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Rédemption 2/2

Redemption Part 2

CHRISTOPHER JUDGE VOICE OVER: Previously ... on Stargate SG-1 ...

A shot of the X-302 is shown being wheeled on a runway.

SAM VOICEOVER: The X-302 will be the first human built spacecraft ... (Shot goes to Sam) Capable of intersteller travel.

GENERAL HAMMOND: (To Jack, who is shown) Colonel Chekov feels a Russian officer should be assigned to join SG-1.

JACK: Over my rotting corpse, Sir.

JONAS: I want to join you.

SAM: I just don't see it happening. (Another scene, in the control room, to Jack and Hammond ) We detected an energy buildup within the gate.

JAFFA: (On another planet, to Teal'C and Bratac.) The Tauri are in danger ... they are under attack from Anubis.

SAM: (To Jack and Hammond) We're talking about a blast 2,000 to 3,000 megatons.

JACK: There's worse??

SAM: We have no idea how to stop it.

HAMMOND: If the X-302 fails, this planet will be destroyed.

SAM: (Climbing in the spacecraft, to Jack) Even if we do manage to contact the Asguard, there's a chance (Voiceover, the plane is shown taking off) they won't be able to help us.

BRATAC: (Voiceover; the plane is still being shown) Anubis has grown powerful; (He's shown, talking to Teal'C.) but still, only defends a very small handfull of planets. If one of those stargates also can not be contacted ...

TEAL'C: ... It is most likely, the origin of the attack.

The plane is shown flying toward a hyperspace window, but missing.

JACK: Mission command, we missed the window.

SAM: (To Hammond and Lemon boy ... uh ... Dr. McKay) We thought we'd compensated for the energy fluctuations emitted by the Naquadria, but apparently not.

HAMMOND: Bottom line is, we're on our own.

HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGE OF ANUBIS (Black hole face and all ;)) : (Being projected on the ramp infront of the gate) PREPARE TO MEET YOUR DOOM!!!!

JACK: (LESS than impressed! ;)) Oh, PLEASE!

CHRISTOPHER JUDGE VOICEOVER: (Exterior, Cheyenne Mountain is shown) And now ... the conclusion ...

MCKAY: (Sarcastically, walking up the steps with Sam) He has a real FLAIR for the dramatic, doesn't he?? Very theatrical.

SAM: Yeah. Pretty much all the Goa'Uld are like that.

MCKAY: But, why wait? Why does this guy show up a day and a half after this all starts to do his whole (In Darth Vador type voice) "Prepare to meet your doom" thing?

SAM: I don't know. Maybe he wanted to make sure it was gonna work. (Sam smells the coffee )

MCKAY: Yeah, that WOULD be embarrasing, wouldn't it? --- (Darth voice again) "Nothing can stop the destruction That I bring upon you!" (She makes a face, and put the coffee down) Then the gate shuts down. Oops, sorry. Nevermind ...

SAM: Yeah, well, that didn't happen, and we only have ... 54 hours left.

Geek # 1: Major, can I see you for a second? When the gate was connected to the black hole, a shaped charge was used to disengage the wormhole.

Geek #2: Yes, but that was an outgoing wormhole.

Geek # 1: True, but ...

Geek # 2: The blast would detinate the gate. (Sam's shaking her head)

MCKAY: Wait a minute ...

Geek # 1: If you'd just let me FINISH!

MCKAY: (Walked over to the observation window) No, you're both horribly wrong, both of you, but you gave me an idea. (Sam smiles to herself) We know that certain waves can travel in both directions thru a wormhole ... radio signals for one.

SAM: So, what? We call Anubis up, ask him to stop?

MCKAY: Yeah, (Sarcastically in a fast talking, Agent's voice) "Hey, Anubis, this is you agent, you're playing it way over the top, can you get serious, please??" (This gets a smile from Sam)

SAM: You were saying ... ?

MCKAY: We send a massive EM pulse back thru the wormhole, knock out whatever it is that's making this happen on the other end.

HAMMOND: Will that work?

SAM: No, Sir. I already thought of it, and the reason I didn't mention it, is because it would be too problematic.

MCKAY: More so than the gate exploding?

SAM: The Iris would have to be opened.

MCKAY: Well, the gateroom's shielded, isn't it?

HAMMOND: Major, are you saying that this absolutely won't work?

SAM: What I'm saying is that we have no idea how much EM would be required to knock this thing out.

MCKAY: (Sarcastically) So, let's all just go home. (Sam looks pissed)

HAMMOND: How long will it take to set up?

MCKAY: Four hours ,tops.

HAMMOND: (To Sam) That's how long you have to come up with a better idea.


BRATAC: (Dialing a planet, getting no responce, to Teal'C Ryac, and the jaffa) I have tried to connect to this world twice now. It is the only one I can not make contact with.

TEAL'C: Than we must hope that is the location of the weapon.

RY'AC: (The Jaffa begin walking to the ship, he stops his father) I'm coming with you. If the Goa'Uld trully can be defeated, than I wish to be a part of it. You said I could not judge this war if I am yet to fight a battle. (To Bratac) You've trained me. Now let me fight. (Teal'c and Bratac share looks) You said you did not doubt me.

