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SCENE: Opens on SG-1 led by Teal’c making their way through a dense foggy forest. Teal’c raises his hand signaling for them all to stop.

MITCHELL: What you got?

TEAL’C: Shhh


TEAL’C: Quiet. *After a few minutes he moves on again.* It is nothing.

MITCHELL: *turns to Jackson* he’s not doing that on purpose is he? You know…just to keep me interested?

JACKSON: Well uh…that depends…are you losing interest?

MITCHELL: Nah…We haven’t found so much as a snapped twig on this planet…but hey! Me? It’s all good baby.

CARTER: Teal’c’s Intel did suggest that the Sodan would have a base of operations here

MITCHELL: Yeah but…Teal’c’s Intel came from a bunch of Jaffa he used to be at war with…I know. Old enemy’s new allies…and all that jazz but still…

CARTER: You think the information’s Bad?

MITCHELL: Think it’s vague… *after a minute, puts on a mechanic voice* A world once inhabited by ancients…A village shrouded in the midst’s of time—sounds like a movie trailer.

JACKSON: Well we found some interesting things based on vague.

MITCHELL: Mmm yeah…still I’m getting that grasping at straws feeling.

JACKSON: Yeah…just don’t tell Teal’c *Teal’c obviously listening*

MITCHELL: I already did.

JACKSON: Yeah…what’d he say?

MITCHELL: *imitating Teal’c* The warriors of the Sodan exists colonel Mitchell. I am certain of it. *Teal’c obviously not impressed*

JACKSON: Needs more Base.

Jackson walks off after Teal’c as Mitchell stops to look around, Carter shaking her head as she passed him. Sound of a Twig breaking, as Mitchell looks over he sees a branch move, he frowns listening. All of a sudden staff blasts fly by their heads.

MITCHELL: Down!!!!

They all fire in the direction of the staff blasts but its hard to tell exactly where they’re coming from.

MITCHELL: Fall back to the Gate! I’ve got our six! Go! GO! Go! *they all fire hurrying past him toward Gate, Mitchell fires covering them, trying to figure out where the shots are coming from* where the hell are they? *he turns coming face to face with a Jaffa who hits him with his staff weapon*

Rest of Sg-1 firing in direction of staff fire, holding position for Mitchell. Mitchell pulls up his P-90 to fire on the Jaffa but the Jaffa shoots him knocking the p-90 out of his hand. Mitchell pulls up his berretta but the Jaffa shoots him again,

MITCHELL: arrghhhh

CARTER: *leaning against tree, grabs radio* SG-22, this is SG-1 we are under attack…we need back-up. *continues firing to Jackson* Where the Hell is Mitchell?!

CARTER: (on radio) Cameron What’s your position?

Mitchell kicks the Jaffas feet out from beneath him, and tackles him. They both stand, the Jaffa getting a fair handle on Mitchell, Mitchell elbows him and goes to grab staff as the Jaffa comes for him he turns and shoots killing him. Mitchell then drops.

The staff fire stops, mysteriously.

CARTER: *into radio* Cameron? Do you copy?

SCENE: a group of Jaffa stands over Mitchell, one of them checks his fallen friend.

JOLAN: His wound is grave my lord… his Symbiote is badly damaged. *moves over to Mitchell to attack him*

HAIKON: No! *stops Jolan* Bring him!

Jolan picks up Mitchell; handing him over to another Jaffa…they watch as the Jaffa disappears with Mitchell. SG-22 makes an appearance firing on the Jaffa. They run off and disappear, leaving the fallen Jaffa

HAIKON: Shell Kree

SG-1 run in direction of fire. Staring down at the body.


SCENE: Off world, shot of mountains, then to a Jaffa Village. Cameron wakes wounded, Jolan stands watch over him, and Haikon enters.

JOLAN: He will be dead by sunset…if not sooner

HAIKON: then…you must keep him alive.

Mitchell Passes out again.

SCENE: SG Teams sweeping the Area.

