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SCENE: Open on Stargate which is already dialing out, Jackson stands at the base of the ramp in blue BDUs checking his watch, Vala enters with two SFs.

VALA: Came to see me off. That's sweet.

JACKSON: Well we've been through a lot together and I just wanted to come here myself and make sure you were…thoroughly searched. <lol>

Vala grins at Jackson, not taking he eyes off him she hands the SF her bag and coat. Jackson grins back shrugging. The gate Kawooshs and one of the SFs finds a small jewel or sorts?

VALA: *takes it from the SF* This is a little keepsake. Something to remember you by.

JACKSON: *Takes it* this is a priceless artifact

VALA: *tries to take it back* as priceless as the memories we share *he keeps a hold of it, puts it in his pocket* well….*clears throat and turns back to SFs taking her bag and Jacket* thank you. *turns back to Jackson* I hate long goodbyes

JACKSON: ok. Good bye *turns to walk away*

VALA: don't I even get a hug?

He stops walks back over biting lip puts his hands on her shoulders, trying to limit contact, pulls her to him, patting, moves her away, she looks at him for a bit, then turns to walk up the ramp. As she moves by Jackson grabs her arm tugging her back to him

VALA: Daniel! Don't make this harder than it already is. *gripping her hands he pulls them open taking back the artifact* Oh. Can't blame a girl for trying.

JACKSON: no…I can. *she runs her fingers down his right cheek, rubs his stubble* <ah to be Claudia black in that scene hey:P>

She heads up the ramp Jackson watching her go, she turns back to look at him and then steps through backwards. Gate shuts down.

SCENE: Jackson gets off elevator, Mitchell just about to enter.

MITCHELL: Jackson. Hey! *follows Jackson* where's the girlfriend?

JACKSON: she left about an hour ago.

MITCHELL: man I missed the going away party? I hope you saved me a piece of cake.

JACKSON: Now that she's gone I can finally get some work done around here.

VALA: Yeah…about that….the whole SG-1 thing…? You never gave me a firm answer… what do you say we make it *Jackson stops* official? *he faints, Mitchell grabbing him as he drops* Jackson! *shot of Mitchell from Jackson POV* Jackson! I need a med team on level 25!! *image blurs out*

SCENE: We see Lam and Mitchell very close to Jackson's face as he comes to.

MITCHELL: Good morning sunshine.


MITCHELL: How are you feeling?

JACKSON: …Better. *Mitchell lets Lam move in front of him* what happened?

MITCHELL: *Lam about to answer but…* We're not exactly sure… *she gives him a sharp look* But Dr Lam here thinks it may have something to do with those alien cuffs.

JACKSON: *sits up immediately, looks between them then to Lam* why does one assume that?

LAM: Well…you were completely unresponsive when we brought you in… but your condition suddenly improved when "she" came back. *Jackson turns to look behind him as Vala sits up from behind the curtain*

VALA: Miss me? *grins, Mitchell turns away chuckling <Jackson's face is a picture lol>*

CREDITS <I like this. But I miss the theme tunes….but then again we get a little extra stargate right??>

SCENE: Harriman taking files of some airman Landry walks up behind him patting his shoulder

IN BACKGROUND: Gate co-ordinate four and five

LANDRY: Walter.


LANDRY: Just the man I was looking for!

HARRIMAN: Sir we have to talk about your schedule *pulls out file* and according to this you're going to be in meetings all day.

LANDRY: *grabs sheet* hell I am.


LANDRY: After two months on this base I've come to realize that an alarming portion of these meetings are a complete waste of my time. This is all housekeeping *hands form back to him* you can handle it.

HARRIMAN: Me? No, I don't think so sir. I'm not sup--

LANDRY: Walter! Don't make me promote you.

HARRIMAN: no sir…yes… Yes sir I mean what?

LANDRY: Just…just…just *stops* write up the highlights and leave them on my desk. *Harriman heads off as the elevator opens and Dr Lam and Mitchell step out.*


LANDRY: Dr Lam. What's uh…what's the latest on doctor Jackson?

LAM: Well as evidence by Vala's departure and immediate return, they can't be separated for much more than an hour before they begin to feel the effects. If she hadn't come back when she did I suspect they'd both be dead.

LANDRY: I thought it was suppose to stop when they took the wristbands off.

LAM: It was. Dr Lee is theorizing that it might have something to do with the ancient communications device they found. It's possible that the two technologies brought together somehow combined to create a more permanent bond.

LANDRY: I see. *been looking between them, small grin, nods. Dr Lam look confuse at his behavior* colonel. *heads off*

SCENE: Lees Lab, the cuffs are connected to electrodes and Jackson has two on either side of his temple

VALA: This is a waste *puts electrode down*

JACKSON: Do me a favour. Shut up

VALA: It's not like I wanted this to happen anyway. I'm being realistic. *Le tries to put electrode on her temple but she pushes him away* He has no idea what he's doing.

