the machine. Nirrti switches it off and Sam collapses. Egar catches her.

NIRRTI: Enough. She has served her purpose. Bring me the one called Jonas.

They drag Sam off.

Scene: Prison

Woden and Egar bring Sam back and lift the bars. They shove Sam in where Jack catches her.

O'NEILL: Carter. Come on.

They lower the bars and walk round to Jonas. Jack lays Sam on the bed.

O'NEILL: Hey fellas! Want to do me a favour. Go on back, let her know that I'm next, you should pick me.

WODEN: Her will is my command.

O'NEILL: Yeah, well, there's your mistake right there.

Woden raises the bars of Jonas' cell. Teal'c appears to be kel'no'reeming.

EGAR: Jonas.

Jonas walks out and rushes Egar. Teal'c jumps up and goes for Woden. Woden manages to lower the bars and throws Teal'c backwards. Jonas lifts his fist to hit Egar and Woden stops him.

JONAS: You didn't see that coming, did you?

Woden throws Jonas down.

WODEN: Do not attempt that again.

They take Jonas away. Jack sits next to Sam.

O'NEILL: Carter?


O'NEILL: You made it through. You're gonna be all right.

CARTER: No sir, I don't think I am.

Scene: Nirrti's Chamber

Jonas walks in.

NIRRTI: We have not met.

JONAS: No, but I have heard a lot about you.

Nirrti looks at Egar. He lowers his eyes.

NIRRTI: You are not human.

JONAS: I'm human. I'm just not from Earth. A Goa'uld like yourself took my ancestors from Earth thousands of years ago and enslaved them.

NIRRTI: Sadly it was not I.

She activates the machine. Jonas does not look in pain.

NIRRTI: Those few thousand years on another world have changed you more than you know.

Scene: Prison

Evanov is coughing.

CARTER: You in pain?

EVANOV: Something is happening. I can feel it. Is there water?

O'NEILL: We'll ask.

CARTER: Try to rest.

Sam sits up.

TEAL'C: I have been attempting to communicate with the other prisoners. But they also believe Nirrti is a God. They will not listen.

O'NEILL: He's in pretty bad shape.

TEAL'C: He appears to be suffering the same symptoms as Alebran.

O'NEILL: We got to get to that guy... what's his name?

TEAL'C: Woden.

O'NEILL: No the other one.


O'NEILL: Yeah. I mean if he can read my mind, why can't he read Nirrti's?

CARTER: He can't read minds all the time or he would have known Jonas was gonna jump him.

TEAL'C: Perhaps he is afraid to look into the mind of one he perceives as a God.

Sam winces in pain.

O'NEILL: What?

CARTER: Nothing, I'm fine.

O'NEILL: Get some rest. That's an order.

Sam looks at Teal'c, who nods and turns away. Sam then puts her head on Jack's shoulder.

They then hear Evanov spitting up water. They turn to see him turn to water.

Scene: Nirrti's fortress.

Jonas appears to be asleep. He wakes up.

JONAS: Why did you bring me here?

NIRRTI: Because you are different.

JONAS: How's that?

NIRRTI: You are much closer than the others. With my help you could complete the transformation.

JONAS: And end up looking like those others?

NIRRTI: No. I assure you. You must know, that you are capable of much more than the petty tasks that life among the Tau'ri can offer.

JONAS: I like my life the way it is.

NIRRTI: I could make you more powerful than you could imagine. Powers you have seen in Woden and the others. Only a fraction of what I could give you.

JONAS: Well that is definitely the most interesting offer I've had in a very long time. But you can't risk giving me those kind of powers unless you're certain I won't use them against you.

NIRRTI: Once I share those powers we could rule the galaxy together.

JONAS: What about everyone else?

NIRRTI: They are not necessary.

JONAS: Well, I can only imagine what it would be like to have powers like that. What would I do? I guess the first thing I would do would be to free my friends and all those other people you have caged up down there. And then I would destroy you. Not necessarily in that order but you get the idea.

