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#604 : Prisonnière des glaces


Une femme est retrouvée congelée dans la glace près d'une station de recherche en Antarctique. SG1 est envoyé sur place pour enquêter. Les trois scientifiques qui ont fait cette découverte, Michaels, Osbourne et le Dr. Woods, pensent qu'elle a quelques milliers d'années. Les tests révèlent que contrairement aux cellules humaines habituelles souffrant des dommages irréparables après congélation, les cellules de cette femme sont parfaitement intactes. Aiyana, comme Michaels l'a nommée, progressivement décongelée, revient petit à petit à la vie. Aiyana pourrait être une rescapée d'une chaîne d'évolution humaine avancée, avec ses cellules capables de résister à des températures négatives. Michaels contracte d'elle un virus ainsi qu'Osbourne. Le Dr. Woods, quant à lui, s'égare dans le blizzard. Teal'c et O'Neill le récupèrent à moitié gelé. Aiyana réussit à guérir les trois hommes rien qu'en les touchant avec ses mains. Mais son système immunitaire affaibli par les efforts fournis, elle s'évanouit. O'Neill commence à son tour à subir les premiers symptômes de la maladie. Mais Aiyana meurt avant de pouvoir l'aider. Sa seule chance de survie est d'accepter en lui la présence d'un symbiote.


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Prisonnière des glaces

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Ecrit par : Martin Wood

Réalisé par : Robert C. Cooper.

Apparitions :

Teryl Rothery (Dr Janet Fraiser)

Gary Jones (Sergent Walter Davis)

Bruce Harwood (Dr Osborn)

Venus Terzo (Dr Michaels)

Ona Grauer (Ayiana)

Paul Perri (Dr Woods)

Dorian Harewood (Torin)

 604 - Prisonnière des glaces


Prisonnière des Glaces


Transcript by Sarae

Scene: Antarctic Station and SGC. Sam and Dr. Michaels are conversing via teleconference.

Dr. Michaels: "It's a blip, a shadow on the ultrasound...too deep to tell. You know, maybe a dead seal. Anyway, we're, uh, we're gonna rule it out and pack up for the season. Another week or two, it'll be dark most of the time, much too cold to work outside. As far as coming back next year, well, you know it's not up to me. The Pentagon reevaluates our presence here every year. Take it up with them."

Sam: "Well, maybe my new conclusions about the DHD will be enough to convince them that we should continue."

Dr. Michaels: "I'm sure coming from you, it'll hold more weight."

Sam: "The one found with the Antarctic 'gate died shortly after it was brought back to Area 51. It was used a few times and then just ran out of energy. That was the first indication we had that the power sources fueling the 'gate technology have a limited life span. We've run a number of tests comparing the power source to other off world DHDs. We think we now have evidence that the 'gate we found down there is one of the oldest in the entire system. It could be as much as 50 million years old."

Dr. Michaels: "The Antarctic plate wasn't covered by glacier back then. It wasn't even at the South Pole."

Sam: "Well, the 'gate didn't necessarily originate there. It could have been moved from another planet at any point in time, but that's what we need to try and determine.

Dr. Michaels: "How?"

Sam: "There has to be something else down there."

Dr. Michaels (sighs): " I mean we've been down here four years running. Since we dug out those two Jaffa we've found nothing. If this latest lead turns out to be...

A door opens and Dr. Michaels is joined by her two male colleagues: Dr. Osbourne and Dr. Woods.

Dr. Woods: "Hey Micheals, the thing in the's something..."

Opening Credits ( new ones...very cool!)

Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill
Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c
Corin Nemec as Jonas Quinn
Don S. Davis as General George Hammond

Executive Producers:
Michael Greenburg
Richard Dean Anderson

Developed for Television by Brad Wright & Jonathan Glassner

Guest Stars:
Venus Terzo as Dr. Michaels
Bruce Harwood as Dr. Osbourne
Paul Perri as Dr. Woods
Dorian Harewood as Thoran
Ona Grauer as Aiyanna
Gary Jones as Sgt. Davis
And Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser

Creative Consultant:
Martin Wood


Peter DeLuise


Damian Kindler
Andy Mikita


Supervising Producers:
Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie


Co-Executive Producer:
N. John Smith


Executive Producer:
Robert C. Cooper


Written by Robert C. Cooper


Scene: SG-1 is arriving at the Antarctic Station.

Jonas: "Why's the plane leaving?"

Jack: " Cold's no good for the electronics. It'll be back."

Jonas: "When?"

Jack (as they approach the three waiting scientists): "Let's ask these folks."

Sam and Dr. Michaels shake hands as the greet each other.

Sam: "Hi."

Dr. Michaels: " Hi, It's nice to finally meet you, Major."

Sam: "You too. Dr, Michaels, this is Dr. Fraiser."

Dr. Michaels shakes hands with Janet, then introduces her colleagues:

Dr. Michaels: "Doctor."

Janet: " Doctor."

Dr. Michaels: "Uh...Doctors Woods and Osbourne."

Hands are shook as each Doctor greets the other:

Janet: "Doctor."

Dr. Woods: "Doctor."

Dr. Osborn: "Major."

Sam: "Doctor."

Dr. Woods: "Major."

Janet: " Doctor."

Jack: "Alright...that's enough."

Dr. Osbourne: "Well, welcome to Antarctic, Colonel."

Jack (with some sarcasm): "Thanks...great to be back."

Dr. Osbourne: "Let's go inside."