LEE: I'm standing right here.

VALA: He can do all the tests he wants, it's not going to get us anywhere.

JACKSON: look I know we're scraping the bottom of the barrel here, but it's not like we have a lot of choice, unless you happen to know someone else who understands this technology! *she sighs and turns away, they both look at her* You know someone? Someone who can help us?

VALA: …No. *he stands up* and…yes… *he pulls the electrodes off*

LEE: ut um…wait We're not done here yet.

JACKSON: *walks over in front of her putting on glasses* Who?

VALA: a Scientist who was studying the bracelets at one point.

JACKSON: *He grabs her arm and pulls her to her feet* Well let's go see them.

VALA: No! Out of the question.


VALA: I'd rather not say.

JACKSON: He's the guy you stole the bracelets from, right?

VALA: How dare you assume that I acquired those bracelets through anything but honest means. I may have a less than perfect reputation…

JACKSON: *closes eyes* You told me you stole them! *opens eyes*

VALA: Did I?


VALA: Oh. Anyway, he won't help us.

JACKSON: Correction. he won't help you. *small grin*

VALA: Fine! But if we're going *looks him up and down* we'll need a change of clothes.

JACKSON: Fine! *he heads off*

VALA: Fine *follows*

SCENE: Mitchell and Jackson are in some sort of lab, off word. They are wearing long cream coats and some ort of leather trousers. <:P >

MITCHELL: Tell you what these outfits make a bold statement. You don't reckon Landry's gonna make us work them into the rotation, do you?

JACKSON: Well, let's see. that's Camouflage green and undercover rawhide. It's got a nice ring to it. *keeps pulling at them, rotating his hips*

MITCHELL: *picks up bottle* Well this better be quick, 45 minutes away from your girlfriend, you're gonna turn into a pumpkin and I'm gonna have to haul your ass back there. *Jackson takes the bottle of him as a stout old man walks in*

ARLOS: Gentlemen! How can I help you?

JACKSON: Well, we require your… expertise.

ARLOS: *sits* Expertise!

JACKSON: Well you are… the foremost expert on alien technology on this planet.

ARLOS: Foremost? Well, I don't know if I'm the foremost expert… I might be among the top five.

MITCHELL: *takes out the bracelets and places them on the table. Are you familiar with these? *he and Jackson sit down*

ARLOS: Yes… yes… I actually owned a pair myself up until not too long ago.

MITCHELL: So you know how they work?

ARLOS: Of course! The bracelets create a physiological bond between the wearers. They were used by the Goa'uld.

JACKSON: Uh, have you ever heard of the physiological bond being sustained say, after the bracelets were removed?

ARLOS: No. No. Barring some freak power surge in the bracelets themselves… that might… somehow… transfer their effects outright, it's highly unlikely.

MITCHELL: But in the unlikely event this did happen… would you be able to sever the connection?

ARLOS: I might be able to.

JACKSON: Great! Could you tell us?

Arlos leans forward as if to tell the big secret, Mitchell and Jackson follow suit

ARLOS: How is she?



MITCHELL: We don't know any Vala.

ARLOS: Then I'm afraid I can't help you. *gets up to leave*

MITCHELL: Ok! Maybe we know a Vala. *Arlos sits back down*

ARLOS: I need to see her.


ARLOS: It's not what you think. I'm not after revenge. The truth is, the bracelets weren't the only thing she took from me. She also stole… my heart.

MITCHELL: *Jackson looks…shocked* Excuse me?

ARLOS: I remember it as if it were yesterday. Some nights…we would steal away from the city, *moves his hand along the desk* strip off our clothing and <Jackson's face LOL> bathe in the springs of argotten. We would chase one another *uses both hands to mimic chasing* across the mossy hills and then *lays his palms on table* lie naked under Adora's moons and Vala would sometimes *moves one hand over the other*....

MITCHELL: *places hands over his* ok! great, thanks. *looks a little sickened* We got the picture. *puts hand over mouth muttering to Jackson* very vivid, very disturbing picture. *Jackson closes eyes* <ROFL>

ARLOS: Yes. Those were wonderful, carnal times. But that's in the past. All I ask now is that I be given the chance to see her one last time. Bring me Vala and I'll consider helping you.

SCENE: Harriman enters Landry's office

Harriman: Sir! Major Gibson's here to see you.

LANDRY: Send her in.

Walter waves Gibson in who enters in dress blues. GIBSON: General.

LANDRY: Major! *He stands shaking her hand* How are things at the Pentagon?

GIBSON: Not so good, I'm afraid. The international committee has reviewed your budget proposals and despite your warnings of how it'll affect the day to day operations of Stargate Command, they have decided to throw their full financial backing behind the Atlantis mission. They now see this base as serving little more than a support role.

