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Daniel's in his lab, packing books into a bag. Doctor Weir comes to the door.

Daniel: Doctor Weir.

Weir: Elizabeth

Daniel: Elizabeth. Almost ready. I can't believe we're finally going. I know I should have been ready a long time ago, but I needed some materials.

Weir: The Toc's have stalled again.

Daniel: You're kidding me.

Weir: It's a complicated situation.

Daniel: The Antarctic Treaty was established to promote scientific research in the area.

Weir: With the interest or progress for all mankind. Not just the United States. So argue the other 11 nations, all claiming shared jurisdiction. Article 1 states quite clearly, there can be no establishment of any military base, and no testing of any weapons. You saw first hand how powerful the Ancient outpost is.

Daniel: So in the meanwhile, Jack just stays frozen in a stasis pod there? He sacrificed himself to save us, all of us. Not just this country.

Dr Weir: I know, but the scale of Anubis' attack, makes covering it up, tenuous at best. If we're going to keep the entire world from finding out everything to do with the Stargate. We're going to need the full co-operation of every Government, now aware of what's been going on. It's just going to take more time.

Daniel: And in the meantime, we just sit here and do nothing.

Weir: I'm sorry Doctor Jackson.

Weir begins to leave.

Daniel: Daniel.

Weir: Daniel

Opening Credits

Briefing Room

Sam: We use the gate

Weir: It's not that we can't use it. Officially, all normal gate activity will remain suspended. It will just be until the agreement for the Antarctic site is resolved.

Sam: What does one have to do with the other.

Weir: While we obviously still have full jurisdictional control over the Stargate, the President feels that ultimately, how we proceed with operations here at SGC, will reflect on our international good will.

Daniel: In other words, it's our political leverage in negotiations.

Weir: I would never say that.

Sam: What about Colonel O'Neill?

Weir: I know what he means to the three of you. We all appreciate the sacrifice, Colonel O'Neill made.

Daniel: The Asgard can help him. Last time they were able to erase the Ancient knowledge from his mind, before it killed him.

Weir:We've tried contacting them. What do you suggest we do?

Sam: You're aware of how we helped the Asgard trap the replicators in a time dilation field on the planet Halla.

Weir: Something to that effect, yes. That was a couple of years ago, right?

Sam: Basically we know that, that trap is only going to hold them for so long. Thor and the Asgard must be monitoring the situation. If we can get there, we should be able to contact them.

Weir: Isn't the planet you're talking about, in another galaxy?

Daniel: Othalla.

Teal'c: O'Neill used his knowledge of the Ancients, to modify the Goa'uld vessel, currently in our possession.

Sam: According to your report Major, that ship is capable of flying faster and farther, than even the Goa'uld have.

Sam: Yes. I think it might just get us there.

Weir: And back?

Sam: That might be a problem. There's a good chance the trip will burn out the engines.

Weir: That's a big problem. If you get there and it turns out, you can't contact the Asgard?

Sam: We're willing to take the risk.

Weir: As admirable as that is. I can't let you do it.

Teal'c: For what reason?

Weir: Colonel O'Neill was able to fend off Anubis' fleet, using the weapons from the Ancients outpost. Hopefully, that will make the other Goa'uld think twice about attacking Earth in the foreseeable future. But the truth is, we don't know if we're going to be able to use those weapons again, and if we can't, we're going to need a new tactical advantage over the Goa'uld. At least that's what the Pentagon tells me. The modified cargo ship, it's too valuable right now, I'm sorry. Request denied.

Sam goes to see Weir, in her office.

Weir: What can I do for you Major?

Sam: I want you to reconsider my request.

Weir: I'm sorry.

Sam: That cargo ship was modified using the knowledge of the Ancients. Now there is no guarantee that anyone will be able to figure out how it was done.

Weir: And as the most likely person on the planet to figure it out, are you saying that if I don't let you attempt to contact the Asgard, you won't even try?

Sam nods her head, while saying:

Sam: I would never say that?

Weir: Right now, that is the most advanced piece of technology we have. If it weren't for Colonel O'Neill, we wouldn't have that ship. For that matter, we wouldn't even be here discussing this.

Sam and Teal'c are in her lab.

Sam: We got the co-ordinates from the Prometheus. Now based on the amount of time it took for the modified ship to get from Taonas to Earth, I'm estimating that our trip to Othallo will take roughly ten days.

