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Script vo du 620

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En Quête du Passé


Shot of the Prometheus (X-303) orbiting Earth.

Inside, a man jumps down a ladder and walks offscreen right. Colonel
William Ronson walks into the room from ahead.
Ronson: All right everyone, on your toes! Major Gant, Report
He walks past the major, who is checking out the console she's standing behind.
Gant: A ship has just exited a hyperspace window off our port bow,
Colonel. Goa'uld vessel, Sir, Hat'tak class.
Ronson: Sound General quarters (???)
He sits down in his seat next to her an Major Peter DeLuise's (!) consoles.
Gant: Goa'uld vessel is closing in on our position at fifteen
thousand meters. They're arming their weapons, Sir.
She sits down at her console as well.
Ronson: Shields at maximum! I want missile bays one, three and four,
and charge the primary weapons systems.
Klaxons start going off in the background.
Gant: Yes Sir.

Still inside, a couple of crewmen (and women) in blue overalls run
along a corridor, past another one who is checking out a box on the
wall. They run past a door, where Teal'c and O'Neill just emerge.
O'Neil exaggeratedly stumbles out of their way.
O'Neill: Excuse *me*! God that's annoying!
They walk up the corridor, Klaxons still sounding in the background.
Teal'c: I believe Colonel Ronson has issued a call for battle stations.
O'Neill: *again*.
Teal'c: Have we not been assigned to participate in the damage control effort.
O'Neill: Yes. And if there's *ever* any damage, I'll do my best to
control it. Right now, I wanna talk to Ronson.

On the bridge, Major Gant is sitting at her console as the two enter.
Gant: Goa'uld vessel is in range, Sir.
Ronson: Weapons Officer, prepare to fire on my command!
O'Neill (low, to Teal'c): He's the weapons officer, you'd think he'd
already be prepared.
Teal'c: Indeed.
Ronson: The bridge isn't exactly where you're supposed to be during
the battle drill.
O'Neill: Nnnnoooo... I've been meaning to talk to you about that.
Ronson: can it wait, until we're not in the middle of a drill?
O'Neill: *When* are we *not* in the middle of a drill?
Ronson glares at Jack calmly, who looks down for a second, then
raises his hands in defense.
O'Neill: Okay. We'll talk about it later. (Ronson doesn't believe his
sincerity) Teal'c, prepare to assist in damage control.
Teal'c: I am prepared, O'Neill.
O'Neill: See how melodramatic that sounds? It's unnecessary.
He turns to leave, Teal'c follows. The camera focuses on Ronson, who
sighs voicelessly. His face sets.
Ronson: Where were we...






Inside the Prometheus, a dark corridor, personnel walking around
busily, but not as hectic as before. O'Neill is sitting at a console
in a brighter part of the room, talking intently to someone as a
crewman passes behind him.
O'Neill: To be honest with you, Sir, I feel like we're getting *in
the way* here.
Onscreen is Hammond, a geeky-looking scientist can be seen in the
background. They're probably at Stargate Control.
Hammond: SG-1 has valuable experience with both hyperspace travel and
the Prometheus itself. Besides, your mission to P7X009 shouldn't take
more than a few hours. General Greer and I just want you there for
the shakedown cruise.
O'Neill (who has been looking around idly the entire time): In the
unlikely event of an emergency...
Hammond: Something like that. Enjoy the ride, Colonel. Hammond out.
The screen goes static, and we see O'Neill staring unhappily ahead, nodding.

EXT., the Prometheus still orbiting Earth, probably above the
Antarctic or a huge cloud bank.
Ronson (v/o): This is Prometheus, ...

INT., the bridge.
Ronson is walking in front of his seat.
Ronson: ... requesting go-ahead for mission start.


Voice via wireless: Prometheus, this is Van-den-berg (?), you have an
affirmative for hyperspace window activation.
Ronson sits down between Gant and DeLuise.


Ronson: Roger that. (to her) Major, we have a go.


Gant: Yes Sir, activating window.
She types somthing on her console, and we switch to...

EXT. Prometheus, a white, cloud-like hyperspace window opens in front
of the ship, and it swishes into it with a bright glare of light.
With a swosh we find ourselves...

EXT. Inside a Hyperspace channel that is vaguely reminiscent of the
inside of a Stargate wormhole, but without the screeching noise, and
a lot more cloudy and tunnel-like instead of flying through the
stars. The prometheus swishes past the camera, which pans to follow,
and we cut to...

INT. A wide corridor on Prometheus, two crewpeople, Ronson followed
by Gant are heading towards the camera from a doorway.


Ronson: Run Level One Diagnostics on all weapons systems, including shields.
Gant: Ring transports?
Ronson: Hit all of them.


They walk through a hatch and turn left.
Ronson: Also, set up a hull breach simulation for 0500. That's all.


Gant: Yes Sir.

She turns and heads back while he continues on his path, finding
Colonel O'Neill waiting for him, leaning against the side of the lift
with arms crossed.


Ronson: Jack.
The sliding door closes behind the two.


O'Neill: Got yourself a fine crew here, Ronson.
Ronson: Yeah, you got a pretty solid team yourself.
They stand, facing each other, not quite friendly, not quite hostile, taxing.


O'Neill: Yeah, I was speaking of that.


Ronson: Jack... I know that in the event of a real situation with the
Goa'uld, you feel that your place would be on the bridge.
The door slides open and they exit the lift, Ronson leading the way.


O'Neill: Well, if not me, you'd be a fool not to take advantage of
Teal'c's expertise, and Carter's a genius!
Ronson: You're absolutely right. But you're just along for the
shakedown cruise. My crew needs to be able to count on me and on each
other after you're gone.
They have stopped in a crossing and are facing each other again. Jack sighs.
O'Neill: I guess I can respect that.
Ronson: Besides, I highly doubt we'll run into the Goa'uld on this mission.

EXT. space, black with stars. A flash of light, and the Prometheus
pops out of hyperspace with a "whoosh".

INT. Prometheus, Jack and Ronson look baffled.
Ronson: We just dropped out of Hyperspace.
He steps around Jack and heads off. The camera stays with O'Neill,
who pulls out a small radio.
O'Neill: Carter, Teal'c, meet me on the bridge!
He follows.

We cut to the bridge, where two female crewmembers are fussing over
one of those fancy starchart glass things in the back of the room,
while closer to us, the weapons officer stares at his console in
Ronson enters, followed by Jack. Gant is sitting at her console,
focusing on something on her screen.


Ronson: Major?
Gant: We were supposed to be in hyperspace for another nine minutes,
Sir. I don't know what happened.
Sam and Jonas enter the room, and Sam immediately heads for Gant's
console, looking over her shoulder. Teal'c is hardly visible
following them in.