LANDRY: Can't say I'm surprised. *walks round desk to her*

GIBSON: They've been going over the report brought back by Dr Weir and her colleagues. With the prevalence of Ancient technology in the Pegasus Galaxy, they feel that's where we should be focusing our efforts.

LANDRY: And you believe that?


LANDRY: Atlantis is a civilian operation. They approved Dr Weir's appointment. The reason they don't want to support Stargate Command is because they have no say in how it's run.

GIBSON: That's what General O'Neill said. He also said he'd be willing to go to bat for you with the President. But he thinks it might help if you take your case to the chairman of the appropriations committee yourself.

LANDRY: Does he? *laughs* Oh Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack. *walks back to hi side*

SCENE: Off world, in lab this time Jackson and Mitchell have brought Vala. Arlos enters.

VALA: Arlos? *gets up, as if surprised to see him there, hugs him* I thought I'd never see you again

ARLOS: *with little emotion* Hello Vala.

VALA: *pulls back sitting on desk* They overpowered me. Some five? Six? mercenaries, one morning on my way to see you and They demanded that I steal the bracelets under penalty of death.

Arlos: *obviously doesn't believe her* I don't care. *walks away sitting*

VALA: Arlos? *kneels down before him* Are you going to have me killed?

ARLOS: No… The memories of what she shared, and you so callously threw away… will undoubtedly haunt you until the day you die. That. should be punishment enough.

VALA: Ommm *hugs him*=h yes, you're right! That should do it.

Arlos: *pulls her away* I'm over you. *she sighs standing, but he grabs her arm, pulling her back* What I'm not over however is the theft of my mother's necklace! *Jackson drops arms disbelieving* I want it back! Only then am I going to tell you how to sever the link connecting you!

VALA: *laughs, sitting on desk* Be realistic. That necklace is gone. There's no way I can get that back. *grins*

ARLOS: Well, then our business is done.

MITCHELL: Whoa! Hang on lover boy! *walks over* We'll get your Momma's necklace.

ARLOS: Then we have a deal.

SCENE: Offworld,its night, two kids run through a market square past two men who are walking down the street one if Jaffa. The Jaffa, Enago is holding a large knife.

ENAGO: This once belonged to the first prime of Bastet. It's completely unique. One of a kind. And I am going to give it to you… for three ounces of naquadah. Huh? *the man walks off shaking head* no? uh…*pulls out another one* Two for five! <lol one of a kind:P> *walks back into his stall*

MITCHELL: So… business not so good, huh?

ENAGO: Well with no planets to conquer and no city's to loot… how's a Jaffa expected to put food on the table.

JACKSON: Listen uh, a mutual friend of ours was supposed to send word that we were coming.

ENAGO: What mutual friend?


ENAGO pulls out a zat gun, Mitchell and Jackson immediately raising their hands

ENAGO: Where is she?

JACKSON: Ah, we're not sure. She said she had some business to attend to and she'd meet us back at the gate. uh? She didn't call… ahead?

ENAGO: I swore the next time I saw Vala, I'd kill her where she stood.

MITCHELL: That's a no.

ENAGO: Do you take me for a fool? *Jackson watches as Vala walks up behind Enago, weapon pointed at him*

VALA: I don't know about them, but I certainly do. Hello Enago.

Enago sighs and drops zat, Mitchell an Jackson dropping hands

VALA: Nicely done on the distraction, boys.

MITCHELL: Oh… that's what we're doing.

JACKSON: You…you…you didn't wanna let us in on your little plan?

VALA: You would have just screwed it up.

ENAGO: Vala! You cowardly, backstabbing, sorry excuse for a woman. How've you been?

VALA: *grins* Enago. *walks round him* You filthy, double talking slug. Nice to see you too.

MITCHELL: Obviously they used to date. *Jackson nodding not looking too happy about it*

ENAGO: Do you remember that uh… necklace you sold me? The priceless. heirloom from the house of Verenna?

VALA: I may have overstated it's value slightly.

ENAGO: Slightly? It was worthless.

VALA: Huh, you're one to talk. That Goa'uld force shield inhibitor, turned out to be nothing more than a power coil from an obsolete cargo ship. *Enago shrugs* Fortunately I'm not here for revenge. In fact *hands gun to Jackson* I'm here to set things straight. By buying back that worthless necklace.

ENAGO: Why? What's your angle?

VALA: You don't need to know.

ENAGO: Well then I guess you don't need that necklace. No deal. However, I am willing to show you how I want to square things here. I might consider buying back that useless power coil.

VALA: Why would you want to buy back a power coil from an obsolete cargo ship?

ENAGO: *shakes head, trying to come up with an answer* uh…

VALA: No necklace, no deal.

JACKSON: I've got an idea. How about a straight swap. Necklace for power coil.


MITCHELL: No wait, wait, wait. *waves hand* I have a better idea. We dig a big old pit, *walks round into stall* we drop these two in it *Vala walks closer to Jackson* and we let them fight it out.