Daniel enters the room.

Daniel: Hey! So how did you talk Weir into letting us go?

Sam: I didn't. I talked her into letting us go. You're staying here. Daniel, even with the modifications to the ship, there's no guarantee it'll even get us there, and if it does, there's a good chance that it'll burn out the engines. The ship was never mean't to fly at that speed, which means, if we don't find the Asgard, we'll be stranded.

Daniel: I know.

Sam: We need you here. You're our best chance of deciphering whatever information is in that Ancient outpost.

Teal'c: If we fail, you will be O'Neills only hope.

Sam and Teal'c begin their journey onboard the cargo ship. Teal'c is piloting the ship. Sam enters with a sandwich.

Sam: Hey Teal'c. Can I get you anything? I packed lots of turkey, I know that's your favourite.

Teal'c: Thankyou, but I am not currently hungry. Have you been able to determine how O'Neill modified the engines?

Sam: I'm just taking a break. I didn't think it would be easy, but at least it's a good way to pass the time. I'm sorry, have I been ignoring you?

Teal'c: I'm fine.

Sam: I thought maybe working on the engines would take my mind off Colonel O'Neill, which is kind of silly, considering he's the one who modified them. Look, I know this plan isn't exactly foolproof. I've never plotted an intergalactic course before. If the co-ordinates are off by even one half of a percent, we could wind up ten thousand light years from our destination. But still, I'm trying to stay positive.

Teal'c: I have the utmost confidence in your ability.

Sam: I know. So, you wanna talk?

Teal'c: Concerning what subject?

Sam: I don't know. How's Ryac?

Teal'c: Fine.

Sam: Are you still keeping in touch with Ishta?

Teal'c: Indeed.

Sam: Bra'tac?

Teal'c: Bra'tac is well.

Sam: Come on Teal'c. Throw me a bone here.

Teal'c: How is Pete Shanahan?

Sam: He's fine.

Teal'c: Is all not well, between the two of you?

Sam: No, everything is great. It's just, as you well know, it's not easy saying goodbye to someone you care about, when you think there's a chance you may never see them again. I know that's a risk we take every time we step through the Stargate, but still, I try to stay positive. I'll get you a sandwich.

Back at the SGC

Daniel goes to Weir's office.

Weir: Daniel

Daniel: Elizabeth. I was just wondering if you'd heard anything.

Weir: They're still bogged down.

Daniel: It's been over a week.

Weir: What did you expect. A quick round of handshakes. Champagne toast to seal the deal?

Daniel: We were attacked from space by an armada of alien ships, if that doesn't get us past our distrust of each other, what will?

Weir: You forget that those alien ships were destroyed by a single weapon. I mean, that kind of power is going to give anyone cause for concern.

Daniel: Yep. Not that I want this to come off as an attempt to get rid of you,but isn't this sort of international negotiation exactly your area of expertise?

\"Unauthorized Offworld Activation!\"

Control Room.

Davies: Receiving a signal. It's a text message.

Daniel: It's Goa'uld.

Weir: What does it say?

Daniel: It's from one of the System Lords, Camulas, Celtic God of War.

Weir: I'm not familiar with him.

Daniel: I never had contact with him before.

Daniel continues to read the message.

Daniel: Sorry, it say's he wants to arrange a meeting for the purpose of negotiating a treaty.

Weir: A Goa'uld wants to arrange a treaty with us?

Daniel: Not just one Goa'uld. All of them. The System Lords. They want to send representatives here.

Back on the cargo ship.

Teal'c: We are preparing to emerge from hyper space.

Sam: As soon as we drop out, I'll start broadcasting a signal. The Asgard are monitoring the region, they should find us.

The ship drops out of hyperspace. The planet isn't there.

Teal'c: Should we not be able to see the planet?

Sam: Yes.

The ship is buffeted.

Teal'c: We're experiencing the effects of an extremely powerful gravitational force.

Sam: Somethings not right. Turn us around and get us out of here, now.

Teal'c: Hyperspace generator will not engage. Sublight engines are at maximum, yet we are not moving.

Sam: There's only one thing I know of that could create this kind of gravitational pull.

Briefing Room.

Daniel: You sure that this is an accurate translation of the message?

