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#610 : La reine

Ecrit par : Damian Kindler

Réalisé par : Andy Mikita

Le SG-1 établit des contacts avec un peuple pacifiste dont l'évolution technologique est proche de celle de la Terre. Les relations, d'abord diplomatiques, deviennent rapidement commerciales. L'équipe se livre au troc : elle propose un vaccin universel contre les coordonnées de la planète d'origine des Goa’uld...

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La reine

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610 - La reine

Titre en vo : Cure. 

1ère diffusion États-Unis : 16/08/2002.

1ère diffusion en France : 24/04/2003.

Ecrit par : Damian Kindler

Réalisé par : Andy Mikita 

Synopsis : Au cours d'une mission, SG-1 rencontre un peuple très proche techologiquement des terriens mais ils ne savent pas ultiliser la portes des étoiles. Le SGC voudrait échanger des adresses d'autres mondes contre un vaccin qui protège de toutes les maladies.

Apparitions :

Teryl Rothery (Dr Janet Fraiser)

Peter Stebbings (Malek)

Allison Hossack (Zenna Valk)

Gwynyth Walsh (Kamel/egeria)

Daryl Shuttleworth (Commandant Tagar)

Malcolm Stewart (Dollen)

Trever Havixbeck (Pangar Sentry)

Andrew Moxham (Pangar Sentry)

La Reine

Transcript by Sarae

Scene: Pangar (alien planet)
We see several people working at what appears to be an archealogical dig, including a blond woman. She looks off camera and begins walking in that direction. The camera pans in the direction she is walking to reveal a Stargate. There are four individuals standing next to the DHD, waiting for something. One of them is wearing what appears to be a military type uniform and is pacing slightly. He looks directly at the man nearest him who is wearing a long grey suit coat.

Dollen: "Calm yourself, Commander."

Tegar: "We are about to meet an alien race in person for the first time. If you are correct, they are more advanced than us and capable of being a significant threat. That gives me good reason to be on the highest alert."

He turns to stand next to Representative Dollen. Several people, including the previously seen blond woman are seen approaching and standing behind them.

Dollen: "Since the discovery of the temple ruins, we have had reason to believe that there are other inhabited planets in the galaxy and now finally, we have our proof. I, for one, am relieved that the very first contact that we have made is with a race of humans that seem to be very much like us."

Tegar: "Maybe you trust them without suspicion, but I cannot."

Dollen: "Nevertheless Commander, we must proceed."

The Stargate activates. All stand and watch with anticipation.

Dollen: "They are sending their most respected team of representatives. No doubt, the leader of this group will be a brilliant and savvy negotiator."

Tegar: "We must be at our best to match the challenge."

Dollen: "Personally, I cannot wait to meet a man of such genius."

Just then, Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Jonas step through the 'gate.

Jack: "Howdy, folks."

Dollen looks at them in their full gear, and his smile fades, slightly. Jack smiles and walks toward them.

Scene: Pangar
We see what appears to be a gondola platform overlooking a city on a body of water. There are airships (derigible-type) flying in the air. Next, SG-1 is lead into a Japanese style room by Dollen. Someone is placing a tray of refreshments on the table.

Jack: "Nice."

Dollen: "Thank you, Colonel. We would be happy to take you on a full tour of our city, but first, we would like to spend a little time talking about our mutual interests. So, please, please, sit."

SG-1 takes a seat across the table from Dollen.

Dollen: "To be honest, we are still trying to adjust to the fact that our...Stargate, as you call no longer a mere relic of a bygone era."

Tegar: "Obviously, it was quite a shock when your communication machine appeared last month."

Sam: "First contact can be somewhat unnerving."

Dollen: "Well, we are all very pleased to finally get the chance to talk face to face."

Tegar: "From our study of the ancient temple, we have been able to deduce the Stargate was an interplanetary transportation device..."

Dollen: "...but we haven't determined how to make a connection with the many worlds described in the writings in the temple."

Carter: "It took us a while to get the hang of it too."

Dollen: "We know that the symbols on the Stargate itself are the key, but as for the number and sequence to enter in the dialing device..."

Jonas: "We can definitely help you out there."

Sam: "Once we get to know you a little better."

Dollen: "Oh, yes, well, of course. We intend to allow you full access to our...our citizens, our history, our culture, so that you may come to trust us."

Jack: "I hope we can reciprocate."

Dollen (gestures to someone off camera to come forward): "We also want to make it clear that we intend to offer all that we can in trade for any knowledge or technology that you are willing to share."