JACKSON: I'll ask again. *Jackson and Mitchell pull out own zats on Enago, he raises hands* deal?

ENAGO: Deal.

VALA: Deal. Of course I don't have the power coil. We're going to have to go and get that back.

MITCHELL: Where… would you unload… an obsolete power coil?

SCENE: Wormhole. Off world. Screen opens on power coil sat on a pedestal, a man in robes turns, spotting Jackson, Mitchell and Vala who's in a black robe.

KIAS: Sister Versina, welcome back.

VALA: Brother kias. *they bow*

KIAS: How are the orphans?

VALA: The orphans are well. *they walk towards power coil, other monks heading off in their own directions* Thank Granis. And you?

KIAS: Well enough. Thank Granis.

MITCHELL: Who's Granis?

JACKSON: Minor Celtic God. One of Camulus' former Lt's.


KIAS: Of course all of us continue to be… grateful for your generous gift. *turns to power coil* Uh Pilgrims from all over the system travel to see the legendary ring of Shen'Mirac. *Jackson tries to touch it but it is protected by a force shield* However, it has been a bittersweet season for us, since coincidentally, around the same time you made your gracious donation. *Vala nods and grins* The shrines most precious relic, the Nirvanna crystal, mysteriously disappeared.

JACKSON: *over dramatizing* No!

VALA: Yes *turns to Jackson* it is shocking the depths some people will plum. *turns back to Kias* Unfortunately I have some more bad news. It appears I was deceived and this ring of Shen'Mirac is apparently a fake…afraid you'll have to get rid of it.

KIAS: Out of the question. *smiles*

MITCHELL: Hey! It's bogus! Your followers are worshipping a phony relic!

KIAS: Yes, but ultimately it's true worth can only be judged by the… genuine faith it instills in the hearts of the many pilgrims who come to visit the shrine… and more importantly, in the… charitable contributions they make while they are here.


KIAS: Of course, if you were willing to make a substantial… contribution… of your own?

VALA: *looks at Jackson who gives her a look, turns to Kias* What do you want?

KIAS: *looks around, talking not some posh* I have to get outta here! I can't take it anymore! The fasting. the chanting. *cringes closing eyes* Bathing of the poor. If I have to weave one more prayer basket, I'm gonna kill someone! *Two monks walk by them, puts on a smile* Blessed day. Blessed day. Blessed day *makes face behind their back*

MITCHELL: Oh my. You're not a real monk.

VALA: He used to be a smuggler. One of the best I ever knew. Then things got a little too hot for him and he had to find religion. KIAS: Well it was a sweet rap while it lasted. Until great God Granis went and got himself executed by his own Jaffa. Since then the number of pilgrims has been…well, significantly reduced. That's why you can't have the ring.

JACKSON: Power coil.

KIAS: Whatever. The point is that it's the only thing keeping this place going.

MITCHELL: If you wanna go. Why not just go?

KIAS: Because all I got right now are the clothes on my back. *turns to Vala* I need my cargo ship. The one you borrowed *said to indicate she didn't ask to borrow it:P*?

VALA: Ah! Yes, that might be a bit of a problem. But…*looks at Jackson and Mitchell* we can get you a replacement.

KIAS: No deal.

JACKSON: wha-what's so special about this particular cargo ship?

KIAS: Let's just say I made a few modifications of my own. You bring it to me and I give you the ring.


KIAS: Look, don't try anything, alright? The Pilgrims of Granis may be greatly reduced in numbers, but they are more fanatical than ever. You'd have to be to be worshipping a dead God. I give the word and they will tear you to pieces before you can get halfway to the gate. Now, if you'll excuse me? I have morning prayers *Makes face* to attend to. *he heads off*

JACKSON: So how do we get the ship?

VALA: We can't!

MITCHELL: Why not? We've come this far. What's the problem? *she sighs*

SCENE: Deep in space a cargo ship moves forward meeting an alkesh. Inside are the two aliens we met in PROMETHEUS UNBOUND. There screen lights showing a man, their boss.

BOSS: What news?

TENAT: We've put the word out, but she has yet to appear.

BOSS: I needn't remind you that because of your bungling, we already lost a case of weapons grade refined naquadah. Now someone has to pay. And if it's not Vala, then it might as well be you two.

TENAT: *they look at each other* Rest assured. Vala can't hide forever… and when she turns up we'll deliver her… dead or alive.

BOSS: See that you do and let it be known that no-one defies the Lucian Alliance. *Shot moves revealing many Alkesh's*

SCENE: Briefing room.

LANDRY: So let me get this straight. You need to get this ship… to get the power coil, to get the… necklace, to get this guy to tell you how to undo whatever is keeping you two connected?

Vala grins at Jackson

MITCHELL: Yeah, that about sums it up.

VALA: Unfortunately that ship is now in the hands of the Lucian alliance.