All begin walking through a hallway into another area of the facility.

Jonas: "How long is this gonna take?"

Dr. Woods: "A few days, maybe more, why?"

Jonas: "Long range forecast doesn't look good."

Sam (under her breath to Dr. Michaels): "Bit of a weather freak."

Dr. Michaels (quietly, in reply to Sam): "He'll love it here.

All continue on into another room in the facility.

Dr. Michaels: " might want to leave your coats on. We're keeping the quarantine lab below freezing to maintain the specimen."

Dr. Woods: "We thought you'd want to see it right away."

Sam: " Absolutely."

Dr. Michaels (as she leads the others through the area): " As you can see, we're quite well equipped. We have a research observation room...and in here, the quarantine lab."

All enter the quarantine lab to view a large block of ice lying on a lab table. There is obviously something inside the ice.

Dr. Woods: "After digging up those Jaffa the first year, we expected to find a lot more a lot faster."

Dr. Michaels (as all observe the iceblock): " I named her Aiyana...means "eternal bloom"."

Jonas: "Native American Indian?"

Dr. Michaels: "Mm Hmm. My grandfather was one-quarter Cherokee."

Dr. Fraiser: "How do you know it's a she?"

Dr. Michaels: "Ultrasound."

Dr. Woods: "You're guessing..."

Dr. Michaels: "The form appears to be female, although, I admit, it's hard to tell for sure."

Janet: " Have you, uh, have you made a guess about her age?"

Dr. Michaels: "Mm...25 to 35?"

Dr. Osbourne: "Give or take several million years..."

Sam (in disbelief): "Several million...?"

Dr. Woods: "That's what the preliminary analysis of the oxygen content in the ice indicates."

Jonas: "Yeah, but didn't humans evolve on this planet somewhere between 8 and 9 hundred thousand years ago?"

Dr. Michaels: "That's what we thought."

Janet (smiling widely): "Oh, this could be big."

Dr. Michaels (to Sam): "As you said, evidence now points to the Stargate found here predating the glacier." (Sam nods affirmative.)

Teal'c: "The Jaffa found near the Stargate could not have been frozen there that long ago."

Dr. Michaels: "Not even close."

Jonas: "Dr. Jackson theorized that when the 'gate from Giza was buried roughly 2000 years ago that the Goa'uld managed to open up the Antarctic 'gate."

Sam: "Well, that's because a crevasse was formed. It allowed the wormhole to connect and ultimately create a larger opening. The Jaffa were frozen after that."

Janet (in reference to "Aiyana"): "But she wasn't."

Dr. Michaels: "Much before that."

Teal'c: "So she's neither Jaffa, nor Goa'uld."

Dr. Michaels: "Well, whoever this is...she was probably around when Antarctic 'gate was first being used."

Dr. Osbourne: "We need to take more core samples to determine if she was actually frozen in the same vein."

Janet (who has walked around to the other side of the ice block and discovered a hole drilled in the ice): "Did you do a tissue sample?"

Dr. Michaels: "Mm Hmm...I'd like you to have a look."

Jack: " Listen...could somebody bottom-line this for me?"

Dr. Fraiser: "Well, sir, we could be looking at evidence that human beings evolved long before we thought they did."

Dr. Michaels: "And maybe not even originally on this planet."

Jack: " Darwin would be crushed."

Scene Change: Another room in the Antarctic facility. Jack and Teal'c are walking into a locker room of sorts.

Jack (throwing up his hands in frustration): "D-oh!"

Teal'c: " What is it O'Neill?"

Jack: " I forgot to tape the Simpsons. (Teal'c looks at him blankly) It's important to me." Teal'c turns away with an "unbelievable" look on his face.

Scene Change: The research lab. Dr. Fraiser is looking in a microscope as Dr. Michaels and Jonas look on.

Janet: "This is incredible."

Dr. Michaels: " I know. No Adipocere"

Jonas: " What's that?"

Janet: "It's a residue that forms on dead animal tissue when exposed to moisture. But that's not the most amazing part. (She slides herself away from the microscope to face the other two, a look of amazement on her face.) These tissue cells are intact."

Dr. Michaels: "That's what I was hoping you'd say...I thought maybe I was losing my mind."

Jonas: " I'm sorry...uh, what?"

Janet: " When you freeze live cells, crystals form and ultimately destroy the integrity of the cell. That's why we haven't been able to develop a viable method of human cryogenic preservation."

Jonas: "So...?"

Janet: "So...these cells are perfect. They could be from you or me."

Scene Change: The quarantine lab. Dr. Fraiser and Dr. Michaels are wearing surgical masks and latex gloves. They are maneuvering an overhanging heat lamp into place over the block of ice. The others are watching in the adjoining observation room. The thawing process begins. Time goes by as water slowly drips from the block.

Dr. Michaels(speaking into a headset mic - documenting the procedure): "Right hand, right arm and partial head exposed...the clothing appears tailored. Material unknown."

Janet: "Peeling back what appears to be the right sleeve covering the face." (She picks up the cloth with forceps and peels it back to reveal a remarkably preserved female face, still partially buried in the ice.) "You got it?" (To Dr. Michaels, who has picked up the piece of cloth from Janet's forceps and is laying it back away from the face).

Dr. Michaels: "Yeah."

Janet: "Okay...." (Janet shakes her head in disbelief as she looks at the face.) "She is remarkably preserved."