Ronson sits down in his chair, turns to DeLuise on his right.
Ronson: What's our position?
DeLuise: 40.62 light years short of the target, sir.
Sam: Something must have caused the hyperdrive to shut down automatically.

We see a schematic of the Prometheus on Gant's screen labeled
"Prometheus X-303 System Analysis: Systems visual display mosule"

Jonas: The only way that would happen is if the computer detected
some instability in the Naquadria powering the engines.


Gant: He's right sir, diagnostics show a massive power surge in the
hyperdrive. The failsafe's kicked in to shut it down.
Ronson: Have you begun restart procedures?
Gant: I've tried, but the computer wouldn't let it start up.

We see "Engines offline" flashing on her screen.

O'Neill: Carter?
Sam looks up from Gant's console to O'Neill, standing between Jonas
and Teal'c. She attempts to say something as he continues.
O'Neill: You promised me it would work!!!
Sam: It did work.
O'Neill: No it didn't.
Sam: The hyperdrive was fitted with a buffer, like a surge protector.
It was designed to modulate extreme fluctuations in the energy coming
from the Naquadria. This shouldn't be happening.
Teal'c: Yet it is happening.
O'Neill: Yet it is!!!
Gant: Something must have damaged the buffer.
Sam (to Ronson): Sir, with your permission I'd like to take a look.
Jonas: Yeah, me too.
Ronson: Take Major Gant with you. Report back to me as soon as possible.
Sam: Yes sir.
While Gant removes her earphone, Jonas and Sam head for the exit,
followed by Gant. Jack looks annoyed and disappointed, like a
pouting child.

INT, we're looking down at the reactor through three bars. it
consists of two, roughly spheric bodies, one of which appears to be
transparent, while the other appears to be gold and black.

Cut to Gant's unbelieving face, whose view we very likely just saw,
behind her we can blurrily make out Sam at a console.
Sam: Well, we were right. Something caused the buffer to overload,
it's more or less fried.
Gant: I don't understand. It was created to handle massive amounts of energy.
The camera pans around her, and in the background past a long
console, where another female crewmember sits, enters...
Jonas: Gravity waves! I just checked the ship's sensor logs: We
passed through an intense gravity wave from a collapsing star while
in hyperspace.
Sam: That would explain it, it was too much for the buffer to handle.
Gant: But the hyperdrive engines are still intact, and we still have
the Naquadria, so...
Sam: Yeah, but we have no way of regulating it. There's no way to
calculate the distance we've travelled because of Naquadria's
inherent instability.
Jonas: We could end up anywhere.
Sam turns at Jonas's comment, obviously not happy.

EXT. Prometheus in space, floating along majestically.

INT. Sam and Ronson in front of a large schematical display onscreen.
They turn, and in comes
O'Neill: Well, if he was going to help out, he would've shown by now.
Ronson: Who?
O'Neill: Thor. Little guy? Grey?
Ronson: I know who Thor is.
O'Neill nods.
Teal'c: The Asgard have proven valuable in similar situations.
O'Neill: Carter?
Sam: I'm afraid it doesn't look good, sir. Even if we were able to
write a subroutine into the computer to bypass the buffer, we'd still
risk the reactor going critical.
Ronson: Well, use whatever need to repair the buffer. Cannibalize
whatever system you deem necessary.
Sam: With all due respect, Colonel, I can't.
O'Neill raises his eyebrows in disbelief. Teal'c inclines his head as well.
O'Neill: Carter?
Carter: Sir, I helped design the buffer module. I can tell you right
now there is no possible way I can make it operational. Not with what
we have on the ship. It's like an ... a lightbulb that has burned
out: You can't just fix it.
O'Neill: Do we ... have any extra bulbs?
Ronson: There is no redundancy for that particular system.
O'Neill: So you're saying there's no redundancy?
Teal'c who's zoned out by now, enjoying something on the ceiling,
looks back at O'Neill at that repetition.
Ronson: Even if we were to plot a course for Earth, using maximum
sublight thrust, it would take years. We don't have the supplies!
Sam: Not to mention the relativistic effects.
O'Neill doesn't get that last comment.
Ronson: That buffer has to be repaired.
Jonas, who was invisible behind Ronson all the time, takes this
opportunity to join in.
Jonas: Actually, there may be another solution.

We see a screen with lots of Stargate symbols (the 39-symbols flavor)
in a nice checkered grid.
Jonas: According to the cartouche, there's a planet .38 light years
from our current position, ...
Jonas is standing at the funky glass starchart and marks a white dot
with his cool blue marker.
Jonas: ... P3X744. We've tried dialing it unsuccessfully in the past,
but if it's on the cartouche then there had to be a gate there at
some point.
Teal'c: perhaps it may be buried.
Jonas: Well, if we can make it there and gate home, we can get what
we need to repair the ship.
Gant: We're still talking about a four month journey using sublight
engines, we'd never make it.
Jonas shakes his head, then nods as Sam says...
Sam: We use the hyperdrive.
Ronson, O'Neill and Teal'c raise their heads in surprise.
O'Neill: I thought we couldn't do that?
Sam: For a protracted period of time, no.
Gant (nodding): 744 would be a pretty short hop.
Sam: The shorter the burst of energy required, the less the chance of
Jonas: That's what I'm thinking.
O'Neill (to Ronson): It's your call. But I don't see how we have much choice.
Ronson: Major Gant, plot a course four 744.

EXT. Another shot of the prometheus Swooshing off into hyperspace.

EXT. The Prometheus swooshes out again in a flash above an Earth-like planet.

INT. The bridge, Jonas and O'Neill walking around the seats in the
background towards Teal'c.
DeLuise: Now orbiting P3X744, sir.
O'Neill: [Aye Port to Stowaway ???]
Ronson: Good work, people!

A short peek at a schematic of the reactor on Gant's screen which
suddenly turns red.

Gant: Sir, computers are detecting a rapid energy build-up in the
Naquadria cells.
Ronson: Shut down power to the reactor.
Gant: Controls will not respond, sir. Reaction is continuing uncontrolled.
Sam (next to her): jump must have triggered a power surge that
overloaded the reactor control systems. Sir, without the buffer we
have no way to stop the build-up. We have a few minutes before the
Naquadria reactor goes critical.
Ronson: Stand by to jettison the reactor module.
Gant: Yes, sir.
Jonas: Wait a minute, if I'm wrong about there being a stargate on
this planet, we're losing our only means of getting home!
Teal'c: It would appear there is little choice.
Ronson: Bring shields and sublight engines on-line.
Sam: We're not gonna be able to get very far away before it blows.
Ronson: Then we're about to find out just how good our shields are.
(via comm) All hands, brace for impact! (low) Reactor module
separation on my mark. 3, 2, 1, mark!
Gant pushes a button.