LANDRY: The who?

VALA: It's a coalition of former smugglers and mercenaries who've banded together to take advantage of the power vacuum left by the demise of the Goa'uld.

JACKSON: The fact they've managed to form a coherent group makes them unique, and a particular threat especially to the newly formed Jaffa government.

LANDRY: Can we contact them?

VALA: *Jackson looks at her* They won't deal with someone they don't know.

LANDRY: *chuckles* I assume they know you.

VALA: Well yes, but our last encounter didn't exactly go as planned.

MITCHELL: Oh, lemme guess. You screwed them and now they wanna kill ya.

VALA: Actually it was Daniel *looks at him* who messed up the deal.

JACKSON: You tried to sell them a stolen ship.

VALA: You're the one that told them they couldn't have it. The point is if they see either of us again, they will kill us.

MITCHELL: Can we take this ship by force?

VALA: You'd have to go up against a sizeable armada.

JACKSON: If the alternative is staying linked to you, I'm willing to take that risk.

LANDRY: I'm sorry Dr Jackson but I can't allow it. Dr Lee's continuing his research; hopefully he'll be able to come up with something on his own… In the meantime… you're just going to have to learn to live with each other. *Jackson look at Vala* And by the way, in three days, you're coming to Washington.

JACKSON: We are?

VALA: I am?

LANDRY: I need you to testify in front of the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee. Let him see exactly what we're up against. Your experience with the Ori could go a long way towards convincing him of the dangers headed our way.


VALA: We will do our best Sir. *Jackson looks at Mitchell who drops his face in his hand*

SCENE: Jackson's Lab. He's working on some tablet, while Vala is lying across the table on her stomach, kicking her feet, flipping through a magazine. Jackson takes off glasses putting them aside.

VALA: Daniel… do you happen to have one of these *flips back*… credit cards?

JACKSON: Yes I do *gasps happily and bites lip* and no you can't.

VALA: By the way, is a security escort still necessary?

JACKSON: Do you really have to ask?

VALA: *gets up off table* I noticed you've assigned a woman, were you afraid I might corrupt one of your impressionable young men? *slaps his butt with the magazine, walks over to SF*

JACKSON: No, I just thought save someone the trouble of having to rebuff your advances.

VALA: How do you know you succeeded? *winks at female SF, who doesn't react* I'm so bored! *slaps head with Magazine* What do you do around here, for fun? *leans down next to him*

JACKSON: I'm doing it. I'm translating these artifacts from P4S-559.

VALA: Oh, *looks at him* are they valuable?

JACKSON: Well their historical value is immense, but there's no gold or jewels involved if that's what you mean. *she moves the tablet to look* Don't. touch that!

VALA: Do you know what? You need to occasionally *walks round him* get up from under the dust of dead civilizations and live a little. *moves his glasses out of the way* Why don't you take me out to dinner?

JACKSON: Look the only way you're getting off this base is on our little side-trip to Washington. *walks over to cabinet, looking through stuff* if we could find a way around that, we would.

VALA: *walks over to him* Why don't we go off-world? I've got a great little deal cooked up with some traders on Katana.

JACKSON: *walks back to desk with sheets* No.

VALA: We could be partners. We can split everything down the middle, 60/40. *he ignores her* Hardly seems fair that your life gets to continue and my affairs are put on hold.

JACKSON: Excuse me? I-I-I should be on my way to the Pegasus Galaxy right now.

VALA: Oh don't you blame that on me, it's your own curiosity in the ancient treasure that cost you a trip to Atlantis.

JACKSON: You cuffed us together.

VALA: You weren't paying attention at the time. Look, we can point fingers all we want, but the fact is… we're stuck together. *walks back over to his side* so Like it or not, we're just going to have to learn to get along.

Vala hops up on to table and there's a loud crunching noise. He looks up; she leans over pulling his glasses out from beneath her bottom.

VALA: Found your glasses. *grins handing them to him, they are completely broken*

JACKSON: I'm going to see what Dr Lee's doing.

Jackson leaves and she pokes his tablet.

SCENE: In the eve Jackson heads to his room, passing that female SF stood outside one door, head to one across hall. He puts his key card through, turns on light, shuts door and finds Vala lying in his bed.

VALA: Hello.

JACKSON: What the hell are you doing here?

VALA: Isn't this my room?

JACKSON: Noooo… your room is across the hall… with the… guard in front of it. *looks back*

VALA: Ah yes, they do all rather look alike don't they? Anyhow, Since I'm here, shall we make the best of it? *she kicks off covers, wearing a pink top with matching knickers*

JACKSON: *shakes head* No. we shalln't.

VALA: Come on Daniel. *gets on her knees* We're both stuck here on this base and there's nothing else to do.

JACKSON: Yes there is! There's…there's…there's sleeping, there's working, there's there's finding a way out of this mess!