CARTER: *into radio* Carter to SGC. got anything yet chief?

HARRIMAN: (on radio) Colonel. We’re reading UAV telemetry 5 by 5…so far no sign of colonel Mitchell

CARTER: let me know when you’ve completed your first sweep.

HARRIMAN: affirmative. SGC out

SCENE: UAV flies overhead, Carter makes her way over to Jackson and Teal’c, a med team seeing to the Jaffa.

JACKSON: anything?

CARTER: not yet. How’s he doing?

JACKSON: not well…

TEAL’C: His Symbiote is dying… if it is not removed…the host will die also.

CARTER: Sgt. Radio Doctor Lam… let her know we have a priority one medical emergency incoming. *the airman heads off* No tattoo.

TEAL’C: he is a warrior of the Sodan

JACKSON: according to the legend, no Sodan has been indentured to the Goa’uld for over 5,000 years.

CARTER: so your Intel was correct.

TEAL’C: indeed.

RAIMI: (on radio) Colonel Carter… there’s something you need to see…

SCENE: standing in front of a pillar…

TEAL’C: this writing…?

JACKSON: Ancient.

CARTER: look familiar?

JACKSON: nope. Teal’c?

TEAL’C: I have never before seen such a device.

CARTER: well I’m detecting energy signatures…its definitely some form of technology

TEAL’C: perhaps this is how the Sodan managed to escape so quickly.

JACKSON: actually that’s exactly what it is. It says…this is some sort of aperture…or gateway to…

CARTER: to where?

JACKSON: …enlightenment

CARTER: just enlightenment? Nothing more specific?

JACKSON: that’s all it says…

SCENE: Jaffa village. Jolan attending to Mitchell’s wound. Mitchell growls, arching, Jolan pushes him down.

JOLAN: Hold still!

MITCHELL: you know…your bedside manner totally blows…

JOLAN: *pulls away* your wound is infected… it must be cleansed…or you will die. This… *takes something from shelf*will cause you a fair amount… *walks back over sits, placing the cotton by Mitchell’s wound*of pain

MITCHELL: Gahk!! Ahhh!!

SCENE: Lam working on the Jaffa in an operating room, Jackson and Teal’c watching from the Observation room. Jackson looks exhausted. Landry walks in.

LANDRY: How’s it going in there? *passes Teal’c file.*

JACKSON: touch and go. They’ve been at it for nearly six hours now…

TEAL’C: *looking through file* most Jaffas would not survive such wounds…

JACKSON: which means she’s very good…

LANDRY: mmmm *proud grin* that’s why she’s here. Looks like you were both right about the device he was wearing… more ancient technology…

TEAL’C: a cloak of invisibility…

LANDRY: that explains how they were able to ambush you so easily…

JACKSON: what about the transporter?

LANDRY: Carters with a team on the planet working on it right now…so far they haven’t been able to even open up the damn thing…let alone turn it on…

JACKSON: *little annoyed* yeah sorry I couldn’t have been more help…

LANDRY: well…one line of ancient text isn’t a hell of a lot to go on… we’re running surface scans with Prometheus on several moons and other planets in the system…

TEAL’C: you believe colonel Mitchell is no longer on P9G-844

LANDRY: It’s a possibility…grounds sweeps and UAV scans are all coming up empty…

SCENE: Mitchell wakes sounds of voices and sticks hitting each other outside, he tries to sit up.


He pulls off make shift plaster…picking at the stuff, stands up, finds a shirt and slips it on. Looking outside two Jaffa are sparring while Jolan speaks with another, watching. Soon he says goodbye and makes his way back to the house Mitchell in. Mitchell pulls back from window looking around desperately, through all the shelves picking up a sharp utensil like a knife. He stands behind door as Jolan enters. Mitchell shuts door and Jumps Jolan, knife to his throat.