Daniel: Pretty much.

Weir: What do you make of it.

Daniel: Well to be honest, I'm not sure what to think.

Weir: The Goa'uld did come here once to negotiate a treaty.

Daniel: Yes, with the Agard, not with us. Earth just served as neutral territory. For them to want to meet with us as equals is extremely unusual.

Weir: Maybe we gained a bit of respect, in their eyes.

Daniel: They must have heard what happened to Anubis. They couldn't defeat him with all of their combined forces, and we did it in a single day.

Weir: Which may explain why they want to come here.

Daniel: Yeah, to see how we did it.

The cargo ship is damaged

Sam: It's pretty much what we expected. We burned out the hyperdrive getting here.

Teal'c: That is most unfortunate.

Sam: Even if it was working, it would have been very dangerous to open a window, this close to the event horizon of the black hole.

Teal'c: Are we that far off course?

Sam: No, we came out of hyperspace, right where we were supposed to. This doesn't make any sense. Halla's sun wasn't nearly massive enough to collapse into a black hole.

Teal'c: Yet that is what appears to be happening.

Sam: I'll see if I can get a little more out of the sublight engines.

Daniel and Doctor Weir are in the Briefing Room.

Weir: The President has authorized me to pursue negotiations with the Goa'uld.

Daniel: Ok.

Weir: You don't think I can handle it?

Daniel: I didn't say that, but if I may, you don't sound all that confident.

Weir: Well as you say, I have brokered my share of international negotiations. This will just be my first interplanetary one.

Daniel: The System Lords can't be trusted, either as a group, or individuals. They're posturing ego-maniacs, driven by an insatiable lust for power. Each one capable of unimaginable evil.

Weir: See? Why should I be nervous? Seems like an average day at the United Nations. Look, I'm not afraid to admit that I need help. So what can you tell me?

Daniel: The High Council of the System Lords, is a rather flimsy coalition of the most powerful Goa'ulds in the galaxy. They only co-operate when it suits them. Their numbers vary from time to time. New one's rise up. Older one's get knocked off. We think there's about a dozen right now. I put together a summary of what we know.

Weir: Right. I assume I can't just open the iris and let the representative's just walk through.

Daniel: No, that would probably be a bad idea. We should get them to meet us at a neutral location. Preferably a planet of our choosing. Send a team, check them out, make sure they're unarmed, and then escort them back.

Weir: Good. Send the message.

The cargo ship is still in trouble

Teal'c: We are now being pulled backwards. Perhaps if we divert power from the shields.

Sam: Right now they're the only thing holding the ship together. Drop them, the gravitational field could tear us apart.

Teal'c: I do not believe there is any other choice.

Sam removes the crystal.

Sam: Diverting power.

Teal'c: We are now moving forward.

Sam: It's not gonna be good enough. We're losing hull integrity. We've got a hull breach!

Sam and Teal'c are beamed aboard an Asgard vessel.

Thor: Greetings!

Sam: Thor.

Thor: It is good to see you again, Major Carter, Teal'c.

Sam: Likewise.

Teal'c: Indeed. Your timing is impeccable.

Weir enters Daniel's lab

Weir: So the Goa'uld have agreed to our terms, for their travel here?

Daniel: Yeah. I was just going over some research material, the delegates were sending. Camulas was the one who sent the original message, then there's Amerterasu, Japanese Sun Goddess, and the last one is Lord Yu.

Weir: Yu?

Daniel: Don't. Every joke, every pun, done to death, seriously.

Weir: I just thought I remember reading he was not himself or something. Of course, for a Goa'uld, what that means exactly, I'm not sure. Please continue.

Daniel: Well he no longer has the ability to take on a new host and it seems the regenerative powers of the sarcophagus, is losing it's effectiveness for him. Basically he's suffering from old age.

Weir: He's senile. Well why would they choose him as a representative?

Daniel: The others may be doing a good job of covering for him.

Weir: The other System Lords don't know.

Daniel: The interesting thing is, that Lord Yu, was the one System Lord who opposed Anubis' desire to be reinstated to the council after his banishment. Long story. The point is, he fell out of favour, when the other System Lords accepted Anubis back, and he used his power to become an effective leader.

Weir: So now that Anubis is gone, you think the balance of power has shifted back to you.