TEAL'C: I do not.

RYAC: Than I will join you. (Teal'C looks at Bra'tac)

BRA'TAC: Be quick!

TEAL'C: (Looks at Ryac) Very well.

SAM: (Carrying a computer into hammonds office where Jack is in there with Hammond) Sirs, I've calculated that opening the iris will increase the flow of energy to the gate by at least 10 times. Nw, if this doesn't work, we'll be cutting as much as half the remaining time before the gate detonates.

JACK: No ... better idea yet?

SAM: No.

HAMMOND: Major, I know you and Dr. McKay don't see eye to eye, ...

SAM: Sir, this has nothing to do wi ...

HAMMOND: I believe if this plan has any chance of working, it's with your cooperation.

SAM: (Nodding her understanding that he's ORDERING her to work with lemon boy) Yes, Sir. (Looks at Jack, picks up her computer and leaves. Jack and Hammond both look displeased )

Back on the ship, Ry'ac is taking some Goa'Uld Grenades (The ones that blind) out of a cart, and putting then in a bag. Teal'C looks see if he's doing it right.

RY'AC: (To his father) I know what I'm doing.

JAFFA: We are aproaching the planet. (They come out of hyperspace ,and quickly cloak the vessel)

BRA'TAC: (Seeing about 5 motherships floating above the planet) It is heavily guarded.

TEAL'C: That is a good sign that we have the correct location of the weapon.

JAFFA: (His name escapes me. sorry! ;)) There are rings on the surface.

BRA'TAC: We must hope to catch any Jaffa on the ground by surprise.

MCKAY: (To, it looks like Siler who's measuring the distance with a tapemeasure) Right here. (Walks down the ramp, to Sam) You just want to be able to take credit for it when it works.

SAM: (Pointed, just for him ;)) For the record, I *HATE* you. (Lovely smile on her face)

MCKAY: Well, can't get any worse, then,can it?

SAM: Oh, no. I'm rapidly working up to "Despise".

MCKAY: You know, we're obviously gonna have to get over this physical attraction thing if we're going to work together.

SAM: (Whispers) I think I can act as though it never existed.

MCKAY: Shall we save the world?

SAM: (Sarcastically) Before I take the credit for this ... shouldn't the EM pulse generator be pointed *AT* the gate??

MCKAY: (Points at her) You good! (Sam points back at him smiling) VERY good! (The SF's turn the EM pulse generator around)

TEAL'C: Ryac ... You are to remain on board with Shaq'Rel. (Well, there's his name! ;))

RY'AC: Why?!?!

TEAL'C: One day, you will be a great warrior. This day, the danger is just too great.

RY'AC: I am prepared to die.

TEAL'C: (Smiles with pride) I am not prepared to let you die.

A loud boom is heard, and the craft shakes.

SHAQ'REL: Two gliders in persuit.

TEAL'C: How is that possible?? Are we not cloaked?!

BRA'TAC: Anubis must now have means of detecting cloaked ships.

SHAQ'REL: I am decloaking, and diverting power to shields. (They are dodging shots from the gliders. Another jolt) Entering range of service rings.

BRA'TAC: Teal'C ...

RY'AC: Is it not equally as dangerous on this ship as it will be on the planet??

SHAQ'REL: Go! I will do my best to return for you.

TEAl'C: Come. Stay close to me. The forces on the ground may have been alerted to our presence.

SHAQ'REL: Chel'Nok! (He transports them to the ground)

JAFFA: Identify yourselves!

Bra'Tac throw a grenade. Teal'C and Ry'Ac attack with ZATs and Staff weapons. A fight ensures. Ry'Ac gets quite a few men, before getting shot in the shoulder with a staff.

BRA'TAC: (He and Teal'C help the child up.) We must MOVE!

MCKAY: (He and Sam are checking the EM pulse generator) That's it!

SAM: (She and McKay are leaving the gateroom) We're ready , Sir.

HAMMOND: (As McKay and Sam make it to the control room, Sam sits next to Davis) Close the blast doors. (the doors close, and the machine turns on) Open the iris. (Sam opens the iris using her handprint)

SAM: Energy transfer is increasing. Seven times greater ... eight ... 10 ...

MCKAY: (Hammond looks at him) Go! Yeah, Go!

HAMMOND: (To Davis) Do it.

DAVIS: Activating electromagnetic pulse.

The machine is shown whirling. The monitors shut off in the control room, they now can't see the gate.

SAM: Energy transfer is still increasing. Look, if this was going to work ...

Lightning comes out of the gate, and goes to the EM generator, then all around the gateroom, remember, unseen by everyone cause the monitors are off, then it travels to the blast door of the control room, thru the doors to the control room, flashing around everyone.

HAMMOND: Close the iris!

Sam puts her hand on the handplate to close the iris, and gets shocked, falling back. McKay looks terrified. The iris does finally close.

DAVIS: (Typing on the computer) We're offline!

MCKAY: ( Nervous voice) She's not gonna be happy when she wakes up, is she??

HAMMOND: (Into phone that's the PA system) Medical team to the control room!