A bottle of purple liquid is placed on the table in front of Jack and Sam. They look at it and and each other. Sam gives a cute little combination shrug and questioning look. Jack picks up the bottle and looks at it.

Jack: "Qu'est-ce que c'est?"

Dollen: "We call it Tretonin, Colonel. It is our greatest scientific discovery."

Sam: "How so?"

Dollen: "Major Carter, from what you have told me about your world, your people suffer from a myriad of illnesses. Many of them are untreatable. Tretonin makes our immune systems impervious to any ailment. We live in perfect health."

Scene: Pangar
We see Jonas and Teal'c walking among the ruins near the Stargate.

Teal'c: "What is it you hope to achieve here, Jonas Quinn?"

Jonas: "I figure if we're gonna learn about these people, the best place to start's at the beginning."

Suddenly, the blond woman seen earlier, shouts to them.

Zenna: "Earthans!"

Jonas: "Uh, that's Earthlings." (then, quietly to Teal'c) "...sort of..."

Zenna: "I am Zenna Valk, supervisor of the temple research project. It is a pleasure to meet the explorers from the planet Earth."

Jonas: "Well, we're not originally from there..."

Teal'c: "...however, we have dedicated ourselves to the cause of the Tau'ri." (Then, when Zenna gives him an uncomprehending look) "Earth."

Zenna: "Am I at least correct in assuming you are Jaffa?"

Teal'c: "Indeed."

Zenna: "I cannot tell you how exciting this is. We have learned much from the discovery of this site, but it must pale in comparison to what you can teach us."

Jonas: "I don't know about that, but we'd love it if you showed us around."

Zenna: "By all means, that was my intention. We first discovered these ruins over a hundred years ago and since then, we've dedicated ourselves to studying the secrets the Goa'uld left behind. This area was obviously some sort of reception colonnade for greeting travelers who came through the Stargate. The real discovery was made just over here."

Scene: Back in the negotiating room.
Jack is holding up the Tretonin bottle.

Dollen: "Although we fully admit Tretonin is not without side effects, we assure you, the good it can do far outweighs any negative aspects."

Sam: "What kind of side effects are we talking about, exactly?"

Tegar: "It depends on the individual. Most people experience almost no reaction to it. Those who do merely require more regulated doses."

Sam: "We'll need a decent amount for testing..."

Jack: "...on Earth, of course."

Dollen: "Yes, certainly."

Tegar: "Of course, we will need something in return from you, as a measure of good faith."

Sam (presenting a file folder): "We've been authorized to give you these ten addresses and a rudimentary lesson in 'gate technology. These are all peaceful planets, safe from hostile forces, rich with historical relics and natural resources."

Dollen (looking at the file folder): "Well, this is a very generous offer, Major, very generous. However, based on our own studies of the writings in the temple, we have compiled a list of the names of the worlds that we would like to visit."

He hands a booklet to Jack and Sam.

Jack (looking at the alien writing and speaking to Sam): "Do you recognize any of these?"

Sam: "Well, I'll have to cross-reference the Goa'uld names with our database of Stargate addresses, but off-hand, I recognize these three, sir. They're classified off-limits: Goa'uld homeworlds."

Jack (to the Pangarans): "Yeah, uh, really don't wanna go here. Not exactly a walk in the park, you know what I mean?"

Tegar: "We know the Goa'uld are a hostile race that once ruled this planet centuries ago."

Jack: "All right, you're new to this, so I'll cut you a break..."

Tegar: "Those are the worlds we wish to explore."

Dollen: "We believe that they are significant to our history."

Jack: "Look, guys, we're not lying to you about don't wanna go there first time out. Trust me."

Tegar: "If you have been to these worlds and survived, can we not?"

Jack: "All I'm tryin' to say to you would be stupid."

Tegar: "We are aware of the risks and believe the rewards are worth the potential consequences, as you and your people obviously do, Colonel."

Dollen: "Please, Colonel, in exchange for the Tretonin, we are simply asking that you respect our wishes."

Scene: Back at the ruins.
Zenna is still leading Jonas and Teal'c around.

Zenna: "There is an underground tunnel system that leads to the main temple."

Teal'c: "It is most likely a means of escape to the Stargate in case of an attack."

Zenna: "That's exactly what I thought." (They have reached the tunnel entrance and she gestures for them to follow her in.) "Please."

Time jump: Inside the temple.

Zenna: "The writing in this chamber seem to tell the story of the Goa'uld who once ruled here. We've been attempting to decipher this section of the wall for many months. Thus far, with limited success."

Teal'c: "It is written in a rare dialect of ancient Goa' account of the warlord Shak'ran."