EXT. Somewhere on the side of the Prometheus, towards the planet, a
door opens and the reactor is jettisoned out, slightly spinning.

INT, bridge.
Gant: Module jettisoned.
Ronson: Get us clear! Full military thrust!
DeLuise: Sir.

EXT, Prometheus above P3X744, the reactor, a small blue light, is
flickering, drifting away from Prometheus, which accelerates away
from the planet in a curve. The reactor blows noisefully, a huge,
spheric, blue discharge around the explosion that is expanding,
slowly but steadily catching up with the fleeing ship.

INT, Prometheus, bridge. As the wave hits the ship, we see sparks
flying, the sound of the hull deforming, Sam is shaken a little next
to Major Gant. Ronson, Teal'c, and Jonas are seen bracing themselves
against the impact, and Jack is holding his ears shut at the noise.
Somewhere a pipe burst and spits out white smoke or gas, and Teal'c
hurries to close it off.

Ronson: Damage report!
Gant: Electromagnetic pulse penetrated the shield, sir. Primary
computer systems are down, all we have are artificial gravity and
life support on most decks.
Ronson: Casualties!
Gant listens into her earpiece.
Gant: None reported.
Ronson: How soon until we get systems back on-line?
Gant: It's too early to say, Sir.
Sam: I'd like to assist, if I may.
Ronson: Please do, Major.
DeLuise: Colonel Ronson, I'm picking up atomic bogies originating
from the planet's surface. Closing in on our position-- heading this
Ronson: Can you identify them?
DeLuise: Velocity and size indicate some kind of long-range ballistic
weapon, Sir. We're under attack.
Another alert goes off beeping in the background as Sam, Teal'c,
Ronson and Jack react to this news.

We see the radar console's screen with two red blips approaching
towards the Prometheus in the center.

DeLuise: Missiles are on an intercept course.
Ronson: Evasive action, take us out of orbit.
DeLuise: We can't maneuver, sir.
Ronson: All right. Arm weapons, we'll try to take them out!
Gant: Weapons control is down, sir.
Ronson reacts.
Jack: How long before they hit?
DeLuise: Three minutes.
Sam: That's not enough time to get the systems back on-line, Sir.
Jonas: Colonel, they only launched their missiles after we exploded
our hyperdrive above their athmosphere. It could have very well
looked like an attack from their point of view.
Sam: I agree, sir. based on the weapons they fired, they're obviously
a very sophisticated race. the E.M. pulse that knocked out our
computer systems could have had the same effect on their planet.
Ronson: Then how were they able to launch missiles?
Sam: Ballistic missile sites on Earth are shielded for E.M.P.
O'Neill: Let's talk to 'em.
DeLuise: Two minutes to missile impact.
Gant: Sir, I can broadcast on multiple frequencies. If they're
listening, they'll pick it up.
Ronson: Do it.
O'Neill puts on a headset while DeLuise pushes some buttons.
O'Neill: This is Colonel Jack O'Neill from the United States Air
Force vessel Prometheus, can anyone hear me down there? (static) The
*explosion* that just happened in orbit over your planet was an
*accident*. The resulting E.M. Pulse damaged our ship and we are
defenseless against your attack. (more static) ... We've come a long
way to meet you folks ... so, if there's anything you could do to,
you know, stop those missiles...?
DeLuise: One minute to impact.
Ronson: (comm) Lock down all compartments and brace for impact!
"Red alert" noise goes off.
O'Neill: We'd very much like the opportunity to land and introduce
ourselves, but ... if you destroy our ship, that's going to be ...
very difficult... ? (more static)
Teal'c, Sam and Jack listen intently. (Where the hell is Jonas???)

We see the blips coming closer on the radar, then we see out the
front viewport of the Prometheus where, miraculously, the rockets
blow up in a bright flare of light, shaking the ship .

DeLuise: Missile self-destructed at seventeen thousand meters.
Ronson throws the surprised O'Neill a relieved look.
Kalfass: This is Commander Kalfass of the Tegrean security force. We
will transmit landing coordinates. Kalfass out.
O'Neill: Not exactly an engraved invitation, but...
Ronson: I would prefer not landing until we have our shields and
weapons back on-line.
Gant: We should have systems back up within a few minutes, sir.

EXT. Tegrea, the Prometheus is landing on a huge field. against blue,
slightly foggy sky, the sun shining down brightly (no lens flare
there, luckily).

INT, Prometheus. O'Neill, Jonas, Sam and Teal'c are headed down a corridor.
Jonas: The guy you talked to was Commander Kalfass. The name of the
planet is Tegrea.
O'Neill: Kalfass. Tegrea. Got it.
The four enter a room that seems to have a large, empty space in its middle.
Sam: Sir, I've been scanning for Naquada traces with the ship's
sensors, in an effort to determine the location of the stargate. So
far I've got nothing.
Teal'c: Could the information on the cartouche be incorrect?
Sam: Hasn't been wrong yet.
Jonas: If they don't accept our apology, finding the Stargate is
going to be the least of our problems.
O'Neill signs to a man a little off, who pushes a button on a panel
in the wall. The camera zooms back to show SG-1 standing in the
middle of a circle on the floor, which opens and a ring transporter
swooshes up and engulfs them. They're transported away and the guard
returns to his seat at a console.

EXT. Prometheus on the field. SG-1 are walking away from it, and we
get a nice sweep upwards, showing us the Prometheus and a whole lot
of small gunships, the size of small round zeppelins or large
balloons, and a similarly undefinable mixed design obviously guarding
our spaceship.

The greeting committee, about three tanks and two gunships, and a
whole load of soldiers in uniform, with who we'll learn is Kalfass
standing leisurely in front of one tank as if he owned it. As SG-1
approach across the field, they are encircled by loads of
camouflage-clothed soldiers with strage rubber neckpieces, vaguely
reminiscent of Jaffa-armor without the animal head, but without
shoulder pads.

The tank behind Kalfass turns its turret with two small guns, and
Kalfass in front of it glares at our heroes as he approaches in his
earth-coloured uniform (think "V for victory" if you care about the
way it's cut). We get our first good look at him as he commands...
Kalfass: Drop your weapons. Immediately.

A line of soldiers approaches towards SG-1, who are still holding on
to their weapons.
O'Neill: Howdy fellers! Colonel Jack O'Neill. United State--
Kalfass: Several powerful weapons are aimed at both you *and* your ship.
O'Neill: --s Air Force...
Kalfass: Disarm yourselves, or you'll be fired upon. This is not negotiable.
Teal'c: I believe he is being sincere in his threat, O'Neill.
Jonas (stepping forward): Oh... I guess we'll have to start trusting
them at some point. (he shrugs toward Jack)
O'Neill: Yah...
They put down their rifles, Sam fiddling a little with hers.

