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Smoke & Mirrors

Transcript by Sarae

CJ: \"Previously on Stargate SG-1.\"

Scenes from Chain Reaction:

Jack and Harry are hacking into the NID computer system.

Maybourne: \"You can't take down the whole NID and they'll kill you for trying.

But you might be able to hold the incriminating evidence over them and get

Hammond reinstated.\"

Jack is holding Kinsey in his residence.

O'Neill: \"I'm not leaving until I get what I came for.\"

Kinsey: \"And what are you going to do?\"

O'Neill: \"Well, I was thinking about shooting you.\"

Maybourne: \"Kinsey's online activities connect him to NID actions over the last

year and a half.\"

Scene from 2001:

Kinsey and Jack are in the limo.

Kinsey: \"Hell, you've been back in time, forward in time ... you've seen it

all. I just wonder how things turn out. And I wonder how far you'd go to stop

me from becoming President of the United States.\"

Scene: Unknown location. We see someone place a black padded rifle case on a

table and open it. The person is wearing black gloves and takes the rifle out

of the case. The scene switches to an outdoor setting. In slow motion, we see

Senator Kinsey emerging from a building surrounded by a crowd.

We see close ups of a silencer and scope being put on the rifle. Next, more

slow motion of the Senator walking to his limo shaking hands. Switch to seeing

bullets being place in a clip and the clip being loaded into the rifle and a

bullet being loaded into the chamber. Switch back to the Senator. Switch back,

seeing the safety on the rifle being switched off. We see an eye through the

scope (and yes, it is Jack's eye) and then the cross hairs of the scope

focusing on Kinsey. We see a gloved finger squeezing the trigger.

Then we see Kinsey hit in the left side of the chest. Screams are heard as he

falls. Secret service men in sunglasses brandishing weapons converge and begin

looking in all directions as people flee in chaos. We see the sniper return the

gun to the case.

Switch to an exterior view of a building; a door to an alley opens. Jack walks

out wearing khaki pants, a black long-sleeve shirt and black gloves. He is

carrying the black foam rifle case and is slipping on sunglasses. He walks away

as we hear sirens in the background.

Scene: SGC - Jonas' Lab

Jonas, Sam and Teal'c are watching a TV. Sam has the remote.

Reporter: \"The assassination of Senator Kinsey has sent shock waves through

Washington. With his parties' national convention just weeks away, the Senator

was considered by many to be their most likely choice for second spot on the

presidential ticket. Political maneuvering...\"

Jack walks in wearing civvies (a cream colored button down shirt with

sunglasses hung around his neck).

Jack: \"Hey!\" (All look at him, Sam hits the mute button.) \"I'm back. What'd I


Sam: \"Sir, Senator Kinsey is dead. He was shot.\"

Jack (after a stunned silence): \"What?\"

Jonas: \"Yeah, it's been all over the news for three days.\"

Jack: \"I've been on vacation.\"

Sam: \"It looks like it was a professional hit. The shooter took him out from a

hotel room across the street and then just disappeared.\"

Jack: \"Any suspects?\"

Sam (shaking her head): \"Police aren't saying anything.\"

Teal'c: \"It is reasonable to assume that a man in Senator Kinsey's position

would have a great many enemies.\"

Jack cocks his brow in a \"well, you got a point there\" kind of look just as

General Hammond enters the lab with a couple of Sfs.

Hammond: \"Colonel?\"

Jack: \"General...\"

Hammond: \"I'm sorry to have to this but these men are here to escort you to

Peterson. From there you'll be flown to Andrews and then turned over to the

civilian authorities in Washington.\"

Sam (just as Jack looks like he's about to say what?): \"Sir, what is this?\"

Hammond: \"Colonel O'Neill is under arrest for the murder of Senator Kinsey.\"

Jack: \"What?\"

SF1: \"You'll have to come with us, sir.\"

Jack: \"I don't think so.\"

Hammond: \"Colonel...\"

Jack: \"General, I've been on vacation.\"

Hammond: \"I believe you, Jack, but for the moment, we're going to have to


Scene: SGC - Stairway to the Briefing Room

Sam and Hammond are walking up the stairs, followed by Teal'c and Jonas.

Sam: \"There's no way Colonel O'Neill could have done this.\"

Hammond: \"I'm aware of that, Major, but my hands are tied.\"

Jonas: \"How could they possibly think that he's responsible? He wasn't even in


Davis (who is at the Briefing room table waiting for them): \"

looks like he was.\"

Hammond: \"Major Davis is acting as liaison between the Pentagon and the

District Attorney. He has a report for us. Major?\"

They all take seats at the table and Davis fires up the presentation screen.