Jonas: "He was a system lord who was eventually defeated by Apophis about 300 years ago."

Teal'c: "Indeed. Until his defeat it appears Pangar served as Shak'ran's homeworld."

Zenna: "And what of the Goa'uld Apophis? The one who conquered Shak'ran?"

Teal'c (smiling): "He was killed in battle, not long ago."

Zenna: "As I suspected, you have much wisdom to share."

Jonas: "Teal'c and I'll be more than happy to help you out with the translations. I've got at least a dozen ancient ciphers I can try..."

Zenna: "Please...I do not wish to be overheard by the Pangar security contingent. There is something you need to know about the Tretonin..." (Then she notices someone coming.) "Please come with me and I will finish showing you the rest of the ruins." (The quieter, so just Jonas and Teal'c can hear) "I will try to talk to you later."

Time jump: Outside the ruins.
Jonas and Teal'c are meeting up with Sam and Jack.

Teal'c (speaking quietly): "She said there was something we needed to know about the Tretonin..."

Jonas (also quietly): "...and she seemed to be worried about these guys, like she was going way out on a limb just talking to us about something other than Goa'uld hieroglyphs."

Jack: "All right. You guys keep digging. See what you can find. Carter and I'll take this sample back to the SGC."

Sam and Jack separate from the pair and continue on.

Scene: The temple chamber.
Zenna is alone in the chamber. Jonas enters.

Zenna (a little startled): "Jonas."

Jonas: "Dr. Valk."

Zenna: "Please, call me Zenna."

Jonas: "How's it coming?"

Zenna: "It's slow and painstaking. Any help you're willing to give me..."

Jonas: "Certainly, I brought those ciphers I was telling you about." (He looks around.) "Looks like we're alone."

Zenna (looking a little nervous at that, changes the subject by pointing at the wall): "What do you suppose this means?"

Jonas: "You said that there was something we needed to know about the Tretonin."

Zenna: "I'm sorry, you must've misunderstood."

Jonas: "No, I think you were pretty clear." (She looks at the door behind him.) "No one's coming. Teal'c is up there standing guard. You can talk to me."

Zenna (shrugging and moving to walk past him): "I don't have anything to say..."

Jonas (reaching out to stop her by taking her arm): "Zenna! If you know something..."

Zenna: "No, I don't!"

She breaks free and walks out of the temple. Outside, Teal'c watches, surprised as Zenna rushes out past him. Seconds later, Jonas follows her out.

Jonas: "That was strange."

Teal'c: "What did Zenna Valk have to say?"

Jonas: "Nothing. Someone must've got to her."


Scene: Pangar
Teal'c and Jonas are hanging out near Zenna's tent. Teal'c notices Zenna leave and silently signals Jonas that it is time to move out. Jonas tries to be sneaky and slips into Zenna's tent to do some looking around. He looks at one book, replaces it and then moves to another pile of books. He finds a map in another book and snags it.

Jonas (coming out of the tent and catching up to Teal'c): "I think I've got something here. She's on Tretonin herself; looks like she has regular appointments to get injections."

Teal'c: "Continue."

Jonas: "I was thinking we go and check out the place they get their shots. I found a map of the city. I'm pretty sure I can get us there." (Teal'c nods.) "Let's do it."

As they leave, the camera stays behind to reveal that Zenna has overheard their conversation.

Time jump: It's nighttime.
Jonas and Teal'c are sneaking into the Tretonin facility through an underground tunnel entrance. They walk along with flashlights. They come upon what looks like a lab. There are several bottles on a table, some of which look just like the one give to Sam and Jack.

Jonas: "Looks like this is where they actually make the drug as well as administer it."

Teal'c (looking ahead): "This way."

They walk onto a catwalk suspended above what appear to be fish hatchery-type tanks. Sounds of water can be heard.

Jonas: "What is it?"

Teal'c: "I am not sure."

They continue along the catwalk.

Jonas: "Well, something tells me this isn't the rec room."

Teal'c: "No, it is not."

They come to a point where the catwalk turns at a 90 degree angle, a corner, and peer over the rail into the water tanks below.

Jonas: "There's something living in there."

Teal'c: "Goa'uld symbiotes."

Jonas: "Are you sure?"

Teal'c: "Yes...and there are a great many."

Jonas (shaking his head): "What are they doing?"

Guard (off camera from the tank level): "Who's there? Identify yourselves!"

Suddenly alarms go off. Teal'c hears guards coming up behind them and turns to take them on.

Guard (down below): "Stop!"

Teal'c fights with a couple of guards and another tackles Jonas from behind. The railing gives ways and Jonas and his attacker plummet into the tanks below.