Daniel: On the bright side, out of all the Goa'uld, Lord Yu has been the most co-operative with us in the past.

Weir: I thought you said, none of them could be trusted.

Daniel: Oh, they can't. Especially not a crazy one.

Weir: That's the bright side?

Daniel: More of a slightly less, dark side.

Thor's ship.

Thor: I am afraid I cannot leave this sector, Major. Not at the moment.

Sam: Thor, you're the only one who can save Colonel O'Neill.

Thor: As you have said, he is being preserved in stasis at the moment. I will be glad to return with you to Earth, as soon as my mission here is completed.

Teal'c: What is your mission?

Thor: I must wait here until I am certain the replicators have been destroyed. You may have noticed that Halla's sun has collapsed into a black hole.

Sam: Just before the back of our ship was torn off.

Thor: I'm sorry I did not reach you sooner. I was not expecting you.

Sam: You haven't been responding to our attempts to contact you.

Thor: I'm sorry. Time, space distortions, caused by the black hole, have been interfering with my ships long range communications.

Sam: Understandable.

Teal'c: Indeed. For some.

Thor: The time dilation field, was only a temporary measure. We knew the time it would take for the replicator humans to reach the machine, would translate to less than two years outside the field. Therefore, a more permanent solution was devised.

Sam: So, you collapsed the sun.

Thor: By artificially increasing it's gravitational field, yes.

Sam: That's pretty cool.

Thor: As you can see. The planet has already broken apart. However, a large number of replicators have managed to come together in a coherent mass that has yet to pass the event horizon.

Sam: Well, even if they can withstand the gravitatiional force without being torn apart. There's no way they could ever....

Thor: Interesting

Sam: What is it?

Thor: The mass of replicator blocks have begun moving away from the event horizon.

Sam: How is that possible?

Thor: They have the time dilation device. I do not know exactly how. They seem to have used it to counteract the gravitational effects, that should be pulling them in.

Sam: Frightening. Not only that they could do that, but that you don't know how.

Thor: I agree. They are picking up speed. Scans indicate, the blocks have formed together.

Teal'c: Into what?

Thor: A ship. They are escaping. Their course indicates, they are headed this way.

Daniel joins Doctor Weir in the Gateroom, as they wait for the arrival of the System Lords.

Weir: I thought you were going to stand me up.

Daniel: Yeah, sorry. Heard anything from Teal'c and Sam?

Weir: No.

Davies: Receiving a signal now. SG7 reports that we have a green light.

Weir: Open the iris

The System Lords step through, into the gateroom.

Weir: Welcome to Earth. Allow me to introduce myself.

Camuras: We are not interested in your name.

Weir: Really? I generally find it helps so much.

Amerterasu: We prefer to present our offer, so that we can spend as brief a time as possible on this planet.

Daniel Smiles as Weir looks at him.

Weir: Right this way.

The replicator ship is nearing Thors vessel.

Sam: Have you ever seen anything like it?

Thor: No, and it is doubtful my ships weapons will be effective against it.

Sam: We should probably get out of here then, huh? Can you jump into hyperspace?

Thor: We must clear the gravitational distortion from above the black hole first.

The replicators fire a weapon.

Thor: They have fired upon us.

Sam: Can it penetrate your shields?

Thor: It is more than likely. Brace for impact. The hull has been breached.

Sam: Where?

Thor: The damage is minimal. The projectile was likely composed of replicators. They are not visible to my ships scanners. This is how they have boarded Asgard ships, in the past. Can you use the shields to prevent decompression in those sections?

Thor: Yes.

Sam and Teal'c get their weapons.

Back at the SGC, Weir, Daniel and the System Lords are sat around the Briefing Room table.

Camuras: Your unexpected defeat of Anubis, has created an unstable situation among the System Lords. In order to avoid open war, we came to an agreement, to divide his territories and his armies, evenly.

Daniel: How civilised of you.

Camuras: Yes, unforunately one of those among us, has broken that agreement.

Daniel: No, no, no. Don't tell me, let me guess. It's Baal.

Camuras: He was able to learn the location of the planet, where Anubis was creating his Kull Warriors.

Daniel: Baal thought of it before you did and found a way to program the soldiers to serve him.

Amerterasu: With Orac at his command. Baal has tipped the balance, in his favour.

Weir: Orac?