MCKAY: SHe IS gonna wake up, isn't she?? (A man, looks like Siler has his fingers on her neck, checking her pulse. She's unconsious.)

BRA'TAC: (After watching some Jaffa pass on a path) The path is well traveled. We must stay undercover. Many gliders patrol the skies.

TEAl'C: (In reference to Ry'Ac) This wound is not small. You must be in great pain.

RY'AC: Nothing I can not bear.

TEAL'C: You could easily be dead.

RY'AC: I do not understand. There was at least eight of them.


RY'AC: How did either of you get hit??

TEAL'C: It is always more difficult to hit a moving target.

BRA'TAC: It is also helpfull to be lucky. (Teal'C smiles at this)

A glider is heard passing overhead.

TEAL'C: There is little time to waste. (They start moving again)

Cheyenne Mountain, nighttime. (Hey! The guard has a friend with a truck! ;))

Sam wences in pain as a nurse bandages her hand.

MCKAY: (Nervously) Hi.

SAM: (in a hospital gown ... or two hospital gowns ;)) Oh, Man! I was just starting to feel better!

MCKAY: (Sits on the bed across from the one she's sitting on) Are you gonna be OK?

SAM: At least until the gate explodes, yeah.

MCKAY: Look, I ne ... I never meant for anyone to get hurt ... muchless you.

SAM: It's OK. We had to try something.

MCKAY: (takes a deep breath, appearing to be relaxing) I always wanted to be a pianist. <AQ!'s note: I swear to my former DEAD lord Apophis, it sounded like he said PENIS! ;)>

SAM: (Well, obviously I wasn't the only one who heard Penis!) Excuse me?

MCKAY: A concert pianist --- you know, a guy who plays the piano (Makes like he's playing the piano) in front of lots of people?

SAM: (Sam smiles ... is she blushing?? ;)) Right.

MCKAY: What did you think I said? <AQ!'s note: MWAHAHAHAA!>

SAM: Never mind.

MCKAY: (SO not getting what all of us heard! ;)) I had a not-so- comfortable childhood. My Parents hated each other, blamed me. Music was my salvation. It had this ... perfect order for me.

SAM: (Smiles) (Trying to be nice, but not very interested) That's nice, really.

MCKAY: When I was 12, my teacher told me to quit. A fine clinical player, he said, but no sence of the art whatsoever.

SAM: Why are you telling me this?

MCKAY: I'm just ... trying to bond.

SAM: Why?

MCKAY: Hospital gowns turn me on. (Smiles) I turned to science because I thought it would be different than music, but It isn't. It's just the same, it's just as much of an art as anything else.

SAM: Look, it's not your fault that the EM pulse didn't work.

MCKAY: You're an artist, Major. Maybe the best I've ever seen. I'm just critical because I'm jealous.

SAM: I'm touched, really. I wish I had a brillient plan to draw up for you.

MCKAY: And you're funny, too. Even electricuted. I mean, I've ... I've got nothing.

SAM: You're creeping me out, McKay.

MCKAY: It's just self presorvation, see? I'm realizing that I won't be able to solve this, and that one of your insane idea will be our best chance.

SAM: How much time until detonation?

MCKAY: You were right, we cut it almost in half.

SAM: 25 hours.

MCKAY: What now?

SAM: Well, first, I thought I'd get dressed.

MCKAY: Right. (He just sits there looking at her.)

SAM: Leave.

MCKAY: Right. (Stands) Do you want me to ... hold anything, or ... (Sam stands looking like she wants to kick his butt;)) Yeah. (He runs out the room)

Sam winces in pain, holding her hand, smiles, and sits back down.

Back on the planet. A glider flies overhead. The trio comes up to Anubis's weapon. It's a large circle with statues all around it. In the center is a big statue that's shooting lightning to the opened stargate.(Kinda like in Window of oppertunity at the beginning) All around the circle is lightning, protecting the weapon.

BRA'TAC: This weapon is unlike any Goa'Uld design I have ever seen.

TEAL'C: I have seen simular a construction before. It appears to have been built by the Antients ...

RY'AC: Who are they?

TEAL'C: An advanced race of beings who, long ago, created the stargates.

RY'AC: But I thought the ...

TEAL'C: The Goa'Uld steal the technology and claim it as their own.

BRA'TAC: If this is not Goa'Uld technology, then Anubis has mearly learned to operate it , then ...

TEAL'C : Perhaps by destroying it, he will not be able to rebuilt it quickly.

RY'AC: But do we have sufficient explosives?

TEAL'C: That does not concern you. You are to remain here. (Getting up)

RY'AC: But, I ...

TEAl'C: You are injured. You will slow our pace, and risk giving us away.

RY'AC: But my symbiote heals me. I CAN go.

BRA'TAC: Ry'Ac, listen to him. This is but one of many battles to be fought. (Ry'Ac looks disapointed, but he knows they are right.)

TEAL'C: Remain here until sundown. We will try to return before then.

GEEK # 1: (They are walking behind Hammond and Sam) If we encase the gate in trinium alloy, it could reduse the effects of the explosion by as much as 40 %.