EXT. The main city on Tegrea. Lots of factories, industrialized, two
TGV-like trains zooming by towards us on several levels of tracks.

INT. Some Tegrean council room. Ashwan, a female council member, SG-1
and Kalfass sit down at a triangular table. A number of guards (may I
say SFs?) in the background next to some palmtree-like plants.

O'Neill: I take it we have you to thank for destroying the missiles
before they hit our ship, thus saving our lives?
Ashwan: There was something in our voice that I trusted.
O'Neill (pleased): Oh! Did I mention we're sorry?
Ashwan: And knowing that the E.M. pulse caused damage to your ship
I'm willing to accept that it was unintentional.
Kalfass: I'm not so willing.
Ashwan: Power has been restored to the cities affected, Kalfass.
Kalfass: There was considerable impact on our economic systems.
Ashwan: They will recover!
Kalfass: But we still don't know the extent of the damage!
Ashwan: Nothing! Compared to the event of meeting a race of people
from another world for the very first time. It is a profound moment
for us. You've said that Tegrea holds the key to returning to your
home planet, could you be more specific?
Sam: Chairman Ashwan, we believe that you possess a piece of alien
technology that is capable of transporting living matter across the
The hosts are at a loss.
O'Neill: We'd like to borrow your Stargate.
Ashwan: I'm sorry. Our star-gate...?
O'Neill: Kind of a ring-thing? Comes with a dialer with symbols. It
spins around and lights come on and it kinda (makes a motion with his
hands) flushes sideways?
Ashwan shakes his head. Jonas pulls out a large notebook, probably
one of Daniel's diaries, and points at a full-page drawing of the
Stargate in the SGC, including the ramp that leads up to it.
Jonas: It looks like ... this! Once it's activated, it is able to
transport you from one planet another instantaneously. In this case
from Tegrea to our planet, Earth.
He hands around the book. A black council member stares at the
drawing, then hands it on with furrowed brow, Kalfass glances at it
and smiles derisively, then shows it to Ashwan, commenting as if they
were talking of the Yeti...
Kalfass: They seek the 'ring of the gods'.
O'Neill: If that's what you wanna call it ... 'ring of the gods' is good.
Ashwan: Please, understand: This ... device you seek, the ...
Stargate, I regret to tell you--
Kalfass: It's a myth!
Ashwan: There's never been a shred of evidence to prove its existence.
The whole table is quiet, Sam and Jack look at their hosts with
desperate eyes. Teal'c begins to smile slightly as...
O'Neill: Have you looked around? ... just...?
Sam: If you could grant us access to some of your historical data, we
might be able to shed some light on this situation...?
Kalfass: Nonono... Your freedom of movement is not negotiable. Once
this meeting is over, you're to return to your vessel and stay there
until further instructed.
Ashwan: In the mean time I will have some basic historical data
delivered to your ship.
Kalfass: Mister Chairman!
Ashwan: If you do somehow succeed to prove the existence of this
Stargate, we will be glad to help you locate it as an act of good
faith between our two worlds.
O'Neill: Thank you, Ashwan.
They all nod their graceful goodbyes and SG-1 leave the room, Jonas
waving goodbye awkwardly.

Kalfass turns to Ashwan and chides him...
Kalfass: They may well be gathering information for an invasion!
Ashwan: Even if you're right, knowing our history will do no harm.
But Kalfass, what if this ring *does* exist? Imagine, after all these
centuries, finding a piece of our past!
Kalfass: And what if our past was buried for a good reason?
Ashwan: Travellers from another *world* are seeking our help.

INT. Conference room of the Prometheus. Sam, Jonas and Teal'c are
sitting at a table covered over and over in books, notes etc. Jonas
has a laptop. There are also two female and one male Prometheus
crewmembers with them. They all look up as the sliding doors open
with a loud swoosh and Jack enters the room.
Jack: How is the homework?
Jonas: Well, besides the language, there is almost nothing to
indicate how these people got here. There's no archaelogical data, no
ancient writings, no documentation of any artefacts...
Teal'c: I have found no mention of the Cha'apa'ai nor any other
technology used by the Goa'uld.
O'Neill: Well that's a little weird. The Goa'uld are damned
litterbugs. They usually leave a lot of crap behind.
He sits down at the table next to Carter.
Teal'c: That is most often the case.
Jonas: If this is a comprehensive history of Tegrea, it's a joke.
Sam: I know, there's nothing here dating back more than 300 years.
O'Neill: Maybe a year is longer on this planet?
Sam: Maybe sir, but even so. Without an idea of where the Tegreans
came from, we have no way of finding the Stargate.
Jonas: So either they are hiding something from us, or...
Teal'c: Or their entire past has been erased.
O'Neill reacts.

EXT. The Prometheus with all those nice little hot-air-balloon
thingies floating around it.

INT. Outside the Elevator on the Prometheus. The doors swish open and
Ronson stomps out angrily, followed by O'Neill and Carter. O'Neill is
wearing his "I'm begging even though I hate doing this" look.
Ronson: You invited them for dinner?!
O'Neill: I was thinking more of a ... brunch...
Sam: To be honest, Colonel, we offered it in exchange for access to
their central archives.
O'Neill: A library pass for a tour of the ship.
Carter grins at that comment as they continue meandering through
various corridors on the ship.
Ronson: And when were you going to inform me of this little arrangement?
O'Neill and Carter stand opposite Ronson like two kids just caught
making out behind a bush, avoiding his eyes and staring around.
O'Neill shrugs and dons his puppy eyes...
O'Neill: ... Now?
Ronson sighs, pauses and attempts another tactic.
Ronson: You know, I can appreciate that you want to get home, but my
first priority is the security of this ship and crew.
O'Neill: Ronson! Your ship and crew are going nowhere unless we find that gate.
Ronson: I just don't like the idea of giving a guided tour of
Prometheus to the same people who've got gun batteries aimed at us!
O'Neill: We'd do the same damned thing.
Sam: Colonel Ronson -- we need these people to get home. And we
didn't exactly make a good first impression.
Ronson looks at Sam, his face tense, considering. He pauses a little
in his speech as he replies...
Ronson: We'll do this little Barbecue of yours, but that's as far as
I go. He steps around Jack, who turns and looks after him. Sam does
likewise, not sure whether to shake her head or be relieved that they
got Ronson this far. Jack looks after him, turns to Sam, looks after
Ronson again...
O'Neill: Do we have a Barbecue???
Sam's head snaps to O'Neill, she shakes her head, smirks, turns and
leaves him behind without a word.

EXT. The familiar view of the Tegrean's main city, factories, trains and all.

