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Script vo du 1004

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SCENE: A Hatak flies towards Earth, SG-1 minus Jackson are briefing Landry in the Briefing room, Vala relaxing feet up on the chair beside her.

LANDRY: What's the latest from the search parties?

MITCHELL: Nothing much to report, sir.

CARTER: The toxic atmosphere on Castiana is slowing us down considerably…Now, we found evidence of stone structures on Sahal, but they appear to have been abandoned over 40,000 years ago.

LANDRY: So, basically, we've got nothing.

MITCHELL: Not yet.

LANDRY: You went all the way to the Pegasus galaxy, had a face to face encounter with a full-blown ascended being, came away with not one but two gate addresses, and they both turn out to be dead ends?

CARTER: Well…see…that's the part that doesn't make any sense, sir. If Morgan didn't want us to find Merlin's weapon, then why tell us anything at all? We must be missing something.

LANDRY: That's what doctor Jackson keeps telling me.

VALA: *perks up* You heard from Daniel? *Mitchell gives her a look*

LANDRY: He checked in from Camelot this morning. He's convinced that the answer is somewhere in Merlin's library, but he hasn't found anything yet.

WALTER: {On radio} Sorry to interrupt, general. You're needed in the control room.

SCENE: SG-1, Vala and Landry walk down to the control room

LANDRY: What is it, chief?

WALTER: We just received a heads-up from NORAD, sir. An alkesh bomber just entered earth's atmosphere about four minutes ago. Bearing indicates…Cheyenne mountain. Two f-16s out of Peterson have been re-routed to intercept. I'm patching us in.

F-16 PILOT: {On radio} Repeat, you have entered a flight restricted zone and are requested to land immediately. Please respond.

Shot of the alkesh heading towards the surface, two F-16's following behind.

F-16 PILOT: {On radio} Stargate command, this is bearcat one. Alien vessel is unresponsive. Should we engage?

MITCHELL: If they were friendly, they wouldn't be flying silent.

CARTER: Maybe their communications are down.

LANDRY: We can't take the chance. Bearcat one, this is general Landry. You are cleared to engage.

F-16 fires a missile at the Alkesh blowing out it's engines.

F-16 PILOT: {On radio} The Alien vessel has been disabled. They're coming down hard.

WALTER: I've got projected coordinates.

MITCHELL: We're on it, sir. *They leave*

SCENE: The team pulls up at the crash site, Security teams already securing the area.

CARTER: What's the situation, major?

MAJOR: The area has been secured. No one on board except for the pilot. He's being treated for minor injuries.

MITCHELL: Let's have a look at him. *They look into the back of a van where Ba'al sits*

BA'AL {No1}: Ah, at last. The welcoming committee.


SCENE: In a lab, Mitchell, Vala and Teal'c watch Ba'al on screen, where he is held in an interrogation room.

MITCHELL: I don't get it. We know that Ba'al has come to earth before without being detected.

TEAL'C: Presumably by cloaked cargo ship or by using Asgard beaming technology from high orbit.

MITCHELL: Exactly. So why would he fly an alkesh directly to Stargate command?

VALA: Maybe he was planning to attack.

MITCHELL: Nah. Even Ba'al's not that crazy.

VALA: I wouldn't be so sure.

CARTER: *Working on her laptop, the three turn to look at her* Well, this is interesting. There's a signal coming from inside the interrogation room. He must have implanted himself with a locator beacon.

VALA: No doubt he's expecting his people to beam him out at some point.

MITCHELL: He'd better not hold his breath.

VALA: Why not?

CARTER: Well…after the Stargate was stolen two years ago, we installed jamming devices to prevent anyone from locking on to a signal from within the base.

MITCHELL: *Landry enters* General has he said anything?

LANDRY: Only that he won't talk to anybody but sg-1.

CARTER: *small smile* Lucky us.

LANDRY: frankly, I'm inclined to let him rot.

MITCHELL: That's all right, sir. We'll...we'll talk to him. After all, he did come all this way. *Looks back at the screen.*

SCENE: The team enter the room, Ba'al greeting them as they enter.

BA'AL {no.1}: Colonel Mitchell. Colonel Carter. Teal'c. *Grins, sits* Quetesh.

CARTER: *sits* She goes by Vala now.

VALA: Always did, really.

MITCHELL: We've been authorized to give you the time of day, so make it quick and make it good.

BA'AL {no.1}: Of course…I understand your reluctance to trust me, so I'll be succinct… It's the clones. They want me dead.

TEAL'C: *his back turned on Ba'al* That would make all of us.

MITCHELL: Dead, huh? what'd you do? Short sheet the bed? Cheat at cards?