VALA: What if we can't? We might have to spend the rest of our lives together.

JACKSON: No! Don't even go there.

VALA: There's literally a bond between us. Some people might even find that… romantic.

JACKSON: uh… I'm not one of those people.

VALA: *sits on edge of bed* Am I really so repulsive?

JACKSON: No… uh… *thinks* no! *walks over sitting on other end* No you're not… repulsive, you're just… uh…ya uuhhh… it's just that I know what you're doing with the whole sexual… thing. It's a defense Mechanism.

VALA: Really?

JACKSON: Yeah. You live a solitary existence, you…*Starts counting off on fingers* move from place to place, you never form any lasting relationships, you use sex as a weapon, prevent yourself from forming any real emotional bonds. *counts fingers nods*

VALA: Textbook case. *he shrugs* Never realized I was so transparent. *she stands, obviously upset*


VALA: No really it's…that's fine Daniel, *pulls on robe* you're right. I can see why you wouldn't want to become involved with someone so pathetic. *he sighs* I wasn't always like this, you should know. There was someone once, *he drops head down, feeling guilty* in fact I was engaged - then I was taken as a host and even though the Tok'ra eventually freed me, the damage was already done. And once you have been spat on, and stoned… by the people of your own village... well… you try forming lasting relationships. *she moves to leave*

JACKSON: Vala, wait…just wait… please. Stop. *she stops, tying robe* Alright I'm sorry. Okay? *gets up* I'm sorry. I just… sometimes I just…forget what you've been through. If you've actually been through any of that.... are you messing with me? <I think she had>

VALA: *small smile* Is it working? <just covering>

JACKSON: Ge--Get out, go. Get out. *she heads to door, opens turns* Go. *she leaves*

SCENE: Washington. Conference room. Landry, Jackson, Teal'c and Vala are all sitting at a table across from the appropriations committee. Senator Fisher and a woman. Teal'c's in a suit:-)

TEAL'C: Despite the fact that the Jaffa are free and Anubis has been defeated… it would be a mistake to assume that the Goa'uld are no longer a threat.

FISHER: But without the Jaffa to do their bidding, they're effectively crippled.

TEAL'C: Many still have the loyalty of their human slaves.

FISHER: Slaves are a long way from an effective army, and besides if the Jaffa saw the light, it will only a matter of time before the slaves follow suit.

JACKSON: The Goa'uld aren't the only threat out there Sir.

FISHER: So I assume that you're referring to these people you supposedly met in a distant galaxy.

JACKSON: Supposedly?

FISHER: Well… correct me if I'm wrong. But according to the report I read, you never actually left Stargate Command. You went into a coma, had some kind of vision, for all we know the whole thing could of been an elaborate hallucination.

JACKSON: One of the Prior's came through the gate.

FISHER: A simple man who did nothing but spout a lot of religious nonsense and then killed himself.

LANDRY: Senator I was there… the man burned himself to death. Without the aid of any obvious devices or technology, it was no parlor trick.

JACKSON: We're also beginning to get reports that there are other Prior's showing up on other planets.

FISHER: Well it's hardly surprising that new religious groups would arise in the wake of the Goa'uld's collapse.

JACKSON: The Ori are very real… senator. As ascended beings they have all the appearance of genuine God's.

FISHER: But again, this is according to your testimony, they cannot act in this galaxy without incurring interference of these other ascended beings. *Jackson looks down* Isn't that correct?

JACKSON: Technically yes.

FISHER: well Look at it from our point of view Dr Jackson. Finally after 8 years and billions of dollars spent, the Goa'uld have been neutralized, along with the Replicators. And now suddenly, out of nowhere, along come these magical Ori requiring a redoubling of efforts and expenditures.

LANDRY: Exactly what are you suggesting Senator?

FISHER: The Stargate program has succeeded in acquiring alien technology. So now it's time to devote our resources to exploiting those technologies for planetary defense, namely by building more Daedalus class ships. Now we have no intention of shutting you down completely, you will continue to operate at 30% of your current budget, I think you will find that that is more then enough money once you deemphasize your explorations.

JACKSON: *clears throat* uh If you recall Senator. It was new exploration that got us those technologies in the first place. Now there are still thousands of Stargate addresses left unexplored in this galaxy. FISHER: This program doesn't exist to satisfy your curiosity Doctor. *Vala about to drink water stops giving fisher a look* The important thing is that we have learned enough to defend this planet against any potential threat.

VALA: *laughs, then drinks, they all look at her*

FISHER: Do you uh… have something to say.