MITCHELL: Don’t move… Don’t make a sound. You call to the others…and it’s goodbye Jaffa…

JOLAN: it would seem you have me at a disadvantage…

MITCHELL: certainly appears that way…now…you’re gonna tell me How we go- *Jolan moves fast, knocking head back into Mitchell, he turns twists Mitchell’s arm and throws him over on to his back* ahhh!

JOLAN: How things seem…and how they truly are, are two very different things… for example… you are free to leave this place whenever you choose…

MITCHELL: well…now you tell me? *still laying on the ground*

JOLAN: but to reach the Chapp’ai would take months on foot to through the mountains of Dor to’nak. No one who has attempted the journey has ever survived…

MITCHELL: well…so… *struggles up, grasping bed* how did we get…

JOLAN: we were brought here through the eye of the Gods.

MITCHELL: which is?

JOLAN: Your questions can wait… now that your strength has returned we shall begin joma’satelek immediately.

MITCHELL: well…*stands* if that’s breakfast I could eat…

JOLAN: *grabs him by the throat choking him* you have spilled the blood of a Sodan warrior… did you think our mercy was without purpose? *lets go* Lord Haikon has decreed that you will answer for your crimes by way of Kel’shak’lo. Which you will battle with another warrior…and on that day… you will die….*leaves*

SCENE: Lam watching over Volnek, who lies in restraints. Landry enters…

LANDRY: Ah…I take it from all the beeping; our friend is still with us…

LAM: that he is. Though how he survived is a mystery to me…

LANDRY: *chuckles* ooh *walks round to her side* I’d say the nine hours you spent working on him might have something to do with it… nice work.

LAM: I did what I could to save it but his Symbiote was too badly damaged…

we had no choice but to remove it and start him on tretonin.

LANDRY: as soon as he regains consciousness I want to know…

LAM: why? So you can interrogate him? *drinks*

LANDRY: *chuckles…* oh that might be more up Teal’c's alley but…that’s the idea…

LAM: well it wasn’t exactly the post-op recovery I had in mind…

LANDRY: *nods*… well…let me know the moment he wakes up.

LAM: *closes eyes*…ok

Landry looks like he wants to say more…but nods and leaves…Lam rubbing her face and neck tired.

SCENE: Mitchell Led by a Jaffa to meet Haikon. Haikon is meditating…probably Kel’no’reemm

MITCHELL: Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell. United States Air Force. *and as an afterthought* Earth *Haikon doesn’t say anything so he continues* I don’t know if you know what’s been going on out there…but things are a little different now…The Goa’uld has been defeated…

HAIKON: The Goa’uld should have been defeated 5,000 years ago… My ancestors were one of the first of the Sodan... they’re part of an elite command force under the Goa’uld Ishker… for years they pillaged and plundered under his name…driving fear into the Hearts of all those who would oppose his rule…

the further they ascended among the ranks… the more they were able to discern the truth… that he was not a God at all…but merely an imposter. Our true Gods are those that came before us…

MITCHELL: You’re talking about the Ancients…

HAIKON: Ishker branded my ancestors as traitors and ordered their deaths…they tried to fight… to show their brothers the faith…but the odds were too great and they were forced to flee…they set out to find kheb.

Hoping that their souls would find peace…but instead their search led them to this world.

MITCHELL: you knew about the Goa’uld… but you didn’t help the Jaffa defeat them…look…for the first time in their history the Jaffa are free. But it won’t last without strong leadership… they need your help.

HAIKON: their fate is of no concern to us. I hope you are prepared to die well…Mitchell

SCENE: Volnek wakes trying to pull himself free of the restraints.

TEAL’C: You will not be able to break your bonds. *Volnek relaxes, Teal’c and Jackson walk over…* we sought out the Sodan in peace, wishing only to open dialogue…instead you attacked us and took our comrade…

VOLNEK: all enemies who transgress our sacred ground forfeit their lives.

JACKSON: yeah…well…you might want to post a few signs…look we just want our friend back. And we figured your fellow warriors might want to know you’re still alive and kicking so…we’re thinking straight swap. Our guy in exchange for you.