BA'AL {no.1}: You must understand that what I did was out of necessity. You were the ones who invited the Ori into this galaxy. I was merely trying to preserve a safe haven for myself and a… few… good friends.

TEAL'C: You mean slaves.

MITCHELL: So you stole a few stargates, tried to set up your own network, yada, yada, yada. We were there, remember?

BA'AL {no.1}: Luckily, I wasn't. I had to hear about your heroics third hand. I also had to hear about how you thwarted my attempts to gain control of the Jaffa high council.

CARTER: But none of this explains why the clones would turn on you.

VALA: That's probably because there's a little more to his plan than he's letting on.

BA'AL {no.1}: ah…Perceptive…as usual.

VALA: *smiles, leans down to speak with Carter* Didn't Daniel tell me something about a very powerful weapon in the hands of the Jaffa on Dakara?

CARTER: It's not a weapon, technically. It was a device that was Originally used by the ancients to seed all life in this galaxy…But we did adapt it to destroy the replicators.

BA'AL {no.1}: *leans forward* Using my simultaneous dialing program, I might add.

CARTER: *Tight smile* mmm…

VALA: Am I correct in assuming that this device can be adapted to kill organic life as well?


VALA: *stands* Now it's starting to make sense.


VALA: Well…you must remember, that I have… intimate knowledge of just how depraved the Goa'uld can be.

TEAL'C: You are suggesting Ba'al attempted to gain control of the high council in order to gain access to the ancient device.

VALA: With the purpose of wiping out all life in the galaxy, except his own little corner of course. *Ba'al still grinning*

MITCHELL: That was Anubis's plan.

BA'AL {no.1}: *Chuckles* I never said it was Original… but if I'd succeeded, the Ori would have…lost interest and been on their merry way.

CARTER: You were going to save the galaxy by destroying pretty much everyone in it? *Ba'al nods*

MITCHELL: But your clones figured out you wouldn't bring them along. Didn't they? BA'AL {no.1}: They served their purpose, but what can I say? Their…egos were beginning to be a problem.

MITCHELL: Well…they are your clones.

VALA: What I don't understand is, after this particular revelation…you thought sg-1 would want to help you.

BA'AL {no.1}: Because I can help you.

TEAL'C: With what?

BA'AL {no.1}: Your search for Merlin's weapon, of course.

SCENE: Landry's office, Walter knocks at the door, Agent Barrett a step behind him.

WALTER: Sir? Agent Barrett's here to see you.

LANDRY: Barrett. What can I do for you?

BARRETT: *enters* I'm here for the prisoner, sir.

LANDRY: Excuse me?

BARRETT: *Opens briefcase* Ba'al. *pulls out piece of paper* I have an official request for his transfer into NID custody.

LANDRY: You gotta be kidding. *reads* We caught him, we can handle it. *hands back the request*

BARRETT: Well…With all due respect, sir, it's my understanding he basically flew himself into your front door… Look, nobody wants a jurisdictional tug-of-war here. We've been investigating the Goa'uld infiltration of the trust for two years…now I'm telling you, it's a global conspiracy. Political and corporate connections in over a dozen countries-- your prisoner is at the top of the pyramid.

LANDRY: We don't even know if he's the real Ba'al.

BARRETT: Even if he's a clone, I bet you he's got enough information to bring down the whole organization. We could wipe'em out.

LANDRY: well…you're just going to have to wait your turn. Right now, we've got bigger fish to fry.

SCENE: Back in the Interrogation room

BA'AL {no.1}: Anubis told me of the weapon and of its power. He dedicated considerable effort to finding it during his time in our plane of existence, but he never succeeded.

CARTER: And you have the address?

BA'AL {no.1}: Actually… you have the address. It's among those Colonel O'Neill obtained during his encounter with the ancient repository of knowledge on the planet you call P3R-2782.

TEAL'C: There are thousands of addresses on that list.

BA'AL {no.1}: Exactly why you'll never find it on your own. I, however, have information that will allow You to narrow down your choices considerably. All I ask in that you eliminate the clones.

MITCHELL: And we do that exactly how?

BA'AL {no.1}: It should be easy enough to track them down. I implanted a locator chip in each one when I created them.

CARTER: That's funny because…we detected a locator chip in you.

BA'AL {no.1}: I had to implant one in myself in order to gain their trust.


BA'AL {no.1}: You can use the tracking system on board my alkesh. They'll never see it coming.

MITCHELL: Well, that is a truly incredible story…In every sense of the word.

BA'AL {no.1}: I should also mention that every one of my clones knows about Merlin's weapon, and if any one of them…at any point, were captured by the priors, and were it to somehow…slip out that the SGC computer contains the location of a weapon deadly to the Ori...