Daniel: Unspeakable.

Camuras: In battle, the kull are far superior to the Jaffa. Already, many among us have begun to speak of capitulation. Much as they did with Anubis. If that happens. Baal, will indeed, be unstoppable.

Weir: Well this is all very interesting I'm sure, but I fail to see what it has to do with us.

Yu whispers into the ear of his First Prime.

FP: My master wishes to say, it is well known that the Tauri possess a powerful new weapon. Something far beyond their current level of technology.

Daniel: Yes, we used it to kill Anubis and destroy his fleet.

FP: By means of this weapon, Baal can be prevented from conquering the galaxy.

Sam and Teal'c go through the ship looking for the replicators. Replicators come towards them. Sam is beamed away.

Teal'c: Major Carter!

Teal'c contacts Thor

Teal'c: Thor, it is Teal'c. Major Carter was beamed away. Is she in your presence?

Thor: I did not do it. The replicators must have her.

More replicators appear and Teal'c begins shooting. The replicator ship, goes into hyperdrive and disappears. Teal'c goes to the bridge, to speak to Thor.

Teal'c: I have eliminated all of the replicators I could locate.

Thor: There is no way of knowing if there are more. The replicator ship has entered hyperspace.

Teal'c: Can you follow?

Thor: Yes.

The meeting with the System Lords, continues.

Camarus: If Baal defeats us. How long do you think it will be before he turns his attention to you?

Weir: If he does he'll suffer the same fate as Anubis.

Amerterasu: Perhaps, but there are other worlds in this galaxy, without the luxury of such advanced defences.

Daniel: What are you talking about?

Amerterasu: We could not help but notice that the Asgard did not come to your aid, when Anubis threatened your planet. In fact, we've heard nothing from the Asgard for quite some time now.

Daniel: Really? That's odd, because we talk to them all the time.

Weir: The Asgard didn't come,because they knew it wasn't necessary.

Amerterasu: Baal believes otherwise. He is convinced, the Asgard can no longer excercise power in this galaxy. He intends to take the planets protected under the Goa'uld/Asgard treaty, for himself.

Camerus: If you do not help us stop him. Millions of humans will die. And millions will be enslaved.

Back on Thors Ship

Teal'c: Do you know it's destination?

Thor: Before you destroyed them, the replicators managed to access the ships computer. They learned the location of Orilla. The planet where we are attempting to rebuild the Asgard civilisation. I assumed it would be their first target.

Teal'c: What is your reasoning?

Thor: Orilla is rich in neutronium. Which is a key element in Asgard technology. It is also essential for the creation of human form replicators.

Sam is onboard the replicator ship. The walls are made of replicator pieces. As she touches them, Fifth suddenly appears out of the wall.

Fifth: Major Carter.

Sam: Fifth.

Fifth: I imagine you never expected to see me again.

Sam: Look, I'm sorry we left you behind, but we had to do it. We couldn't risk the others getting out. You know what they're capable of. I know you must be upset.

Fifth: Upset.

Sam: We betrayed you, it must of hurt. See that's the part of you that's most like us. The human part of you. I understand how you feel.

Fifth: No you don't! You couldn't. But I promise, you will.

He reaches his hand towards her and she grabs hold of it. He pushes his fingers into her forehead.

Food is laid on for the System Lords. Yu tastes it and spits it out, while Weir and Daniel talk in her office.

Weir: How many planets are protected under this treaty?

Daniel: 26. 27 if you include Earth.

Weir: And what good is it if the Asgard aren't actually available to protect anything?

Daniel: At one time they were. More recently we've been trading on the threat. Kind of a big bluff.

Weir: Well Baal is about to call the bluff.

Daniel: Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about that. Earth is safe so long as the Goa'uld think we can defend ourselves.

Weir: But that's a bluff too.

Daniel: Yeah.

Weir: When I was a kid, my dad used to have these weekly poker games. All I remember is smoke, making my eyes water. I'm starting to wish I'd paid more attention.

Daniel: I'm sure you've misrepresented the truth before in negotiations.

Weir. No, you see my job has usually been to get people to recognise the truth.

Daniel: Well if they even get a hint of the fact that we can't use the Ancients weapons to defend ourselves, trust me, this game is over. Too dramatic?

Weir: At this point, not for me.