Janet shines her penlight into the unexposed eye of the face. The pupil reacts to the light and Janet quickly pulls back the light, looking at Dr. Michaels with a shocked look on her face, hoping for confirmation that Dr. Michaels has noticed the pupil reaction as well. Janet shines the penlight into the eye again and again the pupil reacts.

Janet (turning toward the observation room window): "I got a cortical response...Sam, I need your help!" Dr. Michaels begins wheeling a machine toward the table. "Let's go."

Jack (to Sam as she is putting on gloves and mask): "What's goin' on?"

Sam: "Electroencephalogram. It measures brain-wave activity."

Sam heads into the quarantine lab. Time jump ahead, Janet is placing the last of the leads on "Aiyana's" head.

Janet: "Alright, go, Sam."

Oscillations begin to show on the screen of the EEG monitor.

Sam (sounding a little out of breath): " Delta waves."

Dr. Michaels: "That's impossible!"

Sam: "We've seen stranger."

Janet: "We've gotta get her out."

Sam (to Jack in the observation room): "Sir, crank up the heat!"

Jack moves to the control panel at his right and turns up the heat on the heat lamps.
The temperature in the quarantine lab rapidly begins rising. Time jump ahead, Sam, Janet, Jonas and Dr. Michaels are in the quarantine lab and are preparing to move "Aiyana" from what is left of the ice block to a gurney. "Aiyana" is dressed in a drab brown colored tunic (or long dress of a utilitarian nature) and a matching hair covering.

Janet: "On three...when you're ready Jonas."

Jonas: "Okay."

Janet: " Okay, one, two, three."

They lift "Aiyana" out of the ice and onto a gurney.

Sam (as she moves the heat lamp over the gurney): "Okay."

Dr. Michaels (checking "Aiyana's" temperature with an ear thermometer): "Temperature is 73 degrees."

Janet (as she begins to cut away "Aiyana's clothing): "Good."

Dr. Michaels: "No sign of frostbite."

Janet: "I assume you don't have bypass?"

Dr. Michaels: "No."

Janet: "Okay, let's try, uh, warm saline, one milligram epi, and do a blood gas."

Dr. Michaels nods consent and moves to do those tasks.

Dr. Michaels (as she, Janet and Sam set up EKG leads): "You know the medics have a saying down here: You're not dead until you're warm and dead."

Janet: "That's because anything below 82 degrees and life signs are often undetectable."

Dr. Michaels (looking at the EKG monitor) : " Okay, we've got disorganized electrical activity."

Janet: "I'm intubating. Tilt her head, Sam." (Janet inserts the respiration tube guide - sorry...don't know what it's really called. ;-) ) "I'm in...give me the tube. That's it...okay."


Dr. Michaels: "There's a heartbeat."

Jonas: "Hey, uh, she's bleeding." (He points to the spot on her arm where, presumably, the tissue sample was extracted.)

Janet: "Sam...can you take over bagging?"

Sam: "Got it.

Janet moves to cover the wound with a bandage.

Dr. Michaels (looking at the blood gas results): "PH is 6.9. She's acidotic, but her PO2 is 98."

Sam (looking at the heart monitor): "Ten beats per minute."

Suddenly the monitor flat-lines.

Janet: "She's in V-fib." (Janet moves to the defibrillator) "Charging to 200." (She grabs the paddles and heads toward "Aiyana".) "And clear..."

Dr. Michaels (as a heart beat appears on the monitor again): "Wait!"

Janet (turns to look at the EKG monitor): "Sinus bradycardia."

Dr. Michaels: "30 beats per minute. BP 60 over 40 and rising. I can't believe this is happening."

Suddenly "Aiyana" blinks her eyes.

Sam (in disbelief): "She's conscious."

Scene: The quarantine lab...from "Aiyana's" perspective. Sam, Janet, Jonas and Dr. Michaels are looking down at her. The sound of her breathing is enhanced.

Dr. Michaels: "She's breathing on her own."

Jonas: "I think we're scaring her."

Switch to viewer perspective again. Aiyana is looking around. She does appear to be quite frightened. She still has EEG leads on her head, EKG leads on her chest and the respirator tube down her throat.

Jonas: "It's okay. Hey, it's's okay...shhh." (as "Aiyana" becomes more agitated.) "Can we take the tube out?"

Janet: "Yeah." (Janet and Jonas switch places so that Janet is now closer to "Aiyana's" head.) "It's okay. Sam, give me a hand. Easy...easy...hang on." (Janet moves to stand at the top of the gurney and she removes the respirator tube.) "Take it's okay." (As "Aiyana" coughs several times.) "It's okay....there we go...yeah." (Suddenly, "Aiyana" begins convulsing. "Oh, ho, whoa...Michaels...2.5 milligrams Valium." (Michaels moves to inject the dose into the IV line.) "Easy, nobody's gonna hurt you. It's okay. Here you you go...yeah."

"Aiyana" becomes calmer as the Valium begins to take effect.

Scene Change: The observation room...some time has passed.

Janet: "We didn't do anything, sir. She revived herself. It was as if the thawing process just triggered an internal response telling her body to come back to life."

Jack: "But, not a snakehead, right?"

Janet: "No, sir."

Jack: "Alright...then what are we dealin' with here?"

Janet: "Something not humanly possible...not as far as I know."

Teal'c: "Then she may indeed be not of this world."

Sam: "As far as we knew up until now, all human life in the galaxy was transplanted to other planets from Earth by the Goa'uld. Now the odds of a totally alien life form evolving to look exactly like us are....are astronomical."