GEEK # 2: There isn't time for that plan! If we detonate the gate ourselves right now, we could reduce the eventual damage by as much as 20%. (Sam looks at Hammond, who shakes his head in dismay)

GEEK # 1 : The damage to the planet's atmosphere would still be irreversable. <AQ!'s note: I'm really likeing McKay more and more listening to these 2 idiots! ;)> Any survivors would be stuck on a world incapable of surviving life as we know it.

GEEK # 2: So far we've been unsucessful in our ... (Continues faintly in the background)

SAM: <AQ!'s note: Getting salvation with McKay???? ;)> What are you thinking?

MCKAY: (Looking out at the gate) Besides the fact that these guys are morons?? What do you think the little Alien guy's doing down there?? <AQ!'s note: Somehow I thought he was talking about Thor! ;)>

Sam looks down to the gate, and Jonas is standing on the ramp, drinking his tea, just looking at the gate. The camera pans around him, down in the gateroom. You get a *REAL* good shot of his body <Oh, my! ;-)~ > as the camera moves around him. Sam walks in the room.

SAM: I bet you regret coming her now.

JONAS: Can't really look at it that way, can we?

SAM: So ... what are you doing?

JONAS: You know, it's the stupidest thing, but it's been bugging me since I got here.

SAM: What's that?

JONAS: We're inside a mountain. The obviously can't fit thru any of these doors ...

SAM: So, how did we get it in here?

JONAS: Yeah!

SAM: The ceiling retracts. ( The opening in the ceiling is shown) Above it is a shaft that leads to the surface, and inside is a crane meconism that hoistered the gate down.

JONAS: Interesting.

SAM: Yeah.

JONAS: Does it go up?

SAM: Moving the gate won't shut it off. I mean there is nowhere on Earth that ... <Is that a lightbulb I see appearing over her head??? ;)> (She takes a few seconds to do some calculations, a smile slowly appearing on her face)

JONAS: I knew you'd think of something. (She pats his back, and runs out)

Teal'C and Bratac are walking toward the weapon, and hits a shield.

TEAL'C: This shield most likely extends around the paremiter of the weapon.

BRA'TAC: The Path ...

SAM: (Talking to the Who's Who of Geekdome! ;)) Just hear me out, people. All we need to do is get it far enough away from Earth. (Hammond, McKay, and Jonas <Standing out among the geeks with his ... bod, and biceps >:)> are there too.) Now, the X-302 can still achieve that without having to enter hyperspace.

MCKAY: See, now *THAT'S* crazy!

GEEK # 2: We have less than 24 hours.

SAM: 2 hours to get the gate to the surface, 4 to get it to Peterson and loaded onto a C-17, and 2 more to fly it to Area 51. A 747 meets us in Nevada , which leaves us 16 hours to get the whole rig mounted and airbourne ... and none of this is gonna happen if we're all just standing around here. Now, I think that this is gonna save the planet, and ... we ARE gonna do it.

HAMMOND: *MOVE* , people! (The geeks get on their way) Well done, Major.

SAM: It wasn't all my idea, Sir, and I dare say it's not done yet.

HAMMOND: Right. (Turns to leave)

SAM: Sir ... you do realize that if this works, we won't have a Stargate anymore ...

HAMMOND: It *did* occur to me. (He leaves, and Jonas walks up to Sam, they share a smile)

2 Jaffa walk infront of the weapon. They get shot with ZATs, and fall down. Teal'C and Bra'Tac are shown coming from behind a rock, and walking on the path.

JAFFA (Offscreen) Drop you weapons! (Alas, our hero's are surrounded by Staff welding Jaffa! <g> They put their hands up in defeat)

CYLER: <New spelling kids! Accourding to my CC, it's not Siler, it's Cyler> (With Sam, Looking at the Irised gate, to someone thru his michrophone on his head) Yeah, this is Sergent Cyler. We're ready! Activate the crane. (A GREAT shot of the gate being lifted thru the shaft is shown)

CHEKOV: (Remember the Russian Colonel?? ;)) I have been instructed by my superiors to offer the following compromise: In exchange for your continued cooperation, and full disclosure of the X-302 technology, (Hammond is shown from the observation room, with 22(Hours):16 (Minutes):55(Seconds):39(Milliseconds) left on the clock, watching the gate being lifted out of the room) we are willing to facuilitate the use of our stargate.

HAMMOND: Facilitate??

CHEKOV: A financial arrangement to be negotiated.

HAMMOND: You want us to *Rent* it?!

CHEKOV: A simplistic way of putting it.

HAMMOND: The X-302 's hyperspace technology doesn't even work.

CHEKOV: It will someday. Obviously, the reason I am here is because my government is unwilling to encure the expence and risk in running a Stargate program such as this one. We are simply trying ...

HAMMOND: Here's the part you obviously don't understand ... even if ... and I stress "IF" we are able to sucessfully dispose of THIS gate, there's nothing stopping Anubis from starting all over again with the second gate. No one's going to be running a Stargate program, Colonel. The second gate *HAS* to stay buried! (Chekov doesn't look amused)

JAFFA:<Not a first prime cause his tatoo is black, but he sure is a nice looking young man! ;)> (Looking at a grenade, Teal'C is brought to him, and forced to kneel) What did you hope to accomplish here? Did you really think you could destroy something created by a god as powerful as Anubis??