TEAL'C: the priors would stop at nothing to have it within their grasp.

BA'AL {no.1}: It is, of course, your decision. I leave it in your very…capable…hands. SG-1 leave and the Camera pans to reveal Barrett and Landry watching from the Observation room.

BARRETT: You can't seriously think that he's telling the truth.

LANDRY: The whole truth? Of course not. But there's too much at stake here not to investigate.

BARRETT: And in the meantime…what am I supposed to tell my superiors?

LANDRY: That's your problem. *smirks and leaves*

SCENE: Briefing room, SG-1 and Landry listen as Dr Lee briefs them.

LEE: We…uh…managed to activate the tracking system on the alkesh, and this…*On screen several dots appear with labels.* is what we got.

MITCHELL: Those are the Ba'al's?

LEE: More like dots, really. *Landry rolls his eyes, Teal'c raises an eyebrow* Get it? *grins* Dots, balls…*clears throat* a-any-anyway, we worked up those files with the…uh…current locations, showing the addresses and any available intel.

MITCHELL: *to Carter* All right, so what kind of trap are we looking at?

CARTER: I don't think it would be as simple as an ambush…not while we have him in custody. No Goa'uld would sacrifice himself like that.

MITCHELL: *turns to Landry* What do you think, sir?

VALA: *leans forward* I say we give it a go.

LANDRY: Remind me to give you a primer on the meaning of the word "sir." But she's right. We won't know if Ba'al's serious or not until we test out some of these addresses.

CARTER: Some of this intel seems pretty sketchy.

VALA: *points at file* I'm familiar with this planet. It used to belong to Camulus.

MITCHELL: Can you get us in?

VALA: *grins* Absolutely.

SCENE: Mitchell and Landry exit the elevator and walk down the corridor.

LANDRY: You sure you want to bring her along on this one?

MITCHELL: Jackson says she'll be useful, Now's her chance to prove it.

LANDRY: But dr. Jackson isn't here, and it seems to me, he's the only one she ever listens to.

MITCHELL: Yeah. Some of the time.

LANDRY: You don't think you can control her?

MITCHELL: No… I know I can't control her, but that's pretty much par for the course. Sir...Carter and I are the same rank, Teal'c's an alien, Jackson's a civilian. I learned a long time ago I don't control anything.

LANDRY: Who does? *heads off*

SCENE: In the Armory, an Airman hands Teal'c and Mitchell their P-90's, Vala and Carter walks towards them, Vala jogging ahead like an excited child.

VALA: How do I look? *grins*

MITCHELL: Turn around. *she turns, nods* Yeah, you look great.

VALA: *points at Teal'c* A little more enthusiasm from you next time. *takes p-90 from the Airman* Thank you. *Mitchell takes it off her and hands it to Carter* What?


VALA: This is my first real mission through the gate, and I'm the only one who knows the terrain.

MITCHELL: Then try not to get us killed. *They head off, Vala taking the Zat*

SCENE: SG-1 look at the mothership ahead, Vala looks down.

VALA: Here we are. *kicks some grass away, revealing a set of rings*

MITCHELL: And what?

VALA: Well, it's a ring platform, somewhat hidden...but it's a back door, if you will.

CARTER: Okay, but it doesn't do us much good if we can't activate it.

VALA: *grins* Leave that to me. *runs off*

MITCHELL: Hey! Hang on! *starts to follow* Hang on! *stops turns to the others* Where's she going? *Carter shrugs*

SCENE: Three Jaffa patrol the area, Vala peeks out from behind a tree stump, stands, sitting on it, she whistles, the Jaffa turn, she zats one and makes a run for it, the Jaffa firing on her.

SCENE: SG-1 hear the weapons fire and raise their P – 90's as Vala runs towards them.

MITCHELL: What the hell are you doing? *She runs into the ring centre, grinning*

VALA: I alerted a Jaffa patrol to our presence.

MITCHELL: Obviously. Do you mind if I ask why?

VALA: So that they'd sound the alarm and send reinforcements.

MITCHELL: Oh, well, that's…that's brilliant. Hey, how come I didn't think of that?

VALA: My dear colonel, where do you think the reinforcements will come from? *Carter and Teal'c move fast into the centre, Mitchell following, as the rings activate, they are teleported to the ship, as a team of Jaffa appear.*

SCENE: On board the Mothership, Vala moves to take point.

VALA: You can thank me later, by the way. *Mitchell and Carter share a look*

They move towards the main chamber, Mitchell pulls out a flash grenade, allowing Vala to pull the pin he rolls it in, Ba'al notices it.