Jonas: "Actually...if she's as old as we think she is...wouldn't it be us evolving to look like her?"

Sam: "True."

Dr. Woods: "We really need to check out the site again. At least get another core sample to prove the age of the ice."

Jack: "You guys need some help?"

Dr. Osbourne: "We can handle it."

Dr. Michaels (walks in from the quarantine lab): "Uh...she's awake again."

Jonas( with a shrug toward O'Neill): "Think I'll try talking to her."

Scene Change: The quarantine lab - "Aiyana" is laying on the gurney, now dressed in medical scrubs and her arms are restrained at her sides. She looks a little drowsy, still as Jonas and Dr. Michaels walk in, both wearing surgical masks. "Aiyana" seems a bit frightened as they approach.

Jonas: "Hey." (He sees her fear and lowers his mask. He looks at Dr. Michaels and then removes the mask completely so that "Aiyana" can see his face.) "It's, uh, (points to himself) Jonas."

Dr. Michaels (who has also removed her mask): "Francine."

Jonas (to Dr. Michaels): "We don't need these restraints anymore, do we?" (He removes the left arm restraint - Dr. Michaels moves to do the same on the left arm). "It's alright, it's alright. It's better, huh?" (To Dr. Michaels) "Want to sit her up?"

Jonas and Dr. Michaels reach behind "Aiyana" and help bring her to a sitting position.

Jonas (while also gesturing with his hands): "Can you speak? You speak?"

Dr. Michaels: " Uh, maybe she just doesn't understand us."

Jonas: "I'd be very surprised if she did, but that doesn't mean we can't communicate, right?" (Pointing to himself again.) "I'm Jonas. Jonas...that's my name."

Aiyana: "Jo...Jo-nas."

Jonas (chuckles slightly): "Yeah."

Dr. Micheals: " I guess she can speak."

Jonas: "Jonas, though, Jonas is my name. It's my name." (Points to Dr. Michaels) "Francine is her name. Do you have a name? Hmm?" (Aiyana looks at the bandage on her arm). "That bothering you?"

Dr. Michaels: "Oh, that's my fault. I'm sorry."

Aiyana: "Sor-ry?"

Jonas: "Yeah, sorry. It's what you say to somebody when you, uh, cause them pain or've done something..."

Dr. Michaels: " We didn't know...let me have a look? It's okay." (Dr. Michaels removes the bandage to reveal there is no longer a wound on the arm.) "That's amazing."

Aiyana: "A-ma-zing."

Dr. Michaels: "Yes, you are."

Aiyana (this time looking at Jonas): "A-ma-zing." (Jonas nods his head in agreement.)

Scene Change: The research lab.

Sam: "The weather system Jonas was worried about is blowing in more quickly than first predicted."

Jack (over a two way radio): "Woods, Osbourne, this is O'Neill, come in."

Dr. Woods: "Yeah, Colonel, I read you."

Jack: "That storm is headed our way."

Dr. Woods: "Roger that. We're almost done here. It'll be dark soon anyway...just be back in a couple of hours...Woods out."

Jonas and Dr. Michaels enter the lab.

Jonas: "Well, we didn't really learn anything."

Jack: " Nothing?"

Jonas: "No, not even her name. There's obviously a communication barrier. She can speak, but, uh..."

Janet: "There's really no telling what the effects of being frozen that long are...even with her ability to, uh, preserve or heal herself physically, parts of her mind could have been damaged beyond repair."

Dr. Michaels: "The wound on her arm is completely gone."

Janet: "What?"

Dr. Michaels: "I mean, if we can figure out how she's able to regenerate..."

Teal'c: " Could she not be deliberately hiding something?"

Jonas: "What reason would she have to hide anything?"

Sam: "Fear."

Scene Change: The quarantine lab. Dr. Michaels is with Aiyana. Jonas arrives carrying what looks like a large T.V. dinner.

Jonas: "I thought you might be hungry. I brought you You eat it." (He demonstrates by eating a bit of food with this fingers.) " It's not very good, but, uh,...try it."

Aiyana takes the tray from Jonas and samples some of the food. She is not thrilled with her first selection. She tries another compartment on the tray.

Jonas: "That's not much..." (Aiyana begins to dive into this selection). "better. I guess if you've been frozen for that many years..." (He clears his throat - he notices Dr. Michaels removing her jacket). "You alright?"

Dr. Michaels: " Yeah, yeah. I just think we have the heat turned up a little high in here now."

Jonas (to Aiyana): "Hey, I want to show you, look, look." (He holds up what appears to be one of Daniel's journals. The page is opened to a drawing of a Stargate.) "Have you ever seen this? Yes? No?"

Aiyana (continuing to eat, though she does look at the drawing): "Amazing."

Jonas(appearing a bit frustrated, but determined, shakes his finger); "We're going to try something else."

In the observation room behind Jonas, Sam is seen moving from the door way to join Janet at a terminal.

Janet: "Look at this."

Sam: "What are they?"

Janet: "EEGs I took of Cassandra when she was suffering the effects of Niirti's genentic experiment."

Sam: "Cassie started developing telekinetic abilities."

Janet: "Mm Hmm. These are the ones I took of Colonel O'Neill when he had the knowledge of the Ancient repository downloaded into his brain. Now, I've been comparing Aiyana's..."

Sam: "Connection?" (Janet nods in the affirmative.) "Okay, Niirti was trying to create genetically enhanced human beings...and the Ancient device was rewriting Colonel O'Neills memory until the Asgard put a stop to it."