Davis: \"Thank you, sir. This was taken from a security camera in a hotel across

the street from where the shooting occurred, just a couple of minutes after it

happened.\" (He pauses the video on a shot of Jack in the khaki pants and black

shirt.) \"Now, the trajectory of the bullet indicates that the shot did, in

fact, come from this hotel.\"

Jonas: \"That doesn't prove anything.\"

Davis: \"No, but based on this evidence, the FBI attained search warrants to

search both the Colonel's house and his cabin. They didn't find anything but

one of the neighbors told them that they saw Colonel O'Neill dumping something

down by the lake. They sent down a diver who...came up with this.\" (He opens a

folder and shows them photos of rifle.) \"Ballistics match it with the bullet

that killed Senator Kinsey. Well, I don't know what else to say, sir. It's

certainly no secret that there was bad blood between them.\"

Sam: \"Oh, come on...they had a few run-ins. That's hardly a motive for murder.\"

Jonas: \"Okay, I've read the file on Kinsey, but it is a little vague.\"

Hammond: \"The Senator was involved with a group of individuals who were unhappy

with the way Stargate Command was being run.\"

Sam: \"They tried to blackmail General Hammond into resigning. Colonel O'Neill

found evidence connecting Kinsey to their illegal activities and threatened to

go public with it unless he got them to back off.\"

Jonas: \"So, technically, Kinsey was protecting the SGC.\"

Sam: \"True, but I don't think he was very happy about it.\"

Jonas: \"Still, that's not a motive to kill the guy, that's a motive to keep him


Teal'c: \"Unfortunately, we can divulge none of this information to the civilian


Hammond: \"Senator Kinsey was shot in broad daylight on a public street in front

of a dozen civilian witnesses. If we tried to shift this it a military court,

it would be a political disaster for the current administration.\"

Sam: \"With all due respect, sir, the current administration owes a lot to the


Hammond: \"I'm aware of that, Major, as is the President. Unfortunately, there's

nothing he can do for Colonel O'Neill at this time. On the other hand, I'm not

a politician. Which is why I'm suspending SG-1's off-world duties and assigning

the three of you to get to the bottom of this. You have the full resources of

this command at your disposal.\"

Sam: \"Thank you, sir.\"

Hammond: \"Dismissed.\"

Hammond and SG-1 leave the briefing room. Davis remains at the table, looking

at the image of Jack on the presentation screen.

Scene: Military Incarceration Facility

Jonas and Teal'c are in visitation room awaiting Jack's arrival. Jack is

brought in, hands chained together and chained to his feet. He is wearing a

grey prison uniform. He take as seat at a table opposite Jonas and Teal'c.

Jonas: \" are you...doing?\"

Jack: \"I'm accused of a murder I didn't commit. How do you think I'm doing?\"

Jonas: \"When are you supposed to get transferred to Washington?\"

Jack: \"Couple of days.\"

Teal'c: \"General Hammond has suspended our off-world duties in order that we

may investigate this situation further.\"

Jonas: \"Unfortunately, it's not going very well.\"

Teal'c: \"There is evidence that places you at the scene of the shooting.\"

Jack: \"I was fishing. Look...Kinsey wasn't exactly my best buddy, and on

occasion, I felt like beating the crap out of him, but I didn't kill him.\"

Jonas: \"They...somehow...have a video that clearly places you in Washington D.

C. three days ago.\"

Jack: \"I don't believe this.\"

Jonas: \"We know you've been on secret missions before. We're not always privy

to the details...\"

Jack (interrupting): \"I wasn't on a mission, Jonas. I was in Minnesota, on


Teal'c: \"Did you encounter anyone that can verify your story?\"

Jack: \"I was twenty miles away from the closest town. Alone. That was the


Teal'c: \"Perhaps this is all part of an elaborate plan...and those responsible

chose to act at a time when they knew you would have no alibi.\"

Scene: SGC - Briefing Room

SG-1 is talking with Hammond.

Sam: \"I checked the video tape to see if it had been doctored, but it appears

to be genuine.\"

Jonas: \"So, either that is Colonel O'Neill or someone who happens to look

exactly like him.\"

Teal'c: \"We have encountered duplicating technology before.\"

Sam: \"I was thinking the exact same thing, but those mimic devices are under

heavy guard.\"

Jonas: \"Mimic devices? Someone want to fill me in?\"

Sam looks at Hammond, who pauses and sighs before answering.

Hammond: \"Three years ago we had a foothold situation here at the SGC. Aliens

gained control by using mimic devices to impersonate and replace base

personnel, including myself.\"

Jonas: \"Why haven't I heard about this before?\"

Hammond: \"Because of the seriousness of the security breach, a decision was

made to erase all mention of the incident from official records.\"

Jonas: \"Well, where are these devices now?\"

Sam: \"Area 51.\"

Scene: Area 51

Sam (in dress blues) and an Area 51 scientist are entering a secure holding

facility. We see a wall of drawers with laser beams providing a grid of

protection in front of the wall.

Sam: \"How many do you have?\"

Scientist (female): \"We recovered 12 from the SGC.\" (She places her hand on a

palm reading device and the lasers shut down.) \"They're all stored here.\"

Sam: \"Has anyone been studying them recently?\"

Scientist: \"We've all be focusing on the X-303.\" (She moves to a drawer,

punches in a key code and then presses her thumb on a print reader. The drawer

opens up to reveal 12 mimic devices). \"There we go. All present and accounted


Sam reaches in to pick up one of the devices and look it over.

Scene: Military Incarceration Facility

Sam (still in dress blues) places one of the mimic devices on the table in

front of Jack. This time Sam and Jonas are visiting Jack.

Sam: \"It's a fake. All the mimic devices were switched.\"

Jack: \"Someone duplicated the duplicators?\"

Sam: \"The last reported test of those devices was six months ago. It could have

been taken any time after that.\"

Jonas: \"There has got to be some way that we can use this to clear you.\"

Jack: \"I don't think the alien technology defense is gonna fly.\"

Jonas: \"If I'm understanding this correctly, there is someone walking around

out there that can make himself look exactly like you at the push of a button.