TEAL'C: He did not create the weapon, and he is NOT a god!

JAFFA: (Slaps Teal'C) Your god may have been weak, Shol'Va! Mine is not!

TEAL'C: If you know of me, than you know of our cause. The Jaffa rebellion grows strong. All Goa'Uld are false gods, and their only REAL power comes from the Jaffa whom they oppress!

JAFFA: ( Hits Teal'C again, then cocks his staff weapon in Teal'C face) The next time that you open your mouth to speak, it will be to answer my questions. (Turns off staff) You did not kill all the Jaffa at the rings. We know there are three of you. Where's the boy? (Teal'C just looks at him) Evidence of how desperate your pathetic little rebellion is ... You bring a *BOY* to fight the war of *MEN*? <OK!> (This pisses Teal'C off! ;) He makes a lunge at the Jaffa) <Showing your emotions ... mistake number one in battle! > Or is it something else? Maybe he is someone to whom you wish to prove yourself. (He sees it in Teal'C's eyes) Bring me the old man. Cover the boy so he will not escape. Unlike you, he is of little importance to Anubis. However, on your behalf, I'll be sure to deminstrate to him how a real warrior fights ... to the death!

JACK: (To Sam walking the corridor to the elevators) Is there anything else I should know?

SAM: Well, there is concern that the 302 may not have the fuel capasity to exit the atmosphere carrying the weight of the stargate.

JACK: How is *that* possible??

SAM: The engines were designed for a craft with a Alien Inersial dampening system the effectiously reduced it's overall mass.

JACK: Yes, and??

SAM: Well, you'll be carrying a very heavy load .

JACK: How heavy?

SAM: The gate ways 64,000 pounds, Sir.

JACK: That's heavy.

SAM: And you'll need to reach an altitude exceding 180 killometers ...

JACK: ... At minimum escape vilosity before I release the gate, or it'll fall back to Earth ... I know, I know.

SAM: Well, based on the X-302 's fuel burn capasity, even a full burn won't do it, which means the other engines will hacve to get you part ways up, hauling something that weighs 6 times greater than it was designed to carry.

JACK: Yeah, Carter ...

SAM: Well, the whole rig isn't exactly aerodynamic either.

JACK: Carter ... I'm sure I want to know any of this.

SAM: They're working on lightning the 302, but that's why you're going alone. Believe it or not, every pound counts.

JACK: I shouldn't have had that cake.

SAM: I wish I could go with you Sir.

JACK: Yes, I'm sure you do. (Stepping in the elevator) And I find that quite bizarre. Anything else?

SAM: Well, Sir, if this works, Jonas really deserves ...

JACK: What? Deserves what?

SAM: I don't know ... something. He's the one who gave me the idea to do this. Sir, he gave up everything to bring us the Naquadria.

JACK: The hyperspace generator doesn't work.

SAM: That's not his fault. (He nods) Good luck, Sir.

JACK: Hey, what could go wrong, huh? (Presses the elevator button, nothing happens. He bangs on it 3 more times, nothing happens, Sam smiles. The door finally closes)

Ry'Ac is shown waiting impatiently in the dark. He sighs, and runs off.

Elsewhere on the planet, a band of Jaffa get to another group of Jaffa.

JAFFA FROM APPROACHING BAND: The prisoners will not speak. <I'm assuming it's the cutie from earlier, but it may not be, it's far away, and dark> Take them to the rings and have them transported up to the Hatak.

Ry'Ac is shown listening, and watches a glider pass over him.

A whole bunch of planes are shown. (Are the F-16's?? I'm not sure)

JACK: (To Murphy) What exactly did you remove?

MURPHY: Weapons, some life support ... don't worry, there's still more than a day's worth.

JACK: Well, if we need more than an hour, we're all in trouble.

MURPHY: Right. We also took out RADAR, some of the crash safety mechonisms, landing gear ...

JACK: (Looks at him) Excuse me??

MURPHY: We had to in order to properly accomidate the clamping system, so once you reenter the atmosphere, you're gonna have to eject. That is after you target to spash down off the coast of Florida.

JACK: Just ... when were you gonna tell me this part?

MURPHY: Just now. We weren't sure any of this was gonna happen until 5 minutes ago. You're not gonna believe this ... (They get to the door of the hanger, Murphy puts on his hat. Jack stops, looking at something in awe.)

JACK: Holy Crap!

The X-302 is strapped to the top of a 747.

MURPHY: They're waiting for you. (Jack climbs in a jeep) Good luck! (Jack just smiles)

Ry'Ac is shown arriving at "Command Central" on the planet. Several gliders are shown on the ground. He looks up as he hears one flying overhead. The boy crawls on the ground.

SAM: They're airborne, Sir.

PILOT: (I guess ofthe 747) Mission Command, we're approaching seperation altitude.

A good shot of Jack in the cockpit is shown. The gate, apparently, is below the craft between the X-302 and the 747. They're being escorted by a couple of Air Force planes, I'm assuming a F-16 s. (I don't know)

PILOT: Colonel, confirming altitude at 10,000 meters.