VOLNEK: if your friend was taken…then mourn him…for if he is not yet dead…he soon will be.

TEAL’C: here me when I say that all free Jaffa have always had the greatest respect for the warriors of the Sodan.

VOLNEK: you speak of respect…yet you condemn me…without my Symbiote I will be dead soon enough…

TEAL’C: a medicine called tretonin courses through your veins…you have been freed from your burden.

VOLNEK: such a thing is not possible.

JACKSON: Oh but it is…

TEAL’C: it is very real…I assure you. It is now used by several thousand free Jaffa with No Ill effects.

VOLNEK: your poisons will not work. Had you any honor you would have let me die on the battlefield.

SCENE: Mitchell and Jolan walk along toward an open area for training, two kids look up watching them

MITCHELL: so is it you just don’t know what’s going on with the rest of the Galaxy or…you really don’t care?

JOLAN: The Jaffa made their choice 5,000 years ago. Their affairs are of no concern of ours.

MITCHELL: yeah…but how do you survive? At some point you have to go hunting for…uh *waves, points at stomach* you know…

JOLAN: we raid Goa’uld strong holds for shipments of Symbiote's that have yet to be planted in new Jaffa. *walks over to some staffs* Such missions are rights of passage for our youngest warriors…

MITCHELL: well that sounds like fun.

JOLAN: the fighting styles of the Sodan has been a closely guarded secret for over a hundred Generations…it is a shame you will die shortly after learning it…*throws him a staff, walks over with own, motions* attack me…*Mitchell leans on staff* you find me an unworthy opponent?

MITCHELL: *picks up staff* no… its just I don’t feel like-

Jolan takes a swing at Mitchell, he ducks, but Jolan sweeps his feet out from beneath him…two kids grin shaking head, Mitchell laughs, pulling himself up, rubs shoulder before quickly taking a swing at Jolan, who defends every attack Mitchell makes and then kicks him backwards

MITCHELL: Ok…*sits up* uh…lets try that one more time.

Mitchell gets up, attacks Jolan, who grabs his staff and goes to hit Mitchell, Mitchell grabs his staff too but Jolan spins them throwing Mitchell on his back.

JOLAN: you are slow…and undisciplined. if you fought your opponent today you would die without landing a single blow *throws staff down*

MITCHELL: *lying on back* and what happens if I refuse to fight? You just kill me?

JOLAN: it is an alternative you do not wish to explore…

SCENE: Teal’c enters Volnek's room; food lies untouched on the table.

TEAL’C: Dr Lam tells me you have refused to eat.

VOLNEK: the very odor of your food turns my stomach.

TEAL’C: if you are to survive without your Symbiote you require sustenance

VOLNEK: it is only because your drug has weakened me.

TEAL’C: on the contrary brother… it has freed you.

VOLNEK: what do you know of freedom? hmmm? *Teal’c raises eyebrow* you who have served false Gods… Who chooses to live in the squalor rather than among his own people.

TEAL’C: I know I have heard stories of the Sodan since I was but a child.

Your bravery and skill are legend among all the Jaffa.

VOLNEK: it is because of my failure as a warrior that I languish here now…

prisoner to a former slave and his pitiful allies. Speak not of skill to me.

TEAL’C: *angry* many Jaffa have fought and died for a cause that was started by the warriors of the Sodan!

VOLNEK: and for what?! Instead of respecting the traditions of our ancestors you would only seek to lead them further astray.

SCENE: Off world, in Jaffa village, Mitchell eats, walking to a near by bowl of water, he rotates his arm, aching. As he drinks some water he sees a prior heading past escorted by Jaffa.

SCENE: Mitchell running through some trees his passes a red cloth, turns left. Suddenly he is knocked on to his back as if hitting something. Jolan appears before him…

JOLAN: *points* that way.

MITCHELL: blue is left. Red is right. Got it *gets up running other way*

Once again he is knocked over a little later, as if hitting nothing. Several shots shown of him being knocked over for going wrong way, he stops by a blue cloth and a staff shot hits the tree right by his hand. Jolan appears

JOLAN: Faster.