INT. A huge library full of books, the camera goes sideways following
one of the people walking while reading books, one man with a short
"the kid from Addams Family" haircut next to one of the larger
bookcases, other people in the corridors between the shelves. At a
table we see Jonas with a couple of open books in front of a computer
terminal, going through two batteries of CD-ROMs, and Teal'c next to
him. Teal'c looks suspiciously after a man walking past them with a
book, oblivious of their presence.
Jonas: How many planets has SG-1 been to?
Teal'c: a hundred and thirty-three
Jonas: And on each of them -- the ones inhabited by humans at least
-- has been some indication of their origins, right? I mean temples,
ruins ...
Teal'c: It is indeed a mystery, Jonas Quinn. A Goa'uld would not
bring this many Tau'ri to a new world and not force them to build
monuments in his honor.
Jonas: Well, I don't care how hard you try, you can't erase history.
Something has to remain. We just need to find it.
Teal'c turns his head to see the man near the shelf, who suddenly
feigns an increased interest in the scrolls next to him.
Teal'c: We are being watched.
Jonas: The guy half hiding behind the bookshelf? Ph! He's been
chasing us since we got here, ...
The man attempts to put a scroll back on the shelf with some others,
bringing them all down noisily. Teal'c looks slightly pained by his
follower's ineptitude. Jonas smirks with a pitying look on his face.
Jonas: ... and not very well either.

INT. The Prometheus. Yet another of these numerous corridors, or
maybe we're even looking down one onto the bridge. Jack, Ashwan, Sam,
Kalfass and the two nameless council members head up the corridor
towards us.
Ashwan: Most impressive. And you say much of the technology
incorporated into your vessel is of ... alien origin?
Jack: ... Yyyyesss.
Sam steps forward to save her Colonel upon his gesture
Sam: Most of the key systems, in fact. (See,) it's one thing to build
a ship, it's another to fly it across the galaxy.
O'Neill: We haven't quite gotten that part straightened out yet...
Sam: We use a rare element called Naquadria to power our hyperdrive
engines, but it can be extremely unstable. In fact, that instability
ultimately led to the explosion above your planet. We (waves her
hand) had to eject the reactor.
Ashwan: But why use such a dangerous substance to power your ship?
O'Neill: I've asked the *same* question!
They turn, Sam probably glaring at him, before turning back and
resuming their conversation along with their leisurely slalom walk
along various corridors on the ship.
Sam: For the time being, Naquadria is our shortcut to interstellar
travel. More stable forms of energy simply don't provide enough power
to run the hyperdrive.
Ashwan: Several of my advisors have expressed concern that this is a
military vessel, what would you have to say to them.
Jack (from behind them): That ... they're right.
Sam: Prometheus was designed primarily for defensive purposes.
Kalfass: From these Goa'uld you mentioned?
Sam: Yes
Kalfass: Without your main source of power?
They stop at a corridor, grouping a little, Sam and Jack on the left,
Ashwan on the right, Kalfass and the other two in the middle but
heading toward Ashwan. The Camera steps aside to show Ronson joining
the party.
Ronson: With or without the Naquadria reactor, this ship is more than
capable of defending itself against ... attack.
Sam: May I introduce Colonel William Ronson, Commander of the Prometheus.
Ashwan: It is an honor.
The two nod towards each other in a polite manner. Kalfass seizes the
opportunity to take Ronson up on his offer of testing the waters.
Kalfass: I assure you Colonel, we would not attack without provocation.
Ronson: There are several gun batteries aimed at my ship, Sir.
Kalfass: Well, we must defend ourselves from any action you might
take. For instance, should Chairman Ashwan and I fail to appear at a
specific time, my men have orders to fire those batteries.
Ronson smiles a little forcedly, but can't resist getting in an
attempt at getting his will.
Ronson: Then perhaps we had better continue the tour.
He steps out of the way. Ashwan stretches out one hand towards Carter.
Ashwan: Please, Major Carter, after you.
Sam: Thank you, Sir.
O'Neill motions to Kalfass offscreen.
O'Neill: Sir.
They walk down the narrow corridor in single file.

INT. Tegrea, the library. The man with the weird hair and a
turtleneck pullover that just misses being retro peeks out from
behind his bookshelf, obviously looking for our two aliens. In the
backgound, a few SFs can be seen guarding the exits. The man walks
down one of the aisles between the bookshelves, and suddenly Teal'c
and Jonas are behind him, stealthily having turned the tables on him.
He notices Teal'c's heavy step behind him and turns, smiling
awkwardly in a Daniel Jackson kind of way. He's obviously a scientist.
Teal'c: May we be of assistance?
Terek: Forgive me, I did not want to intrude. (he bows deeply) My
name is Terek Salamen. I'm a professor of mathematics here at the
He grins, as if expecting them to be impressed.
Jonas: Well, I'm Jonas Quinn, this is Teal'c. Uhm... if you're
curious about us, you should just come over.
Terek: With respect, Mr. Quinn, it is not you I was curious about, it
is what you seek that interests me.
Teal'c: Continue.
Terek: I've heard that you seek evidence of the 'ring of the gods'. I
believe I can help you find it.
He smiles at them proudly, and Jonas raises his eyebrows in surprise.
Our two aliens turn towards each other and exchange a look.

INT. Prometheus. The heavy doors to a room slide open, and several
crewmembers with plates filled with food (looks like meshed potatoes
or rice, and peas, plus a little meat ... yummy) enter. We follow one
of them to a neatly but spartanically set-up table, which has Major
Gant, Carter and O'Neill on one side and The male council member, the
woman, Kalfass and Ashwan on the other. O'Neill and Ashwan sit at the
front of the table to the side of Ronson, who is hosting the dinner.
Ashwan is performing a fascinated vivisection of his meal, while
Kalfass and the others seem to be still building up the resolve to
attempt it. The plates are set down in front of Carter and Gant, and
O'Neill and Ronson are going to be served soon.