VALA: Well it's just all so amusing, *Jackson about to grab her arm, but she gets up* isn't it? I mean only an idiot would assume that this backwater of a planet is safe because you have a few ships with decent shield technology. *she walks over and sits down on the desk in front of the senator* You don't look like an idiot to me.*she winks*

VALA: So I have to assume that the reason why you would want to build more ships is… like other men you like big machines with big engines… that fire big missiles… because you have a deep-seated need to overcompensate for your own shortcomings. *shrugs*

FISHER: *angry* Excuse me. *the woman beside the senator tries to cover her laughter*

VALA: *points, the senator shifts* See, she knows what I mean. *Makes a gesture with her little finger. The senator looks at the woman beside him, she avoids eye contact*

JACKSON: uh I-I-I think a short recess would be a good idea.

VALA: I'm done here anyway.

FISHER: *Stands* This meeting is over. *Landry is not happy*

SCENE: Mitchell walks up to Landry as they return to the SGC

MITCHELL: How did it go Sir?

LANDRY: Let's just put it this way, you're going after that ship.

MITCHELL: The cargo ship. what about the Lucian alliance Sir?

LANDRY: You'll have to figure out a way to deal with them.

MITCHELL: *quieter, Vala and Jackson following behind* Why, what happened?

LANDRY: She accused the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations committee of having a… uh… let's just call it, an insufficient manhood. She's gotta go.

SCENE: Off world, Jackson, Vala, Mitchell and Teal'c walk through a wood.

VALA: Just a word of warning. Tenat and Jut are notoriously unscrupulous traders. They're crafty, devious and although stupid, under no circumstances are they to be trusted.

MITCHELL: In other words they're going to try and screw us before we screw them.

VALA: It should be alright as long as you keep your guard up and we keep focus on what needs to be done. Close the deal, take the ship make sure they don't kill me. Certainly not in that order.

MITCHELL: I still think we need some more boots on the ground, just to be safe.

VALA: And they will most certainly run a surface scan of the planet, any additional life signs or any ships in orbit will only raise suspicion and jeopardize everything.

SCENE: On a cargo ship

TENAT: We're approaching the planet, run a surface scan.

Jut: Four life signs.

TENAT: Let's go greet them.

SCENE: on the planet.

VALA: This is a good plan, very inspired.

JACKSON: Yes we have you to thank for that. Nothing motivates like complete and utter desperation.

VALA: You say that now, but you will miss me when I am gone.

JACKSON: No I'm pretty sure I won't.

MITCHELL: Just like old times huh?

TEAL'C: I am offering my assistance on this mission only to aid Daniel Jackson. My participation should not be construed as a desire to rejoin SG1.


TEAL'C: Colonel Mitchell at times you remind me of O'Neill.

MITCHELL: *looks at him* Ah, I'll take that as a compliment.

TEAL'C: *slows* As you wish.

SCENE: Tenat runs along the path, Jut walking along another way. Tenat walks towards SG-1, Teal'c and Mitchell stand waiting, Vala and Jackson sit together, hands cuffed behind their backs… Mitchell spots Tenat


Teal'c raises his Zat gun in the direction Jut is coming. Tenat aims his weapon and Mitchell

MITCHELL: Hey fella's. What's with all the hostility?

TENAT: Vala, how does it feel, knowing your sorry life is about to end?

VALA: I don't know. How did it feel telling the alliance that you half-wits lost their Naquadah. *The alien trains his weapon on Vala and Mitchell pulls out his own*

MITCHELL: Whoa!…no…no violence. No damaging the goods until we finished our deal. Besides I think the alliance wants to hold her up as an example.

TENAT: *brings weapon back on Mitchell* Yes, they do. Your name?

MITCHELL: Cam MITCHELL. Bounty hunter.

TENAT: Never heard of you.

MITCHELL: That's because I keep a low profile. I like to let my work speak for itself.

TENAT: You've partnered with a Jaffa I see.

MITCHELL: Look. We'd love to sit around and talk shop, but we're on the clock. Where's our reward?

TENAT: We have a caseload of weapons grade refined Naquadah sitting in our cargo ship.

MITCHELL: Good, let's go get it.

TENAT: No, I will stay here with you. While Jut takes Vala and her partner to the ship. *Jackson makes a face at "Partner", Vala grins* Once they've been secured he will return and ring the Naquadah down to you.

MITCHELL: And what's to stop old Juck here from just ringing you away and skid daddling.

TENAT: Our honor. It would not be in our best interests to cheat you. After all we have reputations as traders to uphold. *jut takes Vala and Jackson*

MITCHELL: Right… reputations.

SCENE: On cargo ship, Jackson and Vala taken to the rear

JACKSON: I can't help noticing the absence of the caseload of refined Naquadah you guys were promising.

Jut: Do you seriously think the alliance would have entrusted us with another case, after we lost the last one?

JACKSON: *Vala and Jackson shrug and nod at each other* So this is a double cross? What happened to upholding your reputation?

Jut: Let's just say those bounty hunters won't be in a position to do any complaining. *He closes the door.*

VALA: Uh…*pulls off the cuffs* ow *turns to Jackson, trying to undo his*


VALA: Hold still *gets them off*

VALA: Told you

Jackson rubs wrist walks over to door panel, pulling it off.