BA'AL {no.2}: Jaffa! *but its too late, SG-1 come in zatting those in their path*

BA'AL {no.2}: *goes to grab a staff weapon but Teal'c stops him* Don't shoot. I know why you're here and you're making a big mistake.

MITCHELL: Oh, let us guess--you're the real Ba'al.

BA'AL {no.2}: Precisely. No doubt, the impostor promised you the location of Merlin's weapon if you helped him get rid of the rest of us.

CARTER: That's right.

BA'AL {no.2}: You do realize he has no idea where it is or how to find it.

VALA: But you do.

BA'AL {no.2}: Of course. I obtained the information after the clones were created, and needless to say, I never shared it with them.

MITCHELL: You know what, this is giving me a headache. What do you say we finish this off…*ties Ba'al's hands* at home? Let's go, Spartacus.

SCENE: SG-1 and Landry watch the two Ba'al's from the Observation room.

MITCHELL: Oh, yeah. Now I can see the difference.

TEAL'C: I still cannot.

VALA: Do we really believe that only one of them knows how to find the weapon?

LANDRY: This is Ba'al we're talking about. I don't think we can take anything either of them say at face value.

CARTER: So what now, sir?

LANDRY: We've got scientists Working here, don't we? Get 'em on this. See if they can sort out who's who. *The Two Ba'al's start fighting each other, two airman enter zatting them* In the meantime, I think I'm going to have to arrange for separate accommodations.

SCENE: In one of the labs, Carter and Hannah look at the results on the computer

HANNAH: I wish I had better news.

CARTER: So you're saying there's no way to tell them apart?

HANNAH: We generated distinct DNA profiles of all four samples using a number of analysis techniques

CARTER: sorry? Four?

HANNAH: We did the host and the Goa'uld separately.

CARTER: Right.

HANNAH: We ran each test five times, and in each case, the results were uncanny. There was a perfect match across all 13 specific DNA markers. I'm sorry, colonel. Either the clones are genetically indistinguishable from the real Ba'al...

CARTER: or we have two clones on our hands and the real Ba'al is still out there.

HANNAH: *nods* Yep…

CARTER: Thank you. *Leaves*

SCENE: Wormhole, Off world, SG-1 find themselves at a face off firing upon the Jaffa shooting at them.

MITCHELL: So much for not encountering resistance.

VALA: I guess some Ba'al's are bigger than others.

MITCHELL: If he's got a ship back there, we're screwed. We've got to find a way around.

CARTER: You hold this position. I'll go. *starts to head off*

VALA: I'll come with you.

MITCHELL: Draw some fire. *Teal'c and Mitchell fire*

SCENE: Vala and Carter make their way round, they stop.

CARTER: Are you thinking what I'm thinking? *Vala nods, moves forward, and throws a rock ahead of her, hitting a force shield* Someone's coming. *Ba'al and a group of Jaffa move towards them*

SCENE: Mitchell and Teal'c kill the last of the Jaffa and move towards the ditch, finding an injured Ba'al {no.3}

BA'AL {no.3}: Don't shoot. I am the real Ba'al.

MITCHELL: *grabs his radio* Sam. We got Ba'al.

SCENE: Carter grabs her own radio.

CARTER: Copy that. So do we. *turns to look at Ba'al and the several dead Jaffa*

SCENE: SG-1 and the two Ba'al's walk down the ramp, Walter standing at the bottom.

MITCHELL: Chief, we got a full count. Two strikes, three Ba'al's.

WALTER: *a forced sort of chuckle* oh… That's clever, sir.

CARTER: He was thinking that one up the whole way home.

MITCHELL: Yeah, the whole three seconds.

CARTER: 3.2.

MTICHELL: Good point.

WALTER: Well, that ties you with sg-12, because they brought in two more about an hour ago.


CARTER: *Looks at Mitchell* It's not a competition. *shaking head, heads off*

MITCHELL: Says you.

SCENE: Landry walks down the corridor headed for the elevator when he runs into Barrett.

BARRETT: General.

LANDRY: Barrett. I was wondering when you'd be back.

BARRETT: I understand you've got yourself a few extra Ba'al's. I don't suppose you'd consider letting me take a few off your hands.

LANDRY: You know I can't do that. *gets on elevator* Not until we figure out which one's the Original, and whether or not he's bluffing about Merlin's weapon. Besides, if any of them got wind that we had another agenda, that would give them leverage in the interrogation. Last thing we need is for them to think they have a strong bargaining position.

BARRETT: I was afraid you were going to say that.

LANDRY: Well…I assume you spoke to your superiors.

BARRETT: I did. They're not happy.

LANDRY: The fact is that while the NID does provide civilian oversight of my command, I don't technically have to follow their orders--at least not until the president tells me to.