JACK: Yeah, Roger that.

MISSION COMMAND: This is mission command, you have a go for seperation, Starflight.

JACK: Proceeding with seperation. (He presses some buttons, and seperates from the plane, taking the gate higher) Seperation complete.

MISSION COMMAND: Good luck, Sir.

JACK: Stop saying that.

SAM: Altitude reaching 30 kilometers.

JACK: Vilosity at ... MACH 6 ... engaging erospike engines. (He presses some buttons, the cockpit starts shaking) Uh ... it's getting a little bumpy up here, Command ...

MISSION COMMAND: Roger that, Starflight. You're still too shallow to fire the rocket booster.

JACK: (Craft continues to shake) Alright, I may have been understating things ... it feels like this thing's falling apart. (The joystick is shaking badly, the craft is shown shooting up at a high rate of speed)

SAM: Altitude is 42 kilometers. He needs to reach 50 before he can fire the main rocket engine. (Hammond and Jonas look worried)

JACK: (Seeing a warning light blink) Command, I've got a mater caution alarm.

MISSION COMMAND: Roger that, Starflight.

JACK: I'm losing power.

MISSION COMMAND: Starflight, your altitude only 48 kilometers ... (Sam and McKay are listening, looking worried.)

JACK: Full port engine failure , Starboard at 6-0 %. Preparing to ignite roccket booster.

MISSION COMMAND: You're still too low, Starflight.

JACK: I'm losing valosity, Command, I'm going to start losing altitude. (Davis, Sam, and Murphy thru monitor are shown panicing, trying to figure out what to do) Command, please advise.

MISSION COMMAND (Murphy is shown thru the monitor in the cockpit) OK, Starflight. Go with main engine burn.

Jack flicks a few switches, and the rocket booster goes off.

SAM: Vilosity is 25,000 kilometers per hour ... 28 ... he's gotta reach 40, and sustain it for at least 15 seconds now ...

JACK: Main engine burn at 1-0-0 % Velosity approaching 40,000 kilometers per hour ... altitude at 1-2-0 kilometers.

SAM: Five, six, seven ...

JACK : Preparing to release the gate, command. (Sam shakes her head)

MISSION COMMAND (Murphy) : Not yet, Starflight!

JACK: I'm burning out here. (McKay looks worried) (The rocket boosters stop.) Alright, that's it! I'm outta gas. (McKay looks defeated with a sick expression on his face,)

MISSION COMMAND: Starflight, your altitude is 130 kilometers. (Jonas looks defeated, and gets up)

SAM: He's not gonna make it. Vilosity is slowing rapidly, he had to fire the rocket booster too early.

HAMMOND: It didn't work?

SAM: He's going to fall back to Earth, Sir.

JACK: Ok ... got any idea??

The plane is shown flying out into space.

JACK: Anyone want to wish me luck?

MISSION COMMAND: We're working on it.

SAM: (McKay is shown looking at a computer screen deep in thought.) Based on altitude, angle of ascent, and current vilosity, he's gonna hit the coast of Europe in 35 minutes.

MCKAY: If he put the 302 in a nosedive, he could cut his descent time in half.

JONAS: Why would we do that?

MCKAY: So he could drop the gate in the Atlantic. I'm thinking there's time for it to sink maybe 2 ... 3,000 feet.

HAMMOND: Will that do any good?

MCKAY: Enough to reduce the effects of the devistation.

HAMMOND: By how much?

SAM: Not much, Sir.

MCKAY: Enough that it's worth a shot, isn't it??

Back on the planet, the Jaffa are walking on the path. Teal'C and Bratac are with them. A glider is heard flying very low. The Jaffa start running as the glider shoots on the ground infront of them. Jaffa are flying in all directions. ;) Miracuasly, Bratac and Teal'c are not hit! :P

BRA'TAC: Ry'Ac! (Ry'Ac is hown in the glider, smiling)

MISSION COMMAND: We believe we can reduce the extent of the damage by dropping the gate into the ocean. You're going to have to put the 302 into a nosedive ..., and ...

JACK: What?!

MISSION CONTROL: Starflight, that's all we've got.

JACK: What about the hyperdrive?

MISSION CONTROL: Colonel, it didn't work.

JACK: We just don't know *Where* it'll send me, right? (Sam's wheels are turning) Who cares ... as long as it's a galazy far, far away ...

SAM: He's right! The window formed, it was just unstable.

MURPHY: Colonel, we don't know what would happen if we tried to open a hyperspace window within the atmosphere.

JACK: Yeah, well, given the situation ...

Sam turns away looking worried.

MURPHY: We're taking it under advisment.

HAMMOND: Major, I can make a call.

SAM: Do it, Sir.

MCKAY: (To Sam) You really are a certifiable lunitic! I know what I said about you being an artist, but I hadn't slept in 3 days, I mean this is deranged! You're talking about putting an interdemituinal field around an already highly charged stargate with an unstable and a completely unpredictable burst of energy!

SAM: I realize th ...

MCKAY: What I am suggesting has real tangeable benefits.