Jonas: "Teal'c!"

Teal'c stops fighting and rushes to the corner to see Jonas in the water below. He continues on the catwalk to find a way down to the tank level. Meanwhile, in the tank, Jonas and the guard stop fighting and look at the water around them. Jonas sees a symbiote headed for him. He starts swimming toward the edge and get there just as Teal'c arrives to help haul him out. The guard is not as fortunate and as Teal'c and Jonas turn to try and help him, he is dragged under the surface. All watch for a few seconds and then the guard emerges and they help him out of the water. Immediately, Jonas and Teal'c turn him over. An entry wound is seen on the back of his neck.

Jonas: "He's got one in him."

Teal'c (drawing his Zat): "Stand aside."

However, the guards who have gathered around him have other intentions. They pull their arms.

Guard: "Lower your weapon!"

Teal'c (unwilling to relinquish his Zat): "This man is a Goa'uld."

Jonas: "Teal'c. Something's not right. This guy's completely out of it."

Guard: "Lower your weapon now!"

Teal'c reluctantly lowers the Zat.

Scene: The Pangaran negotiating room, the next morning.

Tegar: "Would you care to tell us what you were doing at the Tretonin facility?"

Jack: "You wanna tell us why you have a pool full of Goa'uld symbiotes?"

Dollen: "You have betrayed our openness with you."

Jack: "Openness? You're raising Goa'ulds! When were you gonna tell us that?"

Dollen: "The symbiotes are a critical component to making Tretonin."

Sam: "Excuse me?"

Dollen: "It is a complicated process, one which is better explained by our scientists. Quite frankly, we intended to tell you how the Tretonin was made, eventually. We just wanted to first assess how you might react."

Jack: "Not well."

Tegar: "I don't know why you're taking such offense. You've told us yourselves, the Goa'uld are mortal enemies who have enslaved countless humans. Where is the harm in using them to enhance our quality of life?"

Jonas: "Do you really understand the risks involved?"

Dollen: "We have been using the same method to produce Tretonin for nearly 30 years. We take every precaution possible to protect our people."

Teal'c: "How were these symbiotes procured?"

Jack: "Yeah, for people who haven't mastered 'gate travel, you sure got a lot of 'em."

Teal'c: "We would require answers before sharing any further information about the Stargate."

Tegar: "We have already told you everything that is necessary."

Dollen: "Tegar, the Colonel is right. There is no reason to keep more secrets."

Scene: The Tretonin Facility
SG-1 and Dollen are walking down a hall.

Dollen: "The drug was developed and is now manufactured and administered here...and since it's use has spread to more of the general population, we've, uh, implemented other treatment centers throughout Pangar as well. Now, through here is the reason we were able to create Tretonin in the first place. The symbiotes were not procured through 'gate travel." (He opens a door and ushers SG-1 into a room.) "Our symbiotes are all bred here in captivity."

SG-1 are stunned to see what appears to be a Goa'uld symbiote attached to a large womb in a tank similar to a fish tank. There are wires attached to the womb portion which is fleshtone in color and in stark contrast to the grey color of the symbiote. The symbiote seems to look at them as they enter the room

Teal'c: "A queen."

Jack: "No kidding."

Scene: A Pangaran hospital?
We see the guard who was implanted strapped to a type of hospital bed. A female walks by carrying a tray and the camera pans back to reveal Dollen standing outside the room. He turns to Sam and Jack.

Dollen: "Is there nothing you can do to help him?"

Sam: "What's his condition?"

Dollen: "Well, his lower-brain functions seem to be intact. His breathing and heart rate are normal, but he is completely unresponsive to any stimulus."

Sam: "It doesn't make sense."

Jack: "Teal'c?"

Teal'c: "Prior to the process of incubating Goa'uld symbiotes using Jaffa, the blending between Goa'uld and host had only a one-in-two chance of success. The Jaffa were created for the very reason of improving the ability of the symbiote to take human hosts."

Sam: "So the fact that this symbiote was raised in a tank could explain the coma-like state?"

Teal'c: "To the best of my knowledge, a failed blending results in death to both Goa'uld and host. This man is very much alive."

Dollen: "Our understanding is that this is a typical reaction to contact with Goa'uld offspring."

Teal'c: "A Goa'uld offspring is born with the intellect and knowledge of the queen who bore it. Normally, the fully developed personality would emerge, allowing the symbiote to control the host immediately upon blending. "

Jack: "Glowing eyes, cliché behavior, evilness, that kind of thing."

Sam: "This one's more of a blank slate."