BARRETT: They tried that. For the moment, he is backing you…but if your investigation doesn't turn up anything useful soon…it's gonna all change.

LANDRY: Obviously.*gets off the elevator, Barrett following*

BARRETT: I'd like to stay on and observe the interrogations Sir. Any one of them could say something that might turn out to be useful for us.

LANDRY: Of course. You're always welcome. *enters the Briefing room* What do you got? *SG-1 stand watching 8 screens, four of them split into squares, bringing the total to 20*

CARTER: Well, sir, sg-14 just arrived with two more Ba'al clones, which brings us to the end of our list.

BARRETT: Well, you guys got your work cut out for you, huh? *Camera pans showing all the screens of different Ba'al's*

SCENE: In different interrogation rooms, each taking their own Ba'al.

BA'AL {NO. 4}: and just how might you be able to help me?

CARTER: Well, we could spare your life for one. You help us find Merlin's weapon, and I promise we won't kill you.

BA'AL {NO. 4}: No--instead you'll lock me in the basement of one of your more appalling penal facilities…for me to live out the rest of my life in squalor and deprivation.

CARTER: It's better than the alternative. Trust me.

MITCHELL: You see…here's what I'm thinking. I'm thinking that you're not the real Ba'al. I mean, you haven't even tried to cut a deal, which makes me think that you have no idea how to find the weapon, therefore you're just another clone.

BA'AL {NO. 3}: *chuckles* I am the real Ba'al, I assure you.

MITCHELL: No, no, think about this. How did we meet? Do you think the real Ba'al would let himself be captured like that? Cowering in the bushes like a scared little bunny rabbit. *Ba'al's eyes glow* That's better, but I'm still not buying it.

BA'AL {NO. 3}: You're trying to goad me into revealing information.

MITCHELL: No…I'm just calling it like I see it, and right now you do not strike me as someone who could intimidate a 10-year-old out of his lunch money, much less run an interstellar empire. BA'AL {NO. 3}: *in the deep voice* Why don't you have the guard excuse himself for a moment, and I'll show you just what I'm capable of.

MITCHELL: You See now I know…you're not the real Ba'al. The real Ba'al wouldn't care about the guard.

SCENE: BA'AL {no. 1} walks round the room, on the table is a tray of lunch, Vala enters, nodding at the guard that it's okay for him to leave.

VALA: So…having a tough day, are we?

BA'AL {NO. 1}: What do you want, Quetesh?

VALA: Is that any way to greet an old friend?

BA'AL {NO. 1}: Is that what we were?

VALA: I'll admit we had our differences...

BA'AL {NO. 1}: you attacked my fleet at Selenis, crippled my flagship and killed 10,000 of my best Jaffa.

VALA: So I did. But it was nothing personal. Anyway, that's all in the past, and I'm here to talk about our future.

BA'AL {NO. 1}: Our future?

VALA: Well…You must admit there's always been something between us…even when we wanted to kill each other…there was always a certain...spark.

BA'AL {NO. 1}: Perhaps. But you've made your new allegiance clear.

VALA: Have I? Or have I just been waiting for the right opportunity?

BA'AL {NO. 1}: *moves closer* What sort of opportunity?

VALA: You know how to find the address, I have the access to the database.

BA'AL {NO. 1}: You would betray your Tau'ri friends?

VALA: Friends...come and go. Besides, what use are they going to be to me on their knees before the armies of the Ori. You tell me what you know, I'll find the location of Merlin's weapon, we'll make our escape…and then we'll be free to share in the pleasure of each other's company.

BA'AL {NO. 1}: An excellent plan.

VALA: Hmm.

BA'AL {NO. 1}: But why wait? *Vala frowns* Merlin's weapon isn't going anywhere. We have nothing but time. *throws the tray of the table*

VALA: What, here? *Ba'al grabs her moving her to the table* On this rather…uncomfortable table?

BA'AL {NO. 1}: *Runs his hand down her face* Why not?

VALA: Well, the security camera, for starters. There's no way they'd trust me after seeing something like this.

BA'AL {NO. 1}: *looks at the camera* Tell them it was part of your interrogation technique.

VALA: *knocks his hand away* oh, come on, be serious *he drags her back, she slaps him across the face*

BA'AL {NO. 1}: *wraps his hand round her neck* I am being serious. Aren't you?

SCENE: Barrett and Landry watch the interrogations on screen.

BA'AL {NO. 1}: Your time amongst the Tau'ri is making you soft. You used to be a much better liar.

LANDRY: Don't say it. *heads to his office, Barrett following*

BARRETT: Your people are getting nowhere, sir.