SCENE: On surface, Mitchell, Teal'c and tenat have weapons trained on each other

MITCHELL: So who you like in the NFL this year? You kinda…strike me as a Raiders fan.

SCENE: Vala walks over to Jackson

VALA: JACKSON, why won't you let me do it?

JACKSON: I can do it. Just…uh do me a favour, I need some help.

VALA: Ok, what?

JACKSON: Go to the panel by the rear exit. *she goes*

VALA: Ok, now what?

JACKSON: Stay there, shut up and let me finish.

SCENE: Back on surface

MITCHELL: Yeah, they got a great secondary in the league's. The best pass rush. Offence runs games, defense runs championships, am I right?

The cargo ship appears overhead

TENAT: Our cargo ship has returned. I suggest you lower your weapons.

MITCHELL: *lowers Zat, pushing down Teal'cs arm* I take it we're not getting our Naquadah.

TENAT: No you're not and so concludes our deal.

Mitchell and Teal'c are ringed up, while jut is left instead. Tenat activates a signal to the other ships in orbit.

SCENE: On cargo ship

MITCHELL: Well! That went better than I expected!

VALA: *piloting* I'm picking up ships. Lot's of them.

MITCHELL: Correction. That went much worse than I suspected.

The Lucian fleet are waiting ahead of them

BOSS: Stand down and prepare to be boarded.

MITCHELL: Shouldn't we be jumping into hyperspace or something?

TEAL'C: They will pursue us

Vala bites lip starts hitting various buttons

JACKSON: What are you doing?

VALA: Kias said he customized this ship. Let's see if there's anything we can use.

We see several other cargo ships appear round the cargo ship, holograms

JACKSON: What's happening?

VALA: Multiple energy signatures and phantom vessels. They're confusing the alliance ships.

MITCHELL: Fine! Let's go, let's go, let's go!

The cargo ship heads off, the holograms stay. Two alkesh break off from alliance

TEAL'C: There are two vessels pursuing us.

MITCHELL: You got anything else in your bag of tricks?

VALA: I'll show you.

The cargo ship stops and turns. Vala powers down everything

MITCHELL: What are you doing?


VALA: Wait for it..... Now!

She hits a button, as pulse wave flows through the two ships


VALA: Pulse wave. Their power levels spiked and overloaded. It should take a couple of minutes to restore primary systems. Which should give us enough time to... *They escape into hyperdrive*

SCENE: In some bar. Kias gives over the coil, Jackson zipping it into a bag.

KIAS: Thanks for getting my ship back… and for not helping yourselves to the swag in the ships *they start to head off* hidden compartments *Vala stops*

VALA: Wait! Did you *Vala and Jackson grab her arms dragging her out* did you just say hidden compartments?

KIAS: bye bye

VALA: No! Wait!

SCENE: Jackson gives Enago the coil. Vala walks over to him

VALA: So really. Why would you want to trade a power coil from an obsolete cargo ship?

ENAGO: So really. Why would you want to trade for this worthless necklace?

BOTH VALA AND ENAGO: Never mind. *Vala takes necklace*

SCENE: Vala hands Arlos the necklace, he looks emotional

ARLOS: Excellent. *grins* Finally I can get Mother off my back. *stands, putting necklace in case*



JACKSON: So, we had a deal, remember? give you the necklace and you sever the link. *waves between him and Vala*

Arlos: Yes yes of course, I've been doing extensive research…um…


Arlos: *shrugs* Well there's nothing I can do. The effect can't be countered. But you know? My guess is, it'll wear off eventually on its own. So long everybody *heads off, Vala grins at Jackson, Who looks in shock.*

SCENE: Jackson briefing Landry in his office

LANDRY: That's it? You went through all that for nothing?

JACKSON: Pretty much.

LANDRY: I can't wait till Senator Fisher hears about this one.

JACKSON: Yeah, have you heard any news?

LANDRY: I spoke to the President. He gave me two choices. Accept the budget cuts or convince the International Committee to change their minds and contribute to our funding.

JACKSON: Right. How do we do that?

LANDRY: Give them what they want. A new civilian position appointed by the committee. With full access to this base and a say in all major decisions concerning its operation.

JACKSON: Watchdog.

LANDRY: Exactly

SCENE: Gate room, Gate kawooshs, Teal'c out of sexy leather into Jaffa robes. Teal'c and Jackson Manly hug.

JACKSON: Thanks for helping out.

TEAL'C: Indeed.

MITCHELL: Good luck on Dakara.

Teal'c nods at Mitchell, turns to go, glances at Vala, who gives him a slight wave, he smiles. Jackson looks at her

MITCHELL: Don't be a stranger!

Teal's steps through the gate.

MITCHELL: He'll be back

Vala and Jackson look at him. He smiles

The End

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