MITCHELL: Bastard… *runs off, Jolan running off in other direction.*

Mitchell runs towards Jolan who is standing near an arch with several sandbags on it. One empty.

MITCHELL: uh…*leans on his knees* how’d I do?

JOLAN: badly. Again.

MITCHELL: well…yeah…you stop using that gadget *goes down on one knee* I guarantee ya I’ll do better.

JOLAN: a Sodan warrior must anticipate an attack at any moment.

MITCHELL: yeah well… where did you guys get those things anyways *points*

JOLAN: the writings of our gods instructed us on how to make many of their devices… we use them to protect our grounds…

MITCHELL: speaking of gods…I know this is probably taboo…but *stands taking deep breaths* I need to talk to your boss. That visitor you had yesterday…

I’m assuming that’s not the first time he’s been here…I’ve met their kind before * Jolan moves to next sandbag* they’re bad news. Look…I’ll do any crazy training exercise you want…*Jolan looks at him* within reason.

JOLAN: finish the course in time. And I’ll consider it *cuts hole in bag, sand runs*

MITCHELL: you know a bag of sand with a hole in it is not an accurate timing device *Jolan points* you are an evil man *runs off*

SCENE: Much later, night. Mitchell taken to Haikon.

HAIKON: please…sit.

MITCHELL: I’m good…*Haikon motions with head* ok…*sits* maybe I will sit.

You know I’m starting to get an idea why you guys attacked us. That priors telling you that we’re enemies…

HAIKON: is he wrong?

MITCHELL: you could of cut us down the second we stepped through the gate but you didn’t…

HAIKON: Generations of my people fought and died under exile…praying for the day when we could…seek the path without recrimination…when we prayed to the gods…did they hear us Mitchell? Did they once give us a sign as proof of their existence? *puts his hand down on the Book of Origin* I know that the Ori are not the ancients…but can their be any doubt that they are gods? And if they can lead us to the path of enlightenment… how can I refuse them?

MITCHELL: You’re making a big mistake… these Ori are not what you think they are…they are not even close…

HAIKON: Dekeshan! *two Jaffa rush forward, Mitchell stands* perhaps when you face your death…in your final moments…you’ll understand.

MITCHELL: I’ve already been there… I understand *walks off*

SCENE: Mitchell stands without a weapon, Jolan smack staff at his foot, but he moves it fast but Jolan gets him in his side. He dodges next attack but is knocked on his back. Another round Mitchell gets up again Jolan swings but Mitchell ducks, dodges a shot to his face but Jolan hits his foot, painfully. Jolan swipes his feet but he hops out of the way Jolan knocks him down again. Two kids laugh…little later

JOLAN: You may rest now…

MITCHELL: No I’m good lets keep going…

JOLAN: You are not tired?

MITCHELL: 6 weeks airborne training at fore benning that’s tired…this is nothing…come on. If I wanna survive this kel shack low thing I’m gonna need a hell of a lot more that you’re teaching me…quit pussy footing around and stop holding back! Lets Go!

JOLAN: *nods, grabs another staff* you believe the staff is what makes you strong. *throws him staff, swinging at him, Mitchell dodges them then blocks Jolan's stick and his swipe to his head with his hand.* the crantoe is nothing but an extension of your body. *pulls away* no true warrior depends on a weapon for strength or advantage…

MITCHELL: see…that’s what I’m talking about.

JOLAN: *throws him bottle* drink.

MITCHELL: *drinks, spits* I’m not going to get used to this stuff…

JOLAN: were it not for my teas you would have died many days ago.

MITCHELL: it was self defense you know…the Jaffa I killed… it was him or me…

JOLAN: it does not matter…the blood has been spilled our laws decree you must answer for it…

MITCHELL: so who was he?

JOLAN: His name was Volnek…a most skilled warrior.