Janet: "It was doing more than that. It was activating dormant areas of his brain. Sam, look, what if there's more than just a coincidental similarity in these patterns?"

Sam: "So you're saying this woman is...?"

Janet: "I'm saying she's another example of an advanced stage of the potential human evolutionary process."

Sam: "Leading to what?"

Janet: "Antarctic cod can live in water so cold, other fish would develop ice crystals in their blood. Now they've had 40 million years or so to adapt to the change in temperature and they've developed this protein that acts like anti-freeze..."

Sam: "They're fish."

Janet: "Given enough time, evolution can do some pretty amazing things. Look we know that humans can become much more powerful beings. We've seen it happen with Daniel."

Sam: "Uh huh, with the help of other powerful beings."

Janet: "Yes...we think this woman might predate human evolution on Earth by 50 million years..."

Sam: "Yeah, but that would put her behind us on the evolutionary timeline...not way ahead."

Janet: "Unless..."

Sam: "Unless...our evolution isn't the first time it's happened. That's not big, Janet...that's huge!"

Janet: "Okay, look, it's just a theory and we certainly don't have any hard evidence, yet..."

Sam: "Yeah, yeah, but if you're right...this woman could be part of the race that first invented the 'gate."

Janet: "One stage of that development, anyway."

Sam: "A living Ancient..."

Janet: "And we look just like her..."

Sam: "That could mean th-that our evolution wasn't just some biological accident."

Suddenly Jonas yells over the speakers from the quarantine lab:

Jonas: "Dr. Fraiser!"

We see Dr. Michaels has passed out. Sam and Janet go into to check her out. Aiyana sits back and watches with a concerned or frightened look on her face.

Scene Change: Quarters elsewhere in the facility, a makeshift infirmary. Michaels is on a bed there. Janet walks into where Sam and Jack are sitting. They are sitting facing each other across a small table.

Janet: "Michaels fainted. She's running a high fever. I need to do more tests."

Sam: "Aiyana?"

Janet: "She's fine. I know what you're thinking."

Jack: "And?"

Janet: "It's possible she may be carrying a contagion of some kind."

Jack gives Sam one of those "yeah, that's what I figured" smiles.

Teal'c (who is sitting somewhere behind O'Neill): "Would she not also be ill?"

Janet: "There are a number of examples of diseased that have no effect on the carrier, but can still infect others. It may be that her healing abilities are fighting off the infection in her own system without eradicating it completely."

Jack: "Should...Jonas still be in there?"

Janet: "If he wants to be. Chances are, he's already been exposed. It's possible we all have. If this did come from her, we need to know as much as she can tell us."

Sam: "The C-130 is scheduled to pick us up tomorrow."

Janet: "You'd better call it off."

Jack: "Ah, they couldn't have flown in this weather anyway."

Janet: "Until I know a lot more about what's going on here, we're quarantined

Scene: The Antarctic Station

Jack (into the two-way): "Woods, Osbourne, this is O'Neill, come in." (There is nothing but static coming over the radio as we see a shot of Janet, checking on Dr. Michaels, who is very ill). "Osbourne, Woods...this is O'Neill. Come in."

Sam walks into the room with Janet and Dr. Michaels.

Sam: "How is she?"

Janet: "Not good. Fever won't come down, she's not responding to antibiotics. Whatever this is, it's fast."

Sam: "Woods and Osbourne still aren't back and they're not responding on the radio."

Janet: "If they developed the same symptoms as Michaels, they could be weak, disoriented or even passed out."

Sam: "You definitely think this came from Aiyana?"

Janet: "Well, Michaels seems to have been affected first and she was the one working with the tissue sample."

Scene Change: The entrance to the Antarctic base. Osbourne is entering the base, carrying a case and stumbling. He falls as he makes it inside.

Osbourne: "Help."

Teal'c and Jack arrive seconds later, followed by Sam and Janet who enter through a different door. Jack kneels down beside Osbourne.

Osbourne (referring to the case he was carrying): "The core samples."

Jack: "Where's Woods?"

Osbourne (quite out of breath, as Janet begins removing his head coverings.): " got separated...hoping he made his way back here."

Jack: "What about the snow cat?"

Osbourne: "got stuck in a drift."

Sam (to O'Neill): "It's minus thirty...he won't last for long out there."

Janet: "He's running a high temperature. Help me get him back to the barracks."

Jack and Teal'c help Osbourne to the barracks and lay him down on a bed not far from Michaels.

Janet: "Sam, I'm gonna need your help."

Sam: "Hopefully, Woods activated his EPIRB."

Jack and Teal'c leave as Sam and Janet begin working on Osbourne. Time jump: Jack and Teal'c are geared up and hop on snow mobiles to head out and look for Woods. Sam and Jonas are standing by as they prepare to leave.

Sam: "Stay in radio contact."

Jack (over his helmet radio): "Roger that."

Jack and Teal'c leave on their search. Sam walks over and picks up Osbourne's hat and the case he had been carrying (containing the core samples). She and Jonas head back toward the labs. Jonas enters the isolation lab where Aiyana has been watching some of the activity through a window.

Jonas (to Aiyana, after noticing her inquisitive look): "Oh, Dr. Woods is lost. Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c went out there to find him. Hope they do. Dr. Michaels and Dr. Osbourne are both...sick. Dr. Fraiser thinks that we may have been, uh, infected by some disease that you're carrying. Eventually, we're all gonna be very sick. have no idea what I'm talking about, so..."