Nirrti throws him off the bed.

NIRRTI: Take him away and bring O'Neill. Once you have seen what has already happened to the others perhaps you will change your mind.

Her eyes glow.

Scene: Prison

Jonas is brought back.

JONAS: Evanov?

O'NEILL: Dead. Just like Alebran. Yeah that's right, Nirrti killed your brother. Go ahead; take a look in my mind if you don't believe me. Better yet, look into Nirrti's head.

EGAR: That is forbidden.

O'NEILL: No kidding.

JONAS: Because she's hiding something

EGAR: She is a God. She would know.

TEAL'C: She would not know because she is not a God.

Woden raises the bars on Jack and Sam's cage.

WODEN: O'Neill is next.

O'NEILL: Look, she just killed a good man. She's gonna do the same thing to the rest of us.

JONAS: Together you're stronger than she is, you just don't realise it.

Woden pulls Jack towards the bars and lowers them after he has walked through.

Scene: Corridor in Nirrti's Fortress

Jack is walking ahead.

O'NEILL: You know, you're right. I did want to kill her. But if you'd look into her mind for a split second, you'd want to do the same thing for what she's done to your people.

Jack walk into the main chamber.

NIRRTI: You should not have come here O'Neill.

O'NEILL: Can you undo what you've done to Carter?

NIRRTI: If I choose to.

O'NEILL: I let you go once. We made a deal, I honoured it.

NIRRTI: I told you then I would not have done the same.

O'NEILL: Fix what you've done to Carter, let the rest of my team go, that's all I ask. You can do whatever you want to me.

NIRRTI: Yes, Colonel. I can.

She activates the machine. Jack looks at Egar. Egar reads Nirrti's mind.

EGAR: Stop! What he says is true.

WODEN: My brother?

EGAR: She murdered him. She has murdered hundreds of our people. And she intends to do the same to us.

NIRRTI: Jaffa, kree!

The jaffa raise their staff weapons but Woden motions them away and kills the jaffa.

NIRRTI: I command you!

Woden lifts Nirrti off the ground as if he has his hands round her neck.

NIRRTI: Woden..

O'NEILL: Stop.

NIRRTI: I am your God.

O'NEILL: We need her alive. Woden, she's the only one who can help your people.

NIRRTI: I can make you more powerful than your wildest dreams.

Woden snaps her neck and her eyes glow as the symbiote dies.

O'NEILL: Why did you do that?

WODEN: She deserves to die.

O'NEILL: She was Carter's only chance.

EGAR: Not so O'Neill. Before she died, I looked into Nirrti's mind and took what I needed. Hurry, while there is still time.

Scene: Prison

Woden lifts the bars on Teal'c and Jonas' cage and then on Sam's. Jack runs in to Sam who looks very wet.


Jack picks her up.

Scene: Machine Chamber

Sam is in the machine. It switches off.

EGAR: It is done. You are as you were before.

CARTER: Thank you

Jack goes to help Sam off the platform.

O'NEILL: Yes, thank you.

WODEN: We can all be as we were before now that you have shown us the truth.

O'NEILL: Hail Dorothy. The Wicked Witch is dead. (off their looks) It's a movie, Margaret Hamilton.

CARTER: Point is, with Nirrti gone you can get back to your lives, rebuild your village.

JONAS: We can help you out with food and supplies, get you back on track.

CARTER: Once we get to know each other a little better, I'd really like a chance to study this machine.

WODEN: As soon as we have made our people whole again, we intend to destroy it.

CARTER: But this is an incredibly advanced piece of technology.

O'NEILL: Carter, don't you think it would be for the best?

CARTER: Yes, sir. I guess it would.

O'NEILL: To Oz. (Off their looks) Part of that movie.

SG1 walk off and Woden enters the machine. Egar activates it to restore Woden.


Source : Stargate Fusion.

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