That's gotta be relevant.\"

Sam: \"It's classified information, Jonas.\" (Jonas shakes his head in disbelief

and frustration.) \"But, we can use it to find the real assassin...maybe.\"

Commercial Break

Scene: SGC - Jonas' Lab

Sam (still in dress blues), Teal'c and Jonas are talking.

Jonas (holding up a mimic device): \"So, how do these things work?\"

Sam: \"Well, it's a two part process. First you take somebody and pass them

through a large scanning device which then uploads their exact image into a

holographic sequencer.\"

Jonas: \"Which...looks like this.\"

Sam: \"Exactly. Then you place that sequencer somewhere on your body and

activate it, and you instantly take on the appearance of the person you


Teal'c: \"Was the scanning device taken?\"

Sam: \"No. It's still at Area 51. We checked it out.\"

Jonas: \"So, whoever did this can only impersonate a limited number of people?\"

Sam (nodding): \"12 to be precise, including Colonel O'Neill, Dr. Fraiser and


Jonas: \"What about General Hammond?\"

Sam: \"The alien impersonating him was trapped in the 'gate room along with

several others. They activated some kind of self-destruct and blew themselves

up. In case you're wondering, Teal'c and I were never scanned.\"

Jonas: \"That's good to know.\"

Sam: \"I've requested all the personnel files on everyone who had access to

these devices. I'd like the two of you to check them out. \"

Jonas: \"What about you?\"

Sam: \"I'm going to Washington. I need to look up an old acquaintance.\"

Scene: Washington D. C.

Sam (still in dress blues) walks into an office building and approaches a


Sam: \"Major Carter...I'm here to see Agent Barrett.\"

The secretary gets up and shows Sam through a door into Barrett's office.

Barrett is seated behind his desk.

Barrett: \"Major Carter, I was wondering how long it would be before you came

by. Welcome to NID Headquarters.\"

Scene: SGC - Jonas' Lab

Teal'c is pacing around while Jonas looks at a computer screen.

Jonas (to Teal'c): \"In three years, only 8 people at Area 51 have had

authorized access to the mimic devices.\"

Teal'c: \"We must speak to them all.\"

Jonas: \"Most of them have been transferred to the X-303 project, so they're

still living in Nevada. Wait a minute...there's something...\" (We see a picture

and information on the computers screen.) \"Dr. Brent Langham.\"

Teal'c: \"Deceased.\"

Jonas: \"Killed in an automobile accident three weeks ago.\"

Teal'c: \"Given the circumstance, that would appear to be a highly unlikely


Scene: NID Headquarters - Barrett's Office

Sam is now sitting in a chair opposite on the other side of Barrett's desk.

Barrett: \"What exactly are you implying here, Major? That the NID had a hand in

the assassination of a U. S. Senator?\"

Sam: \"Very few organizations have the resources to pull off something like


Barrett: \"And the man accused of the crime happens to belong to one of them.\"

Sam: \"The SGC is not behind this.\"

Barrett: \"Senator Kinsey was no friend of the Stargate Command. In fact, he

tried to take you down more than once.\"

Sam: \"We don't engage in criminal activity, Agent Barrett. Which is more than I

can say for the NID.\"

Barrett: \"If you're referring to the Prometheus incident, that was orchestrated

by a handful of rogue agents.\"

Sam: \"What about Steveston, Oregon? You sat by and watched while the Goa'uld

took over an entire town of innocent civilians.\"

Barrett: \"That was an officially sanctioned operation, that would have

succeeded if it wasn't for your interference.\"

Sam: \"Are you kidding me? You're agents were compromised and your organization

was about to be infiltrated.\"

Barrett: \"Look Major,\" (Barrett picks up a piece of paper and begins writing on

it.) \"the video tape of Colonel O'Neill clearly places him at the scene of the

crime. And the murder weapon was found near his cabin. So...\" (He pushes the

note across the desk for Sam to read.) \"If you'll excuse me...\" (Sam reads the

note which says \"Stanton Park 3 p.m.\".) \"I've got work to do.\"

She nods and gets up to leave.

Scene: Stanton Park

Agent Barrett is seated on a bench reading a newspaper. Sam approaches wearing

a lt. blue skirt and sweater with a white t-shirt.

Barrett (as Sam takes a seat next to him): \"You know, it says here that by 2075

the Earth's oceans will be to warm to sustain most coral reefs. And once

they're gone, the entire ecosystem of the planet will collapse.\"

Sam: \"That's a cheerful thought.\"

Barrett: \"We spend all of our time trying to protect the world from the

Goa'uld, maybe we should worry a little more about protecting it from


Sam: \"What are we doing out here, Agent Barrett?\"

Barrett: \"My office is bugged. It's standard procedure to record all

conversations that take place at NID Headquarters. What I'm about to tell you,

Major, nobody else can know, especially my superiors.\"

Sam: \"What're you talking about?