Aiyana approaches with a questioning look and pointing to herself as if to say "something I've done?"

Jonas: "Do you?" (Again Aiyana looks at him with an inquiring look.) "You can understand me?" (Aiyana nods yes.) "You're a quicker study than I am. So, is there anything at all that you can tell me about this disease you're carrying? Why you're not sick? You don't know? Y-You don't remember anything? Do you know how you're able to heal yourself?" (Aiyana nods no.)

Scene Change: The research lab. Janet is returning from the adjoining barracks where Michaels and Osbourne are laying on cots. Sam is looking at a monitor in the lab.

Janet: "I'm going to boost the dose of antibiotic, but so far I haven't seen any sign of bacterial growth in the culture. If this is a virus, there's nothing else I can do here."

Sam: "How much time do they have?"

Janet: "Days...hours, I don't know. Michaels kidneys have started to shut down and that's a bad sign."

Sam: "The ice core sample that Osbourne brought back places Aiyana in the same vein as the Stargate. She's at least three million years old. But if she comes from a race that actually predates the glacier and your theory is correct, she could be a lot older."

Jack (over the two-way): "Carter, come in."

Sam jumps up and hurries over to the two-way mic.

Sam (into the two-way): "Colonel, this is Carter."

The scene changes to where Jack and Teal'c are...out in the blowing snow. It's dark and they are using flashlights to search.

Jack: "We found the abandoned 'cat. We'll continue the search on foot. Visibility is near zero and I keep losing a satellite lock on the tracker."

Carter (over the two-way): "The cold must be affecting the active antenna on your SatNav."

Jack: "We'll keep looking. O'Neill out."

Teal'c (yelling over the howling winds in the blowing snow): "Dr. Woods! Dr. Woods! Dr. Woods!"

Scene Change: The Antarctic base. Janet taps on the window of the isolation lab to get Jonas' attention. Jonas hops of the gurney where he has been seated next to Aiyana, looking at a notebook and walks out to speak to Janet.

Jonas: "It's unbelievable."

Janet: "What?"

Jonas: "She understands everything I'm saying...everything. I told her exactly what's been happening and she seems t-to know that sh-she's responsible for it somehow, you know? Like it's her fault."

Janet: "She told you that?"

Jonas: "Not in so many words, no."

Janet: "Well, what about something that could help us?"

Jonas: "Not yet, but, uh, it doesn't mean that her memory won't come back. It's logical that th-the mind would take longer than the body to heal."

Janet: "The problem is, Jonas, we don't know how much time we have."

Jonas: "Right."

Scene Change: Antarctic exterior...Teal'c and Jack are still out searching.

Teal'c: "O'Neill!" (Teal'c has found Woods).

Time jump: Teal'c and Jack are speeding back into the entrance of the base, with Woods on a stretcher in tow. Janet greets them and bends down to Woods and Jack and Teal'c dismount their snow mobiles.

Janet: "Let's get him into the lab. On, two, three."

Jack, Teal'c and Janet lift Woods up. Time jump: they lay him on the same gurney in the isolation lab where Aiyana was placed when she was removed from the block of ice.

Janet: " He's in hypothermic shock. We need to get his clothes off." (Aiyana watches as Janet and the others begin working on Woods...removing clothing, etc.) "We need to get him wrapped in warm blankets. Sam, I need you to hook him up onto the monitor."

Jonas pulls off a boot and then a sock to reveal severe frostbite on Woods' feet and lower legs.

Jonas (shaking his head): "This can't be good."

Sam (turns to see what Jonas is referring to): "Oh, my God." She turns back to hooking on the EKG leads as Janet begins to "bag" him.

Jonas removes the other boot and sock to reveal a similar looking foot. The EKG monitor begins to flat line.

Janet: "He's in V-fib." (to Sam) "You get the paddles, I'll get the jell." (Sam and Janet prepare the defibrillator). "Ok...everybody clear."

As Janet gets ready to zap Woods, Aiyana steps up. She has been slowly circling around the action and has approached Woods from the opposite side from everyone else.

Jack: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, Hey!"

Jonas: "No, no, no...wait...wait."

Janet: "Jonas..."

Jonas: "Let's see...let's see what she does."

Aiyana places her left hand on Woods forehead and her left hand on his chest.

Jonas (whishpers): "Wait." (He walks around to stand besideAiyana.)

A look of discomfort comes over Aiyana's face as she begins to "heal" Woods. Janet and Sam look on with apprehension. Seconds later, Woods gasps. Sam looks down to Woods feet and sees them quickly return to a healthy state. All look on in amazement as Aiyana continues to heal Woods. When she is done, she collapses backward into Jonas' arms.

Janet (looking at a normal heart beat on the EKG monitor): "His vital signs are back to normal."

Janet looks at Jonas, who nods his understanding. Jack, Sam and Teal'c are each seen with looks of disbelief or amazment on their faces as the scene fades out.

Scene: Isolation lab. - Jonas walks in and Aiyana sits up from on the gurney where she has been resting.

Jonas: "You okay?" (Aiyana nods yes.) "Do you know what you did?" (Again she nods yes.) "Do you know how you did it?" (Aiyana nods no.) "Can you do it again?" (Aiyana frowns as though she is unsure.) "Dr. Michaels and Dr. Osbourne are both...they're in very bad shape. And if you can't help them..." (Aiyana nods yes.)