Dollen: "Is it possible that the production and raising process has somehow hindered the development of the symbiote?"

Teal'c: "This I do not know."

Sam: "Colonel, I recommend we contact the Tok'ra. They may have a deeper understanding into this man's condition and in the very least they may be able to take the symbiote out of him."

Dollen: "Uh, I-I'm sorry. Who are the Tok'ra?"

Sam: "Uh, basically, they're an offshoot of the Goa'uld who oppose them philosophically in every way."

Dollen: "You propose to bring these Goa'uld here?"

Sam: "They're very different. They co-exist with their hosts in a much truer symbiotic relationship." (Jack rolls his eyes.)

Teal'c: "They are, in fact, allies."

Dollen: "And they can help?"

Jack: "We'll see."

Scene: Zenna's Tent
Jonas enters and knocks on something wooden.

Jonas: "Hi."

Zenna: "Hello."

Jonas: "I have an admission to make. You know Teal'c and I tracked down the Tretonin facility."

Zenna: "Yes, I heard."

Jonas: "Yeah. Well, I did it by goin' through your stuff when you weren't here. I was wrong..."

Zenna: "I know..."

Jonas: "Well, you know it was wrong or..."

Zenna: "I know what you did...I saw you."

Jonas: "Really? 'Cause I thought that we were...we..."

Zenna: "...Not so good."

Jonas: "No?...but you didn't try and stop us..."

Zenna: "No, I wanted you to know. In some ways I'm glad you did what you did. In others, I'm disappointed you were so willing to betray me."

Jonas: "You know, I never would have done this had you not come to me first."

Zenna: "I should have told you outright. I was afraid. Tretonin is not available to everyone in Pangar yet. Taking it is a privilege...on that can be revoked."

Jonas: "I hope I didn't get you in trouble."

Zenna: "No, but our relationship, our people's relationship, if we ever are to trust each other...we're not off to a very good start."

Jonas: "I know."

Zenna: "You could make it up to me..."

Jonas: "How?"

Zenna: "Help me finish the translations in the tomb."

Scene: Pangaran Hospital
Malek and Kelmaa are examining the Goa'ulded guard.

Kelmaa: "It is as though the symbiote within this man has taken a host before it was mature enough to do so."

Malek: "And yet our scans indicate it to be a full-grown adult. Most puzzling."

Sam: "Can you account for its lack of identity?"

Malek: "As you know, memory is passed on genetically by the queen allowing them to be born with the collective knowledge of their lineage."

Kelmaa: "It is possible that the queen that spawned him was unable to pass on this information to her progeny."

Jack: "Unable?"

Malek: "The knowledge imparted on her young by a queen is done so voluntarily."

Kelmaa: "In this case, if nothing were passed on to this symbiote it would be, uh, as you say, an empty vessel."

Sam: "Can you remove it without harming the host?"

Malek (looking at Kelmaa, back to Sam and Jack): "Possibly, although such a procedure would be dangerous." (Turning to look at Sam and Jack.) "We would like to see the queen that spawned this Goa'uld."

Scene: The Queen's tank room
Sam, Jack, Kelmaa, and Malek are looking at the queen.

Jack: "Not a pretty sight, even for a Goa'uld, huh?"

Kelmaa: "She is extremely old."

Malek: "She's been kept in this manner for decades?"

Sam: "According to the Pangarans, they began using her for medical experiments over fifty years ago. She's been breeding symbiotes to make Tretonin for more than half that time."

Jack: "All right. Now, how is that possible? I mean, how does she make kids without friend?"

Malek: "Symbiote queens are able to fertilize their own eggs. It is essentially an asexual process."

Jack: "That why you guys take hosts?"

Kelmaa: "It is impressive that a primitive human culture could develop this process of creating such a drug."

Jack: "Does it bother you at all that they use Goa'ulds like this?"

Malek: "No."

Jack: "Okay."

Malek: "The Goa'uld have done no worse than this to humans for centuries. That the Pangarans can use them for a beneficial result is surprising but not morally objectionable to me, if that's what you mean."

Kelmaa: "I believe her condition is the reason her offspring are not mentally developed. Most unfortunate."

Sam: "What is it?"

Kelmaa: "My scans indicate massive cellular degeneration. Quite simply, she is dying."


Scene: SGC Control Room
Dr. Fraiser and General Hammond are talking with Sam and Jack via M.A.L.P transmission.

Janet: "I am sorry, Colonel. The Pangarans totally sugarcoated the whole side effect aspect of the drug."

Jack: "Well, that's a shock, isn't it?"

Janet: "While Tretonin does appear to cure most diseases, it ultimately creates far bigger problems than it solves."