LANDRY: You think you could do better?

BARRETT: It's what we're trained for. I could have half a dozen agents here by tomorrow. I'm talking about offering our services on your investigation. If any of the Ba'al's knows where Merlin's weapon is, we'll find out.

LANDRY: By your own admission, the NID wants this over with as quickly as possible so they can move on to something they think is more important. Under those circumstances, I think you'll understand why I'd prefer to stick with my own people.

BARRETT: Yes, sir. *leaves*

SCENE: In the Commissary, Carter sits drinking a coffee, Barrett walks over to her.

BARRETT: Mind if I join you?

CARTER: Please.

BARRETT: *sits* So… how are the interrogations coming?

CARTER: You have to ask? Look, I know you've been monitoring the investigation. I also know you think we're wasting our time.

BARRETT: No. No, I never said that...not in so many words. *Carter smiles* Look, you guys are fighting the war out there, right? We're fighting it down here. Believe me, it's a war. Do you remember two years ago when the Goa'uld almost took over the Russian government? Do you want to see that happen again?

CARTER: Of course not

BARRETT: then help me.

CARTER@ Malcolm, it's not like we're gonna keep the Ba'al's here forever. Just give us a couple of days, and then you can come in and

BARRETT: *shakes his head* couple of days-no. This is way too *smacks his hand down on the table* important! *Carter stares in shock everyone turns to look* Are you all right?

BARRETT: This is about us, isn't it?

CARTER: *surprised* Excuse me?

BARRETT: This is about us. We obviously have unresolved issues.

CARTER: Ok -You're my friend, and I care about you, but don't push it. *he leaves*

SCENE: Barrett walks up to one of the guards, guarding Ba'al {no.1 }.

BARRETT: I need to see the prisoner. *shows his ID card* Now. *Guard checks the id, then opens the door*

SCENE: In the Briefing room, Vala is attempting to arm wrestle Teal'c with both her hands, he sits uninterested. Landry enters.

MITCHELL: *stands* General.

LANDRY: Somebody, give me some good news. *Teal'c and Vala stop, Vala shaking off her hands*

MITCHELL: Sorry sir, I still don't have anything useful.

VALA: I didn't even make it to first base. *shrugs*

LANDRY: Where's colonel Carter?

MITCHELL: She was just finishing up last time I saw her, but I don't think she has anything to report either.

LANDRY: We're running out of time. The NID wants the prisoners, and the president's *Mitchell glances at one of the screens* not going to be able to hold them back forever.

MITCHELL: Or they're not going to wait.

LANDRY: *turns* What are you talking about?

MITCHELL: Agent Barrett--he's talking to one of the Ba'al's.

LANDRY: I didn't give authorization for that.

On screen, Barrett takes a swing at Ba'al, Ba'al gets his weapon and knocks him out.


SCENE: Carter leaves one of the interrogation rooms, hears the gunfire, turns to one of the guards.

CARTER: Radio. This is colonel Carter requesting backup, level 16, corridor B. *hits the alarm, points at one of the guards* Come with me. *to the other* You, cover both.

SCENE: Ba'al {no. 1} uses a card to open another interrogation room, handing that Ba'al a weapon, In the briefing room.

MITCHELL: We're losing containment.

LANDRY: *grabs the phone* This is general Landry. I need a full security lock down of levels 15 through 17, now.

MITCHELL: *the camera's cut out* And there goes the feed. We're blind. *heads off*

SCENE: Carter moves slowly down the corridor to where Agent Barrett is, she sends the Guard ahead.

CARTER: *moves over to him* Barrett!

BARRETT: Oh, Sam! He got away, he took my gun—

CARTER: it's okay. We'll get you out of here. *turns to the officer near by, who motions that the other guard is dead*


SCENE: Carter, Barrett and the Guard, move down the corridor slowly.

BA'AL {no 4}: Going somewhere? *four Ba'al's appear, the three are zatted*

BA'AL {no 1}: Put them with the others.

SCENE: Landry, Mitchell, Teal'c and Vala walk down the corridor headed for Dr Lee's lab.

MITCHELL: We have emergency forces in position at all access points, sir. All three levels are locked down and secure.

LANDRY: What've you got for me, doctor?

LEE: uh… Well… we're thinking our best bet is symbiote poison, introduced in gas form into all three levels. It won't harm any of our people, but it will kill any of the Goa'uld who come in contact with it.

LANDRY: Excellent. Do it.

LEE: Well, it's not that simple…You see, we'll have to use the ventilation system to distribute the gas and…you know…it's not really designed for that sort of thing.

LANDRY: What are you saying?