Barrett: \"There's a cancer at the NID, a shadow organization that operates

outside the law. It's time they were exposed for who they really are.\"

Sam: \"I agree.\"

Barrett: \"The Prometheus incident - that was the last straw. After that, I was

called to the White House for an assignment.\"

Sam: \"What does this have to do with Colonel O'Neill?\"

Barrett: \"Senator Kinsey was working for me. He was about to give me enough

evidence to bring down the entire leadership of the shadow group.\"

Sam: \"How did you convince him to do that?\"

Barrett: \"Let's just say I know about a few of the skeletons in the Senator's

closet. And, it is an election year.\"

Sam: \"You blackmailed him.\"

Barrett: \"I'll do whatever it takes to bring these people down, Major.\"

Time jump forward: Sam and Barrett are walking in the park.

Sam: \"So, who else knows about this?\"

Barrett: \"As of this moment, the President, a few members of his staff and you.\"

Sam: \"You're working alone?\"

Barrett: \"The smaller the operation, the less chance of it being compromised.

You have no idea how far the corruption goes, Major. Not even the SGC is


Sam: \"Then you're taking a big risk talking to me.\"

Barrett: \"I need your help. Besides, I think there's more that you're not

telling me. You've seen the evidence against Colonel O'Neill, what makes you so

sure that he's innocent?\"

Sam: \"When you work with someone that long, you just know.\"

Barrett: \"No, there's something more than that. There's something you're not

telling me.\"

Sam: \"You're job requires you to be suspicious of everybody, even your

co-workers. Where I come from, we trust each other with our lives every day.

Maybe that's something you can't understand.\"

Barrett: \"Well, I guess it's never to late to learn.\"

Scene: SGC - Briefing Room

Jonas, Teal'c, Dr. Fraiser and General Hammond are present.

Jonas (standing in front of the presentation screen which is showing a

schematic of the mimic devices): \"When the mimic devices were first brought to

Area 51 a team of eight scientists was assigned to study them. The Pentagon was

hoping to be able to adapt the devices for use in the field. However, while the

original holographic images that were created by the aliens seemed to last

indefinitely, those that were created by the scientist in the lab were only

sustainable for three to four minutes at a time due to problems with

electromagnetic interference. So, the project was scaled back and five of the

original team members were reassigned. The remaining three were Dr. Singh, Dr.

Healey, and this fellow...\" (He uses the remote to change the picture on the

screen to display the record for Dr. Langham.) \"...Dr. Brent Langham. They

continued working on the devices for another six months with no new

breakthroughs. Finally, the entire project was shut down and, uh, Dr. Healey

and Dr. Singh were transferred to the X-303 project.\"

Hammond: \"And Dr. Langham?\"

Jonas: \"He was supposedly killed in car crash two days before the transfer was

due to take effect.\"

Janet: \"The body was burned beyond recognition. He was identified through

dental records, but the coroner missed something. The toxicology report came

back clean, no signs of any drugs or alcohol in the victim's blood.\"

Hammond: \"Why is that unusual?\"

Janet: \"Well, Dr. Langham was epileptic. His condition required him to take

regular dosed of anti-convulsant drugs. There should have been traces of those

drugs in his blood.\"

Teal'c: \"The dental records were falsified. The body recovered at the crash

site was someone else.\"

Hammond: \"So, you're saying this Dr. Langham took the mimic device and

engineered his own disappearance?\"

Jonas: \"Or someone engineered it for him.\"

Janet: \"Okay, are we suggesting then that this scientist shot Kinsey?\"

Jonas: \"I doubt it. He didn't have any paramilitary training.\"

Teal'c: \"Perhaps Dr. Langham merely provided the mimic devices for a fee.\"

Janet: \"But he can lead us to whoever was responsible.\"

Hammond: \"I don't care what it takes, I want you to find this Dr. Langham.\"

Jonas: \"Yes, sir.\"

Commercial Break

Scene: Washington D.C.

A rental car pulls up outside a warehouse. Sam is driving and Barrett is in the

passenger seat.

Sam: \"Okay...what is this?\"

Barrett: \"The rifle used to kill Senator Kinsey was not the kind of thing you

could pick up at your local sporting goods store. This is a one-stop shop for

unregistered weapons. High-end merchandise, professional clientele. There's a

good chance our shooter was here.\"

Sam: \"If you know they're selling illegal guns, why don't you shut them down?\"

Barrett: \"I allow them to operate in exchange for information. Sometimes you've

got to cross the line, Major. You've just got to know when to step back.\" (He

waves at a security camera as they approach the building. A large man opens the

door for them, Barrett steps through.) \"Hey, Leo.\"

Sam (also walking into the warehouse past the body guard): \"Leo...\"

They continue into the warehouse. It is a large concrete room filled with

weapons and gear. They walk to a desk and sit in chairs facing the desk. There

is a man dressed in designer duds behind the desk, also sitting. There are also

several body guard present.

Man: \"Agent Barrett...when're you going to get yourself a new suit?\"

Barrett: \"Black is good for any occasion.\"

Man: \"Yeah, it's also thinning. Who's your friend?\"

Sam: \"Major Samantha Carter, United States Air Force.\"

Barrett: \"We can talk in front of her.\"

Man: \"What can I do for you?\"

Barrett: \"We want to know about a 700 with a customized breakdown stock.\"

Man: \"Yeah? I moved one last week.\"

Sam: \"Well, in all likelihood, the weapon you sold was used to assassinate a

United States Senator.\"

Man: \"What's your point?\"

Barrett: \"Was the buyer a regular customer?\"

Man: \"No, I'd never seen him before.\"

Barrett (showing him a still from the video of Jack): \"Is that the guy?\"

Man: \"That's the guy.\"

Sam closes her eyes at the unwelcome news. Barrett looks over at her. She

begins looking around as a thought occurs to her.