MITCHELL: look…for what its worth… *Jolan looks at him* there’s nothing I can say is there…

JOLAN: no. *walks over to him*

MITCHELL: so…who do I fight?

JOLAN: Lord Haikon will determine that on the eve of your battle…usually it is the closest blood kin to the slain warrior

MITCHELL: right… and the next of kin is just a tough as he was. Do I stand a chance? *Jolan raises eyebrow* never mind. I promise I’ll die well and all that jazz… but before I kick it…I gotta ask…you buying what these priors are selling?

JOLAN: lord Haikon has led us for more that a hundred years…he knows what is best for us all…

MITCHELL: yeah yeah look I get it…you are a team player…I’m asking…what do you think?

JOLAN: it is not my place to questing Haikon’s judgment…nor is it yours…

MITCHELL: well somebody better…because if you guys follow the Ori…all of you traditions…your crantoe staffs…your precious paths…your tasty beverages…its all going down the drain.

JOLAN: Enough! We’re finished for the day.

SCENE: Volnek sitting at a table, handcuffed, airman on door, Teal’c walking around him, Jackson, Carter and Landry watching from observation room.

TEAL’C: you say a prior has come to the Sodan…and you have decided to follow the word of the Ori…

VOLNEK: I walk the path of our true gods--

TEAL’C: The Ori are not gods!! What did the prior promise you? A place of honor at his side? As heralds for your new masters? This prior will have you hunt down and kill all Jaffa who refuse to follow the path of origin…that is the path you walk…I will learn the codes of the ancient transporter…no matter how long it takes. *Volnek smirks*

LANDRY: this is going no where… two weeks and he hasn’t given us so much as a decent hycoo…

CARTER: well…its understandable sir most Jaffa will never break under normal interrogation techniques…

JACKSON: not to mention the Sodan are a elite group of warriors…I’m sure their minds are trained to withstand a lot worse…

LANDRY: what about the device…*both look at Carter…*

CARTER: we haven’t made much progress I’m afraid… it seems the code preventing us from using it is rigged to some sort of defense mechanism. Dr lee received a few nasty volts while trying to implement an override.

JACKSON: how is he?

CARTER: *whispers* Dr Lam says the feeling should return to his legs in a few days…

LANDRY: *sighs stands* meanwhile the international committee is keeping score of all the resources we’re using to try and find Mitchell…science teams…orbital scans by Prometheus…

JACKSON: all of them coming up empty certainly doesn’t look good…

LANDRY: another few days and they’ll tell us to shut down search and rescue operations…

CARTER: shut it down? *Jackson stands*

LANDRY: mmm.

CARTER: Sir…with all due respect…in the past we have spent months searching for our people in the field… we can’t just stop looking

JACKSON: what she’s saying sir is…we’ve never left a man behind…

LANDRY: I’m more that familiar with the concept Dr Jackson…give me something I can use…soon… or the next paperwork I fill out will declare Mitchell MIA.

SCENE: Haikon in ceremonial gear. Talking to a group of his people, the prior beside him… he turns to the prior and bows, the others following his example, Jolan there, he hesitates, frowning then does the same.

SCENE: Haikon at his desk, Mitchell runs up, the Jaffa raise their weapons to stop him.

MITCHELL: I just need a minute!

HAIKON: let him pass…

MITCHELL: *the Jaffa lower their weapons, he enters* thank you. Ok I’ll make this quick… that prior represents a race of ancients…yes. But believe me when I tell you they are not the ancients you wanna worship…

HAIKON: the prior has healed our sick…caused our crops to grow as if by magic. Why should I doubt the power of the Ori?

MITCHELL: look…their power is not what you should question…its how they use it…anyone refuses to worship them and they die…and I’m not talking about a few non believers here and there…I’m talking about whole planets wiped out.

HAIKON: and I should simply take your word for this?