Ronson: I hope everything is satisfactory. We weren't expecting to
host a formal dinner when we started this mission.
Ashwan (holding up a fork with peas stuck to the top): It's
fascinating! To realize we are eating food, grown and prepared on a
world, millions of lightyears away!
The female council member smiles acknowledgingly, Kalfass seems to
barely suffer it.
O'Neill (lifting his glass of water): And frozen, millions ... of
...years ... ago ... ?!
Sam has started eating as well, and Ashwan nods in recognition of
O'Neill's words.
Gant: It's the best we have on board.
We see Kalfass examining his fork with interest, then aptly using it
to pick up a litthe meshed potatoes with sauce from the top of the
heap. He lifts it to his face and smells on it suspiciously. The
female council member still seems a little at odds with the purpose
of her fork.
Sam: Mr. Chairman, we couldn't help but notice in our research that
your history seems limited to the last 300 years.
Ashwan pauses a little, eyes on the food, considering his words under
the scrutiny of Kalfass.
Ashwan: Prior to our ... recorded history, our people endured a long
and terrible ... dark age. One they desperately wished to forget. And
thus only after Tegrea emerged from this black era, the historians
began again to record events.
Sam: But that means that you're missing thousands of years of the past?
Kalfass: Yes.
O'Neill: Aren't you ... curious?
Ashwan: Well it's hardly a question of choice, Colonel. Even if we
wished to know our ancient history -- there is none to study. All
evidence of it was destroyed centuries ago.
Kalfass: We believe that what came before year zero has no intrinsic
value to our society. The society of the new era has no need to know
how they suffered.
Ronson: On Earth, we study our past to learn from it.
Kalfass: Whereas we believe that Nostalgia is a sign of weakness.
They exchange challenging stares, then go back to hide behind polite
but forced smiles. O'Neill stares ahead, obviously trying to think of
a way to save the situation, then turns towards Sam. She picks up his
look and quickly offers...
Sam: I'm sure both points of view have merit.
Ashwan: Well said, Major!
Ronson and Kalfass pull back, the situation diffused -- for the moment.
Ashwan: A drink: to history. And to the future.
The Tegreans raise their drinks to their foreheads for the toast,
while the Earthers toast lower. Ashwan mimics Earth-style. It takes
O'Neill a while to attempt an uncomfortably-looking Tegrean toast.
Kalfass doesn't appear very pleased at anything Ashwan has said so

INT. A corridor on Prometheus, Ashwan and O'Neill lead the group
around a corner, followed by Sam and Kalfass, then the other two
council members.
Kalfass: Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter, the meal was ... interesting.
Sam: Glad you liked it.
O'Neill: He didn't say *that*.
Ashwan: Well, I did, thank you.
O'Neill: Yeah, you know, now that we got to know each other a little
better, you think that having those guns pointed at us is completely
Kalfass: Would your Colonel Ronson not be as vigilant?
Jack has marched a little ahead, not noticing the others have
stopped. He turns and shrugs.
O'Neill: Yesss... I'm sure he would.
Kalfass nods in agreement, then motions towards O'Neill with his right arm.
Kalfass: Mr. Chairman.
Ashwan (does likewise): Go on Kalfass, I will join you in a moment.
Kalfass pauses, then gives in as he, Carter and the two nameless ones
go ahead, leaving O'Neill and Ashwan behind.
Ashwan: I apologize for Commander kalfass' behavior, diplomacy is not
his strength.
O'Neill: Yes, we share that quality in common.
Ashwan: Since I took office, I have been perceived publicly as being
weak in matters of civic defense. As a result, Kalfass has growing
political support.
O'Neill: Our arrival hasn't helped things much, has it?
Ashwan: No. My only hope is that mistrust does not interfere with
your quest for the Stargate. I believe finding it would be a great
discovery for our people.

INT. The office of Terek Salam. Numerous wooden "toy airplane models"
(or maybe they're of paper?) that look like crosses between DaVinci's
flying machine and steam train engines are hanging from the ceiling.
Besides that, it might be Daniel's office at a University. Full of
books, crates of stuff, and a heavy wooden desk with a couple of
books and artefacts neatly arranged on it. There are two chairs in
front of the desk and one behind it, in front of a colourful glass
window. Teal'c enters and regards everything, not quite
comprehending. Teal'c sits down and Jonas, while speaking, does
likewise, curiously playing with the lid on a vase.

Terek: Please, excuse the state of my office.
Jonas: So! You said you could help us find the ... 'ring of the gods' ... how?
Terek: Ah... with these... I spent a ... a lifetime collecting them.
Relics from before my people tuned their back on their god.
He bends down complicatedly, opens a trunk behind him and pulls out a
couple of objects. An Ankh, a little Sarcophagus with a golden
Tut-Ankh-Ahmon-style mask and other trinkets.
Teal'c: To which god are you referring?
Terek: Our creator, Horus. Only a few of us dare believe in him.
He pulls a chain from his neck that has a golden hawk on it.
Teal'c: The symbol of Heru-ur!
Terek: You know him?
Teal'c: Heru-ur is not a god. He is a Goa'uld.
Terek (unbelieving): He's the one who made us! The relics speak of
him as the creator of all life, the one who spoke us into existence.
Jonas: More likely he's the one who enslaved your ancestors and
brought them here from Earth.
Teal'c: Heru-ur must have abandoned your people many years ago. When
the resources he sought were depleted.
Jonas: Then the Tegreans must have tried to destroy all evidence of
their former gods in an act of defiance, including everything to do
with the Stargate.
Terek: They did not destroy everything! This remains.
He turns and takes out an old piece of scripture, written on
parchment. Wrapped in rough, brown fabric for protection. It has red
writing on it, hieroglyphs, and in the middle there is a drawing of
the Stargate, Chevrons around a circle, and wavy lines indicating
water in its center. He hands it to Jonas, who exchanges a meaningful
glance with Teal'c: This is it.
Terek: My understanding of this language is extremely limited, but it
appears to be an etching of something called a Chap'ai?
Teal'c: Cha'apa'ai.
Terek: Aha.
Jonas: This text is a slight variation of pre-dynastic Egyptian. It
is beautiful. The section right here says: "heru-ur's Stargate we
found in the great desert to the north"
Terek: Oh, it must mean the wastelands of An-hur. They lie far beyond
the city. I found many of my artefacts there.
Jonas: Really?
Another meaningful glance. then Jonas looks back to the two unhappy
SFs that have been trailing them all the time.
Jonas: Guys? We'd like to take a little field trip.

INT. Tegrean council hall with the triangular table. Kalfass enters,
obviously ill at rest and toying with the holster of his gun at his
side. Opposite him, in his usual place at the tip of the triangle
sits Ashwan, reading some reports. Slowly Kalfass walks around the
table to where Ashwan is sitting.

Kalfass: They want to be taken to coordinates somewhere in the wasteland.
Ashwan: Then take them.
Kalfass: I think that's a mistake.
Ashwan: Because they may find something you do not wish them to find?
Kalfass: If this is some sort of reconaissance prior to an invasion...!
Ashwan: You are being ridiculous.
Kalfass: And you are being reckless!
Ashwan: Representatives from another *world* have come to Tegrea!
Another World! Do you understand?! And what's more, they seek our
They glare at each other, and for the second time in the entire
episode, Ashwan clearly seems to be mad at Kalfass and doesn't care
to sound calm and polite. There's no doubt they're having an argument
Kalfass: We do not even know their true intentions!
Ashwan: Or what they can offer us. An exchange of knowledge and
technology, the Stargate could open up the universe for our people!
Kalfass: A universe of potential enemies! I demand that you reconsider!
Ashwan: We cannot undo what has happened! (very calmly) The
difference is, Kalfass, I would not, if I could. They are here, and
we must deal with them, one way or another. I prefer to help.
Kalfass: And I prefer to--
Ashwan: And now, have them taken to the coordinates! (nods with finality)
Kalfass (nods coldly, hoarsely): As you wish. (he leaves)

EXT. The An-hur wastelands, Teal'c, Terek and Jonas are standing in
the middle of a plane, where about three very ruined pillars remain
standing. In the background, a few SFs and a tank or two can be seen.
Jonas is holding the parchment, studying it once again. He points out
things to his companions, Terek is intently following his words.
Jonas: The Stargate should be located directly in the middle of the
second and third monument.
Teal'c: Are you certain, Jonas Quinn?
Jonas: That's what it says.
We fade over to ...