Scene Change: The barracks. Janet is sitting on the edge of the bed where Michaels is laying. Jonas and Aiyana enter the room and Aiyana approaches Michaels. She kneels down beside the cot and places her hands on Michaels just as she did to Woods. Time jump: Janet, Osbourne, Michaels and Jonas return to the research lab from the barracks. Sam, Jack, Teal'c and Woods are there.

Sam: "I guess it worked."

Jack: "So this is good, right? When she wakes up, she can zap us all?"

Janet: "Not necessarily...healing them really exhausted her."

Janet walks away. Sam follows her. Janet sits down at a monitor and Sam walks up behind her.

Sam: "What is it, Janet?"

Janet: "It's a blood sample from Aiyana. I'll know more in a little while."

Sam sits down in a chair behind Janet. Janet turns around to look at her.

Janet: "Hey, you okay?"

Sam: "Yeah. What do you think the problem is?"

Janet: "Whatever or however she is able to do what she does, it weakens her...more each time. I mean, she's still carrying that virus herself, Sam. I'm afraid there's going to be a point where she puts herself at risk."

Sam (as she rises and gives Janet a pat on the arm): "Good luck."

Janet: "Yeah."

Time passes. Janet walks back into the research lab (where everyone else is) from the observation room

Janet: "Okay. I can't say for sure, but her white cell count is down significantly. White blood cells are a major part of our immune system and...she's still basically human."

Jack ( who is laying on a bunk, rubbing his forehead): "What does that mean?"

Janet: "It means that you, me, Sam and Jonas are all going to get a lot worse over the next day or so and...I don't know what will happen if we let her try to heal all of us."

Sam: "She could die."

Janet: "She could save some of us or all of us, who knows."

Michaels: "You know, maybe she just needs some time to get her strength back."

Janet: "Well, for the moment, none of us are in dire need, so I suggest we get some rest."

Teal'c: " I will stand watch."

Janet: "No...Teal'c, if you don't Kel-No-Reem you're immune system will be vulnerable too."

Woods: "We'll watch her."

Osbourne: "Yeah, it's the least we can do."

Micheals: "Ya know, I'll run some tests on the three of us, looking for antibody markers. I mean, hopefully, whatever she did to us means we're now immune to re-infection."

Janet: "Okay...and the rest of us will get some sleep. That's an order."

Time passes. Woods is nodding off as he sits next to Aiyana, who is still sleeping on the cot in the barracks. Suddenly, she wakes and sits up.

Woods: "Hi. Thank you. You saved my life. I have to admit I feel a little guilty, being okay while Colonel O'Neill and the rest of them keep getting sicker." (Aiyana looks down at her hands, then beings to rise.) " If we could just figure out how..." Aiyana caresses Woods face and he loses consciousness. Aiyana leaves the barracks.

Scene Change: Other sleeping quarters. Sam and Janet are bunked out here. Aiyana approaches Janet first and puts her hands on Janet in the same manner as she has previously.

Scene Change: The research lab

Osbourne: "The storm is passing."

Michaels: "Good. Maybe now we'll be able to get a disease control team in here."

Osbourne: "I'm gonna relieve Woods."

Michaels: "Okay."

Osbourne leaves. He walks by Teal'c who is sitting in a chair, surrounded by lit candles in Kel-No-Reem. He continues on to find Woods passed out on the cot and Aiyana gone.

Osbourne (bending down to feel for a pulse on Woods): "Norm, wake up...Norm..."

Osbourne leaves. We next see Osbourne entering Sam and Janet's barracks and turning on the lights just as Sam and Janet are standing up.

Osbourne: "She's missing. Woods is unconscious." Janet and Sam follow Woods out into another area of the base. Osbourne points to a door. "Check there."

Janet: "Yeah."

She and Sam enter the room as Osbourne checks on another room across the way. Osbourne is soon behind them as the enter the room to find Jonas bending over an unconscious Aiyana who is laying on the floor. Jack is laying on a cot a few feet away. Sam and Osbourne join Jonas as Janet checks on Jack.

Janet (softly to O'Neill): "It's okay. It's okay." (to the others): "He's burning up."

Scene: Antarctic base entrance. A disease control team is entering carrying equipment and wearing biohazard suits. Scene change to O'Niell who is now laying in an Air Force rescue containment stretcher. Janet is wearing a biohazard suit and is closing the "lid" on the containment stretcher (there is probably a better term for this piece of equipment, but I don't know it. ;-) ).

Janet: "You're going to be fine, sir. I'll see you soon."

We see Jonas giving similar assurance to Aiyana who is in an identical stretcher next to O'Neill. Everyone is wearing a biohazard suit except Teal'c, who is holding his suit.

Sam: "Teal'c, even though you don't have the disease, you could still carry the virus. We'll all get properly cleared once we get back to the SGC."

Teal'c nods his head and Sam continues on her way.

Scene Change: SGC - Sam is in the observation bay above the room where Janet is working on O'Neill. General Hammond approaches Sam.

Janet (heard in the background): "Blood pressure's holding 80 over 40. I wanna do a manual and uh, get me the results of his latest bloodwork."

Hammond: " How's he doing?"

Sam: "They're doing everything they can, sir."

Hammond: "We talked to the Tok'ra, They said this might be beyond their help, but they're sending someone anyway."

Sam: "His best chance is Aiyana, sir. She managed to halt the virus completely in the rest of us."

Hammond: " Why hasn't she been able to stop it in herself?"