Sam: "How so?"

Janet: "The drug acts like a symbiote in many ways. Upon entering the user's bloodstream it immediately takes over, completely suppressing the normal human immune system. The result is a powerful resistance to disease."

Sam: "But..."

Janet: "The healing effect is not permanent and the user's own immune system remains suppressed. Basically, you have to keep taking the drug for it to work."

Sam: "Considering how it's made, we'd never create enough to sustain our population."

Janet: "I don't know how the Pangarans can make enough for their population."

Sam: "They don't...only about 20% are on it and they seem to be running into a wall as far as production's concerned."

Jack: "They've sucked the queen dry, Doc."

Sam: "According to the Tok'ra, she's dying."

Janet: "As far as I know, there's no way to reverse the drug's effects. If their queen is dying, as you say, it's just a matter of time before anyone currently living off Tretonin will be facing death as well."

Jack (looking at Sam): "Okay?" (Sam nods - then he walks up to the M.A.L.P, his face filling the computer terminal.) "O'Neill out."

Scene: Pangaran negotiating room.

Jack: "So you wanted the 'gate addresses to the Goa'uld worlds because you wanted to snag another queen?"

Dollen: "Colonel, we have no choice but to replace the one we have."

Sam: "Exactly, how did you get to this point?"

Dollen: "60 years ago, our archaeologists discovered a secret chamber beneath the temple. We found a sealed canopic jar containing a living female symbiote, perfectly persevered in stasis."

Tegar: "From our study of the temple, we knew the Goa'uld never suffered from illness or disease. We saw this discovery as an opportunity to learn why."

Dollen: "Of course, once the queen gave birth, we immediately began experimenting on her offspring's physiology, searching for a way to mimic their seemingly perfect immune system. After decades of trying, we finally came up with Tretonin. It seemed like a miracle at first."

Sam: "Couldn't your scientists foresee the negative effects?"

Dollen: "Of course. What we couldn't predict was our inability to refine the drug. We were confident that we could solve the problems if we limited the use, but ultimately, we didn't see why we shouldn't reap the benefits while working to overcome the down side."

Tegar: "We know the risks in confronting the Goa'uld, but tens of thousands of lives will be lost if we do nothing."

Dollen (rising and speaking to Jack): "Perhaps, you could assist us. Now you have faced the Goa'uld many times. Your knowledge could give us a tactical advantage."

Jack: "No...there is no tactical advantage when you're dealing with the Goa'uld. We've stayed ahead of the game only because we don't bite off more than we can chew...usually."

Sam: "Besides, we need to get you off the Tretonin, not find another source."

Dollen: "Our scientists have been trying for years to find a way to reverse its effects. We've made very little progress. We need more time."

Sam: "...or...more help."

Scene: The Temple Chamber
Zenna, Jonas and Teal'c are working on translating the walls of the chamber.

Jonas (to Zenna): "This is important to you. More so than just curiosity about your history."

Zenna: "As you now know, the Tretonin may not be available to us for much longer...and when we run out, those of us taking it are going to die."

Jonas: "Not if we can help you find some kind of antidote."

Zenna: "Do you think that's possible?"

Jonas: "Anything's possible."

Zenna: "If we could find a new queen..."

Jonas: "Long term..."

Zenna: "I know it's not the answer, but it could buy us a little more time...until another option is available. This has been my life's father's life's work."

Jonas: "Your father?"

Zenna: "My father was the one who found the jar that contained the queen. He was attempting to remove a section of the temple ruins for further study when he literally stumbled into the chamber. Of course, he had no way of knowing that his discovery would...eventually doom so many people."

Jonas: "The not his fault."

Zenna: "No."

Jonas turns to his right (he currently has his back to the wall that Teal'c is working on) and looks at the wall at the back of the chamber.

Jonas: "Teal'c." (He walks to the wall to get a closer look.) "Didn't you say this temple was built by Shak'ran?"

Teal'c: "It was."

Jonas: "Then why does this section of the Fresco mention Ra?"

Teal'c turns from his task to look at Jonas.

Zenna (looks up from her book): "Who's Ra?"

Teal'c: "Ra was a powerful system lord, brother of Apophis. He, too, is dead."

Jonas: "Well, according to this...Ra used to live here."

Scene: A Lab
Sam and Jack are talking with Kelmaa and Malek.

Kelmaa: We will examine the drug."

Malek: "If it acts as I suspect, it may be impossible to perfect as the Pangarans would hope. The best we might be able to do is essentially provide an antidote that will allow their normal immune systems to regenerate. They would not possess the superior health that they do now."