LEE: I…I…I…I can…uh run some simulations and determine the optimum points to seal off the levels and to insert the gas but even at optimum efficiency it won't be distributed evenly…There's bound to be dead pockets where the gas will take longer before it has any effect.

MITCHELL: Alright…alright…alright…So what you're saying is depending on location some of the Ba'al's may get advance warning sir…

VALA: As soon as they realize what's happening, they're going to kill the hostages.

TEAL'C: Then we must be prepared to provide a distraction at the moment the gas is released.


SCENE: Carter comes to as Ba'al enters.

BA'AL {no. 2}: Get up. We don't have much time. *He helps her to her feet, leaving the others in the room*

SCENE: Mitchell, Teal'c, Vala and several Airman move down the corridor.

MITCHELL: Remember, we can't afford to be seen until dr. Lee gives us the signal.

VALA: Got it.

MITCHELL: No improvising this time. We stick to the plan.

VALA: Despite the fact that my improvisations have been extremely useful in the past?

MITCHELL: *points at door* That's your entry point. *Vala stops with a team*

SCENE: BA'AL {no. 2}leads Carter into a room, where there are already four other Ba'al's and a computer.

BA'AL {no. 1}: Bring her. *they untie her hands and lead her to the computer* The access code, please.

CARTER: *looks at the computer* You're trying to download the list of planets from the ancient database.

SCENE: Ba'al sweep the area, walking right by Mitchell and his team. Teal'c and his team head down a corridor, Teal'c stops, motioning for them to his down a side passage, a Ba'al spear behind, checking the area. He checks each hall and room as he passes. <There's actually something wrong here, in one shot you see another Ba'al behind him but in the next there's only one.>

ANOTHER BA'AL: *come round the corner behind him* What are you doing? We need to join the others.

BA'AL: All right. I'm coming. *they leave, Teal'c and his team continue.*

SCENE: Carter stalls, staring at the screen.

CARTER: You want Merlin's weapon for yourselves.

BA'AL: A weapon capable of destroying not only the Ori, but the ancients as well. I'd say that's a pretty valuable commodity.

CARTER: I won't do it.

BA'AL: *leans down* This would be an inappropriate time for heroics, colonel.

CARTER: Go ahead and kill me. It's only a matter of time before we regain control of this level. Good luck trying to figure out the code before then.

BA'AL: I would never dream of killing you. But I will kill the other hostages. *turns to Ba'al {no. 2}* You start with agent Barrett.

CARTER: Wait! I'll do it.

SCENE: In the ventilation system, Siler moves forward.

SILER: I'm in position, doc. Level 14, section c-9 on the ventilation grid.

LEE: *picks up the radio* All right That's our main access point on the north side. Now, the first thing you'll need to do is seal off the vent before the junction.

SILER: I'm on it.

SCENE: The download is at 40%, Ba'al {no. 1}paces.

BA'AL: Why is this taking so long?

CARTER: It's a lot of information.

BA'AL: You did something to slow the download, didn't you?

CARTER: *innocently* I don't know what you're talking about.

BA'AL: *grins* It doesn't matter. You can't stop us anyway. *to the others* Check the perimeter. They'll be coming soon.

SCENE: Vala and her team move down the corridor, they hear footsteps, she motions for them to hide, they take cover. Mitchell is also cornered, grabs his radio.

MITCHELL: Teal'c, Vala, we've got a bit of a dead end here. Have you got Carter's 20?

TEAL'C: *grabs his radio, also cornered by the Ba'al's* Negative. I am similarly immobilized.

SCENE: Landry walks over to Lee.

LANDRY: Doctor...we're setting up five separate access points, they all have to be ready to go simultaneously. It's just going to take a minute. *Landry leaves*

SCENE: The download reaches 100%, Carter removes the external hard drive Ba'al taking it from her.

BA'AL: I'll take that.

CARTER: It won't do you any good. They'll never let you off this base, even if you kill us all.

BA'AL: Yes, that's what I wanted you to think, otherwise you never would have given me the code.

CARTER: What are you talking about?

BA'AL: I knew they wouldn't negotiate, not even for you. Not with something like this at stake. Fortunately…That's not the plan. *heads out locking the door behind him, Carter tries to open it form the inside with no luck.*

SCENE: Between Mitchell and Vala's position

MITCHELL: *Grabs radio* Where the hell is that gas?

VALA: *grabs her own, in the background we see three Ba'al's moving to their position* I don't mean to rush you boys. We're about to be discovered here.

BA'AL {no. 9}: We know you're back there.

VALA: So much for the plan. *zats No 9, one of Vala's men is shot down*

MITCHELL: *hearing the shots fired* Aw, hell *fires on the Ba'al's moving on his position*

SCENE: Landry waits in Dr Lee's lab.