Sam: \"Did he look at any other weapons besides the 700?\"

Man: \"Yeah, as a matter of fact, he did.\" (He gestures with his head and Leo

picks up a rifle.) \"A sound-suppressed revolver rifle.\"

Sam: \"Did he handle it?\"

Man: \"Sure.\"

Sam: \"Was he wearing gloves?\"

Man: \"No.\"

Barrett: \"Has anybody handled it since?\"

Man: \"No, just Leo here.\"

Sam: \"How much?\"

Scene: Washington D. C. - Sam's hotel room.

Sam is looking at fingerprints on a computer screen.

Sam: \"There's one full set of prints and one partial on the second rifle, but

neither of them match Colonel O'Neill.\"

Barrett: \"It's a little strange.\"

Sam: \"Well, assuming that full set matches our friend Leo, that would mean that

the partial belongs to the shooter.\"

Barrett: \"Maybe.\"

Sam: \"It's the best lead we have.\"

Barrett: \"The shooter probably won't have a criminal record. In fact, there's a

good chance he may not exist on any database at all.\"

Sam: \"Except maybe NID personnel files. You said it yourself, Agent Barrett.

There's a cancer in your organization. Kinsey was going to bring them down, so

they had him killed. So, did they hire an outside contractor...or use one of

their own?\"

Barrett: \"Give me the disk.\" (Sam takes the disk out of the computer and hands

it to him.) \"I'll check the files and call you in a couple of hours.\" (She nods

and he heads for the door. He opens it and turns back.) \"Good call checking for

a second weapon.\"

Sam: \"Thanks.\"

Barrett: \"You're welcome.\"

He closes the door behind him.

Scene: SGC - Jonas' Lab

Janet is at the computer. Teal'c is standing next to her. Jonas is futher in

the foreground.

Jonas: \"So, where do we start?\"

Teal'c: \"It is probable that Dr. Langham has assumed a new identity.\"

Jonas walks over to stand behind Janet.

Jonas: \"Yeah, new name, new address, new social security number...\"

Janet: \"He can't change his medical condition.\"

Teal'c: \"Do not many thousands of people in this country suffer from this


Janet: \"Yes, but there's a wide range of treatments that vary from case to

case. See, Dr. Langham was on a very specific combination of drugs, including

primidone and carbamazepine. So, we can access the national pharmaceutical

database and focus on new prescriptions written in the past three weeks. We

then cross reference that with age and gender and we should be able to narrow

down the field.\" (Teal'c nods his head in understanding.)

Scene: Washington D. C.

Sam is sitting in the rental car, parked on the street and talking on the phone

to Hammond.

Sam: \"Have Teal'c and Jonas found anything yet?\"

Hammond: \"They have a lead on a missing scientist from Area 51. They think he

may have been the one who took the mimic devices.\"

Sam: \"Well, if it turns the shooter was NID, we should be able to track him

using the fingerprints we found on the second rifle.\"

Hammond: \"What about this Agent Barrett? Are you sure you can trust him?\"

Sam: \"I don't know. I think so.\"

Hammond: \"You know you're not authorized to tell him about the foothold

incident. Technically, I shouldn't have even told Jonas.\"

Sam: \"I know, sir. I'm hoping it won't come to that. I'll keep you posted, sir.\"

(She hangs up the phone just as Barrett gets in the car.) \"So?\"

Barrett: \"You were right. The prints match an NID agent named Mark Devlin.\"

(He opens a folder and shows her a file. Sam starts up the car and drives away.)

Scene: Some neighborhood.

Teal'c and Jonas pull up to a curb in front of a house in a silver car. Teal'c

is driving. They get out and walk to the house. Both are wearing civilian

clothes and Teal'c is wearing a bucket hat.

Jonas: \"How'd you learn to drive?\"

Teal'c: \"It was Daniel Jackson that instructed me.\"

Jonas: \"When was that?\"

Teal'c: \"I believe the year was 1969.\"

Teal'c knocks on the door to the house. A few seconds later a man answer the


Zwydel: \"Can I help you?

Jonas: \"Yeah, we're looking for a mister...\" (Jonas looks down at the file he

is carrying. The man at the door looks nothing like Dr. Langham.) \"David


Zwydel: \"Yeah, that's me. What's this about?\"

Teal'c: \"Our apologies. You are not the man we are looking for.\"

Jonas: \"Sorry, I must have made a mistake...uh, have a good day.\" (The man

gives a little wave and closes the door. Teal'c and Jonas start to leave.)

\"That guy look familiar to you?\"

Teal'c: \"He did not.\"

Jonas: \"Really? God, he looked familiar to me.\" (Then stopping himself and

Teal'c) \"No...wait, wait, wait. I know that guy. When I first came to Stargate

Command, he was one of the Airmen in the 'gate room. I'm positive.\" (Both

Teal'c and Jonas return quickly to the front door. They knock on the door

again.) \"Mr. Zwydel...\" (Teal'c doesn't wait for an answer and tries to open

the door.) \"Mr. Zwydel!\" (The duo looks at each other.) \"Around back.\"

Jonas goes around the house. Teal'c goes off in another direction. We see

Zwydel run out of the back of his house and over his back fence as Jonas begins

pursuit. Zwydel runs down the alley behind his house, turning to watch Jonas

following. Zwydel runs past a van and just as he reaches the back end of the

van, Teal'c steps out and clotheslines Zwydel with his arm. Zwydel falls to the

ground unconscious.