Janet (from the microphone in her biohazard suit in the room below): "From what I've been able to learn so far, sir, the virus ultimately acts like cerebrospinal meningitis by attacking the brain. Despite the physical similarities, Aiyana's brain chemistry seems to be quite different from ours. I suppose it's possible she's able to trigger an immune response in us that she can't muster in herself once the disease reaches an end stage."

Hammond: "What are the odds she'll survive?"

Janet shakes her head slightly in a negative way. Sam looks down at the floor and then up at General Hammond. All three turn to look at O'Neill who is resting comfortably on a gurney with a nasal cannula in his nose.

Scene Change: Another room in the SGC infirmary. Aiyana lays on a similar cot with a similar nasal cannula in her nose. Jonas approaches her wearing a biohazard suit. As he approaches, she opens her eyes.

Jonas: "Hey...glad to see you're awake. I had a feeling that you were gonna make it. Thanks for what you did for me. You didn't have to do that...not for any of us." (Aiyana appears to be in pain for a minute.) "Hey, take it easy, huh? You've gotta get your strength back. Colonel O'Neill still needs your help. More than that...we want you to live. I want you to live."

Aiyana shakes her head

Aiyana: "Sor-ry."

Jonas: "Aiyana!"

Jonas is pushed back out of the way as several medical personnel (all dressed in biohazard suits) begin working on Aiyana as alarms go off on her monitors. Dr. Fraiser walks in.

Jonas: "She just, uh..."

Janet: "Bag her. Give me one milligram epi...charging to 200...clear...nothing...charging to 300...clear...come on, come on...again...clear."

The camera focuses is on Jonas who watches helplessly as Aiyana succumbs to the virus.

Scene Change: The SGC briefing room. General Hammond, the Tok'ra: Thorna, Sam and Teal'c enter the room through the stairs.

Thoran: "His condition is beyond the healing of a hand device. However, there is a symbiote who is in dire need of a host."

Sam: "What happened?"

Thoran: "Well, the former host was mortally wounded on assignment and the symbiote was unable to heal him. We believe that would not be the case with Colonel O'Neill. Physical trauma is much more difficult to deal with than disease."

Teal'c: "I do not believe Colonel O'Neill would chose to become a Tok'ra." (He looks at Sam who nods her agreement.)

Thoran: "I am aware of the Colonel's dislike for our kind, however, I am surprised that you think he would choose death over blending."

Jonas walks up the stairs into the room.

Jonas: "Aiyana's dead." (Sam closes her eyes briefly). "Dr. Fraiser did everything she could, but..."

Sam: "She may have been on borrowed time from the start." (Jonas nods his head in understanding.)

Hammond: "Jonas, this is Thoran ( pronounce Torran - but according to the CC, spelled as you see it) of the Tok'ra. Thoran, this is Jonas Quinn. The Tok'ra are offering a symbiote in hopes that it can heal Colonel O'Neill."

Jonas: "What does Colonel O'Neill have to say?"

Hammond: "Colonel O'Neill's in a coma. The fact is we may be in the position of having to decide for him."

Sam: "How can we do that?"

Thoran: "No Tok'ra symbiote would choose to blend with an unwilling host permanently. Perhaps a temporary arrangement can be reached."

Hammond: "What do you mean?"

Thoran: "The symbiote, Kanan, is someone I know well. I have no doubt that he would be willing to blend with O'Neill, cure him, and then leave him again if another suitable host can be found."

Teal'c: "If not?"

Thoran: "I assure you he would ultimately sacrifice himself rather than remain with an unwilling host. Kanan's former host died before he was able to reveal the details of what we believe was vital intelligence about the undercover mission he was on. I cannot stress enough how important that information could be."

Sam: "Sir, I think it's obvious we all want to do anything we can to help Colonel O'Neill, but I really think this is something we at least have to give him the opportunity to decide for himself."

Scene Change: The room where O'Neill is being cared for. Sam enters (wearing a biohazard suit) and approaches the gurney. Janet is already there.

Janet: "I'm administering point one epi. I don't know if this is gonna work."

Sam: " Will it hurt him?"

Janet: "Can't get much worse."

Janet backs away and Sam leans in closer.

Sam: "Sir, I don't know if you can hear me...the Tok'ra have offered you a deal. There's a symbiote that needs a host. They think it could cure you. Now, it may be your only chance. It would only be temporary. It would come out of you as soon as they found another host. Sir...are you getting any of this?"

Sam backs away and looks at Janet, looking rather disappointed. We see Jonas and Hammond in the observation room, looking concerned.

Jack (weakly, through the oxygen which has replaced the nasal cannula): "Carter?"

Sam (leaning back down to the gurney): "Yeah, I'm right here."

Jack: "Over my dead body."

Sam closes her eyes and nods her head.

Sam: "Sir, the symbiote's host died while they were on a mission. The Tok'ra have strong reason to believe that the symbiote has vital information to reveal and this would give him that chance. Now, they promised that if no other host was found within a reasonable amount of time, the symbiote would sacrifice itself rather than stay in an unwilling host. Sir...please..."

Jack finally nods his head, ever so slightly, in the affirmative. Sam smiles and turns to look at Janet who smiles back. They both turn to smile up at the observation room.

Scene Change: SGC 'gate room. - O'Neill is back in the rescue pod. He is being carried by Sam, Thoran, Teal'c, Jonas, and two medics. They carry him through the Stargate.

Closing Credits

Source : Stargate Fusion.

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