SAM: Maybe it saves a few lives. If this works, we save the entire planet!

MCKAY: What chance do we have of that?!

JONAS: Well, maybe we can reduce the risk a little.

SAM & MCKAY: (Together) How??

JONAS: Well, the instability of the Naquadria is ...

SAM: ... Is relative to the size of the burst you're trying to extract.

MCKAY: We don't actually have to send the gate across the galaxy, do we?

SAM: Even a second in hyperspace potintually gets us million of miles!

MCKAY: (To Hammond) Make the call!

HAMMOND: (In the red phone) This is General Hammond. I need to speak with the President immediately! (The clock is shown, it has 11 minues.)

JACK: Altitude ... 7-6 kilometes and still falling.

MURPHY: OK, we have orders, Starflight ... We're gonna try it your way.

JACK: Thank you. Run me thru it.

SAM: Sir, we're gonna have to override the safety protocall that caused the X-302 to avoid the unstable wormhole. We think we can greatly increase the chance of this working by only activating the generator for one second. Unfortunally, it wasn't programed to work for such a short period of time.

MCKAY: Hang on ... (He types something)

SAM: (To McKay) Right. Of course. Thank you. (To Jack) We're gonna write a new subroutine. It'll be ready to upload in a few minutes.

JACK: Allright, well, in the meantime, I'll just ... keep falling.

Teal'c and Bra'Tac watch as Ry'Ac shoots at the weapon.

1:54 left on the clock.

JACK: Carter ...

SAM: we're done! Uploading the new program, Sir. All you'll have to do now is activate the generator.

JACK: Roger that.

SAM: You won't have much time.

JACK: I know.

SAM: Sir, if this works ...

JACK: I know!

SAM: Sir ...

JACK: What??

SAM: Good luck.

JACK: (Puts his sunglasses over his eyes.) Acftivating Hyperspace generator ... (Flitches some switches) Now ... (The window forms before him, and he battens down, pulling on the ejectors. The hatch appears to release as the craft flies into the window, disappearing)

MAN: (After Davis is shown at a computer, and 13 seconds is on the clock) This is observer one ... we have visual comfirmation ... (Jonas, McKay and Sam appear to be holding their breaths) the X- 302 has entered the hyperspace window.

SAM: (Looks worried) Colonel?? Colonel?? Do you read??

MAN: (The time runs out) This is observer one ... there is NO sign of a chute. (Apparently, the man is in one of the F-16 s. Explosions are seen in the daylight sky outside of the plane) There is, however, a light show going on up here ...

DAVIS: It worked! (Jonas looks worried) Deeps space is estimating that the gate detonated over 3 million miles from earth. ( Hammond and McKay have happy, but sad looks)

SECOND MAN: (Sam looks sad, and closes her eyes) This is observor 2 ... I have a visual on a chute ... (Hammond looks at Jonas, who smiles) moving in for comfirmation. (McKay moves his mike from his mouth, and appears to take a deep breath) Mission command, the cockpit is intact! (A lovely smile appears on Sam's face) We are pinpointing splashdown position.

DAVIS: Patcing in satallite imagery.

MURPHY: (The parachute is seen on the screen) Observor 2, pararescue team is on the way.

OBSERVOR 2: Roger that! Colonel O'Neill is conscoius, and waving! (Sam smiles brighter, it looks like she high-fives someone(I'm assuming McKay cause he looks down with a huge grin on his face. Everyone applauses. Jonas and Hammond smile and shake hands.)

TEAL'C: The gate has shut down.

BRA'TAC: Let us hope it is not too late.

TEAL'C: Look ...

Ry'Ac is shown in a glider. He flies low above Anubis's new toy, and shoots it. He smiles as he hits it, but he's being persued by some other gliders. Teal'C goes to stand up, being stopped by Bra'Tac. The weapon explodes.

TEAL'C: (Yelling while he struggles with Bra'Tac) RY'AC!!!! RY'AC!!!!!!!!!!!

The weapon explodes and falls to the ground.

Cheyenne Mountain daytime

MCKAY: (He has a bag, walking with Sam) So that's it?? You're just giving up?? Closing down shop?

SAM: Well, at least until we find out a way to defend ourselves against this sort of thing, yeah.

MCKAY: It shouldn't take *you* long.

SAM: Yeah, right. (They smile) I thought you'd be happy.

MCKAY: Hey, I never said we shouldn't use the stargate. (They stop and look at each other) (Smiles) Well, (Overs her his hand which she takes) um ... Let me know if I could help.

SAM: I will, thanks. (She kisses him on the cheek, he looks surprised) <A little note: the wacky music from WoO is playing . ;)>

MCKAY: (In reference to the kiss) That means you don't hate me.

SAM: Maybe ... too bad for you.


SAM: (Walking away from him, a HUGE smile on her face) I was more attracted to you when I did.

MCKAY: Really?? Right ... (Walks away)

HAMMOND: (Clearing out his office) Colonel ... I'm glad you're OK.

JACK: Thank you. Sir.

HAMMOND: You know, the President wants to see you in person?

JACK: Yes, we spoke on my way here.

HAMMOND: You can have any assignment you want.