Jack: "And how long will it take to go from theoretical to...enough for everyone?"

Malek: "We can make no promises, Colonel O'Neill. However, as you say, we are in your debt. We will begin immediately."

Scene: The Temple Chamber
Zenna, Teal'c and Jonas are still talking.

Teal'c: "It is possible that Shak'ran captured this world from Ra in battle."

Jonas: "And built this entire temple on top of whatever Ra had here before. It goes on to say something about this being some kind of prison...or, or tomb... for one of Ra's enemies." (Jonas and Teal'c look at each other.) "Wait a minute..." (Jonas walks over near where Teal'c has been working.) "... 'Here lies Egeria, betrayer of the Goa'uld, may she...suffer for all...eternity.'" (He points to another symbol on the wall.) "Egeria..." (He turns to look at Teal'c and opens one of Daniel's journals which he is carrying.) "Dr. Jackson's notes mentioned her. Isn't she supposed to have been killed?"

Teal'c: "Indeed she was, but this would seem to indicate otherwise."

Jonas: "That means..."

Teal'c: "...the queen the Pangarans are breeding is not Goa'uld. She is the origin of the Tok'ra."


Scene: The Pangaran negotiating room.

SG-1 are the only people present.

Jack: "This could be a problem."

Sam: "Are you sure?"

Teal'c: "The writings in the chamber are extremely clear."

Jonas: "From what we can piece together, Ra used this planet as his base of operations in this sector of the galaxy."

Teal'c: "Centuries later, a rival Goa'uld named Shak'ran captured this world in battle forcing Ra to abandon it."

Sam: "The question is do we tell Malek and Kelmaa?"

Jonas: "How can we not tell them?"

Teal'c: "If we remain silent, the Pangarans will continue to use Egeria as a source for their drug until she is dead."

Sam: "And if we don't find a way to get them off the drug, they're gonna die eventually, anyway.'

Jack: "We have to tell them."

Scene: The Tok'ra Lab
Sam and Jack have come to tell Malek and Kelmaa.

Sam: "Please understand, we had no idea who she was until now."

Malek: "It is hard to believe."

Kelmaa: "Many of our historians speculated that Ra did not kill Egeria, as was widely believed, but...we never dared hope that she would ever be found."

Malek: "She must be freed immediately, of course. Every moment that she is kept in this condition is an affront to the Tok'ra."

Sam: "We're going to talk to the Pangarans, now. It would help if you had something to offer."

Jack: "Like, antidote?"

Malek: "Unfortunately, finding an antidote to the Tretonin may be more problematic than we had first hoped."

Jack: "And why is that?"

Kelmaa: "There is something unusual about the genetic structure of the symbiotes beyond their lack of knowledge."

Malek: "In fact, the Tretonin should be working far better than it does and we're not sure why it doesn't."

Kelmaa: "We cannot seem to identify the defective gene that is causing it's effects to break down."

Jack: "But we can say you'll solve this eventually, right?"

Malek: "At this moment, all I can say is it is a mystery."

Jack: "What, you're suddenly stumped?"

Malek: "I understand the implication, Colonel. This revelation about Egeria is in no way affecting our analysis of the Tretonin. As of right now, we cannot help the Pangarans."

Scene: The Pangaran negotiating room.
Dollen and Tegar Tegar are talking with Sam and Jack.

Dollen: "We could not have known. Surely the Tok'ra don't hold us directly responsible."

Sam: "They're demanding the immediate release of their queen."

Tegar: "How could we? It would doom thousands without a remedy."

Sam: "The Tok'ra have suffered great losses in the last little while. Their number are severely diminished. Restoring Egeria's health may be their only hope of survival as a people."

Dollen: "Have they made no progress at all in reversing the effects of Tretonin?"

Scene: The Lab
Malek, Tegar Tegar, Dollen, Sam and Jack are talking.

Tegar (to Malek): "I'm sorry, but you ask the impossible."

Malek: "She is our queen. Her freedom is not open for negotiation."

Dollen: "We deeply regret who she is, but freeing her would mean death for many of our people..."

Tegar: "...unless, of course, you can offer and alternative."

Sam: "Malek and Kelmaa are having trouble locating a particular element in the symbiotes genetic structure. Obviously, until they do, the chances of synthesizing an antidote are slim."

Dollen: "Then we have no choice."

Malek: "You do not understand. Her existence is a miracle to the Tok'ra. We are also a dying race. You may lose thousands. Our kind will become extinct."

Scene: Egeria's room.
Just outside the door we hear a Zat blast and a grunt. Then the door opens and Kelmaa walks into the room. Egeria immediately looks toward her. Kelmaa approaches the tank, reverently and sadly.