MITCHELL: you want to believe my people are godless and inferior… go right ahead…but we have never needed proof of our god’s existence in order to believe in them… faith…it was your faith that sustained you for 5,000 years…not the ancients themselves…don’t throw your history away for a bag full of magic tricks…

SCENE: Jolan and Mitchell, battling once again, but Mitchell talking as he blocks Haikons attacks.

MITCHELL: admit it Haikon has totally lost his mind. *Mitchell’s blocks all Jolan’s attacks, Jolan stops*

JOLAN: a warrior can not talk and fight at the same time. A fact you refuse to accept.


Mitchell sings first, Jolan blocking his attack, as each swings at each other, both with their staffs and hands the stack is blocked.

JOLAN: You may provide a challenge to your opponent after all Mitchell…

MITCHELL: followed by my violent death… of course *walks over to get bottle of team*

JOLAN: of course.

MITCHELL: to my inevitable demise *drinks*

JOLAN: why do you do this?

MITCHELL: do what?

JOLAN: train this hard? *Mitchell throws bottle at him* these are the last days of your life… I would think you would spend more time in reflection…*drinks

MITCHELL: well all I know is… the moment you accept your fate that’s when you’re as good as dead…til then all bets our off.

JOLAN: you cannot survive kel’shak’lo MITCHELL: well no offence but…I’ve endured things I wasn’t suppose to survive before and…I’m still here.

JOLAN: how can you be certain… the prior speaks falsely?

MITCHELL: because I’ve seen entire planets wiped out because they refused to follow the Ori. Look I’m not trying to tell you what to think… but if everything I believed was being threatened… I’d wanna know… Jolan…you’re people shouldn’t suffer for their faith.

SCENE: Volnek fiddling with Cuffs, doors open Jackson walking in followed be Teal’c…

VOLNEK: You two…again…

JACKSON: yes…us two…again.

VOLNEK: save your words…I am not in the mood…

JACKSON: we know how you feel…but were not here to talk.

TEAL’C: you require evidence that the Ori are not to be interested. *another Jaffa enters*

JACKSON: this is Tass’an…one of the founders of a free Jaffa settlement on a planet called Asatarus

TEAL’C: many families came to live there to enjoy the freedom that they fought so hard to achieve…

TASS’AN: he is Sodan?

TEAL’C: indeed.

JACKSON: tell him what happened…

TASS’AN: a month ago…a man came through the Chapp’ai… he called himself a prior…he told us of powerful gods called the Ori who he claimed would give us protection…and show us the path to enlightenment…and he left. He later returned…told us we had to make a choice…follow the Ori…or be destroyed…we chose to resist… *stops*

TEAL’C: Continue Brother…

TASS’AN: he dialed the chapp’ai…and merely placed his staff in the ground in front of it…then the earth shook…with a fierceness I have never seen nor heard of before…in moments our cities were leveled… hundreds of our people…wiped out…in an instant.

VOLNEK: Enough…of these lies. You expect me to take the word of this sorry excuse for a Jaffa?

TASS’AN: I witnessed the destruction with my own eyes! Heed my words brother… if a prior visits your world. Leave.

SCENE: Mitchell and Jolan let to Haikon by two Jaffa, they stand before him, a small crowd gathers below.

HAIKON: * hits a gong* you have spilled the blood of a Sodan warrior…human.

Do you deny it?

MITCHELL: no. but it wasn’t *glances at Jolan…* no I don’t deny it.

HAIKON: If any blood kin…of the warrior seek recompense let him step forward now.

JOLAN: *Steps forward* I seek it


JOLAN: in the name of Volnek of Geshrel, my brother.

SCENE: Around a circle Jolan and Mitchell stand before each other, an audience gathered round.

HAIKON: may the blood spilled here today…settle this debt…once and for all.

You may begin…

JOLAN: may you die well

MITCHELL: like wise…

They both getting into fighting stance. Jolan takes the first swing, Mitchell dodging it, again, their weapons meet, Mitchell pushing Jolan off.