Jonas: \"Nice shot.\"

Teal'c bends down and tears Zwydel's shirt open to reveal a mimic device on his

chest. Teal'c removes the device and the hologram of Zwydel dissolves to reveal

Dr. Langham.

Jonas: \"Dr. Langham, I presume.\"

Teal'c: \"Indeed.\"

Commercial Break

Scene: SGC - Briefing Room

Jonas and Teal'c are reporting to Hammond.

Hammond: \"You found Dr. Langham?\"

Jonas: \"He's in a holding cell on level 16.\"

Hammond: \"Well done. Has he said anything?\"

Jonas: \"No, sir. We're letting him sweat, but he did ask for a lawyer.\"

Hammond: \"That could be a problem. We're not exactly following proper procedure


Jonas: \"Sir, this guy stole top-secret material and is an accessory to murder.\"

Teal'c: \"Dr. Langham is also the only one that can verify Colonel O'Neill's


Hammond: \"Not necessarily. Major Carter and Agent Barrett are pursuing a lead

that may take them to the real assassin.\"

Jonas: \"And if it doesn't?\"

Hammond: \"I know how you feel. No one wants Colonel O'Neill back more than I

do, but this is a delicate situation. I understand this man had some injuries

when you brought him in?\"

Teal'c: \"Dr. Langham was reluctant to accompany us back to the SGC. He required

some convincing.\"

Hammond: \"All I'm saying is we have to be careful. We're operating way outside

our jurisdiction and like it or not, this man has rights.\"

Teal'c: \"He will volunteer the information. Of that, I am certain.\"

General Hammond and Teal'c exchange a look.

Scene: SGC - Holding cell on level 16.

Dr. Langham is seated at a table. There are guards in the room. He hears the

beep of the lock on the door being activated. Teal'c opens the door and lingers

in the doorway momentarily, for effect. Dr. Langham is visibly nervous. Teal'c

walks over and slowly sits down at the table, opposite Langham. Teal'c's eyes

never leave Langham's and they do not blink. Teal'c folds his hands on the

table in front of him and continues to stare down Langham.

Langham: \"Look, this is a waste of time. I got nothin' to say.\"

Teal'c continues to stare at Langham. Langham's eyes repeatedly darting away

and then back to see if Teal'c is still staring.

Langham: \"Okay, yes, I took the mimic devices. I switched them with the fakes,

but I didn't know what they were planning to do with them.\" (Teal'c continues

to stare.) \"What? You think I'm part of some kind of murder conspiracy? Well,

you're wrong.\" (Teal'c continues to stare, leaning forward slightly.) \"All

right, I'll tell you what I know, but you have to promise me protection.\"

(Teal'c's staredown continues.)

Scene: Washington D. C.

Sam and Barrett pull up to the curb in front of a house. From inside the house

we see Devlin looking out the window and seeing them. Sam pulls out a gun as

she approaches the door. She knocks a couple of times and when there is no

answer, she puts her gun back and pulls out her lock picking tools.

Sam (to Barrett): \"I'll get us in.\"

Barrett gets impatient and decides to kick the door in. Sam gives him a dirty

look and follows him in. Both have guns drawn. They get into the kitchen and

notice several cans of gasoline wired to a digital timer. There are 7 seconds

left on the countdown. Both turn and run out of the house. They make it to the

bottom of the stairs before the house explodes and both are thrown forward. Sam

lands on her back and Barrett lands on top of her.

Sam: \"What are you doing?\"

Barrett: \"Covering you.\"

Sam: \"Thank you...get up.\"

Barrett: \"Right.\"

They both stare at the burning house.

Scene: \"SGC - Holding cell on level 16

Jonas and Hammond have joined Teal'c.

Jonas: \"When you first switched the devices with the fakes, where'd you take


Langham: \"Washington. They wanted me to take them myself because they thought

using a middleman would be too risky.\"

Teal'c: \"To whom are you referring?\"

Langham: \"They call themselves the Committee. They run the whole show.\"

Hammond: \"We're going to need names. You're looking at conspiracy to commit


Langham: \"I didn't know they were going to use the devices to kill anybody.

They told me that they were going to analyze the technology for possible

commercial applications.\"

Jonas: \"Why would you believe that?\"

Langham: \"You don't think money has anything to do with this? In the last six

months there have been at least 10 new patents that could be traced back

directly to Area 51. I'm talking industrial chemicals, metallurgy, name it.\"

Jonas: \"So, they're selling alien technology?\"

Langham: \"No, they're buying it. The members of the Committee aren't spies or

secret agents. They're businessmen. The rogue NID agents work for them. They've

got hundreds of millions invested and they expect to make billions in return by

incorporating alien advancements into their product lines.\"

Jonas: \"I thought this was about protecting the planet.\"

Langham: \"Well, nobody said it had to be a non-profit business.\"

Hammond: \"Give us the names and we'll ensure your safety.\"

Langham: \"Oh, well, I'm gonna need a few more details. You work for the Air

Force. You don't have a witness protection program.\"

Jonas: \"But we do have the Stargate.\"

Langham: \"What do you mean?\"

Hammond: \"Well, if these people are as powerful as you say they are, there's

probably no where on Earth you'd be safe. Fortunately, we have other options.\"

Scene: Washington D. C. - Sam's Hotel Room

Sam and Barrett enter.