The replicator ship continues to travel through space, with Thor and Teal'c following.

Teal'c: How can we stop them?

Thor: My ships weapons will not function in hyperspace, much like the shields. However, in close proximity, the self destruct may be sufficient to eliminate both ships. I am sorry, but we have no choice. If the human form replicators reach Orilla, they will have the resources to replicate many thousands of times. We cannot allow that to happen.

Teal'c: So be it.

On the replicator ship, Fifth is torturing Sam.

Sam: Why are you doing this?

Fifth: You think you deserve better?

Sam: You can see my thoughts, you know I didn't wanna do it.

Fifth: I suppose in a way, I should thank you. It was because of what you did to me, I came to realise my full potential. I am more human than the others. At first I thought it was weakness, but now I see, it makes me capable of so much more.

Sam: Fifth, please.

Fifth: My brothers and sisters, will devour entire civilisations, in order to replicate. But they will know nothing of cruelty, or betrayal, or revenge. Not like us. Isn't that right, Major Carter.

He moves his hand towards her again.

Sam: No.

The meeting continues, at the SGC.

Weir: We appreciate you bringing us this information, but it doesn't change the fact that we can't get involved in any internal Goa'uld dispute, and if Baal tries to attack any of the protected planets, he'll suffer the consequences.

Camerus: Unfortunately, we do not share your faith in the Asgard. We'll stop Baal before it comes to that.

Weir: You'll forgive my bluntness, but that's not our problem.

Yu: Enough! With each passing moment, Anubis grows more powerful.

Daniel: You mean Baal.

FP: My master is fatigued. We request a short adjournment.

Yu: Silence!

Camerus: We know you have a formidable defensive weapon, but with it you must wait for your enemies to come to you, and that can be dangerous. What if an enemy were to devise a means of defeating this weapon?

Weir: What exactly are you offering?

Camerus: Hyperdrive engines.

Amerterasu: We know you have battleships that are not capable of interstellar travel.

Camerus: We are offering you a means of producing a fleet of ships, as advanced as the Goa'uld Hat'ak vessels. You can take the fight to the enemy.

Thor and Teal'c have caught up with the replicator ship.

Thor: We are almost in range. Now!

The power fades out and then back in.

Thor: We are slowing down. Something is interfering with the controls. The auxillary control console, outside the engine room.

Weir stands her ground.

Weir: Your offer is very generous, but I'm afraid we're going to have to decline.

Camerus: You would be able to hold the protected planets treaty, with or without the aid of the Asgard.

Daniel: How many hyperdrives are you willing to give us?

Amerterasu: How many ships can you build?

Daniel: I think the real question is, how many ships do you have? I mean, if we're gonna enforce this treaty ourselves, we need to build enough ships to match any fleet that would oppose us.

Camerus: We are not at liberty to disclose such information.

Weir: Well then this discussion is over.

Amerterasu: How can you blindly reject such an offer.

Weir: We're not about to fight your battles for you, in exchange for a couple of hyperdrive engines, that may or may not do us any good, in the long run. And especially since, we already have that technology at our disposal.

Camerus: You have viabel hyperdrive technology.

Weir: Yes we do, and with the help of the Asgard, we are in the process of implementing it right now. Well, thankyou very much.

Amerterasu: This Ancient weapon, such an advanced piece of technology. The power requirements must be enormous. Even simple maintenance must be extremely difficult. Giving you unlimited capabilities.

Weir: We manage.

Amerterasu: Of course, we believe you. But I wonder what Baal would think, if he were to receive intelligence that the weapon was temporarily out of commission.

Camerus: He would come to this world, to claim it for himself. The Tauri would be forced to destroy him.

Amerterasu: And we would have to give them nothing.

Daniel: Oh, come on! Baal would never fall for that. He knows how desperate you are. I think he would find this information a little bit convenient.

Camerus: Perhaps, but you leave us few options.

Weir: Ok, we'll do it.

Daniel: We will?

Weir: In exchange, we want Baal's territory.

Camerus: What do you mean?

Weir: Well that's the way it works right? When one System Lord takes another, he takes over his armies, his fleet, his planets. That's what we want. Everything in Baal's possession.

Amerterasu: You cannot be serious.

Weir: If we're gonna be the one's who destroy Baal for you, why should we settle for anything less?