They circle each other…Jolan swings again, Mitchell ducks then Jumps as Jolan swipes his feet, Mitchell blocks another swing but Jolan kicks him in his stomach dropping him to his knees. He stands quickly Jolan swinging at both sides, Mitchell blocks him and punches Jolan in the face twice then kicks him off…Mitchell takes a swing Jolan blocks it, twice more and Mitchell knocks Jolan to his back, but Jolan cuts his leg. Mitchell cries out in pain dropping as he looks up his vision blurs…his movements sloppy as Jolan knocks the weapon from his hand, spins him until he is trapped with in the stick and Jolan chokes him. After much struggling…Mitchell gets Dazed…and dies. Jolan releases him and he drops. Haikon walks over places his hand on Mitchell’s chest. He’s not breathing

HAIKON: The Human is dead. blood of the Sodan has been avenged.

JOLAN: He fought and died a warrior my lord…It is only fitting he be given the right of Shel‘mak’hosa

HAIKON: Very well… *waves but Jolan stops him*

JOLAN: With your permission my lord…I would like to take care of it myself…

SCENE: A view of the Sky as Mitchell wakes, groaning… Jolan sits close by.

JOLAN: I was afraid you would not wake…

MITCHELL: oh huh…well…maybe I shouldn’t have… *sits up* how long was I…

JOLAN: 7 hours.

MITCHELL: 7? I thought it was only suppose to be 2…

JOLAN: I may have inadvertently made the lexa to strong…

MITCHELL: yeah…oh *laughs* yeah that’s going to leave a scar…so did it work?

JOLAN: it was most effective. They believe you are dead

MITCHELL: well done bones. *Jolan throws him a confused look* never mind.

So…where does this leave you?

JOLAN: if the prior intends to mislead the Sodan as you say…then I am his enemy

MITCHELL: and Haikon?

JOLAN: it may be too late to convince him of his mistake…but there are several other warriors who feel as I do…we will continue to walk the path of the Sodan…until the others see the error of their ways…

MITCHELL: well for what its worth… you won’t walk alone. *they give each other slight nods*

SCENE: Landry’s office. A knock at the door.

LANDRY: come. *Jackson enters* how’d it go?

JACKSON: not well…even after we showed him video footage of the damage…Volnek still refuses to believe that the Ori are responsible for what happened on Asatarus…

LANDRY: what’s he doing now?

JACKSON: nothing. He hasn’t said a word since Tass’an left…

LANDRY: which puts us back to square one.

JACKSON: yeah basically… Teal’c seems to think showing more of the dam--*alarms go off*


SCENE: Landry and Jackson head into control room.

LANDRY: What have we got chief?

HARRIMAN: receiving an IDC sir…its colonel Mitchell…

JACKSON: You’re kidding.

HARRIMAN: I would never do that sir. <the look Jackson gives lol>

SCENE: Door to Volnek’s lock up opens, Teal’c enters.

TEAL’C: You have a visitor.

VOLNEK: *Jumps up as Mitchell enters* You!

MITCHELL: Yeah I thought you were dead too…

VOLNEK: Oh we have unfinished business

MITCHELL: Just take it easy…

VOLNEK: You shot me!

MITCHELL: You shot me first.

VOLNEK: I will have vengeance.

TEAL’C: You. Will listen. Brother *Volnek takes a deep breath, Mitchell nods to Teal’c*

MITCHELL: I know that you think we’re enemies. And right now…it doesn’t matter if we become allies…what matters is that you understand the truth.

SCENE: Landry watching from control room as the Gate dials. Volnek and Mitchell waiting at the base of the ramp.

VOLNEK: You are fortunate my brother drugged you. You would never have survived the true Shek’loh

MITCHELL: don’t know…took you down pretty good.

VOLNEK: You were lucky…

MITCHELL: lucky…is good.

VOLNEK: *Gate Kawooshes* Granting my freedom changes nothing Mitchell…*heads up ramp turns back* we will meet again.

MITCHELL: Looking forward to it.

Volnek nods and steps through Gate.

The End

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