AIRMAN: *on radio* We have gunfire on level 16!

LANDRY: *picks up the radio* Siler, this is general Landry. Forget about a coordinated attack. Just hit 'em with as much gas as you can, now!

SILER: *on radio* Yes, sir.

SCENE: Siler stick in the tube, turning on the gas

SCENE: The Ba'al's begin to fall back from all positions, Mitchell kills Ba'al no 8, Teal'c and Vala's team meet.

VALA: We have a man down. Are you all right?

TEAL'C: We are uninjured.

VALA: And Mitchell?

SCENE: Mitchell breaks in the door, in which Carter is stuck.

MITCHELL: you okay?

CARTER: I'm fine. What's happening?

MITCHELL: We got 'em on the run. Looks like they're retreating back to one of the isolation rooms.

CARTER: Wait a minute-- all of them together?

MITCHELL: Yeah. Why? *she hurries off* Sam!! *follows*

SCENE: Carter and Mitchell hurry to where Teal'c and Vala's teams are firing on Ba'al, as they cover those heading to the Isolation room. The Ba'al's are all in the room, the other two move to follow, but are struck down by the gas.

MITCHELL: *Carter runs towards the isolation room, following* Sam!

CARTER: You're too late, *enters, all the Ba'al's are grouped together* It's symbiote poison.

BA'AL: You're the one who's too late. *The Ba'al's are all beamed out*

SCENE: on board a ship in orbit, Ba'al no. 1 walks over to the Jaffa.

BA'AL: Get us out of here.

SCENE: Briefing room.

LANDRY: How the hell did he do it?

CARTER: It looks like the locator beacons actually served a dual purpose. In close proximity they combined to amplify the signal…enough to be picked up through our jamming screen.

VALA: That's why he needed us to go and round up all the clones and bring them here. He was playing us from the start.

MITCHELL: This was all so he could get his hands on that list of planets

CARTER: He must genuinely believe that Merlin's weapon is hidden on one of them.

TEAL'C: Even so, he took a great risk. It was only because agent Barrett violated protocol that he was afforded the opportunity to escape the interrogation room.

MITCHELL: And that was the reason he could get the clones together so he could beam out.

CARTER: So if the whole thing was planned in advance, how did he know what agent Barrett was going to do?

SCENE: Landry and the Team enter an interrogation room, where Barrett has been finishing up his report.

LANDRY: Agent Barrett, we need to talk.


CARTER: Did you read the report on Ba'al's attempts to gain control of the Jaffa high council?

BARRETT: Yeah, sure I did.

TEAL'C: The council members were influenced by some form of mind control.

BARRETT: Yeah, I remember. So?

MITCHELL: So what were you doing in Ba'al's cell?

BARRETT: I went to question him.

LANDRY: You had no authorization for that.

BARRETT: You were stonewalling me. I decided to take matters into my own hands.

CARTER: You took your weapon into the interrogation room.

BARRETT: I shouldn't have done that. That was a mistake.

CARTER: You see, the Malcolm Barrett I know would never have made that kind of mistake.

MITCHELL: Your record indicates your entire career has been strictly by the book. Now, suddenly out of the blue, you're a cowboy?

BARRETT: What are you guys saying? You think that I've been brainwashed?

TEAL'C: The technology is readily available to the Goa'uld who infiltrated the trust, and their loyalty is to Ba'al.

CARTER: Somebody must have given him the specs to our anti-beaming technology. It's the only way he could've known that a combined signal would be enough to punch through.

BARRETT: Yeah. I agree with that, but it wasn't me.

MITCHELLL: Ba'al's plan hinged on knowing in advance he'd have the opportunity to get out of that cell. He knew you were coming.

BARRETT: And this is crazy.

CARTER: You didn't know you were doing anything wrong.

BARRETT: I've got to go. *stands up walking around them* I'm due back in Washington.

LANDRY: You're not going anywhere. Sergeant. *an Airman steps forward* Hand over your weapon. *the airman takes his gun*

BARRETT: Sam, you know this isn't true.

CARTER: Sir, I'm sorry. I never should have given Ba'al that code.

LANDRY: You had no way of knowing. Under the circumstances, you did the right thing.

CARTER: Thank you, sir. *Landry, Teal'c and Vala leave, Carter and Mitchell lean on the table*

MITCHELL: So what do you think? You think Ba'al really has a way of figuring out where that weapon is?

CARTER: Hard to say…I mean Anubis knew the addresses of all those planets and he never found it…mind you there was only one of him…

MITCHELL: Says you…*Carter smiles and nudges him with her arm*


Source: Stargate Fusion.

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