Camerus: Preposterous. We can't accept those terms.

Weir: Take it or leave it.

Camerus: We must send a message to the other System Lords, to advise about the current situation.

Weir: Go ahead.

Teal'c finds a replicator and destroys it. He contacts Thor.

Teal'c: The problem has been eliminated.

Thor: Unfortunately, the replicators are now beyond our reach. We are too late to stop them from reaching the new Asgrd homeworld.

Daniel and Weir talk in her office.

Daniel: I guess you did learn something from your father's poker games.

Weir: Always bet big when bluffing?

Daniel: I just didn't know you wanted to become a System Lord.

Weir: I just had to do something to keep them talking. It looked like they were going to try and draw Baal here, no matter what we said.

Daniel: You can be pretty sure, they're not gonna agree to our terms.

Weir: No. We may have to revive Colonel O'Neill.

Daniel: What?

Weir: If they suspect we're bluffing, they'll come here and take the weapon for themselves. If they don't, they'll talk Baal into coming. Either way, we may actually have to use that weapon again, to defend this planet.

Daniel: We don't even know if there's enough power to fire another shot.

Weir: I know.

Daniel: If you try to revive Jack, without the Asgard standing by, it'll kill him. In fact he'll probably die, before he can do anything to help us.

Davies knocks on the door.

Davies: Doctor Weir. It's a copy of the message the Goa'uld sent back to the System Lords.

She hands the disc to Daniel

Weir: We need to know what they're thinking.

Thor's ship

Thor: I have managed to send advance warning to Orilla. By providing them with the replicator ships course, and speed, they should have a fair approximation of where it will drop out of hyperspace. We'll be waiting in ambush.

Teal'c: You believe the Asgard ships can destroy the replicators, before they can raise their shields.

Thor: They will only be defenceless for a few moments If my calculations are accurate, it should be sufficient.

Sam is being tortured.

Sam: Stop it, please!

Fifth: Why should I?

Sam: You can't change what happened. Is this making you feel better? I never intended to abandon you.

Fifth: But you did. You gained my trust, then you used me, and left me behind.

Sam: It wasn't my decision.

Fifth: You could have come back for me.

Sam: There was no time.

Fifth: Time! Thanks to what you did, I had plenty of time to think about what a fool I was.

Sam: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what we did to you.

Fifth: Yes, you are now.

Sam: Part of being human, is having compassion. Learning to forgive.

Fifth: Yes I'm not there yet. I need more time.

Fifth reaches out to touch Sam again. She's sitting on the floor, sobbing. He looks at her, and instead of beginning the torture, touches her hair.

Weir goes to check in on Daniel, in his lab.

Weir: Progress?

Daniel: Yeah. It's basically a confirmation of what we suspected. They think we're bluffing, but they have no way of confirming their suspicions, so they're not sure what to do.

Weir: They could still try and draw Baal here, let him figure it out for them.

Daniel: Yeah, that's dangerous for them, because if we can't power the weapons, Baal would end up with both Earth and the Ancients Outpost, in his possession.

\"Unscheduled Offworld Activation\"

Weir picks up the phone.

Weir: This is Weir, what's happening?....Ok, we'll be right down. Our guests just got a response.

Thor receives a communication from the Asgard ship, Valhalla.

Aegir: Commander Thor, this is Ajir of the Valhalla. We have assumed defensive positions and are awaiting the target ship.

Thor: Understood.

The ship appears and is shot at by the Asgard fleet.

Aegir: The enemy ship has been destroyed.

Thor: I am sorry Teal'c.

Daniel goes into the control room and speaks to Davies.

Daniel: I need to see the most recent message they received.

Meanwhile Weir is in the gateroom. The System Lords are leaving.

Weir: It's unfortunate you're being recalled. I thought we were making such good progress.

Camerus: Your demands were ridiculous. We had no choice but to terminate negotiations.

Weir: Well, give my regards to Baal.

Daniel is reading the message, and suddenly tells Davies to shut down the gate.

Daniel: Shut it down.

Davies: What?

Daniel reaches over and shuts down the gate, himself.

Amertesaru: What is the meaning of this?

Daniel goes into the gateroom.

Daniel: The second message. They've been recalled because the System Lords have decided to test our defences. They're sending a ship to attack Earth. It'll be here within the hour.

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