JACK: Actually, I've always wanted to command my own boat.

HAMMOND: For the Navy?

JACK: Or something a little smaller ... with oars.

HAMMOND: You deserve it, Jack.

JACK: (In reference the a lamp that he's fidgiting with) You sure you want to take this with you, Sir?

HAMMOND: We're closed for business. I was supposed to retire five years ago. We don't know how long it's going to be before we can reestablish the Stargate Program, if ever.

JACK: Actually, I just meant, it says (Reading from bottom of lamp) 'Property of US Air Force ' on it.

HAMMOND: (Smiles and takes the lamp, putting it in his box) (A minute later) Yeah, I still feel responsible for the teams stuck off-world. but there's nothing we can d --- (Telephone rings) (He picks it up) Hammond. (To Jack) We're recieving a communication.

SAM: (Merts the 2 officers in the control room) What's up?

DAVIS: (Into his microphone) Go ahead. They're all here.

TEAL'C: (Over radio) GeneralHammond ...

SAM & JACK: Teal'C! ...

TEAL'C: O'Neill! It is good to hear you as well ... The weapon being used by Anubis has been destroyed, but we feared it was too late for the Tauri.

JACK: Yeah, it was close there for a minute.

TEAL'C: We approach in a cargo ship ... request permission to land.

DAVIS: NORAD 's aware of their approach, Sir.

HAMMOND: Permission granted! Welcome back, Teal'C!

JACK: Good job!

TEAL'C: (The beaming proud papa!) It is, in fact, Ry'Ac, who deserves the honour. (Ry'Ac is shown next to his father alive and well.)

A good shot of the cargo ship flying into Earth is shown.

The gate is shown being lowered into place. (So they finally with have the seventh symbol that they show on the computer match the gate , the original Giza gate is in the SGC now, the Antarctic gate was destroyed.;))

SAM: Sir, if you don't mind me asking ... what exactly did we give the Russians?

HAMMOND: Good 'ole American Dollars, Major.

SAM: (Disbelieving) You're kidding!

HAMMOND: And the plans for the X-302 & X-303.

SAM: Really??

HAMMOND: (Rolls his eyes And one other thing ...

JACK: (To Ry'Ac) So I hear you're a pretty good pilot.

RY'AC: Master Bratac taught me well. I hope to be good as my father one day.

JACK: Just know that no one is THAT good.

RY'AC: It also helps to be lucky.

JACK: Don't I know that! Listen, are you sure you don't wanna stick around for a little while, maybe hang out?

TEAL'C: Ry'Ac has chosen to help Bra'Tac spread the word of our cause.

JACK: Well, it's good to see you again. (Shakes his hand)

Teal'C looks at his son, and they shake hands, then Teal'C pulls him into a hug.

JONAS: (Jack is walking down the hall) Colonel! Colonel ... have you got a moment?

JACK: Carter told me everything you did to help out. We all apreciate it, thanks alot. See you later. (Passes his card to open the elevator)

JONAS: Colonel ... Dr. Jackson is gone.

JACK: Yeah, I noticed that.

JONAS: Not a day goes by when I don't think about what happened. I stood by and watched while he saved my people from disaster. It should have been me who jumped thru the glass, (Jack looks pissed) disarmed the device, and he's gone because I didn't. You have to live with that, so do I.

JACK: You want me to make you feel better? It wasn't your fault. I don't blame you.

JONAS: If I could go back and change what happened, I would do that. (Jack presses the button again) But I can't. All I can do is try to change what happens from now on. I don't want you to exonerate me. I just want to be given the oppertunity to prove that I can make a difference.

The door finally opens, and Jack steps in the elevator, closing it without saying a word. Jonas looks disappointed, and walks down the hall.

JACK: (Knocking on hammond's door) You wanted to see me, Sir?

HAMMOND: I know this is not what you wanted to heard, but part of the deal to get the Stargate from the Russians involved agreeing to let one of their officers join SG-1.

JACK: (Looks discusted) This is the thanks I get for saving the world again?

HAMMOND: I'm sorry, Jack. You're going to have to learn to live with this.

JACK: Sir, can't we just throw them a bone? Give them their own unit. They'd be happy with that, wouldn't they?

HAMMOND: What about SG-1?

JACK: Actually, General ... I've already chosen our new team member.

Sam , Jack and Teal'C are on the ramp preparing to go thru the gate.

HAMMOND: (Coming in the room) Good luck, Colonel!

JACK: Thank you, Sir.

Jonas comes running in, wearing the same green fastigues as the rest, but instead of a baseball hat, he's wearing a helmet!

JONAS: How do I look? <DAMN Good ... Ahem ... >

SAM: Uh ... you might want to lose the helmet . (Jack looks at her, and motions 'No' with his hands.)

JACK: Good guess on the green.

JONAS: Thanks.

HAMMOND: SG-1, you have a go.

JACK: Thank you, Sir.

They line up on the gate. Jonas puts on his baseball hat. Jack smiles at Jonas, and they walk up the ramp then thru the gate together.

And that's all she wrote! ;)


AQ!, resting her hands now ...

Source : Stargate fusion.

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