Scene: Back in the Lab

Tegar: "I am sympathetic to the Tok'ra, but what you are asking of us would amount to a holocaust."

Malek: "She is a sentient being! Using her in this manner is an insult to our very existence."

Just then a guard approaches the Tegar.

Tegar: "Someone has breached security in the manufacturing wing."

All follow him to the manufacturing wing. They enter Egeria's room to see Kelmaa's host laying on the floor and Kelmaa lying beside her former host. Egeria's womb is still in the tank.

Tegar (angry): "What has she done?"

Jack: "Oh, is that...was that...?"

Malek: "Kelmaa has given her life for our queen. Her host belongs to Egeria now."

Scene: The Lab\
Jack is looking in a microscope as Sam and Teal'c listen.

Jack: "I'll bet the Pangarans would give the queen if the Tok'ra would hand over the antidote."

Sam: "You think they know how to save the Pangarans and are withholding a cure?"

Jack: "To get what they wanted, yeah, sure."

Sam: "Sir, with all due respect, I disagree."

Jack: "Carter...they're pissed off."

Sam: "Wouldn't you be? They just discovered that the founder of their race has been abused for the sake of medical experimentation for over 50 years."

Jack: "Oh, c'mon Carter, face it. For all their high morals and fancy preaching about co-existing with humans, we are just a...nice place to live."

Sam: "I don't think that they would just lie outright and doom thousands of innocent people."

Jack: "The Tok'ra laying on that table in there just did."

Dollen approaches them.

Dollen: "Egeria has awakened."



Malek: "Egeria, it is an honor."

Egeria: "Rise, Malek. You are not my servant. Kelmaa was generous in giving her life to free me, but I am afraid it is to late."

Malek: "Save your strength, my queen. Your people need you, now more than ever."

Egeria: "Kelmaa's assessment of my condition was correct, Malek. My time is almost done. I shall not live long enough to see more of my children. My host has shared her knowledge of the Tok'ra with me. You are beyond my greatest hopes and dreams."

Malek looks up at Sam, Jack and Teal'c who are standing in the doorway.

Malek: "These are the Tau'ri who ally themselves with the Tok'ra."

Egeria: "I know." (Turning her head to address them.) "Come forward." (Sam approaches the bed.) "My host tells me you seek to help the Pangarans despite what they have done to me."

Sam: "This has all been a terrible mistake, but not a malicious act."

Egeria: "Not was mine, Major Carter."

Scene: The Pangaran ruins.
Jonas approaches Zenna, who is sitting on a mound of dirt. He takes a seat beside her.

Jonas: "You know, back on my home planet, my people discovered a substance that had an incredible potential to generate energy. After years of research...and a serious lack of moral fortitude...they used it to make a bomb...that being the reason I left. Well, the point is, uh, your people had good intentions."

Zenna: "We thought we had found a cure for all disease. Now it may kill so many of us. I am not afraid to die, but I am afraid that my people will not have learned from this."

Jonas: "I think they already have."

Scene: Egeria's room.

Egeria: "I passed on the flawed gene that gave the drug it's weakness. You are unable to construct an antidote because of the manner in which I sabotaged my young. I did it in the hope that they would ultimately prove useless to the Pangarans. I wanted to force them to abandon their research once the drug proved untenable. Instead, they continued to make it in ever increasing quantities."

Sam: "And now, they can't live without it."

Egeria: "It is not what I intended."

Malek: "Their fate is their own doing, not yours. You merely tried to free yourself the only way you could."

Egeria: "They do not deserve this end, not when it can be prevented."

Sam: "You created the flaw. You can create the antidote that will save them."

Egeria: "I will tell you what you need to know."

Dollen: "Thank you. On behalf of our people, please forgive us for what we have done to you. Had we known..."

Egeria: "The salvation of the Pangarans shall be my final act. Such is the spirit of Tok'ra that I wish to live on."

Scene: The Pangaran Stargate
Malek and other Tok'ra carry a covered Egeria on a stretcher into the Stargate and away from Pangar. SG-1 and several Pangarans are gathered near the DHD.

Sam (to Tegar Tegar and Dollen): "Malek says he should have a prototype of the antidote ready soon."

Tegar: "We are grateful for his efforts, Major, and yours."

Dollen: "It is our hope, we will be able to repair any mistrust that may have developed between us so that we can pursue a long-lasting friendship between our people far into the future."

Jack: "Well said."

Sam moves to the DHD and begins dialing home.

End Credits

Source : Stargate fusion.

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