Barrett: \"All right, we need to talk. Who else knows about this operation at

Stargate Command?\"

Sam: \"Why?\"

Barrett: \"Because we've got a leak, Major.\"

Sam takes off her coat, lays it on the bed, then lays her gun down on top of it

and walks into the bathroom.

Sam: \"Oh, wait a minute...\"

She emerges from the bathroom with a washcloth.

Barrett: \"Agent Devlin was waiting for us. That means somebody obviously tipped

him off.\"

Sam: \"Not necessarily. Think about used a computer to access those

personnel files, right? Maybe somebody tracked you.\"

A cell phone rings.

Barrett: \"Don't...don't answer that.\"

Sam (looking at the ID): \"It's General Hammond.\"

Barrett: \"If they think we're dead, it may be our only advantage.\"

Sam: \"You trust me, you trust my team.\" (Sitting on the bed, she answers the

phone.) \"Sir, what's happening? Did he talk? No, that's great news. Yes,


She hangs up. Meanwhile Devlin is rummaging through the mini-fridge in the

room. He pulls out a couple of bottles of water.

Barrett: \"What is it?\"

Sam: \"We've got the names of those responsible for the assassination.\"

Barrett: \"What's that supposed to mean?\"

Sam: \"We have an inside source.\"

Barrett: \"Who?\"

Sam: \"I can't.\"

Barrett: \"This assignment came from the White House, Major. If you don't tell

me what I need to know, I'm gonna have to make a phone call. You're the one

who's always talking about trust.\"

He hands her a water bottle.

Sam (after taking a drink and thinking for a few seconds): \"The man who shot

Kinsey was using a piece of alien technology, a device capable of creating a

flawless holographic this case, a duplicate image of Colonel

O'Neill. It was a perfect plan to get rid of Kinsey and the Colonel at the same


Barrett: \"Wait a minute, why have I never heard about this technology before?\"

Sam: \"We encountered the devices three years ago during a foothold situation.

It was a close one. Kinsey was trying to shut down the Stargate program for

being too risky, so the whole thing was covered up by Presidential order.\"

Barrett: \"Who's your source?\"

Sam: \"A scientist at Area 51. He's the one who smuggled the devices out.\"

Barrett: \"That's not enough.\"

Sam: \"There on to us, Agent Barrett. If we don't move fast, they're going to


Barrett: \"We need more than the testimony of one scientist who made a deal for


Sam: \"That's all we have.\" (Barrett smiles kind of funny.) \"What?\"

Barrett: \"Senator Kinsey's not dead. He's in a coma. We've got him under 24

hour guard.\"

Sam: \"Why the hell didn't you tell me?\"

Barrett: \"Because we needed to keep his condition a secret for his protection.

If and when he regains consciousness, he'll be able to provide us with the

information we need to bring these people down.\"

Sam: \"So we were both keeping secrets.\"

Barrett: \"That's the way the game's played.\"

Sam: \"You've got a...\"

She motions to her cheek to indicate he has something on his face and then

hands him the washcloth she had used to wipe her own face. He wipes his face

with it.

Barrett: \"Anyway, the, uh, Pentagon's been informed. They're sending a man over

to the hospital. Did I...?\" He motions to his face, asking if the mark is gone.

Sam: \" Close enough...who are they sending?\"

Barrett: \"A liaison officer.\"

Sam: \"Major Davis?\"

Barrett: \"Major Davis.\" (Sam gets up and begins putting her gun and jacket back

on.) \"What?\"

Sam: \"There are 12 alien devices capable of mimicking specific individuals.

Major Davis was one of them.\"

Scene: Washington D. C. - A Hospital

Devlin is seen walking into an elevator. After the doors close, he pulls a

mimic device out of his pocket and places it on his chest (oddly enough, on his

shirt and not on the skin under the shirt). He suddenly looks like Major Davis.

He walks down the hall and approaches a room that has to servicemen guarding

the door.

Devlin/Davis: \"Sergeant...\"

Sergeant: \"Major Davis.\"

Devlin/Davis: \"I've come to check on the Senator.

Sergeant: \"Yes, sir.\"

Devlin/Davis enters the room. He pulls a pistol out and screws on a silencer.

We see Kinsey lying on a bed in the room.

Commercial Break

Scene: An undisclosed meeting room

The members of the Committee (I believe five in all) are sitting at a table.

Committee Spokesman: \"Agent Devlin, how'd it go?\"

Devlin: \"Kinsey's dead.\"

Committee Member #2: \"Are you sure? He was supposed to be dead the first time.\"

Devlin: \"Well, he wasn't wearing a bullet-proof vest this time. So, yeah, I'm

sure. There were a few complications though.\" (We see Devlin/Davis in the

hospital room in flashback. He cocks the pistol and just then the fire alarms

starts ringing so he has to stow the pistol in the back waistband of his pants.

The doors open and the guards come in, followed by doctors and nurses who begin

moving the Senator.