EXT. Still the wastelands, between the two monuments. Our three
heroes are digging eagerly in the sand. A man behind them leaning
against some large of vehicle, watching their efforts. Teal'c
suddenly hits something hard.
Teal'c: Jonas.
He pokes at it some more, and it gives the sound of shovel against stone.
Jonas: Think that's the cover stones?
Teal'c: Indeed.
Jonas kneels down, putting aside his shovel and beginning to wipe
away the inch-thick layer of sand, his Colleagues eagerly watching.
He pulls out a brush and begins wiping the sand off the stones,
uncovering writing in Goa'uld or a similar writing. It's written in a
cartouche, not unlike the coordinates on the Giza cover stones.
Jonas (reads): Here lies Cha'apa'ai of Heru-ur, false god of the
people of Tegrea who'll never know the daylight again (?).
Terek: The ring exists!

INT. Prometheus. Sam is looking at reactor schematics on the wall
screen again. O'Neill is nearby with his radio.
Teal'c (radio): O'Neill.
O'Neill: What's up, T. ?
Teal'c: I believe we have located the Stargate.
Quick look back to Teal'c standing in the wastelands. Then we see
O'Neill and Sam exchanging surprised looks. O'Neill returns to the
O'Neill: Well that's good news.
Teal'c: (almost smiling) We will require assistance to retrieve it.
O'Neill: We'll talk to Ashwan. (as an afterthought) Nice job!
He turns to Sam who's smiling behind him, then both of them turn
around, Sam returning to her console while Jack heads off.

EXT. The Wastelands, the uncovered cover stones.
Now we see an incredible sequence reminiscent of the dig sequence at
the start of the movie, the images fading into each other, without
any spoken words, just the music building up. We see crowbars pushing
into the gaps between the coverstones, trying to get some leverance.
Lots of Tangrean helpers here. We see Jonas helping them lift away
one of the segments of the coverstones. Then we get a beautiful
overhead view of the scene, the coverstones one big stone circle, in
the middle a smaller circle with an Egyptian-style drawing of a man
(Heru-ur?) engraved and the Cartouche on the circle next to him. At
the top of the circle, the workers are removing the first segment,
and a hint of Stargate can barely be seen underneath.

The image fades several times and we see more and more segments of
the coverstones being removed, freeing almost half of the chevrons,
then two thirds. To this, the Stargate theme sounds beautifully in
strong low-pitched tones. As the final segment is being prepared, we
hear Sam's voice offscreen...
Sam: Jonas!
We see her and Terek in a sand hole, uncovering the DHD.
Sam: Looks good! It looks intact!

EXT. The wastelands, a little ways off. A couple dozen soldiers are
hidden in the grass, and at their peak behind a boulder, Kalfass
observes the scene with a Monocular (?). We see the site how he sees
it. The people are gathered around a large, thin crane, then we see
him remove his head from the glass and he reacts.

Meanwhile, at the site, we see half a dozen workers supporting the
gate with ropes, while the crane begins pulling the gate upright. We
see our three hobby-archaeologists at the winch, observing the
process. We see the gate being erected against the sunlight, the
camera panning around a lone shovel, giving us a nice view of the dig
site. As the gate exceeds 45 degrees, we can see sand pouring out one
of the gate's chevrons. The men are straining against their ropes,
preventing the gate from falling over in the other direction, and
then it stands upright.

We pan past the exhausted workers to see Terek and Jonas at the DHD...
Jonas: Well, let's give it a shot.
He hits nine symbols and the centerpiece, and we can see the Chevrons
lighting up in concert with his pushes, and then the wormhole erupts,
making the workers take a few steps back in surprise before the
vortex stabilizes. Jonas Smiles to Teal'c. Success!

Suddenly, gunshots impact to the side of our friends. plowing through
the sand, and a little off we see Kalfass at the gun turret of one of
the tanks, accompanied by armed soldiers running along at his side.
He's firing at them! Our archaeologists react, and as Kalfass' tank
almost jumps over the top of a little dune, he is close enough and
decelerates. Jonas and Terek stare in disbelief as he comes to a
halt, engine still rattling.

Jonas: Kalfass, what are you doing?
Kalfass: I'm taking back what belongs to my people!

EXT. Our view of the city, and yet another pair of trains. I'd really
be interested in seeing that schedule.

INT. The council room. Ashwan is pacing to and fro in front of
O'Neill and Carter, the female council member is behind him, looking
emphatically with a futuristic notepad in her hand.

Ashwan: His actions are outrageous!
O'Neill: Tell him to stand down.
Ashwan: I've done exactly that, Colonel. He refuses. He claims to be
protecting Tegrea's security.
O'Neill: Have him arrested.
Ashwan: Kalfass commands a great loyalty among many in the military.
Challenging him would only lead to civil war.
Sam: Sir, we could use the Prometheus. Her weapons would be more than
a match for Kalfass's troops.
O'Neill: There is still that nagging problem of all those guns pointed at it...
Ashwan: I've chosen the commander of those gun batteries myself. He
is loyal to me. Colonel, I will give you my word: He will not fire
upon your ship.
O'Neill swallows.

EXT. The Wastelands. Scores of guards with drawn guns at the dig
site, the tank, and our archaeologists and their helpers kneeling not
far from the gate. A guard is tying Jonas's wrists together with
Jonas: Kalfass, you have no idea what you're dealing with here.
Kalfass: I know our ancestors buried this device for a reason...
Jonas: Maybe they were wrong? maybe ... it's time for you to stop
being afraid of the past.
Kalfass: No, it's not the past I'm concerned about, it's the future.
Having assessed our strength, you would undoubtedly return with
greater numbers.
Teal'c: You have nothing to fear from the Tau'ri.
Jonas: We just wanna fix our ship. Our people can become friends,
they can exchange knowledge, even trade. We'll even teach you how to
use the Stargate.
Kalfass: Yes. You will teach me how to use it.

INT. Prometheus, the back of the bridge with the star chart. O'Neill
and Ronson have just entered. They're heading forward, talking, then
Ronson sits down in his chair.
O'Neill: They're holding two of our men prisoner. We need the ship.
Ronson: Our shields are still down, Jack. If we take take off and
they open fire with those guns...!
O'Neill: Ashwan. Promised. They wouldn't.
Ronson: He just lost control of his government, and I'm going to
trust the safety of my crew to his word?
O'Neill: Yes. That's what you're going to do.
Ronson: Jack, if you're asking me to risk everyone on this ship--
Ashwan (entering with Sam and the female council member): If that is
so, Colonel Ronson, then I will be taking the same risk. You may
launch your vessel when ready. You'll not be fired upon.
Jack shoots Ronson a "Now get it over with!"-look, and Ronson sighs.
Ronson: Major Gant?
Gant: Sir?
Ronson: Fire up the sublight engines. (klaxons go off) Arm all
available weapons, and prepare to return fire. On *my* orders only.
Ashwan: That will not be necessary, Colonel.
He turns, and they leave the bridge again. As Ronson sits down, he
warns Jack...
Ronson: Let's hope your old man is right, or this is going to be a short ride.

EXT. On the landing field. The Prometheus lifts off, and the balloons
around it appear to be looking after it longingly, but nobody fires a
single shot.

INT. Prometheus bridge. Gant is listening into her headset.
Gant: No sign of weapons fire from the gun batteries, Sir. I think we're clear.
O'Neill gives Ronson his politest "I told you so"-look, and Ronson
accepts it with an almost-smile. They're both glad Jack was right.
Ronson: Very well. Proceed to the coordinates at one third thrust.
DeLuise: Yes, sir.

EXT. The dig site. The Prometheus flies in above the Stargate, the
prisoners and their guards stare upwards at the huge brick floating
above them. Kalfass and the other male council member stare upwards
in disbelief.

INT. Prometheus. The corridor leading to the ring transporter.
O'Neill, Ashwan and Sam are headed out.
Sam: Are you sure you're up to this, Mr. Chairman? Things could get
outta hand here--
Ashwan: I'm not afraid Major. I should have done this a long time ago.
Ronson (comm): This is Ronson. We're in position.
O'Neill (into his radio): Roger that.
The crewman in the background types on the panel again, making it
bleep, and the ring transporter whooshes our party of three...

EXT. The dig site on Tegrea. Sam and Jack are standing back to back,
rifles primed, Ashwan at their side facing in Jack's direction.
O'Neill is talking to the radio on his shoulder.
O'Neill: Prometheus, hold your fire until my signal.
Ronson (radio): Prometheus has your six, SG-1.
Sam turns to look over the Colonel's shoulder, while Kalfass glances
at the huge spacecraft looming overhead that just crashed his party.
O'Neill and Ashwan look around, but no offer of negotiations is
forthcoming. Ashwan takes in the scene, and then begins...
Ashwan: Kalfass, this has gone far enough. Release these men.
Kalfass: Hold your positions. We can not let him hand this device
over to the aliens.
O'Neill and Ashwan look around once more, but their situation hasn't
changed. Ashwan reconsiders his tactics. He smiles charismatically...
Ashwan: Commander Kalfass. (he nods acknowledgingly, looking around
to the soldiers, raising a hand almost-pointing at K.) He's a good
man, a cautious man. But he thinks as our ancestors did, that it is
better to control what we do not understand, to bury it, so it can
not harm us. I, too, once thought as he does. But no longer. These
... aliens that Kalfass fears so much are not conquerors. They are
long-lost brethren.
Kalfass looks around, a little unsure. Are my people listening to
him? Ashwan continues in stride, turning towards the gate, pointing
upwards at it.
Ashwan: Look at it! This ... is where we came from! This is who we
are! Our ancestors erased our history, our fear. And yet, without our
history, we cannot know who we are! Or what we may, some day, become!
I will not make that same mistake.
He walks up to Kalfass, addressing him directly, and in a low,
well-composed voice.
Ashwan: I am relieving you of your command. You and your men will stand down.
He turns, but nothing happens. He turns back around, and firmly, with
a threatening undertone...
Ashwan: I said: Lower your weapons!
The guards look around, then slowly, confusedly begin lowering their
weapons. Jonas and Teal'c breathe in relief, Sam and Jack exchange
relieved looks.
Ashwan smiles, then addresses the other council member...
Ashwan: Take him away.
The man takes Kalfass' gun, and the guards escort him away. O'Neill
walks up to Ashwan.
O'Neill: Didn't know that you had that in you.
Ashwan: Neither did I.
They both share a grin.

EXT. The dig site in front of the gate. The dust tail and sound of a
car driving away can be heard and seen through the Stargate, where we
see Jonas, Jack and Sam saying their goodbyes at the DHD.
Sam: We'll be back in a few days with some equipment to repair our ship.
Ashwan: Until then, Colonel Ronson and his crew will be our honored
guests. I hope you will join us at a state dinner upon your return?
Sam and Jack both smile in agreement, and Jack walks a little with
Ashwan and the female council member while Sam turns to Jonas and
Terek at the DHD.
Jonas: Hey, thanks Terek!
Terek: Oh, thank you. I hope you will soon return. There is much to
learn about our history.
Jonas: Yeah, we can definitely help you out there, but you know more
than most people on your planet. (to Sam) Got a feeling this guy's
gonna be getting a bigger office soon...
Sam smiles, then hits the seven symbols on the DHD. The camera zooms
in on the middle button as we can hear the wormhole engage.

(Cool end theme goes here)

Source : Stargate Fusion.

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ellielove, Hier à 18:26

Nouveau sondage sur le quartier Dexter, venez nombreux!

cinto, Aujourd'hui à 13:18

Nouvelle PDM chez The Tudors sur les séries historiques , peut-être la vôtre! N'oubliez pas le sondage et créez une jolie carte de noël

cinto, Aujourd'hui à 13:20

Thanksgiving aujourd'hui! Henry va remercier mais qui et pourquoi? Sondage chez The Tudors. Merci pour votre choix.

CastleBeck, Aujourd'hui à 13:33

C'est Thanksgiving aujourd'hui. Le temps idéal pour voter pour le PDM de This Is Us qui porte sur cette thématique.

SeySey, Aujourd'hui à 19:22

Bonsoir!!!! Outlander vous propose un concours de wallpaper sur le thème de Noel! Claire & Jamie vous attendent ^^


Cine1, Aujourd'hui à 17:25

Merci Supersympa ?

Supersympa, Aujourd'hui à 17:25

De rien.

Supersympa, Aujourd'hui à 17:26

Mais, au final, t'es pas plus avancée^^

logan12, Aujourd'hui à 17:28

je pense que tu dois avoir un onglet ou un truc comme ca pour modofier ou supprimer ton commentaire

Supersympa, Aujourd'hui à 17:29

le modifier oui

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