Devlin/Davis: \"What's going on?\"

Sergeant: \"Fire alarm. We need to move him.\" (They move Kinsey out of the room

and the Sergeant and his partner move to stop Devlin/Davis from following.)

\"We're gonna have to ask you to wait here, sir.\"

Devlin/Davis: \"And why is that, Sergeant?\"

Devlin/Davis suddenly takes out both guards and heads down the hall after


Committee Spokesman: \"Secondary casualties are not our concern. Major Davis can

answer for those as well.\"

Committee Member #3: \"We still have a loose end. They have Dr. Langham in


Committee Spokesman: \"That's not important. His accusations will be little more

than a minor inconvenience for us. Instead of worrying about him, I suggest we

use the mimic devices to eliminate another thorn in our side.\"

Devlin: \"Someone at the SGC?\"

Committee Spokesman: \"General Hammond. Once he's out of the way we can replace

him with someone more...sympathetic to our concerns.\"

Flashback to the hospital again: Devlin/Davis is walking down the hall. He sees

Kinsey loaded onto an elevator, but gets there just after the doors close. He

waits to see which way the elevator goes and notices it heading all the way

down to the basement. He heads for the stairs.

Devlin: \"If they know about the devices, they'll be prepared for something like


Committee Member #2: \"Devlin's right. Besides, now that Kinsey's dead, we have

other options.\"

Committee Member #3: \"I think it's time we send someone to talk to Hammond. Get

him to reconsider those retirement plans.\"

Committee Spokesman: \"He doesn't seem like the type to bow to outside pressure.\"

Committee Member #2: \"Well, then, we are going to have to be very convincing.\"

Another Flashback to the hospital:

Devlin/Davis busts into a locker room brandishing his pistol. He walks around a

corner and is zatted by Major Carter. Barrett is right behind her. She walks

over and pulls the mimic device off Devlin. The Davis hologram dissolves.

Committee Member #2: \"Agent Devlin, I would like you to pay General Hammond a

visit. Impress upon him our concerns for the safety and well-being of his


Devlin: \"If he still refuses to play ball?\"

Committee Spokesman: \"Then kill him.\"

Just then Agent Devlin's image begins to shift and blink and we see a hint of

Sam showing through.

Committee Member #3: \"What is this?\"

The hologram of Devlin dissolves completely to reveal Sam standing at the end

of the table instead. She smiles.

Sam: \"General Hammond sends his regards.\"

Doors open and NID agents enter, led by Barrett.

Barrett: \"All right, get your hands up. Come on, get 'em up!\"

Sam (pulling the mimic device off): \"Well, the hologram lasted six and a half

minutes. That's a new record for us.\"

Barrett (as the Committee is being taken away): \"You took a big risk.\"

Sam: \"I knew you were listening.\"

Barrett: \"What makes you think I was gonna come in here before you got them to

incriminate themselves?\"

Sam: \"When you work with someone, you just know.\"

Scene: Washington D. C. - Senator Kinsey's Hospital Room.

The Senator is tying his tie while looking at the mirror when the door opens.

He turns to see Jack (in dress blues) being let into the room.

Kinsey: \"Ah...Colonel O'Neill, glad you could make it.\"

Jack: \"What do you want, Kinsey?\"

Kinsey: \"I just thought we should have a little chat before we meet the press.\"

Jack: \"Did you need to gloat a little?\"

Kinsey (chuckles): \"Oh, don't be that way, Jack. You need this as much as I do.

The only way you're going to get public vindication is if the two of us appear

on the 6:00 news, shaking hands.\"

Jack: \"Yeah...I'm not sure it's worth it.\"

Kinsey: \"The American people don't want their Air Force officers to be

assassins, Jack. They want them to be heroes.\" (He give Jack's arm a little

punch.) \"I'm gonna make you a hero.\" (He walks past Jack who stands in

contemplation, grimacing slightly, before following.) \"Shall we?\"

Jack reluctantly follows.

Scene: An Outdoor Podium

Kinsey and his entourage emerge from the hospital to greet a waiting crowd of

reporters and onlookers. Jack put his hat on as he joins Kinsey behind the


Kinsey: \"First of all, I want to apologize to you and to the American people

for the deception surrounding my...untimely demise. It was an unfortunate, but

necessary final step in my investigation of certain anti-democratic forces that

had taken root in several key government agencies. The ringleaders of this

conspiracy have now been taken into custody. Of course, taking a bullet was not

part of my original plan to bring these men down, but the success of the

operation was well worth...any personal sacrifice on my part. And I want the

American people to know that, if elected, I intend to bring that same

determination and zeal for justice with me to the White House. I would also

like to than Colonel Jack O'Neill of the United States Air Force for the vital

role he played in my investigation. I can't go into details for reasons of

national security, but I can assure you all that any evidence pointing to the

Colonel as my would-be assassin...was simply part of the operation.\" (He turns

to Jack, who has been looking rather uncomfortable the entire time, to shake

his hand.) \"Colonel...\" (Jack reluctantly shakes Kinsey's hand as Kinsey turns

and smiles for a photo op while shaking Jack's hand. When he finally releases

Jack's hand, Kinsey covers the microphone with his other hand and whispers to

Jack.) \"Smile Colonel, you just won me the election.\"

Kinsey smiles and waves to the crowd and Jack looks rather disgusted.

End Credits

Source : Stargate fusion.

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